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  1. But the period in question P&L is offset by the stadium sale is it not?
  2. Heard it was Megastore vouchers
  3. Derby 1-1 Sheff Weds, Cardiff 3-0 Rotherham. Derby stay up by the skin of their teeth. FRGS: Lawrence
  4. I just want a club that we can be proud of. If it takes a relegation to get that again, so be it. I'll still be there home and away, where possible, even if in the conference. Cut the circus, let's get back to players that care and fight and fans together.
  5. Sheff Weds have failed to pay April wages, would if that could affect their moral and make the small difference between two rubbish teams?
  6. Jimbo Ram, Roy Mac - You're on the wrong thread
  7. Only one more game and then you don't have to watch Derby for three months.
  8. He's been doing that for the last 13 games with his 'match the opposition' tactic. No reason to think it would work now.
  9. We're already Ker-Plunked I'm afraid.
  10. This is the problem, forget Rotherham. Will Sheffield Wednesday get something from Forest - Yes, will Sheffield Wednesday beat us on the final day - Yes. Game over.
  11. Just had confirmation via email that I'll be getting a cheque in the post for partial 2021 season ticket refund. Hopefully others start to get something through as well in this next batch of refunds 👍🏻
  12. With everything that's going off, trips to the likes of Blackpool and Accrington actually look like something to look forward to. Football is for the fans.
  13. I imagine that the games will just get moved to Sunday / later kick offs on Saturday. Rotherham are already playing on Sunday anyway, so won't have any impact.
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