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  1. Has he been a naughty boy? Since his contract extension he seems to have fallen massively out of favour, I was hoping this isn't another Darren Bent situation.
  2. My wife went to school with Lee Camp. She gets sod all. Although she is able to confirm that he was a Knob at school too.
  3. In terms of Rams TV, I just noticed it say today's game is available in the UK and 'Dark Market's'...what on earth is dark markets? Sounds like something out of the film Taken.
  4. I just wonder with Mel trying to challenge the EFL with regards to the tv deals, talking of breaking away etc whether we as a club has brushed up a few people in high places the wrong way and the second we may appear to be doing something that isn't quite ethical (but not against the rules) they are jumping all over us. West Ham fielded an illegal player, who without would have been relegated, they should have been hit with a 30 point deduction and Sheff United reinstated to the prem...did that happen? Nope, a 10 million pound fine which was compensated a few years later with a ready made stadium. QPR broke FFP rules massively, which gained an unfair advantage against the likes of Derby and made it to the prem. Did they receive the 9 point deduction that Brum received? Nope, a fine and a transfer embargo. I can see Derby being made an example of, if there is any wrong doing found.
  5. Not really, but I'll take a 4 million pound Connor Sammon if u know where one is going?
  6. I hadn't seen the last quote so thanks for that. We were led to believe at the fans forum that everything was rosey, I will continue to believe that is still the case.
  7. Am I the only person concerned by Frank's comments regarding the embargo, or am I reading to much into it? He says he wants to see how it develops into the summer because we as a club need to strengthen due to so many players leaving. They don't sound like the words of a man that isn't concerned by the embargo. Maybe more to this than many of us hope?
  8. I was thinking more along the lines that Frank was punishing him for lying about the race allegations. Glad to hear it is just an injury.
  9. My theory is, Nuge is probably in the same stage of his career at Derby as Mr Z was for QPR. QPR fans even said that Mr Z coming on was basically the last rubbish throw of the dice, and it worked. It could happen.
  10. In a state of day dreaming earlier I had this vision of David Nugent scoring the winner at Wembley with 80 something minutes on the clock. Gotta be worth a tenner?
  11. Totally agree with this. Bryson has been my favourite player since we signed him, I love him, but if you are reading this Craig, you let me down mate. In the front rows of that North stand, or any stand, there are probably children, lots of kids. You could make their day, year or life if you just ran and high fived one of them after a goal, or jumped the advertising hoardings and let them swamp you, but instead you make the gesture as if to say 'have that you duckers'. I'd say at least 90 percent of derby fans still love you and you will forever be a Derby Legend, ignore the boo boys, put in your all until now and the end of the season and leave this club on a high!
  12. I did find it a bit strange after scoring 1 goal after weeks of being bang average he felt the need to cup his ears in the direction of 80 year old Phylis in the front row of the North Stand. I could see her adjusting her hearing aid in confusion.
  13. Just waiting for his bus pass application to be approved before he can get to the ground on Match days being that he is really 62.
  14. Maybe we only deal with certain agents? We know that has happened in the past and cost us millions.
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