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  1. Not my point. My point is it's easy looking at others and expecting them to give up their money whilst doing nothing yourself. I have no opinion, nor is it what I'm getting at. I see a certain level of hypocrisy in putting this standard on footballers that they'd never adhere to themselves.
  2. The billionaire owners of those clubs should stop being tight and swallow the loss, but I don't blame the players for not wanting to lose their earnings.
  3. I don't see politicians giving up their wages, do you? They'll point fingers at the footballers though.
  4. Don't see why everyone's going after the footballers, they're always the easy targets. They shouldn't be forced into a pay cut. If they want to take one, that's up to them.
  5. But you're just speculating, on wages and on personality. You cannot be serious in considering him one of our worst signings of all time. We paid £6m for Nick Blackman.
  6. He's not even in the discussion for worst signing ever, and rightfully so. I wouldn't call him brilliant, but we've had way, way worse than him, and he hasn't been a terrible signing. £2m isn't a high fee, and the wages point doesn't really work when we don't have the figures. He's been okay.
  7. I was heartbroken when I found out it wasn't him singing!
  8. If where it started is irrelevant, why do the Chinese keep blaming the Americans for it?
  9. Just finished Tiger King, an absolute must watch. It's the most ducking insane documentary I've watched, it's the most crazy thing ever.
  10. Also McClaren and Eranio. Wouldn't mind that at all.
  11. It's heavily misleading to use the German numbers against ours, see @maxjam's post about it. It means our figures would always be much higher than theirs.
  12. No, the difference is how countries are recording the deaths.
  13. But the positions aren't reversed, why can't we have a laugh at their expense? Lighten up. To add, the 70's aren't really relevant when we started a new rivalry with them last year.
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