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  1. I'm right behind the appointment and it sounds like the vast majority are too. We are up against it and need to unite behind the club. Often we are at our best in times of adversity. COME ON U RAMS!!
  2. If these new people need to be pressured to pay what they have legally agreed to pay then they are not good custodians to sell to. I took Mel at his word that he would only sell to people who could take the club forward. We still are waiting for a conclusion but things are not looking good. The players and employees should never have been left in the lurch.
  3. This is from an article in the Chronicle........6th Nov 2020 interesting I thought. Meeting Midhat Kidwai - months on from takeover talk Since the last column I was fortunate enough to meet personally with Midhat Kidwai of the Bin Zayed Group here (and not over Whatsapp, before some fans ask!) at his downtown Dubai offices. HH Sheikh Khalid bin Zayed Al Nahyan (L), speaking at a workshop held by the Dubai Economic Council (Randi Sokoloff for The National) (Image: Randi Sokoloff for The National) Much of what was said has to remain confidential for obvious reasons (ND
  4. Just read through a fair few posts. I think all records have been broken for tosh & nonsense!! I swear some on here just like the sound of their own keyboard.
  5. Sounds like the investment didn't arrive and Mel has had to put his hand in his pocket again.
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