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  1. His point though, for the money we can offer and the market we are shopping in, as in the frees, we csnt exactly replace Buchanan with someone of his quality. He has played for the England u21s and would have played more if it wasnt for Rooney inexplicably choosing Forsyth over him. If we sell him it will be to pay next months wages no doubt. Very tough times are approaching, buckle up it's about to get bumpy.
  2. If we were forced to sell Buchanan to Forest then Mel and Pearce want running out ot Derby. HRMC owed money, no updates on the accounts, no updates on anything of any note, embargos, umbongos, Buchanan to Forest would be the absolute final nail in the coffin for me.
  3. I've liked the look of Cybulski, he really does remind me of Crouch, ridiculously tall and is good on the ball.
  4. Yes fair point, Morrison could be a good player, providing Rooney can keep him focused and engaged. In fact I have a feeling we could have a bit of a talent on our hands as we will be forced to play him we are that short. His head seems to drop when he is dropped often.
  5. Mental to see the players who have left and the EFL will allow us to bring 4 in ๐Ÿ˜„ Honestly we may as well ask the EFL to relegate us now and wipe the slate clean and let us have a go at it in league 1, at least we will be 1 year ahead in the inevitable rebuild.
  6. The 3 Amigo days, for as bad as they were, we saw George Burley build a team with Raziak, Idiakez, Reich, Bisgaard. We were able to loan players like Osman. It's a shame really as we saw some good football.
  7. ๐Ÿ˜† Actually, I saw Rory and I'm assuming his other son walking their dog on Darley Park a few weeks back so they are clearly a local family. If Liam is loaned out to a championship club the ticks in the box for us are, he has a place to stay where he feels comfortable, is guaranteed to play footy and would be coached by Englands top goalscorer. But, the loan fee would surely price us out the market.
  8. More chance of Erik Alonso buying the club, spending 150 million, buying 1 player for 20 million and leading us to champions league football than there is of us signing Liam Delap this season.
  9. On the verge? ๐Ÿ˜† I think we are way beyond embarrassing at the minute.
  10. Because Mel, for all his good business sense in the real world, isn't able to run a football club. He could have gone down as the best chairman the club has ever seen, but rather than use his money to secure the long term financial future for the club, he has continuously gambled to try and get to the Premier League. No fan should be blamed for backing him when he was spending money, because how were we to know that Bill's werent being paid, until now? I know it wasnt his intention, but he has brought the club to its knees and unless something changes quickly, this season could be our last in the championship for a while.
  11. I would say that is some damn good investigation work there. I had been waiting for the name Erik Thohir to emerge when Alonso was in talks and surprised it didnt. Alonso did make reference to the Americans still pushing along with the purchase, so maybe he wasnt completely telling porkies.
  12. Arrive are more reliable than our CEO.
  13. Tony Benson previously of Woking and Roy Hedges of Concorde FC have been seen amongst the new faces training with the Derby first team squad, Benson (54) and Hedges (47) are hoping to show Rooney they are up to the challenge ahead. Benson was said to be very surprised to receive the call, as he was tending to his allotment at the time, but he will be hoping he can win over the gaffer and secure his first club since retiring 16 years ago. According to sources the club are pressing ahead with signings for the new season after Wayne submitted his shopping list to the clubs recruitment team, written on the back of a cigarette packet.
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