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  1. "Mind the gap" I think now could be a good time to stop using that one!
  2. What exactly are Usain?
  3. Is this the Bolt thread?
  4. He was in Yorkshire... I think the phrase is "Put wood in t 'ole"!
  5. It really isn't. I find the Granny Smith much too tarty for my liking, and the Gala just a little too bland. The Braeburn is fine for cooking, but I couldn't sit and eat one raw. Something a bit sweeter is my preference, and not too firm/crispy. Have to say, my personal favourite is The Pink Lady. A good all rounder. Now... comparing apples with oranges is a whole different level. That's not a conversation I would involve myself in. That would be just asking for trouble!
  6. So let me get this straight... people do things with cling film, that annoy you? Pervert!
  7. You really haven't read the thread, have you? Shame on you!
  8. He just likes to keep his hands busy! ...Allegedly!
  9. Are you not well? ... Oh... erm... hang on... Ah, got yer now! 😜
  10. So, in a nutshell, I guess what he's trying to say is "It should have been Preston"?
  11. Oh at last! I had to look away last night, as I was struggling to keep a straight face, when I was reading @uttoxram75 whinging! I was thinking "For God's sake, @David, enough is enough now. Put him out of his misery"! Great jape though. Worked really well, so thanks for the PM's to us all to pretend to ignore it! Quite a "Gotcha" moment! oh yeah... Happy belated big 60th birthday, @uttoxram75, you old fool you!
  12. Oh my! I hadn't even considered that! Just the thought of that happening has really cheered me up! I'd be happy to sacrifice my own 20/21 ST seat for a result like that! 🤣
  13. It could. In years to come, it will become known as "The Riverside effect".
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