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  1. I don’t care if we get relegated as long as we finish above Boro.
  2. It’s part of my daily routine. Starting at 4 am this morning by losing Aggie in the park(I found her eventually).
  3. See it a bit at work and it can be awful,blanking someone,cliques,people not invited on social events,exclusive Whatsapp groups,twisting what someone has done or said. Equally as bad when someone knows about it and does nothing about it. Hate bullying.
  4. Fear Street on Netflix. Part one was a bit Jeff Hendrick. Part two was Craig Bryson. Part three was a solid Will Hughes.
  5. Rating movies as Derby players is very Abdoul Camara.
  6. Used to love the song but Sweet Caroline is starting to get right on my wick.
  7. Tell them to stop throwing out new target man about.
  8. All the best Tom,get behind him obviously or go and boo from the East Stand if you’re tragic. Anyone who doesn’t perform has to go on a track experience day with him.
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