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  1. A poll on this thread would be interesting. - Yes, renewing - No, not renewing - New ST
  2. Did you set the game today at Portman road?
  3. Having witnessed the game at Portman road today - how forest are where they are I’ll never know. Awful second half... worst side I’ve seen in years.
  4. Had one since Mac 1.... and when PP opened 20+ years ago. Just don’t enjoy it as much as I did 😞 time to just pick games.
  5. .... and whichever champ club that is (if it happened) would go up - just like Cardiff did - you just know it.
  6. Derby 2 Stoke 1 frgs; Wilson
  7. Derby 1 Wednesday 1 frgs; Bogle
  8. Some bloke with a box selling replica orange Bass sponsored shirts in the B stand “concours”, begging my dad if I could have one.
  9. Didn’t they join in with the bounce at one point and got a clap from the south stand? Or was that for the east stand?
  10. Derby 1 Wigan 1 frgs; Wilson
  11. Come on lads, let’s stay positive. We are due a shot on target.
  12. Ditto (even with my 2018/19 season ticket 😂)
  13. Wooooooo - don’t forget, £50,000 is better than nowt
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