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  1. What's the difference between say a Dorset Spring lamb, and a Derbyshire Spring Lamb? ...Do the Derbyshire Springs have more bounce?
  2. No, Sorry... I meant the orange compliments my eyes, not matches them!... my eyes are black! ;-) ...She always say's sorry afterwards though, in her defence! ;-)
  3. Presume you've had this embroidered yourself? Good idea. I like it! Having decided the home and away shirts aren't for me (they rarely are these days, I'll wait to see the third shirt (yeah, I know it's black, but I need to check out the detail... I suspect the sponsor will yet again put me off. Regardless of the Dutch influence, I've always been a fan of orange (it matches my eyes!) so whether I go for the black shirt or not, I reckon I'll definitely pick one of the orange polo's they now have in the shop (can't link a pic!) ... https://www.dcfcmegastore.co.uk/item/2570/Fashion/Umbro-Polo-Orange.html
  4. Only "more difficult"? Not "Nigh on impossible"? Wow, with optimism like that, I'd expect you to have us down to do the league and cup double!
  5. 1/ Aggressive is not in my nature, so apologies if that's how my post came across. 2/ Yeah... actually you're right... this is the place for a moan and a rant. I forgot where I was! LOL! I think you need to click the vid. It then goes full screen and a full 5 min video. It works for me, and I made sure I was logged out of my account doodah. FF to just after a minute... it's nothing exciting, but yet another examples of numpties with no road sense or spacial awareness! Enjoy your weekend... I'm off to see what Old BurtonRam is waffling on about now... no doubt it includes spending some "me time" in enclosed spaces and drinking perfumed rose water! :-)
  6. Firstly, the main point of my post was to point at that here in Britain, we don't give the same consideration and priorities to cycling/cyclists as they do over there. There, the cycle lane would have cut across the path of the traffic, and taken priority. So yes, I 100% agree with you... we ain't in France or Belgium! That was the point I was trying to make, and the point of my little dig at the authorities over here, (and even smaller dig at drivers)! I meant "I wish we could be more like them, and treat cyclist with a lot more tolerance and understanding"! Secondly, I hadn't noticed any hatched areas at first look, so apologies for missing that from the photo. The photo-shopped green line doesn't help when trying to establish the road markings, but yes, having now taken a closer look, I do see things a little clearer. Apologies again! Nor was I there, so wasn't aware exactly how the situation panned out, what direction she came from, whether she was ahead of you or not (although one would naturally assume so, if you were stopped from advancing?). I only had your initial brief/less detailed description to go on, remember. You also made it appear (in my opinion) that the 5 second delay was considered by you as a negative, hence my ramblings about all things being bright and beautiful! I now see you were not one bit bothered by this delay, so yet again, I owe you an apology for my initial misunderstanding. Thirdly, you appear to have been riled by my post, and appear somewhat aggressive in your response. Now if I were the type to make assumptions, I could perhaps wonder whether such a response could be replicated whilst you were driving... Such assumptions may also lead me to believe you are a complete numpty behind the wheel... but I'm not, so I don't! I'm more prone to imagine we could meet up at the match some day... purely coincidentally of course... and become lifelong friends! Either way, congratulations on doing exactly what you were trained to do, in avoiding a collision with the cyclist. There are many obstacles put in our way out there on the road, and we can only hope we all manage to steer clear of danger, as sometimes skill alone is not enough. We've all been there. The world is full of numpties! If this works (Dashcam Video below... fast forward to 1:10), here is an example where I too managed to avoid someone that "shouldn't have where he was, plain and simple"... I didn't feel the need to rant, be that at the time, or indeed on the internet some time thereafter. (If it doesn't work, then my final apologies of the post. I'm not sure I have the skills to post a personal video on here!) Happy motoring, my friend. FF to 1min 10secs... https://photos.app.goo.gl/bSR6zuzCNGYUaCic8 Edit: Not embedded, but I think the link works?
  7. Eyes front and centre. Concentrating on the job in hand, namely taking in the surrounding stadium. Not one of them get's caught taking a sneaky second glance... or even a first glance, to be fair!... at the rather delightful looking lass filming on her mobile. Nerves of steel! They'll do for me!
  8. " I don’t have a wife, not in my situation – following a football team is like being married – though I do have a daughter, Clarette..."
  9. And right there is the perfect example of the Brit mindset (Authorities mainly, but the drivers too!). That green arrow would have been replaced with red (or green) tarmac in many, many locations in France & Belgium (and quite possibly elsewhere on the continent?). The cyclist would have had priority along that red route. The motorist would have been legally bound to give way, despite exiting a roundabout. The driver under those conditions loses any frustrations, as it's considered the norm... just like red traffic lights, zebra crossings, buses blocking the road at bus stops, level crossings etc. The cyclist stays alive. Hey, don't get me wrong... I'm not defending her apparent lack of surroundings, or her alleged unrushed manner. Of course, she'd be well advised to look over her right shoulder, clearly signal her intentions, and to not hang about in carrying out those intentions... if only to keep herself alive! But let's not forget, assuming she's in the correct lane... the same lane as you... and ahead of you... she does have right of way, and does have right to take the line suggested. She is no more "in your way", than you are "an impatient driver". 5 seconds lost. Or: A precious 5 extra seconds to take in an extra relaxed breath of air, feel the sunshine on one's flesh, and celebrate being alive and able. We can all make that choice! Oh...and before you ask...95% motorist, 5% cyclist!
  10. I'm seeing fanfares and flags. I'm seeing open-top busses. I'm seeing a bright shiny trophy. I'm seeing the number one. I'm seeing more goals celebrations than one could even begin to imagine. I'm seeing The Derby Swagger (forget the bounce!) I'm seeing open-topped cucumber sandwiches... and those tiny little cream cakes... and champagne in crystal flutes. I'm seeing early summer parties, in gardens Derbyshire-wide. I'm seeing new-borns being called Twan, Phillip, Snip, Dud, and Keesy! I'm seeing laughter, gaiety, and song. I'm seeing record breakers, and history makers. I'm seeing thick heavy smoke, Black & White tulips, and pink elephants. I'm seeing stars, man! I'm seeing double, Dude! I'm seeing a takeawy menu... I'm getting hungry now... Cheers, Phil! Nice!
  11. Pffft... Ye of little faith... sent from my i-phone... erm... from my spare bedroom... yes, the walls are painted white... oh, and the carpet...
  12. I reckon it would put you in jail! You can't just go around giving away another man's wife like that. Shame on you for even considering it! Oh wait...
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