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  1. At first we weren't simply didn't know what was happening The we saw the hoarding stretchers and ambulances Outside the ground and back to the car, i remember listening to the radio and hearing the death toll rise A truly awful day for football, but for the families...i cant imagine
  2. Despite glueing fans to their seats, i notice you still can't fill your ground.. edit. Mels ground
  3. I just can't seem to catch up I need to live on here
  4. I don't live on here!! (says a bloke with 1249 posts on a Derby website)
  5. Charity bet?? Forest Top 6 Derby Top 6
  6. Dont make it even worse for yourself Daveo? You are already wearing a forest kit on here next season
  7. glad you have found your level somewhere betwween Northampton Luton Stoke At last sanctuary
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