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  1. Good result. How many defensive players did we have on at the end ? Hamer puts the fear of god into me, but we had 2 excellent chances , Holmes and Bird to win it easily. Well done lads, Clarke and Waggy immense.
  2. All best wishes to Andre for a speedy recovery. He’s one tough cookie, hope he can still contribute to the run in.
  3. Didn’t Hamer drop the red book on This is your life ? I’ll get my coat...
  4. Ideal opportunity for Jason Knight to step up.
  5. Joins the Billy I know how to spoil a win Davies club.
  6. How badly do we need a good keeper?? Mart Poom standard please.
  7. You might start the next game Crissy.
  8. Just watched the goals on Sky, what a prospect we’ve got on our hands with LS. The first goal reminded me of Mason Mounts strike against Leeds in the Semi. In fact have Mount and Sibley ever been seen in the same room ? 👀
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