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  1. Do you know anyone that works on the frontline of the NHS? If so, I suggest you ask them if the lockdown should be lifted.
  2. Isn’t he just saying what we all know and has been said all along? The official figures only relate to those that have been tested and there are likely to many many more that have had the virus but haven’t been tested. Correct me if I’m wrong but, feels like a “no poo Sherlock”
  3. I think I heard somewhere, probably on the radio, that some weekend deaths take a day or two longer to be registered and this might also account for why Monday figures are lower. But, my memory might be unreliable.
  4. I know we shouldn’t be looking at any single day in isolation but, I think today’s number of deaths is higher than any single day seen in either Italy or Spain.
  5. I think it will be more than a couple of weeks but you do make a good point. The emergency funds (business rates holiday in their case) is being used (along with the income from extra sales) to pay for these extra staff. The dividend relates to the period prior to the virus. Having said all of that, I can see the argument that any business (large or small) receiving support from the government should repay the benefit before issuing dividends or bonuses that relate profits earned during the period they receive the support.
  6. Are they asking for sympathy? They're just stating facts. They've had to take on staff and this is being financed by income from extra sales and the business rates holiday. Do you really think they're likely to have furloughed staff and then taken on more? They may have furloughed some none front line staff but there hasn't been any suggestion that they have from what I've seen. With regard to the size of the dividends (which relate to the period prior to the crisis by the way) don't forget this is a massive company with a large number of shares issued including to pension funds.
  7. Well you are. You agreed with a comment criticising Tesco's. I doubt they've furloughed anyone but have taken on extra staff to cope with demand and those of their own staff unable to work. You could argue that, had they not benefited from the business rates holiday they may not have taken on the extra staff. The dividends due to be paid relate to the period up to February 29th and therefore does not relate to any profits they may be making during the crisis.
  8. Whilst benefiting from increased sales due to panic buying as well as the rates relief from the government, we mustn't ignore the fact that Tesco's have taken on something like 45,000 extra staff over the the last two or three weeks. Whilst no doubt low paid, they have provided employment/extra employment for an awful lot of people which, depending on how much they earn, will ultimately generate NI and income tax. Also, who benefits from the dividends? Yes, of course some fat cats but also members of the public who happen to own a few shares or who's pension schemes invest in such companies. It's too easy to bash the big corporations sometimes.
  9. Get him to show you then. Honestly it's simple and you're missing some real treats that will help pass the time. They first broadcast them at 3pm on a Saturday and 7:45 on a Tuesday but you can watch them any time I think. Get on there and watch the screamer against Man Utd. I'd forgotten how many other good chances we missed.
  10. I almost feel the same but I'm sure (relatively) that the Treasury has done it's sums and the size of the National debt will be eye watering. It's certain to take a long time for the economy to recover. Well before my time but I guess it did after the two world wars.
  11. Maybe he is over compensating for something else. Just saying.
  12. They don’t. It’s more in hope than expectation I would imagine. They have said they plan to rather than they definitely will.
  13. I was going to ask before but, is there any reason you’re posts are always in bold?
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