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  1. Whole back 5 superb today. Learnt that Lee can head the ball and that’s what swings it against Fozzy for me. Even Wiz looked relatively comfortable today
  2. love this ref. Gone rogue on the efl anti Derby strategy
  3. Buchanan having great defensive ten minutes
  4. Jos needs to put some effort in! Has he given up
  5. Apart from Buchanan’s beautiful low cross into the box after 10 mins that any half decent poacher would have met
  6. Shinnie does it every game so let’s give George this one
  7. Worked on his catching no doubt. Huge improvement. Perhaps Shay has actually earned his money this season
  8. No just didn’t want to tempt fate, I said it last game and he immediately cocked up... but tonight ROOOSSSSY
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