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  1. coneheadjohn

    Snake City watch

    The most rational argument for hatred right their. A voice more annoying than Liz Macdonalds.
  2. coneheadjohn

    Snake City watch

    Oh crap!
  3. coneheadjohn

    Snake City watch

  4. coneheadjohn

    Snake City watch

    Only because they couldn’t spell Gimp.
  5. coneheadjohn

    Snake City watch

    I always thought there was enough evidence in this transfer to push for a fraud charge. To knowingly undersell something ridiculously below it’s value recklessly or incompetently just to piss a load of people off. I’ve just made this law up by the way(Wills Law)!
  6. coneheadjohn

    Snake City watch

    That quote encapsulates perfectly the difference in class between Derby and Stoke. To Derby fans a Charlatan. To Stoke fans a horrible gimp. Very well put👍
  7. coneheadjohn

    Snake City watch

    No mate,fairs fair mate,I know you don’t back down from a confrontation but you called it.
  8. coneheadjohn

    Snake City watch

    The best quote I saw was someone describing Rowett as, ”A chancer in shiny trainers”. That made me spit coffee on the dogs.
  9. coneheadjohn

    Snake City watch

    I’m surprised people haven’t come on here to give you credit. If I remember last season you had him sussed. I respected your opinion but didn’t agree and you copped plenty of flak from a lot of people. I always enjoy the strong opinions,got to give you some credit on him,you called it from the off. I amongst others was wrong.
  10. coneheadjohn

    £20 is Plenty

    Good deal,can’t fault the club. But the 27.5% interest is a no no. Overall very good.
  11. coneheadjohn

    Teemu Pukki

    I was trying to make a very poor joke.
  12. coneheadjohn

    Teemu Pukki

    Derby’s scouting team...never get it right.
  13. coneheadjohn

    Chas Hodges has died

    RIP,bloody cancer. What a bloody horrible disease ☹️.
  14. coneheadjohn

    v Brentford (H) Match Thread

    Get the drinks in son.
  15. coneheadjohn

    v Brentford (H) Match Thread


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