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  1. With a good summer of stabilising and building there is no reason we can't be in the play offs next season. I know that sounds mad seeing our last few performances but it is possible. But everything, everything, everything relies on getting new owners in, commitment to a plan and then support of the rebuilding programme.
  2. Undeniably, Rooney has had a baptism of fire and in a different scenario could have been a better manager in his time here. Two things really struck me today - one was the number of people in the technical area, it just seemed that we had more people lingering with opinions than we had players on the pitch. Second was how lonely he looked at full time, besides Waghorn I didn't see one player find him and celebrate with him. But, truth is, we could hire Guardiola with Klopp as assistant and it's all just cosmetic. The future of Derby lies off the pitch - sort out the ownership, determine t
  3. Think I've worked out why they're not returning your calls... "Charter Group", 'top brass' - give me a break!
  4. And, just to make that point, the OP states themselves that they haven't had time for a year to think much about DCFC. Now, when thankfully it seems their personal affairs are more in order, they feel the time is right to have the most senior people at our club to stop all that they have been working on for a year and update them. But not when they're working on their Uber shift. I mean, seriously?
  5. Well said, and I would also say the same for many in and around the club. This 'entitled' demand from fans who somehow think they have the right to demand to be told the absolute inner most points of what is going on is just absurd. I totally get that people are concerned, and they absolutely should be. But, at the end, we are fans and our interaction with this club is just that - I don't support any of this belief that one person has the right to put themselves up as a spokesperson for the club and somehow feel elected to do so. And, again, Mel might have made mistakes but you can be sur
  6. Canelo knows he can walk through Saunders from the first bell. Saunders team asking for a bigger ring suggests he knows it too. If Canelo can walk though GGG he can walk through anyone and while I have much admiration for him as a boxer the thing that just astounds me is his chin - it is just granite. I do agree though, the performance against Lemieux was as good a demonstation of not letting your opponent lay a glove on your as anything the likes of Naz or Kirlklaind Laing dished out.
  7. Cocu had managed over 250 games by the time he came to us, Rooney totalled zero. Look, I'm no Rooney fan boy and I agree with you that he has to go - win or lose - on Saturday after the match. But this is not a situation even he will have wished on himself - being thrust into a relegation battle without one ounce of managerial experience. Maybe, just maybe, he took the role out of duty and respect to Mel and those that brought him to Derby? It didn't work out - undoubtedly - but I'm not quite sure I share in some of the 'tar and feather him at dawn' brigade that seem to revel in eschewing bile
  8. 75.36% of year one revenues, a 64.87% reduction on concourse sales, shirt sales down by 58.91%. Average market capitalisation reduced by 45.65% until end of parachute payments, when total reduced value is 51.85% of what it was on the day of relegation.
  9. Maybe too small to go up? This is the spend by teams in the top flight - I know that many on here will say that you don't get this money till you get there but it's eye watering to look at. Full squad cost this season.
  10. @Ghost of Clough - step forward, this thread is calling out for you :-). Bigger than Leicester, that was your view last time we discussed this wasn't it?
  11. You mean when they won 4-1? I'd like to see us have as little fight as that on Saturday.
  12. Get your point, and I do genuinely feel that Wayne has not had a fair roll of the dice here. Ideally he should have been able to learn his craft before stepping up to the level he currently finds himself at. But Paul Jewell showed that bad smells linger and I think Rooney finds himself in the invidious position that if he stays up we need a new manager to stop this happening again next season and if we go down we need a new man to start to build anew. Sadly!
  13. If we get relegated: I knew I was right that we'd not come straight back up If we don't get relegated: I knew I was right we'd make the play offs next season
  14. I'd argue our recruitment - from higher or lower - has been pretty shocking for years. When we've bought big, or small, we've managed to goof it up most times. I think you have to go back to the Jim Smith side to see a clear trend for bringing in talent and raising the bar. Before that it was Cox, Clough and probably Mackay. Four managers (or scouting teams) in half a century that have been able to spot talent. Really, it's not wonder we are where we are.
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