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  1. I wonder what the point is, perhaps he's announcing his retirement and he's only going to be a coach. 🤐
  2. As I touched on last night, forget the tribalism behind politics because it doesn't help anyone. All we want is for the person in power to do a good job, simple as that, so Boris Johnson really does have the floor now. I didn't and don't want Brexit and I didn't vote for a Tory government. Nevertheless, I sincerely hope I'm wrong - I hope Brexit is everything that leavers believe it will be and I hope this Tory government don't continue to disregard troubling social problems. Boris is now in a position where he can implement the promise he put on the bus in 2016 - the NHS could certainly benefit from the extra £19bn a year funding. The rise in the pound over the last few weeks has been a massive boost for me personally, so I'm one of the lucky ones out of all of this.
  3. The demographic of the result is fascinating - Labour are no longer the party of the working class, it's most definitely conservative. My thoughts:
  4. He had an incredible game against us last season, one of the best we saw from an individual - if not the best. However, reading between the lines that was the last time he's put anything in that remotely equates to a good performance. It's certainly the last time he got a goal or an assist - 11th January 2019. He started 3 of the next 4 games after that win against us prior to getting injured and got hauled off at half time in 2 of them. He also never started another game after his injury. I think there will be plenty of better options out there, even if he does have potential.
  5. Channel 4's alternative political show somehow resulted in Boris Johnson's dad saying that 'female fighter jet' pilots shouldn't be allowed to wear Burkas. I mean, I don't know why or what in god's name caused him to go down this route, but... this is where we're at!
  6. Ravens are really struggling here. They're only 13-0 up in the first quarter. They've got no chance of getting to 100 points at this rate. Pathetic.
  7. People, by and large, don't care about climate change. They don't see the immediate effects. My mum has told me on numerous occasions that it's not real. I laugh at her, of course, but millions of people are of the same mind. Younger voters typically seem to be more mindful of climate change, social issues, etc. The older generation just aren't bothered.
  8. Labour have a more vocal backing, certainly, typically from controlling the younger vote. I understand that labour are seen as the caring party and people don't mind throwing their public support behind them. I think that's it in a nutshell.
  9. It's only irreversible if Conservatives do a good job. It's as simple as that. IF, and I'm not saying any of this will happen, the NHS goes private. IF we suffer an economic crisis. IF Brexit proves to be chaotic and causes the man in the street to suffer. It will cause a reaction, reactions typically lead to change. Conservatives have the opportunity to do a good job, if they do then they should stay in power. I doubt anyone will argue with that - I know some people are staunch blue and staunch red will disagree, but by and large if he makes everyone's life in this country better then that's all that everyone wants.
  10. https://www.leeds-live.co.uk/news/leeds-news/lgi-bosses-apologise-after-four-17385357 For what it's worth. The hospital have apologised and said that the hospital is overcrowded.
  11. If Johnson's lot can deny a four year old a hospital bed, he can by heck deny Scotland of anything. We really need to keep Scotland as well, not sure how large the impact would be losing them, but I imagine it would be quite considerable. As for the result, I was never strong on either party. I voted lib dem. Labour would've seen a big drop in the pound IMO and that would've absolutely killed me at work. Conversative were the safe option, for me, but I just can't and don't trust them. The pound has increased once more, directly resulting more money in my pocket, but I understand the impact they could have on the most vulnerable in our society. I think the truth is that they just don't care about the social issues the poorest in our society face. Fundamentally, and I can't stress this enough, you DON'T join the conservative party IF your focus is on improving the life of the poorest people in this country. I'm not saying it's something they completely ignore, but it's definitely not a focus. It takes a completely different mindset and way of thinking. The tired old joke used in EVERY election is 'Labour will be winning in the votes until people finish work' tells me that people who vote conservative see Labour voters as poor, lazy, whatever. They see Labour voters as nothing more than people with their hands out. Ironically, a lot of the people in work/celebrities you see voting Labour aren't doing it for any other reason other than they want a better society for everyone - they actually lose out from a Labour government on a personal level. It, at least in my mind, highlights the disparity in mindset between the two parties at their core value.
  12. Good. We need someone who can penetrate from the back.
  13. If anyone wants to drop a RB more efficient than Duke Johnson, I would be more than happy to pick them up and give them a good home. I believe Carnero won last season, so a RB for me would help stop New England Caneros becoming a thing. If you could travel back in time, wouldn't you look to stop Tom Brady before he had a chance to become the monster he is today? I know I would. Please waive your RBs folks. 😂
  14. Agreed. Subjectively speaking, if I was tasked by Millwall to draw a line on the ability of Derby players then I could comfortably point to a number of areas to target. Players in the line up that would struggle to make a positive impact in League One. The truth is that now Keogh isn't here - we don't have one player that you can count on to consistently turn up and perform at Championship level. Bogle, Holmes & Bielik are the closest to the line, but they're all still 70% in terms of their performances. Martin isn't far away now he's seeing more game time. I don't mean good performances either, I just mean not a bad performance. We seem to have a lot of players with a very low floor, even if their ceiling is quite high - Lawrence, Marriott, Waghorn.
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