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  1. Glad your studying as well as hitting the ale👍
  2. Rammie has to spend next season on loan at the City ground.
  3. That link reminds me of The Matrix.
  4. It’s made it even more entertaining for me because they’re all. And I’m.
  5. Should have done it! The Blades at work were a lot better at it than me,they pushed it much further than I dare.
  6. And he had to get the bus home,in torrential rain with all the Blades chanting Derby,Derby on the main road.
  7. Some crackers here,I might carry it on for a few days. Hope some of the players come shopping.
  8. One was at my house watching it with me and the lads...unlucky!
  9. I knew you’d go for something childish 😆
  10. Don’t know,Keogh and I’ve got more chance of buying the club.
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