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  1. On a related note, where do emergency service vehicles fill up? I've never seen one at a petrol station, do they get red diesel like the farmers?
  2. Car companies are now offering Vegan friendly leather interiors, as a costly additional extra. Better known as Vinyl, as Ford called it back in the 80's.
  3. He's very unlucky to get Covid twice, that's for sure. Both times requiring severe medical intervention too, and presumably despite being double jabbed and a fit and otherwise healthy fella. Cough, cough.
  4. You've been abroad for too long. It's now about the same price as a bit of blow/puff would've been 20 years ago. No longer a treat.
  5. A few seasons back, caught the train from Notts for the Forest game. More fans than not were on the sniff, in full view of the many coppers also on board. It's little different for some of our fans, from what I've seen on Away days. Forget the movies where you see users chopping lines with a credit card and snorting through a bank note, it's far easier to take discreetly than that.
  6. Even Hatton looked like he'd accepted defeat walking back to his corner at the end of the 6th! I often think the ringside judges must have seen something I've missed at home, but that decision was shocking. Lost at least 4 of the rounds, if not 5.
  7. You were tonight, I think. What did you make of the ground/occasion?
  8. Hearing Hearns interview, he must have Usyk signed up to a long term deal. Hard to see what Joshua can do different in a rematch, other than pack the pounds on and press from the off, and even then it might not be enough.
  9. How on earth was that given to Hatton???
  10. Won a 50/50 early doors, did seem to effect him for a while afterwards.
  11. Is he settling back into his normal trajectory of diminishing returns the more he plays?
  12. That's impressive control you've got there. Most times, a 12 inch round target is beyond me.
  13. The idea of spending it is probably nicer than the reality of dishing it out! Would be nice to find out, mind.
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