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  1. Be interesting to see this in the Premier League or Championship. Derby vs Forest would be a good game to trial it!
  2. maxjam

    Michael Jackson

    I think its personal choice. After all you can buy Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf on Amazon 😕
  3. maxjam

    Michael Jackson

    I don't know enough about Michael Jackson to comment but I think the increasing prevalence of trial by media and guilt by association is a dangerous path to go down. Yes he was eccentric but eccentricity isn't against the law. If however he did break the law then fair enough, open season, but you need to prove it first. We can't go off hearsay and rumours no matter how convincing or otherwise they may be.
  4. The 'fan' has got 14 week prison sentence and 10 year ban from football grounds https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11677/11662275/fan-who-attacked-jack-grealish-sentenced-to-14-weeks-in-prison
  5. Agreed, unless you are going to put fences back up or spend a considerable amount on even more stewards/policing a random nutter will always find a way onto the pitch. Also, whats to stop some deranged, desperate fan doing it at a rivals ground etc? Punishments need to be harsher for the idiots invading the pitch.
  6. Well done to all the Aston Villa players for not replying in kind...
  7. Excellent, been wanting a dark mode for ages. I'll keep my eyes peeled for any errors but at first glance it looks great! tyvm 😁
  8. *pops in to put the radiator on for later*
  9. Getting in here early to get my chair before the rush later...
  10. If we're running with overreactions can one of the mods merge this with the 'Death Penalty' thread from The Pub please
  11. won't be sacked - cost to much money, but if it was my club he'd be sold in the summer
  12. computer says no https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/supercomputer-predicts-championship-table-its-2555585
  13. maxjam

    Dwight Gayle

    I'm not keen on VAR, it needs to get significantly better (and faster) imo and hopefully it will. That said, Dwight Gayle dived to rescue a point for West Brom - it cost Forest 2 points. Furthermore he will now be banned for 2 games that may additionally help Forests rivals (dunno who West Brom are playing tbh but the potential is there). If it was almost anyone else I'd be outraged 😜
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