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  1. .... .- .--. .--. -.-- / ... .. -..- - .. . - .... / -... .. .-. - .... -.. .- -.--
  2. Read that last sentence a little too quickly, not a good image
  3. I thought this was done on squad numbers? 22/10 is a fair old rating....
  4. Go on then, I'll go with that. Admins feel free to change the title.
  5. As a friend said to me over the weekend "Norwich are going to take your record this year" I wanted to suggest the initiation of St Claude's Day, the date on which no club can undertake (or equal) our points tally of eleven points. Named in honour of a player more symbolic of our lack of preparedness, ability, and commitment than any other (a statement of recognition in itself) in that 07/08 season the race is now on to predict on what day it will fall this season. In previous years St Claude's Day has fallen on the following weekends, last season's Covid affected schedule aside it has only three times made it past New Years Day. 2020/21: 4th March (Sheffield United) 2019/20: 22nd December (Watford) 2018/19: 27th February (Huddersfield) 2017/18: 13th December (Swansea) 2016/17: 19th December (Sunderland) 2015/16: 18th January (Aston Villa) 2014/15: 29th December (Leicester) 2013/14: 26th December (Sunderland) 2012/13: 2nd January (QPR) 2011/12: 31st December (Blackburn) 2010/11: 27th November (Wolves and West Ham) 2009/10: 19th December (Portsmouth) 2008/9: 8th November (Spurs) So, on what day will St Claude's Day fall on this year? I predict it will be the fourth time it has made it past New Years Day but I still think last week in February our record will be safe for one more season.
  6. I'll make one statement on this, as I appreciate this is a football thread in a football forum, but this is part of the society we have created in the past six or seven years - and it will get a whole lot worse before it gets better. People are angry and that anger comes out more and more, plus people with extreme views feel legitimised for the first time in a generation to openly vocalists those views. Football is just a very convenient place for it to be released.
  7. I actually got blocked for a security check with my mortgage provider because I repeatedly got the question "how old will you be on your next birthday" wrong. Consequently I now change it every three years. I am currently 54, and have been since I was 53 through to now being 55. Next year I will go to being 57 and stay there till I am 59 when I guess I will be 60 for three years. It's much easier, I don't have enough brain cells left to keep changing it every year.
  8. Wouldn't it be cheaper to just get a deaf dog?
  9. And let's not forget Cap Bombers - bad boy like this from the newsagent with a roll of caps. All for 20p.
  10. It's going to make dancing to Black Lace at wedding receptions a rather more intimate experience.
  11. Good theory, till the men in suits put up Zhilei Zhang or Agit Kabayel up as mandatories. I hope you're right.
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