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  1. Tamworthram

    Jack Marriott

    Very clever I thought to deliberately make sure he hit with his shin rather than getting a cleaner strike with his boot which may well have sent it wide. 😉
  2. Tamworthram

    View from the outside 2018-2019

    How come no one has counted and reported how many drinks of water each goal keeper took? Surely this is another significant stat and everything else seems to be counted/measured/calculated by one of the, what must be, growing army of data gatherers. Seriously though, an interesting analysis but definitely getting close to analysis paralysis. Also, as the pundits do on TV, it's much easier to call out errors in decision making, positioning etc, by isolating one or two incidents and in the calmness of the after match review. It takes little account of what's going through a players mind in the heat of the moment.
  3. Tamworthram


    Half fan
  4. Tamworthram

    New flag

    What's happened to the flag? Is it injured or being saved for "special" games?
  5. Tamworthram

    Premier League 2?

    True but there would also be more teams spread across the two leagues. Also would the teams in PL1 receive any of the income paid by the TV companies for PL2 games? If not then they would see a drop in their income unless the TV companies increased the amount paid per PL1 game. I like the idea but I'm being a bit dim and struggling to see how the maths stack up in order to sell the concept to the PL1 teams.
  6. Tamworthram

    Premier League 2?

    If the PL was reduced to 16 teams that would of course mean less games but, do you think they would receive the same TV revenue for fewer games? Seems unlikely to me in which case I can't imagine many of the PL clubs would be in favour.
  7. Tamworthram

    Derby v Villa Ticket Cost

    On the whole I agree. However as other posters have said and without wanting to tar everyone with the same brush, if you fill the ground with people who have only come because it's cheap then, whilst the ground may be buzzing if we're winning and playing well, that won't be the case if things aren't quite going to plan. They MAY be the once to start moaning first. There is also an element of chicken or the egg. Would our chances of winning be enhanced by these extra supporters causing a buzz or, would they only start buzzing once we are winning?
  8. Tamworthram

    First school report of the season...score ?

    Mustn't lose sight of the fact that Frank is an NQT only a few months into his first ever teaching post before being too critical.
  9. Tamworthram

    V QPR (A) Match Thread

    I don't think the sky is going to fall down if we lose chicken Licken. seriously though, no way is it a "must win game".
  10. Tamworthram

    V Norwich (H) Match Thread

    Come on, you know what he means. There're not getting a great deal of game time. Ordinarily, I reckon when you've spent that amount of money on players you'd expect them, or at least one of them, to be in the starting 11 on a regular basis but, in Frank I trust.
  11. Tamworthram

    Fair play table

    It's only half the reason they dive. I don't think anyone would argue against the claim that a lot of the time they simply dive to try and "earn" a free kick or penalty when they just haven't been fouled i.e. cheating.
  12. Tamworthram

    Sheff U 20/10/18

    Thanks buddy. Even managed to weave the Rams into my speech partly because my other daughters husband is a Man U supporter
  13. Tamworthram

    Sheff U 20/10/18

    No problem getting tickets. on a personal note, I'm delighted it's a late kick off. I'm picking my daughter up from Manchester airport in the morning after her honeymoon (wedding today. COYR, do it for my daughters!). I didn't have the heart to tell them they'll have to get a taxi all the way back to Tamworth
  14. Tamworthram

    Home Kit Colours

    No, no, no to hoops or stripes. We don't play in hoops or stripes so why should introduce them even just for a novelty one off for our home kit? Also, no to blue shorts. The East Midlands will always be black and white. It's black and white yoof. It's in your DNA.
  15. Tamworthram

    West Brom (A) Tickets

    Much more sensibly priced no doubt to partly reflect it being a mid week game (although relatively local, especially for me) and being on the telebox (I believe).

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