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  1. Elsnik is one I would expect to get a chance.
  2. I'm bald as a coot so I could comb it over👍
  3. Blackmail
  4. Am I right in thinking this is a Forest fan questioning the ethical values of Derby County...really?
  5. You can tell there's no football when a transfer thread ends up discussing a nonce.
  6. If we're playing him,there is no point unless he plays his favoured right sided attacker/forward role. Which would mean dropping Ince .
  7. Blimey,those kids sat in assembly singing Don't Stop Believing because they're school mate is missing. ****!
  8. The Doctors on the news...incredible. I'm always in awe of these people. What a fantastic set of individuals.
  9. Ooo,that would be good.
  10. Perfect fit for Leeds,sad to see him go.
  11. That's a bit close mate.I bit there was some emotion in your house today...blimey.
  12. Haha,very nice of you. Save your money,some charity fundraising is coming at some point. I love my boy's more than anything but bloody hell I hope GT is fit before Joel or we're in trouble.
  13. He wants to be fit for pre season friendlies but it's unlikely.Who knows. I'm always winding him up telling him GT will be fit before him.
  14. Yes mate, Going better than we expected. Thanks
  15. Take a look at @coneheadjohn's Tweet: Still improving slowly,he's actually coming undone a little bit at the bottom rear of his ear but they're having a look at that this week. No infection or CSF leak,just keeping a close eye on him. Pretty pleased and relieved but don't want to get carried away as it's early days. Plenty of pain, plenty of hospital time,we can deal with that. Cheers.