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  1. I'll have a pint of 'Bloomer'!
  2. Serious question.... Do you think that Tom Lawrence is really a team player?
  3. I to was very sceptical that Wayne Rooney was the man to take us forward, but over the last few weeks I have been won over by his honesty, integrity and willingness to fight for OUR club. Yes, he's a 'rookie manager', but at the beginning of this season we can see an improvement, a style of play that he's striving to achieve, but it's over the past few hours that he has shown those qualities that I mentioned at the start of this post. So I say to you, Wayne Rooney, thank you for the commitment that you are showing and we, the fans, are behind you, 100%......DNA!
  4. You make it sound like you're surprised?
  5. Perhaps he used a booster cushion. We he opens his mouth he sounds like a whoopie cushion!
  6. EFL......So, you want to join the EFL? Are you a dope? Candidate.....Yes! EFL.....Well, you're in then!
  7. Just seen their goal on SSN, I think the keeper should have done much better!
  8. If true, he shouldn't be commenting on any games then, poor bloke!
  9. I thought exactly the same, looked and sounded totally uninterested, like he didn't want to be there!
  10. A carton Kia ora and a curly wurly
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