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  1. The blokes clueless, both tactically and with his selection. The Cardiff game was a clear indication of this. We were on a hot vein of form, and he made loads of changes to the team. In the Champ consistency is key, and his inexperience showed! His interviews are abysmal to say the least! When we loose it’s always the officials that take a battering! We need a coach who is experienced, and knows the English game inside out! I’d take Chris Wilder in a heartbeat! When Mel leaves! He can build a team from the ground up when left solely in charge of football matters! Unfortuna
  2. The inexperience through the club worries me from management right through to the owner!
  3. What a state this club is in! The ownership need sorting fast! George Evans is championship back up at best. Get rid and let’s get a proper CB in!
  4. If we don’t strengthen this window there’s no doubt we’ll go down!
  5. Disgusting that a man who label’s himself as a Rams fan is letting the club go down the toilet!
  6. Don’t want this joke of a Sheik near the Rams! This should have been done by December!
  7. Squads wafer thin as it is never mind replacing Knight and Silbley!
  8. He’s definitely hidden in the past year! Can you see Mel Morris appear on a sportscene talk in? I definitely don’t! The narrative has gone from competing at the top end of the championship, to blooding kids and selling them on. It’s clear he wants rid as soon possible!
  9. Got to be 15 million for me! The brexit situation should only increase British fees!
  10. Not sure about 30mil. You need goals in order to go for 12mill plus, Benrahma showed that last year.
  11. I’d go back in for Austin at West Brom. We are playing better stuff, just need someone in to put the ball in the back of the net!
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