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  1. Ultimately, we are a poor football team that can sometimes grind out results without necessarily playing well. A team that has any ounce of ability aren’t the third lowest scoring side in the division with the vast majority of the season played. It just means when we don’t pack our defence and midfield then we’re likely to concede goals too. Let’s just be thankful that when the fake Sheikh completes his takeover and completely kills the club that we can start up Derby City Football Club away from any gypsy curses and hopefully run it correctly.
  2. As long as it doesn't affect anything south of West Bridgford then I'm all for it 😄
  3. Both teams have had similar seasons, albeit ours with a little more off the field nonsense. Either team will feel like they're playing a weaker side, because both teams have by-and-large been flat out bad to inconsistent for the majority of the season. Unfortunately, like us, they've significantly picked up over the past few weeks too. It's arguably the hardest game between the two sides to since we both entered the Championship in what seems like a million years ago. No team can claim to be dominant. For all our good results recently, we got smacked in the mouth by Rotherham.
  4. The faux outrage from Forest fans on Rooney calling them 'Notts' is bordering a genuine mental health prognosis. Never seen anything like it. Grown men crying about being called Notts rather than Nottingham...
  5. I thought Keogh played ok last night, but their defensive system is a complete shambles. Edmundson is a big lad, but he shouldn't be allowed to outjump two defenders for that first goal. The second one: it's a dangerous system to play by them, even if we don't have much pace at the back, Waghorn is played onside by Duhaney who is a few steps behind Keogh and Sarr. If you give Waghorn the forward momentum then it's going to be hard to catch him, even if he's not the fastest player. Noticeable in the first half that Keogh did a number on Gregory, who could barely get a touch. I'm not entir
  6. You have 3 teams who have been the best team in the country at pinnacle moments in the evolution of football: Liverpool, Man Utd and to a lesser extent Arsenal. Liverpool, you will notice have a huge Irish following due to their dominance when football was beginning to be shown regularly over there on television. Man Utd were the dominant force when the Premier League really took off and became a global super team during the late 90s early 00s. Arsenal, London's most successful club historically, has a huge African following due to their successful years under Wenger. Chelsea and M
  7. 07-08 was arguably my favourite season supporting Derby. The atmosphere was insanely good, we all knew the writing was on the wall so we made it one big party. It’s definitely in my top 2-3 seasons since supporting Derby anyway.
  8. I think one thing we can all agree on: this has been without question the most unenjoyable season I have ever had supporting Derby. Unable to go to games, a transfer saga, on-going legal battles with the EFL and now a team that's made up on mostly loans as we try and secure our second division place. I think back to 05/06 which was cemented in my mind as something that could not be beaten. An average team, consisting of awful loan signings, under an ownership that was destroying the club. We finished 20th that season with Terry Westley doing a decent job in steadying the ship. In hindsig
  9. Really happy for him. I hope he really kicks on a does well - no bitterness from me (or many on here) We're quite frankly a hot mess at the moment and that money helps us survive, hopefully get through the season without entering administration.
  10. That's not bad at all, for a Premier League club, wish I had been told and I'd have pulled some strings! 🤣
  11. Back-to-back MVPs and winning the Super Bowl. ..... I'm going to go as far as saying that Goff will win more playoff games with the Lions than any other QB in their entire history.
  12. I wouldn't hold his rookie year against him, I mean Stafford had 20 INTs to 13 TDs in his rookie season and went 2-8 in games he played in. Not that impressive when you consider he had one of the best to ever do it to throw to. Goff had arguably the worst WR room in the history of the NFL - Tavon Austin, Pharoh Cooper, Paul McRoberts, Brian Quick, Mike Thomas, Stedman Bailey, Bradley Marquez and Nelson Spruce - and a really bad OL. It was ranked 31st out of 32 by PFF that year. He had also one of the worst HC in the NFL putting it all together for him, then a special teams coordinator to
  13. I honestly wouldn't mind if they came out and said that the takeover is on hold due to the uncertainty of which league the club will be playing in next season. I wouldn't blame anyone for not investing in a club that could potentially get relegated into a division with even more financial restrictions and on-target to make even bigger losses in the midst of supporter unrest and a global pandemic. It's the silence that is killing us. The club honestly haven't been in this much of a mire since the Amigos and Phil Brown. We could be talking about the year we were relegated due to the never-
  14. I listened to the podcast yesterday and at times it was a tough listen. I don't think Thorne came across poorly at all; a little blunt and to the point at times, but this is what people want to hear. Not the media trained version that's diluted down it's barely the truth and just a bunch of soundbites. I'm not a psychiatrist (I am opinionated and believe that I am right most of the time) but I get a sense that he was/is scarred from his early days at West Brom, who made him learn very early that football is a business. I don't believe he ever really got over it. I felt particularly gutte
  15. I think that Chiefs OL could well be the worst I have ever seen in any NFL game, nevermind a game of this magnitude. Mahomes didn't even have a second before the pocket collapsed. Big Red, and his coaching staff, really should've negated it a lot better than what they did. The Rams had the worst ranked OL in 2019 following all the injuries and juggling around, it was very reminiscent of that, but McVay was able to make adjustments to make it easier on Goff. It didn't always work, but certainly never made it any worse. Chiefs really are built to push the ball down the field and Mahomes di
  16. I’m getting strong 2005 vibes, with the six loan players and relegation dogfight under an ownership that’s unwilling to (or simply can’t) spend any money. We brought in: Kalilou Fadiga, Johnnie Jackson, Peter Whittingham, Alan Wright, Michael McIndoe, Dexter Blackstock, Andrew Davies, Mounir El Hamdaoui, Kevin Lisbie, Danny Graham, Stern John & Emerson Thome in on loan over the course of the season. Patching up holes and getting by in a seriously chaotic way, but ultimately getting by under Terry Westley in the end. Ironically, after saying he didn’t want the job full time to begin w
  17. This is just bizarre...
  18. Newcastle want him, so he's definitely out of our reach.
  19. Isaac Success always looked like a decent footballer, perhaps not scored the goals he should've done, but I thought he would be one that would tear the Championship up given the drop off in class of defender. I honestly thought he was out for the season with a bad injury though?
  20. Beni Bangthemin... I'm a fan of his name. A defensive midfielder, probably to replace the injured Bielik.
  21. I'll keep an open mind, but to say this is a signing I wouldn't be entertaining is an understatement. I guess it's more to do with getting bodies in the door that can fit the system we're currently playing, but this is far from inspiring. I'm glad it's just a loan.
  22. It's a great move for Whittaker - a clearly talented player who now has a coach who can develop him. It's no brainer for him. Disappointed with the fee, but this is where we are currently at. We need to move players like Whittaker to enable short-term improvements. It's a transfer that works well for both parties.
  23. I don’t know how much input Brad Holmes had with the Rams draft, but they’ve consistently been able to find day 2-3 guys, develop them and turn them into capable starters. I believe he was head of college scouting, or something, so I expect them to draft really well and in Goff they’ve got a QB who hasn’t had a losing season. I think that’s really overlooked. I mean, Stafford has been in the league 11 years(?) to Goff’s 5 and the latter has been to more pro bowls in the same conference. It’s important to remember that Goff has never really had a outstanding receiver to throw too, Woods and Kup
  24. Goff is a good QB, but he’s been trending backwards over the past two years. He started this last season well enough, but fell away towards the end of the season. He did play pretty well in the playoffs, even in the loss to GB, but I think McVay couldn’t live with the turnovers. This last season was his worst by far, but he still won 10 games and won a game in the playoffs. He also had a few very good performances, amongst the bad. I would say that the Lions have won the trade, very comfortably, because they’ve gained a 26 year old QB who has been to the pro bowl in 50% of the seasons he
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