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  1. I’ve arranged for him to stand behind Roos.
  2. How did Steve Gibson manage to join this Forum ?
  3. You could buy a Massey Ferguson , when a John Deere (Bowyer) would have done a better job, considering the crops you were due to harvest, were hardly international quality.............
  4. James Martin is a Dirty Leeds fan, would rather cook my own food 🥘
  5. They wouldn’t, as no Premier League team would consider buying or loaning them.
  6. Just a small amount of attacking football would be good.
  7. Nylons 2 Rams 0 Ollie Watkins nailed on to score.
  8. Could make all the difference to the Inmates first X1.
  9. Don’t know about Meditation, but Uri Geller maybe able to help.
  10. Holmes In to build up match fitness, like a racehorse who is entered for the 2.30 at Kempton with no chance of winning, but will be excellent in his next run.......f@@k me sounds like an Ian Holloway analogy.🍺
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