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  1. I flew the day before from Germany and stopped over night to give myself plenty of time ; only to get stuck for 45 minutes on the tube due to a signal failure and end up rushing in anyway 😂
  2. With Gayle there was no contact whatsoever and Bamford got hit in the chest and went down holding his face. Lawrence actually got clipped on his foot, and also didn't exactly appeal for it. If he'd started rolling around on the floor and play acting I could understand it. No chance of a ban imo.
  3. Shouldn't take anything away from shots being straight at him, a lot of the reason they are straight at him is that he positioned himself well in the first place for the incoming strike.
  4. Not sure whether this has already been covered, but are there any indications as to why Roos hasn't signed the deal on offer yet? Thought he was brilliant again yesterday.
  5. We've got one in Davies, just out for the season 🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. Heard the netting is to prevent stray balls going into people's gardens when Lawrence is training.
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