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  1. Haha. I remember seeing the first lad taking his peno on the pitch at the time. Was top class entertainment, and his excitement was a sight to behold. Bought a smile to the faces of everyone watching. His energy and enthusiasm knows no bounds. Hope he has a Franktastic day at Wembley. COYRs
  2. In bed for 1am, awake before 5:45. Catch up on here. Slight headache from last nights drinks, but not as much as now finding out we somehow managed to miss the fun and games in Covent Garden last night. Saw more mackems. than owt, and certainly missed Nuge & Bryson. Gutted! I’ll go see if they’re out for breakfast later! LOL. Nerves kicking in now. Maybe it does mean more to me than I have been letting on recently! I wanna be out there now, but the other 3 in our party are still snoring (I’m guessing about 2 of ‘em, but I can vouch for one!) For those just setting off, London is awake. The trains are rattling, and the sun is rising high. There’s a distinct smell in the air, and I think it’s the smell of victory! Have a good ‘un, fellow Rams. See you all on the other side! COYRs
  3. I can only apologise for my obvious stupidity, (which I did hint at in my previous post!), both from a knowledge point of view, and also for thinking I might be helping by referencing the dates, just in case they had been missed initially. Further apologies for not reading your whole post, as the tone of your first paragraph convinced me not to read on, as I had clearly riled you with my aforementioned stupidity. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
  4. Can't believe this hasn't come up trumps yet. And on their wedding anniversary too! Come on people, get some romance! Sometimes our fans can be so bloody selfish! *OH... Happy anniversary, for tomorrow. :-)
  5. I was probably the first on here to read this, and had plenty of time to come up with an appropriate pun. Why, it's almost a hobby of mine! However, after a full 2 minutes, I gave it up as a bad job, and lo and behold 2 others have since come along, with absolute crackers...2 out of 3 ain't bad! ;-) I hope it's not terminal. I hope it's just nerves. This weekend is now starting to get to me, despite my earlier utterances hinting at calmness & tranquillity! God, I hate football!
  6. One stat I hadn't realised... It's been 7 years since both teams scored in this game. Not sure if that means I now want us to score first, or do what we are best at... coming from behind! LOL! Some other stats (Courtesy of the beeb), that may just make you sit up and think... Aston Villa are the first side to reach back-to-back playoff finals in the second tier since West Ham in 2004 (runners up) and 2005 (winners). The last side to lose consecutive playoff finals at this level was Leicester City in 1992 and 1993. Aston Villa have lost five of their last six in all competitions in matches played at Wembley Stadium, with their only victory in this run coming back in April 2015 versus Liverpool in an FA Cup semi-final, with goals from Christian Benteke and Fabian Delph securing a 2-1 win. Only Middlesbrough, Newcastle United, Sunderland and Swindon Town have ever lost three straight games at Wembley without scoring - Aston Villa have lost 0-4 to Arsenal and 0-1 to Fulham in their last two games there. The team finishing sixth in the Championship have been promoted via the play-offs in just one of the last 13 seasons, with Blackpool beating Cardiff City in the 2010 final. Should Derby win promotion, their tally of 74 points in the regular season would be the fewest by a side promoted to the Premier League since Crystal Palace in 2012-13 (72 points). Excluding the goalless 2017 final between Huddersfield and Reading, 14 of the last 15 occasions a team has scored first in a second-tier play-off final has seen them go on to win promotion, with the exception being Cardiff City against Blackpool in 2010 (lost 2-3). The two players to win the most fouls in the Championship this season (including play-offs) are Aston Villa's Jack Grealish (158) and Derby's Harry Wilson (113).
  7. The ticket office opens at 11am. We can't do anything until the DCFC Ticket staff arrive on the coaches. I believe they set off from Pride Park at 9am, but stand to be corrected on that timing. DCFC have the details. Wembley have the printers. They need to merge, before we can collect our re-prints.
  8. Best of luck. I was tempted in all honesty, but just decided to do "the right thing", and hope all goes well with regards to queues etc. I too wasn't thrilled to hand over my ticket but the only other option was too risky for me on this occasion. Last thing you want is being denied entry at 14:10, and then having to go join the queue to sort out the upgrade! Admittedly, my requirement to upgrade is down to me. There's no admin error, and nobody but myself to blame. (Change of plan at our end, with regards to who is and isn't going). ...Anyone else think "Tinpot" when seeing the "downgrade" just written in biro? Even some sort of stamp with a Wembley logo on it would have looked half-professional! All the print/typing remained unchanged... Adult, Price, Barcode etc. Not what I expected from such an organisation!
  9. The journey starts today for me... Train just before noon, and afternoon tea in or around Covent Garden, which will almost certainly continue until bedtime (I'm a slow eater!). If anyone is around this avvy/this evening, come and say hi. I'll be wearing a Ram on my breast. A purple breast today, in honour of our very own forum froot-shooter. Here's to each and every one of us coming home with a smile on our face, and joy in our heart. Here's to a Franktastic weekend. COYRs.
  10. Ah, that all important "Biggest game of the season". Defining both our history and our future in one afternoon. We have them every year, and regardless of the result, the club survives, the next season comes along, and the fans return year after year. We won't die (if we lose). We won't become the greatest club in history (if we win). That's not to say those of my thinking are right. That's not to say you and your ilk are wrong. There is no right or wrong way to look at this. It's all about age, experience, and perspective. I love my club, arguably no more and no less than you, but some of us have been there before. Some more than others. We've been "devastated". We've been "elated". Many, many times for some. That's football. That's Derby County. As I said earlier... Let's just see what happens, and take it from there. UTR.
  11. That was filed for the records on 28/05/2019. It appears that the act itself actually took place on 28/06/2018. I have absolutely no idea what that infers, other than it appears he didn't do "a bit of chair shuffling on Thursday"!
  12. Go for the white, people! ...and remember, a "Large" back in the day was a lot roomier than a "Large" in today's slim-fit world! So the more vintage the shirt, the more chance you'll get of actually getting it off again! :-)
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