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  1. He was a proper Lampard kind of player yet even Lampard dropped him for the squad because of his fitness and training issues. There's a reason that Lampard/Cocu/Rooney and Sheff Wednesday could barely get games out of him nevermind goals.
  2. In all fairness the Wigan deal was criminal rather than a bad deal. The owner had the money but deliberately destroyed the club. I'll wait for more details who the Americans are before any real comment but gut instinct is we might see some of the previous American owners return in a different consortium.
  3. Interesting that Cocu and his team are their clients too, suspect the club may have still had more links to the group even after the events with Sam Rush.
  4. Phalliskull? Not sure what's wrong with that at all 🤷‍♂️
  5. Only thing that has grown for him as a manager is his stomach I'm afraid.
  6. Sorry it may not have been clear from my statement, Clough's recruitment for frees/nominal fees was excellent. Where he failed was with the bigger money... Sammon, Maguire, Fielding and Bailey come to mind. I fear he wouldn't know what to do if we gave him £5mill to spend on a player for instance.
  7. If we could choose any of our previous managers that are still in the game to come back who would people go with? Mac 3 would be the obvious option but maybe only papering over cracks. Personally I'd have (Nigel) Clough back with a Director of Football. Clough was a very decent coach and did well with what he had, perhaps needed a little more assistance when it came to recruitment with money to spend.
  8. This team would be better off without any manager at all rather than Rooney. For all his talk of keeping it simple he can't get the simplest parts of football correct.
  9. I'm glad Rooney is 100% confident we'll avoid relegation otherwise I'd be starting to worry about us going down.
  10. Cresswell. Think he'll come out of the blue and get a couple of scrappy goals for us. Teams have worked out CKR and the rest of our attackers seem to be all tricks no end product.
  11. New amazon prime series? Might as well make some money from all the craziness at the club
  12. I'd be concerned if they aren't asking those questions. Source of funds is an important part of any transaction.
  13. Get the most flavourful tea, use tea leaves. Is that considered the best or proper way? No chance. Milk after water anyday.
  14. The fans don't necessarily demand promotion. All we want is an identity again. Even though Lampard and Rowett somewhat emulated the achievements of Mac 1 we can all agree that season under Mac was the best. Why? Because we had an identity, in that case the plucky underdogs. Every season since we've been constantly changing who we are.
  15. All comes from the same factory in the end, the best chefs make the best of what ingredients they have.
  16. Real Madrid linked with a move for Delap today. Any decent transfer fee could be pretty good news for us assuming we have a substantial sell on clause.
  17. Champions of England for however many of the recent years, playing under a legendary coach of this generation. Derby got a fair amount for him too given he wasn't anywhere near the first team yet. I'd question a players ambition if he turned down one of the 'Big 4' when they hadn't even broken in the Derby team.
  18. I'd see it as a green flag if anything. Chansiri is leading the Wendies on a long road of collapse currently.
  19. Fair points throughout the thread, to an extent I agree that it wouldn't be great for fixture pile up. On the other hand though that now means Rotherham have 2 games in hand on us (and those below us) they now know what they have to achieve prior to playing the games.
  20. Watson and Joz for Bird and Waghorn please
  21. Reading this morning Rotherham has postponed their next two games due to covid again. They seem to have far more games called off than the rest of the league. Is it just a case of bad luck or trying to get games in hand on the teams around them?
  22. Think it's going to be 8-0-2 today judging by that team!
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