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  1. Bugger .. I bought 310 and 312 hoping to nip back and get 311!!
  2. Was there for last playoffs. It's very good but I wished I was with the boys below. No real issues but lacks the passion. Fans are split so you will not see any villa fans at all.good for bars etc and a nice view. But given choice I would be behind goal. Just my opinion. If you sit high in the Toyota you will love it. I have to add I had tickets only. No food. Clearly if there had been booze and grub I wouldn't have given a tosss about the lads below!
  3. Villa pubs announced for those who may not have seen it
  4. I am reading it that a season ticket holder can buy up to 10 tickets as long as there is a fan ID for each one. Not that each fan id has to be a sth
  5. Yes great seats but not if you want to be deep in with the fans. They are through main entrance and up escalators past the 1966 World Cup crossbar... worth a photo. Very plush, nice empty bars and expensive restaurants. Some snack places too. The only queue is for the toilets! The view would be similar to top row Toyota probably between 18 yard line and just short of half way
  6. Good that’s it’s on a standard line number. There will be a long wait so fair play
  7. Looking at the seat plan for our end am i correct in that there is a Ban of seating that is designated for Villa - the middle light blue band? Blocks 201 to 213? Seems very odd we can`t buy them? Maybe its corporate and they have just used that colour for all seats unavailable to Derby.
  8. What about all the people who don`t have access to or can`t be bothered to use the internet. All that queuing they can`t do this time..... There will be trouble brewing Mel, there`s thousands of em! Still, more tickets for the IT literate
  9. Thought frank was putting his boots on then... and gonna play up front
  10. So driving there Ella and be drinking from 3.30 ish. You will be in the pitch matey
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