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  1. Esterban fuertes was a cracking player As was branko strupar... both really unlucky purchases... Now Fabritzio Ravennelli and Mikkel Beck (both already playing in the prem when we bought them ) were proper gash.
  2. Marshall Byrne Wisdom Evans Clarke Shinnie Beilik Holmes Rooney Joswiak Dursun Subs : Duncan Lawrence De Weirik Marriott Waghorn Ibe Wisdom Roos Bird Sibley Knight Forsyth Bucannon Whittaker Davies FFS what a large squad
  3. If he plays like Shefki Kuqi we should all be happy ... looks like he won't get bossed by centrebacks thats for sure !
  4. As many of us get giggly and excited about the tremendous incoming transfer window and if Bobby arrives and a new striker, who do we think may go out on loan and who could go out out altogether ... if we were injury free we would have some players way out of the picture . Jozefzoon out out Hector Ingram out One of the injured trio out out ( waggy holmes lawrence ? ) Davies out out Marriott out out Some serious selection headaches ???
  5. on this weeks facebook live Nico asked for the team set up with 3 at the back... here is my starter with no additional ins and outs Marshall Wisdom Te Wierik Clarke Bogle Bird Rooney Shinnie Sibley Waghorn Marriott Subs: Bielik Lawrence Knight Lowe Holmes Roos Evans
  6. Whilst Cocu is getting much deserved credit for blooding the academy prospects , massive credit to Mel and especially Wassall for creating sustaining and developing the infrastructure and conveyor belt in the first place . Finally the right collective team behind the scenes , with ple ty more bumps in the road ahead to overcome we all must keep the faith .
  7. Still alive and kicking and living in Belper.... great Rams comment for many years .
  8. On the flip side if the forward gets in between the central defenders they would have to tackle leading with their weaker leg .... Which is why these days wide men are favoured to cut inside on their stronger foot and also attacking the full back on their weaker side ... swings and roundabouts.
  9. In over 45 years of watching the Rams I still truly believe Claude was pound for pound the very worst signing I have ever seen and there are plenty in the running for that honour .
  10. When we do resume do you think the super rams WILL cheer us up , or will we wish we had stayed locked down ?
  11. We had been knocked out of the European Cup before Charlie got injured .
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