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  1. ImARam2

    Mason Bennett

    I agree that Bennett is probably an impact-sub to bring on after 70 minutes when the full backs / defenders are slowing down. After the Man Utd game I would have started with Jozefzoon and Waghorn in place of Bennett & Nugent for the Bolton game.
  2. ImARam2

    Two banks of four

    I went to Bolton on Saturday and it wasn't two banks of 4, on several occasions it was two banks of 5 in front of their goalkeeper. We didn't use the width of the pitch very much and neither did Bogle or Forsyth get forward enough. When Lawrence came on I can only recall him going down the left wing once and he just tried going inside to set himself for a shot, then being crowded out by the wall of Bolton players. I agree there seemed a reluctance to shoot at times, as Bryson had an opportunity in the first half when he was just inside their penalty box, on the right hand side, and elected to pass instead of shooting, which could have been blocked or saved, but there again he could have scored. Marriott had a good snap-shot in the 2nd half, which only just went wide and if it had been on target would probably have gone in.
  3. ImARam2

    v Manchester United (a) Match tHread

    I think Bennett will drop to the bench for Saturday and Jozefzoon will start. Bennett is so desperate to score that he is shooting when he could have passed to someone else. Last night Wilson was completely unmarked when he Bennett got in behind the Utd defence, as well as last Saturday when Tomori broke from defence into the Brentford penalty area and all Bennett needed to do when give the one-two pass and Derby would have been 4-1 up, yet he had a shot which went yards over the bar. There's no doubt he's playing well but his head does drop, especially if anther player has a go at him.
  4. ImARam2

    View from the outside 2018-2019

    I just know that he's going to make some sort of mistake and refuse to be over-ruled by VAR.
  5. ImARam2

    Snake City watch

    I doubt that Frank Lampard will be given 3+ years as the average for a Championship manager/coach is 18 months - approx. 2 seasons. This season is a "give-away" as FL builds his team and puts over his playing style & philosophy, and wherever the team finish will be OK by MM and the fans, as long as there's been an improvement, which I think after the game last Saturday, we've all seen. The 2nd season is the one that matters - another improvement in playing style, better & younger players (and note many of the "older" & high earners will be out of contract), with an absolute requirement of the play-offs, with a possibility of promotion. Then if we don't get promotion in the 2nd season, then the 3rd season will be "hit-or-bust" for FL. And if we do get promotion, other Premier League clubs will come poaching and I know Chelsea is "his team", I think someone like West Ham or even Spurs might take a chance - only my opinion of course.
  6. ImARam2

    v Brentford (H) Match Thread

    Tomori will be a top-class defender and he's the type of player must buy or attract to the club. His tackle in the first-half, sliding in, taking the ball, then getting up and playing it forward was one of the best I've seen from a Derby defender for a long time. I also appreciate that he still makes mistakes (who doesn't?) and his man marking can go astray, however, he will mature and get better as the season(s) go on.
  7. ImARam2

    View from the outside 2018-2019

    You do know that the referee for tonight's game is Stuart Attwell!!!!
  8. ImARam2

    Rate the last film you saw partie deux

    The 'Dom Polski' club on Osmaston Road, Derby was set up by the Poles, mainly, but not exclusively, for ex-Polish pilots, and in the 1970's/80's it became a nightclub/disco. The 'Dom Polski' has been shut down for over 15 years, however, the Polish Catholic Club on Kedleston Road, Derby, which opened in the 1950's, is still going strong and anyone can become a member. To answer an earlier question, unfortunately my father is longer with us, however, he became a British citizen in 1952, the year I was born, after having to wait 5 years for naturalisation and because he longer had any family remaining after WWII, he fully ensconced into the English way of life, enjoying a pint, his home and watching Derby County. A story about the Rams that he told me, was back in about 1948, as be was leaving the BBG, Derby were drawing but scored in the last minute to win. That goal cost him about £40 from the football pools, which was worth about a month's pay back then.
  9. ImARam2

    Rate the last film you saw partie deux

    Hurricane - which is the true story of the RAF 303 Squadron, all piloted by the Poles. Incredible flying in which in just 8 weeks from mid-August to October 1940, (they weren't allowed to be operational sooner because they weren't trusted or could understand enough of the English language), they shot down over 200 German aircraft, with minimal losses compared to other squadrons, which amounted to 20% of the German losses during the Battle of Britain. After the war they were treated awfully, with nearly 60% of British people wanting them to be sent back to Poland, where they would have been either sent to prison, tortured and in some cases executed by the Communists. They weren't even allowed to attend or march in the 1946 Victory Parade in London and were given the most meaningless jobs. This is true because my father was one of them.
  10. It's his third loan: 1. Fulham ; 2. Reading & 3. Hull. He's still got another year on his contract after this present season, so if he doesn't get a permanent transfer in January or next summer, we'll go through this discussion again next August.
  11. ImARam2

    Feeling strange

    Frank seen shopping in the shops in Duffield, as well eating out in local pub / restaurants, however, unable to see what he was buying or eating.
  12. Any Premiership club at home. Chelsea would bring in every sports and news TV channel cameras and would certainly be the live match on SKY. None of the Championship, Lge.1 or Lge.2 teams, there's no excitement in those games.
  13. ImARam2

    Holiday Plans 2019

    Off touring India next April with visits to Delhi, Shimla, Kerala & Chennai. As long as you visit out of the monsoon season its a fantastic place with the most friendly people you will ever meet and the food is so different from what an Indian meal is here in the UK. I've visited on business and holiday about 100 times and always been most welcomed.
  14. ImARam2

    Turning the Heating On?

    We still had the patio doors open until 9.00 pm last night - beautiful evening here in mid-Derbyshire. And today, I'm in my t-shirt and shorts preparing for a wonderful sunny and warm weekend with expected temperatures up to 24 Degs.C on Sunday & Monday. The central heating WILL NOT be switched on until we change the clocks in October!!!!
  15. ImARam2

    1968/1969 Division 2 Champions – 50 years on

    Where has the 50 years gone? I was just 16 yrs old, just left school and about to start an apprenticeship at RR. Although I'd been going to the BBG since 1962, this was the first time I could afford a season ticket, which was for the Popside, which was just a brilliant place to be on a Saturday afternoon watching, in my opinion, the best team Derby have had in the subsequent 50 years. Went to every home match as well as several away games, with the game at Blackpool bringing back some good memories, not only the fact we won 3-2, but we were on BBC Match Of The Day for the first time. Just a great time to be a Rams fan.

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