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  1. Chris Martin

    Appreciate everything he has done for the club and will never slag him off. That being said, Im in full agreement with those that he isn't the player he used to be. He doesn't look like scoring goals. He is not mobile enough anymore and certainly not for the way Rowett wants us to play. We need a striker who can run the channels, stretch the defense and ultimately create chances for himself. Martin thrived under McClaren in a possession based system where we committed so many players forward and ultimately created lots of chances for him. That being said, we were way to open and such a soft touch. I personally like Rowett and enjoy being more solid and tough to break down. Teams who have been successful in this league have that make up (Burnley, Brighton, Boro, Newcastle)... The current system doesn't suit Martin so lets get a good deal for him. I wouldn't sell for peanuts, but drive as much out of Wolves as we can and then sign a top class striker to fit the mould of what we need.
  2. Ben Marshall

    Be a good signing IMO. Puts a shift in but would give genuine quality on the right hand side. Much more end product than Weimann.
  3. Joe Ledley - Signed

    Great deal for us IMO. Heard early this morning from a close friend of Ledley that he was at the training round today with Rowett having been offered a contract on Monday. I guess the deal has incentives for him to have the contract extended based on apperances and how he does. Those saying he isn't an improvement on what we have are wrong. Hes a better player than Bradley Johnson has ever been and has good work rate. Probably lacks a yard of pace that we needed in there, however can't knock his work rate in a game as he covers plenty of ground. He has been a full International recently in a good Wales side and an effective piece for them. Think he will offer us good balance in midfield and allow Johnson to push further forward in games.
  4. NFL Fantasy Leagues 2017-18

    Ill be on.
  5. Rams summer 2017 transfer deadline day thread

    Yes he is. Extremely mobile and much quicker than any 5 central midfield options than we currently have (not hard). Brum player of the year too. Their fans love him. Need balance in the midfield and we have none. Huddlestone is a worse version of a fit Thorne (both good players).
  6. Rams summer 2017 transfer deadline day thread

    David Davis & Che Adams for me would be ideal. Both good ages and fit Rowetts style. We desperately need someone with legs in midfield to break play up and get amongst people. Davis was a huge success for Rowett and with all Redknapps signings for Brum he may be available. Huddletsone and Johnson look painfully slow and Thorne (although I can't wait to have him back) does not inject any pace either. Che Adams would be ideal as the forward option. Power & Pace and can play anywhere across the front 4 positions. Team is way too slow right now all over the park and we desperately need an injecion of pace. Especially in midfield. If we only bring in Jerome it is worrying times.
  7. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Hoping for a double raid of Birmingham tomorrow with David Davis & Che Adams signing. Would defnitely fit the bill of players described by Nicholson as to types of players we are after in terms of attributes. We desperately need someone with legs in midfield to break play up and get amongst people. Davis was a huge success for Rowett and with all Redknapps signings for Brum he may be available. Che Adams (or someone of his sort) would be a bonus IMO but can see us having to wait until January. Team is way too slow right now all over the park and we desperately need an injecion of pace. Especially in midfield.
  8. Tomer Hemed

    Not the answer at all. Rowett constantly talks about wanting mobility from his forwards and Hemed offers about as little as Martin in this category. No doubt he is good in the air and good link up play, but pointelss addition with Martin around.
  9. Jon Toral - signed for Hull City

    Hopefully Che Adams. Can play anywhere across the front 4 spots and would add needed pace and power to the forward options.
  10. Bolton Wanderers v Derby County

    Superb performance today. Not 1 player had a bad game. Keogh and Davies were excellent defensively and seem to be forming a good partnership. Wisdom is getting better each week, Huddlestones best game since returning and the understanding between Vydra and Nugent is fantastic. Can't help but think its the end of the road for Martin. Rowett constantly talking about mobility from his front 4 and sadly Martin will never offer that. What a player he has been, but we can't keep someone for sentiments sake. If he isn't going to fit the way Rowett wants us to play, he should move on and we bring in another striker who fits the Rowett mould. IF Thorne and I know its a BIG IF can get fit and we add another couple of attacking options (personally would love to see Che Adams & Ryan Kent) I think we could be on to something! Up The Rams!
  11. NFL Fantasy Leagues 2017-18

    Im signed up. Any chance we could draft on the Wednesday(6th) instead? I could make anytime work or could do 7pm on the Tuesday.
  12. Chris Martin needs to be dropped

    I'm a huge Martin fan and don't underestimate how good a player he has been for us, but his time is up for me. We are no longer the same side when he was integral to us. For him to be effective you have to dominate possession and allow time for bodies to get around him. That isn't and won't be the case this year. We need some power and pace up front as we are going to play on the counter a lot. As others have stated, Martin won't create chances for himself and that is what we need right now. You can moan about the service into him, but the top strikers in this league still create stuff for themselves. He's had 1 chance in 2 games which he ballooned over the bar and looked so ineffective. He doesn't run the channels or make life difficult for defenders and that is what we need up there. I'd love to see us go for Dicko from Wolves and play Vydra off him. He was a real handful at our place last year and doesn't look like he will be too involved this year at a Wolves as they are linked with another striker.
  13. Che Adams

    Please go on... My point is, we probably have 4 x players in the whole squad who you would struggle to find a bad word about from our fans...Carson, Wisdom, Huddlestone & Thorne. The fact ALL Brum fans seem to be huge advocates for Adams with none having a bad word to say says a lot about his ability/potential and how highly they think of him.
  14. NFL Fantasy Leagues 16/17

    Id defeinitely be IN for both leagues again.
  15. Che Adams

    Ive always thought a good gauge of how good a player is judging how highly the fans of that club rate him. Have a look on Birmingham messageboards and twitter to see the reaction of their fans. You won't find a bad word about Adams and all would be devestated to see him go. They rate him in the 10m+ bracket. Get him signed Gaz!

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