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  1. Derby Snow

    No but I’ve got adult nappies on request👍
  2. Derby Snow

    I rent it out to the piss heads walking up the hill from spoons.
  3. Nelson Oliveira

    Looks like a Rowett type of player but if he’s a knob we don’t want him. Thought he was a real handful at PP.
  4. Derby Snow

    I reckon we’ve had it and my car is ok in snow,cars can’t get up my hill. Hopefully it might improve?
  5. The reality is

    I couldn’t really give a shiny ***** if he says ‘the reality is ’ alot to be perfectly honest.
  6. Bullying

    I’m not sure of the exact definition but in my eyes they’re just horrible *****, I hate bullies or people that are just mean or nasty. I can’t define it exactly but any decent human being knows the standards that are acceptable. Had to deal with and intervene in a lot of bullying over the years,makes me angry thinking about it.
  7. Derby Snow

    I know I’m up in the hills but it’s snowing steady here,if it carrys on we have got no chance ☹️
  8. Random stuff that annoys me thread

    https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/upsetting-image-dog-died-after-being-dumped-near-car-park-on-edge-of-sheffield-1-9066785 This mprobably saddens me more than it annoys me.
  9. Jorge Mendes

    Sky are taking about a letter to the F.A from the Leeds owner,no mention of Derby.
  10. Jorge Mendes

    I’m not sure what I make of the article,always going to be the perception. That was my initial thought but I’m waiting till I see more evidence.
  11. Rate the last film you saw partie deux

    We watched Wonder Woman,I give it an Abdoul Camara.
  12. Random stuff that annoys me thread

    Remember,remember,remember,remember...remember you’re a ??.
  13. Derby County v Cardiff City F.C.

    I’m optimistic,saw enough fight and spirit against Forest to give us a chance. Got to love Warnock,if only for the winding up he gives the Wendies. I think a break will do Huddlestone good,who needs a midfield anyway? And can the snow bugger off please👍
  14. Warnock and Cardiff

    I agree,I thought Cardiff played well.
  15. Fans Forum 13th March

    If you want anyone to succeed you’ve got to get behind them and support them. Of course you’ve got to be honest,but I don’t tell my kids they’re crap,I might make some suggestions but I’m going to put my arm round them and try and drag them up. It’s pretty clear that some of the players need an arm round them from us. As a supporter of the club surely we’ve got to help them out,they’re doing it for us as well as themselves. Our attitude changed a bit when we met JR last year,I’m not going into it again but it give us an insight into how affected the players were by the game and their performance. Nuge was virtually suicidal because he’d missed a chance(which Messi wouldn’t have scored). We made a point of giving JR and Nuge a standing ovation ever since(well Nuge☹️) And yes I might come on and take the piss out of them sometimes but it’s always balanced. Just get behind the team FFS! No problem with fair balanced criticism or banter.

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