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  1. Kind of this discussion, without the posturing
  2. I don't want to speak on anyone's behalf but what I read was a suggestion that unity will always cause less conflict than division, for pretty bleeding obvious reasons (for example, the whole tone of the UK is clearly more fractious and divided now than it was pre referendum). However, my observation would be that the major reason we have avoided major wars in the last seventy years is not because of political institutions but because those who remembered what they actually bring were alive to caution us not to go down that path. Sadly, memory is not genetic and as that generation passes those that are left seem to want to blunder into the same mistakes as they did.
  3. Taribo West was older than that when he played for us
  4. Is that Thorne, Paterson and <insert name of latest player who the fans think it is all their fault>?
  5. While I agree with your second sentence I think your first is a thing of history. Just take the opening line of the BBC lead article this morning "Conservative MPs have been warned not to rebel against the government over Brexit, as opposition MPs plan legislation to stop no deal." Don't see too much in there about MPs being allowed to not vote on party lines, align that to Cummings comments yesterday and it's pretty clear - you're either with us or you're out. A very strange tactic to pull in an all but minority government. Basically, Johnson is pretty limited on where he can go with this. He knows if he goes Deal or Extension he will lose the next election, he also knows (on record) that No Deal will screw us all. His only viable tactic is to play the biggest political bluff in this countries history and hope that the EU blinks first. If they don't, he's off like the last two and we're left with a broken political system and even more Farage than we currently get. Big stakes and (imho) irresponsible gambling of the highest order.
  6. He didn't say 'fresh food' he just said 'everyone will have enough food' so get used to Pot Noodles and pasta for six months while we all work this out. Gove also refused to confirm that his cabal of Bullingdon Club wiff waff players would follow the recommendation of Parliament, you need to read that again if you didn't quite get what sits inside that statement. Dominic Cummings has notified Conservative MPs that if they vote for the extension legislation next week, they will be "automatically deselected" before the next election. It's not quite what this country is used to, to say the least. Seriously, I'm a fervent believer this is a disaster of a move to leave the EU but even I could support a position that said 'we've had enough talking, we're just going to get this done now and to do that we need to cut the chat and just get on with doing'. But this is not that, this is really dangerous abuse of our democratic process. What is happening here is beyond what we could even have feared in our worst estimates and is totally akin to the role of a dictator. I don't say that makes BoJoke some sort of neo-Hitler but I do say they are acting totally beyond any position that they have been empowered to do so (even by the miniscule percentage of our island that actually put them there)
  7. With one post here in 40 years I'm going to say you, you and you.
  8. You're correct, my mistake and I apologise. @Van Wolfie has corrected me perfectly - 99% of all imported potatoes come from the EU. Just to put the other side on this, EU countries will suffer also. Netherlands is estimated to be at risk of losing €4.5bn of trade, Ireland 4% of output, 750,000 of those famous German cars per year. You won't get economists to agree on much but the one thing they are pretty much aligned on is that nobody wins a trade war and a no deal without contingency puts us immediately in the middle of one - for every product category. Well, not quite - shouldn't be all doom and gloom about everything. As per August 14th we had trading agreements in place with the following countries so if you want some pilot whale meat, Toblerone, new false teeth or a big fat Samsung HDTV at least that is sorted. And it's taken us three years to get these signed...... South Korea Central America Andean countries Norway and Iceland Caribbean countries Pacific Islands Liechtenstein Israel Palestinian Authority Switzerland The Faroe Islands Eastern and Southern Africa Chile
  9. I'm not quite sure I understood but I think, reading the above, you are saying that we can all put words in other peoples mouths to support the argument we might want to put forward? Correct. My point, apologies if it crossed over in any way, was that it matters not one jot now how people voted in the referendum but it will matter a hell of a lot how they vote in the next election. And they will vote for or against Boris based on how he handles the next few months. Bully his way through, and fail to listen to / understand the point of those who might not think they are getting what they thought they would (remain, second referendum, soft, hard, ultra hard, Norway +, extension, hard border, no border, let it burn etc) and he will be looking for a new job pretty soon. Deliver Brexit, with the EU bending at the last moment, and Britain getting through this relatively unscathed and he'll be lauded as a hero. If I give Boris one single jot of credit it is that he has taken the high risk option, to lead through this period now. If I have one reason I won't vote for Corbyn it is because he has done exactly the opposite.
  10. 79% of food in supermarkets comes from the EU Britain imports £30.3bn worth of food from the EU each year, yet exports £12.3bn £400m of tomatoes, mainly from the Netherlands, 99% of frozen potatoes (chips) are from the EU 98% of all lamb produced in the UK is exported to the EU. In the event of a no-deal Brexit that would, overnight, face a 40% tariff The Royal Pharmaceutical Society has already warned that they are stretched to stockpile on anti-depressants and painkillers We import more than we export from Germany, Netherlands, Spain, France, Belgium and Italy Germany sells about one in seven of all cars it makes in the UK, though it does export more to the UK than any other single country But you keep telling yourself that old and tired story that the inability for BMW to not sell all their cars on November 1st is going to panic them into submission within days. And nobody, here or elsewhere, is able to confirm whether or not the EU would willingly trade with a non-EU partner that has a porous border with one of it's neighours. Look, I get that we are a big country - no sensible body, even the EU and all that it is, will burn every bridge out of sheer spite. But we are proposing to enter into a no deal scenario willingly and of our own unilateral volition. In that case it isn't the EU that is to blame, we will have done this to ourselves.
  11. Looking at that video it seems that Mars is a lot closer than I realised. But, flippant comments aside, it's quite amazing to think that this test was profoundly more important than anything that happened in the UK yesterday. It's mad to think that people are thinking very seriously about Mars as a new home for humanity.
  12. Which is why Corbyn has about one week to save his political future - he needs to come out and say 'these are extreme times, we will help you get this over the line, on non-party lines, get the deals signed and then - once that is done - we go back to fighting this on party lines'. He is so mired in party politics that he can't see that would guarantee we sort out Brexit in a way he can then blame on the Tories plus all but guarantee his route into Downing Street.
  13. And it will include any point that they wish to put in there - including insistence on the Irish border - before a single block of cheese, pharmaceutical or car part is shipped. For what is supposed to be a team of crack negotiators, the UK is racing headlong into having its pants pulled down and getting it full bore up the poo pipe.
  14. Oh but they do in the grand scheme of things. They are voters who will choose their next leader at the next general election. If they feel Brexit was not handled in the way they can tolerate then good luck BoJoke on getting re-elected - irrespective of whether they voted Leave, Remain or sat on their BWA on June 23rd. Of course, and it saddens me to say it, the question they will then have to ask is whether Corbyn is a realistic alternative - but my point still stands that, now, their vote in the next general election is the one that matters more than what they did in the referendum.
  15. Refuse to sign any trading agreements until it is clear? The UK / Irish border is such a critical element of the deal and given the political capital it has had throughout I can't see how the EU can now sign any trading relations with us while this is still an open point. And no deal is a perfect way to bring it to the fore of any discussion that happens. I sure hope BoJoke has got his Dixons loyalty card at hand coz all this amazing technology that he swears is ready to roll will certainly be needed if he does crash out on October 31st.
  16. Oh we are so far beyond those conversations now. There is no case to prove, or not prove I am afraid. We are now in a place where the only consideration is to do this without this barmpot taking the whole country down the toilet at the same time. Seriously, it is about that.
  17. No, but I can safely say that we will need insulin before we need a new BMW. And if there is no trade deal in place to import either the EU will likely say that they only export to countries who respect their borders. My point is that I don't know the actual answer, nobody does, but I can take a fair guess that we will need things quickly and a no deal Brexit puts us firmly in the bitch position around the negotiating table.
  18. Well, let's look at it this way. Every single trade negotiation with any EU state that happens will start with 'how's that Irish border going?'. Backstop removed as an option and clear EU directive to any member not to trade with us till that is resolved. Unless the EU blinks in the next two months we have backed ourself into a right old corner.
  19. It doesn't matter - they lost. That ship has sailed and many (myself included) fervent remainers get that point clearly. What is needed now is a more consiliatory approach to the leave mandate that the people voted for, no matter how narrowly. Them was the rules of the game - end of.
  20. Nobody knows but the likelihood is that the EU will look largely unchanged in ten years. The two main scare options, Turkey and Ukraine will not become EU members for the reason they cannot protect their borders. Ukraine also will never join the EU while Putin is in charge, he simply would not allow it. So I don't see who else could join the EU that would provoke any level of change from what exists today? Questions 2,3 and 4 have no answer I can give - and anything I did say might likely get labelled Project Fear so I'll not, save to say the one country that can't get bailed out now is the UK. Some might think that a silly thing to say as they look at their HDTV and plan their next holiday but many areas of deprived inner cities in the UK have benefitted for years from EU support - but that wasn't exciting enough to paint on a bus.
  21. It was, you're right, and it was beyond stupid that was it. It was also beyond stupid that there was no decisive margin in place - this thing could have tipped on one vote and (in a country of >60m people) it just about did. Maybe some of the extreme Leave proponents might get a bit further if they remembered that rather than giving it the 'Remoaners need to realise the people spoke' line at every opportunity. This was not a decisive vote and we needed to proceed in respect of that, on either side. But we gave too much air time to the wrong people and we now are in a place where the rift is significant and growning embittered. All that BoJoke's actions over the last 24 hours have done is deepen the divide and ensure that the time when the debate does happen, in a now shortened window, will be even more partisan than before. And it is not 80% of the people telling the majority to tow the line - like it or not this is a split country and we must appreciate that 'my way or the highway' is not going to end well (if for no other reason than that no two people are agreed on what 'my way' looks like).
  22. Anyone who went to Berlins got everything they deserved..... And how is it that when they talk about him as a decent footballer it's 'ex-Liverpool and Aston Villa' yet as soon as he's going to jail it's 'ex-Derby County'.
  23. Those who just want to get on with it largely fail to believe that anything bad could happen here. It's just bally well not cricket, we're all too fond of cucumber sandwiches and jugs of real ale to let that sort of thing get that out of hand. Damn you sir, no! I know I will sound a bit alarmist but so did many people in many countries over the last hundred years who equally believed it couldn't happen in their back yard but when we read the history books now all we can see is a trail of mistakes that 'they must have seen where it was going to go'. Now what 'it' is still remains to be seen - but some Polish painter and decorater, some Nigerian hospital worker, some mouthy young lad who speaks up a bit too much in a pub, all getting a bit of a telling off / swearing at / thump / right good kicking well they're the thin end of the wedge. If this thing does cleave - and there is a risk - then it does it right down the middle of your street, right through the middle of your bus to work, right through the family dining table. And once it does go it goes so quickly that we won't be able to stop it - not even Trevor McDoughnut telling us all to calm down and have a cup if tea will be enough. OK, it's dramatic, maybe far fetched, but I always think you should consider the worst case scenrio and then make sure you prevent that. From there consider the next worst scenario and so on. If you get back to the PM not knowing where we export pork pies to then fair enough, but the other scenarios are still possibilities. And I admit that I do start to fear exactly where all of this could go....
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