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  1. Or maybe someone who happens to look a lot like Karanka.
  2. I agree it's looking very likely but what makes you think it's "absolutely certain"?
  3. Good luck selling the charms of Derbyshire to a French man currently working in Nice.
  4. Us having found a successor can't possibly be a condition. I don't believe this is standard practice and what would we gain? If it was standard practice then it would be as bad as buying house. What if the person we were interested in is currently employed and that club insisted on a similar condition and so on. It wouldn't be until one of the clubs chooses a manager currently out of work that the chain would be broken. Also, whilst the level of compensation may be documented in Franks contract, I guess it could be partially offset by an agreement to send loan players to us although this could be difficult until a new manager is in place.
  5. With all due respect, I'm not sure why you should feel sorry for the players. They're all presumably on (an expensive) holiday and will, I would hope, play for whichever manager we have in charge when they return. It's not as if, with the possible exception of Shinnie, they have been convinced to sign recently because of Frank.
  6. Welcome aboard. Stating the obvious but a new up and coming manager would only be beneficial if they turned out to be any good at championship level (and above). I wouldn't want Pulis but he's not the only experienced manager available.
  7. I feel fairly confident that if Frank stayed because Chelsea didn't make him an offer no one would be able to accuse him of not having his heart in doing his best at Derby. Chelsea might be his dream job but I'm sure he's sensible enough to accept it might not happen either now or at any time. By the way, I 100% don't believe he would have said such a thing to the players anyway.
  8. Fair enough. I guess I was talking about the general principle though. What if it was another club, against whom we have no animosity, trying to force Derby to show their hand?
  9. Do you honestly think they're going to say "go on then, as you've asked, yes we are/ no we're not interested"? And, you don't give a damn about Chelsea fans feelings but you expect Chelsea to care about ours? Sounds like double standards to me.
  10. Have you ever considered that Frank may not be their first choice or, for whatever reason, they haven't decided yet? I can't see there is anyway asking such a question would force Chelsea to show their hand. We may not like the delay but if the roles were reversed I'm sure we, as fans, would want Derby to tell Chelsea what to do, we'll announce who we want to approach/interview/appoint when we're ready.
  11. Just watched "An American Crime" on Amazon Prime. Brilliant
  12. I was scrolling through to see if anyone had mentioned Evans at CB. He proved he can do a decent job there.
  13. That's not what normally comes up when "a friend of mine" googles "girls gone wild".
  14. If they're chocolate hob nobs surely the question should be how many packets?
  15. Gloss over the fridge? That's even weirder than putting crisps in the fridge. Emulsion every time for me.
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