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  1. Rams 3 Bluebirds 3 (FRGS - Bielik)
  2. Given our wide attackers aren't offering as much as we'd like I'd opt for 3-5-2 with wingbacks. I'd also use Bielik in midfield. Roos Keogh - Davies - Clarke Bogle - Lowe Bielik - Knight Martin Waghorn - Marriott
  3. Wing backs to provide much needed width and probably better quality than we get from Josefzoon, Lawrence, Bennett and (possibly) Paterson. Roos Keogh Davies Clarke Bogle Lowe Bielik Knight Holmes Marriott Waghorn Subs: Hamer / Anya / Forsyth / Shinnie / Evans / Lawrence / Martin
  4. Brentford 2 Derby 1 (FRGS - Own Goal)
  5. Forest 3 Rams 2 (FRGS - Bielik)
  6. Can somebody please post as soon as we know. Cheeyars.
  7. I see 4-4-2 with the midfield diamond. Can anybody confirm PC's plans?
  8. Derby 1 WBA 3 (FRGS - own goal)
  9. OP is spot on. That sort of calm rationality is exactly what us supporters should get on board with.
  10. Derby 2 Bristol C 2 (FRGS - Bielik)
  11. Stoke 1 Derby 1 (FRGS - Clarke)
  12. Darren Wassall and his team deserve a pay rise. They're obviously a key component of our club and it's future so I hope we pay them top dollar so they aren't prised away.
  13. I think I would prefer to see Lowe to full effect as LB and given Bateman a go at RB. Buchanan could also then play in his natural CB position alongside Davies moving Bielik into DM where he could be even more influential. Great to see so many academy kids involved 👍
  14. Is it confirmed that he's playing at CB? Looking at the starting XI I would expect (right to left) Lowe - Buchanan - Davies - Shinnie. With Bird and Bielik making the two in a 4-2-3-1 set up.
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