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  1. If it IS John Terry do we think his Chelsea link might lead to the return of Tomori?
  2. Xabi Alonso (just a suggestion to make me look ace if it comes to fruition)
  3. Exciting this innit? My preferred top 10 choice(s), in order: 1. Paul Cook 2. Rafa Benitez 3. Slavisa Jokanovic 4. Eddie Howe 5. Steven Gerrard 6. Chris Wilder 7. John Terry 8. Steve Cooper 9. Ryan Lowe 10. Lee Bowyer
  4. Well if it is Big Sam then that's my bets on Cook, Jokanavic and Alonso down the pan. What a waste of £3 that was.
  5. Marshall Byrne Wisdom Clarke Buchanan Bielik Shinnie Whittaker Knight Joswiak Kazim (Roos, Davies, Bird, Rooney, Sibley, Lawrence, Waghorn, Hector-Ingram, Duncan)
  6. Re: Bielik.....surely the feeling is we don't want to be carrying players who aren't 100% ready for a Championship match. I'm sure he'll be starting as soon as he is.
  7. Joz out so change of FRGS to Holmes please
  8. Yeah, I was going with what I'd like to see rather than what side actually gets picked. Forsyth wouldn't be in my 18 as I'd use Shinnie as backup to Buchanan.
  9. Marshall Byrne Te Wierik Clarke Buchanan Bielik Knight Shinnie Joswiak Ibe Kazim Roos / Wisdom / Davies / Bird / Sibley / Rooney / Holmes / Lawrence / Waghorn / Can't find a place even on an elongated bench for Whittaker, Hector-Ingram, Stretton or Duncan. Can we have 13 subs?
  10. A name I didn't recognise has popped up in the betting.....Chris Davies. Quick google tells me he's Brendan Rodgers assistant at Leicester.
  11. My (realistic) choice would be one of Mac3, Wassall, Cook, Lowe, Bowyer or Robins. Less realistic and I'll have Benitez.
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