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  1. Mucker1884

    Ex Rams

    Ha Ha! Unusually for me (lousy memory), I knew exactly what was coming, before I clicked the play button! I do believe, a goal of such quality can only be described as "Genius"! ;-)
  2. Mucker1884

    What are you eating tonight

    I think it's more than numb. I reckon it's dead!
  3. Mucker1884

    My sincerest of apologies...

    I like the fact that some of us... sorry, some of you... are holding your hands up and taking responsibility for your actions... as indeed you should! I remember not so long back, only one person was solely to blame, and yet he never shirked his responsibilities either! There is no I in team, and all that guff! :-)
  4. Mucker1884

    Derby County v Aston Villa Match Thread

    That's how I remember it, but assumed the sighs, groans and boo's were for the ref (not the player), for presumably waving him on at an inappropriate time (position of play). Must admit I didn't see the ref wave him on, but presumed he had, otherwise it's a clear booking, and no ref in the world would allow it... or so I thought!
  5. Mucker1884

    Forest at home moved to the Monday

    £36 for NE corner upper tier... cash... on proper tickety-card... in yer hand... with a silver debossed Ram... and a free stadium plan on the reverse. Real tickets, at real affordable prices. What's not to like!
  6. Mucker1884


    The sniffles? Is that Janet & Graham Sniffle from Mickleover? I think we have mutual friends!
  7. Mucker1884


    Born '63, so I reckon it must have been more (very) late '60's for me to remember them?.. although I do concede, I can't for the life of me remember what they were for! LOL!
  8. Mucker1884

    Forest at home moved to the Monday

    Certainly not! ...Although to be fair, I am a lot older than 29, which is about the average age of new grandads on my estate!
  9. Mucker1884

    Forest at home moved to the Monday

    Just a reminder that remaining home tickets are now on general sale (as of 10am this morning, at the counter). Just picked one up for Muckerette, to take up the empty seat (formerly grandson's U12 freebie) next to me. There was the grand total of 7 pensioners in the queue, when I got there at 09:50. Perfect timing, as they just opened the doors as I arrived, so we could queue inside, out of the cold! (I thought they opened at 9am, and wanted to play it cool... as I pulled up, I thought there's no way I'm queuing up outside with the old fogies!) Hurry along now folks... you know how popular Monday night matches are, so whatever's left, they ain't gonna be available for long!
  10. Mucker1884


    55, I'll have you know!
  11. Mucker1884


  12. Mucker1884

    Christmas presents.

    I hated trying to work out whether Blue Stratos smelled nicer than Brut. I hated trying to find a cardigan in just the right shade of beige. "Ladies electricals" are so good now, they don't need replacing each year. The whole family needs to step away from chocolates/candied fruits/peaches in cherry brandy! I hated the fact that I couldn't find anything for less than £30 that didn't come across as cheapskate or chavvy! ... so a good 10/12 years or so ago, as the wider family (our own adult kids, my sisters, adult niece & partner etc) were gathered anyway, I "called a meeting"... Upshot was, none of us now buy prezzies for over-18's. Everyone was in full agreement... and were somewhat mightily relieved that someone (me!) had the guts to speak up! None of us get stressed trying to come up with something original/exciting/Not Chavvy, and all of us get to Xmas feeling relaxed. Between me & Muckerette, we constantly "treat each other" throughout the year, (sometimes for no other reason than we love each other!) so the same applies at Xmas as it does with the wider family. This may come across as being tight, to some. Maybe even a big jar of bah humbug mints to others... but it works for us, and none of us think any less of each other, for it!
  13. Mucker1884

    Craig Forsyth

    Echos my thoughts. It was clear all was not well, as he tried to wave for attention whilst lying face down on the turf. I think the ref was first to spot him, certainly before anyone on the bench. I feared the worst immediately (by his reaction), but I hate to comment on this sort of thing until the experts have their say. Absolutely gutted for the lad. Unsung certainly. Hero possibly.
  14. Mucker1884

    Christmas Dinner

    Just tell 'em... "Tough! It's Christmas. It's family time. And we're coming to yours, whether you want us or not! ... Oh... Hang on...

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