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  1. If we take this as said is it OK to still listen to his music? Either solo or with the Jackson 5? For some of us it has memories, associations and good vibes. Should we not be allowed to or is it OK to seperate the art from the monster?
  2. Is there a chance you might have unknowingly slept with Katie Price? Surely you would remember, wouldn't you?
  3. Thx - good catch. I also forgot Simon Groome.
  4. Robert Lindsay, Tosh off The Bill, John Motson's son, Tracy Shaw out of Coronation Street, Jack O'Connell
  5. Caskey and Moreland - wasn't that a 1970s detective series that used to be on Sunday nights? Caskey was the chain smoking Cockney, just one job from retirment and Moreland was the young upstart, who didn't care if the rules got broken just as long as the case got cracked.
  6. It's between Billy Caskey and Ruben Zadkovich for me.
  7. This is, for me, the season defining game. A confident and well structured win, hoepfully with our preferred XI, gives us all the momentum we need to go into the home straight full of belief we can win, win and win over the finishing line. A scrappy showing, unable to exact revenge for earlier in the season, and anything less than an emphatic win leaves us thinking that every game between now and May is a banana skin. Anything less than a convincing win and this ageing Ram will have us down for another season in the Championship. But we can do it, we know we can...
  8. BaaLocks

    Watchable telly

    Yup, a solid six out of ten and felt like he had taken everything else he had ever done (particularly that film Ghost Town) and put it in a blender. The practical joke clips were strange - if my idea of showing affection was to throw a glass of cold water over my wife while she was asleep I don't think I would have to worry about her making to the grave before me. It just felt rather rushed and frayed around the edges - the bit with the sex worket / prostitute seemed like they just thought 'wouldn't it be funny to pay a hooker to do the washing up' and then the whole storyline got built around that premise. Similarly, 'wouldn't it be funny if your postman was called Pat?'. It's a series of one line jokes padded out into a bearable waste of time but little more than that.
  9. BaaLocks

    Watchable telly

    Given your username we believe you.....
  10. I heard that there is a bonus payment due if he scores one more and Frank has asked him to miss on purpose.
  11. He definitely adds bite to the midfield.
  12. Everybody should have that feeling of dread waking up and realising just what you did, and who you did it with the night before. Then realising you don't know where on Earth you are and then taking at least ten minutes to evaluate if you can make it out of the front door without waking her up. Or, in reverse, waking up just in time to see last night's conquest tiptoeing out of your bedroom and making a dash for it - utterly ashamed of having let you. P.S. neither of these scenarios relate to Nandos.
  13. Bang on (except you need an apostrophe in it's). Go to Twickenham or the like and they turn the concourse into a party zone after the game. All you need is some student with a guitar and a mike singing Wonderwall and you're in business. Not sure why more clubs don't do this - surely it's the way to go.
  14. @David - we need a 'groan' emoji
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