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  1. NHS

    Thank the Lord my partner and I decided on Spain to retire to.We have a medical centre 2 miles from where we live,we have to make an appt. to see a doctor,if it is an emergency there is a walk in centre,where you queue but never takes more than 10 minuites.Our medication is available from the local pharmacy,we pay 10% of the RRP.Hospitals here are busy,in Malaga espescially,but we have a brand new hospital in Guadalhorse,where the treatment is excellent,and you will be seen in a very short time. Dont know what other peoples views who have retired in Spain are,but we are extremely happy with our healthcare,just hoping that nothing changes to drastically due to Brexit.
  2. Leeds United V Derby County

  3. Norwich City V Derby County

    Twas a very good deal then,well done Mell
  4. Halloween / Nov 5 / Diwali.

    I read a report somewhere of an old man so fed up with trick or treating he bought a bag of quality street from the local corner store,carefully unwrapped them and substituted the chocolate for Dog s****,then rewrapped them.Would love to have seen the result !
  5. Norwich City V Derby County

    I am getting old but one or two questions Where did we sign Sam Winnall from Is this the first time he has been a reserve for a first team match Is this his first goal for the first team,and if so well done young man But what a fantastic day,never thought we could beat The Canaries,was Deliah at the Match.
  6. Any car fanatics out there.

    Mini Cooper S 1275 cc bored out to 1340 cc,full rally spec,used to go like sh1tvoff a shovel.
  7. What are you eating tonight v2

    Recipe for Bombay Aloo please Frogg
  8. New joke thread

    The Manchester manager Jose Morinho flies to Khabul to watch a young Afgan boy play football,he is suitably impressed and asks the young boy to come over to Manchester.Two weeks later Manchester are 2.0 down to Watford with only 20 minuites left,Morinho gives the nod and the young lad is on the pitch.He is a sensation and scores 3 times in the last 20 minuites as United win 3.2.The fans,coaches and manager love their new star.When the player comes off the pitch to tell his mum about his first game for United,he tells her how he scored 3 goals and tht everybody loved him at Old Trafford."just wonderfull" his mum said,let me tell you about my day,your father got shot in the street,your sister and I got ambushed and assaulted,she would have been raped if a policeman hadn't seen what was happening,and your brother has joined a gang of looters and set fire to some buildings.The young lad is very upset and says to his mother I am really sorry.Sorry! sorry!,its your bloody fault we came to Manchester in the first place.
  9. Rooney

    Is that the Giggs who was giving his sister in law one!
  10. Bristol City v Derby County

    Would you like Roy Hodgson ?
  11. Hurricane Irma

    Work ?
  12. Derby County v Hull City

    Hope you feel well soon.
  13. Hurricane Irma

    Stay Safe.
  14. No leaders

    Let me introduce to you Ram Rahim Singh,a religious guru from India,who has 60 million followers in India,now if he can motivate 60 million it wouldnt be to hard to motivate 11 players would it ?,I think we have one or two Punjabi followers on this website,have you heard of him.Only problem is Mel he has just been put away for 20 years,can you wait for another 20 years.?
  15. Clough and Burton

    like that word "nobwands"

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