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  1. Andicis

    Craig Forsyth

    To be fair Waghorn is/was injured, Holmes and Wilson have been playing centre mid and Jozefzoon looked a bit off the pace last game.
  2. Andicis

    Dr Who

    That's fine, but it doesn't appeal to me. That's my only point. I don't care about briefs or the original series. The Dr Who I enjoyed wasn't much about education, and that was fine, because it was enjoyable to watch. This current Dr Who doesn't appeal to me at all because it's too focused on education rather than entertainment. I've stopped watching until the writing changes for now because I no longer find it enjoyable.
  3. Andicis

    Bradley Johnson

    I'm only jesting Curtains. I don't mind eye rolls.
  4. Andicis

    Dr Who

    I agree. I watch TV to be entertained, whilst learning stuff on the side would be nice, I don't want to watch a show like Dr Who to be lectured to on history, I'd much rather storylines about Daleks/Weeping Angels/The Master than learning things. I think the show has lost it's way a bit.
  5. Andicis

    Bradley Johnson

    I'm going to start a thread now and complain about eye roll reacts 😁😉
  6. Andicis

    Bradley Johnson

    I thought he could have been really useful against Villa during that second half, they were dominating us in the air and getting through the middle too easily. I'd have replaced Holmes with Johnson at around 50-60 minutes, he could maybe have given us some more bite in the middle.
  7. Andicis

    Dr Who

    I personally preferred previous iterations of Dr Who, David Tennant being my favourite, this current Dr Who seems to have aliens as almost as side plot, when for me it should be an essential part of the story. It's not to my tastes this current version.
  8. Andicis

    When is your birthday?

    Do I get special considerations for sharing a birthday with the owner? 😁
  9. Andicis

    Steel City Derby

    I know too many smug Sheffield United fans at Uni, Wednesday to win it all day for me. I'm dreading going out in Sheffield tonight.
  10. Andicis

    George Thorne-No longer the player he was

    George Thorne was so good for us before those injuries, he could have been in the frame to play for England, and we might not have fallen off a cliff the season after Wembley. I'll always wonder how far he could have gone, he looked so brilliant at one point. He's finished now though, he'll never reach that level again.
  11. Andicis

    U23s v Aston Villa

    Harvey Knibbs is from Derby too, he played on the same 5-aside team as me 😭
  12. Andicis

    When is your birthday?

    26th of February.
  13. Andicis

    When You Were A Teenage Ram (14-16)

    I honestly try to block out that day.
  14. Andicis

    18/19 Match Thread

    Huge goal for Spurs. Winning 2-1.

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