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  1. I would like to congratulate Paul and his team for finishing the league strongly unlike Hull who went out with a wimper,just wished he was still with us.
  2. I realised that RR,just was fed up looking at this blog so thought I would put something new there.
  3. Are they still for sale,how much are you asking now MRG
  4. Oh and the other reason all of my mothers family were Sheffield people who were Wednesday supporters.
  5. It's a small world,went into a bar in Benalmadena for a bar lunch the other day and noticed there was a lot of Sheffield Wednesday memorabilia decorating the place,got chatting to the landlord who told me that in the 90's he kept a bar in Louth in lincolnshire,my home town before moving to Spain,so for that reason I will be cheering for Wednesday
  6. Thank you.
  7. Found it 13th May Fulham v Reading 5.30pm Sky Sports 2 14th May Huddersfield v Sheffield Wednesday 12.00 pm Sky Sports 2
  8. When will the playoffs take place,and who will play who ?
  9. Better the Devil you know Dawny
  10. How will the sacking of Rush effect the club going forward,will he be replaced ?
  11. Well Done,Clean for 10 years,That's some willpower.Keep on keeping on !
  12. Could be saving him( for a big0 if we make the playoffs
  13. Saint Are,3rd at ew 40/1 and a Rams win,might have a bottle of vino blanco with my dinner
  14. Saint Are @40/1 wont be watching the race though as on holiday in Tenerife,might have a few euros on The Rams today.
  15. Is it because I am watching the game from Spain,the bet365 is a Spanish version,sorry for any inconvenience caused