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  1. I gave a like because you have explained your many emotions so honestly. Death has an amazing way of making us focus on what’s really important. The love you have for your family is evident and it will help you through. None of us knows when our time will come. We can either wait for it or enjoy the ride. My thoughts are with you and those around you. Take time for your own healing amongst the good deeds you do to help others.
  2. Anag Ram

    Jack Clarke

    I'd put him in at right back if we lose Bogle.
  3. I think it's perfectly reasonable that he is trying different players and formations. We know the squad isn't good enough and that we need another clear out. He therefore needs to watch each player and how they adapt before deciding who stays and who goes, always assuming some other club will take them off our hands. Change can be painful and confusing. We just have to stick with it and be part of it.
  4. Anag Ram

    Jack Clarke

    Would be a great signing.
  5. .... is what he says every time he puts his socks on.
  6. Both players should have realised that the ball was in a dangerous area and needed tidying up. Their first reaction was to drop their shoulders. There's too much of that in our team
  7. Just placed my vote for an MP I find contemptible to benefit a prime minister I think could go down as the worst we've ever had. Hardly what my grandad fought for.
  8. Yeah, I gave Whittaker a bit of leeway as it was his first start, but he was a rabbit in the headlights, not mentally ready for the step up. Cocu will learn which of the U23s are ready and which aren’t. I just don’t know what it is about Derby that stops young talent emerging. Even Bogle took quite a while to make his way. Our young players don’t seem physically or emotionally ready. Are we too soft, from top to bottom?
  9. Holmes has had a lot of criticism on here but whilst his end product was again disappointing, he at least tried running at the opposition. Lawrence was by fair the worst player on display and his form should lead to him being dropped. Waghorn simply isn’t good enough. Martin and Marriott should start together with Hector Ingram on the bench. What frustrates me is our body language from start to finish which looks so fatalistic.
  10. Chris Martin MOM. Deserved his goal for leading the line with no support.
  11. Yes but we’re not allowed to substitute him. It’s the law.
  12. Good to see that our problem with consistency is over and that we are bringing our away form into our home form.
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