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  1. On reflection, your judgement is more accurate. Jeez, what a mess.
  2. I'd much rather have a different manager too but this mess is mostly on Mel sadly. Rooney is in a hopeless situation and if he keeps us out of the bottom three he's done well.
  3. Will Steve Gibson be present at PP when Boro visit? Genuine question - would it be advisable for him to stay away?
  4. Marshall Byrne Cashin Forsyth Buchanan Knight Shinnie Sibley Jozwiak Lawrence Kazim Jeez, that's pretty bleak.
  5. @86 Hair Islands Can I please use your magnificent post on p40 of this thread elsewhere (another forum)? I'll obviously give you the credit for it.
  6. Wonder if Steve Gibson will attend PP if crowds are there.
  7. Totally agree tbh. One of the six new teams is my guess.
  8. B4, Simon Groom, Tracey Shaw......
  9. He seemed to play as a RWB last night, is that correct?
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