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  1. Why are they trialing with us then. Unless they are dumb as fork they must know what Derby’s issues are.
  2. Boro are going to be their usual ruffty tuffty style this year then..
  3. Have to (50%) disagree. First half of his Rams career he was utter shambles but the part of me that likes a redemption story appreciates the last chapter under Clough jr when he becomes one of the most committed players and a consistent performer. The time when he came on the pitch with his dad was a nice moment. Over 90% of his career I hated the twit but somehow the last bit sticks with me as the most human part and I like him a little for that bit.
  4. In the words of Sir Kevin of Keegan “I Would Love It….” (Mr Pop would literally explode with rage)
  5. Not a penny less than 3 Groats and a florin.
  6. Capacity at BBG at last seasons was limiting factor. I know people who could not get tickets often. Ideally they would at least have a printing facility at the ground as I don’t have a printer and don’t plan to get one just for this.
  7. CKR Breakthrough season, scores 22 league goals to fire the Rams into the playoffs. Press say there is life the the old dog yet and Aston Villa rumoured to be interested. Mr Pop from Bristol says he must be on performance enhancing medication and he should be lined up in front of Mel and bayoneted with a foot of cold steel.
  8. Trying hard to think of a lower point (I can go back to early Arthur Cox era) but can’t. The on pitch side of things can change quite quickly sometimes but it is very unlikely to happen without the behind the scenes sorted. Part of me thinks though that we were sooo 💩 at the end of last year it would be genuinely difficult to get worse. Get lucky with our meagre bargain buys + injuries + odd kid stepping up and we could easily be better. A 12+ points headwind would be terminal though.
  9. I want to sign Mr Pop to dcfcfans from https://www.otib.co.uk/ and make him manager if you can arrange it please. Thx
  10. Against a lot of champ teams it would not be too much of an issue. Probably not good enough for playoff team, but maybe fine for mid table.
  11. When was the last ditch date for releasing updated accounts? (How much window left after) Guessing this could be the point at which umbongo will be lifted by? (Even if hit with 12 of the best points deduction)
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