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  1. "You may get away with that in the dark, down t'pit, but up here, we have daylight! ... and I ain't your pal!"
  2. Against the odds. Against form. Against the run of play Against justice, merit and freedom... AWAY WIN 0 - 1 Keogh... 90 + 7 minutes. ... and oh, how our laughter will echo!
  3. Calling the game off as it was a bit chilly outside, without even discussing it first with the EFL/Police/Safety guys/28,000 faux sheepshaggers already trudging their way through the tropical Malvern Hills, totally oblivious to the whitened wasteland that awaited them!
  4. I'd happily pay an increased premium each year, the younger I got! Oh wait... will they take my licence off me when I reach 17 again?
  5. Oh no... sorry... I meant it could be confusing for others... for lesser mortals, if I may be so bold! Absolutely no confusion on my part... I understood every single syllable wot woz writted by the poetically gifted ancient pitman fella. Why, I'd even dare to say that we are intellectually intertwined! ... And if you must address me as Igor, at least try to spell it corektly!
  6. You're using the same word for "old" and "hold". Makes it rather confusing! ... And why are you driving Shearer around? Has he lost his licence?
  7. Left our main campsite yesterday... E198 for 13 nights. Now en-route home. E15 last night. One final night tonight should be similar. Maybe E18 at most. I’m just being an ar5e though... totally agree with the rest of your post 😜
  8. 2 sandals, 1 sock? Now that’s what you call a holiday!
  9. Poor lad. Still, I’m sure he would have made a killing on the play off result. Oh, wait...
  10. Mucker1884

    How long

    04:35 here. Currently lay awake... listening to the gentle pitter patter of rain (and pine cones!) falling on my tent. Life is grand! 😄
  11. ‘Tiswas > swap-shop. Magpie > Blue Peter Odeon > ABC (Saturday morning Pictures)
  12. To the two “angry face” reactions to my last photo... if I may... This was our first ever visit to anything bull ring related, and I include a lack of shopping trips to Birmingham in that statement. It was a “reasonably entertaining evening” without proving to be amazing in any way. It was on the northern edge of the Basque region, in The Landes, France. There was no mention of the word “Fighting”, be that in print, verbally, or in reality. Yes, it’s a circus. Yes it includes animals. And yes, there is an element of teasing/taunting of the beast, so any accusations of cruelty could remain valid by some, I guess. I can only assume it is comparable to keeping wild animals in captivity (Zoo, wildlife park, aquarium etc). Perhaps on a par with “swimming with dolphins” or taking a racehorse “over the sticks” in a steeplechase? Maybe camel racing? Or many other forms of “entertainment” that involves live animals, around the globe? The “official” humans involved appeared to be acrobats, adept at dodging any “attack”, but then also the members of the audience who took part in a 10 a side football match (with the bull playing the part of a certain out-of-control Mr S Attwell!) also managed to comfortably avoid a goring, as did the half a dozen under 12’s who also braved the arena. We appeared to be the only two adults in the arena, who were not accompanied by children! Feel free to continue to remain “angry”, if that so be your desire.
  13. Mucker1884

    How long

    Anywhere between 5 to 7 hours for me. Typically in the week, in bed by 11pm. Average 30 mins to nod off. Alarm usually set for 5am, occasionally 5:20. Maybe a little later in bed at weekends, but rarely still there after 06:30 or so at the latest. Currently away tent camping in SoF, and shockingly, whilst going to bed no later than normal, we’re not disturbing until between 8-8:30ish! Admittedly we’re in full shade, so no early morning sun to rouse us. Weirdly there’s no dawn chorus either, unlike those bloody annoying wood pigeons back in the UK! Dreading being back to the beck and call of 5am alarms. I suspect I may we’ll struggle that first week back! LOL
  14. Sorry to hear this John... but I can’t say it came as a complete surprise! From the snippets I’ve read (I “came in late” and haven’t read every word of this thread) your whole family has had a hell of a lot to contend with, so one of you getting to such a desperate stage, and making such a grim decision is “almost understandable”. What Josh did is not something I have ever considered doing myself, but I do have experience of going through what you have, as a father. My youngest boy also attempted such an ending 3 years ago, albeit at an older age (early 30s) and for different reasons (which I most certainly won’t go into detail on these pages, suffice to say it all related to being involved in Afghanistan, and the horrors of being “Up close and personal” with modern day warfare!” Fortunately, my son’s attempt also “failed”, and I’m naturally chuffed to say he’s now well on the road to recovery (after excellent work by the respective experts, and a good dose of family unity) having now taken a different direction in life, and currently lapping up the bachelor lifestyle on the Cornish coast building boats! It’s fair to say that it appears he’s currently happier than Larry! As a father, I daren’t ever say it’s a happy ending, as there’s always a casting glance to check he’s ok, and there’s always the element of worry, (as there always is with our own kids) but after 7 years since “the trigger”, and only 3 since it all came to light (with his attempt to take his own life), things are certainly looking up. I appreciate your (family’s) problems are still very much present, and not past, so there may well still be a long and winding road to trudge along, and you’re gonna have to keep a keen eye on all your brood, (but you don’t need me to tell you that!) But there is hope. Things can and do get better, even if at times, things appear utterly hopeless. I also fully appreciate that, at times, it feels like we, as fathers, feel like complete failures! That’s not the case, of course, but even we can have doubts at such trying times! First and foremost, I wish young Joel the best of health, and a final “All clear” on his illness. The sooner the better. Secondly, I wish Josh the strength and courage to help his brother through it all, whilst staying strong in himself. Finally, and probably most qualified of all, I wish you and Lynne, as ever-worrying parents, the patience, strength, and determination to hold things together, keeping the family strong and together as one. I truly believe that that alone is the key to facing and overcoming these demons. Family bonds are stronger than they can sometimes appear! All the best, buddy... stay strong, and don’t let go of that hope! XXX
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