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  1. Well if Talk Sport were correct about the 48 hours, all should become clear by this time tomorrow.
  2. Saves him buying Max Lowe seeing as he supposedly a big fan of his.
  3. It isn't just you, it appears Frank is about to sign for Chelsea and all his bluster about our club being "His club" was a load of horse manure. He hasn't commented on the fixtures, he hasn't commented on the cup draw, he hasn't mentioned anything about the Rangers friendly, or transfer targets...in fact he hasn't said a sodding thing since just after Wembley. Anyone seriously thinking he is still staying I feel sorry for them, yesterday's hero is tomorrow's idiot...said no one ever
  4. I'm guessing this also confirms that Frank is forking off too if we actively sounding out replacements. The quicker Lampard and his cockney rebels are out of the club the better, next season's preparations have been damaged massively, time to crack on.
  5. Wagner is manager of Schalke, I googled him the other week as I really rated him. Gerard, although completely unrealistic, would be a great appointment, any Liverpool youngster would want to play for him (just like Lampard), increased chance of getting Wilson back, plus Lampard would probably want to send a couple of players our way on loan. It would be a Mel Morris type appointment, but never gonna happen.
  6. Replace Frank with Rafa and I would be happy. Although sounds like Rafa has been offered big money abroad so no chance we would be in for him.
  7. Part of me wants this to hurry up just so I can see what rabbit Mel pulls out of his hat again. I just hope we have investment lined up, ready to be announced to make us all feel better once fat Frank goes.
  8. Darren Moore can't really be seen as a candidate surely? Great centre back, lovely bloke, but if we get someone like him it'll be straight out of he Nigel Clough handbook, an appointment that the fans will buy into due to the name alone. When someone like Hughton or Karanka are available, regardless of their football, both know how to get promoted out of this division, Moore would be a bizarre appointment.
  9. My only hope with Frank and the last bit of hope I'm clinging onto is that he really is bloke I thought he was.. He says he loves it here, this is HIS club, I've heard stories that he and his wife love it up here, he feels part of something...I've seen Twitter posts from Jody kissing the Derby badge, that night at Leeds, of all the good times Lamps has experienced with Chelsea, I bet Leeds away is in his top 5 footballing highlights. I cling onto the hope that Lampard is sensible, that he knows he isn't ready for Chelsea, that his time will come again and with the backing of Mel, him and Jody could have a promotion on their CV. If he is the man I hope he is, he should have doubts about Chelsea.
  10. I've said from the very start, it would not surprise me if everything we are seeing is all part of the grand master plan. Drogba, Harry Redknapp, Jamie Redknapp, Rio Ferdinand, even Glenn Johnson is getting in on the act now. Frank Lampard clearly has access to social media as demonstrated by liking selected posts, so either he or Jody Morris could get on the blower and ask the likes of Didier to pack it on. Remember Lampard and Drogba met for lunch little over a week ago, since that meeting Drogba has been very vocal!
  11. Utterly classless. Why does he deserve the Chelsea job? Dean Smith deserves the job more than him, a manger Lampard was outwitted by on 2 occasions, or Bielsa, a manager he was outwitted by on 3 occasions. If Drogba ends up in a job at Chelsea that would be shocking after how unprofessional he has been about all this. Sounds to me like Chelseas hierarchy aren't 100 percent sure on Frank and his friends are trying to put a little pressure on.
  12. Lol, more chance of Stevie Wonder being our manager than Roy Keane. One of the worst man managers, he spent 9 million on a keeper over 10 years ago, he is a Forest legend and hates Derby, can't see Mel replacing Frank Lampard with Roy Keane 🤣
  13. If I knew how to Photoshop I'd put Mel Morris peering from behind that motorbike.
  14. No idea when Frank returns from holiday, but when he does I guess one of his first tasks will be delivering his decision to Mel. Either, thanks for the contract offer, let's go again and try to get promoted, or thanks but I really would like to speak to Chelsea. This next week is gonna be interesting.
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