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  1. Is Waghorn out for 3 games now or just the one?
  2. Better now, Rooney is slowing the game down too much though, needs to be getting the passes out first time
  3. Refs a little soft for a game as big as this so far, whistle happy for the slightest touch
  4. Grabban is going to get himself sent off today. Quote me, screenshot me, @ me.
  5. We've now got the toughest run we can possibly ask for, Birmingham being the only team to play that is currently below us. If we win enough games to make the play offs we more than deserve to be in the mix.
  6. The rate things are going we might pass Brighton along the way. No reason he couldn't become a permanent player.
  7. Lampard arguably had one of the best Derby squads of recent times to use, Cocu has had to patch us together with virtually no time and very little money (and no Chelsea to help him too). To be able to even compare the two with results shows how brilliant a manager Cocu is.
  8. You know whats coming if we concede now right?
  9. There's plenty to say about that team but lightweight isn't it, Knight/Sibbo/Bird and Waghorn aren't afraid of a few heavy tackles.
  10. Not going to complain too much, not awe inspiring but our third kits tend to be where the real decent kits are.
  11. I'd add injuries to Huddlestone/Evans and Bogle to that list too. We've lost key players in almost every position both throughout the season and recently the replacements have always been as good if not better.
  12. Or any brain for that matter. Probably summarises what most of the players out of the academy at the time were like...clearly got some raw attributes for football but has virtually no precision or finesse to how he plays.
  13. Anyone feeling like this season is becoming an episode of the Twilight zone? Keogh, signing Rooney, 'sale' of the stadium, on/off investment x2, crazy number of youngsters coming through, resurgence of Wizzy and Martin, 'the virus', Lawrence and his temper and now this... And to think signing Lampard was the most crazy thing we'd done in years! Get well soon Wiz, if there's any player that could get through this stronger its him. Squads going to really miss him.
  14. Lawrence definitely getting a three match ban for that but the other fella will be lucky to play again this season, you can't raise a hand to a player these days, never mind swing a punch at them
  15. I'm reserving judgement until the end of the season. A keeper doesn't rely on ability as much as he relies on a settled back four in front of him and a run of games. Example having Grant and Carson swapping for a season constantly. Both made alot of mistakes and the defence was always changing. Massive improvement once Carson was number one solely. I think the shirt is Hamer's to lose now and injuries permitting we'll see the same back four for the remainder of the season too (something we can't say we've had all season really).
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