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  1. hintonsboots

    World Cup VAR

    Big Daddy and Giant haystacks were tonights VAR officials, apparently the half nelson on Kane wasn't textbook enough.
  2. hintonsboots

    Jack Marriott

    Not worth him turning up as nobody can get a word in edgewise with Prof Jenas on the panel.
  3. hintonsboots

    World Cup 2018 thread

  4. hintonsboots

    World Cup 2018 thread

    He's a cheat and he knows it.....was expecting a wink to the bench.
  5. hintonsboots

    World Cup 2018 thread

    Penalty my ars@ to paraphrase Jim Royle. Time to gather all the VAR equipment together after the game and have a large 🔥
  6. hintonsboots

    Andreas Weimann

    Can't see all the negatives with Andi Weimann, he's a good player at championship level and gives 100% in each game. Needs to score more goals I admit, but think that would come if we are creating more chances under Lamps.
  7. hintonsboots

    £10m FFP Bill

    Thanks for all your postings Ramblur. I have enjoyed learning more about the financial situation at the football club. You should retire from your post as the Forum accountant and just stay on and post drivel like the rest of us. Anyway all the best mate, you should make a return as Ramblur 2 like Stcheeeeve.
  8. hintonsboots

    Fantasy World Cup League 2018

    I'm in. The only white booted X1 in history 👀
  9. hintonsboots

    Peter Marples and Mel Morris

    He never passed A level maths and is currently employed as an adviser to Diane Abbott.
  10. hintonsboots

    Post season Fun DCFC topics

  11. hintonsboots

    Post season Fun DCFC topics

    What you do with Crissy Martin in your spare time is your business.🤔
  12. hintonsboots

    Post season Fun DCFC topics

    Another starter for 10 At half time in GT's last appearance the Physio said you're having a Cortisone injection, Keogh said if he's having a new sports car then so am I. ....... I'll get me coat.
  13. Whatever happens there will likely be some lads ...maybe a Bob and Terry.
  14. Good post. Would love to be singing a bit more of "He's one of our own" .

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