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  1. There is no way he gets sacked, he either sees the season out on his 50k a week, or gets hounded out by the fans and walks. It’s bleak either way!
  2. It’s down to the manager, you can’t always blame floundering from winning positions on players ‘switching off’
  3. It was time for Wayne to walk away last season! The mentality and energy of the players is just not there!! We should be scrapping and chasing everything with the amount of youth we have in the team, instead we look lethargic and uninterested, just like the manager!
  4. Can’t believe the abuse Kamil is getting! He’s playing in a team full of donkeys! He can mix at the top level as he has shown in the international fixtures he has played in!
  5. Mac’s wide players always cut in, giving more space for the full backs
  6. Exactly this, it won’t one iota! They need to be introduced gradually, not just throw into the fire! Poor comments made last night from Mel, and the very fact he teased leaving us in the crap, shows the blokes character!
  7. Let’s sell everyone, get relegated with a new owner and manager and let’s start again! The club is toxic and the likes of Lawrence, Rooney, and Morris are at the core! The fact Lawrence has been given the captains armband says it all! The likes of Norwich are what we need to look at! Delia Smith has nowhere near the wealth of Mel Morris, however they have managed to evolve by ridding the likes of Hoolahan, Howson, and Johnson, and started a fresh with a new manager, with a forward thinking sporting director. And when I look at us who do we bring in……. Steve Mac! Cmon we deserve better than this!!
  8. Haha I’m sorry but you can’t pull wool over the eyes of this one!! An injury in training is fine if it is between team mates! But a manger going in on a 50/50 is inexcusable for me! To me this shows how amateur the coaching set up is at the club! Jake Buxton, Liam Rosenior, Shay Given, and Wayne Rooney…… definitely the wrong people to have when facing an almost vertical challenge this season! I love the club in every way! Love the history, love the significance to the County, and love the current group of players! But I’m sorry, the backroom staff both on and off the pitch aren’t fit to wear the Ram badge!
  9. Reminds me of when we went after Antonio when Mel had an open cheque book! Mel’s had a lot of slack given him during this 2 year limbo period. If he was to sell Buchanan to Forest he’d loose all support from me!
  10. I wouldn’t call Martyn Waghorn an enigma! He was at his best for Ipswich when he was a number 9! I remember when he was at Pride Park and he bullied our defence! He was the star man for that team! He strikes me as being a player that need an arm around him, something that I think Rooney struggles with!
  11. Great player!! Definitely the type we should be looking at!!
  12. The club has said nothing of any substance for over a year now. Perhaps being open and honest with the fans might work this time 🤔
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