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  1. maxjam

    Claudio Ranieri new Fulham Manager

    Just saw it on Sky... Claudio Ranieri appointed new Fulham Manager. Then noticed the strap line that said Slavisa Jokanovic had been sacked. I know there is no loyalty in football anymore but seems a bit disrespectful by both the owner and Ranieri to agree on the managers job before the previous guy has been sacked πŸ˜•
  2. maxjam

    Rate the last film you saw partie deux

    Got round to watching this on Sky last night and have to agree - it is very good without really fitting into any genre. If I could describe it, it kinda starts in the middle, stuff happens, then ends in the middle, but the stuff that happens is neither predictable nor cliched.
  3. maxjam

    If you could pick your age?

    I'm gonna start identifying as a 65yo to pack up work and get my pension early πŸ˜›
  4. maxjam


    We lost our 16yo salt and pepper miniature schnauzer 'Tricky' in April this year 😒 'Schnapps', our new black and silver miniature schnauzer is 9 weeks old today, we've had him a week and he's settling in nicely! He already responds to his name, sit command and 'wee-wee'. Oh and he has a variety of innocent/cute looks that will no doubt come in handy in the near future!
  5. maxjam

    V WBA (A) Match Thread

  6. maxjam


    Couple of loud ones gone off right over our back garden - guess we'll be getting scrambled eggs from our chickens tomorrow 😠
  7. maxjam


    Hehe same here, my social media presence is tiny. Cancelled my facebook account about 3 months after I opened it getting on for 10 years ago, my twitter account is limited to following Derby County and several online computer games to learn about new patch notes or the server status etc and only my family have my mobile number and 99.9% of its use is for receiving two factor authentication security codes. I don't care what anyone else is up to and don't feel the need to tell the world what I'm doing - I find it all very superfluous. I do like a good forum though, anyone know any πŸ˜‹
  8. maxjam

    Let’s recommend podcasts

    Rhod Gilberts Best Bits - highlights of his Saturday morning radio show, usually pretty funny! https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p02nrsrr/episodes/downloads
  9. maxjam

    Nations League - Spain v England

    or not 0-3 now πŸ˜›
  10. maxjam


    Hehe, I'm a huge technophile when it comes to computing I think my wife knows that and its just kinda quietly accepted that I spend a small fortune ever few years updating my setup, the fact that I can pass my existing stuff on to the kids just sweetens the deal! As for gaming, I've been playing a lot of Assassins Creed Odyssey lately, awesome game with an insane amount of stuff to do - wouldn't surprise me if it doesn't clean up with numerous game of the year awards, its by far the best in the series imo. I'm trying to get it finished before Fallout 76 next month - which should also be pretty cool unless you're expecting Fallout 5 in which case you'll be disappointed.
  11. maxjam

    Ryder Cup

    Excellent (and convincing) win. It was looking a little bit dodgy midway through the afternoon after the Americans got off to a good start but we got some big wins in the middle order and it all became a bit of a march at the end. Wasn't sure we would do it at the start of the week (especially after we went 1-3 down) although some of the pundits seemed to suggest that the Americans hadn't prepared well enough, with most skipping the French Open earlier this year for example that was held on the same course.
  12. maxjam

    Ryder Cup

    Remarkable run of points, bottom match of the morning isn't dead either...
  13. maxjam

    Ryder Cup

    Yeah, incredible stuff πŸ˜€ Gotta admit I was concerned in the run up and concerned after the mornings play but we turned up this afternoon and took all 4 points. Still a tough one to call as USA have some top players, but it sets up the weekend nicely.
  14. maxjam

    Bradley Johnson

    Echo the sentiments here... It wouldn't have bothered me if BJ had been sold in the summer but whether its been a word in his ear by Lampard or the movement ahead of him he's becoming one o four better players. He had an excellent, composed game last night - motm for me.
  15. maxjam


    Oh yeah, complete overkill but my old PCs get passed onto our 2 lads so we're all using something relatively current.

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