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  1. What lies? What did the BBC say? I seem to recall at the time that they said they were going to investigate John Sweeney but nothing ever came of it.
  2. Saw it a while back, within 2 weeks he was kicked off social media. They don't like it up 'em!
  3. Probably, but does he have the right of reply or has he been deplatformed everywhere? Does he have words in the things he's said deliberately changed to say something else and published as fact? Doesn't he also benefit from large sections of the national media actively backing him and pushing his agenda? For example, several of Tommy Robinson's words in an interview with Sky's Jason Farrell were deliberately changed and published as fact and the accompanying video edited in such a way that it implied he said something else entirely. Also as violence erupted at a recent MEP rally of his the narrative implied it was him and his followers that caused the problems rather than them being the victims - I'm sure the same thing doesn't happen to Jeremy Corbyn and in my mind at least, media deception and manipulation is far more scary and dangerous than anything anyone says. But anyway I don't care today, I've got a few chores to do before I start to think about making my way down to London to stay at my sisters before the big match. Lets all declare a forum truce and see each other on the other side. COYR!
  4. This is my position as well, I think he causes more harm than does good but there is very definitely an elite/media agenda against him and his 'followers' whom they are more than happy to silence and slander whilst at the same time outright lying about him - thats a scary abuse of power that should be kept in check.
  5. Personally I agree but we're in an impossible situation of our own making. IMHO only a Brexit Party majority government can leave the EU with no deal and get away with it - if they get voted in and follow through on the referendum result at least democracy will have seen to be served. Anything else and you've got half the country angry at the other half and crying foul with very good reason.
  6. I think you're wrong but its cool to disagree 👍 I'm not going to change anyone's opinion about him on here, people will either take the time to look into him more deeply or they won't and if its not all been removed from the internet now, what you find may or may not change your opinion about him. Most people I imagine however simply don't care either way and tbh I'm fed up of talking about him myself so I'm leaving it here.
  7. Okay the obvious concern there is that Tommy is cut off mid-sentence. Its like me saying "I support Tommy Robinson [SNIP] but I don't agree with..." And lets face it, MEPs don't do the same thing as local councils, its more of a broader scale; http://www.europarl.europa.eu/unitedkingdom/en/european-elections/what_do_they_do.html unless it comes to covering up their expenses; https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/sep/25/mep-expenses-eu-court-ruling
  8. No Frank Lampard? Or does that depend on Monday 😋
  9. That was in response to half a dozen people turning up at his house a, publicizing his home address (despite the fact he's subject to several Osman warnings) and intimidating his wife and kids whilst trying to personally serve him a legal letter knowing full well that he was abroad at the time. In retaliation Tommy Robinson filmed himself knocking on Mike Stuchbery's door alone at stupid o'clock. I don't condone what Tommy did - if you want to be seen as a victim you can't then play the aggressor, but things are never black or white and there is usually some other context. Anyway, I don't want to keep talking about Tommy Robinson, whilst I believe he is genuine he is also a flawed character. If you don't think that he has been wilfully defamed by the media though you haven't looked hard enough.
  10. I'm willing to give him a chance simply because he is the last best hope at this point (barrel, bottom, scraping...) - but yeah you're probably right.
  11. Farage is divisive, but so is Corbyn and so is May. Actually scrub that, May is universally hated now, so at least she has united the country in something. If Farage and his Brexit Party get their act together for a general election they could be a force simply because of the other parties ineptitude. Apparently if you stump up your £25 membership fee you will be involved in what policies they come up with, but looking at some of their high profile members I doubt you'll be able to come up with anything that everyone will be happy with. UKIP have a PR pledge in their manifesto, but they are likely to get about 3 votes total, none of the other parties do. If, and I assume they won't, the Brexit party don't include one we'll just be stuck in this mess with the political system forever.
  12. Agree, I wrote that very poorly. I think deplatformed is my go to buzzword of the moment! The point I was trying to make was that we negotiated with terrorists I'm sure we can discuss what Tommy Robinson has to say. A long time. I'm not talking legally, I'm talking about in the media - we get a very sanitized discussion in mainstream media and virtually non on social media. Furthermore if we can thank Mrs May for one thing its rejecting new 'islamophobia' laws https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/9093832/theresa-may-rejects-islamophobia-bill-blasphemy-law-back-door/
  13. Not read the article yet, just the title but give or take a few votes the country is split 50-50 on Brexit - how can anyone possibly unite anything? We rushed into it and now we're paying the price. IMHO this has exposed our political system for what it is, we need to take a few steps back think about a PR system so people get their voices heard and get a handle on wealth redistribution. Whats going to happen though is the political parties will keep fighting over the 'iron throne' and put their careers, parties and continuation of the political system first and foremost. I know people don't like Farage but if he puts PR into his 'I'm not calling it a manifesto, manifesto' he could really shake up the country for the good as none of the others want to. He'll probably just want to seize power for himself though so we may as well all get our milkshakes ready now.
  14. I applauded you for that alone. Most people take whats spoon fed to them these days and never scratch beneath the surface. To form a rounded opinion on anything you need to view things from multiple angles. Anyway, re Tommy Robinson there was a video on youtube with him talking at the Oxford Union, its a few years old now start there to see where he's come from then try and find something more recent and reach your own conclusions - although tbh a lot of the more interesting stuff has been removed now so you just get the view mainstream media push. For example, there was a good interview with Jason Farrell (Sky News) who cut and edited the conversation and printed blatant lies on their website - key snippets from the interview are then linked to in BBC and ITV articles perpetuating the lie. Fortunately TR secretly recorded the interview and uploaded it in its entirety. You don't have to like what someone is saying, but to use a 'trusted' medium to blatantly lie should cause concern to everybody. Finally, regarding free speech I just stumbled across this; Watch from 20s to about the 6m mark. Protecting free speech, promoting independent thought and limiting censorship are big deals to me, it seems by denying them its making us increasingly stupid as well!
  15. I've never urged anyone to get behind Tommy Robinson. However I do believe he should be heard. I have in the past compared him loosely to the IRA, real malicious killers of innocents. We didn't resolve that crisis by deplatforming them and hoping they would go away we talked to them and resolved differences. To my knowledge Tommy Robinson has never killed anyone, or even been locked up for racism for that matter but he does raise concerns that a lot of people (judging by his numbers) are also concerned about. If we can talk to real terrorists I'm sure we're more than capable of talking about the issues concerning Tommy Robinson and his supporters. I've briefly touched on religion but @David will start waving his ban hammer if we carry on. If you don't know much about religion though I would thoroughly recommend researching it, its a facsintating subject
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