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  1. Wouldn't it be cheaper to just get a deaf dog?
  2. And let's not forget Cap Bombers - bad boy like this from the newsagent with a roll of caps. All for 20p.
  3. It's going to make dancing to Black Lace at wedding receptions a rather more intimate experience.
  4. Good theory, till the men in suits put up Zhilei Zhang or Agit Kabayel up as mandatories. I hope you're right.
  5. He'll fight on for as long as people are prepared to watch him. And we'd all watch him against AJ, Whyte, Usyk or even the likes of Joyce - and he'd likely win three out of four of those contests. Earnie Shavers, Archie Moore, Ken Norton, Tommy Morrison, Ezzard Charles, Cleveland Williams, Del Boy, Jimmy Ellis, Joe Bugner - there is more than one heavyweight that carried on entertaining long after the chance of them being champion of the world passed them by. Some of them too long, I admit, but still.
  6. Ooooh, if one more person sends me that "I only asked my staff to buy me a new castle and I ended up with a garbage football club" meme then I swear, I do, I swear I will pop.
  7. TBF - the only person who has got close to knocking out Tyson Fury is Tyson Fury
  8. For me, it's the fact we still celebrate burning Catholics alive. I mean, I know they smell a bit but it's a hard one to continue to enjoy when you think about it.
  9. Strangely, he seemed to take Wilder a bit lightly in terms of his style. Fight two he had excellent tactics, kept his head moving, moved in and out and won the fight with his brain. The last fight he won with brawn and after the seventh just seemed to believe he could walk through anything. Risky strategy, it worked, but some boxer to try it against. What I find amazing about Fury is that he just has some super super human ability to clear his head as soon as he hits the canvas. If you saw the way he reacted to getting decked on Saturday he just blew a couple of times and got up, just like in the first fight. Hey, ping this one back at me if it happens, but I can't see a heavyweight out there who could knock Fury out.
  10. Pre-fight press conferences are usually a total waste of time but the last ten minutes of this one were totally worth watching. Can't blame Arum for cancelling the face off, Wilder got whupped there though was actually so stupid it likely took him a coupe of minutes to realise. Like you say, Fury just needs to not walk onto one. I personally think his footwork is too good for Wilder, I look back to the Luis Ortiz fight and even he could get around Wilder (till he got tagged, I admit). Fury by TKO - round 9.
  11. It's nothing compared to his performance in Paddington-2. That is a tour de force - seriously.
  12. Silly! It just got plain barmpot mad - the general premise was good but the fact it became apparent they had made no effort at all to think how to resolve it all showed just how poor the writing team actually are. It's a real good measure for me, whether or not the end is anything more than 'don't know how to get out of this'
  13. Just making my first business trip since the world started coughing - logged into my airline and forgot I have enough miles for two flights to New York, which was nice.
  14. Tomori had the same issue at Chelsea as he did at Derby, he needed to learn quickly. And, you know what, he sure as hell did. Those who claim he was weak in the aerial challenge are basing their claims on his first few games for Derby or Chelsea - once he'd adapted to the level he was a class above. As good a centre back as I have seen at Derby since Dave Walton (just checking if you're still reading).
  15. You were warned, it was advertised as being 'from the makers of Line Of Duty'. From that point on you are flying without a parachute I am afraid.
  16. BaaLocks

    Medi Abalimba

    I wonder if, when he asks for other offences to be taken into consideration, he will confirm that he once tried to buy a football club by imitating a Sheikh and claiming to be related to the Man City owners?
  17. With apologies if this is outside the swear filter boundaries
  18. Yeah, I think every Tesla I've seen this week is probably being self charged on smugness. I don't own a Tesla but it has been joyous to drive past the petrol queues with not a care for worrying how long they are.
  19. Yeah, it's such a shame it didn't work out - it could have been something special. But, ultimately, it passed the point of no return and we are all the poorer for it.
  20. In there lies the problem, I was being serious......
  21. Took the kids there a few years back and decided to pop over the road to Birdland. Gutted - it's full of penguins, storks and eagles.
  22. Sadly, not even that. Just a complete over estimation of my ability to say something either witty or interesting.
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