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  1. Just everything Owen says https://www.novibet.co.uk/blog/top-15-best-michael-owen-quotes-commentary/
  2. Not sure if covered elsewhere, but do we know if current ST holders will get free RamsTV for the rest of the season? If so I would be happy to give up remaining ST money.
  3. Any (former) big name signing needs to be on a risk vs reward basis in that they buy into us being a team capable of pushing for auto’s and want to be a part but will only be on little weekly wedge with big bonus if we go up.
  4. Can’t seem to remember that playing on the Markeaton Park (home) vs Racecourse (away) made a massive difference. (In comparison to what time the centre forward left the Abid the night before)
  5. The bottom half of the PL is often more interesting to watch TV wise than the top, where this a lot at stake all the way down right to the end of the season. With no relegation, half the games after Christmas will be almost non entities and no one would want to watch so would never be on. I am pretty sure when thought through, the PL would realise the “show” would be hugely diminished. As a fan as well for a “Southampton” type team. Would you soon lose interest if the games did not end up mattering after a couple of months.
  6. I recon he’ll go to a local none league team with an ambitious owner and improvement potential. Following the up coming “big correction” of all football under prem levels there will be bigger potential for improvement in smaller well run teams than today. With Manager rather than “coach” the normal, with people like NC suited.
  7. Those players that want zero risk should be able to opt out if they want but they need to think carefully as zero risk point won’t occur until a vaccine is developed and rolled out. Could mean their playing comebacks for Sept 2021 season. In the mean time the majority of the country will be working in the grey “minimising risk” world which has started already this week. I think most people will agree that risk to the players health is lower than many in society.
  8. I guess he could be terrible as long as there are other adjectives to define players worse than terrible as there have been many worse players I have seen in 30 years watching than Mason.
  9. He’s (Bennett) not a terrible terrible player, just too fragile. If it weren’t for the injuries and the “off the field” issues I don’t think many of the sane supporters would have any issue at all with a new contract under normal (none corona) circumstances. For what it’s worth I agree with you and get rid. But it’s the injuries which is the footballing reason for me.
  10. I want to keep him, but get real people, we are in club survival/existence mode along with many. Some here seem to think corona v is just something that is going to disappear in a few weeks and we can keep thinking like we were pre the lockdown.
  11. FC Shwienhund in the German Vauxhall Conference for me.
  12. Don’t really care about this. But get rid of MB for sure as he is way too easily injured. Can’t afford in post Covid future to be using my season ticket money to pay for people having rehab for 75% of the year.
  13. I tend to agree. It could be next season some smaller well managed teams with good analytics could be pushing for promotion while the likes of us/stoke struggling under high wage and much lower income will be trying to avoid the bottom half.
  14. Would it not just be admin rather than liquidation? This has happened to quite a few champ clubs over the years, many (such as Leicester) coming back stronger. Likely to lose a lot of players, could get relegated, but club would surely survive with someone buying for £1 etc....
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