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  1. I would question how reliable that method is though
  2. Seems like brainstormed ideas and put them all into a proposal. Probably with a view of the PL saying "implementing all is unreasonable, let's reduce it down to just a couple"
  3. Roos Jagielka Davies Byrne Bird Shinnie Buchanan Sibley Ravel Jozwiak Lawrence
  4. Here are the screenshots of footage jsut before Sharp knocks it past Roos, and when the ball touches the ground for the first time from that knock on. Bad decision making from Roos on this occasion. As soon as he started coming out you could tell Sharp was going to get there first. A gentle knock past Roos and it's a red as there would have been no chance of Jagielka getting back for a block As shown by the second image, the knock on from Sharp took it too wide (I'm doubtful of it actually being a pass). Jagielka had recovered well enough to prevent any chance of an obvious goal scoring opportunity. To be honest, I was surprised the ref didn't let play go on to see the result of the other Sheff Utd players' attempt on goal, then returned to card Roos.
  5. Buy Boro, buy Allsop for £60m to settle Derby's debt, give him a 10 year contract on £1m a month, then leg it...
  6. The important bit is that it guarantees us getting through to January if Mel's £1.5m a month comment is to be believed
  7. Correction to my post: I'll bet everything I own on Forest, Hull and Peterborough not all winning 3 of their next 6 games.
  8. I'll bet everything I own on Forest, Hull and Peterborough not all winning their next 3 games.
  9. With P&S it would be easier to stick to a 3 year cycle - low spend, medium spend, high spend, then start again. Either that or get recruitment right so that high value sales are a regular occurrence which funds a continual push
  10. Extremely doubtful if Swansea demand compensation (which appears to be the case)
  11. Small steps. Step 1. Get into positive points Step 2. Move above Forest. Step 3. Get out of the bottom 3. If results go our way, we could achieve all of that in just 8 and a bit days. We have up to 8 months to actually achieve it.
  12. To me, 'one of our own' refers to someone that is from the area
  13. But he isn't 'one of our own'. Agree about not signing that song though
  14. Why did I think they were still in the Championship?😅😂
  15. Stoke the most obvious one went they decide to look into their accounts (notably Covid impairment). Blackburn and Forest close. Boro, Bournemouth and Watford probably next closest, but have significant leeway after seemingly making cutbacks/sales.
  16. Regarding first to stay up with 12+ points deducted? Wouldn't be the first to survive an admin deduction (Championship or EFL). Since 2008: Bury - kicked out Wigan - minus 12 points in Championship, 2 points away from safety. Bolton - minus 12 points in L1, rock bottom Coventry2 - minus 10 in L1, 4 clear of bottom 4 Coventry1 - minus 10 in L1, 7 clear of bottom 4 Port Vale - minus 10 in L2, 15 clear of bottom 2 Portsmouth2 - minus 10 in Championship, 8 points away from safety Plymouth - minus 10 in L1, 6 points away from safety Portsmouth1 - minus 9 in PL, rock bottom Crystal Palace - minus 10 in Championship, 2 points clear of bottom 3 Stockport - minus 10 in L1, rock bottom Southampton - minus 10 in L1, 7 points off playoffs, 23 clear of bottom 3 Darlington - minus 10 in L2, 7 points off playoffs, 25 clear of bottom 3 Rotherham2 - minus 17 in L2, 11 points off playoffs, 21 clear of bottom 2 Bournemouth2 - minus 17 in L2, 9 clear of bottom 2 Rotherham1 - minus 10 in L2, 14 points off playoffs, 22 clear of bottom 2 Bournemouth1 - minus 10 in L1, 2 points away from safety
  17. Darlington. Built a new 25k seater stadium and only managed to get 2k fans in the ground...
  18. Started looking for admin advice 3 weeks ago, just days after the transfer window closed... It begs the question why we didn't sell player(s) when we had the chance to avoid admin
  19. Makes sense. There's a point at which the total deduction is insurmountable. Once January comes, we may as well sell who won't be here next season whilst they're still under contract, then give whoever is left some first team experience. Either they'll impress enough to be sold on for money to help with a rebuild, or they'll gain valuable experience.
  20. I was hoping the interview on Sunday was just for show. Given he said the same sort of stuff to the players and staff pretty much confirms he believes exactly what he was saying publicly.
  21. 23/09/2020 - 2 games into the season, 0 points 8 games into the season - 5 points (1W, 2D) I didn't think we played that badly in the early games, aside from Blackburn when half a squad was missing due to injury. There was a clear (to me) identity of play, even if it wasn't being implemented fully. We were only knocked out of the cup because a penalty was wrongly awarded against us. Jozwiak's goal wrongly ruled out. A sublime pass from Bird to Knight, leaving him 1-on-1 wrongly ruled offside (10 yards onside). Just those 2 goals could have resulted in 4 or 5 more points and we would have been a very different season. Bad luck resulted in a massive drop-off in confidence and performances even when all players returned from injury.
  22. Zion Dixon - 1st year scholar (still only 16)
  23. Deferral is different to being late. Presumably there are required steps to take, not least approval from the players themselves and the EFL before actually implementing a deferral.
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