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  1. Shinnie has the momentum, and today showed again what he can offer going forward. I've seen some say it was a simple run and pass to release Kamil, but the fact he could make it after spending all game fighting midfield fires makes him first on the teamsheet, for me at least. I've been guilty myself of thinking he's not good enough going forward, yet he's building a body of work that suggests opposite, he gives us a base to work from no other midfielder in the squad can offer.
  2. That's the thing with these questions, you could ask me the question every day for a year, and I'd give you 365 different answers. All of them correct!
  3. https://www.dcfc.co.uk/news/2021/01/wayne-rooney-reaction-queens-park-rangers-vs-Derby-county-january-2021-ramstv Rooney looks a bit shaky, to say the least!
  4. Roos 8 Byrne 9 Buchanan 8 Evans 6 Wisdom 7 Clarke 7 Bielik 7 Shinnie 7 Jozwiak 6 CKR 6 Knight 8 Bird 8
  5. Nice to have a rare weeks preparation time, and possibly some new players to flesh out the squad, along with others returning from illness and injury. Partnerships building all over the pitch, we're definitely getting stronger week by week, especially at the back. It would have been nice to be at Pride Park and give Martin a warm welcome, then spend 90 mins blasting the diving, moaning sod, but we'll have to settle for RamsTV instead. Come on Rooney's Rams!
  6. Kaide Gordon wasn't it? Probably young enough to need a chaperone.
  7. I've ordered in a Waghorn goal for the second half, let's hope it's enough.
  8. Someone's knocking on the door, Someone's ringing the bell, Do me a favour, don't open the door, It's probably the bailiff's.
  9. John Lewis delivered and fitted a new washing machine and tumble dryer yesterday. The fella had to remove a piece of skirting to fit the washer, and somehow dropped it on the washer front, causing a tiny scratch. He took a picture, sent it to his boss, who then offered a replacement or 10% off the price. Mrs Rev took the discount, then used a bit of elbow grease to remove the scratch, which was just paint from the skirting board!
  10. Fields of Gold by Eve Cassidy is such a great cover, one of the best.
  11. Easy tiger. Some of us on here live and work in Nottingham. Since March, I've worked 12.30 - 16.30 everyday, as we weren't allowed to be furloughed in the first phase, yet my employer carried on paying us as if we'd worked full time hours, with no assistance from HM treasury. I'm beginning to question why on earth I'd return full time when my employer can obviously afford to effectively double my hourly rate and still stay profitable without state intervention? I'll probably settle for a 32 hr week as a compromise.
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