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  1. I can’t imagine the ‘American Billionaire’ is Chris Kirchner. Kirchner is a successful businessman who has very impressive business, that looks to be ascending from the outside looking in, but significantly off being able to generate a billion. I would guess the billionaire is someone else otherwise we’re being spoon fed ********. When in all honesty we just want someone with the money to run the club, not necessarily a billionaire, who will make more right decisions than wrong.
  2. I don't when I get to watch Stafford, however Goff played well yesterday for the most part. He came apart in the end and made the mistake of throwing the ball anywhere near Jalen Ramsey who is playing at an absolutely insanely high level at the moment. Rams are moving, but it's a shame that Cardinals are moving just as quick. It will be a huge game when we meet again.
  3. Week 7 update: Also, on another note: 15-1 over the past two weeks in my fantasy leagues. Good week for me considering everyone I played had a winning record bar one - including a couple of perfect record teams. We are rolling!
  4. I couldn't disagree more. What is best for the club does not always align with the actions of the club. The way Mel ran the club is case and point. He borrowed money to hide incompetence in decision making, ironically force feeding us the line that it was all from his own pocket.
  5. As echoed by others, he still thinks of himself as the player at Arsenal all those years ago. He's unfortunately not that any more. He was well within his right not to come here, as we know it was a complete basket case summer with embargos, restrictions, etc. Rooney has done extremely well to do what he has, but I can't blame players for not wanting to be here. Wilshere will obviously need to come to a decision in his own head. He could get a deal with a Championship club, not necessarily us, perhaps even look at options in League One. I'd imagine the MLS could be a good option for him. A technical league, moved at a much slower pace, with high end facilities. He won't ever be a Premier League player again, not without some outstanding work from his agent anyway.
  6. Frustrated, definitely, but got to remind ourselves that we’ve got another point deduction round the corner. The EFL aren’t going to allow us to compete to stay up. They want us down. Enjoy the game for what it is, especially the two goals we scored. Don’t focus on anything else. It’s good for the soul.
  7. If you're a Newcastle fan at this point, considering the fact they've just been taken over by the richest backers in world football, this really doesn't make any sense whatsoever. I really like how Rooney has conducted himself this season and how he has everyone pulling in the same direction, but if I'm the owner of Newcastle then Rooney doesn't even make my top 50 list - possibly top 100. I'd imagine their fans would sooner give Shearer another go than have Rooney become their manager.
  8. We will see, of course, but it seems like a daft way to piss £300k up the wall IMO.
  9. Mike Ashley is an interesting proposition. I wouldn't be against it, but I'd be fairly certain that he wouldn't be looking to bankroll a huge push for promotion. He ran Newcastle at a profit, which is his right, but their fans hated him for it. I would argue our expectations are somewhat lower, but I doubt he would be able to earn a profit from owning us. I can't see anything in this other than obvious rumour based on the fact he's the richest person with ties to Derbyshire.
  10. Awful. Absolutely awful. The treatment of fans in general, over the past 12 months, has been absolutely terrible. Yet, I still would've liked to think that they wouldn't stoop to the above. The administrators have been decent since coming in, hopefully it will come to a happy resolution.
  11. It’s very obvious he checked out, almost completely. Not to say that Pearce, or whoever, was left to run the abandoned, sinking, perilous ship shouldn’t have done something about it. Piled up the debts, until there was a real chance he might have to pay it back and then dumped the club in administration under the pretence it was the best for everyone. The guy is arguably the worst charlatan that has ever darkened the door.
  12. I don’t know anyone that’s ever worked there so can’t comment, but I heard similar things about Amazon then did a site visit at one of their warehouses and it was good. I think sometimes these things are blown out of proportion.
  13. Ashley just wouldn’t run the club like that, he’s profit driven (with high commercial intelligence). It wouldn’t be boom or bust, it would be boring - which we could do with for a few years. Ashley has never driven a £28m debt up with the HMRC for starters!
  14. Mike Ashley used Newcastle to make money, but also made them an established premier league team without ruining them. He would be absolutely fine for us.
  15. Whether we could sell him at a profit or not, especially given the circumstances, would be interesting. I’d imagine it would be European interest given his standing with Poland.
  16. It is a bit much, and I can't focus too much on trades, but setting the team isn't too bad. I'll still win at least one league, somewhere, I'm sure 🤗.
  17. The confidence from the administrators certainly seems to have waivered slightly, although unfortunately not too surprising as more comes out the woodwork from their findings. I guess we will have to wait and see what transpires over the next few months. The HMRC would only waste the money anyway. They may as well let us keep it.
  18. All the best to Ryan. He was a good value on Twitter, despite not subscribing to the Athletic, he was very visible and seemed passionate. It's never nice when personal reasons stop people from doing their jobs. I hope he gets the opportunity to report on a much less chaotic entity than Derby County in his next role, something like the Taliban's takeover of Afghanistan & the middle east.
  19. You mean he's not the first ballot HOF QB and MVP favourite I've been watching the first three weeks.
  20. I also only won in 2 of my 8 leagues on Sleeper, therefore it's been a terrible NFL week all round. Although, saying that, if Darwin James can get 5+ tackles tonight - I would've had a good weekend betting.
  21. Week 1-3: Week 4: Seahawks on Thursday gives us a chance to get back on track... or escalate the panic (one or the other).
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