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  1. Imagine if lots of fans going to watch football in the 70s and 80s actually went to watch the football? The violence was horrible to see and difficult to get away from, I’d have been very happy for it not to have been there.
  2. Not curious at all. He’s better than his detractors see. 😉
  3. Sibbo didn’t do that much more than Festy. If we’d given him the ball more then we might have seen more end product.
  4. Mate I know it’s all about personal opinion. But such extremes are just silly? Have a good evening. #coyr
  5. Lol. I saw more than you with your one eye. 😄
  6. What? I could see the game. Did I need to smell it? 😄
  7. We weren’t great in the first half, but we weren’t that bad. Much improved second half, true.
  8. Perhaps you were behind a post? Or just you don’t rate anything he does.
  9. Did you? Some fans have hatred of certain players, doesn’t matter what they do.
  10. Lol. Didn’t say I drunk that much. You’re really in need of some support aren’t you.
  11. So can’t answer a straightforward question then. 👍🏻
  12. So you won’t answer the simple question, what a surprise. Again then, so are you saying covid vaccines are useless?
  13. You also don’t have a real point to say, do you.
  14. Its not yet ‘facts’ its not been peer reviewed.
  15. What facts? The stuff has not YET been peer reviewed. I asked what point he was trying to make. Odd? Lol.
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