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  1. I do know the real name of the film but everyone knew what I meant and tbh it was a bit quicker to type It would be interesting to see what people thought the worst of the prequels was tbh, I always figured it was that clone film as Phantom Menace at least had Maul (woefully underused character) and podracing. Just got back from watching The Last Jedi again and despite my initial high praise I am now conflicted. Whilst its a great film with some excellent set pieces and acting as a Star Wars fan its kinda left me underwhelmed and uncertain of its future. I honestly can't give it a score out of 10, I think it will greatly depend on the direction ep9 takes.
  2. Ah well tbh they are both pretty bad and the least liked of the series. PM at least has a couple of memorable scenes and Darth Maul. Personal choice as to which is actually the worst I guess.
  3. The Clone Wars (ep2) is typically regarded by most as the worst of the lot. My lad and I watched all the movies in order prior to going to see The Last Jedi the other night, halfway through The Clone Wars I found some tidying up to do in the kitchen...
  4. If we're talking spoilers now that Leia scene was truly cringeworthy. At first I thought it was a really cheap way to kill her off following her real life death. Then the scene happened and I wish they had have killed her off. It sticks in your mind and borderline spoils the whole movie. I found Mark Hamill's acting to be okay, others are calling it great or Oscar worthy - never saw that but he did a good job. Hes an amazing voice actor, okay actor. Whilst I enjoyed the film on the whole now I've had chance to think about it it feels like the end of a football season. You know there is another one coming soon but it will just be more of the same - not sure where its going from here. It will be interesting to see how they freshen the story up now.
  5. Just got back... its a worthy addition coming in at #2 after Empire imo Its best watched if you know absolutely nothing about the plot so I won't say anymore but there are more than a few talking points to discuss once everyone's seen it. Oh and nice to see Kylo Ren in the foyer at Swadlincote Odeon
  6. So far so good, just got to avoid spoilers for a few more hours... Hopefully it won't turn out like England vs Wales at Euro 2016, England were 1-0 down at half time, so I paused Sky and went to fetch the kids from school. The route is pretty quiet so I thought I was fairly safe, only to walk past a couple of old codgers playing bowls in the park talking about Vardy's equaliser... And whlist I maybe a middle-aged fat geezer I certainly won't be going as Han Solo lol. I'm taking my lad with me, he has standards even if I don't
  7. A Duck Cob

    My missus always laughs when I mention the weather being cold - being from South Derbyshire I say 'cold' as 'code'. Sum otheruns ere; http://www.near-chesterfield-derbyshire.com/derbyshire-dialect.html
  8. MUST RESIST REVIEWS... MUST RESIST REVIEWS... Not long to go now, had my tickets for the 12:01am showing tonight for weeks!
  9. Ballon D’Or

    His humble modesty continues to surprise me. http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11835/11161728/cristiano-ronaldo-says-he-is-the-best-player-in-history-after-ballon-dor-win
  10. Craig Forsyth

    Meh form comes and goes, I'm a firm believer in you win as a team and you lose as a team. We had more than enough chances to score 2 or more goals, just didn't happen on the night.
  11. West Ham appoint Moyes

    According to Sky, David Gold insists David Moyes is "the best man available at this time" Ringing endorsement if ever I've heard one
  12. Manager Sacking Sweepstake

    Gonna quote myself now as Sky are saying its all but confirmed that it will be Moyes. So thats 50% correct, now I'm crossing my fingers for the more important 50%
  13. Manager Sacking Sweepstake

    With any luck they will now appoint Moyes and he can take 2 teams down in consecutive seasons

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