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  1. Great to see Forsyth & Wisdom back. No Shinnie suggests he is injured?
  2. A lot has been made of the starting 11 vs Forest and players being rested and then our first 11 churn out todays performance. So what would be everyones starting 11 when we have a fit team to choose from? Mine would be 433, could also be 4231 :- Roos - Bogle Keogh Clarke Lowe - Holmes Bielik Shinnie - Waghorn Marriott Lawrence Imo that centre mid has a better balance to it, others may disagree. Can pick a pretty strong bench then from - Hamer Evans Davies Malone Huddlestone Dowell Knight Jozefzoon Paterson Bennett + Wisdom & Forsyth eventually
  3. Holmes best position is in midfield, would much prefer him in there over Dowell plus having Bielik in there he would be the person to win the ball back.
  4. He picks this midfield due to the available options not just right back. Bielik will play in the middle as will Holmes when they are both fully fit
  5. Bielik isnt fully fit hence playing centre back over centre mid, Cocu has mentioned this on numerous occasions. Do you think this 11 would have done much better Tues night based on that 1st half?
  6. At no point have we had a fully fit team to pick from, having no natural right back has unbalanced the whole team. Once we get Bogle back & Bielik is fully back and in centre mid ahead of Hudd we will start to look better. I understand we are getting battered but when the players cross the white line they are responsible for their performance and too many of them have been an embarassment this first half
  7. Not sure why Cocu is getting so much grief for this? He has picked the same team that put in a decent performance vs West Brom, pretty sure he wouldnt have expected so many players to put in such poor performances. I still think when we have a fully fit team we will be up challenging for playoffs under Cocu we just need to give him time to find his best team.
  8. Thank god for this post, my thoughts exactly just couldnt be bothered to post it 🤣 Would love to know what team people would want to play a Forest team with 8 changes in itself
  9. Not a similar line up no as the players who started arent in the first team currently for a reason whether fitness or performance, last night certainly didnt help change Cocu's mind in terms of performance thats for sure. Lampard played strong teams yes but there is no doubting the number of games we ended up playing took its toll on our players. Mount got injured in a cup game vs Acc Stanley which meant we really struggled whilst he was out, I said back then he should never have started that game, same with Wilson. Key players shouldnt be risked in early cup games as an injury, like Mount, could have a big affect on the whole season not just 1 cup game.
  10. Marriott is coming back from an injury and has been building his fitness, after starting Sat there would be no benefit in starting him again in a midweek cup game, granted if he played 20mins Sat id have expected him to start but with players returning from injury their playing time has to be managed. Who knows if any of the other starters may have little niggling injuries, should they still be risked then or should they play 1 league game before 2 weeks off? Cocu mentioned niggling injuries & Malone being unavailable after the match. Why should Keogh be playing over Davies & Clarke in a cup fixture? The reserve team consisted of 4 summer signings in Hamer Clarke Paterson & Shinnie, Holmes getting minutes after his injury which he himself said he had since March plus minutes for Davies after his long term injury then match minutes to Evans & Bennett who will likely be on the bench for periods but will also be needed to make impacts off the bench throughout the season. Every manager in the early stages of the cup make wholesale changes, we did, Forest did & so did every other club last night.
  11. Did their manager take it seriously considering he made 8 changes? When you say just not all at once with the youngsters, there were 2? The other started in the league Sat and its his 3rd game. Keogh has played nearly every ninute of every season, think he deserves a reat when Davies & Clarke are more than competent. Cocu made 11 changes vs Scunthorpe & 10 last night, anyone who thought he wouldnt make that many changes then more fool you. To Cocu this game isnt as important as the league and he is right.
  12. Does anyone know when Bogle is back? A lot of talk of how unbalanced we have looked so far under Cocu and I dont think its any coincedence we have looked unbalanced & quality in play has reduced since we lost a natural RB. Lowe has done well but with him being left footed its unsettled the whole team. Shame that Wisdom Holmes & Anya have all been injured when they could have stepped in and kept the balance
  13. What i meant was he was a starter when fit and would've been regular had he been fit. I dont deny we havent played as well as we did vs Huddersfield but in bit parts we have played some good stuff and I have no doubt that given time we will see that more often, I do also think the injury to Bogle has massively hindered us due to the unbalance in the team. I think Cocu saw tonight as just another cup tie, the majority will disagree but some, like myself, will agree with him. The bigger picture for the season is more important than just tonights game, and judging from Cocus comments I think that is what he was looking at. We have to remember whilst criticising the lineup that they did make 8 changes too so took it as seriously as we did only their squad players outperformed ours.
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