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  1. I’m not going unfortunately mate,I got into a bit of a pickle at the cup game,ended back in hospital. Hoping to manage the first half of the Reading game though.
  2. We can get 10 years with the appropriate medical care.
  3. Just seeing a ticket for the pop side made me smile this morning 👍
  4. Derby get in the play offs and relegated in the same season.
  5. Make Rammie manager with Eweie as assistant for a laugh. Or vice versa
  6. Sad night for the employees,some decent people work for the club.
  7. Used to love doing it but grown out of it(mostly). Lets have your most tragic moments.
  8. Brilliant,I feel like a poem. The Derby guns.
  9. Just realised I backed us to win.
  10. Wan Bissaka with an utter brain fart that would have been a 50/50 in the Championship no doubt.
  11. Watching Everton v Burnley and seen some 80’s school football tackles unpunished,wondered what had changed.
  12. What’s the rule now? Seeing some industrial challenges go unpunished.
  13. Looks ok,probably exceeded my expectations. Love to see him with Knight and Bielik.
  14. That’s the unfortunate truth,just playing it in behind for Baldock to chase is a big ask. We look better with Joz,TL and Sibley behind. We’re just wafer thin on options.
  15. I agree but start by doing the basics. Answer phones,reply to emails. Are the SLO’s back around? Push the community trust. We do plenty of great stuff as a club. Got to stick to the rules and obey the law as well if we’re going back to basics.
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