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  1. I always thought he got the rough deal out of it all. The only person not driving and he is the one who stops playing for the club. The club did try to support him though, Derby should take no blame what so ever. When you look at that thicko Mason, we actually gave him a 2nd chance and to see how he repaid it. Keogh would have put everything into repaying the club and fans had he had the opportunity to do so. I honestly could have cried when I saw him wearing the MK Don's shirt, he and Martin were club legends for me and both should have retired playing for this club.
  2. It wouldnt surprise me if the so called independent panel had gone back to the EFL and said words to effect "look, we can't find Derby guilty of anything, they quite clearly bent rules but we cant see where they broke them, but we will give you an extension to find us more evidence" The EFL are now scurrying around like rats trying to find anything to strengthen their case against us. I honestly cant see how the panel havent been able to make a yes or no answer, its absolutely embarrassing that this is taking longer than a jury take to find a murderer guilty and send them down for li
  3. I'm sure our players report back from training next week or week after? Not only has this charge seriously affected the investment and signings in January, it now risks wazzing on our preparations for next season. Is there is period of time that Sheff Weds have to appeal? I just wonder if the EFL have got to wait for whatever period that is to be over before announcing the outcome.
  4. And just like waiting for the missus to give birth, nothing will happen 😆 I'm sure when Sheff Weds decison was looming the media were all over it, they knew it was about to be released, there has been nothing about ours. As much as I want it announced so we can move on, I can see it dragging out.
  5. They either need to abolish parachute payments, or allow clubs not in receipt of parachute payments to lose more. I think Derby are now the longest serving team in the championship (is this correct), when you compare the money West Brom or Fulham or Cardiff or Middlesbrough have had thrown at them over the years compared to us and WE are the ones up in court, madness.
  6. If we had money all of those options would be great, although I'm not convinced about Ince, but if we got the one we sold then it's a Yes. We say the same every year, but providing we dont get a deduction, next season is a great year to go for it and players like the ones you have listed would be perfect. If I could only choose 2, I'd go for Jota and Piazon.
  7. I heard David Prutton, Don Goodman, Billy Davies, Kenny Burns and that traveller lady who put a curse on the Baseball Ground, were on the independent panel.
  8. I agree, when I was typing the post I was trying to think where would he play? I still wouldnt mind seeing him in a Derby shirt though.
  9. Ive tipped him to join us as soon as Cocu came in, would be an amazing signing. We can but dream.
  10. The most annoying thing about it. The EFL should allow all football clubs to inject money that covers any losses in income. It's funny how sky can threaten to take legal action for loss of earnings, yet football clubs that aren't in a European competition are left to try and survive. After everything dies down I can see there no longer being a league 2 and wouldnt surprise me if league 1 went also.
  11. The rumour going around Twitter is by someone who has put two tweets out, 1 saying "Cant believe Derby got away with a points deduction, ITK" and another saying "cant believe Derby got a 12 point deduction, ITK". Unfortunately he is just having a laugh.
  12. Our scouting team will be very disappointed as they ordered to stop playing football manager and watching player montages on YouTube.
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