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  1. I’ve followed this club through thick and thin for nearly 40 years and while I’ve been utterly p*ssed off with numerous players, managers and owners over that time I have never ever lost my faith in the Rams. A couple of of utter morons who have no respect for the privileged position they are in playing for the Rams will never change that.
  2. I’ve have personal experience of seeing the consequences of this kind of drink-driving up close and calling this ‘a prang’ is crass in the extreme. It is absolutely unforgivable that two young men with the means more than most to get themselves home after a drink have seen fit to drive two high powered vehicles at speed along a public road whilst drunk. They are both an absolute disgrace and should have their contracts terminated - I don’t want morons like them representing my club.
  3. Christ he does drone on this bloke doesn't he? He's like a mate at work who once took half an hour longer explaining to me how he put a tent up than it actually took in real time. Anyway Conor, jog on you boring twit and thanks for the point!
  4. duck me that was daylight robbery 😀
  5. Let’s do just that - lets get in a manager who knows how to win promotion from this division, who actually has a clue about tactics at this level and doesn’t keep trying to get a group of players to play the same ducking way week in week out despite it achieving nothing. We’ll be battling relegation if Cocu is still here by Christmas. He’s useless.
  6. We’re not ‘in it’ - we haven’t had a sniff and we won’t get one if Cocu doesn’t radically change tactics for the second half. Judging by his inaction during the first 45 minutes I won’t hold my breath.
  7. Our stats are amazing - 30% possession, no touches in the Leeds box, no shots on or off target. Humiliating.
  8. Of course it is - he picks the ducking team and tactics doesn’t he? He’s useless, absolutely useless.
  9. We don’t have a competent manager either.
  10. What I expect after 6 games is at the very least to see some shots on target and to be mildly entertained, neither of which have occurred very much, and certainly not in the last week.
  11. I know what sort of season he had but I don’t think we’d have reacted like that; the difference is that the Brighton fans could probably see where the team were going and what Hughton was trying to achieve; so far I haven’t got a clue what Cocu is trying to do, and the performances are getting worse week in, week out.
  12. Prior to yesterday they had won 1 game and scored 2 goals in their first 5 matches - they are very much the sort of team we should be beating at this stage of the season.
  13. No disrespect to Cocu at all but we should have snapped up Chris Hughton the moment FL was on his way. This is a man who knows what it takes to get out of this league, knows the EFL and the players. Why on earth appoint someone who knows nothing about English football and is now having to play catch up?
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