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  1. Prefer personally to bring Knight and Sibley through. I am not saying he could be (arguably) a bit better than them (right now) but not better enough to not prioritise our own.
  2. I’d get rid even if Lampard does not want him. Seems to have made Roos worse from crosses in last 12 months.
  3. Thank Jesus and all that’s holy that you’re not the manager then.
  4. I like your optimism, but comparing this teams squad to those of recent years highlights it’s relative weakness to squads that “ just made it” to the playoffs. My personal optimism lies in the performance of the u23/u18’s and hope that we will see 2-3 players of high quality progress. Realistically this is in mind for next season at earliest though for a strengthening of first team relative to what’s out there at the moment.
  5. Guess he knows the Derwent runs into the Trent and the peak will follow some hours later than it peaks in Derby.
  6. I’ll give you a well earned first laughing face...
  7. Need to play 2 up front for a home game (not how we lined up at start vs Wigan).
  8. As I only really watch Derby, in champ I only see the guy at the other end. As Derby do not get many high quality crosses in or dominate final third frequently I struggle to make comment easily. Only that Camp and Sluga are worse. I can’t remember seeing others doing as much ineffectual flaps/slaps so in the dealing with crosses I think he is amongst the worst in the division. His strengths do mitigate the weakness, but I want to see him work on and improve or else I want someone else. (PS I have never boo’d any player, Roos included)
  9. Eh? Seemed quite a good point to me.
  10. If probably still is the decision point, but the answer is a formality.
  11. I think Rooney will be demanding 100% effort. Hopefully the effort will be picked up in Jan.
  12. I don’t think we have an available line up that does not have a potential for getting tonked. It’s always a possibility. So in some way it is correct as it could apply to any team we could put out. I think this line up could give us a chance. We will need to defend well.
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