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  1. I've seen a few people suggesting dropping Bird but I can't feel that's anything but a mistake. Honestly he's one of the first names on the team sheet for me and he's one of the few midfielders we have a drifting between the lines and linking up play.
  2. I feel this is an overly pessimistic take. West Brom aren't in great form and will give us space to play, we largely the better side earlier in the season and we were a poorer team then than now. Brentford is tricky but they aren't unstoppable and again will give us space to play. Two difficult games for sure and under normal circumstances 2-3 points from the pair of games would be a good return.
  3. I think you are spot on here, Warnock at the time wouldn't have been able to save us but I think he would have galvanised to a point were we came out of the season with a shred of dignity and prepared us to regroup and reform when in the championship.
  4. It's not really a contest. Jewell is the worst manager I can remember at Derby, not only for the poor performance but for the amount of damage he did by dismantling everything that made us a competitive championship side and saddling us with a bloated over-payed squad. Davies for all his faults got a mediocre Derby side to perform above their level and got them promoted.
  5. Hopefully with Mariott after this operation we see a bit more consistency. Saying Waghorn isn't good enough is harsh given that his record is 1 in 3 and that he's frequently rotated between positions and gives more than just goal output. Honestly I think any of the three could bag 20 with the right service, I've seen worse finishers than Waghorn do it and don't forget he scored 16 in a bad Ipswich side when we bought him. But saying we need a 20 goal a season striker to get promoted is easy to disprove, you've only got to glance at the current top 2 to question that. What's important is t
  6. Oh I think it's likely. To be honest the fixtures I'm most concerned about are Brentford due to their excellent form and Cardiff because it's a must win game. Forest was another and I think getting a point from that game so we are 3 rather than 4 points behind Cardiff is massive.
  7. Mariott has pace, Waghorn isn't slow and I feel it's not even necessary for us to have a quick striker. Could do with a bit more pace in the squad for sure but I think that would make a bigger difference on wings were we could do with more quality. I just think it's a position were we have 3 good players, to make an improvement would cost basically our entire budget and we have other areas of the squad that need addressing beforehand.
  8. That's probably not far away from what I'd say with a few caveats. Keeper: I think we only need one, and it's vital we get a keeper who is comfortable with our playing. This is probably the most important signing and biggest area of improvement we can make. CB: Te Wierik has already joined, Davies and Wisdom are still on the books and Bielik has to come back from injury. It's possible we are ok here especially if this were Bielik is going to play long term but it feels like we are one short and getting Clarke back feels like a good shout. RW: We are lacking a little here. Person
  9. I honestly will never understand why there isn't an independent time keeper who stops the clock when there is a break.
  10. It's a fair point but yesterday everybody seemed to be a bit laboured in possession. Every pass seemed like it was 5% slower both in making it and the pass itself from nearly every Derby player. So I wouldn't single Rooney out for that just yet.
  11. I felt with McCarthy it was a big case of him being opposed stylistically to how we were set up, he made some fair criticism but at times there was definitely an element of him putting forward how he thinks football should be played. I feel like that BBC report feels a relatively accurate summary. I was somewhat surprised to see how many reports on here allude to us being "completely outplayed" or "dominated" by forest, when really they were better than us for the first 15 minutes, grabbed a goal and then sat on the counter for the rest of the game. Not really creating much more until we
  12. I can see the logic in bringing in Shinnie but I do think the west brom are likely to give us space to play and we may want to be at our A game in keeping/retaining the ball. Shinnie coming in makes some sense but will make us worse at keeping the ball if rest Rooney for him. I think if you drop both Rooney and Bird then you are basically conceding all control over the middle of the park. If you wanted to rest Rooney and play an extra midfield runner I'd play Shinnie with Bird and give Shinnie a bit of extra license to get forward.
  13. See I just can't see what you are going for here. The Rooney/Bird pairing is major reason behind our big improvement in form and is the fulcrum around which all our play goes through. Ditching that is extremely likely to see a lack of control in the midfield and honestly worse play all round. Really feels like throwing the baby out with the bath water after one mediocre performance.
  14. Moving Sibley from were he is playing would be a big mistake in my opinion, he's currently our biggest creative outlet having been directly involved in 5/7 of our goals and having set up a fair few other chances. I think if anything it might be worth playing Rooney up front if Martin is unable to play due to his rib.
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