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  1. Jog on Gibson. Why didn't you look at our accounts when Mel offered? Smacks of sour grapes this.
  2. I hated that ending. The first seasons were so promising, and it has just left me so disappointed and unsatisfied.
  3. Andicis

    Eurovision 2019

    We didn't deserve to come last, our song was a bit rubbish but there were plenty worse, too political.
  4. Andicis

    Ex Rams

    Hughesy starting the FA Cup final! Come on Will, win it!
  5. The financial rewards are bigger, the prestige, no. We have one FA Cup in the whole history of the club, we've had a few promotions.
  6. Honestly think I'd prefer Cole starting over Malone in this game anyway. In finals it comes down to mentality in a lot of cases, and Cole has a winning mentality and has been through and seen it all. Good experience to have to help calm our young squad.
  7. You'd never catch Keogh drinking that filth. My money is on Mason Mount.
  8. He's certainly crossed the line. I enjoyed watching him get schooled by Fury, even if somehow the judges didn't see it, the sooner he drifts into irrelevance the better.
  9. Hilariously, they should have got a red and a pen against them in the first leg, they scored an offside goal in the second leg, Bamford should have walked for two yellows and we arguably should have had another pen for a foul on Marriott. Definitely the refs are against Leeds though.
  10. Only you could make a positive thread negative Muespach.
  11. Think it is what makes the victory so sweet for me, the pure arrogance from Leeds fans before the games. They thought they would be able to just walk through because it was their right.
  12. What highlights the difference for me, is the fact that away at Elland Road, we didn't try play defensive, we didn't hoof it. We took the game to them, and played them off the pitch with high tempo, brilliant football. It was amazing to watch a young side perform like that under so much pressure in a hostile environment. The seasons are incomparable for me, this has been miles better.
  13. Where is that Viduka's box guy? He was quite happy posting on here earlier these season.... a real mystery why he's gone silent.
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