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  1. It also appears that we're all destined to end up stuck in tier 2 at best...
  2. What good did lockdown do and why are we coming out of it?!? According to this more of the country will be living under harsher conditions than before we went into lockdown.
  3. As you say lots of teams have dropped into the third tier, got their house in order and bounced back - even we did it in the 80s. Assuming we'd avoid the financial ruin that others have mentioned I'd be okay with a few seasons in L1 - see a few new places, rebuild and hopefully get used to winning again!
  4. That was my suggestion. I kinda meant rather than send the elderly directly into care homes from hospital they could have gone into the Nightingale hospitals as a temporary measure - freeing up regular hospitals, treating them for whatever they were in hospital for and ensuring they were virus free before sending them onto care homes. I don't know what percentage of total covid deaths care homes make up now, but it did used to be pretty high. In hindsight, we would have been much better off focussing money on ensuring care homes and staff had adequate protections, training and hygi
  5. I think we're relying the pandemic forcing other clubs to go bust atm šŸ˜›
  6. My first ever season following the Rams was the one when we were relegated from the second tier to the third. The way things are heading we need to find our new Arthur Cox!
  7. It takes courage to speak your mind, especially in this day and age and tbh I agree with a lot of what you said. Whilst I defended Lawrence, Keogh, etc for the 'incident' a while back, a one of misdemeanour is a lot easier to forgive than a lifetime of er, lets say 'ill judgement'. Sad that he's gone - 60 is no age these days and football has lost one of its best players. For me however he will always be a flawed genius that cheated us out of a potential World Cup Semi Final.
  8. Someone needs to buy him and Rosenior a copy of FM21, I can get this lot promoted! Get them to play it 24/7 until the weekend and hopefully we won't be making anymore baffling substitutions...
  9. Still a long way to go of course but 1/4 of a season is not early. By the time we get a new manager in and hopefully bring a few players in during the transfer window we could be a lot more than 6pts adrift. Its not desperate yet but we need to start picking up some points...
  10. I think 23pts is the lowest a Championship team has been relegated with? The way things are heading we're in danger of having 2 unwanted records...
  11. Hope they have some extra staff ready to answer the phones at the Samaritans... Those figures are truly phenomenal
  12. Could be worse, at least we're still in touching distance of 21st. *sees Coventry go 1 up* Bugger.
  13. I'm eating a lot of crisps at the moment. And crying. I'm doing a lot of that too šŸ˜›
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