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  1. So many people, jumping to so many conclusions without knowing the facts....CALM DOWN for Duck's sake!
  2. TomG

    Tariq Uwakwe

    I appears that Swansea are becoming the new Aston Villa!
  3. Which just happens to be far too often!
  4. Look, we were never going to get the Likes of Begovic, close the thread please!
  5. I agree. I think that Tom Lawrence does have a negative effect on the team. Why, I don't know!
  6. Taking a leaf out of Bielik's book!
  7. I sometimes wonder what our coaching staff actually see from the touchline!
  8. I live in Stockton-on-Tees which, for those who don't know, is very near Middlesbrough and so hope and pray that we do indeed 'smash them' just so I can dish out the stick!
  9. I think Tom Lawrence has to realise that not everything is about him!
  10. It would appear that nothing has changed then!
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