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  1. MackworthRamIsGod


    http://partickthistleahistory.wikifoundry.com/page/1953+-+Derby+County+3-1 According to this Thistle won 3-1. Although it looks like we only fielded 2 players.
  2. MackworthRamIsGod

    Harry Wilson is at it again!

    Call me crazy but Wilson excites me more than Mount. Mount has hit the ground running as expected and is a class act, Wilson has the potential to be phenomenal as an attacking player. If we can have Mount and Wilson at full strength and get Tom Lawrence and Marriott firing on all cylinders we are in for a very good 2nd half of the season.
  3. But it's only Ireland.
  4. MackworthRamIsGod

    First school report of the season...score ?

    It has got to be a B, if I'm being harsh B minus. We are 7th, joint 6th which suggests something is going right, plus we have beaten United. My gripe is that we don't seem able to beat the Rotherhams or Millwalls of the world and our football is ineffective against them. I also think United and Chelsea in the cup were the worst possible draws as Lamps would see them more of a rest of himself than the players, against Hull he tried Waghorn, Holmes, bird etc, but clearly didn't do the same against United.
  5. MackworthRamIsGod

    Ones That Got Away

    Eidar Gudjohnson and Jonaton Johansson very nearly became our forward 2. Also, we refused to pay 400k for Charlie Adam.
  6. MackworthRamIsGod

    Fikayo Tomori

    For Fiks sake have patience, if we don't sign him today we will sign him Tomori.
  7. MackworthRamIsGod

    Jack Marriott - a dud?

    I may be echoing what others have said already. Marriott finished last season as top scorer in the football league and also started scoring for posh in pre-season. It would have been wise to stick him straight in and hope that his confidence gets him though. Drip feeding him into the team is probably doing him more harm than good, in my opinion. I thought he looked very good against Hull in the cup.
  8. MackworthRamIsGod

    Mason Bennett

    My question is why haven't you done it already? A player as good as Mason Bennett deserves 7 threads, no less than that will do. Bogle should at least have 9.
  9. MackworthRamIsGod

    Mason Bennett

    I thought he was brilliant tonight, a couple of cheeky back heels that both found a man. Him and Bogle on the right hand side look a handful. Lampard may be in love with Mason Bennett but he has competition from a late 30s over weight male from chad.
  10. MackworthRamIsGod

    Few idiots spoil the day

    I remember during the 3-3 game Derby fans were giving a family hell, shouting paedo at a man who was with his young daughter, I even heard a derby fan shout "I'll shag your daughter", it made me utterly ashamed. The only good thing about that third goal being scored by Rotherham was seeing the man celebrate like he had won the lottery sticking his fingers up to all the Derby fans, I felt good for him.
  11. MackworthRamIsGod

    The last 5 minutes of a match.

    Most people are trying to beat the traffic.
  12. MackworthRamIsGod

    Jack Marriott

    My father in law is called Arfur, or at least that is how I pronounce it, you can tell he twitches everytime I say his name. Although he is South African so how he can comment on accents is beyond me.
  13. MackworthRamIsGod

    Jack Marriott

    Please don't question my writing skills, my spelling and grammar are usually fantastic, English is my strong point, whereas Maffs I really struggle with.
  14. MackworthRamIsGod

    Jack Marriott

    I just asked a simple question on a forum, the first couple of posts back answered my question. Also if I had wrote that post I would have put a full stop at the end, some people clearly need to seek further education.
  15. MackworthRamIsGod

    Jack Marriott

    I missed the game yesterday, was Marriott injured? Someone told me yesterday that he had refused to travel with the squad and stayed at home, which I thought sounded like a load of horse poo.

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