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  1. Two points for me. 1: Interesting to see how many of our recent managers are near the top of the list. One thing that a decade in the Championship has done for us is allow us - up to now - to win most of our games. 2: Arthur's record is pretty impressive, I know a fair chunk of that was the rise from the bottom but given we only spent one season in the old second division that is a pretty impressive return in over 450 games
  2. Lottery numbers available at a reasonable price.....
  3. We signed Roger Davies from Worcester City and put him into the side that the season before had won the league. Might be a while before that happens again....
  4. I'm not saying Rooney is going to be a snake in the grass but I personally don't think he's going to want to sit and wait while Lampard, Gerard, possibly Terry, Campbell, Scholes, Neville (G&P) and even Beckham (in a different way) make their ways forward in management and ownership. To your question of whether I've done it or not - yes, I have. But while I might want to tell myself it was down to my darned fine management style I can bet each time (and it has been more than once) the person on the other side was thinking about paying for their kids to get through university, outstand
  5. Rooney has to get the job, we've put ourselves completely behind the eight ball on this one. I don't say I like it, just that I don't think we can afford to arrive at any other outcome. SCENARIO ONE: Rooney doesn't get the job We can't afford to pay off Rooney. As a player he's getting slower and older by the minute. Having made such a statement to want to get into management he will struggle to go back into 'I'm here to learn'. Any manager coming in will know this, they can't win with Rooney in the dressing room - be successful, Rooney's going to be cheesed off that his
  6. Barry Roche (I'll give you a clue - he hates coffee, even more so the discarded cups)
  7. There are many on here who would say our times in the old third division were the best fun we had as Derby fans. Hartlepool (every year in the cup), Darlington, Newport, Bradford, Grimsby, Gillingham, York, Chesterfield - them was the days....
  8. I love football forums - that Dave bloke must have taken untold hours writing up his analysis for thirteen likes. We put up an Alan Partridge meme and it gets twice as many.
  9. Funny to watch The Queens Gambit and see the young kid all grown up. Bit like seeing the kid from 'About A Boy' become Beast in X-Men.
  10. Good question, if you are referring to Colleen - after all that seems to be what the BBC thinks Derby fans are caring about today
  11. Coz it seems every thread has to have at least one mention....
  12. Hope this makes it past the 'OK for the young 'uns' filter - though that is a tad ironic given the content.
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