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  1. ...sold Pride Park to Morris for a reported £80m and leased the property back from him for £40m. It was actually sold for £81m (£40m profit) and leased back at £1.1m per year. I can excuse the £80m rounding, but he's made up the £40m lease as far as I can tell The article drums up the significance of Gabay and tries to downplay the fact the club have stated the outstanding charge with Gabay's company is actually a land Registry error. But with the debts piling up. The only evidence available to the public suggests it's not cub debt. Either another of Mel's companies owes the clu
  2. Multi-million pound fees paid for Bielik, Lawrence, Jozwiak, Waghorn and Wisdom. Next on the list is Byrne and Fozzy for about £200k each. All others were free or on loan. (Not including those out on loan)
  3. Well the rules of appeal do state new evidence can't be submitted. It certainly comes across as the EFL based their entire appeal based on submitting new evidence.
  4. I interpret it as a worse case scenario of it being a fine, but most likely scenario still being no punishment. Given the facts of the case, I would personally put the chances at 99% vs 1% in favour of no punishment as all.
  5. Bristol picked up 12 points from their first 4 games. Then 27 points from the next 27 games.
  6. Before this last 12 months I would agree with you. However, with working from home for about 50-60% of my time, I've felt more relaxed and haven't had the need for a trip away. If it wasn't for getting married and going on our honeymoon, I wouldn't have used any work holidays this year, yet I don't feel any worse off for it. I guess it's down to saving on all that travelling to and from work which has made all the difference.
  7. 352, 343 or 433? A very tough decision for Rooney. I imagine he'll go with 433 which he perhaps feels counters Forest's preferred 4231 - Double up on Murray whilst battling man-for-man on the 5 in midfield and the 2 full backs. Marshall Byrne Wisdom Clarke Buchanan Knight Bird Shinnie Waghorn Kazim Jozwiak Harsh on Edmundson based on last night, but he'll be the victim of Wisdom's and Clarke's good form when playing a back 4.
  8. 1 month has passed, so here's an update on this: Not much has really changed. Bristol the biggest mover having used younger player since their mini injury crisis. One thing to not is that in the 2nd instance, academy minutes exclude players to have left in January whereas U21 minutes includes them (it was easier and quicker for me to do it this way). Some players have since turned 22 so are now excluded from the U21 minutes. We're now in the lead for minutes given to players currently 21 or younger, and 2nd for minutes given to academy graduates.
  9. Strip out the TV deals and disparity based on league finishing position and you get something like this:
  10. Not sure why I said PL Cup (that's an U23 competition) as it's just a generic U18 league game. t also looks like it isn't today either. The DCFC site says 23rd Feb but the PL website says 23rd March
  11. Wouldn't be bad backup for Kazim, Gregory and Stretton
  12. You think this has been strict? Take shops as an example. During lockdown 1, the not really essential shops such as B&Q were using click and collect, whereas now it's a free for all with as many people walking in store as possible. Supermarkets were limiting numbers, now it's unrestricted. People are still going to work, even if they don't need to go into the office. You're allowed to go to the park and similar places. That's not even taking into account the numbers who are ignoring rules unpunished. Large groups of kids roaming the streets at night, kicking bins into the middle
  13. Just a time limit on VAR decisions. If a VAR decision can't be reached within a specified time then it's not obvious, and the ref's decision stands?
  14. Hopefully we'll have international flights again when this is all over.
  15. The U18s play the Dirties in the PL Cup tomorrow at 1pm
  16. This hasn't been anywhere near a proper lockdown
  17. Great! It costs the club £5-6m each year to run the academy. Selling the best kids we have inba specific age group for £250k each is a fantastic business strategy when a good year means 11 new scholars in the U18 sqaud.
  18. Good job he's only there until the end of the season then
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