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  1. Anag Ram

    Jack Marriott

    You could also add the lay-off for Bryson's goal.
  2. Anag Ram

    V Sheffield United (H) Match Thread

    Relax. 4 minutes is just one Carson goal kick!
  3. Anag Ram

    V Sheffield United (H) Match Thread

    Currently following the game based on your comments. Am in central Bristol and every pub is showing the Liverpool game! Hope we hold out!
  4. Anag Ram

    V Sheffield United (H) Match Thread

    Why not get Roos in goal at half time? Might be the only action he sees! Blindfold penalties with a partner shouting prompts.
  5. Anag Ram

    Number One when you were born?

    House of the Rising Sun by the Animals. My local was called the Rising Sun when I first started drinking and I heard the song many a time as a result.
  6. Anag Ram

    V Sheffield United (H) Match Thread

    You could well be right but fans are already missing out on nice local beers in favour of the fizzy stuff. Also, leaving entry til the last minute risks missing the start of the game. I still think a local band should be given 15 minutes as part of the pre-match entertainment. Anything to make the afternoon less of a beer fest. There's plenty of time later for that. We know from some of the views on here that vision is distorted. It becomes a case of the white blur beating the other colour (hurray, we are ace) or losing (boo, sack everyone).
  7. Anag Ram

    V Sheffield United (H) Match Thread

    I know I might get shot for suggesting it but I think the bar should close 30 minutes before the game. We need bums on seats earlier to build an atmosphere, rather than having fans take their seats at kick off, already busting for their first pee.
  8. Anag Ram

    Tom Lawrence - Fan criticism

    My impression is of an immature personality. He doesn't seem to have the mental strength to boss games by doing the things the opposition least want him to. There's nothing wrong with having a player who takes defenders on, as long as he knows what he's going to do next. He aims sly kicks when we need firm tackles and is too gobby with refs. There's a good player in there but only when he grows up and realises his responsibility to the team and recognises that working with his teammates is the key to his (and the team's) success.
  9. Anag Ram

    Alternative to cake

    Now that is a work of art! Forget Banksy. Mrs Cone, you are a genius. A Hollywood handshake is on its way (If you don't watch Bake Off don't worry that's not rude.)
  10. Anag Ram

    Should Davies start against Sheffield United

    I might be missing the point here but here's my radical thinking. Curtis Davies is a seasoned centre half who played for England and is good in the air. We currently don't have a defender who is good in the air. This is a bit of a risk. Why would we not pick him when fit? To add to the argument, centre defence is all about the partnership. Keogh and Tomori is not a partnership. it is two players who play next to each other. Finally, Davies is a leader and an organiser. We are a bit chaotic and reactive at present. I think Tomori will find somewhere else to play in the side. Probably at right back.
  11. Anag Ram

    The Wedding Present

    I'll be watching them in Bristol on Friday 7th December, two days after watching Young Fathers. What a scallywag I am.
  12. Anag Ram

    Bands you liked then hated or hated and then liked

    Bought a Florence and the machine CD then realised all she does is shout. Can't listen to a second of it now.
  13. Anag Ram

    Only Fools & Horses - The Musical

    Sounds awful. Was a great show at the time but best left in the past. Like bumping into an old girlfriend and finding she has no teeth.
  14. Anag Ram

    V QPR (A) Match Thread

    I played the game long enough to know the difference between having no options and taking the easy one. Keogh was passing back when he had no-one within a 10 yard radius. He and Tomori looked scared on the ball. The more important question is why none of our midfield or wide players are offering themselves as alternatives. Our running off the ball is poor. They do it in the warm-up. I agree with you on BJ. His long passing has been impressive but he is not going to play the snappy short passes which will open things up. I like him and a few should adopt his attitude.
  15. Anag Ram

    V QPR (A) Match Thread

    I'm not sure what happened exactly. There was ust suddenly a lot of shouting and finger pointing between a few of our fans which looked like boiling over. I think it was where some were standing and some sitting. Generally I thought the fans did well considering it was cold, wet and 1970.

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