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  1. The one I use on Hampstead Heath is quite convivial.
  2. It’s not for me but what a man wants to do and wear is up to him.
  3. Yeah, I watched it too. The fact that it’s largely scripted was even more obvious in that shaky format. The Asian guy in the shop was the funniest bit.
  4. I hope the lad goes on to become a legend here. He's had a rotten start but you can tell he wants to prove himself. Welcome back Krystian.
  5. Yes sure I think we will change and won't be as tied into the 9-5 office routine. I just fear the situation whereby too many of our human interactions become 'virtual'. One of the plus points of this crazy situation is how many actual conversations we have had with our family as opposed to rushed texts. I hope we all appreciate each other more in the future.
  6. I think a key point is the social benefits of working with others. Yes, I can do the same work at home but running ideas past people, gaining their trust and buy-in, bonding etc is very hard to replicate remotely. Sure, we should travel less for work, but being part of a team needs banter, needs debate, needs physical closeness.
  7. I actually fear the first stages of freedom. There is a minority of people who resent the idea of having their liberty taken away for the health of the minority. They want a good time no matter what. We saw so many acts of stupidity during lockdown. When this is relaxed I fear people will go nuts and the Saturday night casualty figures will put pressure back onto the NHS. Sure, it's tough, unbelievably so for those who are or are close to sick people. We are in the midst of something truly historic and we all have our parts to play but we must not spoil all our hard work in self-destructive behaviour which puts us back. I hope second time around the public will show greater responsibility.
  8. Well I'm convinced. Alleluia brothers. Bet he gives a brilliant half time team talk.
  9. My mum’s brother used to babysit me wearing only his pants, eating chips. He was a monstrous carb-uncle.
  10. Anag Ram


    I've been doing alright until today. Working from home was okay for three days but today I just can't get into it. I'm missing the banter and the opportunity of talking stuff over. Telephone and email don't quite cut it. I haven't looked forward to a weekend so much in ages, even though pretty much everything I'd like to do is banned!
  11. We were out clapping like loons. The only ones on our street but we could hear plenty of others.
  12. 55. Must be about average so far.
  13. Bet Tom Lawrence has got one in the same colour!
  14. People buying non essential goods will be shot.
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