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  1. Sheffield Wednesday F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Played miles worse than that this season and won. Poor poor goals to give away and we just didn't get that luck that was needed which we have had on so many occasions this year. Honestly didnt think we played that badly though and controlled for long periods. Our quality from side areas in the final third was shocking. Subs defnitely too late. Weimman is a willing runner, however lacks quality. Johnson just isn't a winger, his delivery was awful all night. Baffles me how you can bring Anya on instead of Lawrence when 2 weeks ago he wasn't in the plans. Think Palmer looks bright and energetic, deserves a start. My team for Leeds: Carson Wisdom Keogh Davies Olsson Huddlestone Ledley Lawrence Vydra Palmer Nugent
  2. Chris Martin is a back to goal number 9 who is good at being a high target, being able to receive balls under pressure and get midfield runners from deeper areas involved. You need legs and pace around him for him to be successful. He is not a number 10 and this is why he has hardly ever played their in his career. You want your number 10 to receive the ball on the half turn in the gaps in between the oppositions defence and midfield lines, so they can drive at the defence (as Vydra, Palmer etc).,..This is not Martins game and why no manager has ever seen him as a number 10.
  3. The game plan is definitely for them to give us width. Whether they do that well is all a matter of opinion.
  4. Derby County v Brentford F.C.

    Carson Wisdom Keogh Davies Olsson Huddlestone Thorne Palmer Vydra Lawrence Jerome
  5. Great signing. One of the best single performances I saw who played against us all of last season. Knows the league and have no worries at all he can play any of the 3 roles behind the forward. The natural width in our formation can come from fullbacks, so he can drift inside and pick the ball up on the half-turn. With Vydra, Palmer & Lawrence in a 3 behind a forward its exciting.
  6. Ademola Lookman - Joined RB Leipzig on loan

    Can't write it. Would have been perfect too. Hope we get one in.
  7. Thought he was the best player on the pitch against us last year at their place. Think he would be a good addition.
  8. Jason Steele

    ?? Never will we have a better chance to finish in the top 2. So clear to see we are far too reliant on moments of magic from Vydra. With Russell leaving, he needs replacing with quality. Left with 3 wide players (2 of which are grafters but way better served as wide options off the bench). Just don't understand the need for this back-up keeper, especially when all clubs he has been at think he is useless. Bringing in someone to improve the first team should be the major focus and much bigger need.
  9. Jason Steele

    Has to be a winger to follow. Disgraceful if this is the only incoming of the day. Don;t understand the need for this supposed 'experienced backup'. Less than half a season to go and Mitchell/Roos are probably as good anyway.
  10. Tom Bayliss

    Very very highly thought of by all accounts. Was outstanding when they knocked Stoke out of the cup a couple weeks ago.
  11. Transfer Deadline Day

    Need someone with some quality and potential match winner out wide desperately. While Lawrence hasn’t lived up to expectations yet, I think he will deliver, however all other wide players we have our honest, hard working, disciplin d players without any real magic about them. Far too reliant on Vydra to produce the spark at the moment. Think McClean falls into the hard working category and would much rather sign Maddison who has that special talent to change a game in an instant that we need.
  12. Millwall F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Thought it was a decent performance and not the worst point. Definitely all 3 there for the taking though. Thought we lacked that real bit of quality in wide areas before Russell left and clear to see tonight. It is so important we bring someone in tomorrow to play the other side of Lawrence. Weimann is honest, decent movement ahead of the ball, but lacks real quality and not much of a goal threat. Glad Anya is back in the fold, however similar to Weimann in my opinion and both will be useful off the bench and maybe the odd away game, however not quite good enough to take us up.
  13. Surely won't be pleased if him staying on the books cost us the opportunity to bring a wide player in tomorrow? Martin will not be involved for the rest of the season and we are desperate for a quality wide player with Russell leaving.
  14. January 2018 Transfer Suggestions Thread

    Gutted about Russell. Good player who we will really miss. I thought we needed a wide player anyway and now genuinely think we need 2 if we are to sustain our bid for 2nd. Need 4 options in those areas, as its an area Rowett looks to freshen up after about 65 minutes. Think Lawrence will kick on, however not convinced by Weimann as a regular starter. He's done well this year and is honest as the days long, however lacks quality for me and won't score enough goals. Happy with him off the bench as he stretches teams and willing to make forward runs beyond the ball, but we desperately need someone of real quality to come in and start opposite Lawrence if we are to remain 2nd. Not convinced McClean is the answer either. I thought Maddison looked bright for Peterbrough and while not much came off for him, you can see why he has been so productive this season. Very positive on the ball and constantly looking to put the ball into the box with good quality. I would rather him than McClean. Also the lad Watkins at Brentford would probably be ideal... (SIGH)
  15. January 2018 Transfer Suggestions Thread

    Would be an IDEAL signing. Best player in this division by far last year. So much quality and end product to his play. Wouldn’t be worried about baggage one bit. All about man management and Rowett seems very good to me at keeping everyone on board. Ince had serious baggage before we signed him and he was brilliant for us. Unfortnately just can’t see us being anywhere near being able to afford him or Brighton letting him go. They changed their system and played without wingers today, meaning there was no place for him, however they have had so much success with 2 wingers the last few years and they won’t sell their best one after one outburst. Think Lookman on loan could be more realistic.

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