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  1. Unless the rules have changed, this isn't correct. On two occasions in recent years I've arrived just before half time and got in no problem. Once when my train back from a meeting in Bristol was delayed and another occasion when I was working in Northampton. I disagree with @Philmycock If you have/or want to get a ticket. it doesn't defeat the object. At least you'll be supporting the club and get to see half the game. I'd do it provided it's not too far out of your way.
  2. Good for you but, from my observation, the Doughty song was a “in the moment” type of song, specifically aimed at Forest (unless you’re talking about a different song) that wasn’t around for long and I’ve not heard it for a long time including away games.
  3. Doughty died nine and a half years ago so I’m not sure you can blame the 16 - 21 year olds for those chants.
  4. Still more than 9300 left. Perhaps, apart from the folk that genuinely can’t make it (especially with it being a mid week game or because of financial reasons) we have reached the peak of hardcore supporters. Very sad from a financial perspective for the club but if the fans are as noisy as passionate as we were against Stoke, it will be good. The test will be, can we generate the same atmosphere with very few visiting supporters especially if we go behind?
  5. Exactly the sort of response I predicted in my post on page 10 of this thread 😀 It’s not always about money.
  6. Half fan. If I won £111m I'd gift a couple of million to the club (but don't tell the wife) 😀
  7. Used to get that on my commute to London and wouldn't/didn't hesitate to ask the person to move their bag.
  8. I don't think he will care what a bunch of Derby fans think of him.
  9. I don't think anything the fans do will have any impact on Gibson.
  10. No we don't. We need to ignore the man and concentrate our efforts on supporting the club.
  11. I’ve just checked myself and make it just over 9,600 left. 🙁
  12. Heck, £5m non refundable? If we could get a couple of those on board (and then drop out) that could be handy. 😀 Come on Alonso, show us your money. Excellent news about the local business.
  13. I agree. Hence why any sort of protests could be counterproductive. I’m not excusing him but, regardless of how big a fan he is or claims to, there is only so much a man can take before he thinks **** the of you. Now is a time to maintain a mature and respectful relationship with Mel.
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