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  1. Any ideas what the prices are like for season tickets? I wouldn't mind seeing all the games to be fair, providing they're not £1000s.
  2. Notoriously bad trainer, despite having huge ability. The exact type of player I imagine would leave Lampard ripping his hair out. I'd also argue that those who would start the sentence 'if anyone could get him to work hard, Lampard...' remember he was afforded the opportunity of a lifetime at United to work under SAF, but still couldn't bring himself to get his head down. He's done well this season, but has still found it difficult to play consistent and get a start for Wigan week-in, week-out. I'd like him here, but would not at all be surprised if this was a signing that, if made, failed to live up to expectation.
  3. FFP (P&S) isn't exactly 'ethical' though, it's sold on the premise that it will stop clubs from going under, yet it creates a huge financial gap between those teams that have parachute payments and those that don't. Consequently, in my opinion, it's stopped Championship and lower league clubs from being an attractive proposition for potential buyers, who potentially would invest money to gain promotion. They can't invest the money due to regulations, so it makes it difficult. We've got it good with a local fan, decent size following, etc. All said and done, I'd imagine this 'soft embargo' which will be lifted by the end of the week is simply due process for the P&S overlords to go through our processed accounts. I wouldn't believe it's anything to worry about.
  4. Now, that is something I would definitely be on board with.... perhaps the Mbappe scouting report was worth the money after all! 😄
  5. I definitely like the idea of him at CDM as opposed to a left back. He’s a good addition for a squad looking to cut down on bodies without losing cover. How good he is, well, that’s anyone’s guess that hasn’t seen him consistently. Let’s hope that the recruitment team have done their home work.
  6. It's a big summer for the recruitment team, regardless of what division we're in. I know I'm pretty hard on them, but they really need to step up. They need to find promotion calibre players for midtable/relagation calibre prices, not an easy task, but with the loanees going out we do lack technically good players in our team. If we don't recruit right, we become a team that could well be looking over our shoulder next season. Lampard is a steady, progressive manager. He's not a Bielsa or Wilder yet, so we need to have the talent in the side in order to keep us competitive. Although I am not a cynic, usually, I'm really hoping that the guys we pay can pull some rabbits out of the hat.
  7. If it's true that Marriott isn't putting in the effort, well, I don't blame Lampard for leaving him out. I didn't watch the Blackburn game, but when reading the comments it looked like our midfield was none existent? It begs the question: what on earth would Marriott have offered in that case? Marriott looks like a good option for the game against Bolton, so I hope he's in because he's good enough to be in the matchday squad. He's not good enough to half arse a career out at Derby, though. He's a player with good ability for a Championship footballer, but if he wants to carve a career out here and at the top level then he's got to put in the work. I trust that Lampard wouldn't leave out a hard working talented player, especially one that he's invested so much in, without good reason. He's definitely not putting in what's required on the training pitch, equally having gained the contract of his life perhaps it's changed his output and he's happy to sit on it.
  8. Malone is a good player at this level. Nothing more or nothing less. We spent the best part of £3m of him, if rumours are to be believed, so I wouldn't necessarily argue we got value for money but he's done ok in his first season here. Cole, I honestly haven't seen much of him to be honest. I don't think I will before he leaves. Malone is obviously a better option at present. I imagine he will be pencilled in as first choice next season, with Lowe pushing him for his shirt.
  9. I didn't manage to watch the game tonight, but by all accounts it sounds poor. Unfortunately, this is another to add to the list in games that we approached with the completely wrong attitude and failed to even perform to 1/10th of our ability. Rotherham 1-0 loss (A) Bolton 1-0 loss (A) Stoke 2-1 loss (A) Ipswich 1-1 draw (A) Millwall 1-0 loss (H) Blackburn 2-0 loss (A) They've been games where we have really been caught flatfooted, which can only be put down to poor game management and perhaps poor preparation. We've also not won away from home in the league since 2018 - we're now in the fourth month of the year!
  10. Brentford are a different beast at home, so a point is a good result as frustrating as it is. We can live in hope rather than wallow in disappointment.
  11. This is the sort of signing we need to be making if we want out of this division IMO, albeit to League One, but, still... out of this division!
  12. I'm probably in the minority, but I can absolutely 100% respect Anya for squeezing every last pence of his contract with Derby out. He's 31, probably on £20-30k a week, realistically looking at his next contract being on less than 20% of that. You could argue that his agent should be getting him a move, but I think he should look after his pockets at this moment in time. He's also turning up every day at training, so fair play to the guy. I think he's been realistic about his situation. Joe Ledley, on the other hand, probably waived a good 200k+ in wages to become a free agent before he was restricted in where he could go, yet still hasn't found a club.
  13. It's clearly not value for money, but you've got to tip your hat to agents who are getting well paid for very little. I respect that.
  14. He certainly won't be earning big money out there, but Kansas is a nice city & Missouri state laws mean that he'll be paying a lot less in income tax. I bet he's 'take home' money isn't that far away from what he was earning at Derby, perhaps even more. Aside from the league not being taken that seriously, it's a good move for him. He would have only been replaced if we reached the Premier League anyway. He's a good Championship-level player. I think it was the right move for him: he's a top level player over there, with a lot of support and appreciation from the fans.
  15. Yes, in short: the stadium was valued as an asset at £41m on the clubs books. Mel brought in someone to independently value the stadium again, no doubt with the EFL's approval as you can't pay over market price as stipulated by the rules, and it was valued at £80m. He bought the stadium at market value through another one of his companies - £80m - which allowed us, the club, to show a profit of £39m. The difference between the original asset value and the purchased price. He will no doubt be leasing the stadium back to the club for a minimal cost. As mentioned, we would have made a loss of £24.4m without this transaction which would have undoubtedly put us closer, although not necessarily IN, as I understand, FFP (P&S) terrority. EDIT: it most certainly would have, going on face value: 2016 - 14.7m loss, 2017 - 7.9m loss & 2018 - 24.4m loss (£47m loss over three years). However, with the new figures, we have made an £8m loss over the three years.
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