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  1. Makes no sense at all to offer a new deal imo, the longer he stays the more he will ruin his legendary status at the club. His whole game was dowm tp his workrate & box to box running but he just cant do it any more. Stoke away will always stand out in my mind fpr what sums up Bryson this season...1st half, running after a ball but then stops & gives up the chase even thoigh he could have got to it. Time to move on and bring through the youth & look at the lower leagues for a gem like Holmes
  2. Am I the only one who cant see the name of topic under 'Next Unread Topic' at the bottom? This was the same before the site went offline though
  3. Out of the Bristol & Swansea away games it was Swansea that I fancied us to win so beating Bristol was a huge bonus! At Pride Park we battered Swansea, especially the first 20 odds mins when we could have been 4 or 5 up. I fancy us to win tomorrow purely down to this being a match between 2 teams who like to play good football, we struggle when we face physical sides but if it comes down to who can/will play the better football I fancy us over Swansea. Someone mentioned it before but how high we press will play a big part, in the home game they kept trying to play out from the back and we caused them all sorts of trouble with the high press, similar to WBA away - do this and I think we could have quite a comfortable night. Lets go there and get the win so the pressure is on Boro to have to win vs Rotherham
  4. At 22 he would be at a good age to bring in. Dont think it would be 5m though, same as the reported fee's for Waghorn & Marriott I reckon alot will be down to addons & installments, would think max 2m upfront
  5. According to John Percy we are under a soft transfer embargo so cannot register Shinnie yet
  6. Cant register him yet due to being in a soft transfer embargo according to John Percy
  7. Absolute dreadful half, similar to Ipswich away. Lawrence & Bryson passengers, need Holmes on asap. Waghorn feeding off scraps, Mount trying his best and Johnson battling away in there but outnumbered with Bryson being little help and Mount being more advanced
  8. Cant see us signing him unless we got promoted and even then it would more than likely be on loan. What I am looking forward to is seeing him in the England first team in a few years, absolute beast of a centre back and has it all...reminds me of a young Rio Ferdinand only with more pace!
  9. With the players that are coming back from injuries, players like Lawrence & Marriott upping their fitness and the rest of the squad having a decent break I am looking forward to this game. I expect and think we will win this game comfortably. I know we have struggled against lower opposition but I have a good feeling for Saturday. Not sure what team Frank will pick. Does he stick with what has helped us get out the little rut and stick with 4231 or does he go back to 433 with the returning players? 4231 : Roos - Bogle Keogh Tomori Malone - Hudd Johnson - Wilson Holmes Lawrence - Waghorn 433 : Carson - Bogle Keogh Tomori Malone - Hudd Mount Wilson - Waghorn Marriott Lawrence (same team that beat West Brom 4-1) Would be very harsh on any of Roos, Holmes or Johnson to get dropped but I do think now is the time to get our best team out there as often as possible for these final 9 games. Also, I don't think we need 2 holding/sitters at home to Rotherham. Could keep the same starting 11 and change to 433 with Hudd Johnson Holmes though. The last time we fielded the same 11 that beat West Brom was the next game vs @M'Boro which we were very good in and should've won.
  10. This isnt like Liverpool or last season etc as we havent gone on a warm weather training trip, the players are simply having a break. Maybe the rest after so many games recently will do them good. Was good to see a group go off together with their families though, shows the togetherness in the squad imo. Pretty sure I read they were having a few days off then reporting back for a couple of days, the weekend off then the full week build up for Rotherham as normal. Seems a sensible plan to me. Pretty sure most international breaks players go away as i'm sure other teams players will have now, only benefit for us is that due to our extra break we can come in after the hol and keep things ticking over and then have the international weekend off as well.
  11. Got a mix of everything whilst Mount is out. Hudds passing, Johnsons physicality & Holmes creativity
  12. Why is Bogle diving in on Jacobs and not running with him. Carson, gave the whole of the near post for them to score, positioning absolutr awful, get Roos back in the team, he is quicker in every aspect and didnt deserve to be dropped. Massive 2nd half needed here, but I thought we staryed brightly, Marriott looking alot more like his old self and Waghorn been decent too. Need more from Wilson though, needs another worldie to mask his poor performance.
  13. The 4th, should have come out and caught the cross from the corner 👀
  14. I like the look of that line up but then again I did vs Millwall at home amd he went and changed formation. Only change id make is maybe Holmes for Jozefzoon but maybe Holmes could do with a rest as he has played the role of our whole front 5 for the past few games!
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