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  1. If the rules stay you'd imagine Swansea and Cardiff will just have to play all their matches away from home?
  2. Definitely, I'd love to see someone reach Mars. I guess that's the goal of Space X ultimately, they seem to be much safer than a lot of the old NASA shuttles were anyway. I have to say, the thought of being in one of those things still terrifies me, but fingers crossed for them that it all goes to plan.
  3. Hey you stole my thread 😉. Exciting though! Hope all goes well, Space X is the future of space travel.
  4. There is a certain ducking irony in Matt Hancock talking about being a good citizen after this week, isn't there?
  5. Their first manned mission launches tonight at 9.33 our time, should be visible over the UK between 9.45 and 9.50. Hope it goes well.
  6. But you'd have never put them in the very top bracket if you looked at them before 2008. You just wouldn't. That's my point. Same about Chelsea, before the money neither were ''huge clubs'', City was bigger than Chelsea, but even then you'd compare them with Newcastle and Sunderland.
  7. The screenshot says Sunderland averaged more than that in League One.
  8. Chelsea, for example in 1995 (year taken at random before Roman Abramovich) used to average 25,000, is that a big club's attendance? What about Man City? In 2006, (again, taken at random) they averaged 40,000 which is less than Newcastle get. Chelsea certainly was not always ''well supported'' by the current benchmark, and City found significantly more fans when they got better too. Without the dirty money they found, they're not big clubs.
  9. Is it sinister? How exactly are the media trustworthy? Since 2016, the level of journalism has dropped off a cliff. Now you get journalists who instead of trying to inform the public, are out to make a name for themselves and get a ''gotcha'' on a politician. Happens on both sides. They're discredited by their lack of integrity. It applies to all newspapers. None of them have any kind of moral integrity whatsoever. Just the other day, Sky news went to Dominic Cummings parents house to bother them, well, what has it got to do with them? Pretty sure last month or the month before journalist polled below politicians for trustworthiness, so it's just just an opinion I hold, either.
  10. But they didn't get there organically. I can respect the clubs that earned their spot at the top, neither of those two are that. They get large attendances because they're successful in big cities, if they were to lose their money and revert to position, would the fans stay? Would they hell.
  11. The media discredit themselves by their actions. If they had any journalistic standards people might actually still trust them.
  12. International fan bases will support whoever is currently at the top, and drop you the minute you fall off the top.
  13. Civ late game gets dramatically easier if you maintain good science throughout. If that dips, you're in trouble later on.
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