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  1. Exclusive! New takeover guy
  2. Can't believe we are so atrocious at keeping the ball from a throw-in. Two players at most making themselves available (rather half-heartedly) before being muscled off the ball. In the end we just threw it to them and hoped to pick up the clearance. Indicative of a lack of desire to get on the ball. We need to commit more players to throw-ins so we can use them to build attacks not surrender possession.
  3. Bit surprised to see the ratings for Derby players last night. Fine to give the keeper and defence good marrks but we created nothing, our passing was awful and we didn't win so eights and nines rather generous. We have to use the ball much more effectively on Saturday or we will get taken apart and we won't keep the ball with Sibley and Baldock up front. I'm not CKR's biggest fan but we're crying out for his return just for some sort of physical presence. And Dylan Williams did us proud last night. I'd love to see him again on Saturday.
  4. Roos 8 Byrne 6 Buchanan 7 Jagielka 8 Davies 9 Shinnie 7 Knight 6 Sibley 6 Jozwiak 6 Williams 7 Baldock 4
  5. Wow. Barely an ounce of football from us but some valiant defending, some great goalkeeping and a hell of a lot of luck saw us to a point.
  6. Yes I think the pitch must slope on all four sides as the ball keeps rolling off.
  7. Football to make your eyes bleed but can't knock 0-0 at HT against West Brom. Hope we accidentally play some football in the second half.
  8. Willy waving is replacing rhythmic gymnastics at the next Olympics.
  9. You're not a child, you're a 61 year old man.... With a child's brain!
  10. Probably this but with Knight for Sibley. Not that exciting but in Wayne's eyes, about the right balance of experience and enthusiasm. TBF we don't have a goalscorer so we need to have a team that can compete and hope someone has a good night. Personally I'm not a Roos fan but Allsop looked like a deer in the headlights and Marshall is probably off the scene. I love the energy shown by Williams, Watson and Ebosele but they are still a bit naive at this level.
  11. That's how it currently plays out. Stretton is about the only one who runs across the line and into space though some of the passes he got against Birmingham were not kind.
  12. So, imagine you’re Ravel Morrison. You have just made a bit of time for yourself via a trick or just good positioning and you look for attacking options. Who will you see from the current squad who has made room for a pass?
  13. He's undoubtedly a good footballer with the important skill of being able to hold onto the ball under pressure. I just wish he would trust Bird to collect the ball deep so that he can take up more attacking positions. He must find it frustrating being surrounded by less able players.
  14. I would be interested to know what percentage of our passes are a) backwards and b) to Roos What seemed particularly ludicrous against Birmingham was occasions where a defender, under no pressure and with the whole pitch to aim at, passed the ball back to Roos under pressure who then lumped it aimlessly to their giant defenders. If the keeper is going to do that, the defence might as well save him the bother! Still comes down to the fact that Morrison apart, no one really looks like they want the ball. Too many treat it like a hot potato and lack the nous and strength to hold it until a clever pass is on.
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