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  1. I don't understand why an independent body would be so happy to see some of its members clubs relegated and in turn find itself in financial ruin. No idea why, especially after a global pandemic when people are fearing for jobs and worrying about money, would the EFL be happy to see a club go into Administration and watch as people are made redundant, losing valuable income and as a result potentially losing their home. No idea why, Trevor Birch could then go on OUR local radio and say, in so many words 'thems the rules'. For 18 months the world has been turned upside down, everything has changed, peoples lives have changed, yet the EFL went on as though nothing happened, even appealing against Birminghams not guilty plea, mid way through a lockdown. They are a dangerous 'firm' ran by dangerous people and as much as I do think Derby will survive, it isn't because the EFL have helped in anyway shape or form. They are after a big scalp, a big club to crash and burn, to use as ammo against the Premier League to try and cut a better deal, Parry set his sights on Wednesday and us.
  2. I think he used to be a bit of a mercenary reporter, so although he was a red dog, he wrote professional articles about Derby and was no doubt paid by someone at the club to release snippets at convenient times. Unfortunately we made him look a right burk with the BZI saga and I think ever since his articles have had a negative slant towards them. Basically no one within the club are paying him to write articles anymore so he shoots from the hip like any journo does. I still respect him as a journo, but he isn't on our side anymore.
  3. If its true that 4 parties have stumped up 5 million up front to get to the next stage I'd imagine there are people willing to do a deal. Some of these parties knew the figures before we went into admin, the deal will be even better for them now.
  4. Why is your battery at 1% you absolute risk taker, like living life on the edge do ya? And flight mode, what the hell.
  5. The moon landing was achieved with a computer with the computing power equivalent to a casino calculator today and twin towers, whilst clearly hit by 2 planes, witnessed some of the best piloting skills ever seen. Especially at the Pentagon as somehow the inexperienced pilot managed to fly the huge passenger plane at roughly 30 feet off the ground before hitting it the Pentagon head one...and then vanished without a trace. Both entirely believable if you ask me.
  6. I've just been reading up on Appleby and Jez Moxey. They are an interesting couple of guys who I think could be where we end up. Thing is, they won't be buying us, they will be brokering the deal for someone else. There MO is to sift out the time wasters and deal only with people who mean business. Moxey was at Wolves when Fosun Group took over. So in terms of who is the best fit, I'd like to listen to whoever or whatever deal Appleby is bringing to the table as it could turn out to be a good thing.
  7. It's the hope I've had. I've slated Mel, especially when admin was announced, but I honestly think he had run out of options. The EFL were strangling him, they were making sure buyers were put off at every stage and again, Mel was running out of options. He knew a buyer was very keen, they wanted it cheaper, the EFL were going to impose penalties anyway so Mel thought to hell with it, let's go admin! To this day the EFL still haven't provided any update to additional points deductions, the absolute cretins.
  8. Total guess work. Apparently it was someone with links to a leading football agent. Then you see Aldridgre and Cook, both having links to Kia Joorabchian and you wonder if that was the dream ticket all along.
  9. Whether you like Ashley or not, want him or don't, isn't it nice to have credible people with actual money linked to buying the club. I don't expect Ashley will buy Derby, but it is good to have positive stories. Remember, Mel was all to willing to sell to Erik Alonso. The names being linked to Derby today, not popular figures with their old clubs some of them, but they do have the finance.
  10. Another BZI in the waiting. If you google them Google takes you to the Carlyle Group, an investment firm worth billions. Its only when you search a bit more do you find the Carlisle Corporation, with a website akin to BZIs and a revenue less than 5 million dollars a year. They must be the broker for a bigger buyer.
  11. So basically we can file our own proceedings, let's take all the f%*ers to court.
  12. If Mike Ashley walks away with 300 million for Newcastle, he could probably get Derby as a competing force in the Championship for 100 million, cost to buy, clearing debts and a squad and all But, why would he haggle so much on how much he gets for Newcastle to then chuck it away on Derby.
  13. I was told it was mentioned who the Americans are at the forum thing the other night, although I haven't seen it in any of the meeting notes so not sure how true that is.
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