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  1. Probably do a better job playing for you than managing.....
  2. John Robertson, couldn't understand why a two time European Cup winner would want to willingly* drop down to the old Third Division. Twenty minutes watching him play showed me why. * - as opposed to the whole Forest team, who unwillingly dropped to the third division
  3. West Stand will be throwing their tea flasks onto the pitch in disgust... Seriously though, OAPs will no longer be able to bring their flask of milky tea to the ground? Very strange.
  4. I must admit, I've never noticed that writing on the floor of the North West car park before
  5. Which, after October 31st, will be about £22m (sorry, politics.....)
  6. BaaLocks

    The Trust

    Oh thank God for that, for a moment I thought we'd gone back in a time machine and were going to have a twenty eight page debate on whether it was the foam fingers or the letters to John Sleightholme that got the 3WM removed. And nods to the video btw - good work and kudos to all involved.
  7. I think Cocu has shown, by his willingness to play the likes of Martin, Anya and Huddlestone in pre-season, that's he a bit more than just 'give the young 'uns a go'.
  8. With a new manager comes the chance for everyone to start again, for many that means it gives them chance all over again to show why they weren't in the first XI when he came. For a few, a fresh wind does bring change. For me, Huddlestone doesn't have 90 minute legs any more. Some would argue that's not a problem but it does restrict options if you know before kick off that he's one of the three who will need replacing. I'd be surprised, given Cocu's apparent track record of setting up from the back, if his defensive weakness was over looked but - as others have said - the likes of Shinnie may cover it rather than needing Tom to suddenly become a back line pit bull. But seeing Anya, Martin, Thorne and Huddlestone getting time to shine is a real tick in the box for the management team - they really are letting everyone have a go.
  9. And I just hope that if the bloke next to me gives him grief I'm strong enough to tell them to shut the 'f' up...
  10. I thought Thurman would win also, he looked a bit rusty in his last fight but before that looked the best at this weight. But Pac showed he still has it - even though I didn't think he did. Whyte looked gone in the ninth, I really thought he was going to get stopped. He's a good boxer, maybe the same sort of level as someone like Ortiz, but as @Alpha says he hasn't got the class and moves to have anything except a punchers chance. But he just might, just like Amir just might against Pacquaio... Price looked surprisingly good, he really could have been something if he'd only learnt to keep his chin on his chest.
  11. I get your point but it is still homophobic. Not proud, but many years ago I shouted the N word at Viv Anderson even though I love my reggae (I know, I'm being ironic). I didn't think I was being racist but I was, even though I thought I was just 'putting him off'.
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