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  1. Your correct. Lupoli was decent . Barazite was mediocre . Billy Davies first signing Ryan Smith couldn't hit a cows arse with a banjo, god knows where he wound up. That's 3 youngsters we've had from Arsenal.
  2. Is that game footage of Wisdom when he needs to make a decision on tracking a player or watching the pass. He's making a bit of a habit of this doziness.
  3. Boertien was alright for a price of about 300k. Blatsis and Bragstad came in at the same time . We actually raised our bid for Bragstad three times to fend of interest from other clubs unbelievably. Remember seeing a huge cut out of Borbokis in a shop window in Cyprus dressed in rams shirt about 10 yrs after he left. Very sun bleached and looking sorry for itself but probably better than the real thing.
  4. . doesent look good . Saturday very unlikely. Needs assessing to see amount of damage tomorrow. Don't have any idea how bad damage is yet.
  5. I think we really need to win this one. Nasty feeling if we don't. A bit of space will be between us and mid table if we don't come Saturday evening. Why have we filled our team with central defenders . I'm lost with this ?
  6. Well how deflating. Sounds like we set up a bit to tight to early, brought pressure on . Wisdom at fault ?? Sounds like it shouldn.t have mattered as we've been very wasteful and should be at least 3-1 up. Forest have equalised as well. booooo
  7. Radio tonight. Think were playing ok amongst talk of Ed's sanitised balls and Trains, sounds like another poor reffing display. That filthy donkey playing fullback at Forests got a red card tonight in more good news.
  8. Not going to happen. Best chance we had was Villa who one the first match in 2015 then were right royally shunted for about 14 straight matches. Even they stabilised enough for 4 or 5 games to get more points. Huddersfield should have got it. No wins in ten. then another run of 4 points from 25 at one point, they magiced up 7 points from 9 at one point however and got 16 points. We aren't the worst team in history though . 72 league clubs were worse including one down the road who bang about this but were two leagues below at the time
  9. give it a good kneading before popping it in, helps it rise better
  10. If your ever in Newquay. Head down to Lusty Glaze beach and try there pilsner. I haven't tried lagers from all over the world but I've always had lager wherever I've been- a fair few places- and that was the best one . When I was down there in August, the beach was closed unless you paid 2.5k for three nights glamping and I couldn't get my annual fix. Not a happy boy. It's probably worth the 280 mile trip on it's own.
  11. It does happen. Gabriel Batistuta wasn't arsed about football in anyway, he found it boring but happened to be very good at it . Couldn't even be arsed to watch his old teams on telly. Played for the money and for Argentina as it was expected.
  12. Mcgrath and 2005 Huddlestone at the back . Barnes out wide for holmes. D. Powell in midfield for a bit more muscle. Paul Parker in for Christie
  13. 6 Degrees of separation Joziaks goal against Forest and pg 100 of The Kama Sutra
  14. My cousin got a job at the City ground as a runner during the tournament, sending roles of film off as they were taken for the papers. She gave me a Euro 96 press photography white jacket after the tournament that she was given. Forgotten about it till now. Happy days around that time. Perhaps it was just being in my early twenties but life seemed far less restrictive then and far less robotic than todays society.
  15. If he keeps challenging for the ball in the air 40 times a game like he is doing. Probably like this when he's twenty one.
  16. Mel has a house next to him in Dorset for sure. Might have bought it since though I suppose.
  17. As I recall, he was offered the job as manager of a team like Saudi Arabia but took a fee to assist us instead. He disappeared for a few weeks to cover some world cup qualifiers, instead of taking the full years contract they offered. We paid him a lot of money for 3 or 4 months work. Rooneys on 150k a week according to the Forest forum so your underselling him. Can I suggest we refer this to Mr Papadoupoulos Derby accounts 2016 ltd on the OTIB forum. He will have exact figures, alongside that picture of Mel next to his bed that used to have his wedding photo.
  18. Don't forget Mel's next door neighbour Uncle Harry coming in as number 2 to assist on a reputed 100k a week. Had to match his consultancy payments for a job offer from the Saudi? football authority. Bet him and Mrs Ince had a platinum account with Mels name on. Wonder why we haven't got a pot to piss in.😄
  19. Miss being able to record stuff onto videos/dvds from the telly. Mobiles have there uses, but glad the all seeing eye wasn't around when I was younger.
  20. Bring in VAR for what it's useful for . Penalties, red cards and one decision challenge, per team, per game.
  21. Meet him and Uriah Rennie at an evening wedding reception at the Rolls Royce club. Nice bloke. Spent half the evening arguing with a Villa fan about a penalty he'd given against them against Arsenal. He agreed to watch it on the TV in the bar at the back on match of the day to prove he was right. Penalty comes on and he admits ' I made a right balls up there didn't I, think I owe you a pint mate.
  22. Early days. Lose three on the trot and they'll plummet . It' ll come at some point, hopefully soon.
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