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  1. Silly thing had half of Little Eaton out looking for her and returned by herself like nothing had happened 😅
  2. So my parents left the gate open in case she managed to find her way home, and this morning when they went downstairs she was asleep on the garden. No idea where she was or how she got back, she happy that she did!
  3. Yeah, my sister contacted them, hopefully they can help!
  4. This is a bit of a reach, but I've posted on every other social media platform that I have and my mum is pretty upset about it. Tonight at roughly 5.27pm my dog managed to escape our gate and we've been unable to find her since. She escaped on to our driveway next to the B6179 just outside of Little Eaton. Posting on the off chance that somebody may have been driving past at that point in time and seen something, cheers.
  5. Fair play to Hearn, Fury's promoters don't seem arsed at all about making this fight, Eddie has been the only one doing anything to get it done. At least Saudi is a reasonable time zone for British viewers.
  6. The difference is if you injured yourself doing something stupid when you were drunk, you wouldn't be awarded compensation for it.
  7. I hope Keogh receives a suitably hostile reaction from the fans if he plays at Pride Park.
  8. In hindsight, but at the time most were happy.
  9. I'm just doubting the validity of the statement that you always had doubts, pretty much everyone was happy the first few years of Mel when he was throwing the cash around. People started turning on him after that.
  10. Just didn't happen though did it? Why make such big claims? Just say you've been unhappy how he's run it in the last few years, trying to claim you knew as a child Mel wasn't going to run the club correctly is just a bit silly.
  11. Mel bought the club when you were 14, what concerns could you have possibly had?
  12. They won't have the bottle to deduct us points this season. Likely we'll get a fine or worst case deducted points next season.
  13. Except, that isn't what I said. And McClaren has been successful at three clubs. But yes Phil Brown and Paul Jewell have had success as managers. I never said anything about bringing McClaren in based on that, just refuted the claim he's not been successful, try not twisting my words.
  14. The silverware point has always been a disingenous one because it ignores huge swathes of context. Pochettino never won a trophy at Spurs, yet provided the context of what he achieved there you'd be a fool to say he did a bad job. McClaren is the same, did a wonderful job at all 3 clubs you mentioned. It's disrespectful for people to compare Rooney to him.
  15. People seem to forget that FC Twente have won the Eredivisie one time in their history and that was under Steve McClaren. If that's not managerial success I don't know what is.
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