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  1. Is he leaving JM in charge ?
  2. Thought Wilson had a few shooting opportunities last night he failed to execute. Big Tom needs to stop the Hollywood passing and keep it on the floor. Great shooting is about body shape when the ball is struck, more practice needed I feel. Maybe get Alan in for some coaching....now that boy could strike a ball 🀐
  3. Superb I always enjoy a good BJ.......goal. 🀐
  4. Is this what they call the dark webπŸ‘€
  5. This was a sensible thread until someone decided to fillet with puns.😲
  6. Well said B4 I think you should do the pre match team talk. It's true though the boys have got to give it everything for the remaining games, they are extremely well paid elite athletes, let's see it, or if you're in Norwich let's be avin you πŸ‘
  7. Even our ball boys are slow......it’s an outbreak of mass apathy.
  8. Think Malone should put a Wigan shirt on.
  9. I'll be right behind the lads tomorrow night albeit via the red button. Also doesn't Wigans kit look a bit like the Baggies strip..... 321 you're back in the room πŸ˜‰
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