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  1. Kudos!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Ramarena


    I’m hearing reports that he went to B&Q in burnley looking for patio sets.
  3. Ramarena

    Midfield Balance

    Maybe so.....hence why I think BJ is the best of a bad bunch of options
  4. Ramarena

    Midfield Balance

    I understand the reservations and if we were in the prem I’d fully agree with the technical ability side of things. But in the Championship you need that gritty grafter in your team. We’ve all been at a match where a full blooded tackle, etc can lift the team and crowd we don’t have anyone capable of that. We need to start winning the midfield battles to let our technical players play. The reason the midfield looks so disjointed is because we don’t have a ball winner and with a presence in there. bJ is the closest we do have until we buy someone. As to his future he’s in an odd position, expensive player in FFP terms but potentially not a player that would be handed a new contract. Personally I don’t think FL would want to offer him a new deal.
  5. Ramarena

    Midfield Balance

    I said it on another thread but this is the correct place for it. Its controversial but I’d be tempted to give a midfield three of Evans, BJ and Mount a go. BJ is the only midfielder we posses that can do the dirty work and you need that in this division, he wins the 50/50s we lose out on at the moment and allows us to regain possession further up the pitch instead of of having the opposition stroll through us as happens at the mo. Yes his passing is poor but it’s no worse than what was on display on fri night. Id let him play the Bryson role and let him get forward when he can too. The other two would play the roles they are currently but Mount needs to do more to eveade his markers. i like Hudds and Bryson but the balance is all wrong at present and the above is a blend we haven’t tried. I’d also look to sit Mount out for a couple of games in the near future and replace him Wilson or Lawrence just to give him a breather and analyse his role from he bench, all young players need a few games out from time to time and Mount is no different Oh and start waghorn out wide
  6. It’s a fair question I think he’s been good but has inevitably made mistakes due to his inexperience. The style is better than Rowetts even though we’ve gone of the boil. I think he’s also got a tougher task than some of his predecessors as he needs to trim the squad which he’s doing. All in all I think he’s made good progress and it won’t be until next season that we can really start to draw conclusions as to his true level of success. I know some argue that the loss of Wilson and Mount will devastate us and next year will be a right off unless we get promoted so we can retain them. But I disagree hey are big cracking players but not irreplaceable and we may even be able to replace them with players that work better in terms of team balance!
  7. Ramarena

    Change of formation needed!

    You can change the formation but the Midfield will still be the problem area. Sort that out and our defending and attacking will improve. Sadly the only option I can see at the moment is to bring Johnson back in for Bryson, BJ would give us more presence in the middle of the park allowing us to win more of those 50/50’s we always seem to lose out on at the moment. He’d also give us a good ariel presence in that midfield allowing us to get the ball back higher up the park Many people criticise BJ for his lack of passing abilty and they have a point, however at the moment our midfield struggle to pass to a teammate anyways. It’s only a temporary solution until we can get a decent ball winning CM in help that midfield blend! As much as I like Hudds and Bryson I’m wondering if a BJ, Evans and Mount midfield could be more balanced As an aside I wonder if it’s time for mount to sit a couple of games out when Wilson’s fit
  8. Ramarena

    'suspicious' man outside Derby County's training ground

    Irony not your forte? Lighten up, it could be worse!
  9. Ramarena

    'suspicious' man outside Derby County's training ground

    Was it KCG rolling his eyes at Keogh from the bushes?
  10. Ramarena

    David Nugent

    Speculation at the time was around 25k per week for Bent.
  11. Ramarena

    Crazy Keogh hating

    I’m surprised they they know who to roll eyes at given they have these people on ignore!
  12. Ramarena

    Alex Pearce - Joined Millwall on loan

    He’ll never take Keogh’s place as scapegoat in chief!
  13. Ramarena

    Marriott the ultimate clone

    True but he’s played for the gumps and had some pretty bad injuries so he had a lot to deal with, especially the gumps bit! Pulis doesn’t fancy him either so he’s probably a pretty good player!
  14. Ramarena

    Vs Southampton home (Matchday thread).

    Enjoyed watching the camera man break down his kit!

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