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  1. The club will get fined, although I don’t think there is any grounds to dock points - other than the loss of the game. We could do with creating as much noise and notoriety as possible, which is typically what a protest is for, so I think in game works best.
  2. Protest at the Betis game, if nothing changes protest IN GAME at the Huddersfield match and try and get the match called off. If we’re going into it with no centre backs then we’ve got nothing to lose.
  3. Didn't he swap most of the team at half time? How much earlier would you have liked 🤣
  4. We can't get rid of Rooney. He's got the safest job in the country based on our situation.
  5. Sibley is so evidentally miles better than anyone else on our team. If Rooney isn't going to play him every single second he's fit then sell him for me. Deserves loads better than this circus.
  6. I've never laughed so much in my life. What the duck is Baldrick doing there. How some of these can call themselves professional footballers and look themselves in the mirror is beyond me.
  7. You have to laugh. We could go a calendar year without winning a game in this state 😂
  8. I agree - Bogle showed a much higher ceiling. Buchanan has had some really nice moments, I think it was his performance vs Cardiff that really showed some development but he's still got some way to go to prove he can play at this level week-in, week-out. As I said, I would say the same for Bird. Both have big put it up seasons ahead of them.
  9. We can’t offer him anything until we’re out of this embargo - equally if we were to sell him we wouldn’t be able to replace him because of this embargo. We would get money if we moves on at the end of the season. I would rather that than whatever we have now.
  10. Until we can replace them then I beg to differ. We could sell Buchanan now for £2m which would be a fair fee, but without being able to pay a transfer fee, loan fee, a season long loan or a contract greater than a year. It doesn’t make sense to sell. Anyone we sell just goes to further securing our relegation this season. I know this is Derby County, arguably the second worst run club in English football currently, but even we can’t be this stupid? Forsyth will snap his ACL again and we go through the season with a 17 year old expected to play every game in the Championship. It’s unfair on the rest of the more established players in the team. Even more so on Rooney.
  11. Buchanan has had some fine moments, but he’s still trying to make his way in the game. Bird is in a similar boat. Knight and Sibley have shown a higher ceiling, in my opinion, but again both are still in the process of making their way in the game. None of them should’ve struggled to hold down their position in our team last season, but they all had their bad moments. Sibley simply should’ve been afforded more game time, but perhaps he didn’t earn it in training. I don’t know. These are young lads though. They’ve got a long way to go before we can see what they will become. A lot of young players get worse as well as better, equally some do make great leaps in their development, I just don’t know with these four. Sibley is the one I see the most promise from, then Knight. Buchanan and Bird are about par.
  12. We need good players through the door, although a Tom Carroll would be very low on my priority list of signings - especially if we can only make four. It seems like we’re happy to fill the training pitch with as many bodies as possible knowing that we can’t possibly sign them. Strange, but at least gives us options in training rather than cuppies and/or heads and volleys.
  13. Are we a feeder team for Tamworth now?
  14. I’m assuming as it stands we couldn’t offer him a new contract? Although, the other side of it is that what sort of club sells a player knowing they can’t replace him other than with a free transfer on a year contract? It’s just bad optics. I’d keep Buchanan for the season and let him go for free. Brown has already headed to Switzerland, who could’ve replaced him, so unless we’re expecting Forsyth to play 50 games next season then we really don’t have a choice but to keep him regardless of what’s on the table.
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