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  1. Our next 10 fixtures

    I crazily predicted 17 points and we currently have 17 points with two games to go. I cannot believe the turnaround.
  2. Matej Vydra

    Thanks, it must he down to the fact Vydra has started only 12 of the 17 games so far.
  3. Matej Vydra

    9 goals so far...when was the last time a derby player scored this many so soon in a season?
  4. PA System

    It was a crazy volume, I saw an elder lady covering her face and grimmesing when the team sheet was read our. Coming from someone who goes to festivals and raves, it's too loud. And the mashup of sweet child of mine and the killers track is horrific.
  5. Joe Ledley Signed - Until January

    We basically sold a 17 reg Audi A6 for a grand and replaced it with a 1985 Lada with 3 previous owners, log book, 3 months tax and in mint condition.
  6. Joe Ledley Signed - Until January

    Crazy to think we sold Howard, Oakley and David Jones for peanuts and replaced with the likes of Savage.
  7. Joe Ledley Signed - Until January

    Actually Ledley staying until the end of the season, leading us to promotion only to find that his name is really Juan Ledley and is an illegal immigrant from Peru resulting us missing out on promotion...is something more likely to happen to us.
  8. Will Hughes Watch

    I'm just glad that selling Hughes to Watford for 4 million and a packet of pork scratching was just a really bad dream. I mean, it couldn't be real could it? I'm sure he is just on loan until January, will return to derby after scoring 10 goals and will immediately be our new defensive midfielder who isn't allowed to go further than the half way line.
  9. Matej Vydra

    All you ask from the striker is to score goals. I remember after 10 mins of the first half seeing Nugent up front, then a bank of 5 players about 20 yards behind, one being Vydra, I thought how the hell are Vydra and Nugent meant to link up if they are so far apart.
  10. What’s the missing ingredient ?

    Thorne and Ledley in the middle would be good, Huddlestone offers very little at the minute. I would love Derby to go all out and sign 1 player on January, someone like Tom Cairney or even Lansbury would do thanks.
  11. Matej Vydra

    I love Matej Vydra. He has been involved in about 16 games this season and scored 8 goals so far, 1 in 2 so far. He wasn't in the squad for Wolves, didn't play against reading and has been on the bench a couple of times. Vydra needs to start, every game. I honestly don't think we have seen the best from him yet, a fully fit fully confident Vydra would be a joy to watch.
  12. Rising tide of performance?

    We have the potential to be soooo good. Today was a great point, but I feel had we started off attacking them we probably would have got the first goal which would have killed them. We show teams too much respect at times.
  13. Zak Brunt - Academy kid

    I honestly thought he would leave derby and sign for Barcelona...I know Matlock have decent chipies but I wouldn't think it would rival Barcelona. The fact he has signed for Matlock makes this whole story an absolute joke. Good luck kid.
  14. Danny Ings

    On football manager Ings gets a fountain pen skill of 18 whereas keiftenbeld only gets a 3, so there is more chance of us getting Ings than Keif.
  15. International Rams

    Because he was playing as an attacking midfielder for Wales...he is played out on the wing for derby.

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