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  1. He reminded me loads of a young Bryson today - energy, desire, work rate but with a decent touch and didn’t seem scared of a tackle. And whilst he didn’t take the chance, he at least arrived in the box at the right time. Solid full debut - and lots of promise!
  2. Please tell me that was an ironic joke?
  3. Sorry - I’m such a kid I couldn’t resist the title on the back of our first defeat!! Please be assured I want to keep Coc(u) in but just wanted to give something for the wristslashers to hold on to!! 😁 i’ll get my coat (mac)
  4. In our Mac1 season - the set up of the team allowed both Thorne and Eustace (both of whom were not the most mobile) to be outstanding in this same position. The willing running of Bryson/Hendrick and the passing/creativity of Hughes - gave us a midfield 3 that were comfortable in possession but equally the movement of the front 3 (ok maybe a little less movement from Chris Martin) meant we were able to quickly transition from defence to attack - creating the channels for George’s passing range to cause massive problems for the opposition. Cocu looks to have a similar approach - and so I see Huddlestone playing a massive part this year.... and IF George can coached back to the player he once seemed - then we are well set in CDM. From first view Dowell seems to offer us the creativity of Hughes. Now we just need the legs/energy of Bryson/Hendrick. Possibly Shinnie (not yet seem so cant comment) possibly Knight? This is just my opinion and could all be total bow locks of course - but at least I’ve made a contribution again after being a DCFCfans stalker for far too long 👀
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