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  1. Ramdale

    NFL Fantasy 2018-19

    Ha, Trade offer sent!
  2. Ramdale

    v Rotherham United (A) Match Thread

    Disappointing result and real opportunity to narrow the gap. Crazy 5 minutes cost us the game. Mount, Tomori and Bogle all going to be top class players. Forwards didnt offer anywhere near enough today. Forsyth as always nowhere near good enough. Poor in possession and mistake for penalty. We have signed a left back in Malone and he needs to play.
  3. Ramdale

    NFL Fantasy 2018-19

    Signed up a couple nights ago. Looking forward to it! Rams 2019 Superbowl Champs!
  4. Ramdale

    Tom Huddlestone

    Im a Huddlestone fan and appreciate what he brings to the team. He gives the team control and is a fantastic passer of the ball. I would have no worries him playing in the role when we have possession of the ball. However, having watched the game on Friday and seeing how we will be setting up though, I don't think him or Ledley are the answer. Mount and Bryson are both attack minded midfield players who will go beyond the ball to get themselves into attacking areas. This will leave gaps and as we saw on Friday, Ledley didnt have the pace to cover these gaps and was left isolated and struggle as a result. Huddlestone obviously lacks mobility as well and I think out of possession we would really struggle with him in there as a team. Im hoping Evans has some pace, however if not think its an area we will struggle this season. If selling Huddlestone allows Lampard funds to further improve the team then I think we have to consider. We obviously don't have many saleable assets, as we are struggling to offload players, so to continue to build there has to be some significant outgoings. Ive got full trust in Lampard and Morris and the vision of how they want us to play is exciting times ahead.
  5. Ramdale

    Ola Aina - Joined Torino

    Had a great game on Boxing Day against us at their place. Remember coming away really impressed. Full trust in Frank if he wants to bring him in!
  6. Ramdale

    Glenn Kamara

    Sounds and looks exactly the type of midfield player we need to be adding to the squad. Good age and wouldn't cost a lot. Get him in!
  7. Ramdale

    Lee Gregory

    Personally always been impressed with him and think he would be a good/realistic signing. While most fans want us to go out and spent 8 million on a top class striker, we have to be realistic, it is not going to happen this summer. Many teams have got out of this division without spending huge amounts and Gregory at 750k is a bargain IMO. Good link up play, works hard, scores goals and always looks technically decent to me. Look at Brighton signing Glenn Murray. Our fans wouldn't have been happy with Murray at the time, however took them up and has done well in the Premier League. Think Gregory fits the mould of what Rowett would want out of a striker so can see something in this.

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