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  1. Thought you’d joined the Druids B4.
  2. Both in League 1 though mate, I could score there lol
  3. Grabban, Watkins and Mitrovic 19/20 season. Not that mythical....
  4. Wasn’t it parliament that was trying to bypass the result of the Brexit referendum?
  5. Red sauce, brown sauce, or no sauce at all ? Has this guy got a good track record on ITK ? Works for talksport who said Erik was credible.
  6. Indirectly B4 is correct, in that a few additions to this squad would have resulted in a bigger points haul. But Gibbo has had his way.
  7. Why didn’t the EFL accept the penalty imposed on Derby by the independent panel ? It leads to the question, what is the point of an independent panel?, if it’s impartial decision is not respected by both sides. I'm sure a different scenario where the panel had decided on a points deduction would have been warmly welcomed by the EFL, while singing the praises of a panel that came to a fair and unbiased decision.
  8. Mike Ashley’s MO is to come in at the last minute, gazumping all other buyers. If he has any plans to buy DCFC , it will be later in the process.
  9. The first thing I would do is to tackle player recruitment.
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