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  1. True.......that Sphincter was tighter than our defence!
  2. Don’t know whether to like this or laugh...........not because it’s a ridiculous suggestion, but he has done more positive stuff in 10 mins than the rest of the team put together! scary
  3. Watsons not scared to try and pass it forwards....good on him
  4. I can see the logic behind giving some of the players a rest especially Kaz as he's so influential for us. It's a lot of changes though so I hope that doesn't impact us too much. It'll also be interesting to see how some of the loans who haven't appeared much fare.
  5. Roos Mengi/Wiz Mr Ed Clarke Mengi/Wiz Buchanan Shinnie Baningime Sibbo Joz Gregory ????????????
  6. Jordon ibe: 196 career appearances (120 of them in the prem) Jason knight: 69 career appearances Both numbers are first team games. Can’t be arsed to look up actual mins played! Random fact, ibe had played in almost as many Europa league games as FA cup games!
  7. Hopefully the start of a six point week, great result and surprising tactics that worked!
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