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  1. Agree with those in the OP. Prem - Moyes (West Ham) Champ - Ismael (Barnsley) L1 - McCann (Hull - thought they'd slide further) Critchley (Blackpool) Hasselbaink (Burton - an honourable mention for turning the Brewers season around)
  2. We really are a nation of cap-doffing peasants.
  3. Roos Byrne Edmondson Clarke Buchanan Baningime Shinnie Jozwiak Knight Lawrence Kazim (Marshall, McDonald, Wisdom, Forsyth, Bird, Sibley, Watson, Roberts, Stretton/Cresswell) *assuming Waghorn and Gregory are out injured and that Byrne and Clarke are fit
  4. Sadly, this is my main thought too. On the manager debate, IF we went down the route of change once again then Chris Wilder is an obvious first choice for me.
  5. Crikey, I've watched this guy several times at National League North level. He was always the most impressive player tbf.
  6. Marshall.......5 One good stop with his legs on a 1 v 1 but an international goalie has to do better with their second goal McDonald.....5 Tough ask to replace Byrne but did alright Forsyth.....5 Some wayward passing and missed a header or two Wisdom.....5 Perhaps lucky to not concede a penalty and continues to give me kittens Mengi.....6 His good moments seem to be required due to his poor moments a few seconds previous Shinnie.....4 Poor today including dead ball delivery Bird.....5 Best moments came when he looked forward to play a posit
  7. Marshall...........7 Byrne...............7 Wisdom...........6 Clarke..............7 Forsyth............7 Sibley..............7 Bird.................6 Shinnie...........6 Lawrence........7 Waghorn.........7 Gregory...........6 CKR.................7
  8. I thought there was a couple of mins between them tbh
  9. How can we make a 4th sub? (4 different times?
  10. Very true sadly. Ideally, and not meant as a dig at Rooney, we'd go all out for Wilder when he wants to return. His record at Northampton, Oxford and Sheff Utd is incredible.
  11. Roos 6 Byrne 7 Wisdom 5 Clarke 6 Buchanan 6 Shinnie 7 Bird 4 Jozwiak 6 Knight 6 Watson 4 CKR 6 Mengi 7 Sibley 7 Gregory 6
  12. 2-0 at HT and that flatters us enormously. The defence is a shambles, the midfield non-existent and still no goal threat to the opposition (over 400 minutes since we scored). Fair play to Brentford - lovely to watch and vastly superior to us in every aspect. Their excellence, however, shouldn't disguise how dreadful we are. Offer me 21st place now and I'd gratefully accept it.
  13. I think Louis Watson deserves a start.
  14. We had Bielik before too which was a huge factor.
  15. Roos 6 Byrne 6 Gudmonson who? 6 Mengi 6 Clarke 7 Forsyth 6 Shinnie 7 (MOTM) Knight 6 Jozwiak 5 CKR 6 Waghorn 6 Ref 4 Millwall 3
  16. Derby 2 Millwall 1 (FRGS - Clarke)
  17. Roos 7 Wisdom 6 Edmondson 6 Mengi 6 Clarke 6 Forsyth 7 Shinnie 7 Knight 6 CKR 6 Gregory 5 Jozwiak 6
  18. Marshall Wisdom Edmondson Clarke Byrne Buchanan Knight Baningime Watson Jozwiak Kazim
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