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  1. Rams 1 - 0 Swansea rgs: Stretton
  2. Rams 2 - 1 Reading frgs; Lawrence
  3. Should never have sacked the one before him….. we dodged a bullet….? Not that he was ever gonna come….. dreadful record at the city ground….. time to go!
  4. Not winding up at all…. No very well of his dislike to the pink kit…. And we were successful wearing it….. move along.
  5. Pretty sure our match stats while wearing are decent….. I think change from white to pink for home games….. anyway…… we will win at WEST BROM…… mark my words!
  6. Pity no pink kit this year…. It was lucky….. the lucky kit…. 💓
  7. No brainer….. Benny Johnson Come on Derby City!
  8. Could be worse…. We could be facing a points deducti…..
  9. Birmingham City 3 - 1 Derby County rgs; Shinnie (pen)
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