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  1. Tamworthram

    Notts County away ticket details

    I must be lucky. Got mine easily by ordering from my Ipad and don't remember having problems in the past either.
  2. Tamworthram

    Academy issues?

    Fair enough but, if he's good enough to make it then another, less cosmopolitan, club will no doubt snap him up.
  3. Tamworthram

    Academy issues?

    The parent was probably exaggerating. Possibly bitter about their son being dropped. I can hear it now "damn foreigners coming over here taking all our academy places" It's a sad fact, that parents of young footballers need to accept and prepare their kids for, the vast majority of budding young stars of the future simply don't make it. Even being on the books of a major prem league club in no way guarantees success.
  4. Tamworthram

    World Cup Rams

    Depends on what? How we do in the first two games? Can't say I'd blame you if that was the case.
  5. Tamworthram

    Post season Fun DCFC topics

    Makes a change from the Derby way. Or should that be the Darby way if we're allowed to make up spellings as we go along now?
  6. Tamworthram

    Post season Fun DCFC topics

    Have they removed the correct spelling of dictionaries as well?
  7. Tamworthram

    18/19 Home Kit

    I think it's just you mate. Why should it matter, or we should care, if someone who knows nothing about football wouldn't know the badge represents Derby County?
  8. Tamworthram

    18/19 Home Kit

    Weird calling something like Avon Tyres classy. Not exactly a prestige product or manufacturer
  9. Tamworthram

    New Kit Sponsor - 32Red

    I understand your point but no one is obliged to buy a new shirt every time they bring one out. Although I understand the pressure if you have young kids. I see a wide range of shirts worn at matches - some retro some from just a year or two ago, and none really look out of place. I still wear a "buymobiles" one (how sad am I?) but reckon I'll get a new one this year.
  10. Tamworthram

    New joke thread

    An old joke from an old film (Silkwood) I watched last night. I may not have the quote quite right: There is a Native American tribe where one of the elders names all the babies born. one day, a young brave asks how he thinks up the names. The elder replies: "Well I just look around me. If I see a hawk soaring then I will name the baby hawk soaring. If I see a fox hunting I will name the baby fox hunting. But tell me two dogs ****ing, why are you so interested?"
  11. Tamworthram

    John Terry

    If we're relying on Davies and Terry (if he came as a player) to provide our attacking intent then you'd be right but I reckon Lampard just might play some other players to provide the threat. 😀
  12. Tamworthram

    Preseason Friendlies - Wolves, Cov, Notts County

    Living in Tamworth I'm loving a game at Nuneaton against Coventry. Probably make the game against the "best team in Nottingham" as well - I much prefer away friendlies.
  13. Tamworthram

    Stadium Naming Rights

    Nah, don't want to be accused of living the past. Unless it's a prediction for next season.
  14. Tamworthram

    New Kit Sponsor - 32Red

    My view is that a lot of advertising is about brand recognition rather than persuading people to but a product. People who saw Avon tyres advertising didn't think "I think I'll go and buy some tyres" more likely they thought "I need some tyres, I've heard of Avon so they must be OK, I'll have some of theirs". Same for betting companies. Will seeing Red32 persuade folk to go and place a bet (maybe some) or simply think of Red32 first if they've already decided to waste their money? Where my theory falls down is with advertising for products not aimed at consumers. For example, whoever saw our Bombardier advertising and then either decided to buy a train or thought of Bombardier first because they had seen it?
  15. Tamworthram

    Interesting...... potential investment?

    Don't worry. It'll never catch on.

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