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  1. Looks like Leeds fans are trying to console themselves with the fact that we will lose badly to villa, lose all our decent players, be fined heavily, receive a 9 point deduction and finish mid table or lower as they get promoted........... Oh and when all this happens Fat Frank will start crying again! 🤣🤣🤣
  2. I think he’d be ok with him if he had two ball playing CB’s either side of him. when you actually look at the stats his pass completion isn’t too bad at all!
  3. Davies would be my preference with Keogh and fozzy either side of him if we’re playing 3 at the back and both Davies and foz are fully recovered
  4. They’ve been droning on about it ever since we beat them! Its all they have to cling to after our “really poor team” went to their place and pretty much ended their playoff hopes!
  5. I believe Prem rules state you can only loan one player from a club so we’d have to loan Mount and buy Tomori 😀
  6. Cheers! congratulations on a truly fantastic season, especially pipping vile Leeds to the post!
  7. Bristol are very bitter towards us, they don’t like our FFP style and how we beat them at their ground. Funny thing is this “useless Derby Team” beat them on their own turf and pretty much ended their play off hopes.......what does that say about Bristol’s team???????? Anyways good luck to them next season
  8. Arise sir Bizzle of Derby
  9. ducking loving it duck you Leeds duck you bamford duck you bielsa your boys took one hell of beating
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