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  1. ImARam2

    family tree/ancestry

    I also wish to add to my previous post on this subject, it took over 5 years and several hundred pounds to obtain the information on our family tree.
  2. ImARam2

    family tree/ancestry

    My brother and I have researched our family on several websites, as well as having our DNA analysed. On the family tree we have taken two directions: 1. Mother's/Grandfather's side we reached all the way back 1699 and this line originated in Ireland, then Newton Heath Manchester in about 1800, followed by Staffordshire in the 1850's, then Derby around 1900. Most of this part of the family worked in the cotton mills as machinists or labourer's. 2. Mother's/Grandmother's side we reached back to 1740, and they were a combination of Liverpool, Manchester and one line from Wilshamstead Bedfordshire, then to Yieldersley, Derbyshire around 1850, and were mostly agricultural workers. One interesting point from this line is that a seven generations back one cousin went to America and was with Brigham Young in Salt Lake City, Utah. 3. On our father's side, he was from Poland and we can only go back to 1900 as the majority of those records were lost in WWII. As for the DNA we have in our blood as follows: (a) 37% East European (obviously because of our father. (b) 32% Scandinavian (Norway/Sweden - Danelaw?) (c) 22% Balkans (Greece/Bulgaria - no idea where that's come from?) & (d) 8% Irish, with no 'pure' English blood indicated. That raises a good question - that after so many generations, with invasions, wars and immigration, who has a true English heritage? And note, every time you marry and you have a child then it then dilutes the blood line.
  3. ImARam2

    Rowett signings settling?

    Jerome looking 'knackered' by the 70th minute and I would have took him off and put Nugent on, as well as leaving Weimann on. Also, Palmer had no impact whatsoever and playing at left wing-back was totally wrong. Davies was just immense yesterday and made some tremendous tackles.
  4. ImARam2

    Rowett signings settling?

    As I said, it's all about opinions!!
  5. ImARam2

    Rowett signings settling?

    I left Villa Park at 5.00 pm and walked to Witton Stn and joined the queue which stretched along the road, up the station ramp and on to the platform. Following cancelled trains and one that went past half-full, without stopping, I eventually got on the 6.20 pm train to Birmingham New Street, so it was actually 80 minutes since leaving the ground. I would have thought the rail company would have realised that Villa was hosting their biggest attendence of the season and have provided more trains or at least better communications that there would be long delays. But there you go, who cares about football fans?
  6. ImARam2

    Rowett signings settling?

    After the match yesterday, as I waited 90 minutes for a train at Witton Stn. I was speaking to a Villa fan who though Lawrence was one of Derby's best players and liked the way he ran at the defending players. It's all about opinions!!
  7. ImARam2

    Do we really want to go up this year???

    What a ridiculous question / statement. Of course we want to get promoted. Whenever I played, and that was up to semi-pro level, I never, ever, walked out thinking we were going to lose and always strived to play the best I could with either a promotion or cup final at the end of the season to look forward to. One season in the premiership would see Derby receive in the region of £160 million (x1 Premier season at £100m + x4 Championship seasons at £15m each). This type of money would enable any manager to build a team, even if relegated, in a similar manner to Burnley and Leicester in te past.
  8. ImARam2

    Too many draws?

    Whoops !!! My mistake, of course in a 20 game run unbeaten we didn't lose a game. However, can someone tell me how many we won and drew?
  9. ImARam2

    Too many draws?

    When we went on a 20 game unbeaten run when we gained promotion with Jim Smith's team, does anyone know how many games we won, drew and lost during that run?
  10. ImARam2

    Poor ref again no back bone

    We have to stop moaning and slagging off the officials, and understand that Derby were poor yesterday. The performance in the 2nd half was nowhere a promotion side and if it wasn't for two great saves by Carson we would have lost by probably two clear goals. The first penalty was a 50:50 decision. It did look as if Maddison stubbed his foot against Carson and then did a 6.0 for artistic merit, however the second one was spot on, but why was Cameron Jerome in the penalty area fouling their centre-forward & where was the defenders? As Gary Rowett said in his after-match interview there will be changes for Tuesday night, and on yesterday's display, Thorne, Lawrence and Jerome will be on the bench, with Ledley, Johnson & Nugent to come into the starting eleven.
  11. For me, this was the best game Derby have played all season. At the same time, Villa also came to play football and this was reflected in the fact there were no yellow cards, nor for that matter, any serious fouls. The referee allowed the play to flow and we saw great defending as well as counter-attack, with Villa plating there part. Let's not let ourselves down next Saturday against Millwall, who will be set-up similar to Ipswich and look for a break-away.

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