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  1. Great post. Makes a change from those who seem to have taken young Kaide's exit as a personal slight.
  2. You're probably right but I can't help thinking that we've been having groundhog day seasons for a while now, playing virtually the same teams and not quite being good enough to go up. Perhaps we need to go down to give us the opportunity to develop younger players and to rebuild a winning mentality. We would lose the likes of Bielik and Jozwiak but to be honest we probably won't keep them long anyway. I'm in the camp of what will be, will be. I am confident however that if we don't lose too many from the current squad, and we avoid administration and points deduction,
  3. It has been a quiet window all round. Not much cash about. We, like everyone else, will be clamouring for last minute bargains on Monday. That's when we'll sign Jamie Cureton.
  4. If we have the ball on the wing, I know who I'd rather have in the box between CKR and Billy Sharp.
  5. His general play is pretty good too. Like CKR, his experience and enthusiasm would rub off on the squad. Still not convinced he'll come though.
  6. My wife has just started watching this. It is shucking fit.
  7. Marshall 500k Roos 250k Byrne 1.5m Buchanan 3m Forsyth 100k (age and injuries) Wisdom 1m Evans 750k Bielik 10m Shinnie 1.5m Knight 4m Bird 1m Sibley 3m Waghorn 2m Jozwiak 3m CKR 250k(age) Lawrence 2m Whittaker 500k It's only when you do an exercise like this that you realise how we might be towards the bottom of the league.
  8. Rooney seemed to have a lot of time for him. He was often seen having convivial chats. I'm pretty sure WR wouldn't stand in someone's way if they wanted to find first team starts if he couldn't guarantee it at Derby County. I think you're right talent-wise. You just know who he's going to find his shooting boots against though!
  9. There's already a shopping mall dedicated to our Kaide.
  10. Only if it's free range and has had chance to enjoy its square metre with twelve pals for at least eight weeks. You don't want to be choking anything that's been cooped up in unsanitary conditions.
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