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  1. Worth noting that Forest signed a similar joke in Joe Lolley and he's turned out alright for them. Before Forest, Lolley's best season was 4 goals in 30+ games - the same as Ameobi - so put your money on a season of double figures.
  2. The first names are out: Darren Moore, John Eustace, Garry Monk & Derek McInnes all according to the Daily Mail. I'd be utterly gobsmacked if it is Eustace, it's unusual to appoint an assistant manager of a team that finished below you, but there we go. McInnes I could see the merit in. He's done a good job at Aberdeen, plus he'll have two references in Lowe & Shinnie. Monk and Moore are steady potential choices. None of them set the pulses racing. Article can be found here: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-7181251/Garry-Monk-Darren-Moore-Derby-County-shortlist-begin-search-new-manager.html
  3. He will know who he wants, we'll probably get an idea tomorrow or at least on timescale. He'll have been drawing up plans for the last two weeks, even if he said he hasn't. It's natural.
  4. Mel will go for the person he sees most likely to win promotion with Derby County. I don't think he will be too concerned about long-term stability. We had Gary Rowett and still didn't manage it. I think providing we lose a manager and gain a compensation package rather than lose a manager and another big chunk of money, he'll be happy.
  5. If Frank had left us for WBA then I imagine the reception would be different, perhaps even the Newcastle job. I agree Frank did a good but unremarkable job, but no reason to not wish him well. It's the media circus that's been painful, not his actions. I wish him well - I really do. I have no reason not to. Rowett went to Stoke and bragged about the odds on their promotion. Jewell was caught up in a sex tape. Clough was here through a very dreary time of being a Derby fan where a top half finish looked to be an impossible achievement. Davies, well, you don't need me to tell you why he's disliked. Frank is leaving for a Champions League club. We're in a very good position on and off the field. We just need to get this summer right.
  6. He would be unreal, but it's ridiculously unrealistic. He turned down £6m a year to manage Newcastle in the Premier League. He's apparently got £12m-a-year offers in China on the table. We could make him the highest paid manager ever at this level, which is a title he probably holds anyway, and still fall several million short. Phillip Cocu would be a great option if we were going to throw money at it. I believe he was on roughly £2.5m a year at Fenerbache which was five times more than what he was earning at PSV. If we could give him that £2.5m we were going to give Lampard, plus the £8m promotion bonus we were reportedly giving Gerrard then we would end up with a better manager than both.
  7. I agree - I was just making the point that WBA didn't have an array of superstars to call upon. In fact, I'd back the majority never to see the light of day in the Premier League ever again. They have a decent amount of quality for a Championship side and Moore did a good job to make them as competitive as they were IMO.
  8. I don't see how they had arguably the best squad in the division? Between them and Stoke they had the most reputable squad in the division, but he took over with them bottom of the Premier League on 20(?) points. He had to sell to buy, even then didn't get the whole funds, and finished much higher than the other two relegated clubs. Harvey Barnes, who at the time was a reserve player at Leicester, came in and was their best midfielder by far. Gayle, who can't get a game at Newcastle, proved himself as their best attacking outlet. No doubting they're good players at this level, but I don't buy the whole 'best squad in the division' remit.
  9. I wouldn't want the Cowley brothers, no doubting there is a place for pragmatic football in the modern game but isn't that what we want to try and avoid? Another complete change of system? I don't know what he's like for promoting young players, but it seems like he prefers established pros that know the game too. It's everything we want to avoid in a nutshell, isn't it?
  10. I wouldn't be against Moore at all - considering the job he did at WBA. It also helps that he's a great guy and would be easy to get behind. I posted something the other night - he took over a team with more managers than league wins when he stepped up as WBA manager. He was able to double the amount of wins they had in the season in just six games, plus he took over a team on a run of eight straight defeats. I know the WBA team is full of players that are names, but I seriously think their ability is massively overrated. None of their players are in a position to get a better contract than the one they're currently on. He lost a lot of players for decent money, had a fraction of it to spend on the team and managed to keep them competitive. He arguably made the best loan signing in the Championship this season too, in Harvey Barnes. If he had stayed the season then they quite possibly would have got promoted. Hughton is my stand out first choice by a country mile. Moore & Monk both have their merits as managers.
  11. At least we drew with Rotherham away under Wassall, owd Frankie couldn't even manage that! 😂
  12. The history books will show that Darren Wassall had a better record than Frank Lampard at Derby County. You would have thought he will have wanted to stick around to correct that 🤔😂
  13. Allardyce would definitely have us competitive, but it wouldn't be pretty. I can see him being interested too, given the potential monetary bonus.
  14. It's been forgotten a little bit now, but there was games where certain fans were booing the passing at the back. The control of the football was much better, but we weren't a creative free-flowing football team. We scored more goals under Rowett and an outrageous amount of our goals this/last season came from individual efforts. He improved loads as the season went on and I think he would have done a good job next season. The club is in a great position now, so hopefully we get the appointment right and we can push on. If we're willing to offer a crazy promotion bonus then I'd imagine we will become very attractive for a lot of managers.
  15. If Jeff Kenna gets the Derby job after not being in football for 10 years, I'll give every single member on here a happy ending. You can quote me on that.
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