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  1. I'll put this here as it recaps yesterdays match nicely 😛
  2. Long story short, Tory minimum wage policy will cost employers around £1bn, Labours will cost employers £14bn. I read a fairly balanced BBC article on it as well a while back - similar findings. So, Tory policy then? 😛 'Labour-led coalition' *shudders*
  3. I'd agree with that in principle but simply increasing the minimum wage overnight to £10 is an unrealistic, ideological goal that has far reaching economic consequences. https://www.ft.com/content/0a5d6076-359e-11e7-bce4-9023f8c0fd2e
  4. Sticking with my McDonalds comparison why would you take on extra responsibilty at McDonalds (Team Trainer £8.29/hr) for the same money as someone lower down the scale than you (Food Attendant £7.76/hr) if you were both simply boosted to £10/hr. What about the Customer Service Team Leader (£8.40/hr)? Are we just going to pay them all £10/hr or do we give some a bit more for extra responsibility? Then what about the people that were originally on £8-£12 per hour (more than those listed above) that have now been overtaken by those with less qualifications, experience or responsibility? You ask your boss for more money. So the £10/hr minimum wage is already having a knock on effect and the price of burgers shoot up or you cut staff.
  5. No you generally give everyone a rise at the same time, not just boost the lowest paid. What is the incentive to climb the ladder if you can get paid as much for being a food attendant as you can a Team Trainer? Its naive to think that those on or around £10 already won't demand more which will also escalate wages further up scale. You can't have equality though, its idealistic. Where is the incentive to better yourself? Why would you go to work in a hot sweaty factory doing tough manual labour for the same wages as someone that comes and sweeps the floor later? There will always be inequality, its a driving factor for life. I'd agree that we should pay people a living wage. Currently its around £9 with the mimumum wage lagging behind by around £1. You can't simply increase it to £10 overnight however without consequences.
  6. Dunno about office junior wages tbh, its been a long time since I worked for anyone other than myself so lets use Corbyns McDonalds example... https://www.indeed.co.uk/cmp/McDonald's/salaries?location=GB%2FENG The food attendant is on £7.76 per hour. Lets bump him to £10. The Team Trainer is on £8.29. Straight away you're gonna have to bump him to more than £10/hr. And thats before you take into account the cleaners who are probably on less than the food attendants - who will then want more than the £10/hr the cleaners will then be earning... I'm not arguing with you because its you, I'm arguing because its naive policy that will have a knock on to those higher paid. It will either increase the price of your burger in this case (most likely leading to loss of earnings/job cuts) or reduced hours/job cuts.
  7. Who do you work for? How many people are in your office? (rhetorical you don't need to answer) I seem to recall you mentioning that you haven't had a pay rise, certainly not a meaningful one for several years now. How would your business cope if they suddenly bumped the minimum wage to £10? The cleaners would then be earning more than junior office staff, so then they would want a raise. Senior staff would then feel under-valued and need a raise and so on. My guess is you'd see either your hours reduced or x% made redundant.
  8. The same can be applied to every general election; people that only ever vote for one party, the ideological young, the bitter old, etc, etc. Maybe we just shouldn't let 'the people' vote at all, certainly not until they have all proven their cognative thinking skills.
  9. Yep because the question has been asked 100 times before, we're just sick of answering it time and again. If you really want to learn about Brexit benefits just google them. Here's a pretty balanced one about a no deal Brexit to get you started. https://www.politico.eu/article/the-case-for-no-deal-brexit/
  10. You get a like purely for the Sean of the Dead reference 👍
  11. Yeah, was just making the point of splitting the remain vote rather than the leave vote.
  12. maxjam


    Got R2D2 the other day on PC, enjoying it so far 🙂 Online version is pretty cool too.
  13. Although you are splitting the leave vote 5 ways whilst giving all remainers just 1 coption How about we change the vote to; 1. Leave 2. Remain (as are) 3. Remain (only if we can reform the EU)
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