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  1. It'd carry a bit of a risk but it could even be a diamond: Roos Bogle Keogh Tomori Malone Hudds Holmes Bryson Wilson Waghorn Nugent I've always thought Diamond a difficult one to make work but on paper the personnel do look like they'd slot in nicely. Bogle and Malone both have the energy to cover ground down the wings. Bryson and Holmes have the legs in the middle. It's a mobile front three that are comfortable playing in wide areas if need be and puts Wilson where he's most dangerous. And Huddlestone should be comfortable dropping between the centre backs to form a back three if necessary.
  2. Yeah they've been playing a similarish style for a few seasons and a lot of the players who seem very to be flourishing under Bielsa have been there a while. And I agree completely we need to stay the course and ride out these painful bumps as much as they sting.
  3. I think you are over looking a fair few factors. Last year Rowett did everything to get promotion that season regardless of long term development. He signed a string of experienced aged players presumably on big contracts, employed a style of football designed to get short term results and made at best a cursory effort to actually fix some of the deeper set structural problems in the squad. All of that was to just get us over line. And even then we only go as far as we did off the back of a freak run of results. Personally I think we were very fortunate last season to be in the top 6 and the way performances were nosediving, I don't think we'd have got top 6 again had Rowett stayed. Whereas my view Lampard seems to making a lot of decisions that might cost us a little in the short term but we will be better for it in the long term. I.e. very deliberately reducing the squad size and being very clear with who is and isn't wanted, giving young players chances and getting them far more integrated in the squad and beginning to mould the squad to a style of play based are high intensity pressing and attacking. It's my opinion that the squad Lampard took over probably wasn't going to top 6 as it was and probably not top 10. My expectation for the season was that Lampard would have us in the top 10 (with a hope of pushing for top 6) whilst reshaping the squad and set us down the path of playing better football. The over cautious, over passing at times and the lumping up to Marriott are both symptoms of the same condition. That currently we are few players short of deploying our style of play consistently and we can come unstuck if an opponent is effective are targeting were we are weak. But at this stage in development it's not surprising and I can point to several examples where teams took a season or more to truly bed in the style of play. Has it been bumpy? Sure but if people had been paying attention at all then that should have been obvious as to was going to happen. Has Lampard made mistakes that have perhaps cost points? Of course he has but this is his first managerial gig and he's making decisions that I believe will pay off long term. By no means is Lampard some messianic figure but for my money he's a good manager doing a good job.
  4. Yes Bielsa only took over the past summer however Leeds as a club have basically been building towards this for a few seasons. They've employed a string of managers who play some variation of passing high energy football since Monk and they'd managed to assemble a squad capable of that before Bielsa took over. This meant that Bielsa could take over add a couple, coach a bit here and there for them to hit the ground running. And that isn't to mention that Bielsa is an experienced, extremely highly regarded coach who was a bit of a coup for Leeds to go. Whereas we've lurched between managers of vastly different styles and ended up with a complete mishmash of a bloated old squad that needed a major rework. Personally I think we are probably 2-3 windows away from being completely reshaped into a cohesive squad capable of pushing for top 2.
  5. I disagree. I think it's pretty clear that the intent is to play a high intensity passing game playing out for the back. However recently sides have managed to effectively target that we aren't completely set up to do it consistently and we are a few players short of it being consistent. The hoofing isn't the plan but it's what we end up getting forced to do due to opposition pressing and the midfield balance not being right.
  6. I think that's the plan to be honest. It's just we are few players in key areas and a bit of time away from getting it.
  7. Currently we are very very mismatched against a team like Leeds because we can become very unstuck under heavy effective pressing.
  8. Well I guess sometimes you get well beat by the top of the league. I do think though the first half really highlighted the current problem with the side, and it goes deeper than just an individual player or position, we aren't reliably transitioning out of defence and through midfield. The midfield balance isn't right and we are crying out for a linking midfielder. Wisdom seriously hindered us playing out and highlights why Bogle has been playing but we've been asking Bogle to do too much and really could do with someone to come in with Bogle being there understudy. Lowe is a decent footballer but was completely caught off guard by the pace of the game and panicked a bit. Carson as much as he's been good we really could do with someone with more reliable distribution. We are probably 2-4 players away from really being able to play the way Lampard is intending at consistency.
  9. I think we are going to have games like this for the rest of the season. We are probably 2-4 players short of being able to play consistently how we want too.
  10. I think that's pretty unfair to be honest. Lawrence has been actually trying to make things happen when he's got on the ball, it's not been coming off and he's made a few dodgy decisions but he's definately been trying.
  11. I agree with your first point but I think there are a couple more exception to the second. Holmes has been Derby's best player and it's basically only him or Keogh getting us out of our half. Nuge and Mariott have tried but had no service. And Lawrence has had flashes of imagination.
  12. As a team they are us but 2 years further on in development.
  13. Bryson hasn't been good but he's been the only CM actually doing anything out of possession.
  14. Honestly I think that goal happens regardless of the right back. The sub is an odd one but I get it as to help transition out from the back a bit better.
  15. As strange as it sounds I don't think it's down to individuals (Well not entirely). It's we are really poorly matched against how they play and the midfield balance is all off.
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