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  1. I think when it comes to individual players it's worth keeping in mind that it's still fairly early days and he's not had a huge amount of time to judge players relatively speaking. Also when you combine that with the disruption due to injuries it's challenging to specifically pick which players to go with. Personally I think the answers to why Shinnie or Martin or Davies haven't been included until now are fairly obvious and Cocu in the case of Shinnie and Davies has almost said it out right. With both Shinnie and Davies I strongly suspect it's their technical ability that Cocu has been wary about. Martin is a little different but I suspect has suffered from the case of being out of the picture for the last few years. To be honest when it comes to Cocu for the most part I've personal found him easier to follow why he's made certain decisions than a lot of managers we've had.
  2. I think it depends on Bielik a little. If we see his future in defence then I'd say a DM is top priority and if his future his midfield I'd say CB. After that it's probably wide left you'd look at.
  3. I'd like to think we still have enough to steer away from relegation. But losing Keogh has a massive impact and was probably the last player we could afford to lose. I think top 6 is as good as gone and I think it's going to be a case making do till January.
  4. I get where your coming from but personally I think it's more important we move the ball positively and have a lot of attacking movement. Personally if everyone is fit I'd opt for Bielik - Holmes - Knight
  5. Hopefully everyone is back fit for this. If they are I think a 433 is viable because you get the width from Bogle and Lowe/Malone which means it's ok for Waghorn and Lawrence to tuck in. Personally I'd opt for a 352. Our best players out wide are all full backs and I think giving them freedom could pay dividends. Also it allows to play 2 up whilst retaining a strong midfield presence and not having to resort to a diamond (personally I think diamond is a very very difficult system to get right and wouldn't want to rely on it). Roos* Keogh Clarke Buchanan** Bogle Bielik Lowe Holmes Knight Mariott Waghorn *Not opposed to seeing Hamer ** Buchanan because I think he's more suited to drifted across to cover the wb and has pace to recover if we get stretched.
  6. Is Shinnie capable of this though ? Honestly if you are after a tough tackling midfielder who can move the ball quickly, I'd opt for Sibley.
  7. Hmm tricky one. To me this depends a bit on if Holmes is fit and then second question is where do you play him we are crying out for him in midfield but he's also an asset potentially at wing back. With Lowe doing ok there I'd be tempted to go as I feel it puts us 1 player off our best 11. Roos Lowe Keogh Clarke Malone Bielik Holmes Knight Waghorn Mariott Lawrence If he's not fit I'd be half tempted to give Sibley a go in there. It's possible though we would have a better balance with something like: Roos Keogh Bieilik Buchanan Holmes Huddlestone Lowe Knight Shinnie Mariott Waghorn
  8. Between Mariott, Waghorn, Martin, Bennett and Rooney in January we have more than enough at centre forward especially as more often than we only play 1. If we do go looking for a goalscorer we will more than likely be looking at wide players or attacking midfielders because that is where we are weak.
  9. Whilst you do acknowledge that players can be deployed elsewhere, I think you are sleeping a little bit on Holmes and Bielik playing in midfield. Holmes took a bit of adjusting to midfield early on but once he got accustomed was one of our better players towards the end of the season last year. Honestly I think he'd be first choice currently. Bielik to me seems a bit wasted at centre half because he carries the ball so well and I think will provide substantially better covet than Huddlestone does.
  10. Too early to judge properly. Gut feeling is we are a midfielder and a winger short. But there is a few things worth keeping in mind: 1) I think most would agree we haven't seen the best 11 we have put out there yet. Bielik and Mariott are still finding there feet, Holmes is coming back from injury and Bogle is injured. And I think most would have all 4 in the first team. 2) Young players coming through. I think this is the real wildcard this season because we have 5 players pushing for a place in Knight, Sibley, Buchanan, Whitaker and Bird. How many break through and to what extent ? Really hard to say. But if say a couple break through similarly to Bogle last year then it could well change what we need. Field a team approximating this: Roos Bogle Keogh Clarke Lowe Bielik Holmes Knight Waghorn Mariott Lawrence Looks like it would be a step up from the teams we've seen so far and personally I don't think we've been too bad so far.
  11. My point is you argue that he's cost us the game by missing a chance. I think at Swansea that's fair but here... it just seems harsh to single him out.
  12. He isn't going to tackle though, he's going to block a cross knowing he's covered if the player cuts back. It's as blatant as a dive as you get.
  13. But without him we don't go in front. We had chances of arguably equivalent quality that we missed (Bennett's for example). He isn't the sole reason we only come away with a point and blaming him solely for not taking chances is disingenuous.
  14. But without him we don't even go ahead. A penalty is not a guaranteed thing. It's only something like 70% get scored. It's disappointing but I don't get singling out the only to actually impact the scoreline and when others missed good chances.
  15. But simultaneously without him we lose that game. Other players had good chances to get the second goal and didn't take them. You absolutely cannot pin it just on him.
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