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  1. Good luck to him! Both him and Hughes were a delight to watch. Hope he can get his career back on track.
  2. This is good news regarding Knight he is looking a very good prospect and has shown a number of more experienced players up with his desire and work ethic. Happy for Whittaker too but it’s clear he needs more time to make that step up. Maybe a loan, or maybe next season will be his time to shine.
  3. Oh agreed, but let’s be honest that’s never going to happen is it!
  4. The country would be a much better place if rags like this didn’t exist!
  5. Well it can’t be Coco the clown can it????? Worst manager ever if you’d listen to some!
  6. Hopefully someone gives us the hiding we deserve soon! This unbeaten run is getting most annoying.
  7. I don’t like the fact that we went down this route to get around FFP.........however, if Mel has the leagues acceptance of the sale in writing at the time then he has the ace in the hole! If it’s as we’ve been told then the EFL have made a big mistake charging us which doesn’t surprise me as they are a ducking shambles. Retrospective action against clubs sets a dangerous precedent! Mel needs to get a top legal team in and fire a warning shot across the EFL’s bows. If Mel doesn’t have that written conformation then he’s not only in the poo with the EFL, the fans will be pretty ducked off too!
  8. Had a good season last season and offers something a bit different from our other attacking players. The downsides are the obvious injury record and the joinergate fallout, I also don’t think he particularly suits the Cocu style
  9. Ramarena

    Jack Clarke

    Last time I heard St Mirren. Dunno if he's still there or not
  10. TBH it’s come on leaps and bounds since earlier in the season, the breakthrough of knight and bird have done a lot for the balance bringing energy, determination and some youthful determination. Still plenty to work on but the options are much better and Shinnie and Beilik still to return!
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