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  1. This is bordering on the ridiculous
  2. Why do we never ever get the 2nd ball?
  3. Malone, Huddlestone, Roos, Dowell. Absolute dog turd, get them off.
  4. Why do they bloody do that lol. OK cheers for that.
  5. Will be listening to Radio Derby via my in car Alexa on the Internet on the way to work. Will the match commentary be on? A few years ago I was listening to it on the Internet but it went off when the football came on for copyright reasons or something.
  6. Phil Gee, Sheff UTD Away in the late 80's. Great time to be a Rams fan.
  7. Marmaris mate, out on a boat trip at mo. Where are you?
  8. In the late 80s I frequently saw Paul Blades on the mile up town, one evening he was surrounded by autograph hunters and only had a tiny bit of paper on me, when I managed to pass it to him he took his gum out his mouth said thanks and rolled it in the paper and threw it away. To this day I still don't know how I feel about it.
  9. Covent garden is rammed , no chance of a beer.
  10. Will there be any Villa fans at the 2 pubs in Covent Garden?
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