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  1. Nice one Gaz... good luck buddy 👍
  2. Went to bed last night thinking about making a banner for the match.... had all sorts of ideas from a massive superman logo with Frank next to it etc... anything to get spotted on telly! Planned on really going to town as never done it before.... only to discover fans can take their own flags into Wembley as long as they don't have a pole or a banner which can be 250mm at its longest edge..... 😆 - forget that then!
  3. Know what ya mean. Good luck Tony. Keep plugging away, hope you make it buddy. COYR
  4. Villa have shed loads left according to their site... I’d try it if I couldn’t get the Derby end.
  5. Tiny bit premature but hotel booked, Ealing Travelodge £61. Buzzin!
  6. I’d swap Monday and Sunday, sets the week up better 👍🏼.... oh, the players day off would be the Thursday.
  7. Jesus that was absolute shyster. Lucky to come away 0-1 down. Completely found out.
  8. It’s the year of the underdog! 😉
  9. Bugs me more there's an even older one on the stadium! 🙈
  10. At last, confirmed no ban! Correct decision EFL whoooop
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