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  1. I don't usually get involved in "Nigel" discussions but wasn't he boss when we went to Yeovil and played beautiful passing football in a 0-3 away win. That final season he brought together a good side playing good football.
  2. The problem we have if Frank leaves is that we are nowhere near as attractive for potential player acquisitions ,either loans or permanents. I'm sorry but unless Mel really pulls off a minor miracle our new manager will not compare. Lampard or Moore, Lampard or Hughton, Lampard or ??? Oh well...……..UTR
  3. We are getting opinion not news. That is what the media now do, give opinion not news. No need to get wound up by it.
  4. This is the cause for complaint. Total utter disrespect from all associated with the Premier league circus. They can't even see it they are so wrapped up in themselves.
  5. What if Frank and his team report for work 1st July as required? I don't get the drama. If Derby have anything to say I'm sure they will. This demand for info is only here due to the curse of social media.
  6. 65 seasons in the top division I think?
  7. I thought the wording was significant as well.
  8. Wouldn't it be great if they eventually came in and Frank said no sorry as he is a big believer in loyalty and still has 2 years of his Derby contract to go.
  9. He is first team coach full stop. Darren Wassell is overall responsible for the kids. Deserves much credit as well. Not that he gets it.
  10. Wasn't that funny to confirm it three times in fairness...
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