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  1. Glad you enjoyed it 🙂 You will have missed a lot of the 'inside' stuff though - the stuff that us nerds notice 😛
  2. Excellent finale - a couple of post credit scenes with the inevitable hint at a return in the future. So Wandavision for the uninitiated, sadly give it a miss it requires a fair bit of existing MCU knowledge and you'll just be left thinking WTF for large parts of it. If you know a bit about the MCU however, you'll still be left thinking WTF at times lol but the payoff is well worth it - watch it, you won't be disappointed. Just a couple of weeks until Falcon and Winter Soldier starts now 😁
  3. Well I can only speak for myself of course but when the first lockdown started and Sky decided to make every match live it was like football heaven, I probably overdosed lol. As time has gone on though, without the crowds they've started to feel a bit souless - even with the fake crowd noise - then of course there is nothing to compare to the actual matchday experience of being there. Add to that the indifferent season, its just been one to write off and hope we can actually be at PP for the kick off next season. Re. the forums I keep half an eye on the Abu Derby thread, the transfer s
  4. Didn't we get told in no uncertain terms that the squabbling and continued debate has to stop? That, and agree with the moderators decisions or else. That kinda nuked any further discussion as one mans debate is another mans squabble. I'm just waiting to get my jab and for this season to end. I've gotten more and more detached from football since lockdowns gone on - looking forwards to next season and the atmosphere of live matches again. Peace 🕊️
  5. Never get bored of watching them land upright 👏
  6. FWIW my our 17yo has to attend school on Monday at a certain time for a covid test (then return home) Depending on their year group they start back properly on Tues, Weds or Thurs. When he goes back on Thursday he has to have another covid test and assuming everything is okay is allowed to stay at school. All kids have to wear 2 masks at all times and have to take regular (forget the frequency) covid tests.
  7. One for fellow Star Wars nerds...
  8. Yup, still more. Just watched #ep8 - there is an after credits scene for this one...
  9. Our 3yo Schnauzer, Schnapps now has a 5mnth old friend, Chester. He's only been with us a week but they are already inseparable 🙂
  10. It may depend on how much investment there is next season. Assuming we continue our upward curve for the rest of this season what else could he achieve next season without a few quid to improve the squad? He might be thinking his stock is as high as it can get at Derby and may be tempted by a move elsewhere. Hope we do manage to get some real investment from somewhere though and he does stick around, I've been very impressed with what he's achieved so far and would like him to have a crack at promotion.
  11. His injuries sound horrific 🤮 Hope he makes a full recovery and manages to get back out on the golf course again to compete.
  12. Having a vaccination passport/national ID is in itself a good thing imo - if you've been jabbed, you are free to go about your business. The concern is however that these things creep and governments change every few years, a vaccine passport could very easily morph into a credit score system similar to the one China uses and you could end up being denied real world services for not taking enough exercise, play computer games or having the wrong opinions etc. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_Credit_System Its a NO from me!
  13. Sky News doing what it does best and knocks the wind out of Boris' 4 steps to freedom Can't the Bamfords just give us one evening of good news ☹️
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