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  1. Always tried his best, but whenever he hit a good spell of form he was unlucky with injuries. Ultimately now he's out of favour, so if we can get a decent fee, it's not bad business to let him go, but he's a decent solid player at this level.
  2. I assume with this you mean in terms of P&L, rather than where the money is going?
  3. Our defense under Rooney has been the best in the league. If he can get us firing more up top, hopefully we can challenge for top half by the end of the season. Happy with this appointment, Rooney has more than earned his shot and has more than proven my initial doubts about him wrong.
  4. At exactly what point does mass printing money no longer become a viable solution though. It's easy to say the government should be footing the bill, but ultimately that's just going to be passed down to the general public to cover anyway... But it's largely the same areas with low transmission during the whole pandemic i.e. places like Cornwall, people haven't really been travelling across places, mainly because there isn't really a point to it. Again comes back to the point of, how can you be in a pandemic for 9 months and still be using the same primitive control me
  5. Absolutely, for different people it can make a big difference, I don't think it should be a legislative thing though, more a recommendation which allows them to make their own decisions based on their own perceived risk. Again, completely agree, it's a personal thing and changes from person to person, I made several assumptions that I would expect to be correct in a fairly high amount of instances, but it's far from me thinking that everyone of a certain circumstance would see things in the same way. My problem is I'm having a hard time believing that come Febru
  6. Why shouldn't it? If you can keep it from the demographic most likely to get seriously ill whilst you are vaccinating them, is that not a way to keep moving? Weren't Sweden just letting it burn so to speak? If a national lockdown can be worked, shielding should surely be even easier than that? That's very vague, though. Support, how so?
  7. You appear to have contradicted yourself, as I suspected you might do. On one hand, you acknowledge people will do what they want, and on the other you accuse me being the one of little faith... The decreases due to the second lockdown were pretty minimal though, in comparison to the first one. It comes back to the point again of why would locking down areas without covid have any impact, when the places with high amounts of it are already locked down. And again, why is the growth in the areas in tier 3/4, but less so in the areas in the lower tiers? Locking dow
  8. Letting it burn for the vulnerable has never been a sensible way out of it, like you said it'd be pretty catastrophic. Thing is, aren't we all prisoners in our own home anyway? My grandmother hasn't left her house in months as it currently is, would it change much for the strategy to be based on heavy shielding of the vulnerable? To an extent, but I would say there is a case for it? I mean the extreme examples comparing people living in small city centre flats with those living in large properties in the countryside are pretty massive differences. As someone who's been spending weeks
  9. Respiratory virus, summer months. It can't really be overlooked. It's a clear trend in almost all respiratory viruses isn't it? Lockdown started just as the weather changed. Therefore, does correlation in locking down actually equal causation? I have doubts. Isn't the virus growing most quickly in tier 4 areas, which are in proper lockdown anyway? Pretty much nowhere is in tier 2, which means unless a huge number of people are going to gyms, hairdressers and retail stores, it's effectively still a lockdown. Sure, let's just create more debt, finish more business
  10. How so? Aren't thousands of cancers going undetected every day due to this current lockdown (which isn't even working). The way to improve mental health is by isolating people even more by locking down further? I mean I understand what you're saying, but that isn't going to help anything in the short run. What I can see currently is that locking down isn't working. London and the South East are already in tier 4, and yet cases continue to rise? The daft part of this is, if cases go up during lockdowns, people in support of lockdowns will say ''people aren't listening'' and pass the blame
  11. Imagine that is your take away from this. It's funny, because making such a crude representation of what I've said doesn't actually put you in a better position, it just makes you look ignorant. I said generally the older, richer demographics are happier with lockdown. This is absolutely and very clearly, correct. Lockdown should end because we can't afford it not to. Because cancer deaths matter. Because mental health matters. When we come out of this and there is extremely high unemployment, the worst recession in living memory, and just widespread misery, will you consider me selfish
  12. Why do people keep repeating this when it's already been shown on here that wasn't the case? Sure we lost a few games 6-0, but we also lost a lot of games by a singular goal too.
  13. I'm kinda glad we only gave him a 2 year deal.
  14. Didn't you say we were in a relegation battle a few days ago?
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