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  1. There's literally numerous threads on this topic, zero evidence to back up any claim of us currently running into trouble and the efl/fa have not said a thing. Can't help but feel we're all repeating ourselves to deaf ears here.
  2. At the bottom of a very long list of decent clubs there. Can't see him turning his nose up at any of those clubs for us unless we were a Prem team.
  3. Loopholes in FFP have been around since it came in. Forest were sponsored by its owner's company, Villa have written off loans as equity, Wolves made some absolutely bizzare loan signings and Watford used a sister club. we've just found yet another loophole and exploited it. No doubt it'll be outlawed after we've gotten away with it this year like more of the loopholes were. Admittedly it was a sneaky move maybe even unethical, but any club in the position to do so would have done the same thing.
  4. Leave a hero or stay long enough to become the villain comes to mind. He's been an exceptional player for us over the years and epitomises a time where frugal spending and smart scouting brought some real gems to the club. Unfortunately a mixture of the high wages he's on and the lacking performances this season hasn't endured him to the fans. The ear cupping is probably one step too far and may have a real lasting impact on his legacy at the club.
  5. The Rams are Mounting a comeback again 👍👍 (yes I may have waited all season to say that one)
  6. Hull Daily Mail reporting that we're expected to go back in for this lad when the transfer window opens.
  7. Think you're right there, if I've learnt anything in the last season or so is that Mel has the ability to keep details of the club very close and choose when the media gain hold of the information. Look at our transfers last year: Malone and Holmes came out of nowhere, the Marriott deal was much lower than anywhere was originally reporting. If Mel has taken the risk of the media knowing about investment/sale, I dare say it's because talks are probably beyond the point of no return.
  8. With the news that Mel has pushed us into the green with his business smarts, can't see us accepting any less than a bank breaking amount. £15-£20 million is probably about the right bracket after add ons, don't have to sell but that kind of money could allow for significant work to be done on the squad.
  9. Mel Morris you sneaky minx, cue the meltdown from Leeds/Forest/Brum/any top half team that we're not being fined millions and have a 25 point deduction on us.
  10. I'm waiting for the day someone tells us Stephen Pearson was a footballing legend and we were lucky to have him. We all love reminding ourselves of a time when the club was much more simple, and playoffs were a dream, not an expectation, but let's not sugar coat it.
  11. In all fairness he picks himself up and keeps going afterwards, Sheffield Wednesday away was the only game I really thought he had lost his head this year.
  12. Shameless bump for this thread, the lads a beast, if it means the whole summer budget, we need to sign him up.
  13. Good point made, but I think the comparison doesn't work between Ancelotti and Lampard. From everything we've been told Lampard was brought in to bring sustainability and development. Promotion is always an aim but not the priority. Compare that to Ancelotti, he's expected to win pretty much everything where ever he is. Frank's means to success lie within the academy, he either has to sell youth players coming through or use them in the team.
  14. We're turning ourselves to crisis on here, without anything more than a few lines from the club we've gone from 'transition season, financial prudency and encouraging youth development' to 'Mel wants out, Lamps too, players are unhappy and the club is failing financially'. Club is the same as it was months ago, get over the doom and gloom and enjoy the rest of the season. Until something abit more substantial comes out with have absolutely nothing to be worrying about. Edit: not a go at the original poster by the way, more at the general jump from the fans around the forum in a panic.
  15. I think Sam Winnall played while having done his ACL vaguely? Gary Teale played 60 minutes with a broken finger for us too.
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