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  1. v Boro' (A) - Predictions

    Boro 2: Rams 0. FRGS: n/a
  2. PA System

    Did anything ever happen to the "suggestions to the club" thread or whatever it's called? If we have any communications with the club I would suggest (my own personal view of course): 1) turn the PA down a notch or two 2) I quite like the Mr Brightside stuff but, we do need a better tune when the teams come out. Dambusters always got the crowd going but I know it's not appropriate given the language and the fact that it's more about our love of our Yorkshire friends than Derby 3) As many have said, the music needs to be switched off a lot earlier and not exactly as the game kicks off (both first and second halves) 4) Ditch the RamsTV on the big screen. Maybe it's just me but I can't really hear the chat very well anyway. Why not highlights from this and previous games (assuming there have been some) and nostalgic clips. Even adverts to bring in much needed revenue (provided their not too intrusive although that would rather defeats the objective of adverts) 5) Bring back the old half time score board. The current one might look good on a PC but I personally struggle to read it from the East Stand. Maybe Mel could use one of his breakfast meetings with a selection of fans (by the way, what's happened to the 1884 group).
  3. Rising tide of performance?

    Whilst on the whole I agree with your sentiments, I just wonder if you can "just forget the score". Would you really have enjoyed the Hull game if the risk taking had not paid off and we'd lost by 2 or 3 goals?
  4. v QPR (H) - Predictions

    Derby 2 - QPR 0. FRGS: Lawrence (he's got to score eventually)
  5. Fulham vs Derby County match day thread

    I can't make it this year. Please bring back some fresh footage from Covent Garden. Oh, and three points
  6. v Fulham (A) - Predictions

    Fulham 3 Derby 1. FRGS Vydra
  7. Just don't get it!

    Because every other manager admits responsibility in their post match interviews following a defeat (not).
  8. Boycott Lidl

    Aldi every time for me.
  9. First few minutes

    No it wasn't typical. When was the last time we had to substitute a key player within the first 10 minutes?
  10. First few minutes

    Yes but yesterday wasn't exactly typical. I think most teams would find it difficult to recover from conceding two early goals and losing your captain/key defender after just 8 minutes.
  11. What would you have done differently?

    I think application was the issue yesterday not lack of effort.
  12. Derby County V Reading

    Their time wasting didn't cost us the game and neither did their keeper staying on the pitch (not that it was a sending off offence). Just accept facts B4. It was a seriously bad day at the office today and we were fairly and well beaten by a much better team on the day. In my opinion, today's game demonstrated that we're in a falsely high position and Reading are better than their position suggest. But, look on the bright side, one defeat in eight isn't too shabby and we're still top six (temporarily).
  13. v Reading (H) - Predictions

    Derby 2 Reading 1. FRGS Lawrence
  14. v Leeds (A) - Predictions

    Leeds 2 Derby 1 FRGS Vydra
  15. I had to switch channels until I guessed they had started the formation lap it was so awful.

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