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  1. Got to be Archie Brown, Feste Ebsoele and for me I've always liked Jack Stretton. JML out on loan probably in with a shout too.
  2. I never realised Luton were getting a new ground?
  3. What the EFL probably haven't thought of is by charging us and admitting they made a 'mistake', it means M'bamfords can actually now legitimately claim against the EFL and have a damn good case. I have a feeling at the end of all this the chairman that haven't been happy with the EFL will actually get their wish for change as their position will be untenable after all this.
  4. Mel is clearly a very clever man. Wouldnt it be great if Gabay has come out and publicly said he may now not invest multi millions into our club because of the EFL charges. The charges then turn out to be unlawful and Mel claims damages from the EFL armed with the ammunition that these unlawful charges have resulted in a failed takeover. Gabay meanwhile, bides his time and invests into the Rams at a later date, Mel with a huge smile on his face pours himself a glass of Moet and laughs a Boycie laugh! The end.
  5. Hibs away on a Tuesday night, would definitely have to leave that game 5 minutes early to beat the traffic.
  6. My concern is, why has Gabay chosen to speak to a random journalist with regards to this, you would think Mel and Gabay have been in contact and out of respect Gabay keeps his mouth shut. If he has gone and spoken about the deal potentially being off without knowing the facts, we dont want him or his money!
  7. If we lose out on investment and signings because of this, you bet you ass we do.
  8. That page has 100 followers, would Gabay really be spilling his beans to a Twitter account that has less followers than my mate Kev.
  9. So the EFL charge has now scuppered our chances of investment and could effectively be putting our long term future in serious doubt. Absolute cretins really are sticking the boot in.
  10. If Derby were going to go with the usual claptrap 'we contest it, we are innocent, will fight and make no further comment' etc, that would have come out at 9am this morning. The silence suggests to me something bigger is coming, whether it is an announcement we are counter claiming, announcment of investment along with denial of charge. Imagine the meetings that have been taking place between Mel, potential new investors, legal teams etc today. Remember that 'War Room' we were told about, they are getting ready for battle.
  11. Got a crazy feeling that Mel will announce very shortly, just to ruffle a few feathers.
  12. That is the best meme, post, whatever, I have seen during this. Made me laugh no end.
  13. I thought you were talking about VAR for moment then.
  14. It is being discussed where I work. Even if we get away scott free, the EFL have clearly had a good go at derailing our investment plans, recruitment plans and therefore the season. Also worth noting the time of day they chose to make their statement, late in the day, which gave our club no time to speak to legal teams, prepare and release a statement, thus giving the national media and all rival fans a chance to come up with their own stories. It shows that the EFL show no care to the most important component in football, the fans!
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