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  1. Ankle ligament injury just waiting to happen there...
  2. Paul Merton showed himself to be a real champion of the common man by having an impressive collection of DVDs instead of books 😛
  3. Not quite sure where they keep getting these studies from tbh - we've gone from a projected 250k deaths to 20k deaths, from not enough beds to plenty of beds. This new study puts us back at 65k+ deaths and woefully short on beds/ICU (100k+). Fortunately there will probably be another along tomorrow saying something completely different. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/apr/07/uk-will-be-europes-worst-hit-by-coronavirus-study-predicts
  4. Some interesting stats here on the PMs chances of survival - assuming what we're being told isn't just a version of the truth; https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-what-do-the-figures-tell-us-about-boris-johnsons-chances-of-a-full-recovery-11970172 The average age of admission to critical care is 60. There are more men in critical care in their 50s than in their 70s. That's not to say that the disease is more fatal for people in this age range, as, sadly, many older sufferers may not even make it to the ICU - but it does send a crucial public health message to this group. Patients who don't go on a ventilator in the first 24 hours in an ICU survive 83% of the time. Those who are put on a ventilator in that period have a much lower survival rate - just 32%. Of the 690 patients whose outcome in an ICU is known, almost all received support for their heart, and 143 received what ICNARC calls "advanced cardiovascular support". Further stats and info in the link, some of it is a bit grim. My suggestion to everyone is to stay in indoors and stay out of ICU!
  5. Laura Kuenssberg is useless as well. Both engage in 'gotcha' questioning whilst asking the same idiotic questions, usually starting with assertions they try to pass off as fact.
  6. I don't often agree with much of what The Guardian say but there is a lot of truth in this article (and backs up some of what I was saying about the police being over zealous in policing public spaces, especially when there was a huge block of flats in the background of one of the videos); https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/apr/07/lockdown-britain-victorian-class-divide?CMP=share_btn_tw
  7. Cos he's not a pleb like you or I.
  8. Enjoyed watching him in a Derby shirt. Doesn't sound to serious, hopefully he'll be one of the majority that brush it off without any complications.
  9. Not sure the 'savings' in road related deaths will make up for losses elsewhere tbh. In a typical year the average number of road deaths per year hovers around 1750 whereas its over 5000 for suicides and over 7000 for alcohol related deaths. Judging by some of the pictures on here, that last number alone is gonna go up the most!
  10. https://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/491358-cuomo-use-of-antimalarial-drug-in-new-york-hospitals-anecdotally When Orange Man Bad does its, its bad. When someone else does it. meh, not so much. To be fair, it does say results are mixed at best but as Trump says what do you have to lose? The drug itself isn't going to kill you and it 'might' just save you. Personally I don't care about the politics, if I'm at deaths door and there is a chance it might save me, I wouldn't think twice about taking it.
  11. Thought it was still April 1st for a sec... https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/Derby-county-linked-striker-move-4023142 Derby County are interested in bringing an ex-player back to the club, according to reports. A report by A Spor states that Derby are one of a number clubs interested in signing Goztepe forward Cameron Jerome. Jerome was picked up by Goztepe after leaving the Rams, but his contract is unlikely to be renewed.
  12. Clingfilm - I find it virtually impossible to unroll and end up using about 4m for the tiniest of jobs.
  13. https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-prime-minister-admitted-to-hospital-for-coronavirus-tests-11969053 Says his admission is a precautionary rather than emergency measure and its not known whether he will remain in overnight. All the best to Boris and indeed anyone suffering with the virus.
  14. I don't think for one minute that anyone gets upset by any comments or emoji's posted here, they wouldn't last 5 minutes if they did! There have been times however imo that some conversations have been allowed to persist whilst others have been cut short. Seeing as we're on a football forum, a good football referee should remain neutral at all times and no matter what the field it just seems a bit off to have someone supporting one of the teams holding the whistle and cards. I should also add that by and large I don't have an issue with the moderating on this forum, in an ideal world however the moderator would be neutral.
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