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  1. Interesting read on the 'end of democracy'; https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2019/09/08/shawn-rosenberg-democracy-228045
  2. Thanks... To clear up a few points that others have posted, I never meant to imply that I had been called racist or stupid, although I have been at times on this forum - but that's water of a ducks back. What I meant was that the whole Brexit argument has become so entrenched that its pointless carrying on (see post above thisπŸ˜›). The discussion might move forwards from time to time but it always ends with the same polarised arguments. The politicians have shown that they are a law unto themselves and we're just along for the ride and I personally can't be bothered with the petty snide comments anymore. When the topic drifts away from Brexit and I have something to say I'll chime in, but unless something drastic happens I think I'm all Brexited out!
  3. For what its worth I'm still patiently waiting for Brexit to be delivered - a clean break from Europe, not the crappy tied in indefinitely May deal. There is literally no point in engaging on this forum however as the conversation just goes round in circles and then you get called stupid or racist.
  4. Just as a (hopefully interesting) side note to the Amazon conversation going on my wife and I run our own business from home, we used to have a website but the amount of money you needed to invest in it to get noticed was astronomical so we now sell 100% through eBay and Amazon. Whilst Amazon is not perfect it does allow small independent companies such as our own to promote our goods and access the global market for a tiny fraction of the cost it would do otherwise. As we sell a lot through Amazon now, we ship everything to one of their warehouses, they store it, pack it and post it out via Amazon Prime which has enabled us to do a lot more business than we ever could have working out of our garage - and whilst I doubt Amazon pay any tax on our profits we certainly do. In short, support independent sellers on Amazon!
  5. To late to edit the above post - I was of course referencing the @uttoxram75 post on p.207 not the @ariotofmyown post. Note to self: coffee first, then post πŸ˜‹
  6. Disappointing result last night made worse having to change a flat tyre on my car before I could come home! TBH every game has been underwhelming this season, we are desperately missing the winger and attacking midfielder we were supposedly in for on deadline day - which is going to cost us. No complaints with the management though, I'm happy to have a transition season, blood some youth and allow Cocu to build a squad. We were always going to struggle to replace Mount/Wilson and thats hurting us at the moment.
  7. To be honest I don't really comment a lot on the politics stuff, yeah I get dragged in sometimes but I don't really know an awful lot about politics or history I'm more of a science and tech kinda guy! What I do have a strong interest in and what does get me involved however is the (social) media bias and censorship angle - my recent posts re. the Owen Jones incident were more concerned about the speed of which it was weaponised and broadcast all over the media without verification to push an agenda more than anything else. With regards to the @ariotofmyown post however something I didn't learn about until relatively recently was the history of voting in the UK. I always assumed the womens suffragette battle was a long and arduous one to get the vote (and it was) but mens suffrage has been mostly forgotten by history, it was only 10 years earlier that the majority of men got the vote as well - prior to that it was basically only the wealthy that were entitled to vote. So I guess in many ways some things never change, now the elites just use other methods (media etc) or ignore votes when they don't get what they want.
  8. To be fair to @SchtivePesley it was neck and neck until the anti-vaccine movement took hold πŸ˜‹
  9. Re. the economy I guess most people live in the present - Trump is President, economy and unemployment are good therefore he must be doing something right. As for everything else when the far-left Democrats turn on primetime TV host, democrat and vocal anti-Trump political commentator Bill Maher and call for people to start boycotting his show, it demonstrates another example of the internal war that will cost the Democrats the 2020 election. Any sort of moderate, coherent plan and Trump wouldn't stand a chance.
  10. Separate his mouth (inc tweets etc) from his policies and you'll see why his approval rating is pretty high for a sitting President. If you're an average American the economy is doing pretty good at the moment, unemployment (especially minority unemployment) are at record lows and the far-left has gone off the deep end. All he has to do to get himself re-elected at the moment is to be the lesser of two evils.
  11. That remains to be seen, he ignored the question about passing information onto the police, just said he couldn't talk about it. If it does turn out that far right thugs attacked him, firstly they didn't do a very good job πŸ˜‹ and secondly we'll all condemn them - but if he has used a random incident to push his personal agenda or taken a drunken brawl with tenuous political links and weaponised it to push his agenda on tv then he's far more to blame than any thugs that attacked him imo. I'd agree that he makes a lot of valid points in the latter part of the clip *but* he fails to mention the damage the media on the left (of which he is a part of) are causing as well. Owen Jones has got a massive blind spot when it comes to actions he'd otherwise happily call out when they occur to his political enemies.
  12. As far as I can tell in relation to this conversation Antifa was first bought up by @ariotofmyown it was then very turned into an argument about The Proud Boys, nothing really to do with defending far-right activism in the UK πŸ˜• What about the far-left activism of Owen Jones, who despite being on the receiving end of a savage beating managed to haul himself around various TV and radio studios the next day without any visible bumps, bruises or scratches etc claiming without evidence (at least non that he can talk about πŸ™„) that despite not hearing anything it was the far-right that attacked him? Is that not concerning? In the fullness of time, he may well be proved correct, but if not he has abused his position to cause division and push his narrative - only in the current #metoo era (believe all victims) has it become right-wing to question claims and wait for evidence, despite the fact that the media were completely wrong and wilfully pushed a far-left narrative in the Jussie Smollett and Convington Kids incidents. And lets not forget that this is the same Owen Jones we are talking about that happily condones the milkshaking of political opponents and posts videos such as the below on his twitter account. Politics today is all about hate and division from both sides and its getting worse. IMHO the left get away with far more than the right and have to shoulder at least an equal burden of responsibility for the escalation we are seeing today. Until we all calm down and stop trying to whip up our side into a frenzy whilst calling people we don't agree with evil its only going to get worse.
  13. Agree, I didn't watch much of the world cup as it was on at the same time as Wimbledon but I actually recorded the final and watched it later at night. Test matches are slower going and more difficult to get into but the Archer vs Smith battle and the final hour with virtually the whole England team around the bat desperately trying to get the final few wickets was fascinating. Not sure its converted me to a test match fan yet, but I'll certainly be tuning in more often for shorter versions of the game.
  14. Can't both be at fault? Its just another step on the escalation ladder, which is why I find the over-reaction to the unsubstantiated Owen Jones incident so disheartening.
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