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  1. Andicis

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    Wonder if those Leeds fans will flock back to the forum today...
  2. Andicis

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

  3. Andicis

    v Reading (H) - Predictions

    Derby 3 Reading 0 FRGS Waghorn
  4. Andicis


    My post was 5 days ago, it was a lot more relevant then. They didn't teach us a lesson, they cheated, but I really don't feel like getting into it anymore. I've said all I needed to say on the matter.
  5. Andicis

    Ashley Cole

    I disagree, because it's all about the context. Rowett pretty much exclusively signed extremely old players, and added no youth. Currently our squad is probably too young in areas, particularly the defence. Having a good blend is important, Rowett's squad was far too old and slow. In this particular situation, it seems a reasonable move.
  6. Andicis

    Kelle Roos

    Genuinely never seen anyone call him the best keeper in the league before. Nobody is saying a keeper can never make a mistake either, it's all about regularity of the mistakes Carson is making, and his inability to kick or come for crosses. Have you been watching him this season? He's made a huge amount of errors. Most directly leading to goals for the opposition. Literally none of this is relevant on whether he should or shouldn't start this season. Nobody is saying he was bad for the 2 seasons previous, but he's not been good this year. Loyalty is frankly irrelevant, football is a cut throat business.
  7. Can't argue with the first paragraph, but no way he's done anywhere close to this. Ranieri getting Leicester to win the Prem was nothing short of a miracle. It wasn't too far beyond the realms of possibility for Leeds to be challenging for top 2, let's not forget, Leeds aren't actually up yet.
  8. I can imagine Ashley Cole is a done deal then.
  9. So what? Frank telling a fib is much less consequential than you cheating in every single league game you've played this season. And you'll justify it by saying ''well at least Bielsa admits we cheated!!'' when we all know he wouldn't have said anything if he wasn't caught. How anyone can defend or call this man a genius for this is beyond me.
  10. Andicis

    Ashley Cole

    If it's true, Ashley Cole might have lost a bit of his pace, but he's still fantastic on the ball and is a better crosser than any of the players in our squad currently. I'd love to see this happening as long as he has the right attitude and the money isn't outrageous. Boosts our defence with much needed cover and gives us much more experience and know how.
  11. The straight facts are that your manager admits to spying on 23 clubs to gain an advantage. Stop quibbling over minor details and skipping over that larger, much more important fact.
  12. I agree, but I bolded the part I find important. I don't think Davies would be as good under Lampard's style of play, because we prefer to play a higher line and need a lot of passing from the centre halves. Davies is both slower and worse at distribution than Tomori is.
  13. Andicis

    Kelle Roos

    I'd start him at the weekend. Deserves his chance.
  14. Andicis

    Crazy Keogh hating

    He knows the amount of poo he would have received if he missed, it would have been more than any other player, but on the most important penalty, he steps up and slots it away. Absolute hero for me.
  15. He has flaws, but Claude Davies was our worst defender of all time. Tomori is a young centre half with a huge future ahead of him, comparing the two is so ludicrous. Tomori is the best defensive partner we've had for Keogh for a long time.

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