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  1. Past few years have followed a pattern. Slow ball unsuccessful. Quick ball successful. Simples.
  2. Get the U23s in. Teach the players there’s no excuse for lack of effort and have a group who at least look as though they play together.
  3. Team I would have picked. Looks a bit weak on the bench though.
  4. Well that was fun! England have so many attacking options. Wish our football team had that much commitment.
  5. Anag Ram

    Watchable telly

    Can't believe it's over. I am in mourning. Brilliant.
  6. Anag Ram

    New joke thread

    Dogging? Well truck drivers do love a Yorkie.
  7. Everyone's response to grief is individual and it's not for others to judge. I am so sorry for your loss. Your story is an important contribution to this thread.
  8. I really hope both of them use the time to reflect and to realise how their lives might have panned out. We all make mistakes in life. It's what you learn from them which is important.
  9. It does seem odd that someone with a drink problem is picked for a championship football team and that someone grieving and alcohol dependent is left at a social event with their car keys.
  10. I honestly don’t know what the answer is to this issue. The problem is not in football, it’s in the psyche of many countries, particularly in Eastern Europe. Identifying and banning the ignorant is a start but it’s a bit ‘finger in the dyke’. More will take their place. Banning teams doesn’t seem to work either. Unless countries are prepared to give custodial sentences to those guilty of inciting racial hatred and using that time to educate the guilty, we will have this issue for a very long time. Just pleased the England team acted with dignity and feel so bad for the black players who were subjected to such filth.
  11. Will it give us wingers though?
  12. RB just stands for rich b'stard.
  13. Probably putting money in before we all have to start carrying the pound around in wheelbarrows.
  14. I went on Saturday. TBF the vast majority, whilst having the occasional humorous dig, were there hoping for a win and applauding good play. However the two guys next to me were tutting from start to finish and refused to celebrate Lawrence's goal. I just think 'why do you bother?' Lot of projection of personal disappointments onto the team.
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