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  1. More like a red alert in my house on Saturday.
  2. No, I’m quite happy to ignore the facts for Eustace.
  3. So do I,shows how much he cares and no.
  4. With Eustace I would review them as being organised,disciplined and unlucky. Without him I would have reviewed it as a horrible,cheating pile of 💩
  5. Who are these people you speak of?
  6. All the best mate,hope the weather is going to be fine and not warm.
  7. Definitely,disintegrates into mush.
  8. I did I would have lost mate...Stoke drew with Norwich.
  9. I’m on TalkSPORT in 15 mins👍
  10. I’ve taken it,I’m on the verge of a heart attack as it is.
  11. I’m not sure John Eustace has had a weave? Someone said he had?
  12. If we put in as much as we did against Birmingham we will be fine. Hopefully being on our own pitch will allow us to use our quality as well.
  13. Good offer,completely boring trivia for you,those batteries come out of the Duracell factory.
  14. It will be Matt Smith and they’ll be crossing everything at him,if he scores I’ll cry.
  15. You have to try and deal with people as an individual which largely they don’t,the power of discretion and speaking to people has been largely drilled out of people in exchange for robots who can follow instructions. If it’s any consolation my experience of dealing with clubs this season has been 66% fantastic. Derby have been brilliant to deal with,Sheffield Utd were fantastic,Rotherham not so much. Don’t take it personally B4 and carry on enjoying your football. And if it makes you feel better they probably do treat all the fans as badly.
  16. We can’t take any money off Stoke for GT after Rowett,it just wouldn’t be right. Swap for Tom Ince👍
  17. I really hope so but can’t see it.What a player when he was fit. Love to see him pre season,but then again I’d love to see Martin back flicking to Jack Marriott. I need to get a grip.
  18. Carson but he must be on the naughty step?
  19. Sometimes it’s not what they say but how they say it. You’re not allowed to the bottle in,which is a rule and that is fine,however someone should take the time to deal with you properly and not leave you feeling so aggrieved. I think the standard of stewarding and security at grounds is a very mixed bag. Don’t let it put you off mate,we can have a rules section in a match day thread(that’s supposed to be mildly amusing by the way).
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