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  1. The midfield is going to have so much energy around Rooney, with Sibley, Bird and Knight all buzzing around. Martin should also get a lot of support in runners from Sibley and Knight, and he always thrived off having people around him. Marriott too. Slightly worried about that defense though. It's very slow.
  2. Just a bad take. He's 19. He's not shown an awful lot for the first team yet, but he's been brilliant for the Under 23's and evidently he's been good in training. Why do you have to slag him off? He's a kid. It pisses me off.
  3. Injuries ruined what could have been great. Such a shame. The 13/14 season he was absolutely imperious. Will always be a what if.
  4. Andicis

    Ben Whiteman

    Club captain that signed a new contract in November. Seems unlikely we'll be able to get him.
  5. Yeah but there could be stuff going on behind the scenes. Who knows the fallout from joinersgate, there could be bad feeling. It's a fresh start for everyone this way.
  6. Has Ryan Conway ever said we're actually in for anyone, rather than just rubbishing all claims?
  7. Or they are just taking the piss out of the fact they are unaccountable.
  8. Has 1 cap for the Poland national team. 11 goals in 86 apps for Lech Poznan. 21 years old.
  9. Source is fake as fook
  10. Voted for Cocu, but I don't believe there is one main factor, it's a combination of all of them. We had started our mini revival against Charlton before Rooney was here, but his leadership can't have hurt. The players have definitely got a better understanding of what is being asked of them now though.
  11. Basically, yes. That's where my issues come in with it. I think it could be worded and presented in a much less inflammatory way.
  12. But what does the white privilege argument help or change? It's hostile in nature, and very accusatory. It's not a great way to get people on your side is it? It's why I'm tired and bored of it. I'm sure I'd agree with the underlying principles of it, but it's morphed into something I find a little bit unsavoury.
  13. Sure. I can accept that. However there is no one voice for ethnic minorities, it's loads of different people with loads of different viewpoints. What one person might consider racist, another might not. Therefore, which are we to listen to? It's not that simple.
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