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  1. I hope that’s not the case. I’d rather we spent money on quality additions than piss it all away on Rooney. I know it sounds negative but the squad as a whole is far more important than one superstar player, and with all due respect Paterson and Hamer are in no way an improvement on what we already have, or in Carson’s case, had.
  2. Agree entirely. We've let a solid experienced keeper go leaving us with a couple of keepers who in my view are League One standard at best and we've not filled the Harry Wilson shaped hole in the team. Mel may see it as a genius move signing Rooney and commercially maybe it is, but if it has been done at the expense of other more sensible useful signings then it could turn out to be a poor piece of business.
  3. Excellent performance all round. Love the solidity 2nd half and Lawrence looking like a new signing. Never felt Huddersfield would break us down - all in all a superb nights work and a good omen for the new season. COYR.
  4. We are proper skint aren’t we? The whole thing about bringing the academy players on is very laudable but in reality how many are really going to be good enough to get us promoted? We are going to need to have the patience of saints because the squad as it stands is nowhere near good enough to challenge the top six.
  5. Not denying the feel good factor thing at all, but if you want to talk about disrespect, I'd say buggering off after 14 months is quite disrespectful.
  6. Mate I am very happy. I never bought into the Lampard lovefest in the first place. Just looking forward to our club reverting to 'Derby County' rather than being 'Frank Lampards' Derby County! Onwards and upwards!
  7. Good riddance. Used us to get on the managerial ladder, took us from 6th place to 6th place and then ducked off as soon as Chelski came calling. I'm just glad the whole media circus around him will now depart and we can get on with the business of getting out of this division with a manager who actually has some experience and knows how achieve that aim.
  8. You may be right but it’s worth testing the water with him surely?
  9. Well I can see from your avatar you have already bought into the Cocu love-in fella! I on the other happen to think that an English manager with a genuine knowledge and pedigree in this league is the way forward. We’ll have to agree to disagree. Let’s hope Cocu isn’t another Frank De Boer at Palace.
  10. Hughton has been promoted twice from the Championship with different clubs so to my mind that makes him the best fit for us by a country mile.
  11. I genuinely can’t understand the excitement about this either. I will of course support whoever takes over but I think this sudden reverence for Cocu is ridiculous. What does he know about the Championship? Will he be able to manage without being fully funded like he was at PSV? If he was that good why was he sacked from his last job after 4 months? Not at all convinced by this.
  12. I just want our club to be managed by someone who knows this division, knows what it takes to get promoted out of it. Chris Hughton did it with two clubs, one with money to burn and one with a smaller budget than ours at the time. He strikes me as the kind of manager who knows how to get individuals to play to their strengths, knows their limitations. and adapts his tactics accordingly. He also strikes me as a thoroughly decent person. Bring on the best manager for the job, not the one who will garner the biggest headlines on Sky Sports.
  13. I’d rather have someone who knows how to get out of this league like Chris Hughton than yet another rock star manager who will duck off to the Prem the first time they get tapped up.
  14. Its not the same . The difference with Will was that Rowett had already told him he wasn't his type of player and that he had no future at Derby.
  15. Enough is enough as far as I'm concerned. Mel should be telling Chelsea that if this is not sorted out by tomorrow we are withdrawing permission for Chelsea to continue to speak to Lampard. We are being royally mugged off here - regardless of what the first two days of pre season training consist of Lampard should be at Moor Farm, not poncing around in London. Personally I'm done with him; I'm sick of the ducking media circus surrounding him and of the way he is being held up as some sort of saviour of our club. He took us from 6th place to 6th place. - he is not the Messiah.
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