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  1. Thank God for that, for a moment you were all taking a rather creepily deep level of interest in the shelves I need to hang in the garage. I was starting to feel the pressure.
  2. Personally I don't care what you sing as long as we can do 'We are Premier League, say we are Premier League' after the final whistle.
  3. Go on, someone send a mail to the Schitty Ground and show them their unsolicited use of the logo. Then send another to Vile Park so they can get two sets of lawyers letters.
  4. Always love the idea that the players run on to the pitch, look up into the stands and say to each other "it's OK, Pete's got his lucky socks on". As for me, I wore a pair of Cuban heel bits too the 1976 semi final. Never again....
  5. And what is amazing is that she actually believes it. She is a mean and nasty person with nothing but self interest and intransigence flowing through her veins. Let's not forget that, before she became PM, she was responsible for this. What a horrible, horrible person.
  6. You're going to have to be a bit more specific than that - this is Nottingham we're talking about.
  7. The douche on the left couldn't even be bothered to put it on. What a twonk.
  8. Jeez, they make Sleaford Mods look like fitness trainers. Can't stand this 'anybody but Derby / Forest / England / ???' schtick. It's nothing more than an admission that they've got to you.
  9. You can feel no sympathy at all when someone is so stupid, and frankly disrespectful of us all, to stand there and say 'compromise is not a dirty word'. It's like having to sit and listen to a lecture on monogamy from Russell Brand.
  10. BaaLocks

    Going green...

    Care to expand a little? Some of the ones I have heard, not saying I agree with them but the rumour mill: That they are running out of cash / will go bust / Elon is a bit mad: Just general concerns of over the stability of the future of the company. Producion Issues: About eighteen months to two years to get a car delivered. Likely to be a lemon even when it arrives. To answer the OP - I've been driving a plug in hybrid for about five years now. It gives me about 30 miles of charge and then has a small petrol engine that kicks in. Basically, if you are driving short distances it's a dream, if you need to do a long journey the engine is a bit horrible - it can cruise at 85mph but just feels like it wasn't built to. That said, I wanted to have a car with an unlimited range as I do occassionally need to do a long trip. Couple of thoughts. What is your driving likely to be? If you are doing a short commute (c.40 miles) then a plug in hybrid will do the job and will be the cheapest option. Looking at the maths on mine it's not a question of it holding it's value it's actually that I get my money back. Not overnight but I'm saving about £2k of petrol a year so run this thing for six years (currently at four) and I've more or less actually broken even. Been a long time since you can do that with a car. Model 3: - Remember you won't have access for free to the Tesla charging network so if you are doing motorway driving build that cost into your model. The Tesla charging network is wide but do make sure you have some on the most popular routes you might take over your range. As above, think on the saving. Just to say, you wil spend about 10p a mile on petrol for a 50 mpg car. If a Tesla Model 3 is going to cost you about £33k, six years of 20k miles a year is actually only to get you £12k back on that so it's still an investment. - It is cool, a bit like buying a smarthpone on wheels in that you get software updates, there are things in the car that they just haven't decided how to use (two cameras for example). - Think whether you need the large battery version. For me, I'm OK with the 220 miles version though one of my worries is whether that means actual 220 or it's a bit like petrol cars that claim mpg that are unrealistic in normal driving. - Yes, Tesla's do hold their value up to a point but the batteries only have a seven year warranty. Once, like all batteries, they stop holding a charge you've got two options - pay a fortune to have them replaced or admit your car is now worthless. Anyway, in the end I decided not to but mainly because my driving requirements have changed so I won't be doing more than local driving going forward so decided I'm OK in my old car. -
  11. I'm actually more interested how the Rams ended up on The Chase, if you let me know that I think it would be of more benefit that a rehash of any thing to do with Brexit, Tommy Robinson, Enoch Powell or Jeremy Cobyn's jam collection.
  12. I think you just did 😉. I don't think Keogh made a techinical error, he just stuck a boot out of instinct to stop the other QPR player (don't know who it was) getting on the cross. A purist would say you should never clear a ball back into your box, Shankley famously hated Liverpool playing anything back into the 'danger area', but he's at full stretch and a bit between the devil and the deep blue sea. With my glorious 20:20 hindsight goggles on his best option was probably to have let it go and Wisdom could have cleared it. So, there you go, we got to a conclusion. It was Wisdom's fault for not putting a call on the cross.
  13. How? I didn't mention you, or allude to even one of the references you cited. All I said, which seems to have animated you, was that pensioners voting for Brexit is a stereotype. It is, irrespective of whether I either agree with it or believe it to be fair in foundation. I'm utterly at a loss what it has to do with Emma Thompson attending a climate change protest or James Corden. Happy to hear you out, I just don't get the point you are trying to say I meant in my original post.
  14. Phew - that is some steam vented. Totally unrelated to what I posted but hope you feel better for it.
  15. You're going to have to help me a bit - what was the point you were trying to make in your post? You emboldened one sentence but I'm not quite sure why?
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