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  1. Pffft, why let the facts get in the way of everyone wanting GR out after a couple of defeats for letting Will leave.
  2. I think owning a football would be a lot like everything in life... a learning experience. I think MM has made some mistakes, but with the best of intentions and I'd much rather have a rich local owner with the club at heart running the club than someone who is just here to promote his own brand or make some cash off a promotion/player sales. I hope the longer MM stays at the club the better he'll get at running the club. We need a period of stability now and reasonable achievable targets for the manager, not an overused cheque book and itchy trigger finger.
  3. Wasn't it always going to be like this though? We've overpaid on under-performing player and now have to cut the cloth accordingly. We can debate who is to blame... McClaren, Clement, Pearson, Rush, Morris but its irrelevant we are where we are and have to get on with it. My only hope is that Mel Morris gives Gary Rowett long enough to build his own team, we're stuck with a mix of the previous 3 managers players atm and last season it was painfully obvious that they just don't gel as a group. If we sack Rowett in October after a rough run of results I really will despair, I said at the back end of last season that we need 3 transfer windows to sort this squad out given the large wages/long contracts of some of the players. MM has to stick with his choice of manager now and let him see how 2-3 years minimum and build us a new squad capable of challenging (any sooner is a bonus).
  4. As an ex-pro you would have thought he'd know better. He obviously thinks Liverpool are a bigger club than Southampton so its okay. As others have said, would he be quite so happy if a bigger club showed interest in one of Liverpools players. Gotta applaud David on the use of the word clown though - wasn't the first word I though of when I read the article.
  5. Just a thought, but the Will Hughes to Watford story has been in the media for a few days now, if we were selling him massively under market value wouldn't someone else have stepped in with a cheeky counter offer by now? We all Love Will here but the facts are that none of the current team have impressed the last few seasons. GR has already said that offers aren't flying in and Will's value reflects his current market value.
  6. Don't we boo him already? I forget who we're supposed to boo and who we're not these days. I just blanket boo the lot of 'em.
  7. Maybe, just maybe this is nothing to do with Rowett not playing him, owing Watford money or balancing the books for FFP. Maybe its down to Will wanting to try his luck in the Premier League? He's 22 now, approaching the best years of his career and really needs to kick on. As much as I don't want him to go (especially to Watford for 8m) Will really does need a move to a Premier League sooner rather than later to test himself.
  8. You kinda answered why he is only worth 8m atm. Sunderland sell a young keeper with potential who has just an a good season in the premier league. We're (potentially) selling a midfilder who hasn't really kicked on recently and has spent a lot of time injured. Pickford consistently stood out for Sunderland last season, when can you honestly say Hughes did for us, especially over a period of 5-6 games? I love Will and don't want him to go, but for his own career he probably needs a move (not saying Watford is the right one).
  9. I think 8m rising to 10m is about right. We may value Hughes higher and the potential is of course there but since his injury I don't really recall him having a massive influence on a game. Maybe a change of scenery and playing with better players will do Hughes good. To get 15m+ he really needed to have a stellar season or impressive Euro's neither of which he's had/having tbh
  10. I met up with a old school friend not so long ago and he started reminiscing about the stuff we used to get up to - which I had absolutely no idea about. I've actually thought about my childhood a lot these past few weeks trying to drag some memories from somewhere but there just aren't any. The earliest thing I can remember, and even those are fuzzy feelings rather than clear memories, I reckon come from my early/mid teens. Not sure if thats a good thing or not lol.
  11. hippy
  12. Bring back black boots and a good old fashioned short back and sides!
  13. Thats it, I'm not looking at this topic again until I see 'signed' in the title.
  14. I would hate to see Ince go, one of my favourite Derby players at the moment. But 12m is a lot of money and every player has his price 'n all that
  15. Just saw him coming out of B&Q with his brother mumbling something about not signing until his thread had more pages than George Thornes. Had a nice looking patio set in his trolley too.