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  1. Our best player, our captain. We're so lucky Keogh stuck by us through so much, he's an absolutely wonderful footballer and the best centre half I've seen play for us in my life time.
  2. I would have taken that position at this point yes. It doesn't ignore that our performances have been really abysmal recently, and that is what I'm more worried about than where we finish.
  3. Well that's just it, I wouldn't say Frank clearly is the wrong person. For every example of a good decision to sack your manager, there is an equal amount of bad ones. Don't you think that we'll be right back where we started in such a case? If we fire Frank, then the same players will get another chance that a lot of them don't deserve. I think for once we have to just stick by the manager.
  4. Okay, that's a fair argument. But is there a point in changing managers at this point in the season, Frank's not been giving much funding or had much time to leave his mark, Jokanovic isn't going to turn our poo squad into something impressive overnight. Lampard deserves time to work on the squad and with so many contracts up in the summer, he should get a full rebuild then, in my opinion.
  5. The top half that we're firmly in with our rookie manager? So they're clearly not doing a much better job than Frank are they?
  6. Nope, but nor does that matter. I'm not saying we've played anything close to adequately today, but we're not far off the playoffs and there are plenty of worse teams in this league than us. You're frustrated by the fact we're poo today, which is fair, but you're also talking complete rubbish, are times this season we have looked excellent.
  7. Don't worry about it, I respect you have a different opinion to me on the matter and I'm more than happy to respond. Jokanovic is a fan of Chris Martin which wins him some favour with me, however I also can bring up a huge amount of poor signings and decisions made by Jokanovic at the end of his time at Fulham. The thing is, what did any of us expect? We hired someone who'd never managed before, it was never going to be plain sailing the whole way, and I think this is when Lampard needs our support more than ever.
  8. Never said that they don't. But there are also examples, looking at Norwich this year, that the manager doesn't have instant impact and it takes some time for it to work.
  9. Pretty sure they can coach fine. This happens every year at our club, but it's always the manager and the coaching team to blame right?
  10. My whole point is this mythical experienced manager who can fix everything doesn't work, because we've already tried it and showed this ourselves.
  11. We're out of form and not playing well. We've had worse results than this before, Villa Park isn't an easy place to go. I'm not defending it but it is what it is.
  12. Aye let's get Nigel Pearson back, that was a real success story.
  13. Yeah, because we were absolutely quality against Forest. He's damned if he does make changes and he's damned if he doesn't. If he kept in the same he'd get stick for not changing anything. Get a grip.
  14. ????? We lost 4-1 to bottom of the league Sunderland at home.
  15. Lampard has hardly had huge money to spend, he's gone for youthful players that will have value in the future and is clearly trying to build something. It's not amazing right now, but it's about what I expected. Top half, probably not in the playoffs, but I think we all need to be patient. We've tried sacking managers too many times, the payouts must be getting expensive and we're getting nowhere by doing it.
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