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  1. Very good point, I didnt realise that about the 1 game left.
  2. I don't see how they could cancel the season and award teams prizes based on current positions, there is just under a quarter of the season left and 27 points to play for. What about the games people have paid for to watch, do we get refunds from the EFL/Premier League? Clearly this shouldn't be about money, but they make that decision then it purely is about money! There are 2 viable options imo; 1) Write the season off and start again next year, we all accept this is an unprecedented situation, we are all in this together and we all start again next year 2) pause the season as it is and do a full season next year and add it onto the current table, using the carabao cup time to catch up on the 9 games missed, the season next year ends after everyone has played 4 times. Liverpool shouldn't miss out, the fans won't miss out. The decision made in this country needs to be made with the fans in mind, not just Liverpools.
  3. It's a no lose situation for them, Mel either pays the money back or they receive a lovely club for 30 million.
  4. Was it the Daily Mail that said we were losing 2 million a month and were up for sale for a quid? Assuming Mel isn't shy of a few quid still, why would he look to borrow money with 'strict repayment terms', you would say Mel has lost the plot of that were to be true, which I imagine it wouldnt be.
  5. Listening to that latest briefing, there is a very good chance these restrictions could last for 6 months, on and off, which takes us until September, then we have to get back to normality and start a pre-season. I read a health report carried out on behalf of the government last month (that clearly the government are using to make decisions), the report suggested that the way to tackle this pandemic is to lockdown for a couple of weeks and relax for a week or two and then rinse and repeat until a vaccine is found, which could be up to 18 months. I would love for this season to be completed as we are only 5 points off playoffs, but i just cant see how it's going to be possible. Football needs to unite and focus on protecting the future of all clubs.
  6. Great gesture, although I wonder if this was before or after each player received a horse related present under their pillow?
  7. I have read articles saying clubs and even Sky could look to sue if the season is cancelled. I say that any club or company that look to gain financially out of this terrible situation, I say they should be shamed and banned from football. Sky especially who are filthy rich as it is.
  8. Just my opinion. The season will most probably be cancelled. Birdyabroad is absolutely right, we are about to go through 3 very challenging months, longer if the public don't follow rules being set out. The season cannot be played behind closed doors, you would need security manning gates, doctors incase players get sick, 2 metre rules as set out by the government etc, it just isn't possible and damn right selfish if this was even considered given what is happening in the world...club physios/doctors etc would be better spent volunteering for the NHS. If money wasnt the deciding factor, it would be best to right off the season, push back the start of next season to September, with the transfer window closing end of September. Scrap the Carabao cup, Relax FFP rules for the next 3 seasons to allow clubs to recover, but put a cap on money that can be spent on players to stop Man City just buying the Premier League title and hopefully we might be in a position where players can start returning to preseason around mid to end of July. Also it would be nice of the EFL and Premier League (and Sky/BT/Amazon), could all come together and agree a rescue package to help the clubs in the lower leagues stave off extinction. There is a LOT of money in football, it is time for the fat cats to help the kittens.
  9. If it happens, if they do stop promotion and relegation I will honestly believe there is a God, I'll start going to Sunday school and my next kid will be called Corona.
  10. Not sure if it has been mentioned anyway else on here, but all non-league teams have allegedly had their seasons stopped, no promotion, no relegation. Surely if that happens in non-league, the whole of football should follow suit?
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