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  1. Does this now mean they can break the FFP rules and overspend as much as they like? Be interesting to see if the PL/FA keep an eye on that one. I bet a certain person at a nearby club will be watching how much they spend!
  2. It’s quite scary to be honest. The NUFC fans have never liked him. But he did get them back up to the PL by selling players at a good price and bringing in cheaper versions which kept them within FFP I believe. I might be wrong of course. It would be interesting to know who the group of Americans are, who were reported to be looking around the club last weekend
  3. So the owner of a Derbyshire based company is about to have money burning a hole in his pocket. As confirmed on the BBC the Saudi Arabians have finally got the go ahead to buy NUFC. He likes to buy companies that are in administration. This has been mentioned a couple of times over the last few weeks
  4. A mix round me in the south upper. Loads of regulars. Plus many new faces. Incredible atmosphere all game from all sections of the ground. chanted to the West Stand to give us a song. One chap jumped up and started ‘We hate Nottingham’ and many seemed to join in with him. Absolutely brilliant stuff
  5. According to the Derby Telegraph the M1 between j25 and j26 reopened at 3:20 this afternoon. The A38 between Finders and Mickleover is still closed with a lot of traffic both ways https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/news/local-news/live-crash-blocks-one-lane-5988335
  6. I tend to think all this has been created by transport companies across the country. Many obstacles have been put in place for regular drivers to cause this. They want the government to allow them to bring back drivers from the EU on a cheaper wage as it saves them money and keeps shareholders happy
  7. Yep agree I was there in the mid 60's and this is the worst I have ever known. It's so cruel on the fans and the club. Owners should be held to account at all times. But we will bounce back
  8. There is a George’s Chippy at Park Farm Shopping centre in Allestree. Not too far outside the City Centre
  9. just after the goal apparently. Other of the ground looks a bit empty
  10. Goodness me that was stressful listening. Finally a win. Well done everyone and Forest lost
  11. ‘Andy’ on Twitter posts so much stuff from Companies House 99.9% of which baffles me. I get a much more balanced view on here. Thanks guys. I tend to think now season tickets are available I can’t see us going into administration. I’m also thinking Mel has worked out a way to show the EFL that the club can be funded for the rest of the season
  12. I’ve no idea what this means but it’s apparently connected to today’s delay
  13. It’s august, many people are away on holiday. Attendances are always lower in August
  14. Always been surprised the EFL haven’t picked up on that one. They do tend to have maybe a bit too much movement between two clubs
  15. Just set it up to record. It’s on Virgin TV channel 622.. strap line says “The I-unit goes undercover to expose how English football clubs can be bought by criminals and become vehicles to the proceeds of their crimes”
  16. It clearly states in the DCFC press release regarding ST’s that 20/21 ticket holders will book each game via the website then do print at home and use that to get through the turnstile. Any 19/20 ticket holders who didn’t renew can claim a discount per game. Plus the situation will be reviewed
  17. If I recall correctly the Chairman of Derbyshire County Cricket Club at the time was from Nottingham
  18. If we ain’t got no money, as some are saying, how have the club just managed to afford a very expensive week at a training camp/hotel which the England Football and Rugby team use?
  19. The owners of Euro Garages are the same brothers who have recently bought Asda I believe
  20. Next news will be that the stadium and training ground have new owners. ive no idea if that’s true it’s just an assumption that’s the next stage in changing owners
  21. Stating the obvious but at this precise moment (14:42 July 1st) the club have not announced Wisdom or Waggy have left the club. The players to go have freed up some of the wage bill. Means we could bring players in but the embargo restricts them to £11k a week I believe
  22. They are doing their best to relegate us. How the heck can you say to a player. Come and join us when you have no idea which league you will be in next season
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