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  1. v Cardiff Rearranged for Tues 24th April, 7.45pm

    Hope it's not too hot by the 24th. Melting tarmac in the car park would be very hazardous. We also have potholes to consider (if we're a bit short).
  2. What it’s like being a Rams fan in one sentence

    Like being part of the leading political parties of the past ten years. A group with a common uniting factor which otherwise appears to dislike one another.
  3. v Cardiff Rearranged for Tues 24th April, 7.45pm

    We can't moan about the Championship fixtures we have to play if we hope to reach the Premier League!
  4. Happy Birthday Curtis Davies...statistically the best

    Anne Davies one of Mourinho”s less impressive signings.
  5. Stephen Hawking

    One of those lives that makes me just think “wow!’ Fate crushed everything except his mind and his love for humanity. Not a bad way to leave.
  6. Blackpool fan here help needed please the petition

    Signed, but who wouldn't want to have this man in charge?
  7. England Rugby 2017

    England have looked intimidated by teams who go hard at them. When the up and at ‘em players, Haskell and Sinckler came on we at least made some advances. Daly’s quick pass to May was a rare moment of class.
  8. We are a joke

    The ends from which s££t and dribble come vary in both cases. 😜
  9. Queen’s Park Rangers F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    I would have loved to have seen the petulant fowls. Great name for a band.
  10. Roger Bannister RIP

    Set the benchmark and inspired so many that followed. A very clever and decent man by all accounts. Well liked.
  11. Derby County vs Fulham

    We have two key issues. One is that the defence, which had looked assured with the confidence of a number of clean sheets, now looks panicky. Keogh is our captain and he looks panicked. This is not me knocking him. He is a good defender, but he and Davies need to get the full backs together and read the riot act. We also need a transition from midfield to attack. No combination from Ledley, Huddlestone and Thorne can achieve that. We have to find a way of getting Palmer and Vydra in the same starting line-up or Vydra will get disheartened. I think most fans knew we needed a new left back, a running midfielder and a quick striker in the window. The cash wasn’t there so the problems remain. However, we still have the players to go on a run if they get that first win. Let’s hope it’s Tuesday.
  12. Derby County vs Fulham

  13. Derby County vs Fulham

    That’s four changes isn’t it?
  14. Derby County vs Fulham

    Might be shorter when it thaws out!
  15. Boring Sports

    Even our topics encourage negativity! ‘Boring’ sports are ones in which the obvious skills of the participants are not appreciated by the watcher. If they don’t float your boat, watch something else - or better still, do something else!

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