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  1. Less of the sledging mate.
  2. I’m really fed up with terrible puns underlaying every thread on this forum.
  3. I think Hammer will claw his way back into Cocu s plans.
  4. What we need is an experienced player with both international and Premier League quality, who is a dead ball specialist, who can also pass through the eye of a needle, give the team some cohesion and leadership and score a few goals................🤔
  5. Derby County 2 Preston North End 0 Martin.
  6. It’s just another urban myth like too cold to snow or too tired to sleep.😴
  7. He can pass a football brilliantly which will improve this team by 50 % minimum.
  8. Don’t think he’s as quick as he was.
  9. Unfortunately yes, as it was a bit of a boring 0-0 er. No outstanding performances, although Archie Collins was good in midfield, but no better than what we’ve got in Knight and Sibley. Dean Moxey played centre back....should have played him up front 🤔
  10. Off to see Exeter v Cheltenham........City midfielder Archie Collins looks a good prospect, from the Watkins, Ampadu academy. Will report back to Joe Mac lol 😂
  11. Which one of you claimed the jersey in the school team ?😁
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