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  1. Who ever thought Christie was good at defending either pal? You don't have to agree with the ''Lowe love in'', but if you're gonna continue to make ******** posts attacking him expect to get called out.
  2. You're the one bringing Bogle in, who was saying Bogle was great at defending? Lowe is statistically good and you're ignoring that to spout nonsense.
  3. All the stats suggest it, even in the worse side - clearly you know better though.
  4. The Bryan that Fulham fans were calling out a few months ago for being rubbish? He's on a better team, but he's not a better player. If you're highlighting Bryan as a top level left back, it tells me you've not watched much of Fulham.
  5. That's a nonsense soundbite. Maybe if you're Maldini or Van Dijk, in the Championship the more tackles you make the better.
  6. He's fine at all that. Better than our other fullbacks defensively.
  7. He could improve, but I think over this year he has improved. And he's put some credible performances in a right back too.
  8. Agreed, but it was the easiest way to make my point off the top of my head. Max Lowe is certainly not bad at defending, and I think anyone claiming that is being very unfair.
  9. Even though statistically Lowe makes more tackles than any other defender every game (and it's not even a little bit close), if Lowe isn't good enough at defending, none of our defenders are.
  10. I'm not worked up. Just want to discuss the point really?
  11. Not at all opposed to change. If we can get better, fair enough I can get behind that. I just fear that we're not going to get better.
  12. Behave, you're not some martyr for criticising Chris Martin on dcfcfans because Kash is going to give you a gif or RoyMac5 has given you a laughing emoji 😭😂. I accept the point - the team is greater than the sum of it's parts, but I don't see an easy solution in our current situation. We don't have a huge amount of money, the strikers we have currently clearly don't fill the striking position as well as Martin does, so where does it leave us? I honestly think playing Martin helps some of our attacking mids more than playing a striker like Marriott would, but that's a debatable point I sup
  13. I don't question his work rate - but his effectiveness. A lot of the time he has to work harder because he's had a bad touch, or he's in the wrong position.
  14. I respect that's your opinion, but if you think Martin was a passenger what did you think of Waghorn or Marriott? Both were worse in terms of productivity and in terms of all around play (in my opinion).
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