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  1. Roos will be a hero come the end of the season . Waghorn misses have cost more points than Roos
  2. Forest 2 rams 3 Frgs lawrence
  3. Hull 2 rams 2 Frgs lawrence
  4. Don't really want to look too far ahead but........................... April 2020 fixtures Forest home WBA away Brentford home Cardiff away Leeds home What a glorious end to the season team Rooney could have !! or not .
  5. will be perfect to announce on Friday 1st November then we play boro at PP the day after ... bootiful
  6. Rams 3 Wigan 2 Frgs Lawrence
  7. Charlton 0 Derby 2 Frgs Davies
  8. Had a bet on skybet as well ... Only I put 4.0 ffs
  9. Rams 2 luton 0 Frgs : own goal
  10. Barnsley 0 Derby 1 Frgs holmes
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