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  1. Wrong link. This one is in Surrey isn't it? I think it's Bedminster CC and it looks as if their second team are at home.
  2. The silly thing is, like everyone else I was frisked going in. Fair enough, I don't have a problem with that. However, I was carrying a coat and they didn't check that at all. I could have sneaked all manner of things in.
  3. They haven't opened the final section for sale yet.
  4. No great surprise that we'll not get anymore tickets (assuming we'd want/need them). If they can't sell out for their last home game of the season in what should be a play off qualifying season against a potential play off rival then it's a sorry state of affairs.
  5. No point Forest and Hull beating Sheffield Utd, they're well out of reach and I'd rather the Blades won both those. But wins against Bristol would be handy.
  6. Block N38 now on sale if anyone has been waiting. Just got mine.
  7. Regarding your second paragraph, surely, whilst there is still a chance, he has to play his best available team. Can you imagine the (justified) reaction if he dropped the likes of Mount, Wilson and Tomori when there is still something, however remote, to play for? Insane idea.
  8. Don't jump to the conclusion that the minority that post negative threads are automatically representative of the "DCFC fan base". Having said that, you could argue that those doubting we have a realistic chance of reaching the play offs don't need to grow up. Rather, those that think we do need to wake up. For me, it seems obvious. We have a chance but that chance is slim. We as fans can start talking about another season in the championship (it wouldn't be all that bad) but I wouldn't expect the management or players to voice the prospect.
  9. Sorry Burton, I'm sure it was asked without malice but why are you even questioning if he's been a regular for 40 years and why/how should he prove it?
  10. Definitely wouldn't want Villa or WBA at Wembley. They'd all be on the same train as me (unless we won of course)
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