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  1. Can anyone honestly say that the team and its performances have improved over the course of this season? I was at Reading last August and we were played off the park for the majority of the game before sneaking the win with a worldie from Lawrence. At the time we put that down to new players/tactics but apart from that purple patch in October we have been been absolutely average, game after game. No lessons seem to be learned - its groundhog day over and over. We don't deserve to still be in with a shout of the playoffs - the players haven't earned it. I just want the season to end now so this rotten bloated squad can be cleared out in the summer and then we'll see what Lampard is really made of.
  2. I have no faith in the man and his decision making whatsoever. Terrible tactics and team selection tonight but no doubt we’re stuck with him until Chelsea take him off our hands at some point. As for what he can achieve with his own players, do you mean players like George Evans? Josefzoon? Can’t wait..☹️
  3. Please God let Chelsea offer Lampard a coaching position this summer..
  4. We deserve nothing at all from this game. To be honest we are nowhere near good enough and haven’t been all season. Im fed up of being embarrassed by the poor performances, fed up of Lampard, a bang average manager who doesn’t deserve to be managing us because he hasn’t earned it, fed up of the whole ducking season - I can’t wait for it to end.
  5. Shouting racial abuse is so ducking moronic I just can’t get my head round it. What is really pathetic is that the idiot responsible supports a team that has a number of black players in its first team. It’s that level of nasty gormless stupidity that angers me. I hope Duane supports a prosecution and this fuckwit is banned for life from watching Brentford.
  6. Why should they provide uncritical support for DCFC? The performances have been abysmal recently and the constant team/tactical changes have been baffling. Plenty on here are happy to slaughter individual players week after week regardless of their performances but apparently its not ok for the local media to offer an opinion. Ram TV is there for those who don't want to hear anything other than the party line - I'd rather listen to pundits who tell it like it is.
  7. Is this the same Graham Richards who used to spout off about the club so much that he got banned by the club from the BBG?
  8. Totally agree. I love the Radio Derby coverage. Ed Dawes and Craig Ramage are not there to butter up the likes of Lampard and Morris, they are there to tell it like it is. Just because Frank is upset at his teams recent poor performances being called out doesn’t give him the right to allude to local media being ‘negative’. Instead of being upset maybe he should just man up and get on with it.
  9. Absolutely right. I have never doubted Mel’s commitment to the club but he has undeniably taken us backwards from where we were in 2015. His decision making on managers has been shocking; appointing Pearson, sacking Mac the second time, appointing Rowett etc, all terrible choices. However, he is a Ram and we really do have to be careful what we wish for. My local club, Oxford Utd have new Thai owners and in the space of 18 months have received 3 winding up orders for unpaid bills - scary stuff.
  10. He ought to be a goner - he’s ducking clueless. We are being humiliated today because of his decision making. What a joke of a club we’ve become. Absolutely disgusting.
  11. Genius management making 6 changes for a game against a team like Villa - well done Frank! This club is absolutely rotten from top to bottom. Can’t wait for the ducking season to end.
  12. Frank should never have been appointed in the first place. He hasn’t earned the right to start his managerial career a club like Derby - he should have started further down the leagues while we should have been looking for an experienced manager/coach. That said, it’s insane to suggest sacking him. He needs the summer to clear the dross and all of next season to see what he can do. If anyone is to blame it is Mel Morris - he has made one knee jerk decision after another when it comes to managers and I expect appointing Lampard had more to do with marketing and club profile than actual common sense.
  13. Nick Pickering. Wimbledon away on a miserable Wednesday night - we are 1-0 down and the ball comes to Nick in the centre of the penalty area. Its virtually an open goal as he lines up the equaliser; the handful of us Rams fans behind the goal leap to our feet and....Pickering kicks the ground rather than the ball, launching the biggest clod of earth I've ever seen on a football pitch about 3 feet into the air. Cue jeers from the Dons fans and knowing groans from us. We went on to lose the match 4-0 and I have never hated a player more in that moment than Nick Pickering. He actually won an England cap before he came to us. I don't understand how. He was absolute poo.
  14. Mac 1, Mac 2 and then Clough a distant 3rd. I have not enjoyed football like I did under Maclaren first time round. I was proud of the way we played, loved the creativity that oozed from the team, the fact that 2/3 of our midfield were from our academy, and that on our day teams couldn’t handle us. I genuinely think that if Morris hadn’t ducked it up again by pulling the trigger on Mac 2 he would probably have gone on to build another good side and we’d all be enjoying the ride. Instead we are back to watching Clement- like performances from a team that chops and changes every game because our rookie manager is learning on the job. Those heady days of beating the Red Dogs 5-0 seem a long time ago now.
  15. One thing I am definitely not doing is pining for that see you next Tuesday and his poo football. Lampard may be struggling with this lot at the moment but at least his footballing philosophy is positive.
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