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  1. He didn’t “have” to spunk millions on players, he did it on his own accord. It is the risk you take when you sign heavy cheques in the championship. If you don’t go up you are well and truly screwed.
  2. Morris has literally exhausted every avenue available with regards to FFP. Took a well run club and completely ripped it apart.
  3. Hope we dodge this one screams mid table championship at best, would rather have a winger that puts a bit of graft in.
  4. His Injury record for such a young age is frightening! Doesn’t this matter when recruiting players?
  5. Need something up top. Waghorn squandered another one on one yesterday
  6. Jordan Ibe available from Bournemouth. Could get him in for a cut price fee!
  7. Missed Celtic training in Dubai to go to Preston
  8. Got to be a good shot stopper with good handling. Keepers who are good with the ball at their feet but have rubbish presence and keeper skills are definitely a liability!
  9. The fact that’s he’s been at Swansea, Ipswich, and now Stoke, without pulling up any trees tells you all you need to know. Knowing our recruitment though..... #WelcomeVickers
  10. Sorry mate but I’d disagree with everything you’ve said apart from your opinion on Thorne. The only player I’d be inclined to keep is Huddlestone due to his passing ability, but even that would have to be on reduced terms. The problem with this club is that we’ve handed out fat contracts to bang average players leaving us in a mess. I’d release the lot and start a fresh which is desperately needed. It’d also free up some wage space enabling us to change the squad considerably.
  11. 33yr old Billy Sharp over Jack Marriott. duck me!!
  12. Totally right mate. Loans are good to add that little bit of quality but permanent signings is what is needed at Derby. The core of the squad has to be full of permanent players in order to progress. We need a GK, two centre half’s, a ball winning midfielder, a couple of wingers and a striker.We need to be active in the next two windows!
  13. If he can’t train properly (which is evident he can’t) what example does it set to the academy. If we can get 5 million for him then let’s get a number 9 like Toney or Kodja in.
  14. We’ve needed an overhaul after Rowetts poo or bust season. During Rowetts summer window the age of the players coming in was worrying. The club needs to back Cocu in January without a shadow of doubt!
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