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  1. Rotherham will get relegated. Worry not.
  2. If we go on and beat Coventry and Barnsley the match will soon be forgotten. If we lose to Coventry at the weekend then yesterday's surrender will look even more pointless.
  3. That was one of the worst things I have ever seen, and I've been in a war.
  4. We'd better get a result against Cov or tonights absolute clown show will look even more stupid.
  5. Mengi might turn in to the best defender in football history, but on current showing he would look more comformable in the U23's and we can't afford to carry him, regardless of where he came from.
  6. The way their fans went on about it they seem to think they played like Guardiola's Barcelona. Why change that?
  7. Assuming that this team was picked to rest people up for the Coventry game we had better hope we actually win that match. This one is done, we barely ever salvage losing situations and Cardiff are a lot better than Forest.
  8. Obvious hand ball by Clarke not given! Got away with that big time!
  9. I could really do with an easy win or totally eventless 0-0 tonight, because between my toddler and our puppy I am absolutely done with today.
  10. Birmingham and Rotherham Birmingham because its a crap club that offer nothing. Rotherham because if that gobby tit that wouldn't shut up when we played them. Not looking so clever now are you fella?
  11. Aye because you were playing high intensity tiki-taka all match by comparison, right? You are crap, we are crap. That's why we are both dossing around at the lower end of the table.
  12. We dropped two points at their place, they dropped two points at ours. Oh well.
  13. Thought I'd set up my white board and plot our method of victory tonight. I've gone for a classic from the Paul Ince play book.
  14. Well deserved, so glad that he'll get the chance to run out to a packed Pride Park.
  15. My problem is that living in the moment as a club gets us disjointed squads, a massive wage bill and ultimately leads to the situation we are in now. Eventually we need a manager to stick around to help lay the foundations on which future managers can build. Otherwise it's a constant reshuffle every 12-18 months and more of the same.
  16. Pretty sure I posted on this forum that one of my reservations about apointing Rooney was that we get screwed either way. He either failed and we end up in trouble or he does a decent job (which seems to be the case) and gets poached after 12 months, then we are left with a clean up operation once again. His name alone gets him half way there, he doesn't even have to actually do anything crazy with us to put himself in the frame for a 'bigger' job. I'd love to be proven wrong and I hope I am.
  17. Absolutely no faith whatsoever and if there is any legal mechanism Mel has to eliminate them from the process he should take it. This BZG lot are absolute chancers that don't have a pot to piss in.
  18. One question I have after that, how the absolute duck did Swansea get smashed 4-1 by that pile of absolute tosh?
  19. Well, Rooney got that bang on today. Good changes, good tactics,good performance. Lovely job.
  20. Hahaha that red card will drive his manager absolutely mad.
  21. Said it before and I'll say it again, selling Bogle for loads of money and replacing him with Byrne for no money is absolutely unbelievable business.
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