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  1. Baggies 3 Rams 3 (FRGS - Sibaldo)
  2. Mel's revenge on Gibson: Melvyn urges the EFL to overturn the points deduction handed to Wigan as it's clearly unfair and against the spirit of fair play. As someone so keen to ensure sporting integrity - especially when pipped to a playoff place - Shortarse Steve will no doubt back our Chairman all the way on getting Wigan's 12 points reinstated.
  3. ×××××××××××××Martin××××××××××××× Sibley××××××××Holmes××××××Josefzoon ×××××××Shinnie×××××××Bird××××××××× Malone×××Clarke×××××Evans×××Wisdom ×××××××××××××Hamer××××××××××××× Changes: Malone was outstanding here last season and must be raring to go Wisdom if fit do offer a better defensive option than Bogle Shinniesta has looked on it in his brief time on the field. Will offer greater energy than Rooney who needs a rest Zoon offers pace and if Cocu can ignite a rocket up his arse he could be our secret weapon. Fresh and I just have the feeling it
  4. Every reason to be optimistic for next season. This campaign has been a mess in so many ways. Keep the faith.
  5. Middlesbrough Hull and Stoke the other two but Middlesbrough is the main one please.
  6. PNE 2 Derby 2 (FRGS - Clarke)
  7. GK - Roos RB - Bogle LB - Lowe Ravas CB - Wisdom Forsyth CB - Clarke Davies DM - Bird Shonibare DM - Shinnie Evans AMC - Sibley Rooney AML - Knight Josefzoon AMR - Holmes Whittaker S - Waghorn Martin
  8. Hamer - 5 Not a great deal to do but did most things ably enough apart from one key moment where he's had a brainfart. Keepers can't get away with that I'm afraid Bogle - 5 Defensively poor and beaten all to easily by their wide man Forsyth - 4.5 Made to look like a L1 player at times. Not his finest game Wisdom - 7 Solid and had to be given the performances of the full backs Clarke - 7.5 As above. One lovely gallop down the left flank too and more than one instance of him dealing calmly with the Reading threat Bird - 7 Solid Rooney - 6
  9. It's not just the poor execution of the punch from Hamer it's the fact he chose to punch in the first place. Goalies don't always have that much to do and decision making is so important. His brain has told him to punch when the only player near him is Wisdom. The lad at Cardiff - Etheridge - is on the bench. Isn't he decent?
  10. Didn't see the Lawrence incident. Huge shame as he took responsibility out there when others were really struggling. Hamer, Bogle and Fozzy all had poor games and their wide men gave the latter two kittens whilst Hamer just gives us them.
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