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  1. Nothing to do with Roberts missing a sitter to make it 2-0? Nothing to do with our defence giving up a free header for third first? Nothing to do with Wisdom deciding to fall over for their second? Nothing to do with the ref ignoring a stonewall penalty?
  2. If we all repeat our forecasts often enough does it make them right? Hopefully we have enough about us to stay up but if not we go down. What can we do about it?
  3. There is no Club philosophy. Each manager does his own thing. In other words there is no corilation between player A and player B.
  4. What's he done wrong already? Is it speaking out excitedly? It may end badly it may be great. Who knows...anyway carry on with the misery as usual.
  5. So is this guy part of the new board or just a facilitator of the deal?
  6. Loans have to be repaid. If any business isn't making a profit then loan repayments just add to the costs. We need grants not loans.
  7. Marshall looking shakey against Israel. At fault for the goal and seemed a bit late in his decision making. Roos keeps his place I guess.
  8. Are you Scottish?? Is that your little wee joke?
  9. Don't worry David in different ways they haven't played much this season.
  10. I would look at the players if I was you.... They are league 1 standard.
  11. I think Wayne has already said its a big summer him and the club.
  12. Agree with the sentiment but I don't think we have any championship quality creative players.
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