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  1. And,trying to win matches,and not doing to bad a job
  2. Can't believe what I am reading,in a week where Derby players and alcohol have been making headlines,I sincerely hope you are letting the train take the strain,please don't tell me you are driving !
  3. Seems its not just the players that can drink the Seems its not just our players that have an addiction to the "amber nectar"then,the whole town seems to be joining in
  4. For a few on here could be humble pie.
  5. Good result today,anyone know where B4 is,has this episode with Bennett upset him?
  6. You are right DFR,I once attended a new years eve party near to Grimsby hosted by a copper and remember seeing a car driven by a sergeant at Grimsby arrive at the party,yes it was a police car with police markings.After a couple of hours said legless sergeant got back into the car which would not start owing to him leaving the lights on,and all his police mates bumping him down the road for him to attend his next party.
  7. Have seen on the blog that Bennett attended a drink awareness course recently,anyone have any more information
  8. Put the dheads in stocks outside of pride park and let our fans pelt them with rotten eggs,vegetables,this was how lawbreakers were treated in the middle ages
  9. I am sure that when their cases come to court DCFC will provide very expensive lawyers to defend them,so I don't think there will be any chance of a jail sentence,what sort of a sentence would hurt,certainly not a large fine because most footballers have a lot more money than sense,they should be made to do meanial jobs for the City,roadsweeping,clearing leaves off footpaths,cleaning hospital carparks,the sort of jobs that REAL Men do daily
  10. Is the Fair Play Award to celebrate sending a member of the leeds fc to spy on Training facilites at various Championship grounds around the uk. What an utter shambles
  11. Can Grimsby Ram or David pop into Blundell Park and ask "Can we have Jamie Hanson back please",scored another 2 today
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