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  1. Stayed away, simply to avoid rubbing your nose in it...not my style:)
  2. I was at the game, and watched it again for balance at home pundits agreed, YATES YELLOW, LAWRENCE RED stop bleating
  3. They were holding you back to see if you might score, once Forest left the field... after 15 mins, he decided enough was enough
  4. Mr Dawson didn't play Grabban scored and getting better Curtis Eugene Davies (born 15 March 1985)
  5. are we still sticking with the thread title...Antique Roadshow is a bit rich Mr Martin must be 40
  6. The problems are upstream, the derwent and the dove Derby rivers
  7. Eezzeetiger in peace. Can anyone point me at the Leeds fan youtube clip moaning about Leeds beating good teams and losing to poo teams? aka Forest and Derby
  8. We keep on defying the bookies... Open top bus, is now officially on flexi booking
  9. we never stopped singing, could you hear us?
  10. I thought they were unlucky, cheap parking, cheap pies, cheap pint...enjoyed that
  11. I doubt he is the biggest drug dealer in Nottingham
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