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  1. Rampant

    U23s v Leicester City

    Cheers. Shame we can't include him tomorrow tbh.
  2. Rampant

    U23s v Leicester City

    When did Elsnik return? And why?
  3. Rampant

    v Cardiff (H) - Predictions (Take 2)

    Derby 1 Cardiff 3 (FRGS - Lawrence)
  4. Rampant

    Promoting young players

    I'd have Elsnik and Lowe in the matchday 18 now if both were here. Possibly Guy too for his energy alone. Plus Thomas obviously.
  5. Rampant

    v Middlesbrough - Predictions (H)

    Derby 1 M'brough 3 (FRGS - Palmer)
  6. Rampant

    Derby County Football Club vs Middlesbrough

    Carson Wisdom Keogh Davies Forsyth Huddlestone Ledley McAllister Palmer Thomas Vydra Roos / Baird / Pearce / Thorne / Lawrence / Weimann / Walker
  7. Rampant

    v Burton (A) - Predictions

    Burton 1 Derby 0
  8. Rampant

    v Wolves (A) - Predictions

    Wolves 3 Derby 2 (FRGS - Weimann)
  9. Rampant

    v Bolton (H) - Predictions

    How many extra points do I get for nominating a 25/1 shot as first scorer?
  10. Rampant

    v Bolton (H) - Predictions

    Derby 2 Bolton 1 (FRGS - Pearce)
  11. Rampant

    How would you get Palmer in your team?

    By playing him in the Vydra role, pushing the otter up to play further forward. Instruct Kasey to get as close to Vydra as possible as often as possible. Why? Because they are our two most likely to do something creative and/or clinical so it makes sense to get as many minutes out of them as possible. Because of our traditional #9 type players, Winnall is injured, Martin is at Reading, Nugent is decent with a cracking attitude to the game but isn't outstanding and Cameron Jerome is Cameron Jerome.
  12. Rampant

    Preston North End V Derby County

    My pre-match thoughts: Positives: Dropping Forsyth is fair as he's been all over the place this season. Johnson nowhere in sight is wonderful news. Hopefully that's a permanent arrangement. However, moans are: Keogh has been excellent for us season after season and benching him after one (dreadful admittedly) error and one poor overall performance is extremely harsh. Not giving young Thomas a start ahead of a non-firing Lawrence further suggests that the path from the U23's to the first team is an overly long and winding one. Palmer on the bench again and not starting. Jerome is involved ahead of Walker. Jerome being involved ahead of anyone tbh. McAllister is available now isn't he? Get him on the bench then. Thorne, whilst woeful of late, is still a better option from the bench than Hanson. For all that, COYR.
  13. Rampant

    Rowett brave or not?

    My wish: If Olssen injured then Forsyth it is as not convinced by Baird at LB. Wisdom at RB. Hudds and Ledley in CM to replace out of sorts Thorne and hopeless Johnson. Palmer to be central and close to Vydra who starts up top. Weimann wide right and Thomas on the left. Walker and McAllister to be options on the bench. Johnson and Jerome left in Derby.
  14. Rampant

    Rowett Sacked (look at the date)

    Kind of ruins any chance of catching anyone out if you alter the thread title
  15. Rampant

    Rowett Sacked (look at the date)


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