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  1. Forget Frank's bounce... Let's have the Wazza Wag
  2. As it stands Rooney is already bang on, we'll be out of this league come the end of the season on current standings.
  3. Not trying to pick an argument, but I swear I've never seen a positive comment from you on here? Must be a miserable life supporting Derby...
  4. Anyone clued up on the club trivia... Surely this is the youngest team we've ever put out in a first team competition?
  5. £40 million for Leeds and no less. Knight and Sibbo aren't worth that much but because its Leeds there's a Bamford tax (quite literally in their case).
  6. It's not even going to be a full strength under 23s side as so many of them are with the first team squad!
  7. No coincidence three of the four are the spine of our team. Settled players will always get results.
  8. Lock it up, article is from August 2020
  9. Can we get Sibley off already? His attitude this game has been awful, not buying into the hard work and chasing at all.
  10. Sibbo needs to be committing to that cross, he held his run but couldve got there
  11. Dare I say it? I'm actually enjoying watching us play again
  12. Joz is something special, if we don't go up in the next year or two a top team going to come sniffing.
  13. Quoting all three here as the point is the same on all occasions. So far we've had two communications from the club regarding this takeover. If we are to take this story as accurate with the letter sent to the players then I'm yet to see one occasion where the prospective owners have been dodgy other than some lingering rumours from fans of other clubs with no evidence whatsoever. This isn't as simple as 'sending some money to an account'. I'd say it's unlikely that the funds are all being provided by one person (ie the Sheikh) and as such the funds have to come from a number of bo
  14. RamLad1884

    Ben Davies

    Reading today he's currently caretaker manager of Grimsby Town after Ian Holloway resigned. Didn't realise he's still been playing at age 39 either!
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