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  1. Help me out here buddy.....Worthington?
  2. That's a fantastic gesture. Hope you raise plenty and best wishes to your dad who seems like a top fella.
  3. The first thing that strikes me is how large the squad is. Would have expected about 16 players tbh.
  4. Rams 2 Rovers 2 (FRGS - Martin)
  5. Derby 3 Huddersfield 2 (FRGS - Rooney)
  6. I think we all can be one-eyed at times but to denigrate Rooney's performance is bizarre. He hardly gave the ball away and the intelligence of his passing was at least appreciated by some City fans. We are a work in progress and with the acquisition of an above average keeper, centre half and wide man I'd fancy us to fare better against Bristol City next season than we have this time around.
  7. Even if we lose this I'm hoping we can all agree that the performances are encouraging. Better than Bristol City tonight but just too soft at the back
  8. Scored a belter for Rovers at Wycombe yesterday and the one supporter whose ratings I saw gave him MOTM and 8/10.
  9. JML scored a fine goal for Rovers yesterday.
  10. I think top six would be a huge ask even without a points deduction tbh. Throw in a loss of points and it's a pipedream surely? All about the summer window and 20/21 for me.
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