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  1. The scarf thread got me thinking about my old Bukta bad boy shirt for some reason, wore this shirt more than any other Derby top I've ever had. Sadly despite several searches I can't find anywhere!
  2. Can I interest you in some of these fine products?
  3. He wouldn't even make my top 10 worst signings, especially since he was on loan too.
  4. Agreed. I quite liked Johnson but mainly because he gave us something that the others in the squad didnt, his job was effectively to allow the likes of Mount, Holmes and Wilson to play their game without having to hold back too much. You know what the answer is................a time machine to return to 2014 and save George Thorne from the nightmare he’s about to embark upon! Now there was a defensive midfielder, presence, power, control, creativity and defensive protection all rolled into one!
  5. Interesting......I’ve seen a few highlights but I don’t know much about him other than what I’ve read on here. Hope he can fill that shielding role for us with and add a bit of bite and drive that we need. One thing we may miss though is Bradders ariel presence he won quite a lot in the middle of the park and even if he didn’t win the ball he would do enough to cause problems for the opposition. It helped gain territory as well as possession. I think we’re going to miss some of the dirty work that bradders got through
  6. Hopefully he’ll help fill the void that Wilson leaves.
  7. Not sure why anyone would want cattermole. That said physicality and technical ability aren’t mutually exclusive. I think a powerful and trechnically decent CM who can take hold of a game and give us a good base to build off it’s a pretty big requirement in this division (not so much in the Prem) we’ve not had a player like that since Thorne in his pomp! Hopefully Shinnie can give us some of that although I get the feeling he’s more in the Bryson role.
  8. Wouldn’t have thought Bristol would have wanted a friendly a against a bunch of cheats like us!
  9. He’s a lovely shade of puce in that shot......fits right in!
  10. This our first foreign manager so Sam the dinosaur can do one!
  11. Could be worse................
  12. Sorting out his in flight reading as we type
  13. Looks a good appointment, has good knowledge of the divisions, talks well about the game in general as a pundit and seems well regarded at Brighton. We aren't over staffed on the coaching side of things, so I'm sure he'll make the position his own and make a valuable contribution. Welcome Liam!
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