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  1. I'm a fan of Frank and am trying not to be too critical of him in this, his rookie season. However, the number of good performances have been massively outweighed by the number of poor ones especially of late. Also, do you really think he'll have "every opportunity to create an exciting squad" in the summer? For me, he's done OK given his lack of management/coaching experience and the challenges you have mentioned but, somehow, he needs to reproduce this so called exciting and free flowing football the papers seem to think he's become famous for here at Derby. Does he have the players available to achieve this? probably not but they really should be performing better (yes I know we're 7th in the league and that's a great achievement but, surely no one thinks we've been anywhere approaching good for several weeks now). Will he have the funds and coaching network at his disposal to build the squad he wants in the summer? Hopefully but no doubt on a shoestring.
  2. I chose a suitable game for the first home league game in years to miss. But, I've still bought my ticket for Villa online today.
  3. So the transfer window closes on the 8th of August and we've not signed anyone yet. Come on Mel and Frank sort it out.
  4. Surely you're only talking about young player of the year? Unless anything significant happens between now and the voting then POTY has to be Keogh. Tomori for YPOTY. I don't think it would be the first time a loan player has won.
  5. I'd probably go with Roos in goal and Keogh at CB but, apart from that, I'd go along with your proposed team.
  6. Keogh for sure at this moment in time.
  7. Exactly. It is his first ever season as a manager so should be given a little more slack. But would be nice to see some signs of improvement unless we're going to have to wait until next season (again). I have realigned my expectations (to were they were pre-season.
  8. The newspapers (and some fans) want romantic stories but I'm not sure about shrewd and ruthless owners.
  9. Where do you think he'd go? I don't think any of top teams would be interested just yet. Also, maybe he'll man up and accept that the recent failures are partly the responsibility of the management and coaching team rather than just the teams. I don't think many are seriously saying he's doing a fantastic job at Derby. I'd say he's doing OK given his lack of experience and being on a very steep learning curve. Hopefully he is learning but, it could take more than one season to make a real impact. I do worry that he seems to be a little stubborn (playing Nugent week after week for example when he seems to offer nothing more than effort and a cheeky smile any more) however, I do have faith and 100% am NOT calling for his head. Therefore, in order to maintain my sanity, I'm no longer expecting the top 6 but hoping things are brighter next season. I think we need to remind ourselves that very few of us, at the start of the season, seriously expected us to be anywhere near the top 6 but the performances and lack of progress is frustrating.
  10. Roos 5 Bogle 4, Keogh 5, Tomori 6, Cole 5 Wilson 4, Bryson 3, Hudd 3 Waggy 3, JM 3, Holmes 3 Subs - all 2.
  11. tomori must be man of the match. Not too many contenders
  12. Go on then. Indulge an old fool. How can fans with rose tinted glasses influence whether we get promoted or not? Did it effect the result at Wembley against QPR? Did it cause us to be outplayed by Fulham last year and in the first leg against Hull? Your assertion that it's one of the main reasons we have failed may be correct but I don't understand how. So please explain.
  13. All the best for you and your son. You'll probably know that I can understand that family are more important than even the mighty Rams.
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