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  1. We're not on BetFair or Sky Bet - all 23 other teams are. Bet386 have us as 6/4 to be relegated. Huddersfield, Peterboro and Blackpool are 11/4. Pffft, odds. They mean nothing 🏆
  2. I know some of you don't like JHB but the MP she is talking to makes some very good points - well worth the 10m listening time.
  3. Of course I do, but how many times in the old Politics thread and the new Coronavirus thread have you seen people say, 'I don't read [insert paper]' A lot of people tend to only read stuff that affirms their point of view and the first 'review' of Clarksons Farm was clearly written by someone that not only didn't watch it but has a history of knocking Clarkson. It literally wasn't worth the time spent reading it, provided zero insight into the programme and was a classic example of media bias. At least the Guardian, for some reason, have now taken the time to publish something that despite still knocking Clarkson acknowledges the merits of the show. It took them long enough 😛 and maybe the overwhelming positivity elsewhere in the media was starting to make them look like they were pushing opinion and had an axe to grind.
  4. I think I must have fallen over earlier, banged my head and woken up in an alternate reality... The Guardian (hate Clarkson and everything he touches) have gone from this; https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2021/jun/11/clarksons-farm-review-jeremy-the-ignoramus-rides-again to actually sitting down to watch it and writing this; https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2021/jul/22/clarksons-farm-best-thing-jeremy-clarkson-has-done-amazon They still make their feelings about Clarkson known, but at least they now admit that it is very watchable.
  5. maxjam


    You should get off the fence and tell us what you really think 😛
  6. TBH I don't care who votes for what and for what reason, I just hope is doesn't pass!
  7. Without seeing the chart I guess its because all the elderly/vulnerable have been jabbed now and covid is just working through the rest - or the ones that are largely immune to the worst of the effects of the virus. Some elderly and vulnerable will still die - 40% of hospitalizations are double jabbed, because the ravages of time will eventually come to us all. The 60% that aren't double jabbed are just the 'unlucky' ones that despite being in the younger, healthier age groups suffer a bad reaction - but they are, unfortunately, the unlucky ones and therefore the overall numbers being hospitalized is still small.
  8. Sorry for the angry emoji, I wasn't shooting the messenger! Anyway, he can say what he wants, currently approx 40 Tories are against this and assuming labour don't wobble and vote it down there is a very good chance that this won't get passed. I honestly believe that whilst the intentions maybe good, it is the first step towards tyranny and the slow creep towards ID cards and Chinese style 'encouraged' behaviour - once you have got a taste of power, it is very difficult not to just take a little bit more...
  9. Looks like Labour are going to oppose them. I can see more than a few Tories being uncomfortable with them so hopefully it won't get through Parliament anyway. *crosses fingers*
  10. Similar story in the Telegraph about the dangers from Vaccine Passports; https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/07/21/vaccine-passports-conspiracy-against-freedom/ The Government may not be staging some grand conspiracy to turn Britain into a Chinese-style social credit system, zealously monitoring citizens’ behaviour to permit or prohibit basic rights. But sometimes weakness and incompetence can send a country in a similar direction.
  11. Geez 2032, thats a bit soon isn't it? Surely they won't be covid-zero by then?!? Although it looks like the Aussies have started training their young prospects already...
  12. Yeah 🙂 TBH I'm a Clarkson/Top Gear/Grand Tour fan but this is the best TV he's done imo. I can count the number of TV shows I've binge watched on one hand, with fingers to spare - but I watched the entire series of Clarksons Farm in one day.
  13. Caught my wife watching this a few days ago (she has little interest in football) so I had to watch it myself to make sure what she'd watched was accurate! TBF, its a little light on detail in places but does a good job of getting a lot of the main points across and worth the 30mins or so it takes to watch it 👍 Now, if only we can have a season or two without being in the media for all the wrong reasons...
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