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  1. Poor old Sammon. Still couldn't even score despite a wicked deflection.
  2. If only the English language was that consistent. For me they're scons but my wife (from Yorkshire) calls them scOnes. Another one we disagree on is via. I pronounce it vi-a whilst she say vee-a.
  3. You could argue that the fine applied by DCFC, the maximum they could, is more of a financial penalty than sacking them. There is a reasonable chance that another club, possibly abroad, would have signed them up especially Lawrence.
  4. In the spirit of the approaching panto season - "oh no we're not"
  5. Controversial I know, and I'm not suggesting for one moment that losing a parent (especially at such a young age) isn't a terrible thing to cope with (I can't even imagine what he and his family have been through) but, do we know that he's actually becoming dependent on alcohol (I might well have missed an important story) or, on this occasion, was he just out on the lash with a bunch of lads? Tin hat firmly in place.
  6. Why were they allowed to leave without being dealt with by riot police and their friendly dogs?
  7. Is that what the spooky eyes mean? I can't keep up. Does that mean you're not being serious when you say he's not being serious? help I thought he was hoping we'd relocate to Cornwall. Redruth Rams?
  8. I think you watch too much US sport. DCFC isn't a franchise, it's a football club. I know it sort of happened to MK Dons but there is more chance of everyone being happy with the Brexit deal/no deal than a team in any of the top four or five leagues moving to a different city or town.
  9. Interesting that you would assess a club that has reached the play offs in three of the last four seasons as "mid table"
  10. Surely such a plan would generate extra income/revenue for the owners of the stadium. I.e. Not the club. So how could it be used to offset losses made by the club? I think I must be missing something.
  11. As you say, consistently good home crowds are a rarity. B'ham and Stoke may be OK when they're winning but this means they're not consistent either as they're equally poo when things aren't going so well. Incidentally, whilst B'ham and Stoke are good when away from home, I wouldn't necessarily have singled them out for special mention for their home support. The thing is, not many of us have sat with another teams home supporters on a regular basis. If we did, I'm sure we'd hear just as much moaning and criticism of players from random supporters (or group of supporters) as you do at PP if you're unfortunate enough to sit near such an individual.
  12. I love Mel and would hate to ever see him go. He's made a few mistakes along the way but, on the whole, been great for the club. Having said that, I'm not sure he's a "massive" advantage. We still haven't got promoted and, depending on who you believe, we continue to flirt with significant financial challenges. Also, there are a few clubs out there that seem to do OK without a fan as an owner.
  13. One, I firmly believe that our supporter are, on the whole, no better or worse than pretty much every other club the country. Two, with regard to our attendances being higher than some premier clubs, don't forget, at least four have grounds with capacities below 27,500 (Norwich, Crystal Palace, Burnley and Bournemouth). Having said that, I often wonder how many other clubs have such a high proportion of season ticket holder (no doubt someone can provide this information)
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