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  1. Every new owner 'loans' to their club, none of them just give money to them. Even Mel has taken care of the debt against the club but then technically he is 'owed' as it is a loan. It'll depend if the owner writes any of that debt off in the future.
  2. Make a damn sight more than any of us do unfortunately 🙄
  3. Beat Millwall away and all of a sudden the play offs are looking possible. Every game is a six pointer now until the end of the season.
  4. Reverse psychology, give a man an open goal and he will miss 😂
  5. Hamer Bogle Wisdom Clarke Fozzy Bird Rooney Waghorn. Sibley Knight Martin Apart from Lawrence and Holmes that's the strongest team we could put out this season. Martin is integral to the way we play and anyone suggesting Marriott over Waghorn needs checking. Good time in the season for Sibley to make his mark too.
  6. I think he's doing his coaching badges, it was on twitter a while back. Might be working with the academy to get the experience side of things?
  7. Imagine having the balls to play a defensive trio of Fozzy/Evans and Roos. Forget defense we're just going to outscore them tonight. 4-2 Derby, come @ me.
  8. Drop Martin.... Three assists against Wednesday... For Marriott who has been outscored by young Knight already this season? No chance.
  9. They're going route one and have some lumps up front, think the midfield had already gone. We need to win the battles at either end now.
  10. Think we'll see Sibbo in midfield tonight, Shinnie on later in the game when Rooney fancies playing higher up the pitch.
  11. An idiot who makes racist comments is still a racist. I agree he's a complete idiot but ignorance/idiocity is no excuse for it. He couldn't even argue it's about context, 'young lads' 'young fullbacks' 'youngsters' all would have sufficed.
  12. Feel like Radio Derby was already on thin ice with the club, Ramage has got worse with his rants this year and now it's just showing he's really not got any control of himself. If the club didn't have a reason to keep its reporting/commentary in house before then it certainly does now.
  13. Bird making Rooney look like the inexperienced right now, he's central to everything so far
  14. Wouldn't even call tonight a 6 pointer, it's a season defining game. We've hit some sort of form and style, we win tonight and we could seriously look at a run towards the top six. Lose tonight and mid table is probably our level. It'd be fascinating to be a fly on the wall in the changing rooms tonight, it's probably the first time Cocu has been in a real position to look forwards rather than over his shoulder.
  15. It's no coincidence our upturn in form has come alongside Duane having his best period in a Derby shirt. I'm not sure if it's Rooney coming into the team or Cocu has coached the best out of him but either way it's absolutely integral to our team. If he keeps this up he might become central to a late playoff push this year.
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