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  1. Sadly, it seems some look for any opportunity to criticise the club.
  2. What a pointless post. It doesn’t change anything but I thought it was an appropriate statement to apologise to, and recognise, the fans.
  3. You know, I was going to say, “a classy statement - accepting this year hasn’t been acceptable, recognising the fans and offering an apology” and wondering how long it would take for someone to post a negative view. It seems to have taken you less than a minute.
  4. Am I embarrassed at the scenes of celebration? Absolutely not. Do I think it portrays us as a tinpot team? Heck no. I suspect pretty much every other team, and their fans, would have done exactly the same thing. They weren’t celebrating a famous victory or a successful season? Of course they weren’t. What we saw was the pleasure and releasing of emotions at having avoided relegation after such a roller coaster of a game for which the vast majority of it looked like we were going down. Now the dust has settled I’m sure all fans, players, management and owners will look back on a
  5. Trouble is, if he was 5 years younger he probably wouldn’t be anywhere near Derby. We’re very lucky to have him here but we only have the chance because he’s in the twilight of his career.
  6. I like Clarke but I’m not sure I’d describe him as absolutely brilliant and too good for a lower end premier league team.
  7. No way on earth was it an “absolute disgrace of a performance”. It wasn’t pretty or full of quality, it was probably never going to be given what was at stake or confidence levels given our current run of form but, it certainly wasn’t a disgrace. I’m not sure Rooney can take much, if any, credit for our escape but to describe it as a disgrace today, I suggest you give your head a wobble.
  8. Well they showed they cared today and that's what we're talking about. I've never played competitive sport or in a game on which so much rests but, I would imagine it's very difficult to contain your emotions under such circumstances.
  9. It wasn't embarrassing at all. It was celebrating escaping, albeit by the skin of their teeth, combined with emotional release. If they'd just trudged off after such a roller coaster game resulting in the club surviving in the championship then they would quite rightly have been criticised for not caring.
  10. Yes, like I said, I was proud of the effort and proud that they were able to come back twice. Given our current run of form, I imagine most of us thought there was next to zero chance of them picking themselves up after going 2:3 down. There isn't much I'm proud of from this season but there was a little today. Oh, and today, I was proud of the fans that turned up today.
  11. Proud of the effort today after such an abysmal season and run of form. Proud that we were able to come back from behind twice when it mattered.
  12. Doesn't make good reading but we did beat three of the top 6.
  13. The 97th minute equalizer last season comes close but not quite.
  14. I’m not celebrating the performance or even the result but I am celebrating, with relief, survival.
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