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  1. I was so happy when I saw Keogh sacked,but he still has his contract at Huddersfield,doesnt he ?
  2. Why do they sing "Championes,championes oh le oh le oh le" They arent a Spanish team are they ?
  3. Saturday 12.30pm is a D Day,yes thats D for Derby.C O Y R
  4. If we somehow remain in the Championship,which two teams would you like promoted to give us a realistic chance of making the playoffs,with our new owner,team and manager.?
  5. Imagine if we go down,will Rooney get the sack,oh and can we get rid of the title "Wayne Rooneys DCFC Fans",I am not a fan of Wayne Rooney,I am a fan of DCFC !
  6. Another positive,we wont be playing Hull next year,they have won promotion today
  7. He is a great trainer,all those winners at Cheltenham,and now a 1,2 in the Grand National,Big,big Congratulations to Trainer and Jocky
  8. Any body got any ideas for todays race,heard any whispers,have you got your lucky pin out
  9. Welcome to Derby Erik,hope you manage to do a better job than your predecessor.
  10. Well said,time we started punishing people for littering our green and pleasant land,lock the buggers in stocks and let us throw their litter back at them.
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