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  1. Fulham vs Derby County match day thread

    Chris Baird 👏👏👏.
  2. Fulham vs Derby County match day thread

    Lawrence was lucky with the penalty.
  3. Fulham vs Derby County match day thread

    We’re singing Abdoul Camara after their sub!!! I just spat a pork ball at Mrs Cone
  4. Fulham vs Derby County match day thread

    This is screaming “WARDROBE”!!!
  5. Fulham vs Derby County match day thread

    Brilliant from Ledley.
  6. Sheffield Pub Grub

    The Boss says The Devonshire on Devonshire Street for home made pies.
  7. Sheffield Pub Grub

    I’ll ask Mrs Cone when she finishes haunting her place of work. Only place we go specifically for a pie is The Crown at Heeley but that’s too far out,cracking pie though.
  8. Broadband Compensation

    They could give me a £100 a day and it wouldn’t be worth the meltdown I have if the internet is lagging let alone not working. Dad...the internet is worse than aids,I can’t connect to any matches...wah!!!!
  9. Sheffield Pub Grub

    I’m not sure if I sound like a drug dealer or a rent boy!😘
  10. Sheffield Pub Grub

    All good tips. we really like Smoke bbq which is near the town hall. Loads of decent places up West Street,start in town and walk up. All types of food,decent pubs(a bit studenty). We don’t go very often and tend to go late afternoon/early evening to avoid the k********.
  11. Sheffield Pub Grub

    Are you after anything in particular mate?
  12. Club/Benty supports Anti-Bullying Day

    Yes...horrible b*******.
  13. Black Friday

    You’re a computer boffin @David(I nearly put techy),I’m after a gaming p.c for my youngest. Needs to be VR /4K up to around a grand?
  14. Toilet breaks in class

    No,round the back in the drain please. But they can go when they want and don’t need a special permission and I’ll throw in bog roll(Andrex)!
  15. Toilet breaks in class

    If my boss told me I couldn’t go for a crap when I needed one I’d s*** on the floor. Or I’d start wearing man nappies to work and stand there stinking with a big bumblebee bum,I might even wear a baby grow(with a collar). I do understand the OP’s problem though,kids do take the piss.(interesting thread by the way) I promised myself I could not post on this thread.

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