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  1. I don’t think anyone else is getting into that seat
  2. Following the Millwall Forest and Villa debacles i was so deflated that in a rash moment ii set a target of 9 points from the 4 home games in succession. If we failed i was not going to renew my 2 tickets. Unfortunately i told the wife... Now have to beat Stroke and Rotherham... I am now having to back track on how on a wet and windy night, with a weakened team, against an awesome Stoke side...we could struggle...i think she`s buying it...
  3. Get yer self a front loader if your struggling
  4. Tbh that lineup is barely league 1 standard so it’s not surprising
  5. It’s the smug self assurance of someone who has stolen a living
  6. Settling down to watch the lads on the box and what do I get... Rowett the pundit. Telling anyone who is listening of his 3 relatively successful spells and one poor one. Also got in a sly dig that last year at this stagewe had more points and were second. The more I listen the more I think how could anyone fail to see his bumbling incompetence shrouded in staggering bravado. What a twit.
  7. Derby Telegraph reports today..... Police find 'suspicious' man outside Derby County's training ground Officers could be seen around Moor Farm in Oakwood A suspicious man loitering around Derby County's training complex Moor Farm earlier today. Officers have tweeted details on the Derby Response - Derbyshire Constabulary Twitter feed with an image of the man sitting in a police van. https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/news/derby-news/police-find-suspicious-man-outside-2415046
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