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  1. Is there enough wealth on this forum to form a consortium ????? We would certainly be better at player recruitment.
  2. What is Mel’s relationship with the Kirkland family and Peter Gadsby ? Wouldn’t he be better selling a third of the business to each and retaining a third ? They would all have the Rams best interests as the number one priority .
  3. Jeeez I bet Take That are pooping themselves. Takeover That are unveiled.
  4. Absolutely brilliant book. Got it for Christmas and just finished it. Defo room for a sequel with all the current shenanigans. Chapter 2 must be Abu Derby County ⚽️⚽️
  5. I said we are staying up I said we are staying up. Yes we will stay up, but if any of the squad are reading this, you need to leave nothing on the pitch lads, you did today unfortunately.
  6. I bet the performance has cheered up Ted no end .
  7. At least we haven’t had to keep refreshing the Abu Derby thread.
  8. Waggers owes this club a massive performance today.
  9. What a player the boy McMinn was. Had some harsh treatment from Mr Psycho PVH . Hope you’re back to full fitness soon Ted.
  10. Will try to follow his progress in Olland as we say in England. As a poster said when he first signed, he couldn’t get the Mic to work. ( cracker, can you name the poster???? )
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