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  1. Shall we go back to 2014 and take QPR to court for them unfairly being promoted after breaking FFP then? Irrelevant club get back under your rock!
  2. So why hasn’t Mel just sold us for £1 we take the 6/9 point deduction and hope a new owner can save us from relegation this year? What’s the benefit to him or the club putting us into admin? Or is he to be believed that we can’t find a buyer and we’re simply losing too much money to carry on?
  3. Can someone please give me a dumbed down explanation of how ****** we are and what admin actually means, are we still going to have a club to support?
  4. Don’t get the line coming down the middle off the collar, id actually like it if it wasn’t for that.
  5. Were gonna fight 'em all The EFL army couldn't hold us back They're trying to rip us off Taking their time right behind our back And Mels talking to himself at night Because he can't forget Back and forth through his mind Gibsons a massive 🔔 end And the message coming from my eyes Says, "Leave us alone" Were the black and white army! https://youtu.be/0J2QdDbelmY
  6. Not physical enough for this league waste of a shirt for us and wasting his own career in the championship cash in if we can!
  7. Can he play fullback can’t be any worse even if he’s running in treacle
  8. The most “senior” players in our squad are in the back 4 and that’s where all the mistakes that are costing us are coming from, we’re in big trouble if they don’t sort it out and quickly!
  9. It’s what we’ve been missing too someone daring to play a pass forward
  10. Great character shown especially from the youngsters however this ends up, for how **** our situation is it’s a great chance for them this season been impressed with all of them. Watson is going to be some player his vision is incredible.
  11. One good game every so often isn’t good enough he’s far too inconsistent.
  12. Playoffs, kids will play their hearts out for the shirt, best football we’ve seen since Mac 1, EFL left crying.
  13. Bit disappointing that, I think they’re missing out on so much more revenue not continuing it for Saturdays. With fans not being able to watch live for so long grounds will still get the numbers even if streaming was available, then it gives people who can’t make the games for whatever reason a chance to watch and also additional profit for the clubs/EFL.
  14. 22/1 for promotion anyhow, lump on lads and ladies Rams are going up.
  15. Colleen looking at the evidence like… Silly Wayne getting set up again.
  16. We have to refile the accounts and any takeover/cost of the club will depend on that outcome, why people aren’t seeing this and demanding answers that nobody has is beyond me. Be wasting your own energy protesting no matter how frustrating it all is.
  17. On SS news now doing an interview from Derby, glad to see he’s still around.
  18. Corner flag pending…. ITK Not really ITK
  19. Thank **** for that. If we get points deducted on the refile then that’s what we deserve, end of argument from both sides, clean slate between the EFL and the new owners and let’s finally get back to excitement on the pitch instead of constant bad news off it!
  20. He’s looking in great shape and been back at it with a PT since mid June going off his social media account, big season needed from the big man!
  21. Wycombe can **** off the dirty opportunistic rats, they’re a nothing club and can disappear back into nothingness. If our “fiddling” of the accounts affected anyone it was the relegated teams from the 3 seasons in question not last season, hit your heads on the way back down!
  22. So we won the first appeal, only a 100k fine on the second from the independent panel, you’d hope the EFL just drop it now or they’ll clearly be touching on victimisation and vendetta territory. We’ve been punished enough with the embargo and having our name dragged through the mud by them. Have no faith they’ll drop it though this will roll on and leave us with a very thin squad for next season.
  23. One no conscience I’ll take the money from wherever it comes from vote for me. PP would be lovely and toasty in winter with that roof.
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