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  1. Lacks the energy what we require. Team will be built around the young lads next year and rightly so. Sibley will play as a 10 and for how talented he is, he is not blessed with blistering pace. With him playing off Martin, we yet again won't have enough pace through the middle to threaten teams. Last 5 games since Waghorn got him set sent off have been some of the poorest performances in months. We haven't looked a threat as a team. At home, I see more use for Martin where teams will sit deep and we dominate the ball, but away from home we need more mobility through the middle.
  2. Time to thank Martin for the memories and move on in my opinion. He has been a tremendous servant for the club, had a good season this year when we needed him, however he isn't the answer for our long term success. We have failed time after time with him leading the line when he was in his prime and he won't take us up. He is very 1 dimensional as a forward and make us too easy to play against, as we don't pose enough of a threat. Personally think his body language over the last few games has been poor and showing signs of his laziness being back in his game. He is on big wages and we need a s
  3. Not even close...Tomori is a good premier league defender. Clarke would get destroyed in the Premier League right now.
  4. NEW KEEPER BOGLE WISDOM TE WIERIK. LOWE ROONEY BIRD NEW WINGER SIBLEY NEW WINGER MARRIOTT Would hope for 2 wingers with pace to be brought in. We have to become more dynamic in the final third and will be a different side with 2 x new wingers and a fully fit Marriott. Others in Squad and in contention for 11: Bielik, Forsyth, Knight, Roos, Waghorn, Shinnie, Holmes, Davies As well as new players needed in lineup above, a Left Sided CB is needed on loan or permanent. Tomori would be first choice but probably no chance, so Clarke would be a good si
  5. Far too limited with Rooney playing off Martin. Not enough pace and very predictable. Would be a game suited for Jack Marriott. Time to give Hector-Ingram and Whittaker a chance second half
  6. Dean Leacock?? Someone wasn't following us when we got promoted. He was absolutely immense!
  7. Absolutely awful from Hamer, blokes useless, but unfortunately Roos is no better
  8. Nowhere near good enough as a midfield player. Hides unless he has a lot of time & space and just plays sidewards/backwards. Bird is the future in there and hope he plays Rooney alongside him with Knight further forward in his natural position while Holmes is out. As a CB, Evans would have to be a backup option at best. Hardly any experience playing there in his career.
  9. If ever there is a game for Marriott it is today. With Holmes going off, we have lost the one avenue of pace in the side. Too predictable with Martin and Rooney through the middle. Marriott for Martin at HT
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