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  1. Have to say, this thread is pants! ...And not your normal pants either, but massive pants... worn on the outside of a very thick pair of tights. 👀 It's really not a good look!
  2. Probably make out he was only there in all innocence, asking workman's wages, looking for a job. Yeah right! We know the truth, the bloody perv!
  3. Bullying, cajoling, and dragging my 90 year old father in law (aided and abetted by his daughter... the lovely Muckerette) out of the house (which he didn't want to do), for the first time in weeks, and out for a test drive (Which he didn't want to do) on a mobility scooter (that he didn't want) only to witness a massive grin (the first for a good few weeks), receive a heartfelt thanks and a hug (Ilson men don't hug? Pfft!) , and congratulate ourselves on a job well done, as he sits excitedly awaiting delivery tomorrow! Today has been a particularly good day, despite my wife appearing to be quite the bully, when she wants to be! I know different! Good on her, I say! 😉
  4. Try and go for a nice long pew as soon as you get there. Enjoy.
  5. For anyone who may have the slightest bit of interest in my previous posts hinting at a potential exec box forum meet up... After a very quiet and uneventful morning in the office, I got dragged out this afternoon to go and bully my 90 year old F-I-L, wrap him in a winter coat and a tartan blanket, and literally drag him kicking and screaming to the local "Re-Con Mobility Scooter dealer". He's home safe again now, with a big smile on his face, and after taking a test drive up and down Bath St (Ilson), he's now rather excited about taking delivery tomorrow, despite him insisting over the past few weeks that he doesn't fancy one, (I'm not old enough"!) and sitting nigh on trapped in the house feeling sorry for himself. Just so good to see him smile again! Oh... anyway... typically, this was all happening as I got (and subsequently missed!) the anticipated call from Sarah at DCFC Hospitality, so apologies for missing the call. Now re-scheduled for Monday, so hopefully I'll have some worthwhile info then! All totally my fault. And I'm normally never too ashamed to apologise, but under the circumstances, I'm gonna forgive myself, before anyone else puts the boot in! Monday then... fingers crossed! 🍻🐏
  6. He's just admitted to being 60, ffs! I think those days are well and truly over! Poor old sod!
  7. That's poo! 😲 "I did get this email back on the 30th Sept (translated, obvs)... You placed an order for the third kit at Ajax.nl/shop in August and/or September, thank you. We would like to start by offering our apologies for the delayed delivery of your order and the limited availability of Fancare. It is fair to say that we are currently having problems with the delivery of the shirts. Due to delivery problems at our partner, your shirt has not yet arrived and we cannot send it yet. This should already have been the case and means that you have to wait longer for your order. We find this very annoying and once again offer our apologies. At the end of next week you will receive more information about your order and the specific delivery expectations by e-mail. We would like to ask you to wait for this email. Thanks for understanding. Yours sincerely, AFC Ajax" Not great I know, but at least they have kept me updated on a semi-regular basis. My tracking is only showing "Label Created", and no hint at a delivery date as yet, so probably still sat in the UPS warehouse! 🙄
  8. Beste Ian, Goed nieuws je bestelling is verzonden en kun je vanaf nu volgen (Name/Address) Volg je bestelling hier We hebben de volgende artikelen verstuurd: Omschrijving Aantal Bedrag Ajax-3rd shirt senior 2021-2022 - 1 - €0 Ajax-3rd shirt senior 2021-2022 M - 1 - €90 Shipping - 1 - €15 Heb je nog vragen? Neem dan hier contact met ons op. Met vriendelijke groet, AFC Ajax That may well look double dutch to the less educated, but I can confirm it is (FINALLY!) good news, and my beautiful first ever non-DCFC footy club shirt is now en-route to DE21! Yes, it's dragged on. Yes, I've received a number of apologetic emails etc, but hey, there's a well known Dutch saying that rings oh so true. I think it goes something like... We hebben veel bergen om over te steken en veel cake om te eten, dus je zult gewoon moeten chillen, man.* How it going with your order, @Mostyn6? *Yeah... OK... I made that up... There's actually no cake left Der Nederland!
  9. Maybe not ducked in the true sense, but yeah, it's a definitely a dit of a dummer!
  10. ...Very interesting... Just look at his face... etc, etc... 👀
  11. Good God! Get this vision out of my head! Right now! 😲
  12. Any chance you can lend me 5 minutes until the end of the week?
  13. First off, just try asking that robot how harmless that beating up was! I heard he needed a capacitor transplant after that particular episode! Secondly, stopping a runaway train by hand is not going to do those brake pads any good, thus putting future passengers in grave danger. Again, not harmless at all, is it? ...And as for your description of Lois Lane's effect on Superman, I'd venture to say that is no different to how the vast majority of us suffer on a daily basis. Consider yourself lectured! Think on! 🤓
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