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  1. It never stopped to be honest!
  2. Rooney’s wanting assurances from the club? He should count himself lucky he’s been given the opportunity!
  3. I imagine there was as bigger sigh of relief in the boardroom as there was from the fans at the final whistle! I think Mel is genuine, he’s just made some big and costly mistakes that have cost him and the club dearly......(especially this season). This should be a busy summer, lots of things need changing/putting right starting with the ownership. So hopefully this is the start of improved communication as the required changes are made. Otherwise the rumour mill will start churning out rubbish in the void
  4. Mel after realising that Rooney isn’t up to it
  5. Yeah Edmundson has enough potential to be a useful player in this division. He’s fairly well rounded and still young, he’s surprisingly quick too. If a deal could be done anything up to a million would be resonable. The only thing that concerns me is his injury record. Of the 5 loans he’s the only one I’d look at again.
  6. Lovely goal, has bags of technical ability...............however he often flatters to deceive. I think in a settled team with the right manager he could push on and do well. But you’ll only ever get him on loan as no-ones going to pay the amount that City would accept
  7. Both still under contract with their clubs. Roberts cost £12 million I doubt City will accept anything we could afford! Edmundson is more realistic but again I’m betting he’d cost around a million
  8. Indeed they lambast Evatts career and praise Wilder, yet before Sheff Utd Wilder had only managed at small clubs (Halifax, northants and Oxford). Im guessing Sheff Utd should have turned their noses up at Wilder instead of appointing him!
  9. This is the arrogance and entitlement I talk about.
  10. Well he’s played for us, so we know who he is! Evatt also has managerial experience at three clubs. Why the obsession with a name?
  11. Still the best out and out defender at the club, even after not playing for months and at the end of his career! Just don’t understand the pelters he gets. Vastly underestimated!
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