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  1. Rooney said in the presser that he's fine and should be fit for tomorrow, but didn't commit.
  2. Transfer rumoured to be £1m, 50% of December wages + 100% January wages can't be too far off that?
  3. From what I can see it's a simple case of the players getting paid once the Holmes transfer goes through. They were obviously hoping for it to go through today (it still might tomorrow before the game). Once that goes through the funds are used to pay the players and exit embargo to get some loans in.
  4. Hi, my name is Ola Gunning Saltjar. I've heard that you're interested in buying a football club? I'm willing to offer you the great Manchester United for a measly 60 million pounds. I have a PayPal ready to go, please send funds to Mel.Morris123@gmail.com
  5. Anyone got any idea whether a fee was involved and whether that could be used to pay wages?
  6. Maybe the only way that the gods will allow our record to be broken is if we also get relegated. There is a singular limit to how many good things that can happen to a Derby fan in one season...
  7. Rotherham called the game off, not the EFL. Other teams have still played when players have tested positive for Covid. Has to be given as a 3-0 win surely if Rotherham cancelled and not the EFL.
  8. And we didn't beat any of them, what does that say about us?
  9. 3 games unbeaten, and arguably should have won all 3. More importantly the levels of performance has massively improved over the course of those 3 games. Whether it's Rooney or Mcclaren, it's working. Let's stick with it now it's bearing fruit. And yes, I was one of the original Yes voters...
  10. This - I think we've got ourselves into a bit of a hole with Rooney to be honest. He wasn't very good as a player post-lockdown and also now hasn't even trained for the last few games (so will likely be even loss mobile). He won't be happy working alongside someone like Paul Cook I imagine, so it would either have to be a big name coach which he looks up to and thinks he can learn from, or he gets the gig himself. FWIW I feel that the performances have massively improved over the last two games and missing sitters to kill games off has cost us in both of the last two. The next few games w
  11. I guess this goes with Mac now carrying the director of football tag and having the biggest say on transfers?
  12. Ryan Conway reporting on his live feed yesterday that we're still in expected to be in for him in January despite Cocu going.
  13. Sports therapist? Yeah, sounds like I could do with one of them.
  14. All a ploy? If we lose the two tricky games that Liam's on the touchline, then I'll get my chance against two beatable opponents at home. Too cynical?
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