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  1. Why do people keep giving Richard jip? I'm guessing you are all adults? Probably with children, heaven forbid maybe even grand children? And here you all are taking little pot shots at a fellow poster? If you dont like what he says, or if you dont agree, IGNORE. Maybe he is lying, maybe he is attention seeking...if he is, why? Sometimes it's as clicky on here than walking into the Woodlands pub 🤣
  2. Amazing thanks, I was planning on spending 10 quid, that'll do nicely.
  3. Is tonight free to season ticket holders?
  4. To be honest, I could have easily have written: "I'm giving Wayne Bloody Rooney tonight and tonight only to prove he has the minerals to get this team firing, if we lose then I want the granny bashing git ground down into a fine powder and sold off for chicken feed" But then I'd get called negative, cant win really 🙄
  5. Season starts today for me, its pretty obvious Rooney will be thr manager and Mac his baby sitter, so we may as well get behind them. Put Saturday down to first game jitters, tonight I want to see a positive line up, positive performance and substitutions at the right time. Very interesting that since Saturday Liam seems to have disappeared, locked in a cupboard and Rooney is doing all the interviews.
  6. It was a good listen, but I have a feeling Mac is a little more long term.
  7. Seriously, take your mouth, or typing fingers, for a poo. Iain bloody Dowie....
  8. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thesun.co.uk/sport/5547882/steve-mcclaren-buy-club-leeds/amp/ I'll add this here too. I wonder how much Steve has had to do with this takeover?
  9. Maybe the bookies know something we dont. The bookies stand to lose lots if Rooney gets it, I bet a few have jumped on at 7 or even 9/1. You would have thought as soon as Mac was announced the odds for Rooney would have shortened. Could be Terry after all, alongside Mac I'd be happy with that.
  10. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thesun.co.uk/sport/5547882/steve-mcclaren-buy-club-leeds/amp/ Not sure how to paste this properly, but its 2 years old and talks of Mac looking to buy a club, backed by mysterious very rich backers.
  11. I would imagine, in a nutshell. Rooney will be chief decision maker when it comes to picking an 11, Mac will be the eyes and ears on the training ground and Rooney will spend time learning coaching methods from one of the best in the game. Stevie Mac will use his contacts to attract good quality loans as we previously did. Just a random one...I'm sure I read last year that Mac was working with a consortium to try and buy a football club in England. Could he have more to do with this takeover than we know?
  12. I've had a tenner, 100 quid once he is confirmed, happy days.
  13. I can see it now, in fact I suggested it a few weeks back. New owners appoint Rooney as manager and not long after, Amazon or Netflix announce they will be doing a documentary next year on the club following the club.
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