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  1. A quality defender - who gets a lot of bad press because of the passing aspects of his game - which are certainly not as poor as some would have you believe. As others have said, reads the game so well and is a right place/right time defender - not a last ditch tackle man - so less reliant on pace to get him out of trouble. Yes, he is in the twilight of his career and is not the long term answer - but I think Curtis Davies is a leader and a team player. He doesn’t throw his toys out when he’s not involved. Having him around the squad as back up and for younger players to learn off can only be a good thing IMO.
  2. Look at what you could have won:
  3. Just to be clear.....there is not only one reason you would not pay your staff on time......and in 30 years as an FD I’d have thought you’d have realised this. Admin errors, process failures, system failures, change of banking arrangements or major financial transactions (eg merger/acquisition) are some of the many reasons that these kinds of errors happen. Is it acceptable? No - not at all. Could cash flow be a problem? Potentially. Let’s try and be balanced and calm in our views - until we know anymore detail. 🌓
  4. Dava75


    Got a lot of bad press before he had even started a game - most of it based on other fans views on their forums. Despite one heart in mouth moment last night (came to collect a ball that was never going to be his and missed) I don’t think he’s let us down at all yet - looked hesitant in coming for the ball in first few games but seems to be growing in confidence game by game - last nights double save earned us 2pts (preserved all 3) hopefully this will continue.
  5. If he is to be our first signing of the window ( no knowledge - just IF) when would he need to be registered by so that he could be in the squad for Barnsley? sorry I realise this could apply to any of the transfer rumours but wasn’t sure where to post 🤦🏻‍♂️
  6. Agreed - no world beater but given the turgid performances of Zoon, Lawrence and Dowell I’m surprised he’s not anywhere in the squad.
  7. Sorry if I’ve missed it somewhere else but what has happened to him? Is he injured? Is he officially going (or already gone) back to Bristol City?
  8. I hate being a pedant but sod it: 1. We’re at home in the next 2 games and our form Over the last 10 games has been slightly better at home. We’ve had 5 home games. Winning 2, drawing 2 and losing 1 of the home games. 2. Overall our form in the last 10 has been better than Charlton’s but yes Barnsley’s is currently better. 3. However, Barnsley have only played 4 out of their last 10 away. Winning 1 and losing 3. Charlton have also played 4 of the last 10 away; drawing 1 and losing 3. So I’d say winnable games is a credible suggestion, nobody suggested “nailed on 6pts”!! Yes I’ve been today and yes I’ve got concerns but equally I’m optimistic we may do better at home in the next couple. 🐑 ps feel free to throw this back in my face next Thursday at 9:45pm 🤦🏻‍♂️
  9. Exactly this.... thank you and god bless you Jim.
  10. whatever your views on the rights, wrongs of this whole sorry saga - and whether Keogh was your hero or zero - the guy gave his all to Derby and has played a huge amount of games for us and on that basis alone it’s a shame that his career with the Rams comes to this kind of end - whether you think it’s self inflicted or not - it’s still a shame. So here’s hoping for a good performance and 3 points on Saturday to lift the mood again - and some positive media coverage for a change!!
  11. You seem to have more eloquently explained my exact sentiment!! 👏🏼
  12. Really?? So I have given my opinion on why he’s never been one of my favourite players despite his goals and talent. have a word with yourself pal - I’ve said what I saw today was a first class centre forward performance - how is that backhanded and that I want it to continue!! Pathetic that you don’t understand what backhanded means!!
  13. I have to say despite all his goals and obvious ability, I never liked the constant falling to the ground and seemingly petulant attitude of CM - so have always struggled to give him as much credit as other I have other leading scorers we’ve had down the years. I hope it’s not a false dawn because what I saw today was a first class centre forward performance from him ...and he was constantly encouraging those around him. Please let this be the start of something special!!
  14. Hats off to the man!! What a calming presence and leader for our young defenders to work with and learn from. May not be the quickest or look the most comfortable ball carrier but boy can he defend! And gave first class post match interview to RD!
  15. He reminded me loads of a young Bryson today - energy, desire, work rate but with a decent touch and didn’t seem scared of a tackle. And whilst he didn’t take the chance, he at least arrived in the box at the right time. Solid full debut - and lots of promise!
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