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  1. Looks like Dazn are starting to pull rights payments to stay afloat, I imagine the same will start happening with other broadcasters, sponsors who haven’t paid in advance and those lining stuff up for next season will be very hesitant. The financial pressure on the leagues and clubs is going to be huge!
  2. Went back to Oz via Sheff weds I think. Hope he stole some of their songs!
  3. Yep Bragstaad was utterly gash! Absolutely no postitional sense whatsoever, remember watching him against Charlton and couldn’t understand why he would keep going to stand next to the full back.
  4. Nah we made a tidy profit on him got him for £2.3 million sold him to Lens for £2.8m proper wheeler dealer was the bald eagle!
  5. That we're not allowed an opinion.....I think......errrrrrrrrrrr.
  6. Are we allowed an opinion on this forum anymore? I mean what’s the point???????? 🤪
  7. Lad at work suggested pocket billiards yesterday.......he had me for a sec!
  8. We’d probably launch a legal attempt to overturn it. You would also have to factor in the loss of revenue for clubs across the country meaning many could fall foul of FFP this season giving the EFL a big headache and having to offer some form of mitigation or scrapping FFP for the outbreak timeframe. The EFL would really be under the cosh and it wouldn’t surprise me if some clubs who’ve missed out on places get upity........Steve Gibson I’m looking at you! Makes me wonder if they would have the time or the desire to go to court with us when the poo is hitting the fan
  9. The only way you’re going to finish this season before the scheduled start for next season is behind closed doors with clubs strictly enforcing a social distancing policy between players and club staff (also in their private lives) intensive testing with reduced training schedules and skeleton staff. They potentially could restart domestically in early April if all criteria is met and there’s no outbreak within clubs. Obviously there are significant problems with this plan, it’s a lot of work and what happens if one club has an outbreak and the rest don’t? As for European competition including the Euros in the summer then they won’t be happening. All countries are on different timelines for this virus so unless this virus suddenly stops in its track then you cannot bring European teams together even behind closed doors because the risk is too great! I’m not advocating this plan, just thinking of a scenario where this season gets finished before the start of next
  10. So if this season isn't completed does that mean Joinersgate never happened??????????
  11. I never mentioned suing although I wouldn't be surprised if some tried it It's more the fact that there will always be clubs/fans who will feel that they missed out on what could have been if the arrangements will had been made differently. No-win situation!
  12. Indeed. But they are still a bunch of Mike Hunt's!
  13. Whatever decision they make it'll leave someone missing out. They really are in an impossible situation unless they can somehow finish the season which looks pretty much impossible!
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