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  1. Entirely possible, I saw it on Twitter and thought it was worth discussing, haven't looked too in depth into the context.
  2. Can't be the only one who finds this distasteful? Bale was a huge reason they won their last Champions League trophy, and has been loyal to them since he joined them. Classless club, is Madrid.
  3. So we're excusing Carson's repeatedly poor performances based off this mystery injury that nobody has any proof of?
  4. That's a load of nonsense. The emphasis on keepers being comfortable on the ball with the feet is because it makes such a huge difference. Which is why Pep paid so much for Ederson, Klopp on Alisson etc. Being a keeper is so much more than being able to stop shots. A keeper with good distribution can save a team a lot of time per game, whereas a keeper like Carson will dither around with it, boot it out of play etc, a keeper with good ability with their feet can pass as well as any other player on the team. The days of a keeper's job being only about stopping shots is gone.
  5. Oh yes, Carson who cost us more points than Roos last season should have come back in? Probably because fans do unreasonably scapegoat players based off one mistake. I've seen the amount of time Keogh was scapegoated for baalocks reasons for long after Wembley. That's a fairly weak point, because a lot of players come into it a lot later, particularly goal keepers.
  6. Carson didn't really command his area either. Nor did Lee Grant. In fact, I can't really remember at Derby keeper that did command their area.
  7. This is over the top. He wasn't great today, but it was a preseason friendly. The narrative around Roos changed dramatically after Wembley, up until then he had done very little wrong. He definitely should come for crosses, but not a Championship keeper?
  8. Knight looks like a tidy little midfielder, always trying to play the positive ball and coming and showing for it often.
  9. Brilliant from Max Lowe, quick 1-2, then a great ball into Martin who just can't reach it.
  10. The energy and desire to get the ball back in a preseason game like this was very impressive, our players were really busting a gut to get back and win it back.
  11. Cocu seems to like Jason Knight, he's played a lot in preseason. Hopefully his break through season.
  12. Beautiful move from Derby there, real shame the last ball from Lawrence a tad over hit, the build up was really good between Waghorn, Bennett and Lawrence.
  13. Would like to see Martin and Sibley for Derby.
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