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  1. I'm happy Fulham got promoted for purely selfish reasons. I feel bad for the Brentford fans, but this loss is going to impact them much more than it would've Fulham at least in the short term. Brentford have one of the lower wage bills in the division. They're a small club already, punching above their weight, their revenue streams are extremely low. I think they're less than half of ours, for example, so now their players have been able to put themselves in the spotlight. It's going to be hard for them to keep their best players and keep them happy. They won't even collect the £1m in ti
  2. With Bielik returning, plus Bird's development, would we consider playing Rooney as the CF?
  3. Cash has been very good this season. I always thought he was quite a underwhelming midfielder, but took the change to RB like a duck to water. I think Sheffield United being interested makes a lot of sense considering how they play - would be a great move for him.
  4. After reading more into the Wednesday case, I think it's clear to see that the sale of the stadium isn't the issue. They stated in their statement that it shouldn't have been included in that year's accounts - not that it shouldn't have been included. I would assume, based one what we've been told, we were far more pragmatic when doing the 'deal' hence this shouldn't be a big red flag. I must admit that it definitely feels like it though!
  5. You say that, but if COVID has its way then god knows how many clubs will go into administration. This season will be decided in the courtroom, honestly the football played will be arbitrary.
  6. Chris Martin has been battling an illness, yet came back and put on a last good show for us. I can't say that I'm hugely disappointed, despite him being one of my favourite players to ever put on a shirt for this club. He was one large wages, we know that much, we also don't know what he was asking for in terms of deal moving forward. I think this is a good time to cut ties and move on. We had him at his absolute best. We saw him sent out on loan against the will of the fans, we saw him struggle out on loan, yet he came back this season and did a fine job. He's coming up to 32 in Novembe
  7. I totally missed out Holmes, who was my runaway winner until the lockdown. Clarke, Bird or Martin all have strong cases. If it’s any of them four then I won’t grumble. Holmes arguably losses out due to recency bias, but there’s not been much between them. I don’t think any player has really be outstanding other than Sibley who hasn’t played enough.
  8. Football Insider Exclusive - Derby plotting Joe Hart Deal. https://www.footballinsider247.com/exclusive-Derby-prepare-free-signing-backed-by-rooney/ I wouldn't be surprised to see this come off. He fits the trend we've set over the past couple of years, although wages may be an issue I do think that Hart would appreciate the opportunity to just get a run of games. I've said it a few times before, but he was in good shape for Burnley before Pope came back.
  9. With a name like Mirko Maric, I'm 100% behind this signing. Lifetime contract.
  10. Good signing for Norwich. I was a fan of his prior to his loan here and then he did well after he went to Wigan. It just didn't happen for him here, but wouldn't be surprised to see him do well next season. He's shown that he can be a good player at this level and perhaps a settled location will help him progress. All the best to him.
  11. I think it was £3.5m guaranteed (upfront), but you make a good point. Brighton are asking between £40-50m for Ben White apparently, so I doubt Leeds will make that happen. I just think that Brighton have a lot of bodies there so Clarke will be available, no two ways about it. I guess unless something changes then it won’t be to us.
  12. Clarke is an easy one if we want to get it done. £3.5m and the same wages. Who says no? Brighton make a little profit out of him for sending him out on loan and then recouping their fee. Clarke doesn’t take a pay cut. We sign Keogh’s replacement and can focus on other areas. It’s a proven entity.
  13. I know Leeds have been strongly linked with Gelhardt of Wigan. I just wonder whether we could push for him. He's got a very good record for the England youth teams. He would fit in with the philosophy of the current team and the way we're rebuilding. I don't know the ins-and-outs, but it's one that I would personally be looking into.
  14. As the transfer window is now open, I thought it would be a good idea to set up a Championship thread for the upcoming season. It's a place to laugh, mock and exert verbal diarrhea ahead of the new season. We know Bournemouth, Watford and Norwich are joining us in the Championship. Bournemouth and Watford being relatively established in the Premier League before being relegated. Norwich did a gap year in the Premier League before returning. It will be good to see Coventry back, albeit playing in Birmingham, plus Rotherham who have done their own gap year. Wycombe, I'd imagine will strugg
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