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  1. MackworthRamIsGod

    just giving rams fan

    It bought tears to my eyes, as did the homeless man video. The look on the poor lads face as he is trying to explain why he is wearing a derby shirt. Good to see Forest fans condemning it too.
  2. MackworthRamIsGod

    Fran Sol

    I’ve always liked the look of his brother Are, on the same books.
  3. MackworthRamIsGod

    V Notts F*rest (h) match day thread

    Also a win puts us 6 points above Forest and 6 above Villa, every game against Forest is big, but this is massive, I honestly think a win sets us up nicely for the second half of the season.
  4. MackworthRamIsGod

    January excuses early

    We did a good job wheeling and dealing in the summer, with the exception of Waghorn who we massively overpaid for, we did well. I expect a couple of loans in Jan, from a pool of players available after Villa and Forest have hoovered every one up.
  5. MackworthRamIsGod

    Mason Mount

    Mount came with all the promise of a world beater and he showed glimpses of it during the early days of his loan. Wilson came as a bit if an unknown and started slow but has started to tear the division up recently. Mount isn't playing poor and probably puts in a 7/10 game and above most games, it's just that Harry Wilson is shaping up to be the next Gareth Bale and is taking all the lime light.
  6. MackworthRamIsGod

    18/19 January Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Neal Maupay from Brentford is someone worth looking at, if we could afford him. 14 goals and 6 assists this season, he is 22, can play on the wing and as a striker. If Lampard wanted that extra bit of quality that maybe Lawrence is lacking at the minute, this could be our man. I expect they would want top dollar unfortunately.
  7. MackworthRamIsGod

    18/19 January Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Gary Cahill will end up with Aston Villa, as will any player we are remotely linked with. James Chester, Albert Adomah, Henri Lansbury, Conor Hourihane, Tami Abraham, Scott Hogan, John McGinn, Richie De Laat, Jonathon Kodija, Glenn Whelan. Gary Cahill will no doubt join that list.
  8. MackworthRamIsGod

    How Do You Think This Season Will End?

    I've gone for playoffs, but no one is running away with it like Leicester did, or Wolves did. This season it just needs any club around mid table up to put a run together, I look at Villa for example. No reason why it can't be us. January will be massive, we usually make a right arse of it; hopefully with Lampard things will be different.
  9. MackworthRamIsGod

    What You Heard in the Stand?

    I remember when Perryplotkins played in his first friendly game a looked good, an old boy in front of me said: "That Liam Dickinson lad looks quick"
  10. MackworthRamIsGod

    Simpson referee against Owls

    Oakely Dokely.
  11. MackworthRamIsGod

    First Derby Player You Ever Saw Score a Goal Live

    Dean Saunders vs Man City, a volley as I seem to recall. My first game, my first goal.
  12. MackworthRamIsGod

    Perhaps we're not as good as we think? Yes it's XG

    When you look at Birmingham and their form, WWWWL, you realise just what a good win that was.
  13. MackworthRamIsGod

    Who would swap Marriott for Abraham?

    I genuinely didn't realise when starting the thread...close it, delete it, forget about it. Or just believe.
  14. MackworthRamIsGod

    Who would swap Marriott for Abraham?

    Given the chance would you happily swap Tammy for Marriott, it would be interesting to ask Villa fans the same st the minute. Before the end of August, even before seeing Marriott play, if I was told we could get Tammy Abraham for a year long loan providing we got rid of Marriott, I would have drove him to Raynesway tip and left him there. I think most fans may have done similar. Now, I ain't so sure! Marriott is showing he can finish like a top top striker, the chest he laid off yesterday (I forget who to) reminded me of Martin in his prime. He is my new hero, along side Wilson, Mount, Carson, Tomori. And Huddlestone.
  15. MackworthRamIsGod

    Who should we fear?

    League positions aside, who in this division at the minute would you say are better than us? Leeds beat us comfortably, but have had a little wobble and were beaten by Birmingham. Sheff U currently top, we comfortably beat. West Brom who have a strong squad, we beat comfortably. Brentford who were flying when we played them, we battered. Boro, first half hour we simply outclassed them in every department. Although we didn't see the job through. Forest look strong and Norwich who are flying at the minute, we got a decent point against. I can see there eventually being a mini league between Derby, Norwich, Boro and West Brom for top 2 spot and I just hope we maintain our current form as I can't see anyone stopping us. Tomorrow's game is against a Birmingham who have beaten some strong sides recently, beat them and I think that will be a real statement.

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