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  1. First two definitely reds. Sibley also knew what he was doing flicking his boot upwards. Just thought the ref might be more sensible and realise both were being petulant. I was sent off for much the same thing when someone grabbed my leg and wouldn't let go. It's bloody frustrating and I understand Sibley's annoyance.
  2. I don't think he's been fit since he joined. Once he is, he will be the player we build our midfield around. He has class but needs a few games to show it.
  3. In an attacking sense we lack any goal threat from crosses. Not only is the quality of crossing poor, but also we don’t have players capable of creating space in the box to convert them. This leaves us reliant upon neat passing moves in and around the box which are particularly difficult against well-marshalled defences. Two of our three senior forwards have been missing due to ill-discipline and we have put unfair pressure on Sibley to do their combined work. We will be more of a force when everyone is fit but we do need two or three new faces to freshen things up and there are s
  4. I didn’t see the game live so didn’t go through the same emotions as a lot of you guys but it strikes me that 4 games ago we were written off but now we are failures. That seems unfair. The play-offs were always a stretch with a young squad but losing Wisdom, Waghorn and Lawrence has made it even tougher. Without others taking responsibility for shooting, Martin looks lost and ineffectual. He’s really an advanced midfielder whose football brain needs runners. We should pay him per effort on target! We need Waghorn, Lawrence and Martin as our front three. That then creates s
  5. I'm about to go into a two hour meeting starting at 5pm (yes really!). Good luck chaps. Do my worrying for me 😁
  6. Getting off the train at Derby Station after the two hour journey from Bristol. Walking up the steps to take my seat wondering whether the beautifully positioned seat I purchased online is available only because of the rather large man with poor personal hygiene in the adjacent seat. The polite applause from my friends in the East Stand as we score. Jogging through the crowd outside of the stadium to allow enough time to purchase a coffee and food for the train back. Ahhh...
  7. So, I missed the Leeds second keg last year, then missed the conclusion of the cricket World Cup final. Tonight I have to miss the West Brom game. Hope that’s a good omen!
  8. So ALL we have to do is beat the second best team in the division away. Simples!
  9. If one lifts the other they might catch a cross!
  10. Interesting that Cocu referenced our slow start in his interview. He seemed surprised and disappointed by it. Bird and Rooney are strolling footballers by their very nature. We perhaps need a Shinnie doing the terrier stuff to create a bit of fire and aggression - not by fouls but by imposing his authority on the midfield and putting the opposition under pressure. Holmes is a player I have a lot of time for but he has been poor since the restart and Knight is a good young player who is making his way in a slightly unfamiliar role.Once their form improves, we will be back as a fo
  11. Really enjoying Perry Mason on Sky Atlantic. Very different from the old one but well-acted and intriguing.
  12. Watching the film Marvellous last week made me smile all over again. I would recommend it to anyone. A great attitude to life. Available on iplayer BBC2
  13. I don't think it was aggression which got Bielik in trouble. It was his lack of sharpness which meant he was always off balance and lunging into tackles. Same issue which got him injured. Let's hope he comes back fighting fit and proves to be a legend.
  14. Theme to Once upon a time in America is beautiful. A real talent. Thanks Ennio.
  15. Whenever I watch Hamer, he always looks like the Sunday keeper drafted in at the last minute by someone's mate. He doesn't really mix or shout or encourage and he always looks nervous. If you look at the video above he's in a perfect position and you would expect only a worldy of a strike to beat him. It wasn't... but it did.
  16. Hundreds allowed to mingle with booze inside them but I can't go back to work because the person who sits behind me would need to walk too close to my back to get out. Drinking from home has been relaxed but working from home hasn't. I know we need to get these industries back up but the good old British drinking culture often seems to take precedence over more pressing needs. Keeps the proles quiet whilst Rome burns.
  17. Rees Witherspoon is very talented. She really gets to the hub of human frailty.
  18. Putting a long post on here with no typos or grammatical errors but which irk the majority then, when challenged, affirm: 'Sorry, posted whilst on the ale' BS!
  19. Hope he does go to Scotland so we can nip in for Ivan Toney!
  20. Definitely need a striker with pace. We have the passers to find him. Too often our forwards have to check back due to lack of pace.
  21. I would have thought ST holders only would be OK by that time assuming no second wave. Commonsense needed to space everyone out a bit.
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