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  1. He’s played for Forest, He’s played for Leeds, What chance did the poor guy have?
  2. £100 million for Mr Grealish! Villa can afford a top legal team. Who in their right mind would take them on? Who is in their right mind come to think of it anyway?!
  3. Come on you Battering Rams! Onwards and Upwards! Keep battling on!
  4. Joined in with what passed for “humour” when at Burton Grammar School in the ‘60s. (I was the target so often I stopped noticing TBH!)
  5. In the light of subsequent events it might be worth re-reading the first post on page one. Back in May it read a little like the pre- launch predictions regarding RMS Titanic or even the eerily prophetic “Futility” by W T Stead about a ship named “Titan” sunk by an iceberg. Stead died on the Titanic on 15th April 1912. Anyone with the stamina and determination to read 107 pages might consider condensing all DCFCs recent history into faction. ”It could make a million for you overnight!” (Lennon/McCartney)
  6. It’s not a competition is it? I’d always come a poor second at best to B4 anyway!
  7. What better accolade could a mere human being achieve or desire?
  8. How about:- A wab bap a Rooney he’s our Wayne Roo. Tooty fruity Wayne Rooney, He’s a beauty Our Rooney We know he’s a Ram now yes indeed Yes we all know he’s the one we need Tooty fruity Wayne Rooney A wab bab a Rooney He’s our Wayne Roo!
  9. Now who can we think of with the initials MM? Mickey Mouse. Wasn’t there someone @ DCFC recently?
  10. To slightly misquote Woody Allen… When the EFL step in English Law flies innuendo!
  11. If you do, just make sure the vandals know it’s your car and not Mel’s!
  12. Now that Derby have had to accept a 12 points deduction should there not be a vehicle whereby they can ask for any other “offences” to be taken into consideration? Even serial criminals use this under English law so that sentences can run concurrently rather than endlessly consecutive as the EFL are doing in their relentless attempt to annihilate any trace of DCFC.
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