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  1. I mean he's not wrong (well few is an understatement) but it's a dumb statement. It's like saying "my eyesight would be as good as your if I stopped staring at the sun".
  2. You see I disagree. I think they will come and look to keep it tight at least at first and look to deny us space in behind. It'll be interesting to see how things play out but I reckon it will be tight and cagey.
  3. The thing is I'm not convinced the extra defensive cover is needed I think Villa will come and sit off us a bit to try and deny space in behind, for me Russell will provide adequate cover whilst helping us more going forward. I think bringing Johnson is too big a concession for the sake of solidity at home.
  4. I'll be quite dissapointed if he starts with Johnson on the left. Think he severely impacts the fluidity of the attacking. For me just bring Russell in for Lawrence.
  5. I reckon this could be a very cagey affair. Both sides have pragmatic managers with a playstyle looking to sit back and counter with pace in behind. The game could well transpire into a case of neither wanting to open up to give the other space in behind. However if I was Rowett I'd look to really try to hit them hard early in the game and look to take the game to them. They have to make a few changes to their backline and id look to take advantage. Also if we get the first goal it will play into Rowett plan A and would allow us to pick them on the counter.
  6. Carson

    Because he fundamentally can't do what Guardiola wants his keepers to be able to do effectively?
  7. On course for 80+ points

    It may seem counterintuitive but I think in that situation you would see us attack less effectively because without the other midfielder we wouldn't pen them in the same way and I suspect that the opposition would find it easier to break out and release pressure. In principle I agree with you but I just don't think we have the correct personal to sacrifice a defensive midfielder right now. I think the better option for getting another forward is to sacrifice a defender and switching to a back 3.
  8. George Thorne

    Whilst I agree I think that the key thing that a fully fit Thorne does better than Huddlestone is dictate the flow of the game. Honestly I think it's his most impressive quality, there have been games where he's played for us where it feels like he's entirely in control of how the game is going to be played. Whereas as I feel Huddlestone tends to more passive.
  9. On course for 80+ points

    The problem with both of those set ups is that our 'attacking midfielders' aren't really attacking midfielders and would leave us devoid of an actual midfield. If we played either id wager we'd get overrun through midfield and struggle to instigate attacks. Wiemann, Russell, Vydra and Lawrence (to a lesser degree) are all very firmly forwards but none of them are going to really get on the ball and help take control of a game. People like to tout Johnson as an attacking midfielder because of his ability in the box but he has little in the way of creativity, gives away possession fun and is generally clumsy. He isn't an attacking midfielder in the slightest but admittedly can be an effective (if somewhat crude) tool there. This hits on the problem though because we lack what id call actual attacking midfielders or even players who can play somewhere between, we are kinda forced into playing two defensive midfielders so that we indeed have a midfield. The one thing that you might be able to get away with to give you more of an attack without sacrificing balance to the midfield would be to switch to a 343 or 3412. Truth be told you could do that without a change in personal from Saturday. Push Olson higher up and tell up to hug the touch line, have Wiemann do similar on the right, shuttle Baird into a back three, give Lawrence and Vydra complete attacking freedom to float around off Martin. If that still not enough take Olsson off for a striker and shift Lawrence back to wide left.
  10. On course for 80+ points

    In fairness do we have much choice in that regard without the team being really lopsided ? We've kinda backed ourselves into a corner in that regard by getting rid of every midfielder who isn't a holding midfielder.
  11. Derby County v Burton Albion match thread

    The problem is that only midfielders we have are holding midfielders and Johnson. Playing Johnson ahead of one of them is a poor idea in this kinda game because of how poor he is in possession, and putting another attacker will put too much pressure on the other midfielder to instigate attacks and keep the ball moving. We are crying out for a more attacking midfielder who can pick the ball up and drive at the opposition.
  12. Derby County v QPR match day thread.

    Could be right or at least partly right. But it's still a bit weird isn't it ? Particularly as Rowett is an ex-player who was well regarded amongst fans and can certainly talk the talk combined with that results have been good.
  13. Derby County v QPR match day thread.

    My apologies I missed that line about not suggesting we are yet. The thing is though how do you convince several thousand fans that they are expecting too much ? Like i get your point but literally the only way you can realistic can get fans on side is by showing something different on the pitch isn't it ?
  14. Derby County v QPR match day thread.

    Is it poisonous though? I'm not sure I've seen actual venom aimed at Rowett though, to me it appears to be much closer to apathy and disillusionment. Fans acting this way to the point Rowett feels the need to mention is a major red flag though. Perhaps though instead of questioning the fans he should ponder over why despite good results there is this negativity and how he can fix that. Because ultimately dwindling crowds would cost him his job (I'm not calling for to be sacked, just to be clear).
  15. Derby County v QPR match day thread.

    Here's the thing though, and I understand that a lot will disagree, even if you could promise me that we'd finish in the playoffs this season (with roughly the same performance level) I'd still take the 14/15 season over this one despite how it ended.

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