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  1. Which player doesn’t stand a chance of living up to the expectations of following Mason Mount?
  2. Been lucky,that Joe Allen misses is one of the worst misses I’ve ever seen. Stoke on top.
  3. Yeah,we’ve done that...Nationwide,£13 a month,but Joel was excluded unfortunately. Just one of those things,we got him out there which is amazing really.
  4. They look awful,Fulham don’t look great either.
  5. I’m still here mate,just @Mrs Cone and the lads,insurance was steep.
  6. Yeah,they’ve been today. Hope your trip helped.
  7. Having a great time no major dramas,this makes me really happy.
  8. I was thinking Jones might come under pressure...that would be mad.
  9. I reckon Siewert might be in a spot of bother if Fulham beat them later.
  10. What do these firms put back in,in terms of supporting what you and others do?
  11. This is true,apparently played well and were unlucky,but the natives are restless and are ripping up oatcakes. Derby by tradition are the team to play when you’re on a crap run. I reckon it plays into our hands being at Stoke. If we start brightly and get them on the back foot the whole lot could collapse.
  12. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/metro.co.uk/2019/08/12/malaysian-shaman-called-nora-quoirin-search-says-lured-genie-10558586/amp/ If one of my kids went missing and the police did this it would hack me off...a genie...ffs.
  13. https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/latest-owls-news/this-is-why-sheffield-wednesday-has-been-ordered-to-make-changes-at-the-leppings-lane-end-of-hillsborough-489717 Not sure what to make of this? What happened when we played? Are they referring to @DarkFruitsRam7?
  14. We need to get back to this level of entertainment.
  15. Thorne a Keeper and perhaps a couple of youngsters? I would hope we keep Martin as cover,if we lost Waghorn or Marriott we’d be in the💩. I remember when we lost Benty and Martin.
  16. Hoon 😆 Weather looks crap as usual ☹️
  17. Imagine if we’d got Kurt Zouma instead of Matt Clarke?
  18. Allow me to present my current fleet. Guess which one I drive?
  19. Jack’s a good guy,we have contact through Queens in Birmingham with a family with a lad who’s struggling with Leukaemia and Grealish has done a lot for them and that lad is really sick. I should add that so has Darren Bent. It’s an Incey scenario,looks an arrogant so and so but underneath a decent guy.
  20. Zouma looks shaky and I’m not convinced with Abraham even though he’s hit the post? Maybe a goal and he’ll be off. MM does not look at all out of place. United look a bit crap,Solskjaer could struggle if they play like this.
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