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  1. Good stuff Angie. Hopefully we can move into positive figures on Weds.
  2. Not a large pool of ratings this time around but the top three were: MotM 8.39 Shinnie 8.00 Jagielka 7.78 Bird
  3. Posting this in case I can't sort it later. Your ratings for our heroes are invited. Average performance is a 6.0. Half marks accepted. Deadline of 2100 Sunday. COYR. Roos Byrne Buchanan Jagielka Davies Shinnie Bird Morrison Sibley Lawrence Baldock (add subs as you see fit)
  4. Why doesn't Mel dip into his £300m+ fortune, settle the debts, guarantee people their jobs, keep the club afloat and sell for a bargain price? He's not exactly going to end up homeless.
  5. This is a bug bear of mine too. Even if every clause is triggered the most we can receive for Gordon is £3.4m which is buttons in footballing circles. We should recognise too that we have taken other clubs' prospects on the cheap too at times. As AngieRam says, football is broken. The will to fix it isn't there either.
  6. Can somebody correct me if any of this is wrong. (i) Mel has led us into this mess (ii) He still has over £300m to his name (iii) We owe HMRC £27m and need to settle total debts of around £50m (iv) If the above three are correct then is it unreasonable to think the decent thing would be for Mel to reduce his fortune to around £250m by settling the debts? He would still be the person responsible for damaging DCFC's reputation and plunging us into relegation turmoil through points deductions but he would at least be respected for taking the financial hit as a consequence of his numerous mistakes. Not to mention safeguarding jobs and settling debts to small local businesses. Allowing administration to happen whilst sitting on £300m is obscene.
  7. A message just flashed up saying there's no commentary available. Have we binned the comms to save money?
  8. Good balance and decent pace. Worth a contract maybe?
  9. This is exciting.....the liner has done his calf. Isn't there normally commentary btw?
  10. Ha! The stats are correct I can assure you. Thanks to all who contribute.
  11. Man of the Match Awards 3 Jagielka 1 Forsyth / Sibley / Lawrence / Roos 0.5 Davies / Bird Podium Placings 6 Davies 4 Jagielka 3 Bird / Roos 2 Forsyth 1 Sibley / Morrison / Shinnie / Lawrence / Byrne / Buchanan Top 10 Individual Performances 1. 9.07 Roos vs WBA (a) 2. 8.78 Davies vs Stoke (h) 2. 8.78 Bird vs Stoke (h) 4. 8.42 Roos vs Stoke (h) 5. 8.33 Davies vs WBA (a) 6. 8.27 Jagielka vs Hull (a) 7. 8.18 Bird vs Hull (a) 8. 8.08 Jagielka vs WBA (a) 9. 7.95 Jagielka vs Middlesbrough (h) 10. 7.92 Byrne vs Stoke (h) Season Average Rating (minimum of 100 ratings) 1. 7.47 Jagielka (147) 2. 7.23 Davies (199) 3. 6.90 Buchanan (115) 4. 6.84 Bird (173) 5. 6.78 Roos (200) 6. 6.61 Morrison (149) 7. 6.55 Forsyth (136) 8. 6.43 Jozwiak (135) 9. 6.35 Shinnie (199) 10. 6.28 Sibley (197) 11. 6.12 Byrne (199) 11. 6.12 Baldock (112) 13. 6.11 Lawrence (121) 14. 6.08 Stretton (121) Others yet to receive 100 ratings 7.40 Williams (26) 6.31 Stearman (80) 6.27 Knight (26) 5.82 Ebosele (50) 5.50 Watson (40) 5.43 Kazim (52)
  12. Joint award this time around as Curtis Davies and Max Bird both average 8.78. Full ratings update to follow.
  13. Roos 8 Byrne 7.5 Buchanan 7.5 Jagielka 7.5 Davies 8.5 Bird 8 Shinnie 6.5 Morrison 7.5 Sibley 6.5 Lawrence 7 Baldock 6.5
  14. Usual rules. Add subs as you see appropriate. Average is 6.0 Roos Byrne Buchanan Jagielka Davies Bird Shinnie Morrison Sibley Lawrence Baldock
  15. Individual Ratings vs WBA (a) Kelle Roos 9.07 Curtis Davies 8.33 Phil Jagielka 8.08 Lee Buchanan 7.73 Dylan Williams 7.46 Nathan Byrne 7.02 Graeme Shinnie 6.80 Jason Knight 6.32 Louie Sibley 6.10 Kamil Jozwiak 5.80 Sam Baldock 5.16 MotM Awards Phil Jagielka 3 Craig Forsyth 1 Louie Sibley 1 Tom Lawrence 1 Kelle Roos 1 Podium Finishes Curtis Davies 5 Phil Jagielka 4 Craig Forsyth 2 Max Bird 2 Kelle Roos 2 Louie Sibley 1 Ravel Morrison 1 Graeme Shinnie 1 Tom Lawrence 1 Nathan Byrne 1 Lee Buchanan 1 Top 10 Individual Performances Four new entries from this WBA game. Full top 10 list to follow the Stoke ratings. Full Season Ratings As above, the full list will be posted after the Stoke ratings are tallied.
  16. No more please. Stats to follow later
  17. Average performance is 6.0. Half marks accepted. Deadline 7pm Thursday. Go for it. Roos Byrne Buchanan Jagielka Davies Shinnie Knight Sibley Jozwiak Williams Baldock (add subs as you see appropriate based on minutes played and/or impact)
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