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  1. We’re not going down, therefore this thread is irrelevant.
  2. Surely Big Dave won’t want to take the Rams down with him ???
  3. I’m trying to stay optimistic. I can see us getting 2 or 3 wins in the last four games. Particularly fancy Swansea away, as they will have cemented their play off place by then, and won’t want any unnecessary injuries going into the semi. Rotherham v Boro worries me, for obvious reasons 🤫. The team need to give everything though, to break away from the League 1 tractor beam. “ I canna give it anymore captain”, is what I expect from Shinnie and co. Let’s win it in midfield...COYR.
  4. Are you available for Preston mate ?
  5. Good tache and can shoot. Get him in.
  6. Our remaining 4 fixtures are all winnable, especially as we are now creating chances. It’s a very difficult situation we are in , but I trust Rooney and the players to keep us up.
  7. More like we’ll just let him go for the reflected glory and pay for his leaving do. The Derby way.
  8. Get Gadsby on the line. It’s time for a proper takeover. Re the EFL didn’t Erik say the person dealing with his application was on vacation...... 🧐
  9. Is that Les Green at the front ??
  10. I think the Young guns will save us from the drop.
  11. It’s starting to grate. It’s complicated due to the triangular negotiations between DCFC / EFL/ Steve Gibson.
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