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  1. Surely this affects the value of Pride Park. Do the EFL know?
  2. You watch the rest of the Derby players and they don't seem to see a way forward then Rooney plays one ball into space and it's like 'oh yeah!'. Like a magic eye picture. He's class and looks like he enjoys playing with the younger players.
  3. That was a fairly competent first half. At least they have kept their shape and remained combative. Some nice interplay. 7/10.
  4. I was tempted to place a bet on us tonight but not having a forward has dissuaded me. I hope our approach is bolder than our selection.
  5. Nice to see a picture of our typical fan😉
  6. I guess we'll see when they go on general sale. The cup looks our best bet for a bit of fun this year and I hope we put up a decent showing both on and off the pitch.
  7. Yeah I like a big strong centre half who will head it and tackle all day long without being bullied or intimidated. We had that for a while with Pearce. Davies was good but is beginning to struggle. Evans is a midfielder. I'm fed up with seeing us concede headed goals and can't wait for a decent keeper and enforcer. I'm not sure Te Wierik is the latter but he might just be a good foil.
  8. I agree of course that the very serious incidents of the past of which you speak must be avoided at all costs. I think where TramRam might be heading is that we have a culture which loves to punish. No one gets a second chance. Education takes second place to the mob baying for blood. There are some instances where ignorance is mistaken for malignancy. I think in these cases we should help the perpetrators to understand why what they have said or done is wrong lest punishment serves only to harden their prejudices or behaviours.
  9. That's a strong side. Let's hope a lot of these make it into next year's first team and later the Premier league.
  10. Yeah, with his thruppenny bit head. I have never seen a worse centre half. I'm sure he's lovely but oh my word🙄
  11. The incident was fairly typical of Derby's inability to find their own player with headers. Week after week, the opposition calmly head the ball to feet whilst we seem unable to head it with any direction. It's also fair to say that their left back was about 30 yards from goal when he got the ball and that we made his path to goal pretty easy. Bogle was culpable but only in part.
  12. More likely to get Joe Corrigan than Joe Hart. Could try to lure Fraser Forster back. Ivan Toney up top.
  13. Noble intentions but as soon as someone posts something negative online there’s a horde of spiteful people just waiting to join that bandwagon.
  14. I don’t think it helped Bogle having a couple of opportunities at right midfield. To me that says we think your strength is in attack. He is a pretty average defender but a good footballer who carries the ball well in wide areas. It’s up to him to decide where his future lies. He can’t head the ball so it may be that a move forward will help him. I know this is a thread on social media and a culture of hatred but I prefer to plot a way forward for our lads and I hope Bogle becomes a success at Derby County in whatever position he decides to own. Hoping social media improves and that sad people become more positive is like barking at the moon. We can only do our bit to create a sensible balance.
  15. Hopefully a glitch in their careers but absolutely the right decision. You should pick your best defenders and let the creative guys in front of them do their stuff.
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