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  1. Keoghs great great grandfather always had a mistake in him.👀⚽️
  2. Not going for it 100% in the play off final ?
  3. Nige and the wardrobe............I could beat them both for pace, in a race to the fridge.😂
  4. Hi David, I don’t think they would classify it as an emergency if your temp comes off, as difficult for you as it would be. If you can get hold of a pharmacy sold temp cement, you could stick it back on yourself....? Try dentanurse you get cement and the necessary tools, could set up your own surgery .
  5. Watch out mate. It’s brings to mind Frank Skinners story of his visit to the dentist for extractions under GA and when he got undressed later that night his underpants were on inside out.🤔
  6. Doubtful you’ll get the fit appointment. We are waiting guidance from NHS England, but it looks like all Dental Practices will be closed with emergency patients going to special centres where they have all the protective equipment. Might be worth ringing now and seeing what the situation is ? Good luck mate.
  7. Jack goes for a Cannon.
  8. Roos clips it out to Bogle on the right wing, Bogle plays a 1-2 with Bird, plays it inside to Sibley, who releases Waghorn......Gooooooooaaaaal. 3-0 Derby, Forest are in absolute tatters.
  9. I bumped into him in Homebase. He said the most important thing to prevent Covid19 transmission is clean sheets.👀
  10. Only had one pint 🍺 ? 😂 Come on then I’ll take th3 f *&&ing lot of ya.
  11. This thread is so boring I’m off to meditate .........Ohm ohm ohm.
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