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  1. I can't help but wonder what Mel Morris thinks of the current performances? Will he be willing to throw more money at this squad and who should leave next month?
  2. Very sad news indeed. Jim Smith's teams were off the scale when it came to entertainment. RIP Bald Eagle, Rams legend!
  3. Do you mean like a well struck corner?
  4. We, as a club, are truly blessed to have someone the likes of Mel Morris, the guy is class. For him to go around the ground today, visiting fan areas to appologise for the shoddy and irresponsible behavior of some of our players, just shows the caliber of our chairman. As far as I'm concerned, Mel has absolutely nothing to appologise for, it's Bennett, Lawrence, Keogh and Huddlestone who need to be doing the appologising. They should be on their bended knees, begging for forgiveness to Mel Morris, Phillip Cocu and the Derby fans. Absolutely shameful!
  5. Anything, including Pride Park, is only worth what anyone is prepared to pay for it! So this witch hunt is really quite pointless!
  6. Don't forget that this season is one of 'transition', we're transitioning from a team that's really quite poor, to one that's absolutely pants!
  7. Steve Gibson will be apoplectic!....lol!
  8. Bournemouth, the graveyard of talent!
  9. The one person I did not want to see doing the punditry tonight on Sky was the 'Snake'!
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