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  1. The recruitment is nothing short of diabolical. Always domestically based and never thinking outside of the box. We either recruit a player off the back of a good season: (Beilik, Lawrence, the entire of Clement's signings 😂,) or rely on loans like last year. Norwich are the best idea of doing thinks right. Pukki on a free is up there with some of the best business I've seen, Not to mention Buendia and Hernandez coming from abroad. It's alright having a war room with all the tools needed to spot any player, it's about the personnel scouting the players.
  2. Still no width apart from Bogle. Massive problems out wide for me.
  3. Paul coutts effected the game though! So far Dowell has produces a low work rate and below par set pieces. Big year for him, and his future, needs to step up.
  4. Was class today. Needs to be a regular starter for me. Ran his heart out and battled in the centre of the park. Buchanan and Lowe were also excellent. If your not aiming for the top two spots then blooding young players and sticking to a philosophy will get you there sooner rather than later. Up the Rams!
  5. This season is a free hit for Cocu. Get you feet under the table and assess which players are up to it and which aren't. We will probably endure some painful defeats but let the bloke build a squad with a mixture of youngsters and first teamers. Cocu had a slow start at PSV but after a year he brought in 5 players and they went on to win the league. Let's be give him time and back the team.
  6. Got to play Marriott up top with Waghorn. Can't see a better strike partnership in the division. 3-5-2 is the best formation with the players available. Let's take it to them!
  7. 3-5-2 is interesting and allows Waggy and Marriott to play together. The problem today was the lack of forward thinking midfielders. Evans and Huddlestone are too like-minded. The game was crying out for Dwaye Homes. Bennett would have also effected the game more than Jozefzoon.
  8. Definitely wouldn't play Beilik until Stoke. Scunthorpe away on a crap pitch screams of an injury. The lad needs to get himself right.
  9. Beilik and Clarke will be the one who could propel us into the top 6. Bit underwelmed about the wingers, Paterson will really have to get his head down!
  10. Don't like loans from teams in the same division, if he does well they'll want a large fee. Could be a good signing as Bristol fans seem gutted to see him go.
  11. I think Brighton are after some player from Genk for 20 mill. Don't know how good he is but having a flexible front 3 would cause massive problems for defences. Especially is a possession based 4-3-3
  12. Van Dijk is a defender and Dembele was 19/20 years old with a lot to prove. Sinclair will only go down in value, Sinclair would go against everything Mel has said in recent interviews.
  13. In the Scottish League playing the likes of St Johnston and Motherwell
  14. Kin ell I'm glad some on here aren't in our scouting team. Scott Sinclair 🤢
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