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  1. Keogh is very much in the past now. What has happened has happened... Move on Rich
  2. The type of signing that would excite the fans. January is usually a bore fest with the likes of Cameron Jerome coming in. If there is a way of Acosta coming please do it Derby!
  3. My prediction..... Match postponed council yard flooded
  4. How can Keogh have a case when he is unfit for work and unwilling to take a pay cut. If it happened to me and I took that stance, my boss would tell me to f##ck right off to the job centre.
  5. A hero that's won absolutely nothing. 🤔 Dave Mackay is a Hero Roy McFarland is a Hero Igor Stimac is a Hero
  6. Why honor his contract when he's on 25k a week and won't kick a ball for the club again Its literally throwing money in the bin. He's had the opportunity to take a pay cut and embarrassed himself further by spitting in the face of the club. Its alright looking at the others but Mel has to look after the club.
  7. I absolutely side with the club on this. The inexcusable incident that happened is embarrassing enough for Keogh, nevermind refusing a pay cut. He could have had a year repenting for his actions, but now it's just going to end in a big mess. See ya Richie 👋
  8. Scouting has been a problem since Simon Clough left. We had the disaster that was Chris Evans and I think Joe Macclaren is somehow still at the club 😥. Sort it out Mel!
  9. Not even 30 mins into a game and the fans are calling for the managers head. Come on! Get behind em!
  10. "Building the club up" it could be argued we are worse off under Mel's ownership. Yes he's invested in the academy heavily. But constant management change, and an aging squad has put us back to mid table.
  11. Mac gets all the credit but Clough built that 13/14 team. Mac just made a few minor adjustments. When it comes to building a squad he is absolutey useless (see Forest, Newcastle, and QPR). I genuinely feel Cocu is a class above and we are unbelievabley lucky to have him. Give him time and hopefully investment, and I can see us flourishing.
  12. Wouldn't be bothered if RB came in for us to be honest. Football is money game now, and how both Salzburg and Leipzig have gone about their business is quite impressive.
  13. We are crying out for a Johnny Russell type on the wing, who constantly bombs up and down. I'd never thought we'd miss him like we have done.
  14. Personally I'd sack the lot if at all possible. Made the whole club look like a shambles this week. Bennett is living every Derby fans childhood dream and for him to get in a car in that state is disgusting. The cherry on top is that the day before the incident he was visiting a drink aware charity. How stupid can you get!
  15. Echo a lot already mentioned. I want to know who's in the recruitment team, and what plans are in place for January.
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