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  1. Someone posted this a week or so ago. I remember thinking then, "Don't bring me into it! Nowt to do wi me"! 🤣
  2. Good luck with that, Jordon! Not sure how well bare earth burns? 😜
  3. Well, if the club put that proposal out, in order to keep the club going, I personally would be more than tempted to agree to it. I'd feel a bit peeved if only 1,000 of us signed up though, and 6 weeks later we went bust! It's easy to sit here on our keyboards and say yes, and fortunately I am in a position where such a donation wouldn't be a massive burden to me, (seeing as it's for such a good cause!), but obviously, I cant speak for others. ...Having said that, if that donation was solely to ensure the first team players got paid, I can't deny I'd be less inclined... and I'd
  4. That £1 Mel mentioned might be worth a try, now? 😁
  5. Problem for the latter (£3m) is two fold... Firstly getting a whopping 30,000 to watch each of the 10 games, then included in that, getting those of us who already have free access to Rams TV (for those 10 games) as part of their 20/21 season ticket deal to stump up the cash. Not sure we'd get anywhere near to that 25% figure, even with some form of concerted effort!
  6. Without wishing to appear rude, may I ask... Who exactly did you (reluctantly) share these finer details with? Employers? Employees? Colleagues? Investors? Share holders? Customers? General public? Other? PS: Lovin' the word "Oblox". May I steal it for future posts? 😁👍
  7. Not read this thread in it's entirety, but having just come from the takeover thread, I thought I'd post this in here rather than on there. If we were granted one wish, but it had to relate to an official announcement from DCFC, mine would be that they announced that Mel is either "not unwell at all", or at the very least "Mel is well enough to continue his day to day activities, both from a business and personal perspective, and is expected to remain so for the foreseeable future". Not quite so fussed about takeovers, opinions on Mel's tenure, availability of breakfast sausag
  8. Blimey! Was it only last October? Seems like years ago! Probably should edit my previous post... meh, bothered not bothered! 😁
  9. Oh Yeah! I remember him. Blimey, he must be getting on a bit now. Gotta be retired now surely? Hope he's doing ok.
  10. Christmas before last... 2019. The story has recently been "updated", as he's revealed he now pays £20k a year for car insurance. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/sportsnews/article-9167317/Michail-Antonio-reveals-pays-20-000-car-insurance-crashing-210-000-Lamborghini.html
  11. We'll never get to 500 pages with an attitude like that!
  12. Just in case anyone on the outside is reading this thread, may I just clarify that our players do not get paid annually. Apparently, they get paid monthly, and up until last week, two out of the latest 13 months never got paid on time. (Prior to that period, it is assumed all monthly wages were paid on time, during the current owners tenure). Since Jan 15th, it could be argued that we are now looking at 3 months out of the last 14 that are/were late. As the first has long since been settled, worst case scenario is that we are now looking at two months still owing. Just hope no
  13. Mucker1884


    Oh. I got that! Didn't mean to infer otherwise. 😁👍🍻
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