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  1. Not good enough, if he isn't tweeting pics of himself banging his missus whilst wearing a derby shirt, does he actually care?
  2. I'm disappointed that no one picked up on the fact my thread title was wrong compared to what i had written. Shocking.
  3. Keogh deserves purely on the fact he conditions himself and keeps himself fit and able to play every minute of every game, very impressive. Bogle should really get the YPOTY purely for the fact he is ours. He has made a few clangers, but whereas Tomori has already played championship games for Hull as well as being moulded at Chelsea, Bogle has established himself into our first team having been promoted through our youth ranks and is clearly attracting premiership interest.
  4. The average points total needed for the playoffs over the last 5 years is just under 76 points. We sit on 51 points with 14 games to go. It will take 8 wins and 1 draw from our remaining 14 games to reach that average. With Games against the likes of Wigan, Swansea, Sheff Weds, Rotherham, Blackburn, Brentford, Bolton, QPR, Birmingham, Stoke. Plus massive games against Bristol City, Villa, Forest and West Brom , can we somehow find the 8 wins and 1 draw to reach 75 points? A point (or all 3) against Forest would be a nice start.
  5. I keep reading glowing reviews of our u23 players, Max Bird, Louis Sibley, the double barrelled named lad whose name escapes me. We have so many players out of contract in the summer and things are going right tits up, give these kids a go! Our midfield is desperate for an injection of pace/quality/something.
  6. John Eustace, Paul Coutts, Simon Dawkins, Jamie Ward, I could keep listing ex players that would be more than welcome back to replace this current poo.
  7. No coincidence that our annual collapse coincides with a poor Jan transfer window. We all knew we needed a lot more quality in Jan. It's the same every year.
  8. I hope we do get Chinese Investment, who changes our name to Derby Dragons, the kit colour to a nice fiery red, change the name of our stadium to Mi Ming Pong Stadium and introduces a bit of Dragon dancing as half time entertainment. Apart from investment in the academy, top 10 finishes every season, improvements to the stadium, a much improved playing staff and high profile managers, what has Mel ever done for this club?
  9. I still think top 6 is achievable and I think we would have a good chance in the playoffs providing: 1) we have some luck with injuries for once 2) Lampard is able to find his best 11 and we see some consistency with team selections. 3) We see a winning run of games, 3 or 4 wins on the trot would really see the players confidence lift. If we can get Cole at left back, King, Huddlestone and Mount in the same midfield, Waghorn and Wilson on the wings and Marriott up front then we have a very good chance.
  10. Is it true that Christian Walton is Welsh for Chris Weale?
  11. I think there will be a fair few of our u23s step up next season, hopefully we unearth the next izale mcleod or callum ball.
  12. According to transfermarkt Roos is currently valued at 90k. If Craig Gordon was worth 9 million all those years ago, I wonder what Keane would be willing to pay for Roos
  13. Midfield 3 has got to be Huddlestone, King and Mount for me, it's almost a mouth watering midfield.
  14. What a dreadful week of football. Absolutely balls up the game against Ipswich and then this truly dreadful display, nothing short of woeful. Rowett, Clough, Clement, McLaren 1, McLaren 2 were all sacked for less than this.
  15. You must be forgetting the time Clement rested players against Leeds and saved them for the Middlesbrough game which we then went onto lose and we ended up with 1 point from the 2 games.
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