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  1. 21 points,nothing more,nothing less !
  2. Yes on hindsight a draw would be a good result for us,with a few red cards .
  3. Who will be cheering for forest tonight,if they win we are in theory 3 points nearer to West Brom,but forest will be 3 points nearer to us,and also a win for QPR wont do us any harm
  4. Do the words,Sex and sister in law come to mind
  5. Here is one that should give you an Adrenalin Rush,try climbing a frozen waterfall,I've heard that the waterfall on Kinder Scout is a dificult climb,though you might have to wait for the next prolonged winter weather spell.Good luck to you.
  6. Apologies,had read that he was leaving us to join Series A Side Udinese,but just googled him and it appears the deal is off,and that Derby County want to keep him,Phew,we need Tom.
  7. Did you forget Tom Huddlestone is leaving us
  8. Is Andy King who we have taken on loan from Leicester any good.?
  9. Of course not,had to laugh myself after his interview on Sky Sports,when he said that the ref had cost his team £250,000
  10. People who describe John Coleman as oozing class
  11. Are the Canaries still singing this morning,or have they all fallen off their perches
  12. Hope you feel better soon Eddie,Happy Christmas to you and the Memsahib
  13. Who will be in charge of the under 23's tomorrow night in the Premier League International Cup against Derby,live on MUTV Tomorrow at 7.00 pm
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