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  1. Ambitious

    Brighton and Hove Albion vs Derby County Match thread

    This has to parody, surely?
  2. Ambitious

    Dwight Gayle

    If I was West Brom I'd feel hard done by, not by the ban in particular but the lack of consistency. You struggle to get through a weekend without someone diving: Grabban did it the week before for a penalty, Salah has done it on more than one occasion this season & countless more over the past two years without any retrospective punishment. I think there was one other? I'm not sure though. No denying it was a dive, but it was no worse than the penalty given for Bristol City against QPR on the same night.
  3. Ambitious

    NFL 2019 Season

    Going on trend he'll end up back with the Vikings. It's like one of those poxy maths equation sequences: Texans, Rams, Texans, Rams, Vikings, Broncos, Vikings(?).....
  4. Ambitious

    NFL 2019 Season

    Slightly surprised by that, although I do like him more than Keenum I don't think there is that much between them. Keenum will have to be cut surely, yet still leave a horrible impression on their wage cap.
  5. Ambitious

    Ipswich Town vs Derby County Match Thread

    Yes, you're right, although not by a lot. He's played in 9 home and 7 away. He's been omitted from 9 away and 6 at home. HOWEVER, only one of the last six games that he hasn't been selected in has been a home game. He's played in two of the six away games we've had since 1st December.
  6. Ambitious

    Ipswich Town vs Derby County Match Thread

    Good question: With Huddlestone starting or playing 40+ minutes in a game, we have: 9 wins, 5 draws and 5 losses in 19 games. With Huddlestone not playing or playing less than 40 minutes, we have: 8 wins, 4 losses and 7 draws in 19 games. If you isolate just the league games: with TH: 8 wins, 4 losses and 4 draws in 16 games. Without TH: 6 wins, 4 losses and 5 draws. We have only won 2 of our last 9 league games where Huddlestone didn't play a key role though. I think that has shown just how important he has become in the past few months.
  7. Ambitious

    Ipswich Town vs Derby County Match Thread

    I would say that's a strange comment, especially considering he probably wasn't even in the top 5 Derby players on the night to give the ball away. Holmes, Wilson, Waghorn, Bogle and Malone all more accountable on that regard.
  8. Ambitious

    Ipswich Town vs Derby County Match Thread

    We knew they would make a scrap of it, fighting for their lives, and we couldn't match their desire. I said before the game that this, if not met with the respect it deserves, would be a very avoidable result. It proved to be just that. I thought the supporting cast for Waghorn was particularly poor tonight, with so little creativity and it's not surprising we was unable to carve out many decent chances until the last 10 minutes. Wilson will struggle to play that badly again, plus Lawrence and Holmes were being swamped by their defenders who had a pretty good evening in fairness. I think we ultimately could have given more tonight in terms of energy and movement off the ball. It's just another game, like the Rotherham & Bolton away games, where we've let ourselves down and couldn't match the opposition for endeavour.
  9. Ambitious

    Ipswich Town vs Derby County Match Thread

    For this Ipswich performance, see Bolton & Rotherham. If we'd have asked Ipswich to put on United shirts prior to the game then I'm sure we would have won! We can't match their team for desire, plus they look 40% fitter than us. Shocking.
  10. Ambitious

    Ipswich Town vs Derby County Match Thread

    It's been a strange first half, aside from the goal which came from an excellent and intelligent move we've looked like we're half a sleep - certainly going through the motions. Ipswich are fighting for their life and they're winning more second balls than they're losing that's for sure. The backline is standing up to the challenge and doing well. Tomori playing slightly casual at times, but he's getting the job done. Waghorn is looking an isolated figure upfront, Wilson has been the worst player on the pitch plus Holmes and Lawrence aren't setting the world alight. Johnson, for me, is the best player on the pitch in this game. King doing well. I imagine Bennett will be on sooner rather than later. We need a better second half.
  11. Ambitious

    Ipswich Town vs Derby County Match Thread

    Great move! Great finish from Lawrence and intelligence from Johnson and Bogle. It will be interesting to see how Ipswich respond.
  12. Ambitious

    Ipswich Town vs Derby County Match Thread

    Predictions: Keogh, King, Wilson and Waghorn to be the top performers in a Derby win. Johnson and Lawrence to come under scrutiny. Ipswich to give up after the first goal. Chambers to receive a lot of abuse. Ipswich not to score.
  13. Ambitious

    O'Notts Forest

    An insight to what life is like under Roy Keane! I actually feel bad for them.
  14. Ambitious

    Ipswich Town vs Derby County Match Thread

    If our players go into this game thinking we've already got the points then we will lose, it's written and we already have some great examples: We beat Hull 4-0 and then 2-1 away to then go and lose 1-0 to Rotherham. We beat Brentford 3-1 and then knocked United out of the cup to then go and lose 1-0 to Bolton. Ipswich are going to be fighting for their lives and going to make it competitive. If we don't match their desire then we could be in for a very avoidable shock defeat.
  15. Ambitious

    The winger conundrum

    I mentioned this on Twitter the other day, but Wilson, Marriott & Waghorn offer perfect balance for me. This is purely just a couple of examples, so bear with me: In theory: SC JB RK FT SM TH DH AK MW JM HW In attack: SC JB RK FT SM TH AK DH HW MW JM Obviously it's not always as clean cut as this, but this system in particular offers versatility within and while Waghorn isn't seen on paper as a striker, it can create confusion in opposition teams. Holmes can offer the width on the right moving from the middle of the pitch and allowing Waghorn to get closer to Marriott. It works in a number of different ways, especially as we have attacking full backs. The emphasis being on allowing Waghorn to drift inside closer to Marriott, potentially dragging the full back inwards and allowing space on that right hand side.

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