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  1. My point is you argue that he's cost us the game by missing a chance. I think at Swansea that's fair but here... it just seems harsh to single him out.
  2. He isn't going to tackle though, he's going to block a cross knowing he's covered if the player cuts back. It's as blatant as a dive as you get.
  3. But without him we don't go in front. We had chances of arguably equivalent quality that we missed (Bennett's for example). He isn't the sole reason we only come away with a point and blaming him solely for not taking chances is disingenuous.
  4. But without him we don't even go ahead. A penalty is not a guaranteed thing. It's only something like 70% get scored. It's disappointing but I don't get singling out the only to actually impact the scoreline and when others missed good chances.
  5. But simultaneously without him we lose that game. Other players had good chances to get the second goal and didn't take them. You absolutely cannot pin it just on him.
  6. Ehhh Clarke has arguably been at fault for three goals in the last two games.
  7. That's unfair. He makes the first penalty and scores it to get us in the lead. Other players had chances and didn't take them. And the referee decided a blatant dive was a penalty.
  8. In fairness Waghorn's record is better than Martin's on penalties.
  9. Looking at again it does look like it
  10. Wasn't a pen but i can see why the assistant gave it given what he said. Aaah come on Waghorn your better than that.
  11. I don't dislike him but I'll never be sure how he has an England cap.
  12. Could do but given selections on previous occasions and the personal involved I think that's the line up
  13. Yeah I'm with you completely. At times he does things that remind you why he spent a lot of his career where he did but the rest it feels like he's barely scratching what he's capable of.
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