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  1. maxjam

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    Stoke's starting 11 threw 'em.
  2. Article that sums up the key points of what he said if you cba to watch the video; https://www.thisisanfield.com/2019/01/klopps-view-on-spygate-hoevers-contract-situation-fridays-liverpool-fc-news-roundup/
  3. Have they? Surely that will depend on what, if any, punishments are handed out. Has he actually said he'd stop? He didn't in his interview before we played them but can't say I've been keeping up with everything he's said since.
  4. He did, he's only got 22 other awkward non apology phone calls to make now...
  5. 'Leeds United captain Liam Cooper says he is "sick of hearing" about the spying controversy surrounding the club and insists the matter has now been resolved.' 😮 https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/11609579/liam-cooper-sick-of-hearing-about-leeds-united-spying-incident Erm, not sure the EFL/FA consider it resolved!
  6. Don't stress about it, just buy next seasons 'Marcelo Bielsa Football Manager' game. It will be a 3 week download and fill 74 hard drives (and thats only if you run the top division in England, Spain and Italy)
  7. Whatever helps you sleep better tonight 😜. We'll see in the coming days what the fallout of all of this is, but I'm done for the night, gotta match to watch.
  8. Prior to the press conference, this was just a local issue between Derby and Leeds, he has now admitted to spying on every team this season. Do you not think that the Chairmen of the other teams in the league, especially those chasing the riches of promotion will not put pressure on the EFL/FA to act? Before the press conference I was expecting a slap on the wrist/fine, thinking about it further however Bielsa's 'honesty' might backfire massively.
  9. The EFL/FA don't want to become embroiled in any controversy over potential punishments and he's giving them all the ammunition they need to justify any action. Support for his 'antics' will slowly start to dissolve as well now.
  10. So pleads guilty to spying on every team but wants any action against him (not the team that benefited from his cheating) EFL and FA must be rubbing their hands 😋
  11. Regardless of whether he's still your manager in half an hour or so, you've still got the outcome of the EFL/FA investigation to worry about. If you think any of this promotes your club in a positive light then lord help us.
  12. Refs have the tools to deal with this now, maybe VAR will help sort some of it out like they did with shirt pulling/blocking in the world cup. I think it will be because the cheating is so blatant in this case, not the fact that its the most important way to improve the game. The integrity of the game demands that some action should be taken - I personally think slap on the wrist/small fine and the rules tightened up to prevent this in the future. Unfortunately thats life 😕 No one would care if the Port Vale manager moaned about it. Some people laugh and mock cos it little Derby, if it was Guardiola or Klopp it would be 24/7 Sky News major story for the next 6 months... I think that everyone dislikes cheating but just because there maybe elements of hypocrisy doesn't mean that this incident shouldn't be dealt with and rules put in place moving forwards.
  13. Regardless of whether its happened before (and the extent to which you can prove it), regardless of the teams involved and regardless of who comments on its practise, it leaves a sour taste in the mouth and sullys the name of football. Just because something may or may not have happened before doesn't make it right and with such a clear cut case as this, along with Bielsa's admission it took place, its a good time to tighten up rules going forwards. I could ramble on about integrity, sportsmanship, gainging unfair advantages, level playing fields, etc but you've made your point, repeatedly, over numerous posts and I have little interest in arguing. The sooner the ELF/FA draw a line under this the better.
  14. I know, scary ain't it 😮 Although I guess beneath everything we're all Derby fans so can always find something to agree on sometimes!
  15. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/11608519/efl-should-give-derby-2-0-win-over-leeds-after-spy-says-stuart-pearce 'EFL should give Derby 2-0 win over Leeds after 'spy', says Stuart Pearce' I think I've slipped into an alternate reality...

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