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  1. I think that should be the official term for a number of footballers. 😂
  2. Marshall - 7 would have been 8 without the second goal Byrne - 7 Forsyth - 5 Wisdom - 6 Clarke- 5 Bird - 7 Shinnie - 7 Roberts -7 Sibley - 5 Jozwiak - 5 Lawrence- 6
  3. TBF if a defence playing in the second tier of English football doesn’t know how to mark from a corner, Rooney is onto a loser. It’s pretty basic stuff.
  4. That was the most entertaining game Derby have been involved in for a while. We played well at times but remain goal shy. Very open at the back and I was confused by Watson and Buchanan coming on. Two naive players when we needed composure. Thought Bird and Shinnie did well given they were outnumbered. Roberts and Jozwiak remain all dribble and no shoot. Blackburn were there for the taking in the first half but were the better side in the second. At least we had a go. Looking dodgy now.
  5. Sibley will sit just behind Lawrence. Each of them will support the closest wide player from Jozwiak or Roberts. They will come deeper to receive the ball and run at the opposition. Makes more sense than having the old St Bernard lolloping about up there.
  6. I quite like that line-up. Some great young players on the bench too. Get Festy revved up!
  7. Oh that's awful. I had no idea.
  8. Who wouldn't want to milk that lovely nut?
  9. Saw the Wonder Stuff support the Wedding Present or vice versa. Lead singer Miles Hunt called us 'see you next Tuesdays' all night and was almost as unpleasant as his music. I left seething at the fact my money may have made life more pleasant for him.
  10. Haha. He’s remarkably chilled after a few tripels!
  11. Beers of Europe seemingly back to normal. Only ordered a few days ago. No issues with delivery or packaging. 5 Westmalle Dubbel 5 La Chouffe 330ml 3 St Bernardus Prior 8 2 Triple Karmeliet 2 Trappistes Rochefort 8 3 Orval 1 Gouden Carolus Hopsinjoor
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