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  1. What’s that got to do with the daily briefings? They were stopped because, apart from reporting the daily figures which are still reported on Twitter etc. not a lot new was coming out and the politicians/scientists/medical experts time could be better spent elsewhere. The Q & A sessions became a little pointless as, on the rare occasion a sensible question was asked, they were largely met with typical politicians answers. Apart from that, maybe the viewing figures had dropped significantly.
  2. Need to regain control here (I'm sure I said that in the Reading second half as well).
  3. True. I'm not sure the free kick we scored from should have gone our way. I'll have to watch it again.
  4. An update for you. Following Cardiff’s draw tonight, it really is in our hands now. All we have to do is win every game. Simple.
  5. That’s fine if he heads or kicks it to Rooney. Sadly, he’s not (and would probably admit it himself) a strong ball player and often needs a short simple pass which isn’t always available. You might be safer with Davies (provided he keeps it simple) but I’d prefer Evans.
  6. Evans for me. He did well there a year ago and despite how much I like him and how good he is in the air Davies is too slow, isn't good bringing the ball out and has got a little prone to giving the ball away too easily. Was it Bristol last year when our hearts sank as Evans had to come on and fill in at CB but did a good job that day and every game since (admittedly not a lot) that he played that position?
  7. Let's not turn it into a political debate, leave that for the politics thread.
  8. Ayala and Leeds? They were just made for and deserve each other.
  9. Yep. The worse thing is, the 120 days doesn't necessarily start counting when you request a refund. It seems to start when your request actually reaches a handler. So, you could be in a queue just to get in the queue.
  10. Plans for 2020? Continue to hassle Virgin Atlantic for our refund. They now reckon on 120 days.
  11. Dunno. I didn't look that far back. I thought the last twenty years was sufficient.
  12. Technically, it can almost, but not quite yet, be said that it is in our hands in the sense that if we won all our remaining games (including beating Cardiff by 3 or more goals) then no one could catch us for 6th place unless (and this is why it’s not quite in our hands) Cardiff won all their remaining games (except against us) by a sufficient total goal difference to beat ours and cancel out our net gain as a result of us beating them by 3+ goals. If we beat Cardiff by 3, and won all our other games by a single goal but Cardiff won all of theirs by 2 goals they would finish above us.
  13. His yellow card record is, of course, poor but to say he's ALWAYS a liability is crazy. He can be stupid, clumsy and petulant but he's not always. Also, "the most yellow cards for any midfielder or forward in the division" is an eye catching statement of fact but, keep it in context, it's only 1 or 2 more than a whole host of other midfielders and forwards (before yesterday) It's not as if he is streets ahead of anyone else as the headline could imply.
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