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  1. He did exceptionally well to help it on goalwards. It went in so good for him. Lots of goals are scored with more luck than judgement. We'll done Mason.
  2. Have you lot won a game again? Getting a bit lary.
  3. Thankfully football is notoriously unpredictable. I always look forward optimistically to the next game otherwise what's the point?
  4. Frank said after the forest game that our forward players had "better get themselves into form". He's right. The midfield and attacking players are letting us down. They need to shape up quick. Not enough creativity or power at the moment. I hope and think we will see better against Villa.
  5. Do we know the latest with Mason? Seems to be dragging on quite a bit.
  6. Balance is the word. Let's both employ it.
  7. Because I support Derby County and it means a lot to me. I live away from Derby now and have defended my club against jibes and taunts from premier league glory fans for years. I joined this forum for healthy debate among Derby County fans. We all get negative and critical at times and rightly so. What I don't expect and enjoy however are some Derby fans constantly jibing and prodding with negitivity all or most of the time. I find it irritating and disappointing.
  8. Nothing remotely daft about it. You are negativity personified.
  9. Do you ever have a positive slant on anything to do with Dcfc?
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