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  1. Ambitious

    Championship clubs breakaway league

    It's not stated, but that would be the only logical outcome - surely? The article states the Premier League aren't interested in working with 'these clubs' so the football league would be the only way of getting promotion to the Premier League. I guess if you got the Premier League interested, you could split the English divisions apart similarly to what WWE did with Smackdown (Football League) and Raw (new unnamed breakaway division). The founders select teams interested in moving away, I'd imagine there would be a few non league, League One & League Two clubs that would be interested if it meant climbing the ladder faster. The Premier League could welcome the Champions of both divisions in, with a play-off match between second place. I'm running away with the idea now, but if it doesn't happen we could see us source clubs from France, Germany, Italy & Spain for teams interested in a european breakaway league. If either doesn't happen, the only other option is a no promotion or relegation division with the teams that want a breakaway.
  2. Ambitious

    Championship clubs breakaway league

    A division with no possible promotion or relegation, filled with medium-sized clubs with an okay-ish sized fan base. I can see television channels all around the world lining up to get that deal signed! The fact that League One & League Two clubs are backing it, ergo already achieving the numbers needed to push it through, means that this is just a waste in time & energy. We, nor any other team, are actually going to go through with a breakaway league when the Premier League money is only one good season away - for every team in this division. It's an empty threat, and the Football League & Sky know it.
  3. Ambitious

    Craig Forsyth

    It seems we are stuck in a cycle, year-on-year. Strong sense of deja vu. All the best to Forsyth. Unfortunately for Aberdeen this no doubt means we're taking Lowe back in January, who by all accounts has been outstanding for them.
  4. Ambitious

    NFL 18/19

    Saints look very good for the NFC. I'd be surprised to see it anything other than Rams v Saints. Dante Fowler having a shocker here, but he's got a chance to turn it around with a turnover in this 4th quarter. If he gives away another penalty, I'd imagine he'll be chased out of LA!
  5. Ambitious

    Derby County v Aston Villa Match Thread

    I actually think it'll be Davies & Tomori. I have a feeling that those two will physically be more capable against Abraham. Tomori needs to step up to do Keogh's job with regards to distribution, but I'd be tempted even though I'm a big Keogh fan.
  6. Ambitious

    18/19 January Transfer Suggestion Thread

    He'd effectively uproot Bradley Johnson's place in the squad, I'd imagine. He'd get plenty of games at CDM, CM and if SARS ever spread in the area, even get a few games at CB. Ampadu is a very good player, so it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest to see him become ever-present in our team.
  7. I'm not sure what to take away from that - is our midfield crap?😅
  8. Ambitious

    Are we seeing an improvement through coaching?

    I am a strong believer that there is fundamentally a difference between achieving good results & achieving good performances. Rowett, for example, at least with us, could do the former and not the latter. Fat Sam, also, has made a career out of doing just this. Pulis as well. They're managers that don't necessarily improve the players they have to work with, but instead use their core abilities to their advantage and get a result. It takes someone with a strong mindset to focus predominantly on the players development, despite the fact that the results should naturally come with it. McClaren is a great example, because we saw how players we had flourished under his time here. We also saw the same players go backwards when he left. He predominantly was a coach. Lampard is getting a lot more out of the players here than Rowett did, despite the fact that we're not getting much, much better results than we were under Rowett. Managers certainly have their own way of going about things, no doubt whatsoever about that. It doesn't make one more right than the other, but it just depends on your particular preference as a supporter. It's a shame Hughes didn't get the opportunity to work under the current setup.
  9. Ambitious

    European Super League

    The idea seems to run like the NFL, with no relegation and it would no doubt mean a lot of money pulled out of the English leagues. Players would love to play in it, that's for sure. It would also open up the market to games around the world: Dubai, USA, etc. Owners of the big, big clubs will be licking their lips at the money available. I can't see why any of them, as none of them are traditionalist, would turn down such an offer. It would leave the Premier League in peace to just be the country's top domestic division. Arguably, it would increase the number of Saturday 3pm KOs as the focus for TV games wouldn't be that high - noted that there still would be games on TV and changes would be made, but not on a similar scale. For the everyday supporter of the clubs left behind, it would likely become a throwback to 'the good owd days' for the supporters of teams in the Super League, it would become an unbearable. I imagine owners of Premier League clubs, and some Championship, will put their club up for sale due to the inevitable cut in funding, which will ultimately mean the wages of average players will have to drop, etc, etc, etc. It certainly has its pros and cons, not just cons. I don't mind the big clubs having their marketed super league, if it means the traditional clubs in England can go back to just enjoying the football.
  10. Ambitious

    1 Loan Signing

    Yeah, that's the one. To be honest, I didn't realise he was injured.
  11. Ambitious

    1 Loan Signing

    I'd like to see us somehow look to put a deal together for Tom Cairney. He's been a victim of the mismanagement at CC this season and if he leaves then we stand a chance. Ward-Prowse may also be an option considering the lack of gametime he's getting at Southampton at the moment.
  12. Ambitious

    The boring Man City discussion

    As my previous point states, they don't have an advantage because Man Utd can spend more and still make circa £40m profits. The only thing them being subsidised by the Sheikh does is ensure they're competitive against the bigger clubs. Leicester won the Premier League after spending a modest amount, although lets not forget they broke the rules in the Championship, but to be competitive year-on-year it's the same clubs - the big clubs that have generated a fanbase due to being successful at key moments during the growth of football (Liverpool, Arsenal & Manchester United) and those smaller two that have 'bought' success (Chelsea & Manchester City). Admittedly, Chelsea were already a sizeable club before the investment, but that really pushed them on. If City never had the investment, it would probably mean an extra couple of titles for Manchester United and Man City would probably be hanging around lower mid-table in the Premier League. It wouldn't stop the likes of United spending £90m on Pogba or having a wagebill of £581m. My point is: City had to spend the money to become successful in the first place. Over time the lines will blur as they generate new fans and become a larger club years as their infrastructure & history dictates. You can't have the cart before the horse, though, so reality is that they needed to spend the money. It brings me back to my original point: FFP seems a weapon to keep the likes of United, Madrid, Juventus and Barcelona in a position to spend more money due to their size and stops any ambitious clubs from unsettling their elitist hierarchy.
  13. Ambitious

    Forest at home moved to the Monday

    I can't make the 15th due to a wedding, so any other day aside from 20th-23rd as I'm in Berlin is good with me. I'd be absolutely chuffing delighted if it is moved.
  14. Ambitious

    The boring Man City discussion

    Man Utd are spending £100m+ on players, so the as I see it City are just a competitor. The TV money in the Premier League has caused the biggest issue as Championship clubs have needed to spend more to keep their players and gamble on getting a chunk of the cash. When all said and done: the players are the same whether they're earning £500/week or £500,000/week. Lionel Messi is still Lionel Messi & Theo Robinson is still Theo Robinson. As for them driving the prices up, well it could be surprising to know that Derby County have broken the british record for transfers more often than Man City. City also don't hold any of the top 10 most expensive transfers in history, they belong to a mix of PSG, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United & Juventus. It's also worth noting that bigger teams are spending this type of money, yet making year-on-year profits. It really does show the obscene amount of money available at the top.
  15. Ambitious

    The boring Man City discussion

    FFP is dressed up as a vehicle to protect clubs from going bust, although I see it as more of a vehicle to keep the status quo. City are, by all accounts, a medium sized football club in England. They're a similar size to Everton, Leeds, Sunderland & Newcastle. They don't hold the fanbase that United or Liverpool have after their years of success, at least not yet. The only way they can be commercially competitive is to have an owner willing to compete financially despite not generating the income the larger clubs in the world do. Do their fans not deserve to witness success? For me, the fans that supported City despite having one of the world's most successful clubs in their own backyard deserve every ounce of success they have and it's not come without the huge investment in infrastructure that will see City establish themselves as a genuinely big club in the future. The fans that had to endure their rivals winning the treble during the 98-99 season that were still showing up week in, week out in Division 2 (League One) - they deserve this success and the only way it was realistically going to happen was someone putting their hand in their pocket. No amount of marketing was ever going to turn Shaun Goater into Andy Cole or Lee Bradbury into David Beckham. All the best to them. I hope they have plenty more years upsetting the elitist supporters of this country: United, Liverpool & Arsenal!

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