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  1. That applies to about 20 of the last 22 signings... what a sad CV of the recruitment and a big contribution to our current situation.
  2. 6th on the last day with a full house at PP ...followed by a rousing 2.0 victory at Wembley and triumphant return to the PL ... ROONEY!!!!!!!!!
  3. Havent we had enough upheaval for a bit . Let's get the takeover /makeover sorted . Let's give Rooney 2 seasons to establish our plan. The worst that can happen was a few minutes away from reality today. Get behind the club and let's take an upward trajectory. You never know it could be an outstanding success !! .
  4. The very best chance we have of seeing our record beaten is when we eventually reach the prem again . "We'll be back in 31" "We'll be back in 31" Sung as a tribute to commemorate 50 years since "We'll be back in 81" Ah the halcyon days of Biley , Swindlehurst . .......and Emson .
  5. Rovers 1 rams 1 Pne 0 rams 1 Rams 2 brum 1 Swans 2 rams 0 Rams 0 wed 0 8 points
  6. Rams 2 hatters 1 Frgs Clarke
  7. Good to see the manager finally getting back to basics . This is one of the first video playbacks for the boys this morning. .
  8. We don't seem to be awfully good at passing so far .
  9. Barnsley 3 rams 1 Frgs Clarke
  10. Marshall Byrne Edmondson Clarke Buchanan Joswiak Beilick Shinnie Ibe CKR Gregory
  11. Wayne Rooney he shaves when he wants. Just about the worst piece of journalism questioning on the DCFC official full press briefing . Brilliantly answered by our Wazza. Listen right to the end to hear him totally own whoever the bloke is asking the questions .
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