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  1. Rowett

    Absolutely love the bloke. Would hate to have a manager like Karanka with no real concept of What the rivalry means.
  2. Queen’s Park Rangers F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    If Mel has learnt anything during his time at Derby, it's that sacking managers doesn't work. Rowett needs time and backing!
  3. Queen’s Park Rangers F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Did anyone think we'd make the playoffs.... I certainly didn't! Rowetts been a victim of his own success. Some on here have had a bump on the head!
  4. Queen’s Park Rangers F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Load of bollo#ks this.
  5. Two years On

    Check out @willmcm_’s Tweet: Saw this on twitter, two years on and similar circumstances
  6. what is the point of Lawrence

    Don't get the hate on Lawrence. Ince isn't getting in the Huddersfield team at the minute, they prefer Van La Parra! It says it all. Ince will only play well in a 4-3-3 where the team is built around him. Unfortunately he won't get that in the prem. Lawrence is a lot more flexible and can play in the 10 role if needed. He's also younger which makes him an upgrade in my eyes.
  7. View from the outside

    The thought of them in the prem is a pi££take. They have a neutral section in their ground FFS! Soo many small clubs up in the top division. Almost highlights how pressure effects players at big clubs.
  8. Full Backs

    Don't rate Ollson at all. His failure to take out that Leeds player says everything about his character. A new LB and RB are needed in summer as I can't see us offering Baird a new deal.
  9. Steve macs legacy

    Why are we compareing and debating over the two? Rowett is streets ahead of Mac in my opinion. Brighton away last year was one of the most pathetic performances that I have ever seen. It was literally like watching the collapse of the 14/15 all over again. No passion or desire to play for the shirt. Rowett's Derby is a lot more hard working. He's a manger in the style of Sean Dyche but at a bigger club (in terms of fan base) he needs time to build. The very fact that this team is in a playoff position shows how talented he is as a coach. When anyone mentions a talented young English manager, Rowett's name is always mentioned first. Have patience, and back the team instead of getting high rate about a small blip in form
  10. Too many oldies?

    Very much get the feeling of the squads obvious need for a rebuild being put on hold this January due to our league position. Regardless of what division we are in next year we need around 5 players to bring the age of the squad down, wether they be from the academy, or brought in.
  11. James McClean

    Players fall out of favour, he's not had the best of years at WBA I can see him coming to be fair
  12. James McClean

    Getting snappy at some WBA fans
  13. Lee Gregory

    Doesn't he play off Morrison for Milwall, thought Gregory didn't give our defence a minute when they came to pride park.
  14. Lee Gregory

    I actually rate him, he presses from the front and gives defences a really hard time, would definitely add more energy to the team!
  15. Championship promotion rivals watch

    Everyone said that when we got Ince and Lingard on transfer deadline day, we dropped out of the playoffs that year.

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