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  1. A signed Tax return for 2017/18? A signed DCFC seatbelt?
  2. I’ve seen people fighting over garden furniture and most recently sheds(really)in the last 18 months so nothing surprises me. We get 2 deliveries a day and 3 Friday,Saturday,Sunday compared to your average station which gets 2 a week. People without cards offering people with cards money to use their cards at the pumps. Long queues but no shortages.
  3. Wasn’t at the game so I can’t really comment I am told the chant was bang out of order. See Sharp regularly at work and he’s a genuinely nice bloke,I’ll still trip him up next time I see him though.
  4. 1 match ban plus a 9 point deduction for the Roos red.
  5. Martin can play,Keogh is in charge of social events.
  6. He likes a nice watch He likes a nice watch Wayne Rooney 🤦‍♂️
  7. I’m not going unfortunately mate,I got into a bit of a pickle at the cup game,ended back in hospital. Hoping to manage the first half of the Reading game though.
  8. We can get 10 years with the appropriate medical care.
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