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  1. My intention was not to point out his actions, but the manner in which he has carried them out! As a mere example, can you imagine the likes of Colin (formerly of Cardiff) going about his business in such a calming, assuring, classy manner, after such upheavals and testing episodes under his charge?
  2. Firstly, I would say that Cocu has not lost "our best 3 players from last season". We as fans have. DCFC as a club have. But they were not here when he arrived, and were never realistically likely to be, so he would have known the score, with regards to the available playing staff, and would have known he was never likely to have Mount, Tomori and Wilson as options. So he's "lost" nothing, from what I can see! As for his achievements thus far, arguably he has achieved very little, but even under "normal circumstances", that wouldn't be too disconcerting, given the fact he's only been here 5 minutes! However, having been dealt the cards he has thus far since arriving, much of which would not... and could not... have been foreseen by anyone, be that club staff or fans, I would say he's brought a mature, calming influence, with a huge dollop of class! I'd argue further that he may well have even saved the public face of our beloved club, as without him, we may have come across as a little bit more scummy, to many more oppo fans, than we currently do! Hopefully, that's all behind us now, and hopefully, Mr Cocu can now concentrate on doing what he was brought in to do... and hopefully his achievements will be more apparent, come May. I have to say... I have high hopes.
  3. Agreed. It seemed to be half way through before the general hubbub lowered, as folk started to notice what was going on.
  4. They won't be able to do that until after the birth, when they can check the DNA yoof! 😃🐏
  5. It appears nobody outside of the club knows anything... or certainly those on this forum. It's been mentioned a few times, with next to no feedback. It's also been hinted at (wildly speculated!) in the context of potential warning(s) and/or suspended punishment(s) (to Keogh) which may or may not have been taken into account during the build up to his subsequent dismissal. Nothing publicly confirmed though, it seems... hence the speculation, I guess?
  6. I stopped reading at "mighty rams"... If you can't use a capital "R", you are nothing to me! 🤣
  7. Read that again... that wasn't Old Spice you could smell, but it's an easy mistake to make!
  8. I can't deny, I like my croquettes... and I too go for 6. The problem with that pic is the presentation... 6 Croquettes form a perfect stack... 3 + 2 + 1. Remember that next time! ...The rest looks ok though... although I'm basing that on Muckerette's usual offerings, of course. I ain't French!
  9. Mucker1884


    You need to change your username to "CoolasCocustard"! Thank me later. 😁
  10. Just 29 for me... 30 if I could spell Czechoslovakia! 🤣
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