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  1. How quickly will we score against the Jocks?
  2. The love of money is the root of all evil. "For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evils. It is through this craving that some have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many pangs." Timothy 6:10
  3. Yeah I skimmed the article. "However, the two different spike proteins behave very differently in the body, and so the assumption that spike proteins generated by the vaccine could also harm cells in the bloodstream is unevidenced." Seeing as the current dominant variant is spreading more quickly than Alpha, and the young are being affected, albeit not as badly, at a greater rate than those affected by having the vaccine(s) - then I'd suggest that the odds are tipped towards getting vaccinated as better for your health.
  4. Haven't they already got lots of youngsters in their squad?
  5. By 'unevidenced' cases, you mean cases with no evidence? Made up? Anecdotal? Coincidental?
  6. Yeah why would they stage them here after covid19 rules have changed. Can't blame UEFA?
  7. Then it would have been available before then to specialists, and perhaps journos but embargoed.
  8. He's an average centre-half at best, poor in the air. I imagine he was happy on above average wages at Derby!
  9. I thought the delay was down to Boro and the EFL appealing certain points in the process and so slowing stuff down? We stayed in the Championship because we had enough points.
  10. Ya miserable old git! They're fab! #COYR 😄
  11. No not imagined. They were just trying to prove their importance, saying look who's watching our channel.
  12. I imagine he'll get 3 years somewhere as he's on a free (or not, EFL?!), Peterborough?
  13. Yes please, they are great. Indeed would look good in the back garden! 😄
  14. This looks cool, not being local I'd not heard about it. Has anyone done the trail? @DerbyRamTrail "Embaa'rk on a free public art trail of 30 beautifully decorated rams on the streets of Derby until 22 August 2021 #TheRamsAreHere #DerbyRamTrail"
  15. Seems staycations aren't so risk free afterall!
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