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  1. Funny clip but not sure what it has to do with my post. Oops, just spotted my phone's auto correct of Hamer
  2. He acted rashly and did something which is clearly against the rules and likely to result in a red card. If I'd been in his position I might well have done the same but that doesn't make it right or acceptable. I really don't blame the ref. I also find it very hard to believe that he told Hamer he could pick the ball up, as some have suggested. I'll have to watch the incident again. Does the ref need to be actually harmed or in immediate danger for a red to be justified? Surely not.
  3. I've only watched the replay once but, I'm pretty sure Lowe looked up and deliberately played it back to Homer. It wasn't a tackle. If he was shoved then it makes the back pass even better, it's not as if he miss-kicked it and meant to put it out for a corner or throw in.
  4. I agree. If Lowe hadn't lost his rag the incident would have just ended in a booking for Homer so, no real damage done. I guess he didn't anticipate Lowe's lack of discipline.
  5. Yes, come on Mel, Splash a load more cash. It's not as if we're been charged with spending too much already or anything. Can't argue with your other points though although Lowe showed a little too much passion tonight.
  6. The sad thing is I think Hamer had a good game. But, you can't blame him for Lowe's reaction on the ref.
  7. Really? Would you have liked it even more if he'd shown more fight and decked him?
  8. Doesn't matter. He pushed the refs arm away. You just can't do that and therefore can't blame the ref or accuse him of being a wuss. Sorry, heat of the moment and all that but Lowe's reaction was indefensible.
  9. Good sales but don't make the mistake of thinking this is standard for Northampton. I can't imagine for one minute they would get anywhere near that number if it wasn't for the magic of the FA cup (if that still exists). Similar to Oxford United taking nearly 4000 to Newcastle.
  10. I get your point but I doubt many are taking a win as granted. It would just get a bit boring and repetitive if every post started with "if we beat Northampton" or something similar.
  11. I reckon it's a combination of raised expectations and selective memory (all of us so I'm not having a dig at you). In the prem we probably expected to lose more often than not (it just went much worse than expected and in the end we were proud of ourselves as fans hence the fans being voted "player" of the year). In terms of longer ago, I don't remember it being particularly bad at the BBG but perhaps it's easier to remember the good times than the bad. Perhaps it wasn't all as rosy as some of us (myself included) like to reminisce.
  12. There's no need to be so judgemental, everyone is entitled to choose whether to attend or not. Having said that, as a season ticket holder who probably won't be at the Northampton game, I would support priority given, assuming we manage to get through, to those who bought tickets for the Northampton game. I think I'm saying pretty much the same as you but a bit more politely.
  13. You don't mean to say other clubs have diverse opinions on so called flair players as well? I thought it was only meant to be Derby that had rubbish fans. (Sorry, not a dig at you personally).
  14. Read this one on LinkedIn recently so, it's probably done the rounds: It's exactly 11 years today since my friend came running out the room shouting "it's a boy. It's a boy" Suffice to say we've not been back to Thailand since.
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