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  1. Not really, but it's a lovely thought!
  2. If Rotherham do go on a run, then so shall we. I can't see Forest picking up another point this season, they're so desperate to relegate us they won't realise what's hit them with 5 mins of the season left, finding themselves needing 2 goals to stay up.
  3. That a coincidence. My wife thinks I hail from Whywereyoueverborn, must be nearby.
  4. C'mon mate, you're amongst friends here, you can say it, you'll feel better I promise. Your wife is from Yorkshire, isn't she?
  5. That's us safe, no way Rotherham can catch us now. I thought we'd need a couple of points to be sure, but now we can start planning for the PL push next season.
  6. It's a lovely spring day, I'm fitting new fencing in the garden. Only Derby effing County could make me down tools to watch a game I normally wouldn't open the curtains for if it was played in my garden.
  7. Marshall 7 Byrne 6 Forsyth 6 Wisdom 3 Clarke 6 Bird 8 Shinnie 7 Roberts 7 Sibley 6 Jozwiak 6 Lawrence 6
  8. No worries fella, it's not pleasant to watch at the moment, all the crap bits merge into one.
  9. Sorry, I know I've replied already, but I'd blanked out us standing like statues in a line and watching someone attack the ball and nod it in. Space is the danger, not forwards.
  10. https://talksport.com/football/797999/Derby-relegated-wayne-rooney-appointed-simon-jordan/ A link that works, no surprise that the Notts supplied one sits on its arse and expects the world to come to it, been doing the same since the early 80's.
  11. Second goal then! Don't tell me they got a third. The one that bent inside Marshall, despite him getting a despairing touch on it.
  12. I'd have to watch the game back to point out chances he helped create, so maybe later. BTW, watch Shinnie for their first goal. Clarke has his eye on the goalscorer, all Shinnie has to do is position himself inside Clarke to block the shot if the fella comes inside, he's well positioned to do so. Instead he hares across in front of the forward, and allows him to easily step inside and have a clear sight of goal. Shinnie had his usual eye catching game, but that doesn't mean he was faultless.
  13. Talking out of your backside once again. Tonight was quite easily his best game for some while, on the front foot and positive with his passing all game.
  14. Iron stomach, and candy floss hands.
  15. I wonder who was the dream buyer John Percy referred to?
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