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  1. To be fair we were out thought and outplayed by a very solid Forest side and we were lucky to get anything. They played the way we knew they would but we didn’t adapt which is a worry. Mind you we probably won’t play as poorly as that again this season (hopefully) so it’s onwards and upwards. Regardless I’m just happy that we’ve ended the Red Dogs dreams of an automatic promotion place and we’re still in with a shout. COYR!
  2. The criticism levelled at him and the players during the first half of the season was justified - the performances at Brentford, Reading etc were abysmal and putting out a junior team for the Forest cup game was inexplicable. However, the arrival of Rooney has galvanised the club and its clear that the players now ‘get’ the way Cocu wants them to play. Considering the off the pitch chaos at the club this season I think he has done a remarkable job and regardless of what happens this season I look forward to seeing us progress next season.
  3. I’m not having a go at MM for the sake of it but I cant believe the club cannot afford to pay the remaining 20% of wages to the non playing staff. A fifth of salary is a lot of money to be missing from someone’s pay and is going to cause some people genuine hardship. I don’t doubt that Mel has done good things in the local community but not paying his staff the extra is not right.
  4. I cannot believe Morris has not made up the 20% for the staff. Says a lot about him - just another rich man who doesn’t seem to give a poo about the little people.
  5. Well said mate. Both of my parents are in their seventies with ailments that put them at high risk. Because I have a job working with the public and Oxfordshire currently has the highest rate of infected people in the UK I am having to FaceTime them to check they are ok rather than visit. I know that at times modern society has a tendency to overreact to certain things but this pandemic really is an existential crisis - finishing the football season doesn’t really seem that important right now. (And if it means Forest’s best season in about 500 years counts for nothing in the end at leas
  6. Who do you think you are? 46 posts in and you are telling those who don’t view the events of this current season through rose tinted specs that they are ‘wristslashers’, ‘trolls’ and ‘wastelands’ and telling them to shut up? Get off your high horse mate - up to the start of the year this season had been a shambles, the performances were utter tripe and Cocu was not getting anything like the best out of the team. Yes some of the kids look great and it’s going to be interesting to see if they push on next season, but don’t run away with the idea that we are going to smash the league with just ki
  7. I know plenty about armed policing pal so I can guarantee that no armed response officer has ever pulled a gun on him purely for being Asian. And what does ‘stop protecting this country’s reputation at all costs’ even mean? Are you on drugs?
  8. Do you really think armed police 'hold people at gunpoint' on their way home from a night out because they are Asian? That is absolute BS; either your mates are lying or they are the wrong sort of people to be hanging around with. Take it from someone who knows - no armed response officer is going to draw their weapon without there being a genuine threat to the lives of either themselves or the public.
  9. Well now that Ramage has gone maybe the ‘DCFC Fans Forum Soviet’ can form a committee to ensure that they get to pick a pundit who says nothing whatsoever that is critical of the club and players and can spin a dull as dishwater performance into a great result. That seems to be what some of you on here want.
  10. It was an idiotic thing for Ramage to say and he needs to publicly apologise for saying it but I can't help thinking that a lot of the comments on here are driven by those who have wanted him off RD for a long time. Would you be saying the same thing if Eric Steele had said it or one of the Rams TV pundits? If Ramage doesn't apologise for what he has said then it becomes a different matter but at least give him a chance to do so before you clamour for him to be chucked off RD.
  11. Not much to love about it at the moment though is there? Badly run from top to bottom, skint, facing a points deduction, piss poor squad playing god knows what style of football. I’d love to share your enthusiasm but I see nothing to get enthusiastic about sadly.
  12. And in how many of those games has the football been great to watch? How many of those games have you honestly been able to say ‘Yeah I see what he’s trying to do here’? The point is that the style of football, the philosophy is mind numbingly dull and taking us nowhere.
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