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  1. The Convert - An English soldier turned lay minister is despatched to New Zealand and unwittingly becomes involved a bloody feud between warring Maori tribes. Decent enough to be well worth a watch, though for those of a squeamish disposition, the violence might be a tad intense. Craig Forsyth (7) / 10 https://www.imdb.com/title/tt20113412/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1
  2. I made it through the first 2 episodes, so you've done way better than me. Absolute shoyte.
  3. It's a big, fat 'yes' from me, but if reports of multiple clubs being in for him are true, then we have to stick to our valuations and hope we are favoured by the player himself.
  4. They've looked a bit lively haven't they! What's the feeling among our Welsh cousins about Bellamy being given the gig?
  5. Really enjoyed that. Fab way to get the pre-season underway. Much to work on but some distinct promise too and the new lads showing up very favourably. Goudmijn looks a proper baller 😎
  6. Filthy turn and dead weight pass from Dajaune Brown who looks distinctly lively thus far.
  7. Bradders. Also said Wilson and Elder headed the fitness charts and CBT has been looking really good in training. Some quite positive insights.
  8. Decidedly taken with young Stepien-Iwumene who does not look out of place at all. I'm pleased to be surprised!
  9. Surprisingly high tempo for a pre-season game. Lads mostly look pretty forward in their conditioning too. Wilson and NML looking sharp and Cashin hitting some glorious, pinpoint, cross-field passes. Limited opposition of course, with Matlock unable to offer any kind of threat as yet, with Nelson dominant on the odd occasions they do try and break. Decent first half IMO.
  10. Ooof! Them in November then Bivol vs Beterbiev in December. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... 😍
  11. Never forget what? He ripped off Rooney and Stretford too. Suggesting Rooney was complicit is actionable and not very a sensible thing to be sticking in the public domain in any case.
  12. He runs like a farmer carrying a milk churn in each hand, but the lad is definitely rapid.
  13. Where's the risk? We know exactly what we're getting and he already got us promoted, didn't he? What value are folk attaching to that? Seems to me that he paid his own fee several times over before we even bid for him. I also agree with @Will Hughes Hair's assessment; Ebou is not simply a water carrier and I'm not sure how anyone could watch him play and still arrive at that conclusion. For the direct and indirect benefits, £650k is buttons and Ebou will no doubt illustrate that point as soon as he's back on the Pride Park turf. I think this is one of the lowest risk deals we've made in decades and I suspect Clowes knows more about what he can afford and what our business plan can sustain than anyone on here, so perhaps we might give him the respect of supporting his calls until we've a reason not to?
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