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  1. Don’t use the buttons use the voice thingy👍
  2. I would go for Rowett 2, but make him do a Kieftenbeld and sign the wrong form. When he slinks out for the press conference holding his wine break the news to him.
  3. Surely everyone’s going to take an inflatable snake?
  4. You’ve opened a nice can of worms here mate😆
  5. I thought their season tickets were free?
  6. No cash refund but you can have Ikechi Anya.
  7. I had to upset one of my mates who came round to watch the QPR match at our house.(Stokie) ’Are we doing the same again’? ’Errrrr,no you can duck right off’👍
  8. What’s happened to Keogh rampaging forward to the centre circle and then turning round and going back?As of previous seasons. Brilliant move and ball,all credit to him.
  9. coneheadjohn


    Igor having a cuddle with @Mrs Cone
  10. I bet he didn’t get a crack.
  11. I have work nights out where people have a drink together but want to hurt each other really or say they’re mates until a job comes up and they can’t wait to knock on the office door tittle tattling, Allegedly.
  12. If it kicks off on the touch line I reckon Jody could take him despite the size difference? I know it’s a stupid thread.
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