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  1. My heart thinks win, my head thinks it's Reading at home you fool!
  2. Get tanked up, can't handle their beer and ruin a day out for everyone else.
  3. Agreed Mel... In all seriousness he has a point, it just depends what your ambitions are. I think we can survive this season, whilst developing the young players so they'll either be even better next season / we can sell on for a sizeable profit - that's the academy model. Not having these players, but then never giving them a chance and them all leaving on a free, whilst simultaneously splashing cash on players with little expected return for a perceived short term gain. If we'd stuck with the academy model for the last 5 years or so, we wouldn't be in the mess we are now.
  4. So The Mail have been making stuff up again...
  5. Irrelevant now anyway as they've only got kids sizes left in the goalkeeper kits 😭
  6. A few people have been taking from the published articles (mainly BBC) that our 2016-18 accounts are actually probably OK, but it's the yet to be submitted 2019-20 accounts which are the problem. If we have failed in those years and deserve to be punished then fair enough. What I don't get in all this though is that Reading are currently under a soft embargo due to breaking P&S, where's their points deduction?
  7. Two people who make it up as they go along saying different things, I don't know what to believe now!
  8. Wondering if someone can help - I'm thinking of ordering the yellow GK shirt rather than the third which I'm not a fan of; however, I've never had a GK shirt before... Is the fit the same as a standard shirt, are the materials the same etc? Living in Germany so can't just pop to the megastore to try it on and don't fancy the faff of paying to send it back if not right. Thanks!
  9. Same, my first game this season was Forest at home. I read before the game on the DCFC pre match email that it is recommended you were one inside the concourse. Myself and my family then slipped one on before we went in, to find that we were the only ones wearing them and so didn't bother after that.
  10. I think the biggest ticking clock now is on contracts. If we don't get a resolution by January, we could end up with half of the team, including promising academy players, either leaving for pittance or on a free in the summer.
  11. It's basically like scrabble. Our team starts with a D, so that's -3 and ends in a Y so that's -6. It's unfortunate, but that's the rules that the EFL have just made up.
  12. Very surprised if it was as low as that. I was sitting in West Stand Lower and looking around I could hardly see any empty seats.
  13. All depends on what impact this has on the takeover, I'm guessing that will be Mels primary concern at the moment.
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