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  1. RamLad1884


    Main thing in the interview is him saying how happy he is to play down the middle. Sounds like now we've got wingers fit again he could easily make the number 9 role his for the rest of the season.
  2. RamLad1884

    Ipswich Town vs Derby County Match Thread

    Think we'll see the same team except King into the midfield with Holmes pushing onto the wing. As others have said, this isn't the kind of game for Flo Jo, Holmes might be able to pull them about a bit more.
  3. RamLad1884


    I agree Waghorn needs to be our number 9 right now, but I wouldn't sacrifice the formation to force Marriott in. Marriott is an exceptional finisher, but Waghorns general play seems to bring more into the team, we'd be better to rotate and sub on Marriott, especially until he's at 100%.
  4. RamLad1884

    Derby County v Hull City Match thread.

    Efficient, effective and made it look easy in all fairness. I'm not sure Mount is going to get back into this team when fit, Holmes and King both looking good today.
  5. RamLad1884

    Title Race

    At this point in the season early season form goes out of the window, go on an unbeaten/winning run and you've got a good chance at promotion. If any teams show a little consistency over the next ten games they'll probably end up champions.
  6. RamLad1884

    Efe Ambrose - Signed on short term deal

    We don't need a great defender, don't need any flashy, Ambrose will do a job for now. Can't see why anyone would have a problem with a cheap player coming in as cover.
  7. RamLad1884

    Andy King - Signed on Loan

    Damn it, will have to have him do a Terry and come onto the pitch in full kit when we win the FA Cup 👍
  8. RamLad1884

    Preston North End vs Derby County Matchday Thread

    Think Frank will pull a fast one on us tonight and be a little sneaky, reckon we'll either see Wisdom start (despite everything he's said) or switch to wingbacks, Holmes RWB & Malone LWB with Cole in the back three.
  9. RamLad1884

    Matthew Pennington

    Which forum? Just had a gander on the usual forums and there's no mention of it
  10. RamLad1884

    18/19 January Transfer Suggestion Thread

    'The Clough days'... You mean the days when we bought quality players for reasonable fees who became mainstays? Sure let's have some more of that.
  11. RamLad1884

    Tom Huddlestone

    Option for a 12 months extension on derby's side.
  12. RamLad1884

    Matthew Pennington

    Derby County fans, writing off a signing even before it's announced he's not coming to us anyway 🙄
  13. RamLad1884

    Tom Huddlestone

    If we get a fee for Hudds, if we get him off the wages and if it sets him up for the twilight years of his career then its not the end of the world. We have Ledley coming back to fitness and Evans to grow into the role. Perhaps Lampard rates Sibley or Bird more than we realise.
  14. RamLad1884

    18/19 January Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Feel like that's a toys out of pram kind of statement, we don't need signings for signings sake. It sounds like Mings is going to cost Forest a fair bit for someone that hasn't produced the goods for a fair while. Why take that risk? Most players moving in this window go at a premium, the only thing we realistically need is a backup CB. Lampard has already said we're in the market for one. Otherwise be happy with what we have and push on from there 👍
  15. RamLad1884

    Kelle Roos

    Unpopular opinion but no keeper is ever truly outstanding on their own (perhaps with exception to the legends like Shilton and Banks). They tend to get better with a run in the team and getting use to the style of play of the players in front of them. When Carson first signed he looked completely past his best, neither him or Grant could make the shirt theirs. Solid run in the team and he's become one of our better keepers of recent times. Roos will improve, it's whether we can afford him the time to do so.

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