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  1. I am looking forward to this new Cocu style..No keeper and only two defenders...hold onto your hats boys!!
  2. Great to have Rammie coming out to that
  3. Blimey logged on and thought I’d woken up in hell as a Dundee United fan...
  4. A top bloke, didn`t complain, did his best. Thanks and best of luck
  5. There is no way that a bright bloke like Cocu is gonna have a halfwit like mac around the place strutting like a twit
  6. Just shhhpppeeking de dutch for de new bossman
  7. I do respect Mel. I also respect each and every one of his appointments. At the time of each one it was a good appointment. Clement the exciting visionary.. .Even Pearson was heralded as a necessary hardliner who would "sort them out" Rowett was coveted and i genuinely thought it was sour grapes when Brum fans laughed at work. Little did i know.. I could possibly criticise some of the departures, particularly the timing. But as i am not party to the detail i have to trust in him, and i do. I really enjoyed last season. Not to have the mid season malaise was a pleasure.. I am now excited about the new season.
  8. Do not wear these down Friargate!
  9. I hope the place doesn’t get clogged up with returning players and Cocu sorts it quickly
  10. I hope don’t appoint Cocu and frank then sues us for constructive dismissal for 4 mill.
  11. That’s like asking Utd fans for Bobby Charlton or Pep. There’s sentiment and there’s stupidity
  12. Only frank leaves 2 huge organisations on hold whilst he “knocks up” a few sandcastles
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