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  1. If I remember rightly he gets through a lot of work closing down and battling for the ball. Not an out and out target man as you say but more of a nuisance creating holes for the midfielders, used to be a tidy finisher too! Not sure he’s entirely what we’re after but I’m guessing we’re getting down the targets list if true.
  2. I think it’s a fair question actually and I say this as someone whose been/is happy for Cocu to have time. I’ve already discussed this with Roy on another thread but I think we saw some cause for concern yesterday. Firstly the significance of the interview after the game hasn’t really been mentioned, it’s actually a potentially big moment in his tenure as he’s basically asking the team to get behind him. Secondly was Cocus manner during the game, usually he is reserved and issues the occasional instruction. But yesterday he was openly calling players out on the touch line For n
  3. Injured, just get Jesus instead
  4. Got side tracked but meant to add to my last post, did you notice how Cocu was openly questioning the players on the pitch mainly for the complete lack of closing down/pressing yesterday? First time I’ve seen him do it and he appeared very frustrated for him. Tie that in with the after match interview and I’ve gone from an optimist who can see there’s issues but wanting to give him time to being concerned about his relationship with his squad. It looks like they aren’t following instructions which is a big concern. Many will condem the manager for that and it’s a fair point, how
  5. Nah only that guy could make a bad situation worse! Quite a talent really.
  6. I think your on the right path here roy and yesterday’s comments from Cocu aren’t being seen as significantly important as they were. I don’t know if he has lost the players fully or not, however when a manager publicly lays into the whole team/squad then it sets up a crux (for want of a better term). He is effectively telling the players to back him or sack him! Its now in the players hands and things will come to a head over the next 3-5 games. If Cocu wins the results and performances will improve. If the players decide not to buy into it performances will continue to de
  7. Well this thread is certainly entertaining. Plenty of bonkers suggestions, keep em coming!
  8. The Rooney issue is threefold: - His head doesn’t seem right. I’m not going to speculate the reasons for this but he needs to sort it out. - He’s been found out, when he first arrived the opposition didn’t know how he would play his role. Fast forward and they know he favours droppping off to the left to pick up the ball to play a diagonal pass. So they stick a player high up watching that zone, they also know to close off the channels when he has the ball, also if they break through the middle he’s not going to tack them despite being the CDM etc, etc. - Mobility is another pro
  9. I said at the time we’d regret letting him go if we didn’t replace him.......and we didn’t. He was very expensive and agricultural at times which didn’t suit our purist fans.......however he added determination, agreession and influence in the middle of the park. Something we desperately lack at present! Fast forward to today and the only fit player who offers any of these qualities is Shinnie who has to play for me. The other is Beilik who’s out till whenever.
  10. I think Cocus comments yesterday bought forward a decision on his future. The players will either pickup and performances improve or he loses them completely and he’s done. Its pretty much in the players hands now.
  11. Live footage of Bobby Duncan after bradley Johnson second went in
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