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  1. Really poor. Ill back Cocu and will continue to do so, but his in game management today has to be questioned. 1st of all, he changed the system which he chose to start the game (3-5-2) after only 10 minutes of the game back to 4-2-3-1. This resulted in players playing out of position and it showed. Lucky to be 1-0 ahead with a bit of magic off a free kick, however QPR deserved to get level. The substitutions second half for me didn't make sense when we need a goal. No problem bringing Whittaker on, however I would personally have replaced Wisdom and shifted Bogle to full back. Wisdom had a good game, but Bogle provides one of our best athletes tacking options, which is showed by his assists when played as a full back. Again, agree with he introduction of Martin & Knight, however taking Marriott off and leaving Evans on is ridiculous. Evans was negative all day and got himself marked, where as while Marriott had no service, he has to stay on when we need a goal. Really missed Bielik in midfield today and also the legs of Shinnie.
  2. Absolutely appalling 1st half performance. Scored out of nothing but completely outplayed by a poor side. Tough with all the injuries in midfield, but Knight & Sibley have to offer more than Evans. Granted he works hard, but so so limited. Rarely plays forward and just gets himself marked. Holmes been the best player for us next to him.
  3. Started 3-5-2 and quickly changed to 4-2-3-1 after poor start
  4. Disgraceful. Way too soon to throw them back in. Having watched Barnsley at the weekend, the game would be made for Marriott with how high their line was.
  5. While we could have won it, I thought is was another abject performance. Slow, predictable football with a lack of ideas for the most part. Clarke looked as nervous as I’ve ever seen a player in the 1st half on the ball and was extremely poor. Thought he was better 2nd half. Lawrence was poor again. Undoubted talent, however decision making is letting him down. Doesn’t give the ball when he should and im over seeing him attempt them free kicks. Penalty aside, thought Keogh was good again with Bielik, Holmes, Malone putting in decent shifts. Reminded me of the Clement & Mac 2 days with 1 striker isolated. We have to play 2 Center Forwards in my opinion to allow us to get more pressure on the ball higher up the pitch and give us more options to play into. We are getting very little from our wingers anyway, so I think it’s time to go with the 4-4-2 diamond again.
  6. I don't but this theory from Cocu regarding Marriott not being fit to play 90 mins in case of injury. People are forgetting he played 90 minutes in the cup 2 weeks ago. If he does't want to aggravate injury by managing minutes, then he shouldn't have played 90 minutes that night. He got through 90 minutes that night and should be back in the team from the start.
  7. Id continue with 3 at the back for this one as Bristol City will play 2 up front (Afobe & Weimann) with Palmer just behind. Similar to the Stoke forward line yesterday that caused us problems. Team for me would be: Roos Keogh Bielik Clarke Lowe Huddlestone Dowell Malone Lawrence Waghorn Marriott Subs: Evans, Hamer, Bennett, Knight, Buchanan, Paterson (if he is allowed, Sibley if not), Shinnie Formation has the personnel to be flexible in possession and can change shape of front 3, plus Dowell joining in also. Can't wait to get Bogle & Holmes back into this side, with Rooney in January.
  8. ??? We have just broke our transfer record to sign Bielik. I am confident in saying he will be 1st choice when match fit.
  9. Passing Accuracy will always be higher when you play 5 yards sidewards and backwards. Watch the 1st half again and you will see he gave the ball away 2/3 key times when trying to play forward and gets caught on it also. Huddlestone is always going to have a lower passing accuracy with the passes he attempts. Fact is he influenced the game more and that is why he stayed on over Evans at HT when either could have been brought off for the tactical switch. I’m not making him a scapegoat and will always support all our players, however Evans will clearly be 3rd choice behind Bielik and Huddlestone and rightly so.
  10. Standouts of the season so far?! He was decent at Huddersfield, yet appalling 1st half against Swansea giving the ball away repeatedly and getting caught on the ball leading to him being dragged off. Played well on Tuesday against a side bottom of League 2. He will be nothing more than a back up option with which he is fine, however nowhere near good enough to start for us regularly.
  11. Good player who is better than our current options (Jozefzoon & Bennett). Will improve us and just hope the fans don’t get on his back when he makes 1 mistake
  12. I’ll echo many so far in that Sibley & Knight have to be in and around the match day squad this season. Both look ready and could compliment each other well for years to come. Hopefully Lowe can replicate this form in meaningful games and challenge Malone for starting position. The loan last year has done him a world of good. Watching Martin reminded me of his last season for us. Lack of movement, predictable, going to ground too easy and no goal threat whatsoever. Love him for all he did for us, but he shouldn’t be anywhere near our squad. Offers very little and makes us so much more predictable as a team. His record over last 2 seasons speaks for itself and it’s time to move him on permanently. Shinnie will bring something different in midfield, a more mobile and energetic Johnson. Dowell is a great addition and should be a huge player for us. Still don’t see anything in Jozefzoon to convince me he is good enough to start for us. If we are relying on him for more than an odd cameo off the bench we will be in trouble. Think as a minimum we need the following and we should be challenging again: Goalkeeper Center Back with pace Holding Midfield Player for competition with TH Right Sided Attacking Player
  13. Absolutely laughable some of the comments. Would be an unbelievable signing if we could get him back. His overall output was top class and would give the squad a huge lift.
  14. While I rate Lawrence, there is no denying that his overall output for us has been underwhelming. In 83 appearances for the club he has scored 13 goals. For what we spent on him & the hype that came with him, I think we all expected more. On his day, he is a threat and no doubt can produce moments of magic, however he is far too inconsistent to command that sort of transfer fee IMO. He came in to replace Tom Ince and hasn't produced anywhere near the quality of performances that Ince did for the club. Personally, I hope he kicks on with us, as there is talent without a doubt, however if we got an offer of more than what we paid for him, I would happily sell if that money was able to be reinvested in the squad. I genuinely believe we have to sell a player for a significant fee this summer and if it came down to Bogle or Lawrence then, I would hope we keep Bogle as he is a much more important player for us.
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