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  1. Think there’s a bit of Don’t look now in there too. ‘Cept without the shagging.
  2. Too many lost lambs, not enough rams! Need Bielik, Shinnie, Waghorn etc back and firing. I think we still need a centre half like a Morrison from Cardiff who dominates and organises the back four. All too nice and lacking in urgency at the moment. The soft belly that has undermined our performance for years.
  3. It’s a yes from me Always a mistake in him (moved from Keogh to anyone who currently plays in our back five) Sorry, posted whilst on the ale
  4. Impossible to tell from YouTube how good he is, given the poor standard of defending and goalkeeping. He could be a god, or he could be a Clod. One would hope our scouts have done more homework than YouTube and have actually seen him live but with COVID who knows? If he puts on a Derby shirt, I’ll be cheering him on.
  5. Yeah, North Bristol. Haven't seen CM yet though. Might take the binoculars to Failand.
  6. No. They go down like a pouffe.
  7. Another YES from the Derby fans. Scapegoat by November. 🙄
  8. Good post. The crumb of comfort I’m holding on to is that the system will work when the personnel fit it. Bielik will be comfortable with it. Lawrence will help Jozwiak. Waghorn offers more goal threat.A new CF will hopefully provide a better hold up option. The players need to learn but so does Cocu. For about ten years now Derby fans have been frustrated because they can see a team that plays well at speed. The Derby way, if it exists, is quick passing football on the floor which bypasses opposition defences. We have also looked susceptible at the breakdown and at s
  9. Just on our way back from a weekend at Legoland. Mask on, mask off all weekend. Lots of people. Didn't feel entirely safe. Lots of arrows to follow but many didn't. Main solace was that we spent the majority of the time outside. Life's a delicate balance between what's good for mental wellbeing / the economy and what's safe for our physical health. Everywhere we went this weekend had every other urinal blocked off. That's one of the key things which will prevent any return to live football attendance.
  10. Is it just the initial P that's not good for Derby managers?
  11. Marshall Wisdom. Evans.Clarke. Forsyth Holmes Knight Shinnie Byrne. Jozwiak New/JHI Assuming no one returns from injury.
  12. No wonder our relationship with Germany is so strained!
  13. I'm sorry but when I played winning the ball back was a natural instinct, not something I remembered from my manager. Similarly communicating with my team mates so we all covered for each other.
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