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  1. Horrible opening for Titans. A fumbled punt return allows Minshew to get a clever play action TD pass. I fancied the Titans to win this game comfortably, but after that I'd fancy the Dolphins to give 'em a game!
  2. I'll chuck in DK Metcalf, along with Rodgers and Cohen for Brees and Carson? Now, I can sense you've got an appetite for such a deal?
  3. I can see this one being messy. Leeds will be looking at getting their goal difference up. Leeds to get four or five, us to barely get a shot on target.
  4. Jerry Jones' band of merry men.
  5. Back to back Ws for me - the highest scoring team in the division! I don't know if some people want to offer a few trades my way, but I'm looking for a RB. This is a hot market, best offer wins... yada yada yada.
  6. Roos is decent enough. I never thought he would make a Championship grade keeper and he has. We wouldn't have made the play-offs without him last season, the performance away at Bristol was arguably the best we saw from anyone last season. I think we should let him have the season, see where we stand then.
  7. If he had scored that free kick with the last kick of the game, I think I would've burst. Cocu is definitely a guy who prefers intelligent play to running statistics, so Martin has a chance in this team. It's not surprise he's going to show some rusty moments, but his ability to create opportunities in and around the box makes him potentially invaluable to a team, like us, who are currently lacking creativity.
  8. I think there was enough to be happy with tonight, but the result was the most important thing tonight and we didn't quite get it. Nevertheless, for me, personally, it has the feel of a transition season that I would probably be able to enjoy. We've got plenty of good players, but definitely not the right balance. In all honesty, I think it was also the case last season, but we had players who could pull rabbits out of the hat. Dowell was brought into to help with that regard, but just hasn't had the desired effect. Left out tonight. If we could send out an army of scouts far and wide to go find two wide players who can be stars at this level, it would make all the difference. Nothing to be too down about.
  9. Grealish, like Hughes, is a underwhelming number 10. They have moments of magic, they're so easy on the eye, but simply don't do the numbers to be a top player in that position. Both players are much more influential deeper in midfield. Mount and Maddison have that 10 role sorted anyway. Albeit, Mount could also play deeper. Foden coming through is potentially better than both of them. I'd imagine when push comes to shove that he will be in the Euro 2020 squad. I'd like to think that AWB can play LB too. He's an excellent defender.
  10. Unless you have a few breakthrough players all at once, similar to Norwich last season, you're just going to keep losing your best players ala Brentford. Villa, despite their riches, would've been troubled if we beat them at Wembley. Grealish would've gone, they had four or five loan players who were huge last season - Abraham, Mings, El Ghazi, Tuanzebe and Hause. It would've been a difficult job, more so than what we faced IMO. We decided to back what many would class as 'known' talents, which obviously means higher wages and IMO a known ceiling. It's such a lazy approach to scouting that has really irritated me. You absolutely can build a team good enough for promotion and break even, however the parachute payments mean that if you fall short then it's not only Premier League clubs who can take your best players anymore. The fact is that there are players currently in L1 and L2 who will go on and play at a good level in the Premier League in the future, perhaps even for England. We just need to find them. Sheffield United are such an anomaly that I couldn't even begin to pull apart their strategy. They managed to find players who were rejects by clubs at this level, took them due to their character, add in Wilder who I honestly think is one of the best managers in the world and found a way to win. Leeds something similar to Bielsa but with more money.
  11. I was perving on everyone's team, I'm worried everyone's got too good of a team. Purple People Eaters and Ramsdale's caught the eye.
  12. 2-2 FRGS: Waghorn A good game to watch, but not the result we want.
  13. This game is as close to a dead cert draw that I can remember. Although, I'd love to see the Cardiff side that turned up at Reading tonight - it was as far away from a Warnock side that I can remember seeing. They were so expansive, Reading really hurt them on the counter. They were more of the same against Fulham, a lot more compact and difficult to beat. I think their start to the season has mirrored ours just about.
  14. I agree, but like the NFL it allows teams to distribute the wealth accordingly. If you want a top striker, you have to make cuts elsewhere. It also tempers wage expectation, which this division badly needs. The issue I have with the current system, based on turnover, is that a good proportion of teams get substantial head start. Now, from a business point of view this makes sense because that is income the club has earned. No problem with that. The problem is that, based on the current structure, teams who don't have the luxury of those payments and can't enhance their income through a TV deal, which lets face it is the money pit, mean they can't protect themselves. If everyone lives by their means then this solution happens: Club A sign John Doe for £1m and £10k-a-week. They spent within their means. John Doe has a great season. Club B gets relegated and wants a striker, starts talking to the guy's agent about £30-40k-a-week. Now, Club A can't afford that without going out of their means. Club B's parachute payment means they can spend that in keep within their means. John Doe kicks up a fuss. If you had a wage cap, Club A would be allowed to secure that asset if they wanted. The current system means that without creative accounting then they don't have a chance. It's just my opinion, but that's how I see it.
  15. Bogle definitely has enough in his locker to get the next level and perform. I'd be looking closer to £15-20m based on the money in the Premier League. The problem for a team like Newcastle is his upsale value, which they put emphasis on. I think he'll comfortably play at a mid-table Premier League team. Unfortunately, a team in the top six or the England national team, doesn't seem likely.
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