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  1. Interesting. What makes this the case, lack of funds, facilities, staff, structure, etc?
  2. I think Sibley and/or Knight are definitely worthy of a place on the bench with a view to replacing Holmes if he continues to struggle. That said I think Evans is ahead of them in Cocu's mind at present.
  3. Philip Cocu.......You have been granted the greatest gift of all: the gift of life. Tell me - what have you done to deserve this superlative good fortune?
  4. I'm here to pick up someone called Shay!!!!!
  5. It’s Alfies new initials.......he’s a master of disguise! Today’s he’s Irish.....tomorrow he could be found unconscious in the back of a crashed car. You never know where Alfie will show up next!
  6. Balon the ball into the crowd more like!
  7. I'd rather see us give some game time/experience to Sibley and Knight.
  8. Yeah you know that guy! I actually meant to put Whittaker and couldn't even get the one I put in wrong right JHI. 🙄🙄🙄
  9. Yeah I forgot to add Bird and Whittaker
  10. I think Sibley, Knight, JLR, Buchanan and maybe even trialist are the closest to making a move up to be involved with the first team. Their development has to be managed correctly but I would hope we give all of all of the above some 1st team game time this season, with a view to getting them experience for next season. I think Holmes position is the one under threat at the moment with Knight and Sibley prime contenders for the position should Cocu feel they are ready. I would prefer to see us give them two some opportunities ahead of Dowell.
  11. Don't think Ball even plays anymore does he?
  12. Isn't Wisdom as quick as or even quicker than Evans and Fozzy????
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