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  1. Looks good to be fair. I knew he was injured before the season, but thought he had just lost his place. All the best to him. I hope he keeps it up - he's got more room to grow playing the defensive side of the game more, definitely.
  2. I heard Rooney wasn't best pleased when the landscapers came to relay the pitch so he scared them off. My mate in amazement caught it on his phone - footage below (NSFW):
  3. Hughes was always an aesthetically superb footballer, but the pitfalls in his early career have followed him in that he doesn't really impact the scoreboard enough. He's essentially a link-up midfielder who plays between an attacking midfielder and a defensive midfielder. I remember saying during his last two seasons here that he would be best served playing as a DM, because he would never add the goals to his game that's required. He's become a bit of a luxury player, who is struggling to get into a Championship side at the moment.
  4. Running a football club successfully relies upon the owners to make excellent decisions and create a winning culture that aids development and confidence. I’d have more confidence in peeling up a spice addict off the floor of Derby city centre to run the club better than BZG at this moment in time.
  5. Exactly this. He’s been absolutely committed, in the past, but let’s call a spade, a spade: He is currently the owner of Derby County and we’re under a transfer embargo and the players STILL aren’t getting paid. He’s gone from selling us only to the right person to selling us to a guy with a similar name to someone else disgustingly rich. He’s allowed himself to get blinded to all the red flags because he simply just wants out the club - and I’m not exactly sure he cared how that looks after he’s left. If he does, he certainly has a funny way of showing it.
  6. Ambitious


    It's really not that bad considering he was arguably our best player for the past decade, plus it incremented over time. We've done a lot worse, in fact I'd say that's probably the best money we've spent. Bryson, Martin and others after earning their 'big' contract went backwards rather than forwards.
  7. Mel has completely checked out and doing exactly what I wouldn't expect of an owner of a club he supports to do. I mean, the takeover has almost definitely fell through, and even if it doesn't fall through he's selling us to some charlatans. It doesn't seem like he's bothered anymore. He can't even be arsed to pay the players he personally signed the contracts off for and is keeping us from improving the team despite sat in a relegation battle. We joked about Fawaz and Forest, but bizarrely you could now EASILY argue that he was a better owner of Forest than Mel was of Derby. Fawaz
  8. Ambitious


    Keogh's having a pretty good month: Derby set to pay Richard Keogh £2million after he won an appeal over his dismissal | Daily Mail Online He's owed £2m, apparently, although Derby are planning their own appeal of the appeal. You just can't write it.
  9. Derby... at home... 0-0 half time correct score, with Bournemouth winning it with one or two late goals, within the last 20 minutes of the game.
  10. I mean, why not sign a seasoned-professional closing in on his 30s, potentially joining his 12th club, where he has no more than 30 appearances for any of his previous clubs (the majority not even making it to double figures) to play in a position already occupied (at least when he gets the chance to start) by arguably the best prospect at the club? Rooney will succeed where Alex Ferguson, Sam Allardyce, Harry Redknapp and Stefano Pioli failed.
  11. I have a disgusting level of apathy towards the club at the moment. This is slowly heading towards the Amigo days, with the club struggling and no clear direction. At least back then I was a kid and didn't truly understand the significance of what was going on. I'm all too aware that this mess looks to be the beginning of something even more nasty.
  12. Man City are my favourite team outside of Derby, predominantly for that reason. They were able to ruffle a few feathers of the 'elite' because they were able to spend money at the same level as them. When we were last in the Premier League, prior to the UAE takeover but still quite a rich club, City were spending wages around 40% of what United were. In 2017-18 and 2018-19, where City put two of the most dominant seasons together by any club in Premier League history, they weren't the highest spending club with regards to wages - that was still Man United. In fact, where City broke the record
  13. 1. Derby County ... No team has caused me anywhere near the same level of distress, so it's difficult to draw comparisons.
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