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  1. Jota

    He'll end up at villa I bet.
  2. Going to Birmingham according to Nixon
  3. The fall of Johnny Russell

    I agree, can't dribble for toffee
  4. Finally a solution he's going out on loan. Let's hope it works out.
  5. Away fan friendly pubs in Derby

    Navigation inn was packed out with Wolves with a sprinkling of us Rams fans. Speaking to Wolves fans and they say away fans get 1 pub and 1 pub only at wolves.
  6. Away fan friendly pubs in Derby

    Navigation it is then. Cheers
  7. Away fan friendly pubs in Derby

    Got a wolves fan mate coming over tomorrow, is the navigation inn pub away fan friendly ?
  8. v Wolves (H) - Predictions

    Derby 0 Wolves 1 FGS Their new striker.
  9. Confess your unpopular Rams opinions

    We will finish in the bottom 6 this season.
  10. Sunderland v Derby County - Match day thread

    I thought that too.
  11. George Thorne

    Sorry to say but I predict he won't play again.
  12. 200 pages and no end result.
  13. Fans stop slating players please get behind team

    It's a forum, we discuss and debate player's. Likewise I shall be watching on Friday night and if the performance warrants it my foot shall be going through the Telly. No spotty teenage nerd on this forum shall stop me doing so.
  14. Clough, McClaren, Wassall, Pearson, Powell, Rowett....

    Maybe if he stamped his authority more often he might make a successful captain. He should offer out any new signings just so they know who's boss on the pitch.
  15. v TSG 1899 Hoffenheim Match Thread

    And to top it off a bird is doing a pitch side interview.

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