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  1. And that was last season so could have risen now
  2. Actually Mel pays very well. My sons mates work in the corporate boxes and got £9 hour. Well above min wage for school kids
  3. Led Zep Kashmir circa 2009 - 2014 prob got dates wrong but was in there somewhere
  4. Just cancel the season completely. Start afresh in Aug. hilarious for Liverpool and leeds
  5. Why are one armed bandits always made for right handlers? Absolute discrimination and and outrage!
  6. McEnroe connors nadal Seles Navratilova All the greats left handed.
  7. Max is a Rolls Royce. I thought yesterday as he effortlessly drifted through their team and got to the edge of the box he was going to slide the ball into the corner but he got a bit of a nose bleed and laid it off. A great lad and a wonderful player. In a few years an England player
  8. You never get quite as much control when you are wearing gloves though do you?
  9. He looks like he is enjoying it at last. The fans are supporting him, he is playing with Rooney, it’s infectious.. crack on Tom
  10. Used to love mature cheddar cheese sarnies with ketchup when I was a kid. Had one the other day to reminisce.. still does it for me
  11. And you a stats man Ella! Thought you’d be engrossed
  12. Thursday night! VAR! Asst refs! No replays! Synthetic footballs! Enough I say!
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