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  1. Alan Nixon summer 2017

    Agree with all of this apart from Wisdom being able to play there because I really doubt he could do that role effectively. He'd be much better used as one of the back 3. Ultimately though I think your right that it is unlikely we will switch to a back 3/5 and therefore it isn't worth keeping Anya if a decent offer comes in.
  2. Alan Nixon summer 2017

    I kinda agree other than with the caveat of if we think we might play wing backs as some point we should keep him as he is perfect for that position.
  3. Alan Nixon summer 2017

    Instrumental is a very strong way to describe his contribution. He certainly played a role but isn't why they got promoted.
  4. Chris Martin

    Perhaps not (although we still have Bryson) but we do have Vydra and Nugent. Either of which would be perfect playing off Martin.
  5. Chris Martin

    Last year at Fulham. At Derby, we did under Wassell and we were pretty free scoring during that time.
  6. Chris Martin

    Are playing to a player's strength that could well be to the overall benefit and providing service to a striker such novel ideas?
  7. Chris Martin

    Agreed. Put the ball at his feet and get players close to him and we will score. I'm really hoping we get to see what he can do playing with Vydra soon.
  8. Reasons to be cautious 1,2,3

    1) Personally didn't think Preston looked that bad, perhaps not good but not terrible. Yes we did only win by a penalty but we created enough genuine chances were we could have won by 2 or 3 with better finishing. 2)On vydra I think you are being a tad harsh. Whilst I'm not saying it was some complete performance and there were certainly a few rough edges, he did the one thing we've been crying out for a while for. He dropped into pockets of space between Preston's midfield and defence and helped link our midfield to our attack. He linked well with the other forwards, creating a few chances and generally kept possesion well (83% pass accuracy). Sure he made mistakes but all players do and as long as they don't keep happening then it's fine. I think there were enough encouraging signs of him playing there to give it a run for a few games. 3) completely agree about Johnson. It's the one position where if there is room to make a signing I would. However I don't think Rowett agrees, we haven't really been linked with any other midfielders and Johnson seems a firm first choice.
  9. 4-2-3-1 Round Pegs in Round holes

    Surely having two centre backs, 2 6ft full backs (when Forsyth plays) and Huddlestone is enough protection from long balls? Personally I'm still on the side that what he brings to the team in that position doesn't out weigh how frequent he losses possession.
  10. 4-2-3-1 Round Pegs in Round holes

    I agree. I think a fit Thorne *could* work and I think he is the best option out of what we have (assuming he can get fit) but for obvious reasons it might not. Personally it'd be my priority for the reminder of the window to look to bring in a mobile midfielder, who is comfortable on the ball and is comfortable at playing as part of a 2 in a 4231.
  11. 4-2-3-1 Round Pegs in Round holes

    Last year his passing statistics were nigh on identical to Hughes and seeing as for large parts of the season they both played in the same system, with the same tactics and in the same position its a fair comparison. Both passed forwards 60% of the time. Johnson's was higher at around 70% but it's important to note he played most of his games in a more withdrawn position which favors passes going forwards and that his passing accuracy was significantly worse.
  12. 4-2-3-1 Round Pegs in Round holes

    I disagree entirely. Johnson's passing accuracy consistently averages out to around 70% over the course of a year and usually ranges between 55%-75%. Which to be blunt is awful for a midfielder at this level. Butterfield's and Bryson's are significantly higher both average somewhere between 80-85% and are usually closer to 85%. The argument that Butterfield has too much of a tendancy to go backwards or sideways is something of a myth.
  13. 4-2-3-1 Round Pegs in Round holes

    I agree with most of what you've said apart from on Johnson. For me there are problems with playing Johnson there; there is a slight tendancy to getting dragged out of position, whilst not being immobile I don't think hes particularly mobile either and of course the major problem is his horrendous pass accuracy.
  14. 4-2-3-1 Round Pegs in Round holes

    There's a couple things I've been mulling over regarding this. Personally I'm not convinced Johnson is any more mobile than Thorne and lacks Thornes superior positional nouse to be in the right place at the right time. The other thing is with how we set up currently their job is to screen and shield the back 4 not to go chasing and harrying the opposition. They are both disciplined enough to not get caught out position so the only space would be directly in front of them and directly in behind the defence (and as all of our back 4 are mobile I don't see that as an issue). I'm not saying your wrong, it was my first instinct as well and it may still hold true. However the more I think about it the more i think we might be able to mitigate it entirely.
  15. 4-2-3-1 Round Pegs in Round holes

    Currently I think the cm next to Huddlestone should be the key area we look to improve. I'm not saying the likes of Bryson, Butterfield and Johnson aren't bad players but more that I just don't think any of them are ideal to pair with Huddlestone as a two with Vydra in the the hole. To my mind you want somebody who is good on the ball to help us tick, disciplined to hold his position so holes don't appear in the middle and is mobile to help cover for Huddlestone. Bryson - has the mobility to help cover for Huddlestone and is decent on the ball. For me though there are question marks over his fitness, his discipline to play in a deep lying 2 and he's looked iffy when played there before. Johnson - Is a decent ball winner and gives you physicality but isn't particularly mobile, is poor on the ball and is prone to getting dragged out of position. Butterfield - Would help on the ball and controlling the midfield in that regard and usually holds position well but isn't particularly mobile and isn't the best defensively. Thorne - Probably the best option we have but isn't currently fit and isn't particularly mobile. Whether his positional nouse will render this a non issue is yet to be seen. Hanson - to me he seems like he exhibits a lot of the issues Johnson does but is less physical and isn't as good going forward. Personally I think signing the *right* player could see us improve immensely and it might help just click everything together.

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