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  1. If the moan stats were evaluated for this thread Waghorn would get the most amongst the forwards and he scored our only goal. Marriott surely deserves more moans?
  2. Nah. Let’s hold on to what we have.. The defence are looking solid. 👀
  3. Nothing more annoying to me than seeing Josephmoon and/or Whitaker jogging around using a fraction of their pace potential and then seeing Martin and/or Waghorn with 110% effort not being quite quick enough. Joshephmoon taking the easy pass backward or sideways rather than tearing toward the defender p’s me off so much.
  4. I think I would sell him and use money to strengthen.
  5. If Rooney plays most of the remaining games and we shoot up the league, then I think it will be his.
  6. Cocu would prefer right footer in the Shinnie position based on past comments. Clarke/Davies is also lacking pace for a team that does not go for hoof it game. I would expect Bogle to be in alongside Wisdom at centre back (Davis on bench) and knight in in place of Shinnie. Should be a good game...
  7. Bookies don’t usually get it wrong. (Odds for promotion)
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