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  1. Wilder would be the dream and lives not a million miles away in South Yorkshire but is unlikely to take on such a mess. Ian Evatt would be a great shout if we get relegated as he clearly has something about him; doing great work with Bolton having done similar things with Barrow and is an ex-Ram.
  2. Morris has been a disaster for the club. As I've said before in my personal opinion he has been the worst owner we've ever had bar the crooks who were running us in the early 2000's. Even Maxwell didn't leave us in this much of a mess. Morris' love of a celebrity manager regardless of their coaching experience, his interference in teams affairs, sacking a manager when we were 4th in the table, sacking a manager who had dragged us from the bottom three into playoff contention, signing off on signings like Blackman, Anya etc - everything he has touched has turned to dust. He might point to the a
  3. MEL MORRIS MEL MORRIS MEL MORRIS - That’s all you need to know. It’s starts and ends with him - 2nd worst chairman in the history of the club, with only a convicted fraudster edging him out.
  4. That was a despicable display; one of the worst I’ve seen in 40 years of following the Rams. If there is a worse side than us in the Championship right now I’ve not seen it. Rooney out now, if only to finish the season with some dignity with someone who knows what they are doing.
  5. This the most abysmal performance I’ve seen since the back end of 1983/84, when we dropped into Div 3, which is where we are heading now.
  6. If we don’t win this tonight mate we are down anyway - Mac wouldn’t be able to save us.
  7. There is no fight in these cowards - they are sleepwalking our club into relegation. ducking disgrace.
  8. Now more than ever the football authorities need to stand together. The Premier League should confirm that if any of the so called big six commit to the new super league they are immediately expelled. The EFL should also confirm that none of those clubs will be accepted into their league as an alternative. UEFA should confirm that there will be no further compromise on the format of the Champions League and immediately expel those still in the current competitions and permanently ban all six from future tournaments. FIFA should confirm that no Euro Super League players will be allowed to play
  9. Wilder has got teams promoted from every division including the National League - 4 promotions in less than 10 years with 3 different clubs. He would be the perfect appointment for us but the new owner has already said he wants Rooney to be a manager because he is a ‘legend’, as if that means anything at all when it comes to managing a club.
  10. Rotherham only have to win 2 of their 3 games in hand and our survival in this division is out of our hands - and I think this result tonight will give them a huge advantage. Personally I think we’re down - we are dreadful, rudderless and have no bottle for the fight.
  11. Didn't we all say the same thing about Cocu though? The following season was even worse than the one before it. I don't think we have the luxury of seeing if Rooney can do it differently next season - we need someone experienced who can make the most of whatever resources are provided by the new owners.
  12. Well that’s not the case at Oxford United who have a similar scenario with the former club owner still owning the ground and getting all the revenue from the concession sales as well as the non-football events. Let’s hope you are right and the club come to a different arrangement with Morris.
  13. It’s not the same thing though is it? In a retail environment only a portion of the sales goes to cover the cost of the rent. In a football ground not owned by the club 100% of sales goes to the owner of the ground - 0% goes to the club.
  14. Problem with that (if true) is that Morris gets to keep all the profits from the concessions at the stadium - the club will get no benefit from in stadium sales. My local club Oxford United do not own their stadium; the former owner does and the revenue loss is such that they have been desperately seeking somewhere to build a new stadium for years.
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