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  1. Hey I've supported the club 50 years through good and bad times so don't give me your crap there is no light at the end of the tunnel mate I'm on minimum wage and struggle to make end meet with 4 kids so that is why I will not go you are so patronising when you don't know people's circumstances.
  2. Sorry but as a supporter of 50 years I will not put one pence into Derby County until it's sold and this shambles of a club is sorted out with new owners. Mel Morris as just about ruined the club I loved.
  3. ziggyram59

    F1 2021

    Does anyone think it's about time George Russell was given a chance to drive for Mercedes next year? I think his proved his worth and should replace Bottas who as been a very average driver over the last 2 seasons.
  4. I honestly think we will have no signings this week. It would be so typical of Derby.
  5. A good day to be born my friend. Happy birthday to you as well have a great day and let's hope we can have a decent season.
  6. ziggyram59

    F1 2021

    Love watching Checo Perez but hate seeing him in a Red Bull car anyone in that team I won't support. You are right about Spa a fantastic track one of my favourites on the calendar. Let's hope Mercedes do a 1/2 today.
  7. Born in County Durham today in 1959, moved to Nottingham in 1961 as my Dad was a miner had a neighbour who originally came from Ilkeston who took me to my first Derby match in 1971 under the great Clough and Taylor team and was hooked straight away, I was lucky to see 2 championship winning teams and European night's in the 70's. Then saw the decline in the 80's whilst Forest won the League and European Cup under Clough and Taylor. But even though I've lived in Nottingham since 1961 I could only ever support Derby. Come On You Rams.
  8. ziggyram59

    F1 2021

    Can't wait to see this weekend's Hungarian Grand Prix, think the track will suit the Red Bull's unfortunately but let's hope Lewis can get a good result fingers crossed.
  9. Well I love it seen some great games like Trent Rockets last night, they looked like they were well out of it until Ben Stokes dropped that catch of Hales and it suddenly changed. I must admit I love it because I've always been a Notts fan coming from Nottingham, apologies to all Derbyshire fans out there.
  10. Sorry to say if this crap/ vendetta from the EFL carries on then after 50 years of supporting the club I cannot carry on supporting it. It's obvious they want to just see Derby relegated as soon as possible to League 1 maybe see us go into Administration or even better for them to see us go out of business. There is obvious a big feud between Morris and them and as long as he owns the club the more they will try to destroy us. Why Rooney is still manager beggars belief. Let's hope there is a change but can't see it.
  11. If this happens then after 50 years as a Derby County supporter with everything else that is happening with the club then I'm finished with supporting the club, to see him playing for our hated rivals is to much to bear. Sorry I've tried to be positive over the last season but enough is enough.
  12. I know what you mean but a lot of people will say it's progress and bringing the game into the 21st century.
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