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  1. Andicis

    v Man U (A) - Cup Predictions

    Man Utd 2 Derby 1 FRGS Mount
  2. Andicis

    v Brentford (H) Match Thread

    We're seemingly getting better every game, and trying to play football in exactly the right way. I'm loving the Lampard reign so far, giving Bogle and Bennett a chance, getting two top quality loans from Chelsea, and with such a young squad, and a new manager this is extremely encouraging. Bring on United.
  3. Andicis

    18/19 Match Thread

    I'm having sound issues too.
  4. Andicis

    18/19 Match Thread

    Not sure how Fosu Mensah hasn't been sent off there.
  5. Andicis

    18/19 Match Thread

    Watford have had an excellent start to the season, and Hughes has been brilliant so far. They play some nice football too.
  6. Andicis

    18/19 Match Thread

    Not a fan of the kit then I take it...
  7. Andicis

    18/19 Match Thread

    Back on topic.. Hughesy starts for Watford in the early kick off, looking forward to this one. Watford and Fulham both decent footballing sides, should be a good game.
  8. Andicis

    Jack Marriott - a dud?

    50 minutes on the pitch and already being slagged off by Bris. Must be a new kind of record.
  9. Andicis

    v Blackburn Rovers (H) Match Thread

    Honestly over the years the name ''Keogh'' probably fits all of those.
  10. Andicis

    View from the outside 2018-2019

    You do realise we're in bloody September. The schedule is going to get a lot more hectic, we'll need those players we signed. It takes time to bed players in. Maybe you should have some faith in Lampard, I'm sure he signed Waghorn and Marriott for a reason.
  11. Andicis

    View from the outside 2018-2019

    Nice to know that we're giving our players fair chances and time to make an impression smh.
  12. Andicis

    v Brentford (H) - Predictions

    Derby 0 Brentford 2, no FRGS.
  13. Andicis

    v Blackburn Rovers (H) Match Thread

    Not a perfect result, but the performance was better today. Something to build on there.
  14. Andicis

    18/19 Match Thread

    Liverpool vs PSG is a great game so far.
  15. Andicis

    18/19 Match Thread

    Spurs winning in the San Siro.

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