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  1. Cocu absolutely 110% needs a win to save his job for me this Saturday, any potential investors will be getting twitchy the closer we edge towards league 1. With his being desperate for goals I can see us going all out attack and predict us to have 3 shots, 1 on target.
  2. The first 5 seconds a cringeworthy, he growns as he sits in his chair like a teen, when a reporter makes a point about "keeping him waiting", he says "blame the manager". Not the best way to introduce yourself back to English football.
  3. It's a wierd one, if you ask me after a skin full I'd say "I bloody hate Rowett, he is a snake". Thing is, he is 1 of our own. I enjoyed him as a player. I wasnt fond of his football, but he got us to the playoffs. The second leg against Fulham was bizarre and I still say he desperately wanted us to lose to make it easier to leave for Stoke, because that's easier for me to stomach than believing Rowett thinking we could defend for 120 minutes of football and get to Wembley. If I met him in a pub I'd happily sit down with him and have a pint, talk about football, share stories and ask him why on earth didn't we take it to Fulham second half at their place
  4. A great bit of positive publicity for the club, especially with the new investors watching on.
  5. As long as he is able to command the 6 inch box.
  6. If that is the case about majority takeover, my guess would be that Henry Gabay is just the face of some very rich people in the background, very similar to the GSE situation, only I hope these dont lose interest so quick.
  7. The Jim Smith stand would be great, not sure about Bald Eagle, genuine question, as anyone ever asked him if the liked being called that? A bit like with Bryson when he revealed that he actually hates Jaeger and wasn't ever sure where it came from.
  8. I like Hudds, but playing him as part of 2 holding midfielders doesnt work, played as 1 holding midfielder with 2 other attacking midfielders would work wonders. I would love to have seen Huddlestone in the same midfield as Hughes and Hendrick.
  9. The crazy thing about this division, win 3 or 4 of those on the trot and you find yourselves bang up near the playoffs.
  10. Neil Warnock will be Rams manager before the end of the season, I can just see it now.
  11. Eranio, Asanovic, Stmac, Wanchope, Poom, Kinkladze, Bainao, Taribo West, the bloke had am eye for talent and I witnessed some of the best football I've seen, for any team, whilst he was manager. Absolutely gutted RIP.
  12. Cocu said in an interview recently there was 1 or 2 bits we wanted to do in the summer but weren't able to, this and Ramsalaar could be two bits.
  13. Hector Castro with 1 arm tied behind his back would be better than Roos.
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