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  1. Which Road Bike?

    Met 6 cyclists in my local Cafe in Alhaurine on Sunday and in my broken Spanish found out they were planning on covering 150 km,climbing over 1000 m,5 of their cycles looked like competition road racing bikes,the 6th one had very different tyres,very deep walls.Cycling here is a religion.
  2. Random stuff that annoys me thread

    Passengers who get into my car and Slam the door,you don't have to,they will close with a slight tug.
  3. Sunderland

    Tom is quite capable of lobbing it over them.!
  4. Snip, snip!

    My Cousin told me this,he said that as he was lying there waiting for the male surgeon to start doing the op he gently reached over and cupped the surgeons testicles in the palm of his hand,looked him straight in the eye and said "now we aren't going to hurt each other are we ?"
  5. v Macclesfield Town Match Thread

    Is 4/7 a steal today to beat Macclesfield
  6. blurghhhh

    Tripe and Onions
  7. favourite breakfast routine

    Forgot the most important part,a glass containing 1 teaspoon of turmeric,1 teaspoon honey,and a dash of apple cider vinegar,topped up with hot water,excellent for keeping the stomach healthy.
  8. favourite breakfast routine

    Wake between 9.30/10.00 am,then usual,toilet,shave,shower and dress,at the moment shorts,sandels and cotton shirt,then get in car with my partner and take a 10 minuite drive into Alhaurine to our favourite Bar.Breakfast is served by Mercedes(yes a waitress not the car)consisting of a pitufa(small bread cob cut in half and toasted)with a clove of garlic which is rubbed on the pitufa,then drizzle with olive oil,and spoon on fresh tomatoe paste,delish,very popular with Spanish,oh and a glass of cafe con leche with sacharine,maybe take 1 hour eating and watching the sights in the sun,and maybe have another coffee.
  9. Jota

    As I dont know how to start a new blog I would like to know the Forums view on Rooney returning to Everton.I wonder if anyone from The Rams approached him.Surely it would be exciting for him to play in a Championship team with a real chance of winning,than play for Everton who at best will finish 6/7,and it can't be all about money,the millions he has earned at Manchester must be still in his bank account,impossible to spend obscene amounts,how much have Everton offered ?,dont know,why go back to a club you started out with all those years ago.Thoughts anyone.
  10. Bradley Lowery has passed away

    So Sad,may God give strength to his Parents and Family at this Sad Time
  11. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    In the meantime what is happening over at the damned united,has Aitor signed yet,he is a very warm favourite with the bookies.
  12. Formula One Championship - 2017 Season

    Think that Raikkonen will allow Vettel through to win the race and bag some more world championship points
  13. three girls

    And now it is happening in your own back yard,just been reading Derby Telegraph online and there is a report that 10 men have been arrested in Derby for grooming.
  14. Paul Clement

    I would like to congratulate Paul and his team for finishing the league strongly unlike Hull who went out with a wimper,just wished he was still with us.
  15. Spare ticket available

    I realised that RR,just was fed up looking at this blog so thought I would put something new there.

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