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Michael Smith


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2 hours ago, Rammy03 said:

On what basis? Smith has spent the vast majority of his career in the lower leagues. Waghorn has played higher. His former clubs include Rangers, Leicester, Ipswich and us.

In terms of a safe bet, Smith has over 20 goals in all competitions in the last two seasons playing at this level. Waghorn has three goals total in the past two seasons albeit at a higher level. 

Waghorn probably is a more accomplished technical footballer than Smith, to be fair, but far more of a wildcard going into next season - if we had to pick one. 

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6 hours ago, Caerphilly Ram said:

Odd wording by Dorsett, how can our focus primarily be on Smith if we’ve offered Waghorn a deal as reported by Warne himself? If we’ve offered one a deal and are busy negotiating for the other then surely that means our focus is by definition on both of them? 

I thought the same.  And I’m sure Warne’s said he would like 2 strikers and sees Waghorn as more of a number 10.  Sounds like he’s edging his bets.

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Could be a 50 goal a season striker, but as he's previously played for Rotherham and over 30 it's a no for some.

I kinda get it, we take the piss out of Burton for signing past it ex Derby players, don't want to see the same here with Rotherham players.

Flip side to that is they are tried and tested at this level and we're not going to be giving them 5 year deals where we struggle to get rid when we go up.

I see Warne building a team to achieve one goal, promotion, once we tick that off it becomes easier to build a team for the future where the shop window of toys becomes a lot bigger.

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Get Smith and Waghorn signed and we’ve got four forwards who have all scored double figures at some stage either in the championship or League One. 

Really can’t see the issues with this. I couldn’t care if they were all 39 and only had one season left in them, if it gets us promoted then Warne has done what he was tasked to do this year. 

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