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  1. I always feel aggrieved when the American fighter gets the dodgy decisions, but that Hatton one was egregious. The most obvious homefield gift I've ever seen.
  2. Nope. Absolutely robbery. They weren't even being subtle.
  3. Joshua never leans on anyone. His clinches are weak. With his weight advantages, surely he has to lean in? He never used his reach advantage. He let Usyk fight in the pocket in front of him. Never used the strength and power advantage he had. Even when he was behind, he never made the decision to throw caution to the wind. The strategy was poor. As you say, Usyk was brilliant. Boxed perfectly, gave Joshua all kinds of trouble.
  4. I dunno with Fury really. There was a legitimate chance he could have lost a doctor stoppage to Otto Wallin. He's had his wobbles.
  5. Ruiz slimmed down his last fight and looked a lot worse. He was more dangerous at the heavier weights.
  6. I said he tried to. Not that he did it? I hardly think he tried to assert himself, there was no point in the fight he really let his hands go.
  7. No arguments about tonight, but Ruiz fought how he usually did vs AJ.
  8. World class heavyweights tend to have plenty of losses on their record. As is the nature of fighting in heavyweight.
  9. Would certainly argue that AJ had a decent showing in Ruiz 2 tho! Fought exactly how he wanted to and won the fight comfortably vs a tricky opponent.
  10. AJ was pretty good vs Pulev and fought well vs Ruiz 2 too?
  11. AJ tried to outbox Usyk, and that was never going to work. He should have been using his strength and power advantage. Fair play to Usyk, fought amazingly tonight.
  12. Questionable decision that for Campbell Hatton!
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