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  1. I'd be going for Freddie Woodman, excellent GK who really looked solid for a very decent Swansea side.
  2. https://www.google.com/amp/s/tbrfootball.com/report-arsenal-keen-on-Derby-county-youngster-louis-sibley-arteta-keeping-tabs-on-championship-talent/amp/ Arsenal keeping tabs on Sibbo, screw the Premier league 'big boys', don't need them getting to our stars.
  3. Not 100% clear but reports suggesting Putin will effectively ban the use of cryptocurrency in Russia. Possibly panic sales in case this catches in other countries.
  4. Sounds like he's gone looking to see if someone else will give him the terms he wants and if not will end back with us. Not sure how to feel if he spends all summer looking elsewhere just to come back.
  5. While I don't nessecarily have sympathy for the fans in this instance I think their upturn in form came with the news of the takeover. Players playing to stay in a team expected to have Man City level money this summer and Bruce trying to prove he would be capable of leading the team still. Off the back of this it's likely they might have to sell some of their better players as Mike 'Cashley' isn't known for putting money into the club.
  6. I'm not sure what measure we can have of Cocu and his success with the youngsters when the majority of them only played from January onwards. Run the numbers again next season and we'll see a difference.
  7. Can't furlough when you never had one.
  8. 22 goals and 6 assists in 40 games. Who's got the YouTube highlights so we can claim to be experts? 👀👀
  9. That's harsh on Hamer.... He's clearly been trained with a beach ball!
  10. Lowe will end up Premier League 100%, wouldn't surprise me if Brentford or West Brom go for him. Would be useful in a team like Southampton too.
  11. Sibley and Knight are great flair players but Bird is the kind of player we talk about with the 'spine' of the team. Fully expect Birds to transition to the captain of the team and Rooney plays less next year.
  12. Would probably make a decent squad player to challenge our CBs going into next season. Decent age and known to Cocu so will know his strengths
  13. It's chicken and egg here... the kind of player we need to get out of this division is likely only available on loan (then possibly permanent). If a keeper on loan would be a multiple improvement on what we could buy then it works. I'd say look at pretty much every promoted team for the past few years and they've got a loan player that made a difference: Leeds: White Villa: Abraham West Brom: the West Ham winger whose name evades me Wolves: take your pick, most their team was on loan.
  14. The club and Cocu have both been extremely vocal about getting some signings made for next season. Not even the same kind of 'within the financial constraints' that we've heard before. I don't expect us to go crazy spending this summer but certainly there's the suggestion that we could be making some real additions this year rather than the late race for poor loans (Dowell, Paterson etc)
  15. Looked a bit of a brutish/no nonsense player when he played against Burton this year. Could be a decent replacement for Davies and as cover if we get Clarke back on loan. Would leave us with Wizzy, Clarke, Dutch Mike and this guy.
  16. £30 Mill is the kind of figure we should look at for Sibley alone. The other three somewhere between £5-£10 Mill each. Crazy money and I'd be fuming if we spent that much on another teams youngster but the last year or so has set a whole new standard fee for young championship players, especially English players.
  17. We all Stoke and Swansea fans tonight, the irony of forest drop out the playoffs because the couldn't hold on against us 😂
  18. Got a really horrible feeling about this. Think we're the only club to do this in the league right?
  19. Forget where we've finished this season. Almost all of our strongest team only came into the squad in January. Sibley, Rooney, Bird, Fozzy and Wisdom weren't regulars at the start of the season. We didn't even have Shinnie fit at this point. We play a full season with the points return we got the second half of the season we're comfortable playoffs next year. Add a couple of decent signings and there's no reason we won't improve again. I'd expect another 2-3 youth players to break through again also (looking at you Trialist!)
  20. Leeds are dirty but they're good at it. Derby's dirty but we're bad at it. Respect to Bielsa and his methods for getting them out the league but I'll have far more respect if they can replicate what Wolves have done since returning to the prem. As far as I'm concerned they are likely to do the same and Villa/Norwich and come straight back down with a wimper.
  21. Let's say we sold Bogle for £10 Mill, that probably covers the fees for all 5 of them to be fair (alright maybe not Lammers, loan to perm?)
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