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  1. Lost again, 4th from bottom with Newcastle (gotta assume will spend big in January) and Burnley (always escape relegation) beneath them. I know its a long season and a lot can happen, but given the predicament we're in, its something to laugh at πŸ˜›
  2. Makes a refreshing change tbh from the 3 or 4 that have tried to twist every word I've said in this thread and post laughing emjois without adding anything substantial. Each to their own I suppose.
  3. Haven't the foggiest what the overlap is maybe you should ask the huge numbers that leave when this kind of thing happens. I do know the picture you keep trying to paint though. You seem to be very fixated on the gay issue. Of equal importance, if not moreso, imho are the storylines they are going with for Son of Superman. As I said previously my knowledge of the Superman universe is limited to the latest movies with him fighting General Zod, Batman and some alien creature who's name I forget. I might be wrong but I doubt there is much of a venn diagram overlap between people that enjoy that kind of content and people that want stories protesting the deporation of refugees πŸ˜•
  4. Good point, I'd forgotten about that game. Several things spring to mind... 1. My lad loves the Spiderman games, played the both to death got 100% and still plays them. It helps that it is a great game. 2. He still does Spiderman stuff. He isn't protesting the deportation of refugees or sellotaping himself to a motorway, he's chasing down bad guys like he's always done. 3. Original Spiderman hasn't been erased/reinvented. Marvel hinted at the multiverse in Endgame, fleshed it out in 'Spiderman Into the Spider-verse' (cartoon) and it will make its appearance on the big screen in the upcoming Spiderman movie. IMHO it kinda leans into my theory that its not the far right, bigots or the white middle classes that are moaning at this kinda thing, but the fans of established characters seeing their years of loyalty discarded for a new audience. From a laymans perspective Marvel do seem to have better writers and are adopting a more gradual approach than either the BBC or DC Comics, evolving their stories to bring in new characters, rather than ripping them up and starting over or dropping them awkwardly into activist storylines. Other than maybe that one brief all female shot in Endgame, I don't recall any forced diversity or politically correct talk of 'no more white saviours' or 'revinented for a new audience' coming from Marvel, they seem to have just gone ahead with great stories and introduced new ideas in a more organic fashion - rather than hitting the fans over the head with a woke sledgehammer and calling them bigots for not liking their reinvention of established brands.
  5. Not sure why you think this is a hill I'd choose to die on? I gave my opinion, as did others, on a discussion forum I am a member of. That opinion led to an interesting conversation with @TigerTedd we agreed on somethings, disagreed on others and left it at that - how a forum should work. Virtually all of my other responses have been to people trying to score points, twisting my words or implying I'm something I'm not - if you removed those replies from the thread my imput would be 2-3 posts. Oops my bad πŸ˜› I recalled the Dr Who thread we had on this forum a while back so went back to check it - your input into it seemed quite knowledgeable, but you can know stuff without liking it.
  6. Seeing as we're in the coronavirus thread, how about Australia?
  7. I've got no idea what-so-ever about Dr Who tbh. I vaguely recall watching it as a kid but certainly nothing recently. I just recall the controversy surrounding it. Judging by the comments and viewer numbers, from what I can tell, people wanted less preachy history and more fantasy. I don't think you are being belligerant, yours are some of the more considered posts I've responded to today. Re. Son of Superman, now I know that it is a new character I kinda applaud the writer for trying a new approach *but* can also understand the reaction of fans (of the wider Superman IP) that may voice disapproval. Now my knowledge of Superman only extends as far as the successful movies of the past few years and him fighting, General Zod, Batman and some wierd alien type thing in Justice League but if we put Son of Supermans sexuality aside for one moment I highly doubt stories about protesting the deportation of refugees is what the fanbase is clamouring for... IMO that has nothing to do with the white middle classes feeling safe in their bubble or bad writing, more to do with giving the audience what they want. They became invested in Superman because he did fantastical super out of this world stuff, not join whatever cause it is the Democrats and Republicans are arguing about at the moment. We shall see. In an earlier post I mentioned the fact that no one complained about Chris Evans passing the shield over to Anthony Mackie. Capt America's arc had finished and the transition was very well written. If you don't force an agenda and grow the story organically the amount of resistance you face is minimal to non. Thats kind of the problem though isn't it? As we have seen from 'woke' revamps, the market really isn't there at the moment. Creating a new character from scratch would struggle to gain an audience so they piggy back on existing IPs, ripping up what the fans pay their money for and starting again - you can understand why they get upset. Well, I can. Agree, it could take a long time πŸ˜• Forcefully pushing the agenda on the current market has a negative impact - we've seen it happen before and we'll no doubt see it happen again for reasons stated. What is the answer? I don't know, all I do know is the way they are currently attempting to do it - by reinventing existing IPs for a new audience, isn't working. Maybe they have to take smaller steps and introduce more diverse background characters first and emply better writing to broach difficult subjects - again Marvel did an excellent job at this with the 'Sokovia Accords'. Rather than re-imagining their heroes and awkwardly shoehorning them into politically correct stories their writing about the consequences of thei Avengers actions was spot on. Alternatively they could create new characters - or reinvent existing ones and bite the bullet and accept that they may have a small fanbase for a long time, but work on expanding it. Dunno really I'm just rambling now, its late πŸ˜›
  8. FWIW, @Anon gave an excellent reply. No one is being cancelled in this instance or having their free speech curtailed. Writers are free to create new characters or storylines about whatever they want. They can even change the characters or worlds they have created as they see fit - my argument is, and remains, that doing so will alienate the audience they have already built up. This thread started with 'the far right are going to impode' my argument has always been that 99% of any animosty comes from devotees of IPs that disapprove of changes to characters and worlds that they have grown to love, discarded in the search for a new audience that I have yet to be convinced exists.
  9. I am personally not bothered, I am having a discussion on a forum - thats what they are for. I do defend everyones right to free speech, where have I said they can't make this sort of content? I don't know, you tell me? I seem to recall you mentioning on this forum that you enjoy Dr Who - do you wish that they had stuck to more widely accepted storylines and be able to continue watching it or was the overly PC content just that good you are satisfied with what you got from the show? Actually, don't answer that πŸ˜› I am not saying that the content is bad, I am saying that reinventing characters or radically changing the content of shows/comics/whatever beyond what the existing audience has grown to enjoy has always ended badly. The new audience they want to chase doesn't seem to exist and the fans that have made people rich over the years are angry at being cast aside. Going off at a tangent here a bit I think. The freedom to mess with their lore is not being questioned - they are free to do whatever it is they want with their characters and universe. Just don't expect die hard fans to stay for content they didn't ask for and don't then double down calling them bigots for not sticking around. There is a reason for the phrase 'go woke, go broke'. There are lots of examples of veering from the tried and tested, from what the audience wants and expects, from what the audience is willing to pay for ending badly. What evidence is there for the opposite? Again, they are free to do what they want with their IP, but doing so generally ends up with an angry fan base and people losing their jobs for not delivering success.
  10. TBH I went with Dr Who because other than recent big budget movies I know nothing about comic book super heroes and did recall the controversy surrounding Dr Who at the time. As I said in an earlier post I recall all of the clickbait surrounding the first female Dr Who - as with the initial post in this thread, projecting assumed anger. The show launched with record numbers however which negated that argument, it was only as the seasons progressed that audiences grew increasingly weary with the overly PC content that view numbers dropped significantly. There are lots of articles on t'internet about Dr Who's woke storylines in the typical places, so lets post an article from a left wing publication instead defending them; https://www.theweek.co.uk/98226/has-doctor-who-become-too-politically-correct Unfortunately ths 'stars' can defend the show as much as they want and whilst I have never been a Dr Who fan storylines involving visiting India in 1947 against the backdrop of partition or retelling the story of Rosa Parks and the struggle for civil rights don't strike me as being what the Dr Who audience really signed up for. Evidence for that would be the declining viewership over the seasons ending in a record low season finale. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-57940451 I had to google the arrow verse but a similar story unfolds, lots of articles in the usual places about woke, politically correct content and viewing figures that drop off massively - Batwoman being a particular target of both the anti-woke brigade and woeful viewing figures; https://www.small-screen.co.uk/batwoman-season-2-ratings-hit-an-all-time-low/ I disagree that you can either stand still or more forward. As the direction of these shows has shown, you can also move backwards. Whilst you can't directly compare TV to cinema, the recent Marvel movies have shown that there is an audience for super hero content if done properly. I don't recall anyone getting upset with Captain Americas story arc ending and him handing the role over to a black person - the writing was excellent and the move made sense. If the original Capt America had made it to the new movies however and Marvel had decided to reinvent the character as black because they didn't want another white saviour, and make him bi-sexual because despite spending his life pining for Peggy Carter he never once came out and overtly said he wasn't interested in blokes, people would have seen it as pandering to woke ideology and a betrayal to the character they had become invested in.
  11. Classic example... Dr Who. Loads of preemptive clickbait about the first female Doctor - as with the initial post in this thread, projecting assumed anger. The show actually launched with record numbers however which negated that argument but as it progressed fans become increasingly depressed with the overly PC storylines, the final season finale ending with record low viewers. Now where are the ones that have dramatically reinvented themselves and gone on to do well? I'm sure there must be some. All that seems to happen however is the discussion gets twisted back onto the perceived agenda of the poster rather than the actual argument and ends with a laughing emoji when there is nothing clever to add.
  12. 86 Hair Islands - Nope. You stated on multiple occasions that the writer 'clearly has an agenda'. I'm stating that you do too. I stand by that opinion. What would that agenda be then? All I have written, multiple times, is that recent history has shown us that reinventing IPs for a new audience hasn't ended well. Anything else you read into that is imagined. EDIT Typical tactic of the modern left - can't argue the point, try and shut the person making it to shut up.
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