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  1. Sheyi Ojo

    Chelsea as an example isn't the best, since they almost never give their youngsters a chance, and I'm sure players like Solanke who was at Chelsea could have done a job for them, if given a shot. The managers have thought that in the past, I agree with you, but perhaps this is the year that the managers perception will change, I don't think Russell is far ahead of Bennett personally, but it's for Rowett to decide. How can you know if someone will be ready if you don't give them a chance? It's kind of a chicken or the egg situation, you only want to play them if they're ready, but the only way you can test if they're ready is to put them in. Again, I think it'll be down to Rowett if he believes Bennett will be ready to improve us or not, however I'd quite like to see him get a shot as you can tell, but you do make valid points, if he isn't ready, he isn't ready, but at 21 this is a make or break season for him.
  2. Sheyi Ojo

    Have you got a source for this? I've not seen anyone say we're only looking for English League players. Maybe it's less likely that newspapers get the details if we're going for foreign players as it's less likely to be leaked.
  3. Sheyi Ojo

    But surely, as a category 1 academy, we should be producing players of a similar standard to these big clubs? Our players regularly play against the top clubs academy players, and so must be at a similar kind of level? I know they wouldn't actively weaken their side, but the point I'm trying to make is they give the player a chance. Do we really think Russell is leagues ahead of Bennett? I personally don't. I don't see why we shouldn't give Bennett a chance. The fact is, it's a more viable long term and particularly in the financial aspect beneficial. The fact is, some of our wingers have been playing in this league for years and not improved as a player, and perhaps peaked. Whereas, a player like Bennett with some Championship experience may improve dramatically. I also think fans are less likely to get on the back of a homegrown player, people were reluctant to criticise Hughes. I agree with you to weaken our side just to force them in isn't the best idea, however I believe we have to start integrating the players into the first team, or they will just move somewhere that will. I also don't believe that some of our players are that far ahead of the top crop of the under 23's, who I believe could make the step up.
  4. Sheyi Ojo

    If all clubs took that view then players from England would rarely develop. Even Spurs who are a top Premier League side trust, and give chances to their youth, and it hasn't harmed them. Same with Liverpool. Maybe some of our players would be good enough if they got a regular spell in the first team side, but we're too quick to write them off as 'not ready'. Bennett is 21, he really needs to be playing or should be moved on.
  5. v Port Vale & Doncaster Match Thread

    Strong front 4 at Doncaster. Would like to see Zanzala get game time at Port Vale.
  6. Jon Toral

    2 million isn't a lot for Championship signings anymore. If he improves, then we'll make a healthy profit on selling him on. I can't say I've seen much of him, but for the fee quoted I don't see a huge risk being attached, that being said, I think the most pressing issue is signing a winger. Perhaps indicates Butterfield or even Vydra being on their way out? I imagine Vydra is being kept in mind for the 10 role, and if we do end up playing with 4-2-3-1 formation, I don't think Butterfield has the physicality to be part of the 2. Could be that Rowett just wants more competition for the role, however.
  7. Signed: Tom Huddlestone 2 year deal

    I do wonder why everyone today is so obsessed with pace. It seems in England, everyone wants a player who is fast, rather than a player that has the technical ability. Let's look at the German 2014 world cup side. The Germans didn't possess a huge amount of pace in that side, they won the world cup from technical performance and ability to pass the ball. What happened to the pacey English players? We went out in the group stages. There is countless amounts of 'quick' players that have absolutely no ball control, and wouldn't improve the side at all, and yet some fans would still prefer them to players such as Martin, as Martin ''isn't fast enough''. I'll take Camara as my example, the guy has pace, he also has very little ball control. Was he a good signing? I think we can all agree, he wasn't. So forgive my skepticism when the main criticism of a player is due to their perceived lack of pace (an attribute which isn't overly important for a central midfield player). George Thorne is one of the best midfielders we've had in a long time (when fit). That is because of his vision and ability to pass, not his pace. Finally, Huddlestone has never had pace, or been overly mobile. And yet, he played in the Champions League, and for England.
  8. Mason Bennett

    Can you make a single point without bringing Nick Blackman into things? Bennett played well, so did Blackman, they had a different type performance, and Blackman would have looked much better with the second half team around him. Stop slating the poor guy.
  9. Mason Bennett

    If Rowett believes Bennett can cut it, I'd imagine that is the cue to sell some of the more experience wingers. Bennett will be on much lower wages, and I'm sure objects less to being on the bench that some of the established players, so I think it is clear that Bennett would make much more sense to have in the squad. I'd sell two of Russell, Weimann, Blackman or Anya, although I have a preference to keep Anya as I think he offers something different. One preseason game doesn't prove Bennett will make it, however it is an encouraging sign, and I'm sure it'll put him in Rowett's mind. Hopefully, this means we can see him start a few games in the Championship, as I believe he can prove he deserves to play at this level.
  10. Signed: Tom Huddlestone 2 year deal

    I actually don't think so. My bias aside, I think Lingard is overrated. He works hard, and runs around which is what Mourinho wants, he pops up with the odd wonder goal, but he doesn't do all that much. He rarely beats a man. He is a squad player who keeps the shape at Man Utd, hardly a creative spark and I doubt would abuse defenders, even at Championship level.
  11. Signed: Tom Huddlestone 2 year deal

    I don't think Lingard would be ideal. The guy is a dabbing clown now, who never got into our starting 11 consistently. (As you can tell, not a fan!)
  12. Signed: Tom Huddlestone 2 year deal

    As if things couldn't get worse for Hull they lost to Oxford tonight . Welcome Huddlestone. Good signing, in my opinion.
  13. Mason Bennett

    https://www.dcfc.co.uk/news/2017/07/bennetts-birthday-delight Says he was told he'll be staying with the first team for this season, which is certainly good news, I really want to see what he can do this season. I like how he says he's fed up of being just a prospect, seems to have the correct attitude required to take it further. Good luck to the lad, now Hughes is gone, can he fly the flag for our academy?
  14. v Macclesfield Town Match Thread

    Bennett my MOTM, Weimann, Anya also impressive. Nice header from Martin to set up Bennett's goal. Second half team looked much more at ease.
  15. v Macclesfield Town Match Thread

    Deserved goal for Bennett, well played lad.

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