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  1. I think it's worth keeping in mind that we've had a pretty disrupted season and so it's been hard to build momentum and performances. Every time we've had a good performance we seem to have a player get injured. We play well against Huddersfield and start brightly against- Bogle gets injured. Play well against Birmingham And start well against Barnsley - Huddlestone injured Play well against Middlesbrough And start well at forest- Malone and Clarke injured. And that's not to mention injuries to Keogh, Lawrence's suspension, Bielik, Holmes, Mariott and Martin all trying to get or find match sharpness mid season or that we had to play with a recognised right back for a good chunk of the season. I'm not saying performances have been acceptable (i think if you listen to interviews closely Cocu would agree) but I do think they've been explainable. I'll admit that perhaps because I don't hold a season ticket I'm perhaps willing to be a bit more patient because I'm not as affected either financially or in terms having to sit and watch it the cold. I just have a feeling that this is the manager we should be patient with.
  2. Oh I got the point you were trying to make, I was just trying to highlight why the opinions of him at the time might have been deserving and the situations aren't entirely comparable.
  3. Oh I agree and so could Sibley and I think both will increasingly get involved with the squad more and more as time progresses. But as good as both look and as much as they stand out, I don't think they stand out as much as Hughes did. Although that might be I part due to the overall quality of the current u23s.
  4. @RadioactiveWaste I've been given this some thought because I'm bored at work and I do think Pearson's tactics could have worked with squad he inherited (if he could actually see the forest for the trees). With zero transfers he could have played the following. Carson Baird Keogh Shackell Forsyth Russell Hendrick Johnson Hughes Ince Weimann It wouldn't have been pretty but the above could have probably formed cohesive counter attacking side.
  5. I agree with your sentiment entirely, thing is though I don't even think we would have become that competent counter attacking side. I had the distinct impression he didn't even really know how to get his own system to work properly. We were deploying Hughes and Bryson as essentially defensive midfielders, Butterfield on the wing and having both strikers looking to run in behind leaving a cavernous gap of space in midfield. Now i disliked Rowett but he was essentially Nigel Pearson from tactically standpoint but actually competent and with a clearer vision of what he wanted. I agree about Cocu though, I think what he's ultimately trying to build towards long term is what I think pretty much most of the fan base wants; attractive passing football with a focus on bringing players through the academy in order to achieve sustainable success. What gives me hope that he can do it is that he's done it before with PSV and whilst I can certainly understand other people's frustration at the season so far, I think it could be well worthwhile being patient.
  6. Whilst you make a point. To my mind Pearson's performance was drastically worse. Pearson had a much better squad, a full pre season and little to no injury problems. He was the complete antithesis of what we want as a manager in terms of attitude towards youth and play style and didn't get close to the results to back it up. I seriously think If he would have stayed we would have been in danger of relegation. Even if performances don't improve at all (which i think they will) under Cocu the worst I can see us finishing is midtable.
  7. Pearson was one of the biggest managerial mistakes we've ever made and made a mockery of the reasons why Clement was sacked. At every turn he made the wrong decision and what was worse is he was indecisive before making those decisions.
  8. Whilst I see your point. Hughes showed more potential than the current crop and there was a greater need to play him at the time.
  9. That was the oddest part for me because I genuinely think we would have been heading for a relegation scrap with Pearson. His managerial tenure was just completely calamitous, with almost every decision made being the wrong one.
  10. In terms of the actual question it's waaaaay too early to pass an overall judgement especially given how disrupted the pre season and the season have been. It seems every time we pick up a bit we lose a player to injury, heck we had to play what 6ish games without a recognised right back.
  11. Well if we are taking past records how does winning the eredevisie 3 times compare ? Because I'd say Cocu has already achieved more than Warnock as a manager.
  12. I think with Clough it's a fair few things but I suspect the biggest factors were time and necessity. Clough was at the club for 4.5 years which is substantially longer than most managers we've had in recent-ish history. With a longer period of time the chances that a rare talent comes through become higher and there is more time for the manager to follow the player from a younger age to keep an eye on them and work with them. If I'm honest personally I don't think 3 (although counting Bennett is a stretch because it's only recently that he's started to cement himself as a squad player) is that excellent of a record in that time period, I think any club in our situation at that time would have produced a similar number. Which leads to the next point... The secondary factor was necessity and our situation at the time. We were doing as much we could at the time to keep the wages down as much as possible so there is a natural incentive to encourage youth and give them more game time. It's much easier to ride out the dips in performance of a youth player when you have no choice to play them and when promotion or relegation aren't really happening. With Cocu I do expect we shall start to see players like Sibley make the break through, his record at PSV was fantastic on this front and I think he's already demonstrated a willingness to put these players in his squad.
  13. Oh absolutely and that's what I was trying to get at (although re-reading my post I'm not sure it entirely comes across)
  14. Whilst I largely agree with you I think there is a couple different related arguments: 1) Are they going to get bullied ? 2) Are they capable of making the step up physically ? Now on 1) I think this often where people simplify the argument to the lightweight but I think there is a consideration of whether a player is going to be too easy to dispossess or brush off physically (for certain positions). But what is missed is that a player can be slight and hard to dispossess, the easy example being Hughes. And on 2) it is important to recognise the increased physical demand of the step up but I think it should be more viewed through the lens of protecting the player so they don't get unnecessarily injured.
  15. Having re-read it my original post comes across as unnecessarily confrontational, my apologies. Personally I didn't think forest did find that much space in the middle and I thought we did an effective job of limiting them to pot shots from outside the box and until Bogle's mistake I didn't they were going to score. I think we were taking the game to them in the first half however every time we built up a bit of steam someone gave the ball away cheaply breaking the momentum. Lawrence drifted into that position because that was clearly the plan for him. I don't disagree about Shinnie and I think were I definately think you can argue Cocu went wrong was not taking him off sooner. Everything in bold I completely agree with but personally I can completely understand why we didn't play the diamond yesterday as I think we would have gotten torn apart on the wings. Ultimately my view is that we went away from home, created 4 good chances whilst limiting forest to hardly anything apart from the mistake.
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