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  1. MackworthRamIsGod

    Missing my chips

    I live next to the cricket ground and have noticed Zan Fish no longer have a stand there on 20 20 nights, they were there every match last season. Maybe they have stopped doing that side of the business. Might help me lose weight.
  2. MackworthRamIsGod


    3 million? I've told you a million times not to exaggerate.
  3. MackworthRamIsGod

    Bradley Johnson

    Some good valid points in this. Yes, he has the best tatoos. Yes, he us continuously played out of position (that seems to be a derby thing unfortunately, maybe one for the next fans forum). At Norwich he was THE midfielder that they looked for to score goals and he got 16 i think it was in a season. Maybe he could offer something if played in the correct position, some with Butterfield.
  4. MackworthRamIsGod

    Bradley Johnson

    If I was new football and had no idea who Bradley Johnson was, what qualities would you be able to tell me he has? What does he bring to our team, what are his strengths? As a fan of derby who knows Bradley Johnson I struggle to answer those questions.
  5. MackworthRamIsGod

    Walk Out Music

    Somet like this would do...only in Holland.
  6. MackworthRamIsGod

    Walk Out Music

    I'm guessing everyone on this board are Download festival going smelly grebs. How about Insomnia by Faithless, or even God is a DJ, I have a feeling that has been used before, but it works with the line "this is our church" before it kicks in. Something with a beat gets people moving. We could always do what they do at AZ Alkmar and PSV and play gabba before the team come out.
  7. MackworthRamIsGod

    Carabao Cup Round Two Draw - Hull (A)

    We all dream of spending a night up Beverley.
  8. MackworthRamIsGod

    Luke Thomas - Sent to Coventry, loan till Jan.

    Maybe we have someone else lined up on loan?
  9. So, if I fly out to New York on Friday evening to visit my folks for the day am I able to take in the game on Rams Player?
  10. MackworthRamIsGod

    Cameron Jerome

    I'd better hook him up with my mate dangerous dave then because he has got some potent gear.
  11. MackworthRamIsGod

    Loan window - midfield

    With the many signings made I was surprised we didn't buy a top quality midfielder in the mould of Tom Cairney or a younger Charlie Adam, someone who not only runs midfield but the game. When was the last time we had a midfielder who bossed the game? Hughes? Eustace? Hendrick? I think Frank needs to use the loan window to go and get a couple of decent midfielders with the ability to run for 90 minutes. Easier said than done as I have no idea who is available. Midfield is the area we consistently struggled with since the first Mac season, sort that and the rest will fall into place.
  12. MackworthRamIsGod

    Crazy Keogh hating

    Richard Keogh is a football genius. No one can play a sidewards pass like him.
  13. MackworthRamIsGod

    Nick Blackman - Joined Sporting de Gijon on loan

    Has Blackman actually left or are we just waiting for clearance that it has gone through?
  14. MackworthRamIsGod

    18/19 Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    I don't think it will be...if we were doing business I think we would have known by now. Lampard and Morris are probably formulating their responses to questions for tonight's forum.
  15. MackworthRamIsGod

    18/19 Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Is this why we were trying to get NakhiWells on loan as a replacement for Lawrence...I flipping hope not.

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