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  1. Getting a like on a post you made a year ago.....
  2. BaaLocks

    Ex Rams

    Leggy does a Poom. No there's a sentence that only Derby fans would understand.
  3. Was there a Facebook party going on?
  4. I didn't get it - is the point that he did something to her later in life that he regretted and wants to save her from it?
  5. Nope, not at all. Because it doesn't rely on special effects for the jumps. If you are into The Shining you should also watch Room 237 - a documentary about the film made after Kubrick's death. It's part conspiracy theory, part homage to a great film maker but I really enjoyed it. I guarantee after it you will want to go back and watch The Shining again.
  6. You don't get to sack your club captain without good reason. Something went on here that is more than just 'he should have known better'. I don't know what, but there sure is a what.
  7. BaaLocks

    New joke thread

    Saw this shop in Rome last night - have to say I admired their honesty
  8. BaaLocks

    Worst roads

    Floyd Streete?
  9. It wasn't me either, I'm just his mate, he told me to stand her and watch this gate.....
  10. For as long as I've been on this forum we've needed six, seven, eight new players. And we'll get two or three, maybe less, like we always do.
  11. BaaLocks

    New joke thread

    Someone wrote a load of Shakespeare's sonnets all over the see saw at the kids park. As I was pushing my daughter up and down on it I thought "now that's poetry in motion".
  12. BaaLocks

    New joke thread

    Some idiot just let off a firework - in October! In October! The dog was terrified, it ran away so fast it nearly knocked over the Christmas tree.
  13. I'm guessing there wouldn't have too many boos for Lawrence or Bennett either if we had been beating Arsenal when he came on.
  14. This is Sheff Utd though. Sheff Wed had drink driving first, we've all just copied them.
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