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  1. Promotion predictor

    Derby second - 91 points Villa - 90 points Fulham - 87 points Brentford - 85 points Bristol City - 82 points That would set up a local derby between Fulham and Brentford and a tasty semi final between Villa and Bristol City.
  2. Our New Weapon

    He wants to look after his hair or it could drop out and he could end up looking like Arturo Vidal So soon. Or David Tressemme.
  3. Our New Weapon

    Yes getting him on a perm was a great bit of business. The classiest player since Buffon. Is it true he was a youth player at Barnet?
  4. The Yard

  5. Free agents

    Look man drop it.
  6. where are they now - Rob Hulse

    If Boro offered 4 million for him all those years ago I wonder how much he would have been worth now? 8 million to most clubs and 42 million to Liverpool?
  7. where are they now - Rob Hulse

    I met him after villa away last year. He said he doesn't like footy and didn't for the last few years of his career, he just did it because he was good at it. Villa away was his first match in years and was only to take his nephew who supports villa.
  8. Johnny Russell - Signed for Sporting Kansas City

    Thanks for the goal against Forest. Bloody shame you wanted out. We have Anya now, he is a really nice guy.
  9. What going wrong lately

    We needed an added spark in January and I think Lookman would have been that spark. We are slightly weaker as a squad, lost the running of Johnny Russell and lost Sam Winnall who scores important goals.
  10. Bloody Villa

    Gary Rowett is right when he says he cannot control what others do, who would have thought Villa would win 7 games on the trot. They hadnt won a game in 5 before this run. If Villa had maintained a similar run of form or even improved slightly, last night's defeat would have looked less drastic. Our first defeat since November, our first defeat on the road since September, and we would still be second on equal points with Cardiff. Villa surely cannot maintain their form and hopefully the wobble starts on Saturday against a very good Fulham side. To be even talking about promotion this season is far better than I ever anticipated.
  11. London's calling

    I made this thread whilst we were still sat in second, so to answer your question, no. Edit: I just realised I made this when in third, so to answer your question, yes. If we make the playoffs this season it will be a great success, my post wasn't a negative. Although I'm fairly confident we won't be finishing 2nd this season.
  12. London's calling

    It could all change again mid week if we beat Sheff Weds, the Villa have a tough game against Fulham. I agree it's all to play for but my alarm bells are ringing and I can almost smell the green man's porta-loos.
  13. London's calling

    I think we could be looking at another playoff campaign this season, to reach the promised land we may have to go through 3 x 90 minutes of cup finals. I would normally fear the playoffs, but I honestly think Rowett could do it. Apart from Fulham I don't really fear any of the teams around the top 6, assuming Villa and Wolves go up.
  14. Sam Winnall torn ACL, out for the season

    Darren bent is an u23 striker so we could get around the whole loophole thing.
  15. Steven Caulker - Signed for Dundee

    Lets just hope he bonds with his team mates quickly. You can't gloss over the fact he has had his issues, hammerite or am I wrong?

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