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  1. You could add to your list no leadership, no sense of responsibility. Everyone in the team looks like they hope someone else will do something good. A few moments of magic from Wilson, Lawrence and Marriott have disguised our lack of cohesion. The most worrying aspect of our current form is the inability to pass or trap a ball. Where has that gone? The team just doesn't look like they are loving their football.
  2. How can you be inspired by a manager with his hands in his pockets and an assistant who never gets off his seat? No responsibility taken by players, no energy, no thought. Really poor as it has been for two months.
  3. He won't go but I would have an eye on Steve Clarke if he does. Massively underrrated and doing a great job at Kilmarnock.
  4. One of the big changes was having Cole bark instructions across the pitch. If you watch Brighton's first goal it is a total mess. Malone elects to come inside to join two colleagues who are marking one man, leaving ample time for the cross. Holmes, who has jogged back then stops short of the box when he could take up a position to intercept the cross. In the middle, three players are marking the centre forward and no-one has picked up Knockaert. I just hope Cole will be able to use his experience so we can adopt a better shape in such instances.
  5. Storyville-Under the wire. BBC4. Not a drama but a documentary but wow! True story of Marie Colvin and Paul Conroy, plus a group of French journalists who reported from Homs at the height of fighting in 2012. So tense you will forget to breathe.
  6. Anag Ram

    London Marathon

    Wow - he's quite a character isn't he? I went to the Comedy Store on Monday night for a Lily Foundation fundraiser. That's the charity I am running for. The picture is of me with the founder and that bloke off QI (nice chap). There was so.much positivity from them towards my run that I was pumped for April. I will certainly keep posting as there is still much work to do. Keep up the running and gym work. There's still life in us fiftysomethings!
  7. We look like a team that is bored with football. There's no passion or drive ftom the bench either. it's like Frank and Jody look at each other and say how on earth did we get landed with this lot? It's a shame because there is talent there, but for some reason there is no cohesion or even ball control. When did we start taking three yard first touches? I liked Cole's introduction. I am hoping he can whip a few into shape.
  8. Anyone enjoying this? What has happened to the team we love?
  9. Anag Ram

    London Marathon

    Did my first 15 mile run today. Who are these people who 'enjoy' such things? Self-satisfied smile now though. I have a fiver on Derby today in a bet with Jonathan Pearce who I met Monday night. COYR!
  10. Okay so on Wednesday one player was making his first start and one was rejoining a team he has played for many times before - out of 11. That doesn't explain why the others couldn't pass to each other. We haven't suddenly changed personnel. Marriott has been out a while now with basically a bruise amid comments from Lampard about his general fitness.
  11. I guess the alarming thing is not that we are not stuffing x or y but that for a protracted period, the side has passed poorly when it should be getting more attuned. Our goal-makers have been disappointing for a number of weeks and our chief goalscorer seems to be on the naughty step. It's frustrating watching a team that gives the ball away so often. Ipswich must have thought it was Christmas again and were unlucky not to win.
  12. Not sure the caption top left corner of the photo is correct either.
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