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  1. brady1993

    Derby County v Aston Villa Match Thread

    One thing connected to this that I think will probably play into our hands a bit is they will come to play and come to win. This season we've tended to fair better when that's been the case, it's where the high pressure pressing really comes to the fore. Press them high and hard early in the game and we might force that critical error to take the lead.
  2. brady1993

    Do you think Frank is here for the long run?

    I feel like the bit in bold is a bit of a misrepresentation of his career. He left West Ham after getting a lot of guff from their fans and to advance his career. He left Chelsea after his contract ran out and I personally got the impression he was nudged out of the club. Also I thought he was on loan at city from New York? And I'm certainly not going to blame him for going on having a year long holiday in new york to cap his career. You are right in that he holds no affection for the club and if the right offer came along he'd leave. I do however don't think he'd jump to any old club for a quick pay check or to get a quick win on the CV. The thing with Rowett wasn't just him leaving. Rowett hevily leaned on his reputation as a former player. It's why I think he got so much slack at times and why he didn't get much stick for selling Hughes off on the cheap. Then after all that guff about "committing to a project at Derby" to jump for a club in the same division to ostensibly get an "easy" promotion is a bit slimy to say the least.
  3. brady1993

    Derby County v Birmingham City Match Thread.

    It all comes down to energy. There needs to be two fast, energetic players in those advanced midfield roles to ensure that the press is effective. Johnson isn't mobile enough to play that role effectively and it's why we've gone Bryson -> Wilson and now Mount -> Holmes. Plus I'm pretty confident this is the reason we brought Holmes in, to mould him into this midfield role.
  4. brady1993

    Snake City watch

    Hatred is perhaps a strong word for how I feel about him. But I do dislike the guy, mostly because I think he has a nasty streak of dishonesty about hom and I think he somewhat selfishly went about his business in his time here to get a quick promotion on his CV or get close enough so he could secure a prem job. TLDR; The guy is a snake
  5. brady1993

    Snake City watch

    I think the issue with it was even when we were winning comfortabley it didn't feel comfortable. Teams would have more possession, better territory, create chances and have a whole load of shots against us. Yet we would clinically dispatch 2 or 3 good chances and win the game by a decent margin. It just felt unsustainable and I think the turn in form after January demonstrated that.
  6. brady1993

    Snake City watch

    To be honest I think a lot of fans could have done. It's the single most incompetent managerial displays I've ever seen and I'm convinced we would have been at a high risk of relegation had he not been sacked.
  7. brady1993

    Bradley Johnson

    Have been able to watch much this season unfortunately, how has his general ball retention been in games ? That's always been my biggest complaint with him.
  8. brady1993

    Duane Holmes - Signed on a 3 year deal

    Could be a case of someone Lampard/Morris sees as being able to develop into the role. I think a few of the signings we've made so far have been in a similar vein i.e. Mariott and Evans.
  9. brady1993

    Matej Vydra - Signed for Burnley

    I kinda find it funny your getting on your high horse about this when about a week a go you were arguing with @McLovin about selling Lawrence over Vydra and you were advocating playing Vydra in midfield. That's not to say I disagree with your current view but to quote the big lebowski "Your not wrong, your just being an asshole".
  10. brady1993

    v Reading (A) Match Thread

    I think he has a reputation for being a good defensive player purely because of his phsyicality and when he does defensive work it tends to be 'showy'. I.e. it's all muscling people off the ball or big tackles but people don't notice the numerous times he's got dragged out of position or isn't quite quick enough to close down properly or got us into to trouble in the first place from gifting possession. If it was up to me he'd be nowhere near the team purely off the basis that's he unreliable in possession which is criminal for a midfielder even for a supposed enforcer.
  11. brady1993

    This seasons surprise package? Player edition

    It can't be because this actually taking place rather than just being something that Gary thought would sound good.
  12. brady1993

    This seasons surprise package? Player edition

    If the friendlies are any evidence then he is starting too. In particular there seems to a be a nice synergy developing between him, Lowe and Mount.
  13. brady1993

    Mount and Bryson - who covers/rotates?

    I think the Butterfield of Huddersfield might be but he's a ways off that kind of form and he'd probably needs a fresh start. Its definately an area we could with competition or a talented understudy. Personally right now, I'd rather just have Elsnik on the bench but he seems to not be favoured at the minute.
  14. brady1993

    Mount and Bryson - who covers/rotates?

    I think it's almost certainly a case of being limited due to the squad size. Ideally we'd have at least one midfielder who could compete for a spot with Bryson and Mount. It might be (after yesterday) that FL views that player as being Wilson or at least sufficiently strong cover there.
  15. brady1993

    Mount and Bryson - who covers/rotates?

    Everything you've described about Butterfield also describes Johnson.

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