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  1. What’s his defence? Derby denied Boro a play off place, so they were unable to access Premier league riches.
  2. He should concentrate on his own underperforming little club. I really hope all Boro’s financial affairs are beyond reproach.
  3. That’s right. The EFL valued it at a lower figure, but their surveyor didn’t bother to visit Pride Park, he did his valuation via google.🤔
  4. You could always bail out if it does. Could do with a punfest to take my mind off the desperate position we find ourselves in.
  5. Only 15 points off the play offs and 9 off safety. Wazza can do it. COYR
  6. A scouser who has never come to terms with Kevin Harper out jumping their centre backs ??
  7. I’m also in that camp. Until we all the information which should be revealed in due course it’s hard to know what the outcome will be. Many posters have already decided we will be liquidated, Mel has already been hung drawn and quartered without a trial. He is now being referred to as “Morris” which is the usual form when someone has been convicted. I would rather get behind the team and deal with any recriminations later if needed.
  8. What’s Sturgeon got to do with this ? Inviting us into the Scottish Championship?
  9. Don’t worry B4 things will turn out well in the end. We need your positivity to keep us all going. I really think we could claw our way up the league by the season end. It all depends on what little extras the EFL wish to come up with.
  10. Not even your 2017/8 accounts ??
  11. Couhig, Parry and Gibson on the front.
  12. Derby County on tour 22/23 season South Shields Matlock Town Whitby Town Bamber Bridge
  13. Should finance a new bucket and sponge for Gordon Guthrie.
  14. Well done Wayne and the lads. Word to Gibbo, don’t mess with the Rams.
  15. Would rather have Boro down there.
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