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  1. Hoping this doesn't happen, his just settled into the manager's job and doing a good job. We don't need this. Obviously on a list of other managers.
  2. 1-0 we are struggling to score so I think we will just nick it.
  3. Sorry but I thought Roberts was garbage on Friday to say his a winger never once put in a cross, instead decided to cut back inside and lose the ball, and was at fault for Hughes goal. Just my opinion.
  4. Jim Smith was a great manager for us but Cox was better from the position we were in when he took over.
  5. Mackay had the basis of the team there to win 2nd League Championship, Cox took us from the depths of division 3 to division 1 in under 3 seasons with some fantastic signings.
  6. Best Derby manager we had after Clough and Taylor, the man is a legend in my book.
  7. I really hope your right JImbo Ram we need 6 points out of next 2 home games. Especially against Huddersfield can't afford to drop points against them.
  8. Results went against us yesterday and were still in a relegation battle unfortunately.
  9. I think we are better than that and you really are so negative in your thoughts. There are 3 teams a lot worse than us.
  10. What do you think we will end up with? And more importantly do you think we will avoid relegation?
  11. These are our remaining fixtures Huddersfield(H) 3 Forest(H) 1 Cardiff(A) 0 Barnsley(A) 1 Millwall(H) 3 Brentford(H) 0 Stoke (A) 1 Luton(H) 3 Reading(A) 0 Norwich(H) 1 Blackburn(A) 0 Preston(A) 1 Birmingham(H) 3 Swansea(A) 0 Sheff Wed(H) 3 Means we end up on 57 points at the end of the season. Interested in anyone's thought's.
  12. Roberts really frustrated me last night instead of putting crosses over when we were in good positions with players in there box, he cut back inside with lots of there players on him and he would lose the ball, I thought he was a lot worse than Waghorn.
  13. I would drop Roberts thought he was awful last night and play Gregory.
  14. No I thought he was rubbish last night. And I could imagine on big wages.
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