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  1. 1 Leeds 2 Leicester 3 Villa 4 QPR 5 Cremonese
  2. Listening to radio Derby sportscene and his rant about everything but football ..
  3. Is the man employed to give us a football commentary or his own political and social / medical opinion ? Disgusted.
  4. From a business perspective the price agreed initially must be way in excess of the tumbling value atm . Even as a diehard fan I would concede it will be a massive gamble to buy at the present moment but the gamble could prove a huge winner ... Rooney steers us clear of relegation and the covid vaccine gets bums on seats would make the 2021/22 season very interesting potentially re-established and exceeding the return on investment. Get to the premiership and its financial windfall and its game on... A high level risk strategy still being thrashed out ???
  5. Top half and real shot at promotion 21/22... We'll be back in 22!! Wayne's world .... its the future
  6. Bought Roy Greenwood to replace Charlie George and Steve Wicks to replace Roy McFarland ... RIP the Doc
  7. Finished it yesterday..an excellent job.. Hope the next few chapters in the sequel will detail a Rooney wonderland 😀
  8. Sheffield Wednesday 1 rams 4 Frgs shinnie
  9. Please DCFC don't let this bloke leave , give him the managers job . He will work as hard at that as he did as a player.
  10. Sheffield Wednesday https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10164585480070223&id=295888980222 Pulis and the ownership of the club . Great article in the mirror regarding the toxic state of the club. "Proven" manager had 10 games 1 win 4 draws . Be careful what we wish for .. Perhaps we should welcome the delays if it represents additional due diligence.. New owners and Rooney at the helm ....a positive upward curve in the rollercoater of a ride for all associated with the rams .
  11. Realistic expectations : centre forward & centre half both on loan . Perhaps Lawrence , de wierick sold and a handful out on loan. Having Ibe in the squad and likely Marriott , will leave waggy joswiak and whittaker wide and ckr Stretton central plus newbie ... Centre half to compete with wisdom and Clarke.
  12. Bielick . As we rise up the table we will need him to lead the promotion team of 2021-2022 ...
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