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  1. Burn his house down while he's away.
  2. Literally just logged on to post this movie, I should've known a member of good taste had already been there. 'Marvellous' for Golf, heart warming simple stuff. The Phantom of the Open: www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m00205fz via @bbciplayer
  3. I'm not sure I'd eat a flaky growler, to be honest.
  4. I've just asked ChatGPT to translate his surname. Apparently it means nice growler.
  5. Rooney certainly looked like he'd exploded after the Covid lockdown.
  6. If this forum had a scent, it would be piss and Dettol.
  7. I knew you had an account on here, Elton.
  8. They are offering 10% of shares, with no voting rights, dividends payable, and absolutely no say in how the club is run. All for £17.5m pounds.
  9. That was a good watch, you both came across really well on the telly, and props to the seller for giving you a discount price. Lovely place, and the location couldn't be bettered. Don't forget the camera adds 10 lbs.
  10. You've not even got the b******* to put your own voice to the tripe you trot out.
  11. He turned up at a pre season game vs Ilkeston a while back, so I assume he is.
  12. Sheff Utd start the season with a two point deduction, for non payment of transfer fees when last in the Championship.
  13. I want a pool, sea view and at least 2 bedrooms, centrally located but quiet, rustic but modern. Budget, about 50k.
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