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  1. Go for it, balance away - put something on the table that shows the other side. Go for it, really.....
  2. Which is kind of my point in the original post, if only half of this is correct. Our preparation and immediate action was blinded by the political impact that it would bring. Participating in the EU PPE scheme, date of the lockdown, herd immunity, is where I do tend to believe we wouldn't have acted in the same way had we not been ruled by a bunch of right wing charlatans and chancers intent on protecting their Brexit biased position. They were hugely influenced in how they would act, driven by factors other than the protection of broader society. And no, I'm not suggesting Corbyn was the right person but I am saying a more compassionate, transparent, listening, government who had something more than irrational disdain for experts would have given us a better reponse. We didn't have it, from either side, and it is strange to me that many choose not to see that (not saying you @Van Wolfie, just generally). Boris nearly paid the ultimate price for that, I argue that others do every day by sheer dint of the fact that more died than should. But I also recognise that the right wing media will spin the story, Cummings will ensure any enquiry or investigation is blocked just as they did with the Russia report and us rampant Trotskyists out here on the communist fringes of the left wing will keep feeling we've been utterly let down while some at the other end will think we've been gloriously served by our wonderful leaders.
  3. Yeah, I get the point on that - thx for the note. I guess that is why people in the US would be saying that the dissolution of the pandemic committee was such a bad thing. It wasn't that they knew to prepare for coronavirus but an avian / swine flu of some description was clearly the most likely to occur. But, as we all see in our working lives, we only tend to find the reason to fix the roof when the rain starts coming in.
  4. Can you direct me to, or highlight, some of the areas where it has omitted or over embellished? Genuinely, I would be interested in trying to understand how the argument is positioned from the other perspective coz (and I know I have probably created for myself a bit of an echo chamber) my Twitter feed seems to full of stories like this. Again, sure that doesn't surprise you but I would really like to understand it from the other side in a bit more detail than 'clap for Boris for he is risen'.
  5. I thought you'd decided to swing to the left in honour of @GboroRam?
  6. If only half this thread is correct (click on it to see the full timeline) we should hang, draw and quarter the lot of them.
  7. Charlie George didn't play in the Championship winning team - see the Celtic thread thrown up by @Inverurie Ram - that was his debut.
  8. Benign paraoxysmal positional vertigo apparently, I had no idea I had crystals in my ear, that they could come loose or what might happen if they did. Amazing thing the human body eh....
  9. I think it's OK as long as you put anything you buy in the freezer as soon as you get home.
  10. Did you just think up four random sentences and then type them out for a giggle? Nobody is saying China is viewed through rose tinted spectacles, and comparing the management of RBMK reactors in the death throes of the Soviet empire to how China operates today is, oh forget it, I've just realised who posted this comment. I'm wasting my time even trying here.....
  11. The thing that I have been very surprised by is that every country has been left to manage it in their own way. Some test, some self isolate, some believe it's seven days, some say fourteen days, some lockdown straight away, some later. What I really would have thought WHO would have been able to offer is a clear 'when the pandemic arrives you do this, then this, then this'. I know this is a new virus but surely the purpose of the World Health Organization must be to Organize the Health of the World?
  12. I remember they did one for a Coventry game where we all sat and stared at the corner flag for about half an hour before realising it wasn't actually going to change. That said, it was one of the games where we shipped six (I think we did it twice in a row) and Stern John (now there's a swear word auto-correct just begging to be taken) scored at least two.
  13. Or stopping you rubbing your face. Interesting (anecdotal) cultural aspect in there though, broad brush though it might be, suggestion is that Europeans wear masks to stop getting the disease whereas Asians wear them in the hope they don't spread it. Not to say all Asians have it but I found the point an interesting one, and not in favour of Europeans.
  14. Correct on both points, though there is no determined time at which immunity degrades. I think I addressed point 2 in another mail. Getting immunity to this coronavirus will not protect you from the next one. This one maintains about 70% of the genetic material of SARS.
  15. You / they might be right. I thought most of the examples of people becoming infected twice was down to testing inconsistencies. If it does prove to be the case that you can get it more than once then, well, we're hosed. You're right in what you say, in many ways, the bulk of the focus has to be on getting us back to a normal society where this is a story we tell our grandchildren. But we do need to learn, and those that made mistakes should pay - I don't think anyone is saying we would get through this without a single death but the numbers are too high and are getting higher. Someone has to be held up to account for that.
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