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  1. Good news for Duane... his short sleeves come well below the elbow! 😀
  2. Boris' letter arrived today. Can't say I'm that impressed. "Stay at home, and get as much decorating done as possible before the restrictions end", or words to that effect. Admittedly I didn't read it myself, as I was busy decorating, but Muckerette kindly read it out to me, bless her!
  3. There would only be one fair solution to this, imo. DCFC to offer a refund, applicable to the remaining games (they are not all valued equally, at 1/23rd the total price). If they must, deduct some sort of reasonable admin charge from the refund. Add an alternative of allowing that amount to be deducted from next season's ST, if desired. (Effectively the same thing, for those of us planning to renew). However, there's only one "decent thing" for us fans to do, imo. Thank them for the above, but refuse both options. Let them keep it. (That would be my reaction). A close second would be to accept it, and voluntarily donate it "to the Covid-cause". It wouldn't be morally right for DCFC to refuse an appropriate refund, and it will lose them "friends"! Not all of us are floating along on the same financial boat! It wouldn't be right for DCFC to tell us the money is being donated elsewhere... regardless of where. Anything along those lines should be voluntary... in my opinion.
  4. I hope to God that's white paint you spilt on her legs!
  5. Ha, Ha. Good man. Glad to have you on board. All well here, touch wood... apart from my DIY list seems to be getting longer, not shorter, the longer we are stuck at home! LOL. Hope you and yours are all doing ok under the circumstances. Have a good look around. There's some good stuff on here, and almost all of the posters are ok, I guess! 😉 🍻
  6. I'm not surprised. I'm sure he was absolutely thrilled to have met you. 😀
  7. That's a bit harsh! Some of us have no choice! Yours sincerely, Mr J Fox
  8. I never got my refund... nor my tinned toms! 😪
  9. I dropped a hint last night. Apart from his immediate reply, it seems to have fell on deaf ears? 🤷‍♂️
  10. For those not aware, that's actually his right foot in front of his left. Oh... And they wear flip flops in Autumn! It's like their world is upside down! No doubt that leaf is about to climb back on the tree!
  11. You'd have got a ticket for standing next to a solid yellow line over here! 😀
  12. Today's recipient is a certain Mr J Greaves. Get well soon, Jimmy. xxx Former England and Tottenham striker Jimmy Greaves is being treated in hospital for an unspecified illness. The 80-year-old, a World Cup winner with England in 1966, scored 44 goals in 57 games for his country and a club-record 220 league goals for Tottenham. The ex-Chelsea and West Ham forward suffered a severe stroke in 2015. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52209724
  13. Of course. I guess my (badly made) point was we could get through the hearing and 3 appeals before this season is done! 🐏
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