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  1. So they called bloody Notts Forest! Hilarious!
  2. That’s a pittance. Wouldn’t get out of bed for that!
  3. Watch the game and then the Lions first test..Mrs not gonna be happy but has to be done.
  4. Don’t recall seeing any figures but should hope so
  5. Will we get first dibs if our salary offer is capped? What does EFL consider to be a salary cap and would that apply to other clubs who can simply offer more.
  6. Rams tv plug back in. Must have been waiting for half time and Tom to do it
  7. Can you get a couple more briquettes out of the back of the shed. Behind all those old boxes…
  8. Love rams tv just left game to show old interviews! Ffs
  9. No hissy fit here. Don’t be so emotional
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