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  1. Back home before kick off, had a cup of tea, followed the whole match! Brilliant.
  2. And me and Mrs B had our Covid jabs sarternoon anorl!
  3. Humungous! Well, big enough anyways!
  4. Keogh has been awarded £2m apparently. Expensive business football. I used to think it was 'all about putting the ball in the back of the net!" Naïve or what?
  5. I recall thinking we were playing like we did in 1971 because we were playing on the same mud!
  6. I was transported back to the early seventies when I watched David Nish in a Rams shirt for the first time. A striker was through with a clear shot at our goal when Mr Nish came in for what we all expected to be a crunching tackle, straight red and a penalty. David had other ideas, took the ball sweetly and cleared the danger. Déja vu all over again with George's tackle tonight! (And That save from Roos was also sheer class!)
  7. Rams playing with an eight man defence for the final minutes! PP looking more like the BBG!
  8. George Evans reminded me of David Nish there. High praise indeed!
  9. You've either got it or you ain't. And the Rams certainly ain't. Whatever 'it' is We ain't got it And without it We ain't going nowhere In an upward direction!
  10. Late change!!!! Rams 2-1 Bournemouth FRGS Knight
  11. Good opportunity for a nice kip I reckon!
  12. Derek Hales, Derek Hales and Derek Hales. Did I mention Derek Hales?
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