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  1. What I'd pick: Marshall Byrne Wisdom Clarke Buchanan Bird Knight Sibley Waghorn JHI Jozwiak Think the back 5 picks itself for now and we shouldn't touch it. Personally I think we are struggling with a 4231 because as a system it naturally leads to providing a platform for the "3" to attack from and they've not been performing so I'd look to move to a 433 in order to get more attacking players in midfield. Sibley and Knight both are goal scorers and in a 3 with license to break into the bo
  2. That's what I'd go with in midfield but I highly doubt Mac is going to have much input.
  3. To be honest I'm not entirely sure how many signings from the period of Rush taking to him leaving were entirely down to the manager's involved. Or at least the reason for the deals being so.... wasteful.
  4. I get it. But is it worth persevering with him over giving someone like Stretton, Duncan or JHI a serious shot?
  5. I have no idea what this means but with no real logic I'm glad he's back.
  6. I get where you are coming but I'm far far from sold. Thing is looking back in that streak of form the whole team was on fire and we were naming very attacking teams with both Mount and Wilson in midfield. The other thing is we had Waghorn acting as a pseudo target man on the right wing. There was a lot going in Mariott's favour in that regard. And the thing is hes looked completely toothless outside of that even when played in set ups that should better suit him (I'm thinking of the handful of times last season he started with Martin upfront or Waghorn). There just seems to be too many
  7. As someone who would prefer we look elsewhere other than Allardyce even I'll say he's a very different kettle of fish than Pearson. I completely agree that Pearson was the wrong appointment for the wrong squad and I genuinely think that was visible at the time. I also think Pearson is a rigid inflexible manager who needs everything completely lined up before succeeding. I also I'm far from convinced about him as a manager on the whole. Allardyce though...... has pretty consistently got results regardless of squad and situation. It might not be pretty, it might come at a cost but he
  8. Honestly at this point Marriott is close to the bottom of the pile for me. To be honest I'm not sure I'd have CKR in the squad either, think JHI and/Or Stretton deserve to have a decent crack over either. With Marriott I'm just not convinced his value isn't inflated based on a hot streak under Lampard because outside of a 10 game streak he's looked largely ineffectual and frankly wasteful. I think that two managers now have started with him before being done with him speaks absolute volumes.
  9. Well it wasn't an aggressive press was just using it to describe how we set up and to back up that @Dimmu was right in what he said. Personally I think we should shift to a proper 433 and ditch Rooney but that's just me.
  10. Whenever we played a 4231 we would defend as a 442 more often than not with the striker and 10 pressing in tandem and the wide forwards dropping back. On the ball it would transition to a 4231 (well with a degree of fluidity)
  11. I think you are largely right but I don't think Rooney will drop himself. I honestly think it will likely be Jozwiak in for Knight and no other changes (even if I don't think it's correct).
  12. It's more than just that with Davies. I'm fairly convinced you can't play Davies unless you plan on sitting back and counter attacking. In order to play a high line you need pace in the back line and/or be very good at keeping the ball (ideally both). Davies is slow and isn't good on the ball particularly in the tight situations that occur when you are high up the pitch. So if you play him your defence naturally starts dropping off to compensate and once that happens the whole team drops off.
  13. I disagree he's fair more physically developed, positionally clever and harder to bully than De Sart was. Also last season he had one of the highest % of duels won last season. To be honest I'm kinda glad we've took Shinnie out of that deep position as I think he causes more issues than he solves because he just doesn't move into space or look for the ball.
  14. My first instinct was the first one and if it's that, I actually like that midfield balance; Bird is excellent positionally and Holmes and Knight are full of energy and running.
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