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  1. God.... and I thought that Bobby Zamora goal was painful.... that doesn’t come close to this.... the bloody Off License is making a mint off me at the minute.
  2. I’ve done that all season.... are we play offs or autos....??
  3. Derby County 2 - 0 Birmingham City FRGS: Lawrence Safe as houses bet!
  4. Ligue 1.... make things look a bit better...?
  5. 0-3 Derby win Frgs; Sibley
  6. Wouldn't be like us to sign bank players would it now.
  7. Half time entertainment idea Erik...? * no harm to the bull though please.... use foam knives.
  8. Rams 1-0 win rgs; Bird breaks his duck
  9. Hi — Has anyone got a link to the Jack O’Connell anthem, rhyme.... pre match thingy me bob video...? Looked everywhere on the World Wide Web but no luck thus far. Thanks in advance
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