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  1. Very happy, I didn't know where our first win would come from, so to have 5 points from a possible 9 is great. I am very intrigued to see how we get on against an established championship side in Bristol City on Tuesday, I expect them to be a bigger test than a low in confidence Stoke or Huddersfield, that is when we will see just what we are about. The only reason why I say shame is because as with every single season, we are a couple of players short of having a team capable of challenging for the top 2 spaces imo, would have been brilliant for Rooney to be walking into a side brimming with confidence and gunning for Automatic Promotion (assuming that isn't the case).
  2. The last couple of days in the transfer window would define our season, 2 loans from rivals, a 3rd choice keeper and a fairly decent (but no more) attacking player from Bristol City, both straight out of the Nigel Clough handbook. 2 players were needed, i guess Rooney would have been 1, but he decided to stay at DC until Jan and it really is worth the wait and a quality winger to replace Wilson (perhaps we were waiting on Wilson and were hopeful). We just need to Jan and I would imagine Rooney and 1 other will be the difference.
  3. Nothing to do with growing on trees, I'm saying we haven't replaced Mount, or even close to replacing him and with Wilson we didn't seem to try too much. Rooney joining in Jan is great, doesn't help us now though does it?
  4. Sky Bet Championship...the league in which both our teams compete in is sponsored by a betting company, should our teams withdraw immediately?
  5. If he was bought in to replace Mason Mount then God help us. We needed to desperately replace Tomori, Wilson and Mount. Tomori has been replaced and what a wonderful replacement it is. Mount has not been replaced in any shape or form and we didn't seem to bother trying to replace Wilson. Shame.
  6. It's how the rich live, whilst the government are telling us how we can do our bit (and people fall for it), the rich fly on private jets and drive big cars designed for a family to ferry 1 person about. As someone said, they are kept running to ensure the players fruit shoots are kept nice and cold. Climate change only applies to anyone earning under a certain amount a year.
  7. I wonder why we didn't strike?
  8. Forsyth has only just got close to returning to fitness so I expect him to be in and around the squad end of Sept/beginning of October. Id like to see Bird getting a loan somewhere. Mitchell I expect to see go on loan to Bayern Munich, because whoever arranges our goalkeeping loans is on fire.
  9. I think Mel buying the stadium and then getting Rooney to wear number 32 is a genius little plan he has. It is a great way to show the people responsible for FFP (or P&S now), that if you want to put strict rules in place then clubs are going to have to find every single loop hole they can to make ends meat. That is exactly what we are doing, Mel with his business acumen and Stephen Pearce who clearly knows a thing or two, are looking at ways to bring revenue into the club without breaking the rules. You cannot break a rule if a rule isn't there to be broken, regardless of how unethical it is. The church go on about gambling being a problem but God was offered 2/1 odds on Adam eating the apple and won!
  10. If we lose our most valuable player to a lengthy injury only days after celebrating that we didn't sell him for millions, it would probably be a good time to give up. Curtis Davies, Forysth (how many times), George Thorne (how many times), Marcus Olson, Will Hughes etc etc, if we had a league table for injured players I wouldn't be surprised to see us top.
  11. Yes I realised it wasn't on Rams TV when it was too late. I'm now stood in Holland surrounded by coffee shops and half naked women kicking myself for having a wasted journey (he wishes).
  12. Unfortunately I cannot make the game, Radio Derby it is.
  13. I'm guessing tonight is one of those rare occasions where we are forced to listen to the match on the radio?
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