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  1. My pennyworth only, but if the sanction is a loss of x amount of points then that alone is the sanction, so apply it! It should not matter whether a team is relegated or not as a consequence of the sanction, that is a by-product surely? If the sanction was automatic relegation then so be it but as far as I know it isn't.
  2. I hope the administrators are pressing the EFL for the results of the P&S results of our resubmission. The delay is simply not acceptable. Would love to see them publicly quizzed regarding the delay.
  3. Personally, I think the main obsticle moving forward is the uncertainty of any further points deduction.
  4. Exactly, but where are the clued up investigative journalists when you want them?
  5. I imagine that will have some bearing as the older supporters will no doubt be more cautious. Personally I also think we are at or around our hard core support level.
  6. I'm a bit of a saddo so here is the latest seat availability: East Stand; 2084 North Stand: 3261 South Stand: 416 West Stand; 2373 Total available for sale: 8134
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