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  1. Can Grimsby Ram or David pop into Blundell Park and ask "Can we have Jamie Hanson back please",scored another 2 today
  2. Wonder what thoughts are going through Mel Morris's brain
  3. Sad news this morning that Luis Enrique who managed the Spanish National team,and Barcelona,has lost his daughter Xana,to bone cancer. He resigned from his coaching job in June to spend more time with his family and daughter. R I P Little Xana
  4. Send some over Boycie,today is our 106th day without rain,temp forecast 39
  5. First 12 minutes Forest looked good,then they just ran out of steam and huffed and puffed for 78 minutes. The sky man said that this was there first home defeat of the opening match in 39 years
  6. Good luck for Monday night at Huddersfield Philip,Chris and Twan,and anyone else assosciated with The Rams,enjoy your first competitive match in charge
  7. needs to lose a lot of weight and train harder
  8. Assombalonga looks like an overweight donkey,what a howler of a penalty
  9. 344 miles,actually David Cornwall is known for early Potatoes and Linconlshire for maincrop,and not being connected to Agriculture for 35 years,but I would think that different varieties of potatoes will be grown in each county
  10. Many of our Supporters wearing Orange ?
  11. Voted on facebook,you say you are trying to raise money for her op in America,where is the link?
  12. You would love it driving in Spain then,most cars only have one brake light,and loads of them only one lit headlight,see at least 2/3 a day driving with the hazard lights flashing,maybe they realise that they are a hazard driving
  13. Are there any entreprenurial shop keepers in Derby selling Orange Floppy hats ? Surely someone has been on the blower to Wholesale Clothing Outlets in Amsterdam,or Blackpool
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