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  1. Nearly sprayed coffee across the kitchen when someone suggested Villa as well run club. They are just lucky gamblers vs Mel/Us as unlucky gambler. If being well run means hoping to roll a double six then I suppose it’s true.
  2. My wife bought 15 types of cake for my daughters 20th birthday and virtually none of it touched so i am going to eat 💩 loads of cake until I’m sick.
  3. Was in London at the weekend (I ran the marathon) and used public transport a lot. I recon only about 1 in 4 wore masks (young and older equally) despite it being the actual law still there with plenty of signs and tannoy announcements. Think the country has largely given up now in my view. (I wore mine BTW)
  4. Let’s hope Allsop can complete a game without letting one in through his legs. COYR let’s win this one for the fans.
  5. Hopefully the EFL “Fit n Proper” tests will ensure that both are acceptable owners? (or will they… 🤔)
  6. Is there going to be any fan involvement in takeover do we think? Been little chatter on it for a few days.
  7. Why is that good for the PL? It is the thing that keeps most of the games interesting at all.
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