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  1. Tamworthram

    Rate the last film you saw partie deux

    Almost embarrassed to admit I really enjoyed The Greatest Showman. 9/10
  2. Tamworthram

    10 years of the Big Flag

    Great thread and hat off to you. Does anyone know what's happened to the other big flag?(thelfth man I seem to recall) I think I've only ever seen it once.
  3. Tamworthram


    cheers matey.
  4. Tamworthram


    All the best buddy. As per the thread title, it puts it all into perspective. Know how you're feeling. My wife has been diagnosed with breast cancer today resulting in five months of chemo followed by surgery. Let's hope the Rams get promoted which will give her a double celebration in the summer (if only she was a football fan).
  5. Tamworthram


    I think you'll find the best, and most successful, football songs are often those that lack imagination.
  6. Tamworthram

    Seat Thrower at Rotherham

    Come to think of it, excluding friendlies, I seem to recall that only happening once. So, in the overwhelming majority of cases, no, I've not been told to sit where I want especially at sell out or near sell out games as I suspect Rotherham was. Ordinarily, I either find my way to my seat (don't ever remember it being already occupied by someone else) or I show my ticket to a steward who then points me in the right direction (other than that one occasion).
  7. Tamworthram

    Seat Thrower at Rotherham

    I've been to many away games and NEVER failed to get my allocated seat. I wasn't at this game and therefore can't comment on the chaos that may or may not have been going on but, I guess the point he was trying to make is that, assuming the person who purchased the seat ticket did find his/her way to their allocated seat, and was therefore standing pretty close to it, then it's a reasonable assumption that they could have witnessed it being ripped out and thrown (unless they'd left their seat by then of course). I'd be stunned if the police hadn't at least made contact with this person to either take a witness statement or ruled them out as not having seen anything. However, I agree that any description of the suspect is likely to be pretty useless.
  8. Tamworthram

    3rd Round FA Cup Draw, Monday 3rd December

    Quite happy with the draw but I'm not convinced it's really a chance to show what we can do. Even if we play a team close to our normal first team choice there's a good chance Saints won't. They have much more important priorities than the FA cup third round (sadly).
  9. Tamworthram

    Johnson charged by FA RD

    Besides which, I wasn't necessary trying to illustrate a direct comparison. I was just showing that sometimes the punishment for the retaliator can be worse than that for original aggressor even if the retaliation doesn't result in murder or permanent disability.
  10. Tamworthram

    Johnson charged by FA RD

    That comparison doesn't work. If I was in a headlock, unable to defend myself or even turn round then I wouldn't be able to beat you up so, the scenario couldn't occur. If you're suggesting that BJ was not able defend himself or even turn round then he wouldn't have been able to allegedly bite Allen. I would emphasise again that I'm not saying BJ is definitely guilty (although on the balance of probability I'd say he was) I'm just suggesting the FA's possible interpretation of events.
  11. Tamworthram

    Johnson charged by FA RD

    It depends, to an extent, on whether the retaliation is proportionate to the provocation. If you give me a shove in the pub (you are therefore the aggressor) and I turn round and beat you up (not that I'm likely to or am capable) then the punishment for me should be more severe. I'm not saying this is what actually happened but if the FA believe that Allen did initiate the tussle and BJ retaliated with an attempted bite (I assume they believe there was intent even though me may not have made contact and therefore Allen is reporting no bite) then the punishment for BJ should be more severe.
  12. Tamworthram

    Johnson charged by FA RD

    Not your finest look I'm afraid. I may keep a copy to frighten the trick or treaters away next year.
  13. Tamworthram

    Johnson charged by FA RD

    Fair enough and, as you say, everyone is entitled to their opinions. For my part, I find it very difficult to believe that, firstly Allen (although I accept there were others involved the tussle) could grip/nuzzle (by the way, I know you weren't the originator of the term) Bradley tight enough to cause him to effectively gasp for breath and then grit his teeth in pain. It just seems a very unlikely explanation/defence (hence the stabbing story - made in poor taste and should never have been made). With regard to Bradley's intent, I don't have to prove it was his intent as there is a "maybe" in there as a possible explanation. With regard to the ladies underwear, I can confirm that my wife didn't suffer any injuries as a result of your actions but, the authorities may choose to disregard her defence of you as our CCTV footage clearly shows you with her underwear in her teeth.
  14. Tamworthram

    Johnson charged by FA RD

    I think you're clutching at straws a little there regarding a "nuzzle" causing the opening and then tightly closing of teeth. what exactly is nuzzle anyway? And if it was so painful to cause the gritting of teeth as a natural reaction then that sounds almost like a bite itself. Just accept it as guilty as charged. A shirt doesn't accidentally get caught in teeth and I don't buy this blocked airways and pain explanation. Sounds a bit like the excuse "I didn't stab him officer. He ran onto my knife. Three times. Backwards". As for Allen saying he wasn't bitten, maybe he wasn't if Bradley didn't actually make contact with his body but the intent would appear to have been there.
  15. Tamworthram

    Stoke fans

    Many over here have similar fond memories of the Baseball Ground but, it's often selective memory. The old grounds often created a better atmosphere, largely due to being standing terraces and being closer to the pitch in my opinion but, they definitely had some bad points that many of us choose to forget.

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