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  1. Parachute payments taking effect again I see.
  2. Let's not pretend he's better than he is. If a reasonable fee comes in then sell.
  3. Talking of Bournemouth, just read for the two years to 30th June 2020 they made a loss of £92m. Since then they sold 3 players for £50m but still a loss of £42m. Crazy money!!
  4. We would keep what we had but able to add anymore. The ruling is they accept you need a minimum of 23 to compete.
  5. No guarantees of course but Its is feasible that a few league 2 teams may rate two or three of our better youngsters? Wages wont be high.
  6. Yep, I'm afraid we need to release some of the youngsters who look unlikely to make it. Sad as some may be late developers, but essential.
  7. He ran fast two or three times as well to be fair
  8. So, if we had beaten Villa at Wembley would he still be diabolical or are we being Captain Hindsight?
  9. For me bring exiled on the south coast, I view it as what would I spend if I lived within decent travel distance to go to every game? Probably at least £50.00 per week. So to pay rams TV prices and NowTV prices is for me is a no brainer.
  10. I thought Morrison was different class. He'd. Be my first signing.
  11. I'm still hoping Davies and wisdom are still technically our players and it's 5 plus them.
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