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  1. It's the team selection that needs addressing. Hudds and zoon out , beilck and Marriott in Shinnie Beilick Dowell Lawrence Waghorn Marriott ......... Holmes Bennett Paterson all pacey impact subs ..
  2. Stoke 0 rams 3 Frgs Marriott
  3. Martin is a serious contender for the squad... I think hes had his last loan whilst under contract to us .. Maybe we can start a thread on the subject ?
  4. No need to take it out on the much maligned aubergine ... very strong nutritional value and a multitude of uses . ... including insertion into grammar police before sitting and squashing of course. .😎
  5. That my friend is exactly it ... WOW WOW WOW
  6. So this is Dave Mackay revisited .. dare to dream .... Rams in Europe in three seasons
  7. We need a utility defender who can cover both full back positions and Andre will need to park somewhere else ....wonder why he is a large shadow of the player we had on loan ?
  8. No thanks Parental influences aside we need to look forwards and his opinion of himself is far greater than his ability.
  9. Huddersfield 1 Rams 2 Frgs lawrence
  10. The window isn't shut yet. This thread should be until the window has .
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