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  1. Warnock

    Can't stand him, but begrudgingly gotta admire his record.
  2. EFL 3rd Round Draw

    Its stuff like this that makes you realise football isn't for your average fan anymore
  3. Will Hughes Watch

    He certainly wasn't the player he was before his injury. Whether a run of games in a good team will fix that, time will tell. Looking at Watford though, their midfield looks pretty good and powerful, Will has his work cut out if he wants to make more than a handful of appearances imo - would hate to see him on loan in the Championship at another club.
  4. Chance encounters with famous people

    Maybe 20 years ago I was once playing snooker at the Conservative Club in Swadlincote when the door bell rang, being on the table nearest I opened the door and let in... Edwina Currie and her entourage. 'Good morning Egwina' I said in a kinda mumbled voice. She looked at me unsure as to what I'd actually said- meanwhile my mate (who was just taking a mouthful of beer at the time) tried to cover up a laugh with a fake cough and ended up with beer dripping from his face and hair. Probably one of those stories where you had to be there but its reminded me that for years afterwards we'd occasionally say Egwina to my mate as he was having a drink. Wonder if he fancies a pint tonight...
  5. Just out of interest, what standard of football has he joined?
  6. Come on, didn't score. Rowett out.
  7. Bolton Wanderers v Derby County

    I bet Tom Lawrence didn't envisage spending the entire season on the bench due to a resurgent Johnny Russell
  8. George Thorne

    Half a second after that photo was taken GT rolled his ankle trapping the ball. Out for another 4 months.
  9. Was gonna post the exact same thing, then realised I didn't have to.
  10. Do they still put the managers initials on the training tops? Surely its cheaper to just put 'manager' in the long run...
  11. We need to get him signed up quick, before he sees us play if possible - might put him off
  12. Yeah, I've been saying this since GR took the job. No matter who is in charge, the squad need a revamp - 7 or 8 players out, 5 or 6 in. You can't do that in 1 transfer window especially when you don't have a lot of FFP headroom. Hopefully MM will give GR the time to work, otherwise we'll be paying yet another manager off and any new manager will be faced with the same problems. Its gonna take more than a season to right the wrongs of the past few years.
  13. Will Hughes Watch

    This makes me sad Hopefully he manages to force his way into the side during the season.
  14. Yeah I'd agree with that. After watching the pre-season games (imo) we are desperately lacking a bit of creativity but I neither want to pay over the odds for someone or bring in someone of a same level as we already have. Its kinda annoying not being pro-active in the market but patience is a virtue 'n all that and if we can't bring in the players we want to bring in, then we go with what we have.

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