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  1. Barnsley actually have some incredibly wealthy owners, a promotion could see them open up the purse strings as the Premier League can offer a sustainable and growing revenue if you can stay within it. The Championship by comparison is a cesspit where clubs come to wallow in glories of yesteryear. Ironically, however, I think Norwich genuinely do not have massively wealthy backers but seem to keep themselves competitive. They will probably come straight back down again, though.
  2. I honestly have no idea what we could possibly do in the transfer market if we’re relegated. League One has even more financial restrictions and red tape. We’d be 100% reliant on our academy players, potentially a mix of free and loan signings as players leave. Not to mention that it would cost us significant revenue, which essentially after COVID could kill this club - especially if the Spanish boxer is as full of poo as I suspect.
  3. On the brightside.... I hear Milton Keynes is beautiful in November.
  4. I'm I reading too much into this, because an Amazon documentary would certainly be more Sunderland than Man City!
  5. I'd be much happier if he said we have realistic expectations to improve year-on-year, including the facilities around the club and our revenue off the pitch, i.e. marketability. I'd rather hear of goals and targets to improve our sustainability and can be measured. By all accounts, we're a very bad Championship side at the moment. If we could even look to get back into the top 10 next season then that SHOULD be seen as a job well done. I feel like whoever the manager is, because I doubt it will be Rooney, will be under the weight of expectation. Chairman who talk about such delusions of
  6. Outstanding. We have all on staying in the Championship, having scored 13 goals from open play in 41 games, so talk of the Champions League is only going to add to the current mockery this club is under.
  7. He's come out and given a good account of himself so far, therefore I'm going to judge him on his word: by his actions. If I was to say I'm not convinced by this takeover, I would be massively underselling it. I'm genuinely quite concerned with it all, but IF he's the real deal and his family is as well connected as he makes it seem AND we start to make better decisions from the top down. He has my support. He can make a strong start by gutting the scouting department and investing in resources. I'm also pleased to see that he vehemently went after the VOX party once that was broug
  8. I am also 29, so I most certainly agree. I just don’t think a 29 year old who claims to be a world champion boxer with no prior link to the club or his own money is really the best option. Any network looking to do a football documentary absolutely must be on the phone now.
  9. I guess we wait and see, but I can't stress how much I REALLY didn't want to see this come to fruition. I really don't like the idea of a guy who is openly far right, with limited cash of his own, coming in to become the figure head of a unknown consortium. A 29-year-old at that. This very much looks like a nail in the coffin to me, rather than anything I can be optimistic about. If you're anything but concerned then I would really like to know what you know, because this is a bigger red flag than the fake Shiekh in my opinion.
  10. Sibley will likely be sold to fund replacements required elsewhere and by fund I mean free agents wages and potentially small fees from lower league clubs, who equally will need to recoup some money, plus some loan players. I expect us to get 4-5 loan players in the summer for the year to cover the requirements from the squad. I wouldn't be surprised to see Jozwiak sold either, potentially his notoriety with the Poland team will mean we can get our money back. If we aren't relegated this season then I'm fairly sure we will give it a good go again next season.
  11. No team with 13 goals from open play in 40 games, at this level, deserves anything. Fortunately, Bielik played enough games to see us through a purple patch that will hopefully keep us up. 13 goals from open play in three thousand and six hundred PLUS minutes of football is absolutely embarrassing for a club that markets themselves as a professional football club. I don't think it can be understated just how poor that stat is, possibly could leave us with the fewest amount of goals from open play from ANY season ever in the Championship - at least that I can see. Historically bad
  12. I really can’t stand Derby County at the moment. Hard to find the redeeming qualities of a team that’s completely abject of quality and owned by a man who can’t wait to get rid. We’re probably going to stay up, which is leaving us no worse off than any other season in the past 12, but we’ve absolutely no ambition to keep or sign any established footballers. The young players with ability will probably be used to keep us going for another year as we survive on loan signings and free agents whilst Mel tries to find a buyer waiting at the Heathrow’s arrivals lounge from Abu Dhabi.
  13. After hearing Stoke lost nearly £90m this last year then it's certainly believable with what's transpired here in the last 12 months. We wait and see.
  14. We have to be realistic, given our situation. I know a lot of people are against this signing, but this is probably the height of our ambitions going into the summer. Free agents on relatively modest wages and loan players. He's lost his place in the Luton team, so I doubt they're going to keep him around as he will want a pay rise going into the last big contract of his career. It's the definition of the signing we shouldn't be making, but we've got too many needs and not enough money.
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