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  1. No deal is better than a bad deal, or is that Brexit? Anyhow I think it's not a bad price considering he never lived up to his potential. I had him on Football manager 2016 and can confirm that in the 2020 season he was in Reading reserves.
  2. He's not actually signed though, somebody else could still come in for him. He's only "agreed" to sign at this stage. Fingers crossed he's good to his word.
  3. I've said it before and I'll say it again ..........
  4. I've said numerous times in this thread that Villa or Now even Celtic will nip in and sign him whilst he's got the Parker pen in his hand ready to sign for us.
  5. I said I'd earlier in the thread and I shall say it again, Villa will nip in and sign him whilst the bic pen is in his hand ready to sign for us.
  6. Villa will nip in at the last minute
  7. What's cheese got to do with this player ?
  8. They should play kerby to decide instead of penalties
  9. Ffs
  10. Yes
  11. According to the sofa score app Brum had scored
  12. Oh it appears to have been disallowed
  13. Ffs
  14. Ffs bound to be 4.4
  15. Has the club barber gone berserk with the hair clipper?