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  1. Pardon?! I’m not trying to be rude, but I’m not sure what game you were watching and couldn’t disagree more. 1st half he repeatedly gave the ball away or had poor decision making/end product after we had good passages of play. He tracked back well and won the ball a couple of times, however if that’s what we are happy with from an 8m pound winger then it’s simply not enough. 2nd half he was totally non existent except missing an absolute sitter and blazing one over the bar from outside the box. He isn’t (and hasn’t for a long time) doing anywhere near enough to justify his selection and it makes no sense how he stays on the field when subs are made, while others go off who look far more threatening than him. Our best performances in regards to quality of performance and spirit of the team have come with him out the side and the sooner he is out of the club the better. There is talent in him, however it is never going to work for him at our club.
  2. How does Lawrence stay on the pitch instead of Holmes & Knight is beyond me? He has been absolutely woeful, but yet again looks like he will play 90 minutes.
  3. Unlucky?? He should have broke the net. Its an absolute sitter!!
  4. His decision making and final product has been awful
  5. Moving the ball really well at times. Bird looks better each time I see him. Has to be in the team every week. Appreciate the work rate and attitude of Waghorn, but he just isn't a goalscorer. Would love to see Marriott on at Half Time. Not trying to be negative on Lawrence, but he has been absolutely awful this 1st half hour. Poor decisions and gave the ball away mulitple times in good situations.
  6. Hamer Bogle Bielik Clarke Lowe Huddlestone Bird Holmes Rooney Knight Marriott Subs: Waghorn, Roos, Martin, Sibley, Davies, Wisdom, Lawrence For all the back and forth on Lawrence, he doesn't deserve to be in the team based on his individual performances and our team performances with him in & out of the side. How he was selected ahead of Sibley after their respective performances at Palace makes no sense at all. Unlucky on Wisdom, however at home I would play Bogle & Wisdom away currently.
  7. Managed to find this video from a while ago and from this he looks like he has played off the right hand side and would fill the Right Sided Attacking Player void we have been looking to sign. Impossible to judge youth football and the impact they will have, but I trust Jody & Frank to help us out.
  8. There is a player in him no doubt, but it was clear very early on it was never going to work out for him at Derby County. Good riddance and hope we use the wages to improve the squad.
  9. Personally don’t mind Ramage. At times he goes off on rants as mentioned and can keep going on. At the same time he is the only one on RD with any sort of idea from a football and tactical standpoint. Talks some good sense about the game and how to play it and don’t mind his insight.
  10. Waghorn & Marriott poor?! What game were you watching? They worked their nuts off for 90 minutes and constantly created space for others with their movement. The difference in the performance tonight to recent games is the energy levels of the team. With Martin up front it’s so static and predictable. Holmes, Bird & Knight absolutely outstanding. Refreshing to see the fight and desire in midfield with so much quality as well. Lawrence simply can’t come back into this team.
  11. I imagine we will stick with the 4-3-3 so if so this is what I would go with: GK - Hamer RB - Bogle CB - Bielik CB - Davies LB - Lowe CM - Bird CM - Knight CM - Sibley RW - Waghorn CF - Marriott LW - Holmes While I think Bielik is better in midfield, until we get a CB in we need to play him at the back. Forsyth is a disaster waiting to happen and can’t be in the side after his recent displays. Id go with the youth in the middle of the park. All 3 will being higher energy levels than what we have seen recently and worth a go IMO. Id play Holmes out wide moving forward. We need someone out wide who can drift and beat a man and he is capable. Decision making isn’t good enough for me to play in the middle of the park and would give him more freedom further forward. Marriott needs to play through the middle. All this about his not being able to play on his own is garbage. He has done it before and looked lively when he came on at Wigan. Get bodies around him and creat chances and he is as likely as anyone to score. Martin has been a fantastic player for us but we are far too predictable right now with him as the lone striker. Reminds me of the Mac 2 days when it was going wrong. Way too easy to play against and predictable as he is never going to threaten any space beyond the defenders.
  12. Horrifc yet again and that post match interview with Cocu is nothing short of a disgrace. Couldn’t disagree more. If he thinks the problem first half was that we were too direct then I don’t want him anywhere near the club. Slow, passive, negative and completely boring to watch. While he has been unlucky with injuries, the style of play is dreadful and selection of players very worrying. Clearly fallen out again with Marriott too. You have to question if Cocu is the right man regardless of the lack of time after the performances and selection recently. Fills me with no excitement and clearly struggling to adjust to championship football. Said in the summer I wanted Bowyer and stand by it.
  13. Absolutely dreadful. Players need to take responsibility, however Cocu has to take some of the blame as he is selecting these players & system. We put in 2 x positive performances playing a 4-4-2 diamond and the formation has been ditched for 4-1-4-1, where we look like creating nothing. There is a severe lack of quality in the squad, however we make it so easy for other teams with how we set up. Evans has to be one of the most ordinary players I have seen at the club. Offers absolutely nothing and is a waste of time. Malone has been outperformed by Lowe consistently, yet Malone is 1st choice? While Lawrence has his moments in a Derby shirt, the sooner he is out of the club the better. It is never going to work for him consistently here. Lacks quality, ideas and slows the game down and holds on to it too long. Take what we can for him and move on. As for Martin, back to his latter days under McClaren where we look so so predictable with him up front on his own.
  14. Really poor. Ill back Cocu and will continue to do so, but his in game management today has to be questioned. 1st of all, he changed the system which he chose to start the game (3-5-2) after only 10 minutes of the game back to 4-2-3-1. This resulted in players playing out of position and it showed. Lucky to be 1-0 ahead with a bit of magic off a free kick, however QPR deserved to get level. The substitutions second half for me didn't make sense when we need a goal. No problem bringing Whittaker on, however I would personally have replaced Wisdom and shifted Bogle to full back. Wisdom had a good game, but Bogle provides one of our best athletes tacking options, which is showed by his assists when played as a full back. Again, agree with he introduction of Martin & Knight, however taking Marriott off and leaving Evans on is ridiculous. Evans was negative all day and got himself marked, where as while Marriott had no service, he has to stay on when we need a goal. Really missed Bielik in midfield today and also the legs of Shinnie.
  15. Absolutely appalling 1st half performance. Scored out of nothing but completely outplayed by a poor side. Tough with all the injuries in midfield, but Knight & Sibley have to offer more than Evans. Granted he works hard, but so so limited. Rarely plays forward and just gets himself marked. Holmes been the best player for us next to him.
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