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  1. Can't wait until this team clicks! Up the Rams!
  2. One step back to take two forward?

    Rowett's got to say that we will be challenging, just like every other manger in the league who finished 12th upwards last year. I think everyone in the club knows a rebuild is needed. There have certainly been FFP restrictions this year and an emphasis of youth is coming apparent with the likes of Shackell and Anya not even getting a sniff. Rowetts work is just starting and we are trying to hound him out! It's shocking to be fair! Get behind the team, and get behind the manager!
  3. Time to go !

    @stoneyram Shut up mate
  4. Is Rowett up to the job

    It's an absolute disgrace that people are questioning Rowett. The bloke lives locally, his lad is a Rams fan, he has the best idea of what we need in order to progress. He wants to change the dynamics of the squad from a team who has failed year on year playing a possession based game. He needs two more transfer windows at a minimum. I really can't believe people are wanting him out already. He needs to blood youth, and slash the wage bill, as well as finishing in a respectable position in the league. This is a task that any manger in world football would find difficult. I suggest that anyone not buying into Rowett's ideas stay away from the club. Keep the faith!
  5. Pearce, Bennett, Guy & Bird New Contracts

    It's Wednesday mate
  6. Bad summer window

    I'm I the only one who thinks the summer window was a disappointment? I thought Rowett was going to inject the squad with an athletic, physical presence. However we have brought in over 30's who lack the hunger to get out of the division. Don't want to be negative but just feel the squad lacks pace, especially in midfield. Hope Rowett is given time but would love a center mid who can cover each ends of the pitch.
  7. Bristol City v Derby County

    Joe Ledley is exactly what we don't need! High paid and over 30. We need pace in the center of the park. Preferably someone under the age of 25. 4-1 against Bristol is not good enough if we are looking for a top 6 finish!
  8. David Davis

    It's ok not competing for the top players but when your scouting network goes as far as domestic talent, your only going to atttract average/aging players
  9. David Davis

    The amount of the bid sums it all up! Never going to get him for that much.
  10. Craig Bryson - signed for Cardiff season long loan

    We're missing a workhorse in midfield, Davis has power and pace and would be an excellent signing!
  11. Cameron Jerome

    Powerful and pacy. Would add a different dynamic to the team, can run the channels as well.
  12. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Wouldn't want wells, severely overrated! David Davis on the other hand is a different story!
  13. Callum McManaman - Signed for Sunderland

    Hope he comes in and absolutely tears it up! Typically arrogant response, have you ever seen him play?
  14. Callum McManaman - Signed for Sunderland

    He's off if he can't make the bench in a efl cup game!
  15. Super Nuge - a fan thread

    Love Nuge! Would always have him in ahead of Martin due to his sheer ability to hassle and press defenders. He's an absolute character and such a shrewd buy!

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