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  1. Is allowed to be in the technical area during the match on Saturday?
  2. It's clearly obvious that the takeover isn't going to happen. Respected journalist's almost 2 weeks ago reported that it would happen LAST WEEK. Not a dickie bird since.
  3. If you turn the table upside down it doesn't look too bad.
  4. It's all going to be an anticlimax anyway. Most poster's are thinking Man City, I'd expect Cork City then you won't be too disappointed.
  5. He's clearly talking out of his brown eye.
  6. You'd of had more entertainment watching the paint dry.
  7. I think it's plainly obvious now that this take over isn't happening. Too much farting about for my liking.
  8. If this takeover does go through and when fans are allowed back into Pride Park can we not ridicule ourselves like the Red Dogs and turn up in Arab headress and inflatable Camels please.
  9. If we didn't fart about with it at the back we might score.
  10. I can see us breaking the record for the least points in the Championship whatever that is.
  11. Please don't anybody say we are gonna be the Man City of the Midlands. I'm sure most of the Red Dogs were saying stuff like that when Fawaz took over.
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