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  1. I have a similar feeling in that we will start to know more this week on either the takeover, the new kit or the EFL punishment or maybe even all of them. But im basing it purely on the basis of the fixtures being released this week and come the end of this week we're a week away from preseason.
  2. Only makes sense if Byrne gets sold for more than we would pay to replace him with this lad
  3. already on the payroll so wouldnt surprise me if we actually used him this summer
  4. I think we will get a slap on the wrist, maybe a small fine as well, but have to pay all the legal fee's and that is it - hopefully this will be then put to bed before the fixture release date next Thurs. I also think we will have to go back to the original/standard amortization policy for the 17/18, 18/19 & 19/20 so we have the P&S 3 year cycle in in place and submit these with 18/19 & 19/20 not actually submitted yet. If I remember rightly the club have previously stated we would still be within the P&S limits even in this way as the 17/18 season had the stadium sale in
  5. I would say more than 4 managers too as he was at Sheff W under Pulis, Moore and then the caretaker whilst Moore was ill.
  6. For all we know the EFL may have started their process? Would be nice if the next takeover news to come out is to say its completed rather than pending EFL process etc
  7. Was very happy when we signed him, we had finally signed someone from lower leagues who was scoring for fun which most fans had wanted us to do. However, it simply hasnt worked out for him here. There must be a reason why 3 managers never really played him and even Rooney saying he had no future when we were short of strikers & goals. It is annoying that he is going on a free though because the EFL rejected his contract extension, I do wonder if there will be any legal process from the club because of this as it could be a big hit on this years finances which we obviously hoped w
  8. DET article stated we would be due compensation
  9. Exactly, we have to plan for when/if the embargo is lifted so we're ready to sign players asap. The club may even have a date in mind for a takeover which is likely to remove the embargo so can speak to players knowing this.
  10. The same way we managed to sign Jozwiak & Byrne last summer in the middle of an embargo. We will have to wait for it to be lifted (if it ever is this summer)
  11. If he does go we will get some compensation? Any one have any idea how much we would be due?
  12. Decent age, I thought he was quite impressive the few times I saw him play, his first touch wasnt too bad. Seemed a bit clumsy at times but Wanchope looked like that too! Scored a decent goal vs Bournemouth at the end of the season. In terms of price he would likely cost way below £1m which if we do have any money its likely to be in the value range we would be signing players. Seems like a younger version of CKR, I wouldnt be against the signing at all. As fans we need to realise what level of player we're likely to be getting this summer.
  13. Yeah I get that but any new owner is starting from a low wage bill, will know what they have in mind for a wage bill so can bring players in accordingly. The alternative is a high wage bill and have to hope you can slash it massively to fall in line with their own budget as well as helping Rooney fund a team he wants.
  14. Athletic reporting he looks likely to return back to us on a season loan. United were waiting to find out if we had Champ football
  15. Why would a transfer embargo worry a player as long as he is able to sign? An embargo doesnt mean we cant sign anyone at all. Failure to pay the players was due to timing on a potential takeover, its not actually to do with the club not being able to afford it. Will a player actually be too bothered by a potential takeover or not? It might actually excite them that the club could be taken over soon. I think alot of players would be happy to play for us rather than sit around all season without a club. Im not saying im a fan of Rooney as I am not, but I do think his name in football will carry
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