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  1. Good to see him back in the black and white always likes him but I thought his time had sadly gone but maybe Cocu will give him the opportunity to stake a claim. Martins a good player who can still be a useful asset even if not a regular starter. A series of managers have cast him aside, but he’s still here plugging away at it. Good luck to him!
  2. Carson and Thorne both MIA this weekend.
  3. 🤣 Thinking about it didn’t we get a kicking at tranmere like we did at brentford, then a draw at home against WBA like Cardiff last night where we saw progress then the run began! But yeah probably gastro-enteritis
  4. Improved performance for sure and some positive signs. Beilik and hudds look fine together in the centre with Beilik and Holmes giving it some much needed pace, power presence and direct running through the lines. Lowe is doing well and Malone had a good game too. Lawrence was poor again and Clarke was very up and down. Waggs also had a Jeykle and Hyde performance with Marriott left isolated at times. Definately some good signs and bogle coming back should help the balance. Today’s issues seemed to centre on the forward and central defence. We need to work on those areas, maybe swap Clarke and Davis might help and Lawrence being banned might be an unexpected positive given his form.
  5. What on earth was Lawrence doing skying it in his own third
  6. We’re looking a bit narrow on the right if Lowe doesn’t break from his position
  7. He’s looking good along with Lowe and Beilik
  8. That’s twice Clarke’s been incredibly indecisive , needs to sharpen up a bit
  9. Was there two handballs in the lead up to that?
  10. Yep great drive through the midfield and ball for Holmes. weve been in desperate need for a cm who can drive forwards
  11. Scrappy goal but as long as it goes in who cares. Good work from Holmes
  12. Autocratic wannabes playing the victim. History repeats itself again and again!
  13. Message for Mr Cocu........... if your thinking of playing Hudds and Dowell together
  14. TBH I was calling for his inclusion last season it was obvious he was able to the dirty side of the game that no one else in the squad was able to do and that we were crying out for. i didn’t mind him departing as long as he was replaced, which he hasn’t been really as Beilik isn’t a direct replacement. We needed Beilik AND a Johnson replacement
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