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  1. I’d be extremely worried if we only picked up 6 points from the remaining games especially as you say, in half of all previous seasons it wouldn’t have been enough.
  2. A thing of beauty but certainly not rare. He constantly seems to think the world is against him and his teams.
  3. Luckily, I think we'll escape by the skin of our teeth. Against my better judgement, I've done a predictor and have us finishing 21st - avoiding relegation by 2 points. I have us down for only two more wins (Millwall and Luton) and Wycombe, Coventry and Rotherham going down.
  4. Roos 5 Byrne 3 Wisdom 4 Clarke 5 Buchanan 3 Roberts 3 Shinnie 3 Bird 3 Knight 3 Waghorn 2 CKR 3
  5. Comedy moment as Roos dives long after the ball has flown past him.
  6. Clocking up so many silly bookings I wonder if we'll finish with 11 players on the pitch.
  7. Unlike the other nine outfield players? Not sure why you've singled Wisdom out.
  8. Not as bad as Tuesday but simply because Coventry are as poor as we are.
  9. Interesting that you say performances (plural). I agree, no player deserves to keep their place after a string of bad performances but I’m not sure we should be dropping every player, especially a keeper when your number one keeper is injured, after one poor game. It’s not as if Roos had a shocker.
  10. I don’t think he was but @Millenniumram thinks so
  11. So you’ve defended Roos but now you’d drop him “because he was awful the other night”? Who would you pick for the Barnsley game then if Marshall still isn’t fit and Idem has a bad game on the basis that you’re prepared to drop a player after one bad game?
  12. A bit sensitive eh? I wasn’t analysing, just commenting.
  13. I don’t get all this “deserve to go down”. Stating the obvious but, the only clubs that deserve to go down are the three with the least points over the course of the season. We could have a horrible end to the season and hardly win again but, provided at least three of the teams below us don’t do well enough to overtake us then we don’t “deserve” to go down. I’m not suggesting less than four wins is good enough or acceptable but it wouldn’t mean we deserve to be relegated.
  14. Erm, clever. I can see what you did there with your poor use of grammar. As ambiguous as the Oracle of Delphi. Have you missed a comma and meant to say “No, playoffs are happening” Or was your sentence badly worded and you meant “The playoffs aren’t happening”.
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