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  1. Anag Ram

    January excuses early

    Four wins or Lampard gets the boot😎
  2. Anag Ram

    Wouldn’t be Christmas without it

    They'll just be called sprouts after March.
  3. Anag Ram

    Take it to them lads

    A tack, uh tack, Atack!
  4. Anag Ram

    V Notts F*rest (h) match day thread

    Do we really submit Notts fans to that?
  5. Anag Ram

    January excuses early

    We must surely be looking to offload a few. The early part of the transfer window might be focused on that then we'll see where we are.
  6. Anag Ram

    Rate the last film you saw partie deux

    Greatest Showman 2/10 - don't get the hype at all. Ladybird 7.5/10 - really nice honest look at teenage angst and rebellion and the parenting challenges which go with it.
  7. Anag Ram


    Glad the service was helpful. I'm a volunteer there myself and I know they struggle against other charities.
  8. Anag Ram

    Pre match Briefing we should copy

    Opposition winger rampaging down the touchline; he's about to cross .. BRACE! BRACE!
  9. Anag Ram

    The Wedding Present

    Young Fathers was cancelled but Hen he and co were superb on the Thekla (gig on a boat).. Even did Interstate 5. Every time I book I wonder if I've seen them too many times yet when they start I know I was right to go.
  10. Anag Ram

    Mason Mount

    No reason why Nugent couldn't take Lawrence's place. More combattive and more of a team player.
  11. The issue is the number of times he's passed back to. If he hoofed it every time perhaps players would stop taking the easy option and would look forward. Midfield players need to help by making space to receive the ball from the defence. It will come as the team learns about its strengths and weaknesses.
  12. Anag Ram

    v Wigan (a) match day thread

    We have more talent in the squad than we've had for many a year. We don't have a grafting team. Regardless of today's clean sheet we don't have a solid defence and sometimes we are gnawing our paws. This is Frank Lampard's Derby County v1.0. Wigan away is a tough fixture and even though it wasn't pretty, it's three points when others slipped up. If we are in the top four at January 1st when the transfer window reopens this could get very exciting.
  13. Not just Swansea. He has struggled on a number of occasions when the ball is played beyond him. He rarely runs into the opposition half now like he used to. My suggestion of Pearce was not linked to the need for pace but to the jittery nature of our defence. We have pace in Bogle, Tomori and Malone and it's not working. Nothing wrong with having Pearce and Keogh together except that naturally means sitting deeper as we do when Davies plays. We haven't had a back four which works as a unit all season even though individuals have had good games. We need an organiser and Keogh is not the answer. In relation to the Swansea game one would ask why Keogh was chasing the speedy guy when his partner is one of the quickest in the league. Example of poor game management.
  14. I don't think I criticised his lack of pace. I merely stated getting slower has affected his confidence. I take your point about Pearce but he can at least head the ball and bringing him in would probably see us sitting deeper which isn't ideal.
  15. I think there's an argument for playing Pearce now. I have been a supporter of Keogh in the past but he knows his pace is not what it was and this makes him even more jittery than usual. Behind him Carson hardly exudes calm and alongside him he has two young players making their way in the game and a left back happier in attack than defence. We are in a transitional phase but the fans demand success now (and they spend good money). I wouldn't be surprised if we went for two Steady Eddie loans to bring experience in.

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