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  1. Is he Jean Claude's nephew? Don't want him getting to the Joiners after training.
  2. That’s due the the performances getting worse, every 2 weeks.
  3. Wand of a left foot. The reality is. Good shot stopper ( main quality for a GK surely). Trigger finger itching.
  4. Has he signed yet ? Sorry wrong thread or is it ?????????
  5. Has he signed yet meine freunde.
  6. I don’t feel he has lost the dressing room, just no wardrobe to hang his tactics in.
  7. What our very own Curtains as the next manager of the mighty Rams ??
  8. I think your overlooking what a fantastic job the Leicester City owners have done. Similar size club to Derby, in fact we have better facilities (and supporters), but they are light years ahead of us.
  9. Sorry mate. Dyche sounds like a Dalek who has had a bit of sonic screwdriver treatment.
  10. We need you for the match commentary mate. Could you do both jobs simultaneously. At least there would be no manager criticism.
  11. Replace him with another, in fact let’s buy a six pack of managers and try them all this season.
  12. If the wounded Dalek or ginger Mourinho is sacked later in the season would you have him here as manager ??????
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