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  1. Ambitious

    v Blackburn (H) - Predictions

    Derby 0 - 1 Blackburn Rovers No FRGS
  2. No doubt there will have been conversations that will have gone on between him & Mel that we won't be privy. I imagine it happens all the time. I'm not entirely sure what the 'truth' is that he's alluding to, but I doubt it's going to be massively shocking. A change in approach following Lampard's appointment probably being the point he was making, although we haven't spent massively. We've just distributed the budget around more. He was given the golden job in the Championship at Stoke - the job that any manager in the division would have wanted. The budget, the players, etc. He's just not doing a very good job of it. Throwing away a 2-0 lead is so far from what Rowett was good at implementing here that it leads me to believe he's tried to change his approach.
  3. Ambitious

    v Rotherham United (A) Match Thread

    I don't think the midfield were as bad as advertised, personally. It was still disjointed, but the balance was better than in previous games. Rotherham tried to bypass them whenever possible.
  4. Ambitious

    v Rotherham United (A) Match Thread

    Annoying result, annoying performance. If not nipped in the bud, this is the sort of game/performance that has historically had knock on effects for us. It reminded me of the Sheffield Wednesday away game last season, we played them on 13th February and we didn't win again until 2nd April. All eyes look towards Blackburn on Tuesday.
  5. Ambitious

    v Rotherham United (A) Match Thread

    Harsh penalty. Lawrence, I just don't have the words for, a month out the team should see him right. Absolutely ridiculous challenge. Losing to a bunch of cloggers, too, which is never nice. RamsTV have kicked me off too, although I'm not entirely disappointed.
  6. Ambitious

    v Rotherham United (A) Match Thread

    Rotherham using their physicality here very well. They're counting on a set piece for a goal. We just haven't shown enough. Ref isn't given us a lot here, which means their strength is being the difference. Horrible game to watch. We can't play higher up the pitch because their long ball is too much of a threat, so we really need our transition from defence to attack needs to be quicker. I'm confident we'll get the win, but it's a big 45 minutes coming up.
  7. Money isn’t an issue for Frank. ‘Arry made comment after he became our boss regarding how wealthy he is. It leads me to believe he’s not dining out just on his salary and no doubt has investments that makes him a pretty penny. He’s not going to be on next to nothing, but I’d imagine the bonuses - win bonus, promotion bonus, youth development bonus, etc make up the majority of what he can take home. I’d be surprised if the promotion bonus isn’t at least his annual wage and then some.
  8. Ambitious

    Derby U23s games to be in Leicestershire !

    I used to work for Lboro University and had my gym membership at the stadium. It's absolutely nothing like you'd expect for a University stadium. It would certainly hold its own in the conference. I watched a United team consisting of Ashley Fletcher, Marcus Rashford, Sean Goss, Cameron Borthwick-Jackson, Scott McTominay, Alex Tuanzebe scrape past a Lboro Uni side 2-0.
  9. Ambitious

    Bolton face Administration

    I don't get why that should be the case, personally? Does going into administration have a performance enhancing effect that means clubs need to be punished. It's like kicking a dog when it's down.
  10. Ambitious

    Bolton face Administration

    If Bolton had been throwing money around like us, Villa, etc then I could understand. They've just tried to survive in this league. I could be wrong, but I think they spent less than £500k of the £6m they received for Madine. If the regulations are in place to protect clubs, truthfully I really don't see how a 12 point deduction, effectively a death sentence for them, is about the league caring about their fans and the future of the club. If anything it puts them in further turmoil & ironically FFP could be the reason one of the founding members of the league dies.
  11. Ambitious

    18/19 Match Thread

    Northern Ireland U21s have beaten Spain U21s in their own backyard. Ian Baraclough, former local team defender (Notts County & Mansfield), orchestrating the shithouse. Spain had 43 attempts on goal - that's got to be close to a record. Also noticed that there were no Barcelona players listed in the squad - La Masia not producing the goods?
  12. Ambitious

    Mason Mount

    The way Mount plays & the trust he has from Lampard. I'd be surprised if he doesn't at least meet Vydra's tally from last season. He's young & could have a dip, but he's always producing something. It makes me laugh that Grealish is so highly rated by the media, yet Mount has one more goal in August than he managed last season in all competitions. Grealish has abillity, sure, but Mount just strikes me as one of those players that will score regularly because he's got too much ability on the edge of the box. It's his speed of thought as much as his quality. The step over to allow the ball into Jozefzoon, not many - if any - teenagers would think about not having that shot there at that point in the game. In fact, barely any players in world football wouldn't have that shot - not just teenagers.
  13. Ambitious

    Ex Rams

    Scotland really do lack any sort of quality upfront. The current highest scorer in their squad is Naismith with 7 in 46. Russell had qualities, but his finishing was as incomposed as they come. Not to say he didn't have his moments, but the amount of one-on-ones he smashed straight down the throat of the keeper was one of the things that stopped him from ever really flourishing. It'd be good to see him get his first goal anyway.
  14. Ambitious

    v Rotherham United (A) Pre-Match Thread

    It will be interesting to see how he sets up, it's almost impossible to pick - I'll opt for the following: Carson; Bogle, Keogh, Davies, Forsyth; Huddlestone, Johnson, Mount; Bennett, Jozefzoon, Waghorn. Roos, Malone, Tomori, Bryson, Wilson, Lawrence, Nugent Assuming Bogle, Huddlestone & Davies are fit enough.
  15. Ambitious

    v Rotherham (A) (League) - Predictions

    Rotherham 1 - 3 Derby County FRGS: Jozefzoon It's probably not as easy as it seems - they've won two of their three home games this season.

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