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  1. Eranio, what a player pure quality.
  2. Only because he had a perm and used Brut.
  3. Are you referring to Cheryl or Tomori ?
  4. BBC report says he will probably be going out on loan again. Still a chance?
  5. Mel Morris and Brian Clough what a combo that would have been. He’s got the dream job owning the football club he supports, and Cocu will get us promoted, to as we say in England, ze Premia leeeeague.
  6. Never rated him he was shi@e at Exeter City....... Joking apart he was fantastic at City and has great potential. Really think we could do better in the loan market though.
  7. No comment....just wanted to look at Chezza again 😎
  8. So bored with lack of transfer news that a discussion on Gastropods seems exciting........This transfer window is moving at a snails pace.
  9. Or at least in the next 48 hours.
  10. Thought Dowell was the natural replacement for Mason ? Surely he will slip into the hole perfectly.
  11. Just my attempt at Irony. Have you seen the Office (English version). Brent having a complete overreaction to a valid point.
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