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  1. Didn't help that we played long high balls up to Waghorn v Baker, Kalas and Wright. None too bright.
  2. Great post. It's going to be tough for the manager, the players and yes, the fans for a while as a new manager, new players and new tactics take shape. Yes it was disappointing to see players strolling through that first half without any desire to get on the ball. But that happened last year too, and the year before. I want to see us win every week but when that doesn't happen I won't abandon Derby County. A lot of fans seem to blame Derby for their unhappiness and when they are booing Derby they are booing life.
  3. Scary thing is that we haven’t played anyone good yet. They need to wake up before West Brom because if they don’t they will get hammered. The 3-5-2 is worth trying again, ideally with Holmes on the right. Knight and Evans in the middle. Mitchell-Lawson just behind Waghorn and Marriott. Tell the underperformers to shape up or flock off.
  4. Euphoria was ace. Sky Atlantic.
  5. No point crossing it if there's no-one in the box who looks like they want it. Not one player attacks the ball. Angry time for Cocu.
  6. Couldn't risk the swear filter. They don't take no pollocks.
  7. Well DC United were carp and he turned them around.
  8. Runs like an old man with piles. Good on the ball but in the championship he just wouldn’t get the time and space he needs. Shame as he’s one of my favourite players from the past five years.
  9. I'd love to see Knight given a start. I think he deserves the opportunity.
  10. He has probably 18 or so players vying for team places. He needs time to sort that into his best eleven and get them to play the way he wants them to. He will play a fairly safe starting team to keep it tight and not throw games away early, in the knowledge he has impact subs. He won’t want to rush Bielik or Marriott back from their varying lack of fitness. There’s plenty of time to construct his team - one that can push for top six and avoid flakiness in January and February.l
  11. If you had an owl and called him Kieran, how would he be known?
  12. Don't write Paterson off just yet. He is still adapting to a new city and new teammates. He will be okay.
  13. Appreciate it's expensive but be glad you don't have to shell out £60 for rail fare on top like I do before being branded a half fan by some. 😉
  14. I always rated Branko Strupar. Shame he struggled with injuries. Paired with a nippy forward we would have been unstoppable.
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