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  1. They looked like they had been to the pub last night!
  2. What an escape. Incredibly tame performance but a point's a point. Thought Josefzoon did okay and maybe he will replace Waghorn.
  3. Needed that break. Hope they got a roasting. Trying to play at 60%.
  4. Yeah but we’ve also lost two defenders and an attacker in that time. Millwall, Reading and Preston are a different proposition to Forest, West Brom and Brentford. If we don’t lose any more players we know we can score goals and when it clicks we are great to watch, but I feel the battles will come too thick and fast for our thinning squad. Really, really, really hope I’m wrong!
  5. Leo Sayer is one of those artists who years ago I avoided like the plague. I found him irritating and naff. Listening to his songs again now I realise he was and is a real talent. Quite a body of work too.
  6. At least we now know what cigarette smoking man had just done.
  7. There you go. We were looking for additions to the crazy season thread. At least he didn’t take over then get arrested.
  8. You know what? I’d rather have Clarke than Tomori. Tomori is a good footballer and his pace is incredible but he can’t judge a header and in the championship that’s a vital skill. Last season Keogh dug him out of a hole a few times. Tomori will undoubtedly become a terrific defender but Clarke has been a rock of late. I’d love to see him back next year.
  9. Out. I haven’t had a good boo in ages!
  10. I thought Waghorn was excellent tonight. Led the line very well and was a constant nuisance to Preston. Should have had an early goal when through but other than that was first class.
  11. Not sure what Malone added. I panicked every time he was close to the play.
  12. It's all gone a bit flat and that worries me. Need to kill them off.
  13. He'll probably join Liverpool and be a revelation.
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