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  1. Forest can duck right off
  2. Cybulski to break through from the under 23s in October/November. Closest thing we have to a target man as we've had in the academy for a long time.
  3. Davies, Wisdom, Morisson, Mengi or Jags then Aluko in that order. Can see Baldock, Carroll and another attacking player signing if we can make further signings.
  4. Think the suggestion on Radio Derby was that Bielik doesn't count to the squad numbers given his return isn't expected until the January transfer window. Would imagine either one or two of Watson/Hutchinson/Brown will go out on loan. Make that potentially 7 spots to play for: Defence: Davies, Wisdom, Mengi/Jagielka/Stearman. Suspect this is heavily depending as to whether Wisdom signs on. Midfielders: Carroll and Morrison Forwards: aluko and/or Baldock
  5. Difference being the previous deadwood were players we paid high fees and high wages on extortionate contracts. Nothing wrong with older players if they're on reasonable wages (has to be in our case) and short term deals. Some of our better signings of the last decade have been older players on frees: Eustace Davies Warnock Baird CKR
  6. Fancy defining a genuine supporter? Have to have attended a number of games? Watched for a number of years or? With international football we are all supporters, whether you go home/away religiously or watch the odd clip after the game. That's what made the tournament a shining light of hope as a country, it brought even those with no clue about the sport into the madness of football... 'all England fans here ain't we'. Also, side note but we all had the opportunity to book pubs ahead equally. Can't complain if you expect to walk in somewhere today and it's all full.
  7. So once every 8 weeks with the possibility of a third one in the winter? 🤷‍♂️
  8. Never a story I'd posted before... But one none the less. When we got tanked against Rotherham back in Feb saw him at a bank in Derby. Heard someone ask him what happened against Rotherham, he told them that Rooney had them playing a formation that they had no idea how to play and no players knew their role. Hearing a player say that, no ownership for being s*#t that day and all the blame on the manager. Not the kind of footballer we need at the club.
  9. He was a proper Lampard kind of player yet even Lampard dropped him for the squad because of his fitness and training issues. There's a reason that Lampard/Cocu/Rooney and Sheff Wednesday could barely get games out of him nevermind goals.
  10. In all fairness the Wigan deal was criminal rather than a bad deal. The owner had the money but deliberately destroyed the club. I'll wait for more details who the Americans are before any real comment but gut instinct is we might see some of the previous American owners return in a different consortium.
  11. Interesting that Cocu and his team are their clients too, suspect the club may have still had more links to the group even after the events with Sam Rush.
  12. Phalliskull? Not sure what's wrong with that at all 🤷‍♂️
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