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  1. I dont understand all this talk of Hughes was exactly what Mel Morris has spoke about with the acadamy and players progressing into the first team....thats all well and good but do players then want to see that if they reach top level and Prem clubs come calling Morris is going to stand in their way? Yes the fee isnt as high as us fans expect it to be but thats only because he is one of our own, the fee in my eyes is just about right especially with a good sell on % - its happened, no going back, value of the transfer isnt going to change so deal with it and continue to support - this club, our manager who fans have been desperate for and the players that are here by the time the transfer window shuts whether you think they are any good or not.
  2. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/2839988/lokomotiv-moscow-disrespected-and-pull-out-of-deal-to-sign-qpr-steven-caulker/amp/ No chance of 100k here!
  3. Only 1 year left on his deal and im sure QPR would want his wages off their books...I cant see him getting those reported wages from anyone at this level so i guess we will see what sort of hunger he has by whether he takes a pay cut and moves club or whether he sits on his last year of a contract. He is still 25 so nowhere near over the hill, he would tick the pace and athleticm boxes Rowett has previously mentioned, if he was to join i have faith in rowetts judgement that Caulker would arrive with the hunger to succeed and to show his quality once again.
  4. Wisdom Caulker Davies Forsyth Looks very good to me at this level
  5. No way would we pay him that much but would be a quality signing, only 25, for some reason I thought he was older. Can only see it happening if it was for a low fee plus Keogh going. Maybe a swap for Christie? QPR were linked with him
  6. Currently have sponsorship deals in place with Motherwell and Peterborough already so its possible
  7. Been a solid and consistent play at both Premier League & International level now for around 9 years...may not be a star name but at this level I think he could be a star signing
  8. Wisdom to be wearing it when he is officially unveiled
  9. Get him in
  10. I think Christie may well be the next one out the door, after todays article from Rowett on Wisdom which sounds like he will mainly play RB that will put Christie as 3rd choice
  11. Gutted he has left but glad we have a decent sell on clause, can see him having a decent season and being sold next summer for 30m! If not he will ne back on loan to us in Jan! Just hope our fans dont use this transfer as a stick to beat an new incomings with
  12. Wasnt sure where to put it but on Rowetts interview with RamsTV about Wisdom near the end he says something along the lines of 'along with Curtis and the other ones we know we will do at some point' - sounds like we have a few players already to sign when a few have gone
  13. Its a hard sell but id give it a go
  14. One of the teams linked to him on loan, still think we could have got a loan fee and futute deal on a permanent
  15. Did you not see him play for Watford at this level then? Used to tear us to pieces when we played against Watford, clearly has the quality and given a good run I think he would easily get around 15 goals