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  1. Jayram

    Title Race

    I agree with this. We have been very average since WBA away and have shown that we are nowhere near good enough to challenge for automatic promotion. In fact we barely deserve to be mentioned as playoff contenders as every team in the top 6 (bar maybe Boro) are playing at a far more consistent level than us, playing better football and scoring more goals too, which will be a factor at the end of the season. I will be more than happy if we manage to grab the last playoff spot but as it stands I think that’s going to be a big ask.
  2. Jayram

    RIP Gordon Banks

    A world class goalkeeper, a genuine England legend and a thoroughly lovely man. RIP Gordon.
  3. Jayram

    Should we be worried?

    I’m not being funny but if he goes he goes. He’s doing an ok job for us and I like him and his footballing philosophy but no one is bigger than this club are they? I don’t give a poo about the profile he brings - we are Derby County, not Frank Lampards Derby County. Personally I don’t think he’d go but if he does we move on.
  4. Jayram

    Rowett ball v Lampard way

    Last seasons manager told our best midfielder in a generation that he wasn’t his kind of footballer and sold him on the cheap to a tinpot Prem club. Give me Lampard and his slightly misfiring style of football over that see you next Tuesday’s hoofball any day.
  5. Jayram

    Preston North End vs Derby County Matchday Thread

    I thought Preston were excellent last night, love the way they play, and if it wasn’t for Keogh, Tomori and Roos we would have been well beaten. It pisses me off that our football has been so flat and predictable since WBA away, the last time we truly looked worthy of our top 6 place. I have a feeling we will have dropped out by the end of today as I can’t see Brizzle not beating Swansea and to be honest we can have no complaints about that if it happens. I just hope that King coming in will have a galvanising effect on our midfield, which has been overrun too many times lately, and that we don’t lose either of our centre halves to injury or suspension because if we do we’ve had it. Overall I was glad we took a point last night but really struggling with how easily we are outplayed game in game out - it’s demoralising.
  6. Jayram

    Youssouf Mulumbu - Joined Kilmarnock

    Hope this is just paper talk. A 32 year old who can't even get in to the matchday squad of a team playing in a mickey mouse league? No thanks.
  7. Jayram

    Playoff final

    Have never watched it and never will. Robbed by a team not fit to lace the boots of our players at the time.
  8. Jayram

    Should we keep faith?

    I think part of the problem is that every season recently there seems to be a team that finds the right formula out of nowhere and then flies past us. Brighton a couple of seasons ago, Wolves last season and now Leeds have come from a position of inferiority to us in terms of league position, squad etc to be miles better inside a season or two. That is something that gets me down - why is it we are always treading water while others get it right? Friday was depressing - outclassed from first minute to last and to be honest I just lost interest and turned the TV off. I try to be positive but its sometimes hard; some of FL's signing this summer seem just as poor as previous managers purchases- Evans, Jozefzoon for instance and that doesn't fill me with confidence that FL will get the mix right sooner rather than later. I'm not ready to write off this season and I've seen a lot worse apathy from Rams supporters over the years (I was one of only 8,000 at the BBG v Blackburn in September 1982) but I understand what the OP is getting at.
  9. Jayram

    Vs Leeds away. (Matchday thread).

    We'll have to agree to disagree fella. I never said Leeds were crap but they are nowhere as good as we made them look. That was an abysmal performance tonight, not an ounce of spirit in our team or tactical nous from the coaching staff. Totally dispiriting.
  10. Jayram

    Vs Leeds away. (Matchday thread).

    Not embarrassing? We didn’t have a single shot on goal against a team that lost its last 3 games! These are not ducking Wolves last season mate - it was a pathetic performance made worse by Lampards clueless tactical decisions.
  11. Jayram

    Vs Leeds away. (Matchday thread).

    Totally humiliated and totally outclassed. Lampard, his coaching team and virtually every single player in a Rams shirt should hang their heads in shame. Utterly embarrassing.
  12. Jayram

    Vs Leeds away. (Matchday thread).

    They’ve lost their last 3 so he’s not that amazing, but we’ve made him and his team look like world beaters tonight.
  13. Jayram

    Vs Leeds away. (Matchday thread).

    This is exactly how Leeds played at our place and yet our management team still haven’t worked out how to deal with them, even though the last 3 teams to play them have! Piss poor from Lampard & co imo.
  14. Jayram

    Snake City watch

    Hated the bar steward when he was here for the poo hoofball he made us play and for showing what a footballing philistine he was by selling Will Hughes. He is an arrogant talentless see you next Tuesday and I hope he never gets another job in football management again. Apart from that I wish him well.
  15. Jayram

    Vs Middlesbrough (home). Matchday thread.

    Seriously how can anyone support a team that plays such awful flair free hoof ball like Boro? I feel sorry for them, I really do. Frustrating that yet again we can’t find a way of beating dreadful anti-football sides but it could turn out to be a useful point what with the other results today. And Stoke lost again so at least one of the two dinosaur managers in this division will be losing his job soon!

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