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  1. I see your point and I don't mind if we ending up selling talents ( Well I do but I can accept) if an offer comes in that's too good or the player is really pushing for a move up. What I do mind is being in a situation were we are forced to sell youth talents to make up for a piss poor transfer policy.
  2. Completely, I have seen @cannable make the point a few times that sums it up best that the amount of money we've spent since the finish of 14/15 should have been enough to take us to mid table in the premiership instead it's taken us to mid table in the championship.
  3. I don't think we are over rating them personally. Don't get me wrong the team wasnt perfect but it felt like we had a really strong platform to build upon and that all we needed to do was bring in a quality player here, a decent squad player and we'd be away.
  4. I agree and I'm more lamenting how we got to were we are now from 13/14 rather than the actions Rowett needs to take. I agree about Rowett needing time and I wouldn't sack him needlessly however for me (and this may seem harsh) if we haven't improved on our position in the table this season he should go. 2-3 seasons is a long time in football if your not heading in the right direction.
  5. This is not so much me complaining about pragmatic football (thats an entirely different debate), it's more the dream of going up playing breathtaking football featuring truly gifted academy players has been well and truly shattered.
  6. That's my hope too but I just don't feel particularly hopeful too.
  7. But that's a moot point because we would have to pay whoever we brought in those wages.
  8. Haha at this point I've already accepted that the will likely happen but also I never felt as attached to Ince as the players who made 13/14 side despite him being a top player (can't explain why though).
  9. Health warning: long melodramatic rant to follow. Let me start by saying that I have been a derby fan for as long as I can remember, however due to being 24 I never really had a chance to see many good derby teams (I can just about remember seeing us in playing in the premiership in the late 90s early 00s). The first Derby side that I could say I truly loved was the 13/14 side. It was a side that played breathtaking football in a league where playing attractive football was shied away from for more 'pragmatic' football. It was a side built with a jumble of bargain buys and offcuts, sprinkled with a few special midfield talents in Hughes and Hendrick. A side where from 1 to 11 you could find technically gifted players all capable of recieving the ball in difficult situations and coming out on top. It was a side that was a joy to watch and one that I felt for the first time, as an adult derby fan, that I could be proud of. That feeling continued all the way through 14/15, despite the end to that season I felt like all we needed was a couple more players to round out the squad and we could go onto to win the league. But somewhere since then and now we have become the complete antithesis of that 13/14 side. We have a squad full of highly paid, aging footballers who we bought for bloated fees for reasons that don't add up. We have a side that has several severely technically deficient players that barely look like footballers. We have a side with no clear style of play and we've all but sold of our exciting midfield talents. And now it seems like we will shift course to become more pragmatic under Rowett. To the see the degradation of that 13/14 side into what we have now through poor management and poor senior management has been painful to say the least. Particularly as it felt all too avoidable. The inevitable sale of Hughes just feels like the straw that broke the camel's back for me and now I just feel completely disillusioned about Derby County. Maybe this time next season it will all be forgotten but right now I'm not sure how much I care.
  10. Completely agree (I'd give you a like but I'm all out haha). I've seen several people say player x can't play in formation y when it often has far more to do with the style of play and getting the right balance of players around them.
  11. A few things, Johnson has definitely played that role before see leeds away in the 15/16 season. And the problem wasn't Johnson's familiarity with the role, it was being able to reliably pass to a teammate. Also regarding Hughes playing in a 442, everybody was poor during that time period because Pearson was playing a system that made zero tactical sense. I'd wager if you paired Hughes with somebody defensive minded in a team that played football he'd do well as one of a two in midfield.
  12. Maybe established is a little too strong of a statement but I think gist of my point still stands. It stings though.
  13. What makes it sting even more for me is really wasn't that long ago were we would beat them home and away, comfortably.
  14. It really does but at the end of the day they are an established premiership team whilst we are a midtable championship team.
  15. I'd say claiming Johnson had a better season than Hughes is highly debatable. In fact one of the reasons I think that Hughes and Butterfield had below par seasons is because they had to drop deep a lot to hold Johnsons hand in getting attacks going. Meaning they couldn't take up attacking positions to really harm opposition.