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  1. Thanks for clarifying- not sure I’d have referenced him as a king - but I get your sentiment …. and I’ll be there mate fighting alongside you COYR 🐏
  2. Care to elaborate on this reference?
  3. Is that you Mason? 😉 On a more serious note - I get the explanation but thought the statement was poorly drafted - overuse of the word COVID.
  4. I’m genuinely appalled. MM takes no responsibility for it and blames the EFL (and a subtle pop at a someone there) and blames COVID-19. Sad times - a bit more humility by the owners would have gone down well. I get the scenarios laid out and don’t disagree - but surely they could have admitted to making some mistakes along the way which have served to exacerbate our situation!!
  5. Bit harsh here pal. I think the OP is just expressing his sentiment and sadness at our current state. I don’t think he has demanded action - but merely expressed his dismay and the need for something to change. From the outside looking in - most of us surely share this sentiment. Equally, as we are on the outside most of us don’t have sufficient information available to us to begin to know what that right course of action is. Maybe Mel Is playing the long game and maybe he’ll be proven right and we’ll be ok in the end but right now it’s hurting to see our great club in this horrible horrible place.
  6. I know others are having issues - but I thought I’d share my positive experience - just in the interest of balance. I sent an email around 8:00 this morning requesting a change of seat location for the 3 season tickets we have. Had the automatic reply come through via email acknowledging my request and then literally 5 minutes later a phone call from a helpful girl/lady who said the seats I’d requested to mover to had gone but she’d happily find me some others near by. So I opened up the buy Season Ticket section so I could see which seats she was referencing (and to make both our lives easier!). Found 3 different ones in under a minute and all done and confirmed. Very polite, very efficient, job done!! Been back into my account just now and the reservations for the Stoke game were ready for me to download.
  7. I’ve had season tickets in all 4 stands since we moved to PP……..at various times - and for various reasons…..West Stand was my first place because as i had an older fan I went to the game with. SW corner with my missus and a couple of our friends was the next stop when that used to be the “singing place” and we loved it. Next stop, the North Stand because I started to bring my son (who I bought his first season ticket at the age of 3). Then back to the SW corner because he said “Daddy can we sit in the noisy corner” - which meant I had to teach him all the Derby songs with edits for the swearing”…for example “I’d fly over Nottingham Forest and sit on those barstools below”. I got away with it for a season or 2 before he twigged!! And the blokes who sat around us were brilliant with him (one bloke called Gerry was an absolute top class fella he moved behind the goal in the South Stand I think) he used to apologise for the lads for their swearing but I didn’t mind at all because it was my decision to sit there and I didn’t want to ruin their match day experience!! Next stop East Stand - because of the reconfiguration of seating……but that bloody sun is just a pain when it shines and you’re squinting to watch the game. So we moved back to the South Stand and enjoyed the increased level of banter again. But i also like to get really into the games and get a different perspective from time to time - so we moved back to the West Stand upper and I’ve loved it up there for the last few seasons (pre-lockdown). I’m pretty sure I’ll move again at some point - not yet sure what the motivation will b . BUT……the one constant in all of it - I love Derby County, I love the games and I consider myself no better or worse supporter than anyone else, just because of where I sit - and it’s does annoy me when a small minority give it loads because of where people sit and how they choose to show their support. Sorry for the ramble!! 🤦🏻‍♂️
  8. Davies, Menghi, Morrison, Wisdom…..holding back for someone else in the forward positions who isn’t yet with us. ps I know I’ve not quite stuck to the brief….but its football and nobody does!!!
  9. Remember the outrage on here when it was revealed Mel had been in the dressing room……it will be an absolute forum meltdown if Disney Pixar team!!!
  10. Agreed Rooney has been doing things his own way for the last 35 games with a poor squad (which he inherited) who were bottom of the table and winless in god knows how long (and that was with an experienced manager who had won 3 Dutch league titles). In those games he took us off the bottom of the table and finished with enough points from the total games played to see us outside of the relegation zone after the final game. The whole season was unacceptable and the finishing weeks were in unbearable but the rookie manager kept us safe - whilst the “experienced” Darren Moore/Tony Pulis and Paul Warne didn’t at their respective clubs. Potato 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿/ Potato 🇺🇸
  11. Fair enough - I actually think Knight ran out of steam at the end of the season - he’s played a huge amount of football for a young player and with a lot of pressure on him at times to drive the team on - its a big ask for any young player to be that consistent over 46 games....I don’t believe he’s regressed - I just thinks he’s fecked and needs a physical and mental recharge. As for Sibley, whilst I don’t think he should have played out on the left - he has hardly done anything to justify regular inclusion in the CAM role - and apart from the Birmingham game - he offered very little consistently in any other game he started. His goals last season were excellent - but let’s remember he was the new kid on the block - the opposition knew nothing about his ability so he was afforded more time and space - which this season he wasn’t - so might that be part of the reason for his regression - being a marked man - and therefore having to find more ways himself to hit the same mark as last year? Not saying you’re wrong - just offering my own opinion on how I see it......
  12. Just out of interest, who are these several KEY players you refer to? Not being argumentative....just genuinely keen to see who you rate as key out of those he’s had available?
  13. Rooney’s brief was to keep us up this season. He’s done that. The football hasn’t been pretty and the defending in this last 7 games has been horrendous. However, we did have a very good run if I recall and played some good football.....I’m pretty sure I saw us beat a few top teams and were top or close to the top of the form table at one point - and yes..... Rooney was the manager. There have been mitigating circumstances too, for example, you could see in the short time he played today what a difference Curtis Davies would have made to our season if he’d been fit - he’s a leader and organiser - and a bloody solid championship defender (not ball player!!). Further, losing arguable one of the championships best players in Bielik clearly shattered the spine - a bit like when we lost George Thorne for so long and struggled to find someone suitable to fill that role. I’ll throw in Lawrence being out for so long, losing Wisdom, Gregory, Menghi and the enduring injury to CKR and it’s understandable that we’ve scraped home - look at the bench strength - its just not there - I’m sure one or two of the kids we have will go on to be solid championship players but lets not suggest our crop of kids were the same as the crop Alex Ferguson benefitted from at Man Utd. We were bottom when he took over. He’s made mistakes along the way - and at times some strange team choices - but ultimately we stayed up. Mission accomplished - and I honestly think he will take us forward next season. COYR.
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