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  1. Would missing out on the play offs

    Yeah you might be right on this front but Its something that's hard to say until it comes down to decision making time. After all Clement was supposed to be "Our Alex Ferguson", and he got the sack.
  2. Would missing out on the play offs

    Hmm on the first part I'm not sure. I certainly think that there would be a debate to have over his position and that itd be far from secure, as ostensibly he would have failed in the objective to challenge for promotion and arguably wouldn't have progressed from last season. I agree on the financial aspect and I think there would be a debate to be had on MM was doing but on the front if Rowett has been given a full season and had has demonstrated little sign of improvement (I.e. not finishing in the playoffs) then personally I don't think I could begrudge Mel Morris on that front. Disclaimer: I'm adamantly against sacking Rowett before the end of the season and if he finishes in the playoffs I'd be firmly for him still being in charge going into next season.
  3. Would missing out on the play offs

    There's two strands to this whether I (or any other fan) would want Rowett sacked in the summer in this situation and whether I think MM will sack Rowett if that situation unfolds. Personally I'd probably lean towards saying, if we crashed out of the playoffs from where we were and given all the bold decisions Rowett has made, its time to look elsewhere for a manager. But I definately think it's debatable and can certainly see both sides to it. However I'm pretty confident MM would sack him if this situation unfolds. He has sacked managers with better records (I'm saying Rowett's record at the end of the season where we finish out of the playoffs).
  4. Would missing out on the play offs

    No worries, your absolutely right to correct me.
  5. Would missing out on the play offs

    Your right, I apologise I had it in my head we got further ahead than we did. I think my general point still stands though.
  6. Would missing out on the play offs

    I can see where your coming from but I disagree. I think it'd be pretty disastrous if we don't finish in the play offs this season and there's a few reasons for it. Rowett's transfer dealings (to my mind) have all been geared up to going up this season, he's mostly bought experienced/old players with a view that they can hit the ground running in his preferred system an their nous will carry us over the line. We now have an aging squad who will probably begin declining in ability (we could be seeing this already with Nugent). MM has said that if we don't up this we will have to a rethink and reign things in. To my mind this suggests a serious reduction in spending and possibly actively looking to offload and reduce the wage build. Finishing outside of the playoffs at the end of season will have been because of an absolute catastrophic run of form, going from 2nd at the start of the year to outside the playoffs in the summer is disastrous and has potential to destroy confidence and morale in the squad. Also I don't see how Rowett can justifiably keep his job. Other managers have been sacked for less and I think all faith in him from the fanbase will be largely gone. So in summary in my opinion finishing outside the playoffs equates to going into next season with no manager, an aging squad lacking confidence and not a deal to spend to move players around. Too be honest I think if we don't go up this year (this will be lessened I think a bit) we could struggle for a good few years to maintain a challenge.
  7. Wow! Kasey Palmer

    Agreed, Palmer is a breath of fresh air. If everybody was fit I'd probably play him (nominally) on the right and deploy him as a wide playmaker similar to how Erikson plays for spurs, with Vydra at #10. Right now though given our options are to pair Huddlestone with either Johnson or Hanson, I'd just play him midfield. It'd give us a bit of energy in midfield and somebody who can actually carry the ball forward.
  8. 9 points off top 2

    To add to this teams have clicked on to if they overload the midfield they can overrun us. And I think Ledley struggling for fitness since January is a big factor. He was in phenomenal form before Xmas and was a big reason why we were solid in defence. Also you could throw in the factor of Rowett no longer having the option to chuck on Martin and Thorne to play keep ball in the final 20 mins of a game to take the sting out of it.
  9. Huddz

    I'm not sure he's that much better in a general sense but Ledley for me is just fantastic defensively. I'm not sure I've ever seen a player at this level spot danger and close out space in midfield as well as Ledley does.
  10. Derby County v Brentford F.C.

    One thought I've bandied around is that I think Anya (particularly on the right) could prove to be far more effective than we've seen him before. His pace and ability to hug the touchline gives Rowett an option to really stretch the game. Also, whilst I've been very critical of Anya's delivery (and his seeming want to just chip in a lofty cross no matter what) it could prove a lot more fruitful with a battering ram like Jerome in the box. Will be interesting to see how it plays out today.
  11. Derby County F.C. v Bristol City F.C.

    Not sure Gary got his subs right today. Think Jerome should have come on earlier and I think he shouldn't have taken off both Vydra and Lawrence. We lacked a short option and a bit of creativity in the final third going into the final 15. Overall it was an even game where we created the better chances and were denied a clear penalty. Would have taken a point beforehand but can't help but feel aggrieved. Oh well onwards and upwards. On a side note, Jerome looked a real handful.
  12. Cameron Jerome - Signed 18 month deal

    I'm completely with you @Leicester Ram As much as I like Martin I wouldn't be opposed to letting Martin go if it meant bringing somebody who is going to be an improvement on Nugent/Winnall. I could even understand letting Martin go and bring in a young player with bags of potential. But Jerome ? An aging player who relied on his athleticism but has lost his pace? I just don't see how this makes us a better side. If it's a case of Martin wanting out and Jerome is the only player in the right price range, just tell Martin to suck it up and you'll let him go in the summer.
  13. Nugent - One Year In

    I think Leicester was a different case because he was a sizeable amount younger when he was regularly playing for them. Boro is probably a decent example though.
  14. Nugent - One Year In

    I actually think the opposite is true, i think the problem is he isn't rotated enough. Nearly every time we've played him in two games in quick succession he's looked burnt out in the second game.
  15. RamsTV - Half Season Review with Rowett

    Something I was critical of Rowett of in the summer was the disparity it what he said he wanted in the summer transfer window and what he actually bought. However this interview helps explain a lot what happened. Whilst I've seen it alluded to and suggested, here Rowett confirms that the summer window had to be run at profit. This explains why he moved on (and undersold) Ince and Huges to get the head room to maneouvour and ensure the club could be 'up' on transfer fees at the end of the summer. It also feeds into what Rowett says about signing older players; he has a big pressure to keep transfer fees low and by buying players who are a little older he can get in the type of player he needed for bargain bin prices in the case of Davies/Huddlestone. Also I think there is a case of him being surprised at how much it would cost to buy players with potential (listening to how he refers to Lawrence's fee). What's also interesting is listening to how the plan has changed a bit from this window. From what I can gather from this interview (and I may be reading too much into things) I think the plan originally was to sell a few of the excess squad players off (presumably the likes of Anya and Shackell) and then promote youth more prominent. However now we are sat in 2nd the remit has changed. I think the plan now is to still sell off a few squad players but look to bring in established players as well with the view of securing promotion. Youth players will now be sent on loan to get football. I'm not suggesting the plan is to go silly but I think we will look to move on 3-4 and bring in 1-2 for the first team.

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