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  1. For a man with such a commanding presence André was totally anonymous against Blackburn.
  2. I’ve just wished my Bluenose Mate all the best for his game against Rotherham. Did I done good?
  3. Just so long as they avoid players like Hinton, O’Hare, Hennessy and as for blokes like Brian Clough.......!
  4. Wayne's work was woefully wanting within weeks.
  5. Sorry. I'm a rose tinted bespectacled optimist but I now think we don't deserve to be playing in the Championship next season!
  6. It could get worrying when folk add "Mind you he/she was x years old" And you think "So am I" Like when the doc says "You'll live to be 70" and you reply "But I'm 70 now!" and he says "See?"
  7. Mine is n/a just to be awkward. We n/as need to stick together or we'll be a persecuted minority!
  8. If the Rams HAD kicked off at 1500 on Saturday next I would not have followed the commentary. This is out of my personal respect for her majesty. I would not, however, condemn anyone who decided to follow the matches. I prefer to think that if any player refused to play at the time of Prince Phillip's funeral would not face censure. A positive, wise, directive from the EFL? Miracles do still happen! 😉
  9. I've always said "A woman's place is.... In thw Winner's enclosure at Aintree!"
  10. Speaking as someone who has totally self isolated since March last year with a Mrs who has been housebound and regularly contacts friends, family, church, organisations and charities all over the world, I can say, to quote Sergeant Windsor Davies.. "I've never heard such a load of drivel in my whole life sir!"
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