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  1. We will get players in! Everyone is trying to flog them in this climate! There could be some good bargains about as well!
  2. He’s the type we should be opting for, good age, can pass from the back, and would be miles cheaper than Joe Hart. Can definitely be a keeper we can improve and sell on for more.
  3. Surely our case needs to be resolved next week, can’t be waiting on a verdict with such a short off-season
  4. Must have been on at least 30k a week after the Fulham situation. I think we’d probably want to half that. I would have liked him to carry on with us but we can’t be splashing big money on 30+ year olds!
  5. You just never know how a signing settles into a club. Sol Bamba got released by Leeds and eventually took Cardiff up a couple of years ago. If the interest is true(which I doubt) then you have to fully back Phill and his team!
  6. I’d rather Martin sign for another couple of years! Moore’s in the same bracket as Crosgrove, a big presence, but not going to get you 20 in a season! Spend the 2m on a GK phill!
  7. He needs backing. He has the track record, and the big name, but if you have your hands tied you can only achieve a certain amount. Cocu has already made it clear that he needs a striker, winger and GK if he wants to compete next year, it's up to Mel and the powers that be to provide him with the players. I cant see anything but free transfers and loans this summer, especially with the EFL charge hanging over our heads. So as a fan base we should back Cocu until we come out of the other side of this debacle. Hes worked wonders this year with what has happened. Give the bloke t
  8. Loans can mess you up, I’d much rather build a proper recruitment team who can spot talent, develop talent, and cash in, rather than lending someone’s player and making them better, for them to ultimately cash in. We’ve done excellent with the academy, I just wish more emphasis would be placed on recruitment!
  9. Fulham in for him, will be going there.
  10. I’d give him 3 years! If Curtis Davies can be at the club at 35 then Chris Martin at least should see his early 30s here! Fantasitc servant for the club and his resurgence has been a shining light for me this season!
  11. If your after Gelato, you want to go to Tagg Lane Dairy on the Ashbourne to Buxton Rd! There Pistachio is spot on! Rams fans as well!
  12. Talk about Bielsa lying naked on a table when they lost to forest. Absolute heads gone!
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