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  1. I think it was originally going to be 4 x 30 minute quarters. Highlight for me was the young lad Knight in midfield. Would like to see Sibley involved against Burton too tbh.
  2. How do I return it to orange? It looks rather dull now imho.
  3. Who do we think will get the gig? Higginbotham? Carsley? Holloway? Andrews? B4?
  4. Loving the colours. Hope it remains this way tbh.
  5. Rampant

    Steve: III

    Lee Carsley? Danny Higginbotham?
  6. Cocu Cabana (keep the orange please, it's great) (we need an orange away kit now too)
  7. That'd be great. Harrison Reed was excellent for Rovers too.
  8. Top five for me should Lamps go (in order of preference) 1. Jody Morris 2. Giovanni Van Bronkhurst 3. Simo Valakari 4. Mikel Arteta 5. Darren Wassall
  9. I've read Chelsea fans suggesting that the reason for the delay in announcing Lampard as manager (or not) is due to their club awaiting news on their appeal. The result of which would determine the type of offer made to Lampard (or someone else). If he goes - and I think he will fwiw - then I'd be more excited by a Van Bronkhurst, Arteta or a Bergkamp than I would a Hughton or a Monk. In the middle ground I'd put Wassall.
  10. Anybody else's posts going missing? I assumed the first two were removed as I referred to Harry Redknapp in unflattering terms but another one has disappeared too which was inoffensive to anyone.
  11. Arteta 😎 Van Bronkhurst 😎 Hughton 😴 Bowyer 😕 Mac III 👎 Wanchope 🕺
  12. Yes. Plenty of other things too.
  13. I'd be quite happy to never see or hear from Harry Redknapp again.
  14. Aren't Lincoln somewhat direct? No way I want the Cowleys here tbh.
  15. 1. Man City 2. Middlesbrough I respect Forest tbh.
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