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  1. Next 24/48 hours !
  2. Our Jack scores for Stockport....again!
  3. Let's hope he's not presented with any sitters to miss!
  4. 'Job share', that's different!
  5. I feel a bit sorry for Louie, he gets 10 minutes(if he's lucky)towards the end of a game which we're usually chasing, usually out of position and he gets criticised by Rooney, saying 'he needs to do more'. Well personally, I would aim any criticism at Waghorn and Joswiak, they certainly 'need to do more'!
  6. I have a feeling that this issue is going to get messy. That's messy, not Messi.
  7. Please God, don't wait until the 89th minute!
  8. Times, Telegraph maybe, the Guardian...nahhh!
  9. The Guardian, one of the crappiest of crappy newspapers!
  10. C'mon every body, it's the 'Guardian' ffs!
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