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  1. Mucker1884

    We can achive once lads put mind to it

    Oh... No they don't... Just realised you've got that lovin' feeling, not lost it! twit Me!
  2. Mucker1884

    We can achive once lads put mind to it

    You do know the two highlighted bits contradict each other, don't you!
  3. Mucker1884

    Premier League 18/19

    Happened to me a few years back. With them going up to the thigh, and being skin tight, I couldn't bend my knee. Toppled on the heels, and sprained my ankle! Never get off the bed now, whilst wearing them. Bloody lethal things!
  4. Mucker1884

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    I'd go for side saddle for now, just to be on the safe side!
  5. Mucker1884

    Homeless guy

    Won't get much kip then... they're a noisy lot, Palace!
  6. Mucker1884


    Now, that is a question I often ask myself, as I don't know! I don't recall ever having heard anyone say it, only read it! I'd go with the hard g myself, otherwise it should have been spelled "Jif"... and we'd be cleaning the bathroom with it!
  7. Mucker1884


    Look closely... it's a few seconds on continuous repeat. A "Gif", I think they call it. Hardly a movie, great or otherwise!
  8. Mucker1884

    We can achive once lads put mind to it

    I was only joking... you miserable lone shitz!
  9. Mucker1884

    Derby County Clock

    Pie? Not vol-au-vents then? That does surprise me.
  10. Mucker1884

    Derby County Clock

    That'll be why then! Has it got an alarm on it, to wake them up 5 mins before the final whistle?
  11. Mucker1884

    We can achive once lads put mind to it

    Oh come on, B4. "The lads" excelled themselves on Wednesday night, and will be absolutely shattered. Playing a bottom half team just 2.5 days after such heroic exploits never goes well. Lower your expectations, enjoy the fresh air, and don't let the inevitable defeat get you down. It's a lot easier on the blood pressure with that approach. There's no shame in being realistic. Oh... and for the record, we can't beat Leeds in the League, or Chelsea in the League cup, so you're not quite right on that score. Apart from all that... good post! Enjoy... You little ray of sunshine, you!
  12. Mucker1884

    Accrington Stanley away tickets

    Ah, so that's the norm is it? (as we normally gets seats only, of course!) It's been a while since I bought away tickets! Reading Wyaston Ram's post again, I now realise he was taking the mick, and I totally missed that! Thanks for the clarification... and for making me look dafter than normal! :-)
  13. Mucker1884

    O'Notts Forest

    You knowingly allow Derby fans to work in your house? Half Dog!
  14. Mucker1884

    Accrington Stanley away tickets

    Precisely! Just wondered why our ticket office is apparently asking where folk would prefer to stand, and therefore presumably issuing tickets accordingly!

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