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  1. You’re right, it definitely seemed to get worse in the Lampard season. I went to Bristol City away in 2019 and there was a sizeable proportion of dheads in their Stone Island/CP Company uniforms who spent the entire game facing the home fans and baiting them. The following season at Brentford I had to tell some spotty little rick to get the duck out of my seat and then had to stand for the whole match because of another group of utter retards in front of me blocking the view. I could cope with that but older fans and people with kids have their matchdays ruined by these morons. They have made following the Rams away a chore quite frankly with their coked up boorish behaviour and something needs to be done to sort them out.
  2. This is a forum for us Rams fans to vent Malty, so your opinions shouldn’t offend anyone. Personally I think Morris is the worst owner we have ever had and has absolutely no regard for the feelings of the fans, coaching staff, players or employees of DCFC. I think the revelations from Rooney about the lack of communication and perceived lack of contrition for what’s happened from Morris tells you everything you need to know about him as a person, let alone as an owner. In my view he has put the club into administration in order to avoid liability for the mess he has created and to preserve his own personal fortune, not because it’s the best thing for the club.
  3. For me it’s not about what he’s done as a manager so much, it’s about the man he has turned out to be. He has shown class, decency and a strength of character the like of which I never expected from him. He is a multi millionaire who could have a far better football management experience elsewhere but has stood by the players and club throughout all that has been thrown at him. I have a new found respect for Rooney the man and I hope he gets the opportunity to lead the club out through the other side of this mess to a bright successful future.
  4. That quote says it all. Not from Derby though I lived about 15 miles away for 5 years in the early 80’s. Caught the bug from a friend at school and have loved the Rams for 41 years. Scum like Morris can walk away but I never will. I will follow this club wherever they end up, even if it means finding out how to get to Bridlington Town’s ground in the Northern Whatever League. Once a Ram always a Ram.
  5. This happened to my local club Oxford United. The former owner of the club Firoz Kassam sold the club but kept hold of the stadium and all the revenue generated from the sales of food, drink, non football events etc. This has such a detrimental effect on the clubs finances they have been seeking a new location to build a ground for years. The ground must be brought back into club ownership if we are to prosper post-Morris.
  6. I’m not shedding tears, honestly I’m not..YOU RAMS!
  7. That will do nicely - you Rams!!
  8. Absolutely feeling your pain fella - my kid goes off to uni tomorrow - what a weekend! 🙁
  9. He’s still got 500 million in the bank; our football club doesn’t have a pot to piss in and will be in League 1 because of his actions so duck him - he deserves all the abuse he gets.
  10. It’s going to be a tough weekend - my beloved club is being dumped into administration and my only child is going off to start uni tomorrow ☹️ However, my kid will be back in 36 months by which time the Rams will hopefully have had a couple of years of competent ownership with an exciting young team on the pitch and we will be filling three quarters of the stands at places like Shrewsbury & Plymouth en route back to the Championship! Despite how it is at the moment and how it might be for a while the post-Morris future will be bright! COYR!
  11. Top post fella but I doubt many in this COVID era have the spare cash to chuck at the club sadly. As for the EFL we have to move away from hating on them - only one person is responsible for all this. The EFL will hand us the points deduction we deserve and we will go again. I expect relegation will follow as well as the loss of some of our better players but by then hopefully we will have new owners with a new mindset around running the club responsibly. As long as we can secure sensible new owners and a clean slate I will be more excited for the future than I have been for years.
  12. To put this into context, even a bunch of convicted criminal fraudsters left our football club in a better state than Mel Morris has. I don’t need a scale of 1-10 to know that he is the worst owner Derby County Football Club has ever had in its history.
  13. It’s Mel Morris all the way B4 - he’s the villain in all of this - be angry at him.
  14. Sick of hearing that the EFL are the enemy. They did not start this - our owner tried to game the FFP system and got caught out. It is Mel Morris’ fault we are where we are - he is an arrogant egotistical individual who isn’t used to being told no and can’t bear the thought that he is being held to account despite his best efforts.
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