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  1. Millwall would be a really good move for him. 1) Cocu was given Bennett when he came into the job, would he have signed him had he been a player at another club, most likely not, at least Rowett is proactively showing that he wants him. 2) He gets to move to London, which given he's a footballer on decent money, means that he can live a much more progressive life style if he so chooses. 3) The tube means he won't have to drive everywhere - it may seem like I'm joking, but he's banned from driving for two years and it's difficult to get about without a car! Wish him all the best, move him on - we've got overrated, overpaid, poorly scouted players to get on board!
  2. It wouldn’t work, especially in the Championship, because parachute payments would have a bigger impact. It’s all well and good until we can’t pay or retain our best players because a relegated club has more cap space than us to use up. It also leads to a dry up in worthwhile investment, because owners are so restricted in their ability to impact clubs. Premier League clubs are thriving, most of them make huge profits. Championship clubs are typically losing money as the Premier League continues to grow and market value in player wages increase. League One and League Two clubs are seeing more and more serious issues year on year. The financial restrictions, regardless of how they’re dressed up, do a hell of a lot more damage than good.
  3. If our players are lucky, the UK will join up with Trump to headline WW3 and our team gets drafted to Iran. I’d imagine being part of a global war would be less painful than being associated with Derby County at the moment.
  4. I'd like to think I'm a 'glass half full' kind of guy, but this investment has the hallmarks of a disaster written all over it. Anyone would think he's putting it off until next month in order to avoid putting money on any new bodies coming in.
  5. The company that initially valued the stadium should take the EFL to court, effectively rendering them incompetent in their job.
  6. I feel indifferent for a few reasons 1) I don't think it matters too much to me, personally relegation would probably make next season more interesting than staying up. Not better, but certainly more interesting. 2) I'm not totally convinced that this will lead to anything. Mel is above all a smart guy and I'm sure he will not go down without a fight. 3) This is becoming typical - the club has become a comedy show that needs a reset. Therefore, we get punished by FFP or we don't get punished by FFP - I actually think there is pros and cons to both.
  7. You couldn’t write it, the football league are effectively stopping investment and issuing a fine to ensure we don’t go bust What a lovely organisation, ensuring the longevity of football league clubs everywhere.
  8. For the most part, you're correct. I wouldn't get drawn in by the negative press, let's be honest as if anyone outside of Nottingham, Leeds or Derby actually gives us a second thought. The loss at Wembley, which many almost expected at the time, led to an unsettled summer. Lampard left, unexpected for me so early into his career, the loss of the loan players - Tomori, Wilson & Mount - and such laberous '48 hour' seemingly never ending saga. It stopped everything. It ate up far too much time. Cocu comes in, which is an extremely positive move on the face of it. He's got a legacy of developing young players and building/influencing the building of title winning sides. He signs a long contract and brings in his own men. He's governed largely by our existing scouting and recruitment team, in come: Shinnie, Bielik, Dowell, Clarke, Hamer, Paterson with the Rooney transfer in January. I think the most optimistic Derby fan was left a little bit bemused considering the talent that left the building. Dowell, really, being the only signing that looked like he could add a creative spark based on his performances in this league. Unfortunately, he proved to be utterly useless. We start the season in disappointing form, although not tragic, but we're the subject to off the field drama. Keogh, comfortably our best player, is retired by an out-of-work incident that involves two other players. Fortunately, they're still able to play football - to a point. Positive news comes out that we're close to investment, yet I have reservations about the seriousness of the entire situation and what benefit the club is actually going to get. Morris is clearly reigning in his spending, highlighting the requirement to play the youth and not sign players. I think the writing is on the wall that this whole investment, fronted by a hedge fund with limited personal wealth, is no game changer. Rooney has given us a bit of a lift, as have the youth players making their presence felt, but we still need a hell of a lot more.
  9. No player currently in this Derby team has more ability to play their position than Richard Keogh, equally no player in this Derby team was as consistent as he was. Obviously, it's just my opinion but I know it's correct.
  10. I think that much is painfully obvious, report after report coming out in Turkey that we're desperate for him ONLY for every UK outlet to say it's all codswallop. They're trying to drum up a fictitious bidding war using their former manager as a false interested party. They want the money from his sale and they want a fair chunk, unfortunately it needs interested parties to make that happen.
  11. Kuechly is a really good player, but he's right to retire. I wonder if Brandin Cooks will follow suit. He's had 5 concussions in his career, two last season. I wouldn't blame him.
  12. Bennett strikes me as a player that is always punching up. He's a tireless worker, will leave everything out on the pitch and is actually pretty consistent in his performances. I just don't think he's got the technical ability to play in the Championship, a solid League One player who plays with his heart on his sleeve and will battle away - until he gets injured. I'd personally allow him to leave, but wish him all the best.
  13. Chelsea doing Charlton dirty, recalling Gallagher to send him back out on loan to another Championship club. I don't know if we would be interested, but I like him. I'm pretty sure we picked Dowell over him in the summer, i.e. available to us but we opted for Dowell, which was an horrific choice in hindsight. Gallagher was named Chelsea's academy POTY last season and was named as a sub in the Europa League final. I think Sibley and Knight are similar players, albeit not quite at the same part of their development, so I doubt we will be in the market for him. Swansea, who are making some big splashes in the loan market, looks the obvious choice.
  14. I think that was activated rather than offered, but you're right - he will probably provide that extra body we would otherwise have to recruit for.
  15. QPR is arguably a better choice for him at this moment in time, erratic side that don’t bother with that defending nonsense. Young players like that type of system on loan. I’m sure he will do okay there.
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