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  1. Heard from a source close to Ledley that he wants to sign for a club abroad as his first choice and having talks with Malaga. We are definitely interested though
  2. Heard Ledley wants to go abroad and might be signing for Malaga. From a really good source
  3. I understand every player has a price, however if we do decide to sell Ince, we should demand at least 12 million as we have no need to sell. My worry if he goes is that he would need replacing and a similar replacement who is proven would probably cost that amount anyway. Ince is the only player in the team who has that bit of magic to score a goal out of nothing. All the other wide players (Russell, Weimann, Blackman, Anya) are all grafters but lack end product and prodcution on a consistent basis. I understand that Rowett wants a hard working team, however you need some players with real quality to be successful. Likes of Knockeart, Ritchie were absolutely key to the promoted teams this year. If we sell Ince, we have no players of his type/quality left in the squad.
  4. Player I would have from his spell at Birmingham is David Davis. Energetic, Tough Midfield player and their current Player of the Year. Would be a welcome addition.
  5. Williams is exactly the type of player our midfield is lacking and Rowetts type of player. You can see how much he cares too. Out of contract but would require big wages. Get him signed.
  6. Agree with suggestion of Marty James a couple of pages ago. Good age, championship experience, promotion experience and a top class player at this level that would fit the Rowett mould of midfield player. Ideal signing. As for others...Wisdom is a no brainer if we can get him back here on a permanent deal.
  7. Anyone who understands football realizes this is a poor move, however it happened. He does score a few goals, but offers absolutely nothing in the run of play. We lose so many games with Bent in the team when he scores. He would be a good 4th choice striker, however at 25k a week this doesn't add up. If he left us, nobody in the top half of the championship would be picking him up which says it all. Thank you Darren for the goals, but I am devastated when I see his name in the starting line up. Hope we can get rid of the wages and put them to better use. Not in Martin or Nugents league. Both really intelligent footballers who improve all other players around them. Actually thought Bent had a decent spell for 3/4 games when McClaren first took over, however since Xmas he has been awful in the run of play.
  8. Personally think Ramage isnt as bad as people making out. Knows the game and was a clever footballer himself. All about opinions, but I like energetic teams who press, get stuck in and look to be positive in their play and play in the other teams half. This is what Rowett wants and generally what Ramage desires when commentating on the games. He continously talks about breaking lines with passes, which is something we failed to do the last 3 months. Completely agree that at the end of McClarens reign we were all sidewards/backwards and compeletly boring to watch. The energy levels and how rigid we were in possession were embarrassing. Those happy with this style of football can bore off. Butterfield emiptomized this the last couple months. Happy to just keep the ball with no purpose, with no desire to affect the game. I think there is a player in their too, but think he has been pathetic recently. I personally wouldnt be quick to write off any of our current mob until the end of the season. See who fits into Rowetts plans and style of play and go from there. All the players in the squad have shown that they can be good players at this level in the right system/style of play for them. Lets see who flourishes under Rowett.
  9. What the hell is going with Hughes? rumours of him having a bust up with McClaren starting to look true? He's by far the best player at the club and should be in the first name on the team sheet. Butterfield ain't fit to lace his boots.
  10. Unbelievable posts above. Dunk has consistently been a top Center Half in the Championship the last 3 years. He is the leader of the best defence int he division and would absolutely walk into ours and any other side in this league. Knockaert is the one of the best wide players in the league. Top class, productive and works hard as well.
  11. Really glad the full backs have changed. Absolutely key to the system we play that we have atatck minded fullbacks. Christie was awful last time out aginst Leicester, but he deserves a run of games. Was playing really well and much improved before his injury. Shackell would have been in for Pearce for me, but my main worry is the lack of power in the middle of the park. I really like the look of De Sart and would give him a run of games. Hughes should always be in, but while I like Butterfield, I just think he is too similar to the other 2. Long term we need someone with legs, power and goals in there and I think should be the key area of investment this summer. In the meantime, Johnson would probably be my choice alongside Hughes, however im not his biggest fan. If we did change the shape in midfield and played De Sart and Hughes deeper together, I would like to see Nugent given a start in the hole off Bent and think tonight could have been the ideal game to try this .
  12. Gerrard is one of the finest complete midfield players in world football over the last 20 years. He ran Pirlo and co ragged in Istanbul and constantly showed up in big games for Liverpool repeatedly. Lampard a top class player as well, but not as complete as Gerrard. The travesty for me isn't how many caps they both have. Both deserve that amount without question and proved in the Champions league time after time. The travesty is that no England manager at the time had the tactical nous to play Carrick as a sitter behind Gerrard and Lampard. Instead they were forced to play together in a 4-4-2 limiting both players influence on the game.
  13. Anyone who thinks De Sart is a poor player needs to learn the game. Clear to see the lad is hugely talented. Good passing range, very neat & tidy and can take the ball under pressure in tight areas. As the game progressed last night he got better and better. He is the one midfield player we have (except Thorne) who can pass between the lines and did so time and time again last night. He does have his limitations, he lacks power right now and with him being not the quickest anyway can get over ran when sitting on his own in midfield due to the lack of pace. He looked better the last 2 games when he has played alongside someone in a 4-2-3-1 as his lack of pace is not as exposed. Plus it allows him to venture slightly further forward at times to produce quality further up the field. I think if we are to be successful this year it has to be with a controlling midfield player like him pulling the strings (ala Thorne). Johnson has done a good job but simply is nowhere near good enough on the ball in that role. I thought he did well 1st half last night slightly further forward as he puts himself about and pressed on well. Agree the criticism for Butters last night is harsh. I have been critical this year but got better as the game went on. Similar to De Sart, looked better when they played alongside each other in the 4-2-3-1 shape. De Sart to play moving forward to me as he is the type of player McClaren needs for his game plan to be successful. We should have the majority of the ball with 3 home games in a row so give him a chance to settle in and play regularly and I think we will see him kick on.
  14. Agree with the post. We lack pace and power in the team and he would give us that in abundance. As good as anyone in the league beating players 1v1 and while his final ball can improve, there is no doubt he would improve our squad. Wigan fans are absolutely raving about him, so he clearly has been fantastic for them. As for the money, prices are always inflated when we are invovled and we have to accept that. Hoping we don't pay too far over the odds, but he is a signing I would be excited about and a great age. I still feel the biggest area of need is a Central Midfield player with pace, energy and goals. Young lad doing the business for Luton (Cameron Mcgheehan) could be worth a look long term. Highly thought of and goals from midfield, however broke his leg recently and out for the rest of the season. Hourihane another obvious one who im disappointed we didnt make a move for. Really surprised we are not being linked with a Central Midfiled player as McClaren obviosuly feels its an area of need with how much he wanted to bring Lansbury in.
  15. McClaren seems fairly certain our business is done, but could be a smokescreen. SDSR & MackworthRam, you guys heard if we are still in the market for players before the deadline tomorrow?