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  1. I’m on your team Big Trav 👍🏼
  2. Boro 2 - 1 Derby frgs; Rooney
  3. Half a fan. (Good effort TBF) Happy new year Tiger 🤙
  4. Palace 3 - 1 Derby rgs; Martin (pen) 56th min
  5. Wayne Boooooney from now on then it is.
  6. No league for 4 years after we were formed?... blimey, didn't know that (forgive me).... (half a fan>>??)
  7. Lawrence has been put on a zero hour contract for zero hours played. Ill get me coat.
  8. Derby 2 - 0 Barnsley frgs; Waghorn
  9. Not seen fans in the East Stand applaud the team for so long after the final whistle like they did tonight. Thought the South Stand was outstanding as well... made a noise throughout.... well done you chaps who stand in there. Pride Park was on top form tonight.... fans fed off the players, players fed off the fans.... how it should be.... bravo all round. Loved it.
  10. REDCAR

    Goal of the decade

    The scoop that made it... won it. Take a bow son.
  11. Just looking at our starting 11 that lost 3-0 at their place in October..... there will be SIX players missing from that team tonight (8 if you include the subs that came on) .... for me highlights why no partnerships are being formed in our side... even when I coached grass roots football, that was key to success.
  12. Cool.... match thread mutates into a Cocu thread.... THE THING has taken the forum.
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