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  1. After watching the debate I remain unconvinced that either of these clowns is fit to run the country. It’s a pretty bleak political landscape at present and the choice is who will do the least damage.
  2. Very attacking but Shinnie, Bielik and Holmes get overrun as a three without reducing that to a two. The back five would have to play high up the pitch which leaves room in behind and no real pace from the central defenders. If Lowe or Bogle lose the ball in this formation you would have Davies or Evans running out wide, and they are likely to be outpaced
  3. Cocu will know how he wants Derby County to play, from the under eights to the first team. It will take time to identify which players are technically and mentally able to adapt to such plans. This will involve various combinations of players. Bit by bit he will see who he wants and who he doesn't. When he gets his squad sorted we will climb the table. Whether or not we get to the top six this season will depend on his ability to work with the current squad, bolstered perhaps by two or three newbies. By next season he should be better placed to be judged as a manager because he will have had more chance to mould a team in his image. In an ideal world that team would include three or four youth players elevated into the championship.
  4. B4 just wants some transfer talk back. Then we can discuss some realistic targets.
  5. What time is the next bus from Alfreton to Buenos Aires?
  6. I would get rid of Waghorn in January. That mistimed header from Evans' cross was indicative of his lack of skill. He has a poor first touch and relies on effort to mask his deficiencies. I'm also a bit fed up with hearing about Marriott's lack of fitness. It's his job to be fit. If he isn't he should be sacked. However, I think he's the best bet we have given a snap chance. We have a lack of pace and movement up front but for now the three we have are the best footballers.
  7. I must say I thought the ref had a pretty decent game. Kept calm and made allowances for the passion of a local Derby. Clarke seemed to twist awkwardly as he went down. Lawrence’s was a spiteful lunge after avoiding a couple of swipes himself. I suspect the cruel chanting got to him too. We lost because we made a mistake which was punished not because of the ref.
  8. Marriott should take the corners. Lawrence is more likely to get his head on it. Someone at the far post would be nice.
  9. I didn’t think they played badly. One poor mistake and a bit rushed in their penalty area. Much better than many of our other performances this season. Really gutting to lose but the position remains that we are about three players short of a good team.
  10. I’m enjoying it, though I have just noticed my hands are shaking where I have been so tense. I think we are playing pretty well so far. Just a little care needed with the final pass.
  11. So pleased he's named this team.
  12. Anag Ram


    Time for a new mophead. Replace Boris now.
  13. I was only hypothesising that Cocu might have held off on playing his most attacking front three for fear those behind them might get overwhelmed as previous midfield and defensive combinations had. I hope, as I think you do, that he sticks with last week's forward lune.
  14. Those trees were saplings at the beginning of the week.
  15. Without a doubt this is currently our strongest front three. However it's also a front three which needs licence to attack and we have struggled to field a three man midfield which can support them. That's one reason Cocu may have played more battling forwards like Waghorn and Bennett. Bielik, Shinnie and Holmes all have strengths but I don't see them as being a cohesive unit of three either in defence or attack. I hope they will find that chemistry but it's more likely we will strengthen in that area in January.
  16. Same team as Middlesbrough but with Lowe for Malone. Possible he could go for Evans over Holmes if feeling cautious. Holmes is more dynamic but does give the ball away more often which is never good when away, particularly where momentum is everything. Our bench is starting to look a bit stronger with injured players returning and hopefully it won't be too long before we see Forsyth back in the regular squad. Really looking forward to it. I don't share the pessimism of others. If you can't get up for this one then what's the point of being a Ram?
  17. The NHS was set up at a time when there were four working people to every pensioner and people didn’t live much beyond 70. We now live in a country with average life expectancy of around 80 and with only about two working people to every pensioner. Added to this, medical inflation is about three times normal inflation. There’s not sufficient income from tax to pay for all we want the NHS to be. We should be grateful for all the good work it does but those of us who have disposable income should also consider private medical insurance. The government should be encouraging this by lowering the tax payable by insurers which inflates premiums. This would help shorten queues for non-emergency treatment and let the NHS do what it’s best at.
  18. TBF I didn't say which March. Maybe we can assess the main parties on sprouts. Conservative - just sprouts. Lib Dem - Brussels sprouts Labour - West European sprouts Brexit - English sprouts
  19. Well done lads. Hope many of you make it into the first team 😊
  20. From my limited involvement in the counselling domain I understand that EMDR has proven to be effective for PTSD. My supervisor recommended a referral for one of my clients. Hope it works for your son.
  21. I can see the attraction but we would lose CD's aerial power. Remember we were conceding at set pieces. That seems to have improved a bit recently. Evans is a starter but possibly as the most advanced of a central defensive three.
  22. I think that our midfield gets more exposed away from home. Bielik is a bit like Huddlestone in that he can tackle if the player is close but people can run beyond him to receive the ball. Shinnie is a battler but often finds himself running from one fire to another and Holmes is just poor defensively. Having said all that, we do have the firepower to cause them problems if we get possession and believe in our strength rather than worrying about theirs.
  23. The why is because taking on the shot is the right thing to do and the best way to score a goal. I thought after his dynamic return he would be full of confidence to shoot It's just possible that had he had a few 'sighters', he might have tucked away that fairly simple side foot finish from Bogle's cross. You are right of course that he sees passes others in the side do not. I want him to get back his hunger for goals, including free kicks and penalties.
  24. I think the Chris Martin that used to shoot for goal would be worth a new contract. I love his passing but he is a centre forward and needs to bang a few in himself. Once we get that version back we'll be onto a winner.
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