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  1. Bubbles was never unfaithful!
  2. I'd vote for Eddie if he could bring Belgian beer to Pride Park
  3. Mel: ”I am pleased to announce the new owner of Derby County........ Mr Mike Ashley”
  4. This thread keeps bringing up the same names on a cycle. It's like a carousel with sh&t horses!
  5. I don't get the 'style of play' argument. Surely you adapt your tactics to the level of your playing staff? Hoofball may have suited Lincoln but that doesn't mean the Cowleys would get the likes of Bogle and Lawrence playing it. Unless we buy some giant forwards it doesn't suit our forwards either.
  6. Excellent news. Keep us updated. Far more interesting than the 'will he, won't he?' debate which has become like a Love Island 'who will snog who' or the final of upper class twit of the year between Boris and Jake Hunt.
  7. If Keane comes as manager I'll cut my wotsit off and call myself Brenda.
  8. Keogh - always got a Mel steak in him.
  9. In six months' time we would lose Terry when he's appointed Frank's replacement at Chelsea!
  10. https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=Blue+Ain't+Your+Color+blues&stick=H4sIAAAAAAAAAFWRzU7CQBSFU42JViQEdzWaCRvd1CmpDdWFCSIxRCUamhjcNFD6M2Q6bWemlPoYPIJrX0QewKULd76BYSUFY2H5nXPuvck920eVPejCatXyPV1XouT5kAXEZSBB3AN9HNsMIAK4ZwOOOLanwnp8KhQyjrQh5S_JaCrsQB8qqp-G49yqqY6DV5C5lP8hUzQ9SgZqjhE_T8Y5smHkaPlsX1exn7thTcN67lq-66Srd6sj8x89oifp2Zdwv1v6_vncl64nb-8fwqUoPtn9OmGJTVlZEcXH2KZpA_cYK1fEklS4a3UMs9Ns3rbaNyeCVBTXlMJMkOqWFdABIi7gAWAhIgPEeXpqBf5so2g220bL6JrLX0422x7nIbuAcC0IQ9xLMWKcwYcgjHGPyp2sBjmrQZ5_X24EOKDy1XyJjMhCMbI-XrcOMg3UETnmoBvEFCySy3O_4LRvG94BAAA&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjDstbu8eriAhW2SxUIHSnPA-gQxA0wAHoECA8QBg&biw=768&bih=922&dpr=2
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