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    Missing my first match of the season tomorrow taking our two lads here; https://www.skysports.com/more-sports/news/34214/11503168/watch-faceit-cs-go-major-live-esports-event-in-london-live-stream If you see someone walking around the arena in a Derby shirt looking vaguely interested and confused it'll probably be me 😀 EDIT: Actually Brentford is not far from Wembley I might go and take my picture outside their stadium and get myself in the papers for going to the wrong ground 😛
  2. maxjam

    Dear Moon

    Space is the final frontier and its human nature to explore and understand our surroundings. It is also necessary to become at least a dual planet species if we want to survive in the long term, regardless of any earthly problems having a space program thats ultimate goal is to discover and colonize other worlds is the only viable solution for mankinds long term existence. Creating a moonbase or sending people to Mars is the first real step on that path.
  3. maxjam


    Yup, modern cars have far shorter stopping distances these days speed limits could be increased on motorways and reduced in Cities/villages. With regards to accident figures, I dunno where most of them occur but in my limited experience the Primary School I collect our youngest from has 'no stopping' signs on both sides of the road for 100yds either side yet cars are parked (often half on the path) in every available space - there have been more than a few close calls with people driving onto the path as people are walking by and kids crossing the road between cars not checking (or not being able to see properly) if something else is coming. Some idiots park right up to the zebra crossing on the zig-zag lines as well 😡 I have complained to the school a couple of times but doubt anything will happen until there is actually an accident. Rather than hiding in bushes trying to catch unsuspecting drivers the Police should target real dangerous areas. With regards to hiding in bushes, I don't actually mind the police hiding so much if it is a dangerous road but some places I've seen them you know they are just there for easy money. The only time I've personally been caught speeding was 10+ years ago at the end of slip road out of Alrewas speeding up to get on the A38 - I was on the far side of the road with the dual carriage to the right of me and excellent vision ahead. Never heard of any accidents there during my time living there but saw many, many people stopped by the regular police checkpoints.
  4. Probably my favourite player of recent times - always gives 100% and genuinely seems to love Derby. Hope there is a role for him beyond his playing days.
  5. maxjam


    I think a lot of us here played a part - I have always been civil, never abused anyone, had any posts deleted or received any warnings but knew that my presence here wound a few up. You always kinda knew which threads were going to descend into ranting and abuse before it happened, I'm all for free speech but the forum is a better place without the aggro tbh. Far be it for me to comment on the OPs decision to leave the forum but my personal opinion is that we're here for football, mostly Derby and anything else is fluff, if you're leaving because certain topics are now off limits then you're cutting your nose off to spite your face.
  6. maxjam

    EU Nations league

    Good explanation here; https://news.sky.com/story/uefa-nations-league-how-the-new-tournament-works-11493031
  7. maxjam

    Child Medical Help needed!

    Movicol rings a bell, our youngest suffered badly with constipation and the Doc gave us some of this - took the edge of things but I think its something a lot of kids go through then suddenly grow out of it. Heart breaking to see them struggling day after day though 🙁
  8. maxjam

    Best vegetables

    Big fruit n veg eater myself - I'm not a veggie or anything like that but am eating far less meat in recent years cos other than a nice chicken or ham sandwich on crusty bread I don't really enjoy meat as much as I used to tbh. We grow a lot of our veg too and have half a dozen chickens (for the eggs!), can't beat the freshness and taste imo.
  9. maxjam

    Post Your Kitchen Gadgets

    In the kitchen I use the coffee machine and the microwave, everything else is the wife's domain 😛
  10. maxjam


    Pretty much the same here, I don't watch much tv but when I do its 90% Sport, the new weekly movie if its any good followed by the occasional documentary - if I could just pay for the sport I'd do that. However, I pay for a full Sky Package, Netflix and get Amazon TV free with Prime (although I do watch the new Top Gear that's exclusive to Prime) cos wife n kids 😐
  11. maxjam

    Strategy games

    Excellent game, I think that had a remaster as well? If you want something a bit more modern, check out 'The Wolf Amongst Us' - cracking game!
  12. maxjam

    Strategy games

    'The Secret of Monkey Island' series are very good and funny point and click adventure games - recently remastered and made available on Steam.
  13. maxjam


    No need to apologise, some threads were getting very silly and I'm sorry for my small part in prolonging the agony in some cases. Will be nice to get back to a light-hearted read again 😃
  14. maxjam

    Will Hughes on Rowett

    Same - supported him whilst he was here but looking back, we're far better off now. Meanwhile, Dennis Wise has had his say... https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/dennis-wise-hits-out-former-1940830
  15. maxjam

    v Preston North End (H) Match Thread

    Good result today, an improved performance with another winnable game to come before the international break - things are looking up! A quick look at the table shows us that the only teams we've beaten are probably already around the area of the table I'd expect to see them come May - but you can only beat what's in front of you. As Frank has said we're work in progress but if we can pick up results at the same time that can only be a good thing. Tougher tests to come but hopefully confidence is building 😊 COYR

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