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  1. Barnsley v Derby County

    We didn't win anything though, did we? It's a valid criticism, I don't hear anyone who is ''outraged'' however I will be critical on the result, as I don't believe the team was the correct one. Don't overstate this, a couple of people say we should have played a few more first teamers, I don't see this ''absolute outrage'' you're citing. FYI, I didn't criticise Wassall for picking Thorne vs Ipswich, I believed it to be the right move, and I still do.
  2. Barnsley v Derby County

    Like stated earlier, I'm not overly dissatisfied with the result, I didn't expect a win, it's not the end of the world. I never said we played the under 23's, and yet I don't think the squad out there would do very well in the Championship. I think the right team would have been a balance of first teamers and reserves, it probably would have been the right balance to play. This is where we differ, I believe picking a team to get through the round is more important than rotation. I can't say I would ever put a side out with 11 changes, I think it's excessive, I don't think it's great for fans that may have traveled and I don't think a cup run hurts.
  3. Barnsley v Derby County

    A change team, yes. Not a totally different one. A person could reasonably expect to see more first teamers out there than were started.
  4. Barnsley v Derby County

    And yet, what's the chances of any apart from Wisdom starting on Saturday? I definitely think there is a solid case to say that one of our starting midfielders should have played alongside Thorne, and one of our starting CBs should be partnering either Shackell or Pearce. I can't say I expected a result from this team, so was pleasantly surprised it was so close, but I do feel we should have inserted 3-4 first teamers in.
  5. Barnsley v Derby County

    No, but that wasn't my point. We're not a ''big club''. I think we should have played 3-4 of our first teamers, mixed in with fringe players ,in my opinion. I just don't agree that playing some first teamers would somehow stop us getting promoted? (I don't think it's likely anyway).
  6. Barnsley v Derby County

    But they don't have to be mutually exclusive.
  7. U23's v Swansea

    Players develop better generally speaking without pressure. When Martin was compared, he was at a stage of his career he was unlikely to develop a great deal more. Zanzala will perform better without you drooling over every touch of the ball he takes. Give the lad time and don't over hype him. Also, this has absolutely zero relevance to Martin, but then again most points you make seem to lead back to Chris Martin.
  8. U23's v Swansea

    Do you not think he'll develop better if you don't compare him to Diego Costa?
  9. Derby County v Hull City

    Penalty, diving header, volley from Grosicki, only 3 chances of note. Where is the need for negativity? We won 5-0.
  10. Derby County v Hull City

    And yet the extra possession Hull had didn't help them. I agree, to a point. Someone in this thread put it well earlier, with citing the amount of possession Paul Clement's side had, which was 60-70 each game, and yet we hardly looked lethal under him. Likewise, it makes it very difficult to score if you get below 40% possession, so I guess it's about balance in how you use your possession.
  11. Derby County v Hull City

    Some of the deliveries into the box by Lawrence were absolutely pinpoint. That cross for Johnson's goal was an attackers dream. I think all of our strikers will relish the opportunity to get on to the end of Lawrence's balls .
  12. Barnsley v Derby County

    I think he'll pick a fairly strong side for this. Wembley at stake, and all.
  13. Moaners gotta moan, haters gotta hate

    The old guy that sits behind me was calling it bloody ridiculous that the players weren't going for 6, and they needed to pull their fingers out. Wish he was being sarcastic. He wasn't.
  14. Derby County v Hull City

    Every player was phenomenal tonight. Special shout out to Vydra on a top performance, and Lawrence for having brilliant crosses. Our front four look so dangerous and fluid, we look like we can tear teams to shreds.
  15. Free Agents

    I agree with you, I also think we're looking for the wrong type of player largely. I think we need a degree of mobility to play alongside Huddlestone to get the most out of him, and I think Guy offers than more than a lot of the suggested options.

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