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  1. He's extremely physical at CB. Would deffo have him in!
  2. Did you go to Norwich and Newcastle? Never looked like competing never mind getting a result. Away from home you need battlers, something which other than Johnson, we don't have.
  3. Have you seen us this year? Yes our team is incredibly unbalanced! Too many number tens, too many powderpuff players, not enough battlers
  4. Knew this would happen. After Rotherham, everyone was sellable, but now fans want to hold on to their favourites. The fact is that the club needs change and if rowett thinks Ince needs to be sold then so be it.
  5. We need a big fu##** at CB. The squad clearly isn't physical enough
  6. Exactly the type we should be after. 21 years old, with too much quality for league 2. He would run through walls to play for for the Rams first team!
  7. Not a bad shout. Hanley is probably better than Flint and is two years younger.
  8. Pretty ineffective today, took off around the hour mark.
  9. Danny Williams looks a bit of a physical presence for reading. On a free this year as well!
  10. If anyone is attending and can provide updates it'll be much appreciated! 👍
  11. Very good CB. Tall, commanding and a leader.
  12. Shackell looked nervy because mclaren demanded a possession based approach. Rowett will play to shacks strengths which are defending.
  13. Another issue is that Hughes is one of if not the highest earners at the club. If he's going to be benched then we may as well try and get the best price for him.
  14. Totally agree mate, jutkevitz gave him the runaround today!
  15. "Big decisions in the summer time" is the best quote in this interview. Blackman has to go for me. He's on a big wage and doesn't cut it whenever he plays. For me shackell is the best choice cb at the club. Half the teams in the division would bite our hands off to have him.