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  1. If we beat Northampton, I will give your post a like.
  2. We'll have no mention of O*ks growing in these parts, if you please. Mighty or otherwise!
  3. Football matches. Road rage. Supermarket shopping. Car parks. Airport check-in. Taxi Ranks. Middle lane hoggers. The list is endless. More anger. Less consideration for others. More haste. Fewer manners. The need to be seen to be offended. The ignorance of being offensive! Society... That's what's changed!
  4. Oh grow up. This is meant to be a sensible discussion! ...or... to put it another way... Damn, you beat me to it!
  5. I didn't predict anything... So maximum points for me, surely! 🤣
  6. There yer go again... havin' a dig... oh... wait... agree with me, yer say? Well, you shoulda said! I clearly misunderstood! Still, don't apologise. There's absolutely no need! I'm not one to hold a grudge! Oh... and don't bother replying, as I'm about to shut down, and amble on down to the home of football, to get my first belated glimpse of Rooney-in-a-Rams-shirt! That's right... Cockamamie! 🤣🐏
  7. DOH! Can't believe you'd be so stupid to ask that! We just know whats coming now, don't we! We'll be inundated with folk thinking they're funny! Tick Tock! 🤣
  8. Hey! I didn't write the god damn cockamamie analogy. Go after the real idiot in all this, and leave me the heck alone!
  9. You'd hope so, wouldn't yer! 🤣
  10. Yes...Yes... it's exactly like this! Analogy of the day! ...said nobody... ever!
  11. That's just ridiculous! Have you any idea how difficult it would be to manipulate the fixtures for not just one, but effectively all 24 teams. You'd need to be able to use a computer and everyfink! Probably need to be good at sums and stuff too! It ain't gonna happen! Oh... and we already get those refs!
  12. call me... at 15:05... and I'll get the ball rolling. That tune is my ringtone! 😁
  13. Let's take Pretty Little Miss EFL from all sides. Let's Ram her from all directions, until she falls to her knees in exhaustion, begging for no more! Let her not sit atop us! I'll be taking her right up the NE Corner! Who's with me? Duck The EFL... Duck The EFL... Duck The EFL, Duck The EFL, Duck The EFL... #gottalovesaturdays
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