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  1. The thing I find on this forum is, the so call doom merchants make their points but I very rarely see them personally attacking anyone. You may not agree with what they say, but so what, opinions are like R Soles. The so called happy clappers, I constantly see "pathetic post", "ridiculous post", "idiot" etc. I think some of the people who genuinely believe they are the optimists actually have anger issues and cant bare for someone to think differently or have a slightly negative view. They would rather bury their heads in sands and most probably spend the days sniffing their own far
  2. At the minute I'd say anyone that doesnt appear in Mels little black book.
  3. They didn't turn up, they all got Covid.
  4. Mel has very nearly sold us to owners who couldn't even raise enough money to pay the first months wages, let alone actually buy the club. He didnt do this once, he has done this twice, within a year. The same year the club was hit with EFL charges, charges we all know were dodgy, but charges because Mel had massively rubbed the EFL up the wrong way by trying to go toe to toe with them. We sit here 3rd bottom of division 2, no permanent manager, currently no owner willing to spend, the club doesnt own it's own stadium, players havent been paid, refunds arent being paid to fans, nor email
  5. I thought I had when I was writing it 🤣
  6. Says the person with a username "Philmycock" 😆 Apologies if Phil Mycock really is your name.
  7. Good luck to the boys today, about as much a free hit as you can get. Regardless of result all we can hope for is at least 1 or 2 of the young lads to stake a claim for the first team.
  8. Toxic? Have a day off. What do you want, a forum where everyone has 1 view, or should I say, a view which makes your happy little self that little bit happier? I honestly dont understand how/why people read posts on a forum and feel personally affected by them? Perhaps, contrary to your beliefs, I am so happy in life and so content, that when I visit this forum I dont feel personally affected or upset by anything I read, if I dont agree with something I will either make my point, peacefully, or move along. But, things with Derby County are fairly poor this year and if I want to
  9. The club are in the bottom 3 half way through the season and are in the middle of the worse season our club have had for almost 30 years. We have no permanent manager. Our takeover has failed to materialise and expected completion dates missed numerous times. Players havent been paid, for the 2nd year on the trot. Fans not receiving refunds, or updates to those refunds. Our chairman has distanced himself from the club and no longer communicates with the fans. All this added to issues out of the clubs control, pandemic, not able to attend games etc, is it any wonde
  10. What a strange week. Did the money ever arrive? did the players get paid? has the takeover gone through? has the takeover collapsed? how are our transfer plans progressing? Where has Rooney disappeared to? Is Mel still of this world? Why the total radio silence?
  11. I'm surprised someone hasnt tried asking the players on Twitter. Rooney would probably have been able to clear that up had he spoke to the media this week.
  12. This is the strange thing for me...why isnt he? I could be completely wrong, but the club seem to have gone radio silent, no players on Twitter, nothing from Wayne Rooney to say how disappointed he is that Covid has massively shafted his plans. I was going to say nothing from Mel Morris either, but I cant remember the last time he personally communicated with the fans anyway. Maybe other clubs hit with Covid do the same and it's a way of keeping things in house? I dont know.
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