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  1. He wont walk, but could you honestly blame him? We sign Rooney and clearly make out as it was the greatest bit of business, to then find out it doesnt start until January. Make an absolute meal of the transfer window and fail to replace Mount, Wilson and even Johnson and Bryson. Now he finds out a portion of his squad have the brain cells of an idiot between them, 1 of which is his captain.
  2. I'd go for Clarke if Davies isn't going to play. This is Clarkes time to shine, he is numero Uno now, I think the captaincy would swell his ego slightly.
  3. Our new captain filmed it. The squad is full of rotters.
  4. I made a prediction at work after transfer deadline day that we would get relegated, I was laughed at. I now think unless a minor miracle happens, we will get relegated this season, anything else will be a success.
  5. Cocu has gone cuckoo. Hudds was filming his team mates being sick, hardly captain material.
  6. Sack the 3 of them, dock their wages for the rest of their contracts, get then out of the club. Idiots, idiots, idiots!!!!!! Should be made to compensate every paying fan!
  7. This thread again raises the questions, who in the club, why on earth, who is responsible for allowing our squad to become so poor? I want answers and I want them now God damn it 🤣 Tom Ince, Vydra, Hendrick, all players who split opinion, all players sold for big money, all players who would walk into this team and play week in week out...where are their replacements?
  8. Both players have let us fans down, I feel personally let down (I know, get over youself). But, both players have been targeted by our fans this year and I've messaged both them giving my support. I never received a response from either, as expected, but I still went out of my way to praise them. Tom, he seems a bit of a pratt anyway so this doesnt surprise me, but he has burnt his bridges here for me, same with Bennett. We have stuck by him, even when deep down most of us know he is never going to be good enough week in week out. This club is constantly surrounded by controversy, we need the bad eggs out.
  9. May have already been mentioned, but Gilles Sunu was pretty damn awful.
  10. Could you please explain the process for identifying, scouting, selecting and buying a player? Do we have a dedicated team, would you say it is on a par with other championship clubs and do you feel we get good value in terms of ability and potential pre-sale value? ...I know that's 2 questions, but they are kinda linked. Thanks. Actually it's about 20 questions.
  11. Daniele Dainao (excuse spelling), was an interesting one. Signed from AC Milan, was supposed to be massively highly rated and was absolutely awful.
  12. I was chatting to Rob Hulse who confirmed Ellington wasnt the same when he started fasting.
  13. I love Chris Martin, always have...no idea how or why fans slate our most prolific goal scorer in YEARS...as free transfers go, he was a steal.
  14. To think all 3 of those players were playing championship football last year. To think all 3 could have potentially played for Derby.
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