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  1. Live games 2017/18

    Just watching West Ham vs Brighton on Sky (with the sound turned off) currently 0-3 lol, can't stand West Ham. The sound has been turned off because of Jamie Carragher. His accent is mildly annoying but ffs shut up, he talks incessantly. On and on and on. And on and on and on. And on... you get the point. FFS SHUT UP! Less is more 'n all that.
  2. FIFA 2017 Awards in London next week

    Player of the year is between Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar. Coach of the year is between Allegri, Conte and Zidane. Goalie of the year is between Buffon, Carson (just kidding!), Navas and Neuer. The Puskas Award (goal of the season) is open to a public vote between Deyna Castellanos, Oliver Giroud and Oscaline Masuluke (I've voted Giroud) Not sure I've seen all 3 tbh Fans of the Year is between Dortmund, Celtic and FC Copenhagen and is also a public vote (I think we need to up our game to be nominated, but if you read the nominations you can see the sort of thing they're after) Iceland
  3. FA, go get Pochettino now!

    Why would you want to tarnish your reputation managing England? Increasingly limited pool of players to pick from, burden of expectation from fans and press. Errr, no thanks.
  4. Derby Vs Forest Freestyle (RamsTV vid)

    I'm getting old.
  5. Rams TV meets Shane Nicholson

    Watched both parts last night and have to say its one hell of a story. You tend to forget that some people you see damaging their lives one way or another are still people and just need a bit of help. Its easy to write them off as a lost cause and watch them spiral towards whatever. TBH I didn't know any of his story prior to watching it on RamsTV, its good to know he's in a good place now and enjoying life
  6. Gordon Strachan

    Why would you want to manage Scotland? Or England for that matter. Minimal chance of success. Odds overwhelmingly stacked against you. Another black mark on your CV. I'm guessing someone like David Moyes doesn't need that. Probably makes him the ideal replacement!
  7. I expect this kind of performance on RamsTV http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/11076708/taylor-twellman-is-outraged-over-the-usas-world-cup-exit
  8. Star Wars

    Looks very good SW7 was a nostalgia trip, this is Disney stamping their own mark on Star Wars. Its gonna have more than a few twists and turns. Can't wait tbh!
  9. Star Wars

    As a self confessed Star Wars nerd, I've already booked my midnight screening!
  10. I watch it a lot, to the point where I mostly use Sky for just football and movies now! You can find all sorts of weird and wonderful channels on youtube, for instance I just spent an hour watching 'Brave Dave' a channel I stumbled across where the guy, amongst other thing, train hops across Canada (jumps onto cargo train trucks). Dunno why I started watching the first one, but was kinda hooked by the end
  11. England v Slovenia

    Probably more entertaining than watching this lot as well :/
  12. Las Vegas

    The terrorist main goal is to cause fear and disrupt our way of life. They have done planes, guns, cars/lorries, concerts. I reckon derail a hi-speed train next or lob a grenade into a packed sporting arena - both far to easy to do The simple fact is in America, guns are as responsible for as many deaths as cars - and look at how strictly both car manufacturers and governments regulate those. Yet they allow mentally ill people to buy high powered weapons and and sell items over the counter that make them even more deadly. Crazy.
  13. Las Vegas

    The prevalence of guns make it a lot easier and more impersonal than other methods though
  14. Random stuff that annoys me thread

    Energy companies... I recently switched and my old company overcharged me by a small amount and at first refused to refund it as it 'fell with their levels of tolerance'. I asked what their levels of tolerance were if someone underpaid.
  15. Las Vegas

    I actually read a stat earlier today stating that the number of gun related deaths are roughly comparable to the number of cars related deaths in the US - and as you say, look at the lengths car manufacturers and governments go to trying to increase road safety. Yet conversely you can by modifications to guns to make them even more deadly over the counter!

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