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  1. The contract extension was triggered by the number of games he has played this season
  2. Maybe they should switch the TV's off and close the bars (!) after halftime then you wouldn't get so many staying in the concourse during the 2nd half. Anyway midweek games I either have to book the night off work using up my leave or exit on 87 minutes, then have a mad 20 minute walk to the car park and a race to work to get to my night shift by 10:30pm Some of us have genuine reasons why we have to leave early, like going to work straight after a game. It's harsh to tar everyone with the same brush
  3. The only stand that didn't bounce yesterday was the north stand. Many in the west were joining in as well and received a 'well done' cheer from all of us in the south. About 4;15 I nipped down to the concourse in the south stand to use the loo, must have been 200 people in the concourse, maybe some of them were part of the singing section.
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