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  1. How do we know that he didn't drill into the team what they need to do, but the team just didn't carry out his instructions?
  2. I hope we do, one man's misfortune is another man's opportunity!
  3. But this is the Derby way....right?
  4. Cruising at 2-0 and then another goalkeeping howler changes the dynamics of the game, again!
  5. So, all of a sudden, Barnsley's Chief Executive, Dane Murphy, is 'in the know' and the font of all knowledge. I think that this may be wishful thinking on his part, I hope that this is the case!
  6. Steven Fletcher, seriously?
  7. TomG

    Max Bird

    According to 'Mail online', Chelsea are 'in the driving seat to sign Derby's young mid fielder, Max Bird'. Typical southern based press, bigging up their own clubs. They seem to forget that Max is and will for the foreseeable future, be a Derby player. I'm hoping this is bulls**t, to sell Max for £5m would be giving him away, don't allow this to happen Mell! We owe Lampard and Chelsea absolutely nothing, the way they have treated our club in the receny past was nothing short of an absolute disgrace!
  8. TomG

    Max Bird

    I sincerely hope it is!
  9. TomG

    Max Bird

    Yes it would, it's about £15m light!
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