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  1. Does entertainment/style of play really matter?

    Look I'm not saying I expect us to completely shut out the opposition all I'm saying is that the statement "they never looked like scoring" is a bit of an overstatement.
  2. Does entertainment/style of play really matter?

    You've missed my point a bit. What I'm trying to say is although we all want to see Derby succeed, we don't support Derby because of success. Therefore there has to be more to this circus show we call football than just watching winning football. Or else we'd all support the likes of man Utd.
  3. Does entertainment/style of play really matter?

    Winning clearly isn't everything in football, or none of us would support Derby County. Also I don't really follow your logic about Sunday, there was quite a few times we looked like conceding against forest and was certainly a far cry from perfect.
  4. Derby County V Sheffield Wednesday

    I expect zero changes but personally would bring in Martin for Nugent and Thorne for Huddlestone. Biggest problem right is our back 6 feels completely disconnected to the front 4 and I think Martin's linkup play and Thornes ability to control a game would help significantly.
  5. Does entertainment/style of play really matter?

    Cracking post @Ellafella I agree with most of what you said. On point 2 I don't agree with you but perhaps I should clarify my rationale a little. What I meant when I said it was that the probability of Derby winning the premiership (if we got there) is infinitesimaly small barring major oil-baron levels investment. Since the inception of the premier league there has been a grand total of 6 clubs who have won it in the 25 years. If you go further back there have only been 11 clubs who have won the highest honours since we won it back in '75. The dice are rigged, the deck is stacked. What I'm trying to get at though is a completely results orientated philosophy for derby is completely flawed because of the improbability of winning top honours therefore sacrificing style for the sake of it is not only uneccessary but pointless. Iceland I think are a bad example for two reasons namely they only got to the quarters and there is a significantly higher chance of "spiking" a cup competition than a 38 game long league. (That's isn't to take away from how impressive their achievement was however).
  6. Does entertainment/style of play really matter?

    No but it's facetious to think that it couldn't.
  7. Does entertainment/style of play really matter?

    The problem in this discussion is it presumes the two are mutually exclusive whereas clubs such as Southampton, Swansea and Bournemouth have demonstrably shown that to be incorrect. The unfortunate blunt truth is it is extremely unlikely that we will ever compete for highest in the premier and our ceiling is likely being a top half premiership team. So surely the journey becomes more important than the destination ? I'd rather us spending time trying to copy the likes of Southampton, i.e. develop a style of play and footballing culture at the club, recruit to fit that vision (playing staff and manager) and have youngsters grow in that culture. Because I think it's the best plan for long term success and I think as a part of this we can develop an attractive style of play. Give me the 13/14 season over the 06/07 season every day of the week.
  8. Derby County V Notts Forest

    Not sure I get your point ? Can I not pose any critique whatsoever ? I'm glad we won, enjoyed the game and most of the players were somewhere between ok and good performances. I just disagree with @Mick Brolly's assertion that everyone played well.
  9. Derby County V Notts Forest

    I disagree that not one player had a bad game. Thought Huddlestone was largely poor; very sloppy and hesitant in possession and large stretches of the game seemed to drift by him. There were also quite a few times where uncharacteristicly missed chances to play diagonals that would have opened the play out (Russell was wide open for large stretches in the first half and second half Vydra made a run where a decent ball would have put him one and one bad Huddlestone seen it)
  10. Derby County V Notts Forest

    I sorta agree and disagree. No doubt that it was his quality that led to the 2 goals, plus he looked dangerous when he received the ball in space in their half and was facing their goal. However there were quite a few occasions where he lost possession cheaply, didn't drop short to offer on option and seemingly switched off to the game being played. The major problem first half is we were struggling to get out of our half because there was nobody looking to link the play up. Our only outlet was balls over the top which forest were dealing with comfortabley for the most part (particularly with Huddlestone having a complete mare). This might be harsh on vydra/Nugent because to an extent it did look tactical as for large stretches they were pushed right up on the centre backs but we were crying out for somebody to provide an option short.
  11. Derby County V Notts Forest

    I just don't get it. He completely changed the complexion of the game against Cardiff and played well twice for Scotland.
  12. Derby County V Notts Forest

    Vydra and Nugent in for Winnall and Johnson. Not sure what Martin has to do to get a start.
  13. Derby County V Notts Forest

    Big game this. A loss would take us to no wins in 5 and could well see Rowett dangerously close to losing his job given MM's track record. However if we build off the promising second half at Cardiff with a strong performance and a win it could be the platform to build off. Team wise I'd go for: Carson Wisdom Keogh Davies Forsyth Huddlestone* Ledley Russell Martin Lawrence Nugent Nugent to run the channels and look to get in behind. Martin with complete freedom to look for the ball and provide the 'hook' to get us into attacking positions *personally would be tempted to give Thorne a go
  14. Tom Lawrence

    I agree with those sentiments. What I think is promising though is the talent is there he just needs to curtail the greed and trying too much which I think there is a reasonable chance of happening once he settles in.
  15. Tom Lawrence

    Hmmm not sure yet. He's clear got a lot of ability, he works hard and he keeps trying even when things arent coming off for him. However his decision making needs to improve, as he is wasting quite a number of attacking position by trying to take on too many players, shoot from odd angles or distances or by doing tricks for the sake of it. Hoping that he will grow out of that a bit because I think if he does he will be a very good player.

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