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  1. Kevin Stewart - Signed for Hull

    Yet Hull will probably get promoted, Kevin Stewart will get player of their season and we will stay in the championship.
  2. tom huddlestone a great weapion

    Some say he possess a huge weapon.
  3. Jackson Irvine

    We would be mad to not sign him especially for a fee that low. You can't have everyone I suppose.
  4. Sheyi Ojo

    Could it be that B4 is right and everybody else is a complete moron? I did think I saw Daniel Sturridge in home bargains.
  5. Sheyi Ojo

    The bloke in my local Chinese, Mr Wing is great with a bit of flank. Whall we get him in?
  6. Are we in for a busy couple of days?

    It was the same interview when he said we have some excellent targets, the interview may still be on the official site. Obviously things have changed.
  7. Are we in for a busy couple of days?

    Rowett said he expected all incomings to be done by the time the Rams go to Germany, with only a couple of days left and none of the forward players signed yet, are today and tomorrow the days when we strike? I can see us having a busy end to the week.
  8. Glenn Whelan - signed for Villa

    I wanted Whelan, he would have been a great signing, I'm much happier with Huddlestone though, did anyone see his passing against Vale? Roll on the new season.
  9. Away Kit

    Nice kit.
  10. Jon Toral

    If we sign someone due to a video, any chance we could try and get Kim Kardashian? She has got epic ball skills on her video. Toral was a quality player for Brum and at the age he is, could be someone we turn into a great player. Butterfield is proof that a good player can look terrible if the manager in charge plays them in the wrong positions. Could it be the same with Warburton and Toral?
  11. Timi Elsnik

    He did, but never gave him another minute.
  12. Tom Lawrence

    I think he means it doesn't Bode well. Bloody predictive text.
  13. Timi Elsnik

    He will be involved I would think. Only an idiot would watch him play and think he isn't ready for first team action (Nigel Pearson).
  14. Mason Bennett

    I'd sign Watkins for a few mill and have Watkins ans Bennett fight it out for a place.
  15.  Cameron Brannagan

    His passing is Crisp.

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