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  1. Didn’t really deserve a point but I’ll take it against them lot all day long especially in that fashion! Give the players credit for keeping going and scoring at the death, but let’s not beat about the bush that was an insipid performance with no heart or desire! Hopefully we can carry that last minute bit of fight and euphoria into the next game and play as we know we can!
  2. Still too pedestrian. Sibley broke from a turn over of play in our half made a decent positive pass the ball moves on again and ends up with Bogle strolling with it before passing back and all momentum gone. I don’t mind holding the ball and looking for openings but when we have a break on we seem to be looking for ways to slow ourselves down and allow forest to get back behind the ball.
  3. What on earth was Hamer doing there? Like something out of an under 10s game
  4. Finally starting to move the ball with some pace and positivity, players making runs helps too
  5. Holmes is really struggling to get into the games at the moment
  6. Good cross from bogle and with some positivity comes an opportunity not an easy one but something
  7. They are swarming Sibley, 3 forest players in close proximity every time he gets the ball. They are clearly trying to strangle the Sibley martin link up....its working well at the mo
  8. Cocu the clown out!!!!!!!!
  9. Good point.....he did touch his balls almost as much as he picked his nose!
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