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  1. bucktwo

    Why Do We?

    It's the Derby way
  2. bucktwo

    Has he?

    Which flair players did you have in mind ? Our wingers Olsson and Wisdom perhaps ? Or the selection of energetic midfield players ? Our young impressionable front players ? Or is it the mardarse twins taffand his czech mate ?
  3. bucktwo

    Will they be back?

    Are you talking about season 18 19 ? Same players loaned out as contracts wind down.
  4. bucktwo

    Keogh at LB?

    I wonder if dear old Brian Clough would have played Vydra at left back to punish him for his mardy chops .
  5. bucktwo

    v Middlesbrough - Predictions (H)

    1.3 Frgs weimann
  6. bucktwo


    It is astounding how much this club has lurched from one catastrophe to another for many years. Every season in recent times some incredible list of issues has derailed our hopes of real progress. Yes results matter as it is the points that determine the outcome of a season, however the style and ambiance around the first team performances is also crucial for the fans as we share the journey. We are in need of a charismatic leader both on and off the pitch . The annoying PR on match day is also cringeworthy Cut the gimmicks and increase the passion. integrate some youth and we could turn this around next season ... we all live in hope
  7. bucktwo

    v Burton (A) - Predictions

    1.1 jerome
  8. bucktwo

    Wolverhampton Wanderers v Derby County

    The evidence throughout the season suggests we are not good enough . If we do make the play offs anything is possible ... either way promotion or not we need major player changes AGAIN in the summer ..
  9. bucktwo

    Preston North End V Derby County

    He ran into the back of the bus .
  10. bucktwo

    Richard Keogh.

    Most of us agree that we have 4 or 5 regular starters who are simply not up to the job at the top end of this league Forsyth weimann Thorne (currently) Jerome Lawrence (currently) We for whatever reason (sales loans injuries) have no adequate replacements . Therefore it is not realistic to expect anything better than squeezing into the top 6 which in all honesty would be a feat in itself considering our form and final fixtures . Rarely have the fan base been positively surprised.. so now needs to be the time !!!
  11. bucktwo

    Preston North End V Derby County

    Carson Baird Keogh Davis Anya Ledley Huddlestone Palmer Weimann Vydra Nugent Roos Wisdom Pearce Johnson Jerome + 2 u23's Forsyth Olsson Thorne left at home
  12. bucktwo

    Rage Quitting the match.

    Derby 3 Leeds 2 the one with the Lee Hunter fight ... made to leave at 80 odd minutes to" avoid any trouble " Missed Roger Davies' screaming winner ... NEVER AGAIN
  13. bucktwo

    The straw that broke the camel's back?

    Have had this feeling for more seasons than not since pp was built . If we invest in a balanced team If we invest some of our academy in the starting eleven If we remove our entitlement to a premier league place .. I have come to the conclusion that it's the lot of a dcfc fan . Go and moan or don't go and moan. How fortunate then that the automatic renewal this time has taken matters out of my hands and I don't need to give the renew don't renew debate any head space .. Being a rams fan messes with your melon man ...
  14. bucktwo

    We HAVE to win monday

    We will get what we deserve in every game until the end of the season . Even with the financial clout of promotion I doubt we could survive a premier league season without relegation . Without blooding some of our best academy lads I fear a relegation scrap next year in the championship with this lot.
  15. bucktwo

    Derby County all time 5-a-side team

    Truly a match for my previous entry .. awful We really have had to suffer some poo down the years

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