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Who do you want promoted from the playoffs ?

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1 hour ago, Malagaram said:

If we somehow remain in the Championship,which two teams would you like promoted to give us a realistic chance of making the playoffs,with our new owner,team and manager.?

Not so worried about that. I would like to see Brentford go up. Small club that are well run, seem to find gems and develop them and play the game the right way. Kind of opposite to where we find ourselves on and off the pitch currently....

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7 minutes ago, Rammy03 said:

I'm not bothered who it is in all honesty. I think quality this season has been extremely low so it's difficult to say who would be a threat to us next season.

On current form possibly Burton. 

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9 minutes ago, JuanFloEvraTheCocu'sNesta said:

Anyone but Barnsley. 

Nah, I'd like to see Barnsley embarrass Brentford, then embarrass themselves in the PL.

We've got to have one team to hang our 11 point hat on each season or else what's the point in watching the Premiershite at all?

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Brentford definitely!

They play as a team, respect their opponents and look as if there's nowhere they'd sooner be than on the pitch playing football. All of the things that made me a Rams supporter for life since Brian Clough was a lad.

I wish them well and hope they make it!

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1 minute ago, ImARam2 said:

Remember, Barnsley would have been relegated last season if it hadn't have been for Wigan going into administration and losing points. How have they turned themselves around?

New manager?

I’m not sure who they’ve fetched in player wise.

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