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  1. Pigs, Pigs. Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs Murder Capital The Lovely Eggs All in Brum over the next few weeks - looking forward to them all. But saw Pigs last year and they were immense - not your normal night out. that's for sure.
  2. I thought Kevin Francis ended up at Stockport?
  3. Yeah, but did he sign anything for them? That's the measure....
  4. Yup, good precis for me. Tell y'all what, it's going to be interesting - Mel has been brewing on this topic for a while and I would be very surprised if he hasn't been doing a bit of bedtime reading well before yesterday. Personally, I don't think I've ever been prouder to be a Derby fan than when I saw the statement from the club - basically saying that we did all that was asked of us and we're not now going to abide by some trumped up post-factum charge just because we're cleverer than they are and found ways around the rules they set. This one could get very interesting indeed.....
  5. I saw it live and even as he was speakng I thought it was an utterly stupid thing to say. FWIW I agree that the hounding of Meghan is likely not consciously racist (the Di and Fergie analogy is a very good one, thx - I've put that in my pocket for when I need it) and it really doesn't help the argument either way to try and suggest it is, evn though that puts me in a quite horrible place of being in agreement with Pritya Patel on something. I was the same over the Danny Baker image - stupid but not hateful, suggesting racism misses the point. But Lozza's reaction was about as typical as an entitled gammon could be, you couldn't have scripted it closer. The more worrying thing was the reception he got for his comments - that can't be the country we live in, can it?
  6. Nine pages on Harry and Meghan? The scene in the cafe where she pretends to get a giggle on is good but besides that it's just your standard rom com.
  7. Robbie Savage isn't it? I hope he stepped a bit more gingerly with number two.
  8. Panel: So when your Chairman said on the last day of the season that you were flying close to the wind, what did you do? Us: We signed Wayne Rooney and got his shirt sponsored by 32 Red Before you say, I know, 50% of Rooney's wages aren't accounted for under FFP as he is a part-time coach and all that. But it's not exactly the action likely to win you a sympathetic ear is it?
  9. I'm just upset to see that we're not going to miss out on Sam Szmodics once again. Come on recruitment team, pull your fingers out.....
  10. Been a long time since I remember us giving Sunderland a thumping, I do admit
  11. My preference would be to just rest him, preferably without actually paying him. I don't dislike the lad, don't wish him ill but if you think he is any part of a Derby future that is anything other than mid-table mediocrity, or worse, then we are not in agreement.
  12. Whatever you end up like, make sure to keep your Poker Face.....
  13. Mate of mine is an Aberdeen season ticket holder, this is what he had to say (other than grumbling that they've already given us their captain - what more do we want, moan, moan, moan...): "I didn’t rate Cosgrove when he arrived. Big lump of a guy with not much football about him. Good target man but wasn’t bringing others into play. Had a tendency to get sent off - in fact in his first 9 months or so he had more red cards than goals. However in the last year it’s clicked, scoring almost a goal a game for a year and now a hero at Pittodrie. Controlled his aggression - although did get sent off the other week against Celtic (unfairly)."
  14. Martin out of contract? Brace yourself - incoming of 250 pages of 'I'd definitely give him a one year deal' against 'His best years are way gone'. Brexit has got nothing on what 2020 holds for this forum.
  15. Or, alternately, they offer some comfort to those who find it hard to admit their loved ones are gone. I don't believe, not one bit, in anything they propose to see but I can understand how those who do might find it of help to think that a connection was made. There's no con as such, people buy a ticket, go to the show and choose to believe - if at all - what they hear.
  16. Indeed - I was convinced Ravanelli was a master signing. He reminds me of Branko Strupar in many ways, came across as this goal scoring machine but not quite done it to the levels that was suggested. I don't blame him for not coming - re: the earlier comment on Mitrovic, he's a goalscorer who hasn't really be scoring. To prove the doubters wrong he needs to be with a team where chances are aplenty and we've hardly been pulling up trees in that department over the last couple of months.
  17. Is this one of those multiple choice things?
  18. BaaLocks

    George Long

    He'd be great with that Craig fella we had in the 90s in front of him. That would be the Long and Short of it.
  19. Everyone wants to play eleven of our own, only the very biggest clubs realistically can.
  20. Does it work in Vue as well as Odeon?
  21. Impressed during a spell at Granada? Was he on Corrie? (cue David Platt based response....)
  22. Or the adverts of all the production companies, screenwriters, directors groups and cinema technology that come up at the beginning of the film - you end up ten minutes into the darned thing before anything's even started.
  23. Allez allez ooo I waited three hours in a queue For an autogragh from King Roo But he just drove away Now I 'm sad and cry all day Allez allez ooo
  24. Surely it's Sheff Wed? They wrote them all.....
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