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  1. Winnall wants to stay at Derby

    IMO it no coincidence that we started dropping down the league after Winnall got injured. He provided a bit of grit and determination up front not shown by the others. Definitely sign him up for the Championship and I'd be tempted to sign him for the Premier League as a bit part player to hassle defenders.
  2. $500,000 a month playing video games

    I guess, and I used to play football when I still had two fully functioning knees! But watching professional football or following a team is imo different to watching Joe Public play a computer game in his bedroom. At a push you could argue for watching professional gamers or the new Overwatch league for example but I don't follow gaming/gamers like I follow football. I play games for personal enjoyment whereas I watch football for personal enjoyment. Its a grey area and one that will become more blurred as time passes and gaming becomes more mainstream (and inevitably becomes an Olympic sport!)
  3. New joke thread

    I've had an idea for a new joke, just gotta spend the next 6 months training my pug...
  4. $500,000 a month playing video games

    Its probably a generation thing. My kids both love watching youtubers/streamers etc, personally I'd much rather be playing the game myself instead of watching someone else play the game. I've uploaded a few videos to youtube myself and streamed a few times - a lot of work goes into both (and you get nothing back for years - even popular youtubers all say it took several years until their channel started to take off) so fair play to them. Maybe if I found a streamer targeted at my age group rather than the hyperactive twitch kiddies my kids seem to enjoy watching I'd be more inclined to watch but I still only have so much free time each week and would much rather be playing a game I enjoy than watching someone else play it instead so probably not
  5. Nazi Pug guy found guilty

    Its not a very funny joke and inappropriate but that doesn't make him a criminal. Next step, criminalise thought control.
  6. Derby Snow - Game called off

    He could pray for a bit of snow.
  7. John Gregory

    Interesting John Gregory fact... Back around the year 2000 my yet to be wife had a car crash as she was leaving Alrewas - an old boy misjudged a corner or something and drove into the side of her car. A witness driving past saw it all and stopped to see if everyone was alright and give his details so he could be called if necessary. Not really following football my wife didn't realise at the time that she had John Gregory's office number at Villa!
  8. Derby Snow - Game called off

    The only good thing to come out of this is that Warnock has reaffirmed my opinion of him.
  9. John Gregory

    Geez I wonder what his facial expression would have been if he'd lost?
  10. $500,000 a month playing video games

    I keep telling my kids to get into streaming, they play games anyway so may as well make money from doing it! You can make a living with 10k-20k subscribers, my eldest will be off to university in a couple of years if he can build up a following during that time he (not me :P) could pay for his education. I've watched a few streamers myself but don't get where the fun is in watching someone play a game you could be playing if you weren't watching them play the game instead! And I certainly don't get why people donate to them - maybe its an age thing fair enough take a cut from advertising revenue etc but actually donating to someone already making a very good living playing games in his bedroom seems a bit silly to me.
  11. Cambridge Analytica

    I didn't use Facebook for much tbh, never even added any friends It was mainly for some sort of farming game I used to play with the kids and snooping on old school friends to see if they were up to anything exciting! I quit when my ex-wife of 10 years previous found me and sent several abusive emails - I couldn't be bothered with the drama and was getting fed up with the weird adverts and spam so I just ended up cancelling my account. That youtube privacy link thing could be a godsend, if I ever see certain youtubers again I'm in danger of having to buy a new monitor!!!
  12. Cambridge Analytica

    The last time I used Facebook, was probably 6 or 7 years ago. I recall cos I was approaching 40 at the time and all the adverts I used to get were either for websites to arrange secret affairs or impotence drugs. I guess it figured that because I'd be 40 soon I'd be in need of one or the other! I used to get loads of spam emails with similar content too. Its a good job that most days the wife and I barely leave the house else we might not have laughed so much about it! That wasn't the reason I cancelled my Facebook account, but the spam pretty much stopped overnight which was a nice bonus Maybe the algorithms have improved since then and will no doubt continue to improve, but I just don't like the idea of AI telling me what I should be interested in rather than feeding me a bit of everything. Its a bit like the issue I have with my youtube homepage at the moment - I might click on a video as its a guide to a game I'm playing or whatever, next thing I know my homepage is full of videos from that person and related people or content. The amount of times I've had to tell youtube to stop promoting 'popular' annoying, hyperactive video game streamers simply because I watched 2 mins of a video once helping me get past a bit I was stuck on is not funny!
  13. Cambridge Analytica

    Not Facebook no, I avoid that site with a passion The point is when things start targeting your interests, or what they think are your interests how do you learn anything new or get the other side of the argument? I'm probably one of the biggest technophiles on this forum but imo the future is scary.
  14. Cambridge Analytica

    It is a form of mind control though - my wife and I work from home and are on the internet nearly all day, we visit the same sites yet almost always get different articles. There has been several times that we've started talking about something but it hasn't appeared on the others news feed. You can argue that we only ever get the news stories the mass media deem interesting but when it gets personalised further to our existing interests how will we ever learn new things or expand our minds? Scary stuff.
  15. Las Vegas

    Apologies for bumping this old thread but a lot of it was about gun control and I just stumbled across this!

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