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  1. We'll have to borrow a few of their players. Line the teams up and have first and second pick.
  2. How can we tell until we know the squad? We can't even be sure of the manager or ownership. Let's have this poll again in August.
  3. Yes, that's the one. We've been with them a few times and rate their cruises.
  4. Hopefully have a chat with them. Can impart the wisdom of the forum!
  5. Doing two UK cruises. One in July from Southampton up the West Coast calling in at Belfast and the Orkneys. One in September from Tilbury on the 'kin Disney cruise ship. Conned into it as part of my granddaughter's birthday celebrations. I hope Mickey's bar is well stocked.
  6. He looked very powerful and may well be effective in a team that can get the ball to him in the right areas ... but then that's true of most forwards. Not the most skilful but could create havoc for others to benefit.
  7. Needs better players around him. Quick feet over 5 yards, slow over longer. Needs players who can give and go. Also needs better crossing and shooting. Tidy footballer who will look better in a slick passing team than a hoof and hope team.
  8. Reminded me of Roy Carroll’s desperate attempts to get back v Petrov for Aston Villa in THAT season.
  9. Perhaps have a two month booing embargo on 'New' players. Lull them into a false sense of security 😁
  10. I think any signings we make should have New on their shirts to remind us in the coming season. Like New Cillit Bang in the adverts.
  11. Yeah I had no idea that the Spice Girls had such issues 😊
  12. Best ask Jason Lee. He's the chopper and arris expert.
  13. Happy to be wrong about the selection of Kalvin Phillips. England looked fairly comfortable. Good solid start.
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