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  1. What I'd pick Roos* Byrne Wisdom Clarke Buchanan Bird Watson Shinnie/Knight Waghorn CKR Jozwiak *Assuming Marshall isn't fit The actual team is almost certainly the one that start against forest though in a 4231.
  2. We didn't really lose to Cardiff because of physicality though. We lost because we had an absolute mess of lineup, zero movement or ability to play through midfield and a striker trying to compete against 3 centre backs without any support.
  3. To be honest I think he hinders it at times or at least the build up play and teams are starting to really clock onto it. It's really noticeable since the turn of the new year that when we set up with a 4231 with Knight at #10 that several teams having essentially deployed a similar trap where they tightly mark the one nominal playmaker and either leave Shinnie and Knight alone at first pretty much and then aggressively press them when they get it as they are more than likely play a very safe ball or give up possession. It essentially strangles the play through the middle and so if they can co
  4. It was mostly him and Watson in conjunction that made the difference as we had a deep player looking to get us player and a more advanced player capable of finding space and creating passing angles. We could actually play through the lines.
  5. I mean Bird you can. It was a stark difference after he came on with how we moved the ball. He's also pretty much the only midfielder we have fit that can miss players out with a pass, who actually offers the ball and doesn't just play the ball back the direction he got it.
  6. Roos 4 Wisdom 5 Mengi 1 Clarke 4 Buchanan 5 Baningime 4 Edmondson 4 Shinnie 3 Jozwiak 5 Gregory 5 Sibley 5
  7. Bird is severely underrated defensively because he doesn't thunder about and Knight is fine defensively for the role he plays If you want to play through midfield your deepest midfield has to be able to offer for the ball, turn and then move the ball again and do that over and over in a game. Shinnie cannot do that, and it would cripple playing through the middle. If you want Shinnie in the team I think I'd have him over Knight (who's not been great lately) playing a bit further up in a role where he can press around the pitch as you can't really do that as a sole dm as it leaves gaps but
  8. Couldn't be in the squad for all the loanees I think
  9. It's not even just that he can't pass, he's woeful at actually offering for the ball and getting himself into space. It's a big reason why our play in and around midfield looks so stagnant at times and it's a major driver of why you'll see it going sideways at the back because rather than dropping into space and giving an easy ball he's a statue and practically marks himself out of the game. I lost count of the number of times tonight where there was a little pocket of space for him to drop into to help out. And it was such a crying relief to see both Bird and Watson do that basic t
  10. I mean isn't the simpler solution to play Edmundson there though rather than in midfield or even a back 3 with Mcdanold starting ?
  11. Resting players make sense, even possibly resting 6 but you can at least go out with a resemblance of a plan that make senses. Why play Mengi at centre back and shove Wisdom to right back ? Why play a midfield 3 consisting of a centre back and two defensive midielders ?
  12. Drop Shinnie for knight and I'd probably agree, sick of him having such a free pass for being garbage in possession.
  13. Only bright side tonight was it actually nice to see a couple midfielders actually come on and be able to pass the ball and actually drop into space to get on the ball.....
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