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  1. 344 miles,actually David Cornwall is known for early Potatoes and Linconlshire for maincrop,and not being connected to Agriculture for 35 years,but I would think that different varieties of potatoes will be grown in each county
  2. Voted on facebook,you say you are trying to raise money for her op in America,where is the link?
  3. You would love it driving in Spain then,most cars only have one brake light,and loads of them only one lit headlight,see at least 2/3 a day driving with the hazard lights flashing,maybe they realise that they are a hazard driving
  4. Are there any entreprenurial shop keepers in Derby selling Orange Floppy hats ? Surely someone has been on the blower to Wholesale Clothing Outlets in Amsterdam,or Blackpool
  5. Malagaram

    John McCririck

    Quite a Character, RIP John McCririck
  6. Well Frank Lampard is history now,we should be talking about Phillipe Cocu now. The future is bright,the future is Orange
  7. Can we still sign a new manager when we have lampard on the books,if that is so do hurry up chelsea
  8. Lets break the mold,go for a woman instead,the long,dark haired girl who has been on the Womans World Cup,seems to know a bit about football,the same one who is on match of the day on a saturday night,just found her name Jacqui Oatley,she seems to know a bit about football
  9. Malagaram

    Bad news guys

    Stay strong,thinking about you,will remember you in my prayers tonight.
  10. Hayley Turner,what a ride,first lady to ride a winner at Royal Ascot,wow
  11. Stated on itv that one punter had a £50 yankee,£550 staked,returns £50,000,on Frankie to win first 4 races
  12. Don't want a holiday,everyday here seems like one.
  13. Headlines on back page of the Daily Express "Lamps Blues Talks ",says that he has already spoken with Chelsea about succeeding Sarri as manager,and Rio Ferdinand{yes he who forgot to take a drugs test} is talking it up bigtime.
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