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  1. Do you actually believe it's a good idea to have state run broadband? Say they can fund it, who do we complain to when our service is rubbish? It's not like we can just switch supplier, it could be absolute rubbish and we would have very little power to do anything about it. And where does that come in with censorship? What if we ended up with a Chinese style censorship of the internet?
  2. Harsh result on Kosovo, who played some very nice stuff at times tonight. We were fairly ruthless with our finishing, but I don't think that should overshadow how poor we were for parts of this game. Our midfield balance was all wrong.
  3. Genuinely baffles me how anyone could rate Rice. I don't actually know what he's supposed to be good at.
  4. Rice, Mings and Hudson-Odoi have been poor. I don't see the point in playing Rice when we could have Winks at deep lying midfield and any player who can actually pass a ball ahead so we don't need to include Rice. He's immobile, poor on the ball, his position is generally pretty bad, he's just a younger Eric Dier. Mings has been getting bullied by Nuhiu pretty much all game, Tomori is a much much better option. Hudson-Odoi has looked all out of sorts. Think he isn't quite ready for this level yet.
  5. I'm surprised he hasn't been given a chance for this one, we've already qualified so you'd think he would be tempted to rest Maguire and give Tomori his shot to impress.
  6. One 45 minutes? Not sure that's entirely a fair reflection of the season. We had some pretty big performances over the whole season, little dip when Mount was injured, but generally speaking we had a pretty attacking and flowing style.
  7. We're definitely starting to improve. I just don't think I'm hugely enjoying the football we're putting out at the minute. It's definitely possible that I have too high expectations of the standard we could be playing at, but our attacking isn't great, it hasn't been too long since we beat Leeds in the playoffs, I felt really connected with the club again, but now I couldn't feel further detached.
  8. Honestly, I'm not feeling it this season. I actually prefer international breaks at the minute. I'm a bit tired of how we play currently. I get a buzz watching England play, or at club level, I enjoy watching Leicester. We're a long way from the 13/14 McClaren side that lit up the league, with players who wanted to play for us.
  9. Can't believe this would happen, but if it does I wouldn't be too devastated. I don't want Cocu out, but we're not exactly progressing brilliantly at the minute.
  10. What does Maddison have to do to get in the team? Likewise, why Stones over Tomori?
  11. Leeds fans go mental as they pull one back. 7-1.
  12. I enjoy watching the under 23's more than the main team these days. These youngsters all have so much potential.
  13. Someone telling Bennett he belongs in jail. Leeds, classy as ever.
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