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  1. You quoted a post stating "betfred 7/4". In my defence, that's all I had to go on. 🍻
  2. Close... Stafford, apparently! 😜
  3. Luckily for you then, that we aren't! 🐏
  4. Consequences, dear boy. Consequences! I once turned up to a Rams forum pub meet up wearing a burgundy jumper. Not red, but burgundy. But no, fellow posters took great delight in describing it as red, and just wouldn't let it lie. If memory serves, it may have come about just a matter of days after declaring I own no red items of attire at all. (I still maintain that stance today, by the way!) If I went back on there today, I'd give it a week at most, before it got mentioned again. It is the internet, afterall!
  5. It's called progress... from pink bits to pink kits! 🤣
  6. Rightly or wrongly, I took that part of the response to be sarcasm, or at the very least, tongue in cheek. 🤷‍♂️ My bad!
  7. Yeah. God point. Thanks. I guess I'm just trying to get a handle on how this running out of patience actually works. ... I guess I like to be prepared, just in case! 🤣
  8. Ah, OK, So it's the ownership you have lost patience with, as opposed to DCFC in particular, or football in general. ... But my intrigue remains, and my question still stands... What happens now, now that you have "lost patience" with our current ownership? What can you... or any of us... do about it, other than walk away? 🤷‍♂️
  9. Mucker1884


    Something, something, Alan Bradley, something!
  10. What are you even Googling, to find all this crap? 🤣
  11. Why not sort yourself out with one?
  12. Beg to differ. More often than not, every cubicle has been engaged, when I've been in!
  13. I've posted this elsewhere, but I used to scan my ST Card just by flashing it in front of the reader at the turnstile a few years back, then it stopped working, so I had to start slotting the card into the reader. For at least the last 2 seasons, if not more, any matchday tickets I've purchased (for others and/or cup games for me) ("Proper" tickets over the counter, not E Tickets) have also had to be physically inserted into the slot to get the barcode read. I'm pretty certain any previous capabilities of "contactless scanning" ceased a while back, presumably for "technical reasons"?
  14. I have to agree wholeheartedly. Even Muckerette has got into the act on a couple of occasions., as my previous posts in here can attest. She often suggests another knee job, when out and about on holiday. Changing the thread title to suit the plebs who can't stick to the topic is an absolute disgrace. If I knew how to flounce, I bloody well would... right outta this joint*! ... But I don't... so I won't. So there! *Careful... Y'all nearly missed that pun!
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