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  1. Bogle didn't have a place in the squad at all until Lampard came in, can't give credit to Rowett for that one. Bird has come through this year, same with Knight. I'd put Mason Bennett into that bracket now too. Surprisingly still an U23 player, can't say he's not first team either.
  2. Would rather see the club take a another punt on a slight unknown. Arteta seems a decent shout, classy player with decent links for loans. Bowyer is a bit 'up and coming' after the promotion. A long as we don't end up with one of the old boys.
  3. Might be completely wrong about him, having only seen him play 5/6 times this season. But his whole game seems abit lower league. I have a feeling he'll do well at the lower end of the championship but that'll be it. Comparing him to other youngsters, I'd say Mcallister is the one that'll break through next season and Knight/Sibley/Bird will all challenge for starting spots.
  4. Echoing some of the other thoughts on here, I have a very sneaky feeling we've got a wolves owner type investment coming. Linked with decent players on a decent amount of money, I can see invesent coming in and abusing the 'loan to buy' system.
  5. Funnily enough, Lampard going to Chelsea might actually increase our chances of Tomori coming back, maybe even build an unofficial 'partnership' between Derby and Chelsea (through Lampard).
  6. Each to their own, everyone gets an opinion. But I'm not sure where the call for Martin comes from? We don't need him for his goalscoring ability, I'm not even sure he has that ability anymore but otherwise we have two pretty prolific strikers in Wags and Marriott. While I appreciate the style of football we had under Mac 1, bringing Martin back in will not emulate that football. Frank has its own style which has been as successful if not more so than the Mac 1 season. Had Mac got us promoted then sure, do everything we can to get back to that style.
  7. It seems our problem for next season is we don't have any particularly great wingers. We've got players like Lawrence/Waghorn/Bennett and Holmes who can all play the wing but don't excel. I'd focus on two strikers that understand each others game. Couple of new names in midfield with Lawrence and Holmes to fight for the spot behind the striker. If we can get Tomori back next season we don't need another 1st team CB, perhaps another as cover. Goalkeeper, either get Carson back in or a new one. Don't need wholesale changes.
  8. I'd take Darlow here, would be decent and seems to hold his own in the box. Tomori coming back next season is absolutely vital, can't see us replacing him with anyone else. Aribo would be an excellent signing, but prem clubs are after him, can't see us getting in ahead of them. I'd still go for Nick Powell before he seals a move to Stoke.
  9. Tomori to come back next season on loan. Wilson/Mount was always here to set the stage to play in the Prem, Tomori is a Ram 100%.
  10. Huddlestone only really brings one thing to this team, an eye for a long pass. But so far his passing has been god awful, need to get him off and get an extra body up front. Johnson and Hudds trying to do the same job, Johnson has been the far more effective one of them.
  11. Frank has been a revelation for us, no doubt about it. But the ethos he has brought in, perhaps Jody Morris could carry on his good work. I'd rather have Jody than a completely new manager, at least then he'd have very good ties to Lamps at Chelsea and a working knowledge of how we play best.
  12. Nice to see an MP talking about a sport they've never shown interest in, in the forum of those chosen to run our country, and at a time of massive importance on the political spectrum. Let's all stop work and go on our jolly. Erewash pretty much runs the Nottinghamshire border, there's as many Forest fans as Derby in her constituency.
  13. I'd be very unsure spending £25 mill on Wilson. There's no doubting his ability on his left foot but he goes missing in games far too often. That kind of money could easily buy a couple of the better players from teams that have failed to go up. I'd rather have someone like Matt Philips for a fraction of that price.
  14. Account created 13 minutes ago, topic started immediately after. Funny how many people seem to sign up to the forum when they want something 👍 Good luck on your search, I'm afraid it's unlikely you'll get anything from here until any of the established posters have had their pick of any going spare.
  15. Bogle right now is easily a £15 mill player, it seems B4 predicted it. Win the playoffs and his value probably goes up to £20 Mill. Play consistently in the Premier league next year? Perhaps looking twice that. Palace are reportedly looking for £60 Mill for a 21 Year old English RB
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