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  1. We moan when we play Rowettball, we moan when we play intricate passes (which tbf does look kamikaze in our situation) we moan at the team shape, we moan when we don't have width, we moan when our wingbacks are too high up the pitch, we moan . We also will always be saved when (insert name of your choice for last ten years) returns from long term injury. BTW we also used to moan that wanchope was too unpredictable, sturridge was mardy and we lack a dominant creative midfield player. Further back Hinton needed replacing and Gemmill didn't score enough goals. Rooney and the academy products are just about the best things we could have in our current situation , so cut out the moaning and get behind what we have .
  2. Captain Tom missing had the desired effect .
  3. Need a performance out of joswiak and new signing Jagielka ??
  4. We will be the surprise team in the division and after an unexpectedly good start we maintain decent progress and finish the season in 5th before losing 6th points due to fielding an unregistered player in the first game . The loss of points means we just scrape into 6th by the virtue of scoring one more goal than Middlesbrough.
  5. Rams 3 Huddersfield 0 Frgs captain fantastic Lawrence
  6. Whoever is working on brokering a deal with uncle Sam is certainly in no Rush ..
  7. Shinnie , a must in the team this season .
  8. Mystery German Centre half on Friday at 2pm
  9. 8 trial players Can only have 5 ... Unless 3 contracted players are sold???? so we sign all 8 ... who leaves ? Marshall, Byrne and Knight??? C. Davies A. Wisdom P. Jagielka R. Stearman T. Mengi S. Aluko R. Morrison S. Baldock
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