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  1. Assuming Brum beat Forest💩 then they will be safe by the time we play them next weekend.
  2. Another unpopular opinion. If we had kept Keogh we would have conceded less goals and had more points..
  3. Just play the same team and pray to the god of football miracles. This is where I’m at.
  4. 0 - 1 My naturally optimistic head has now fallen off. Unless we get some injured players back, I can’t see where any more points are coming from.
  5. COYR please give us all a good evening. My wife will be ever so grateful. 😉
  6. Took daughters to JLS once (utter bilge). They loved it though.
  7. Poached Egg on Sourdough Toast with a strong black coffee.
  8. I guess this is where the “if they would want to” qualification comes in.
  9. Can’t see there is a better option available (that would want to come) so I’m in. (Not denying the footy is dire though).
  10. The games are there to get sufficient points. If we don’t get them we deserve to go down. Next game is massive. If we get a win I expect the bookies odds would be in our favour.
  11. At first I was afraid... I was petrified...
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