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  1. While Phil Gee has had a few could you get him to quote to redecorate my front room ......only joking Phil you’re a legend 👍🏻
  2. Bought the Sunday Times and Telegraph today for some serious impartial high end football journalism on the championship play off final. The Times article is all about John McGinn and the Telegraph about Jack and Ginny. To be fair the Telegraph do have half a page on Lamps., but its about him taking the Chelski job 🙄 All aimed at Prince William obviously.
  3. Think the trails gone cold.
  4. Always thought Gibson was a decent human being and Chairman, with amazing loyalty towards his managers. Also Mac provided some of their best moments in recent times, thought he would have a good opinion of Derby County. All I can suggest is a late mid life crisis, needs a tattoo of a decapitated ram to complete his hate complex ?
  5. John Terry in talks with Boro? How would we feel if it was JM?
  6. Derby 2 Villa 0 Lawrence 31 mins Come on Tom you haven’t scored a trademark cracker from outside the box for a bit......nows the time .👟
  7. Make your mind up mate. 🎯
  8. Waggys face 100% pure determination,that’s what we want at Wembley.👍🏻
  9. Talking about Bamford did I see him do Tomori for pace or was I hallucinating.
  10. Are you B4s Italian cousin B Quattro ?
  11. I think B4 should address the players just before KO in Francois Pienaar style. We are massive underdogs but B4 could swing it.✌️
  12. Shouldn’t sit on a small dustbin with a restricted view then should he?🍺
  13. Frank had done the equivalent of the Mike Brearley bowling Willis uphill into the wind to annoy him then unleashing him downhill to take 8-43 . Marriott hat trick incoming...we will win this as long as we avoid a red.
  14. He may not fancy a move South..I heard he feels more comfortable around his regular haunts.
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