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  1. Whatever the outcome it sounds like next season is going to be a lot worse than this season, possible point deduction, transfer embargo, Mel Morris still the owner, and the worse possible scenario administration. Can't wait for August. LOL
  2. Sorry but players like Forsyth are one of the reasons we have been so bad this season, been a great servant to the club but we can't live in the past with him, we need quality replacements for the likes of Forsyth.
  3. Give him a free transfer well past his best and was awful yesterday. We can't have sentiment at our club if we need to move forward.
  4. Let's just hope it's just a journalist like Nixon trying to stir trouble by printing this story and nothing comes of it, next seasons going to be hard enough with the shambolic situation were in without a points deduction.
  5. I really hope your right sage but you know what the EFL are like.
  6. According to Alan Nixon in today Sun quotes the following Sunsports understands an independent disciplinary appeals is ready to come down in favour of EFL who have refused to accept defeat in the cash row. The charges were dismissed by first independent disciplinary commission in August 2020, but with several clubs angered by the outcome the EFL appealed. Top sources claim the decision had already been taken but was kept secret as Derby fought for championship survival. It then goes on to say that Mel Morris club could be hit with a points deduction next season that runs into double figures. S
  7. Mel Morris do the honourable thing and get rid of this charlatan( ALONSO) who obviously is no good for our club. I know you want to sell our club as soon as possible but please think of what you are doing. If possible try and see if Peter Gadsby maybe interested in a local bid, people like the fake sheik and Alonso are making our club the laughing stock of English football.
  8. Kevin Hector and Dave Mackay, one a fantastic goal scorer for us and the other a colossus of a leader. Two inspirational players. Honourable mentions to Roy McFarland and Archie Gemmill who were fantastic players when I first started watching Derby play in 1970.
  9. I get the impression Morris couldn't give a damn about the club, when was the last time he showed any interest in the club?
  10. I hope you are right.
  11. Made up for Mount he deserves everything he as got out of his career to me he is just going to get better and better and go on to be one of the best British players of the next 10 years. It was a privilege to see him in a Derby County kit for one season.
  12. A very sad day if it gets to that. But we can't keep going from these chancers wanting to buy the club.
  13. Yes I agree with you there but where does it leave us as a club with regards to who is going to takeover the club? Morris as had enough and could just go into administration.
  14. If by chance were lucky to stay up and we have no stability at the club and stick with Rooney next season then we will be odds on favourites for relegation.
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