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  1. If there was any place to get our season up and running, I'd pick Elland Road in a heartbeat. The start to the season hasn't been great, but I hope the players can step up for this one and we can smash those bar stewards just like we did in the playoffs. The performance vs Cardiff was much improved, and there are positives to take into this one, Bielik in midfield is a big help, as well as Duane Holmes. I hope we don't try to be too negative against Leeds. The teams I see that have success against Leeds are the ones that take the game to them and get in their face, like us last time we went there. Losing wouldn't be the end of the world, but it's about performance.
  2. Andicis

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    Unreal goal from Tomori. Glad to see he's taking his opportunity at Chelsea, if he keeps it up there is a shout for him to get a call up for England.
  3. It's not going to help his confidence if he passes like that vs a high pressing side like Leeds. They'll eat him alive. I'm not a fan of a confidence player at CB, they should be more reliable than that. Does he make us more solid from set pieces? Because I distinctly remember him losing his man from a corner at Stoke.
  4. Really want to win this one, but I can't see it. Leeds 3 Derby 0
  5. But Tomori was clearly showing improvements each game. Clarke is regressing.
  6. But with loan players, do you have time to be patient? Isn't that the point of loan players, to make an instant impact, and if they don't, shouldn't you be questioning the signing of them? With long term signings like Bielik, I can understand being patient. But with Clarke, he's been brought in for instant success. Otherwise by the time he hits form he'll be back off to Brighton and we won't have got much use out of him.
  7. And yet I would say Keogh has been better than Clarke. Maybe stats aren't everything.
  8. It does need addressing. Cover was meant as a general term, the thought that we'd only have Curtis to bring in if we get a centre half injury isn't good, but also when Clarke drops a stinker like tonight, he still can't really be dropped as we don't have a player that will fit the system to bring on. Why is the Huddersfield game good evidence, but the majority of games when he's been poor not? And yet, Brentford are still in the Championship. They get revered for their recruitment, yet are still no better off than we are. Stats are helpful, but are far from the most important factor. They are decent for a small amount of insight, but until you watch the player you don't get the full story.
  9. But he's been in and out of the team because he hasn't been very good. I'm not writing him off. I'm just saying we should be looking at that position in January. We can't do anything for 4 months anyway, so Clarke has plenty of games between now and then to improve his form. He just doesn't fill me with any kind of confidence, and he seems to be getting worse rather than better. With Tomori it was different, every game you could see him improving.
  10. I don't think it is ridiculous to say we need more cover in that position. Curtis isn't a good passer, and what if Clarke gets injured, or Keogh for that matter? Many have made the step up. But also, many haven't been able to. That was kind of my point. Being good at the level below doesn't mean it'll translate, it might, but there is also a chance that it won't. So I don't think you can point to Clarke's pompey career and say that'll make him a success here. I wish we had Ben White. Looks a hell of a lot better than Clarke. I personally think it's better to judge players from watching them and drawing opinions on that, I don't care at all what Clarke's whoscored stats say, I'll reiterate that again, I think it's far better to judge from what you see rather than going off the stats that give them a 97% pass accuracy but they only play the ball back to the goal keeper. Hyperbole, but it's to make my point.
  11. That's fair. I agree Curtis is a much better all round defender. But I don't think that's a good solution long term. I think we could really do with getting someone in that position in January who is comfortable on the ball. Ben White at Leeds is a great example. They got the better centre half from Brighton.
  12. But nervous isn't what you want from your centre half. If he passes like he did tonight against Leeds who press really high, they'll score a hatful. Genuinely worried about how he is going to handle Bielsa's style of play, if he can't deal with Warnock's no press without making passing errors.
  13. Not sure he's the answer, to be honest. The games he has played, he hasn't been any better than Clarke. I'd like to see us loan someone in January for the LCB position.
  14. That doesn't forgive the whole performance. It was a good clearance.
  15. 120 games for Portsmouth, at a level lower than the one we're currently playing. How much stock can you take in performances in divisions below? How good did Ince look at Championship level? And how often did it translate to Premier League success? See: Gayle, Vydra etc. He had a good game against Huddersfield. I was impressed. He hasn't looked good since. Stats often paint a different picture to the game that can be observed. Defenders usually have the highest pass accuracy, because they play safe passes. He's lucky he didn't gift Cardiff a goal tonight, he made a mistake for 2 of Stoke's, had a shocker at Forest too.
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