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  1. I'm not really sure on what basis they're trying to sue really? If they argue they should have been in the playoffs instead of us there's pretty much a casual link at best. Arguing the EFL haven't upheld their rules? The case is being investigated, the league would have acted with reasonable diligence no matter the outcome Boro can't prove they've suffered any financial loss from our actions, and the league has so far said no rules were broken, they've not really got a leg to stand on.
  2. The absolute state of some Derby fans is unbelievable. Not saying its just us, other clubs have it too. It wasn't too many years ago we went on a 10 game winless run to the start of the season. I dare say we've got more youth in this side than for a long time (if ever). Most the booing fans these days seem to be young blood thinking that Derby should walk the league.
  3. We all hoped for a game of two halves. So far all we've seen is a Keogh of two halves.
  4. Clarke for Huddlestone, get Bielik into that midfield. Holmes or Shinnie for Dowell, he's trying his best to get the accolade for worst loan signing here.
  5. Go back to a proper 4-3-3 today. Holmes in for Dowell and maybe Evans for Knight. Cocu seems to base most of his football philosophy on being defensively resolute, today's the kind of game he needs to put that into practice.
  6. When the game moves into the realms of criminal violence anything before that goes out the window. Being a Twunt, a Twit or even a Bamford does not excuse violence.
  7. Find the nearest sheep, point them straight up in the air and hope you can pick up RamsTV 👍
  8. Cheers for the valuable insight, makes me question why you'd keep buying a season ticket? Or even paying for a normal matchday ticket? Or is this a case of saw the game on tele and decided to make my mind up on the manager?
  9. Positives: all the academy players were excellent. Lowe MOTM, but Buch looked far better at LB than Malone. Missing Holmes in that midfield, need him ahead of Dowell or Knight to really make a difference.
  10. I wonder with the lack of Martin playing for the U23s yesterday we might see him start alongside Waggy today? Marriott still isn't 100% but a two striker formation seemed to work.
  11. Without knowing anything about you or your lad (in case this comes across insensitive) the players generally are told not to give away shirts unless for a special reason. The risk of resale of match worn shirts is pretty high and the only ones I saw given away last year were to disabled fans or for a particular reason. You might get lucky one day and catch them in a good mood but otherwise you don't have much chance. Good luck trying though, maybe make a sign to hold up of your lads favourite player to be seen better otherwise there's not more you can do 👍
  12. Not sure why Bateman hasn't been given a mention, decent RB for the academy and comfortable on the ball. Keep saying over and over, you play your best players in their best positions. Lowe is wasted at RB.
  13. Considering two of USA's biggest sports are heavy contact, it always surprises me how soft the football is over there. Good to see Rooney can still tussle, he'll certainly need it in the championship
  14. Trying my absolute best here to not scapegoat Malone... Nope, can't do it, he was absolutely awful. Keep him away from LB and give one of our other half dozen LB's a go.
  15. Think today we'll see a good few changes to the team. Poor showing at Stoke gives Cocu reason to change. Bielik for Hudds Bennett/Marriott for Zoon Buchanan for Malone maybe? Maybe Knight for Dowell?
  16. Was poached by another club for decent money , had taken us to the play offs with awful playstyle and turned Vydra into an actual sellable asset. On a personal basis, Mel and Rowett probably don't enjoy each others company, but there's no denying Rowett brought a decent amount of funds into the club (which seemed to have funded alot of our transfers since)
  17. I agree the level of gambling messaging has become inappropriate in football now, but to single Derby out wouldn't be right. 1. As others have said, Sky Bet championship, its literally in the name. 2. Pretty much every club has a betting sponsor, they get advertised on the pitch/big screens/concourses and even set up a big bright booth in most stadiums to draw you in. 3. Most championship clubs have a betting company as a shirt sponsor, or have done in the last few years. 4. TV, any live football on BT or Sky tends to carry adverts for betting companies, probably exposed more than at games. 5. Football video games don't censor betting companies. Betting logos are shown on shirts of virtual players on a game that is rated 3+. The Rooney number fiasco is just another to add to the long list, the media attention that's come from it has probably done more harm than the number itself in all fairness. All the best for Bristol's season 👍
  18. Hamer Lowe Keogh Clarke Malone Evans Bielik Bennett Knight Lawrence Waghorn
  19. Half time thoughts. Roos: need Hamer for next game, poor distribution and should have done better for their goal. Lowe: excellent, attacking and tracking well. Needs 'Zoon to support him. Evans: best player out there, seems to be the playmaker with Hudds the enforcer. I'd bring Bielik on for Hudds for speed and physicality. 'zoon/Lawrence: both flashes of skill and power, both need to protect the full backs though, getting overrun on the wings. Just a mention for Malone, he's a right Bamford for that end of half booking.
  20. Stoke 0-2 Derby FRGS: Lawrence Simple effective win today
  21. Huddersfield he was probably one of the best on the pitch. Didn't work at home against Swansea for tactical reasons though, him and Huddlestone were playing the same exact role. Away from home the two playing together (or bielik) is a strong midfield, at home against teams who sit back he's fighting to be the single DM. I'd say eventually second choice behind Bielik, and first choice in a defensive midfield two. He's still learning the role again after being trained into the CB all pre season
  22. Interesting today in the pre game interview Bielik has said he's a better CB than midfielder but he's being trained up for both positions. Makes me think maybe Cocu is trialing 3 at the back in training for the odd tactical switch up?
  23. Don't know what you're talking about, we all want to see Billock, Duwell and Knught play together. Bring on Hubblerock for Billock if he gets tired 👍
  24. Can't see any instances where arsenal have used a buy back clause, whether that means they don't use them or just never enforce them I'm not sure. If he was on European clubs radar already its not gonna stop now he's here.
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