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  1. Rams 9-0 Bournemouth FRGS Knight Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!
  2. Hate is much too strong a word for what in each case is a group of people playing a game of football for a team whose owners are paying for their services. It is natural to have rivalry between teams in the near vicinity but have to confess that as a Rams fan I have never hated Nottingham Forest whose only real crime seems to be that they are mere 16 miles from Derby. I cannot respect a team like Leeds United whose methods have always been suspect. I hate the lunatic fringe of the Millwall 'supporters' but think that the club itself would be glad to see the back of each and ev
  3. Sacking Keogh instead of the two proven guilty parties. In fact, having the parties in the first place!
  4. Wayne will keep his job next season either as a struggling Championship manager or in charge of a mid-table League One team. If crowds are allowed back (which is by no means certain) the Rams will be a team another 23 want in their division for the extra revenue they attract. The Rams have always played best on "big occasions", (as has Wayne himself). If the current situation persists no manager, past or current, could legitimately be blamed for a certain degree of lethargy among players. Lack of wages, risk of contact illness, instability of ownership, no amount of "it's all fo
  5. Dear EFL May we respectfully suggest that you ensure that any points deduction which you seem determined to enforce against Derby County Football Club is enacted in the current season ie 2020-2021. It is becoming increasingly inevitable that the club will end this season in the bottom three of the Championship and a twelve point deduction would confirm this. As supporters we would be reluctant to find our club relegated with the added burden of starting next season with a negative amount of points which would effectively be detrimental to all that is supposed to constitute fair
  6. It's in the eye (and pocket!) of the beholder.
  7. Good point! I was wondering how many who started supporting DCFC in the glory years under Clough and Taylor and are still (like me) lifelong supporters would make the same decision today given the club's current problems. Back then it was a 'no brainer' now you'd need just that....no brains
  8. He is eternal but 100 years for a watch ain't too bad!
  9. It's me again! I love to discuss watches at the other end (AKA cheap) of the scale. I have been ferreting in my junk box (items off eBay) for trench watches. Imagine my surprise (!) when I saw this Lanco which must be circa 1920. It is still working and keeping good time. Apart from giving the case a polish I am reluctant to take it apart. They don't build them like this anymore!
  10. Rams 3-1 Rotters FRGS CKR unless of course Covid 19 wins again! To quote Dalgleish after Hillsborough in 1989 (still seems like last week to me!) "Football is irrelevant now!"
  11. That's right! Troy married Selma Bouvier and will be forgiven much! Doug was more of a Homer Lone type!
  12. "Hi I'm Troy McClure....... You may remember me from....." Smell you later! Eat my shorts man! Ring any bells?
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