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  1. Nixon gets alot of stick but broke this news before anyone, would normally expect Percy to be the first on things like this
  2. Just looked at Chris Kirchners twitter & looks like he has followed some dcfc related accounts & liked some tweets about us previously
  3. Chris Kirchner https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/Derby-county-takeover-american-administration-6111979
  4. In our position, especially with our shortage of goals we cannot be scoring 2 at home & not ending with all 3 points, 2 huge points dropped. I was watching the warm ups before the game & actually texted my mates to say Allsop was looking poor, number of soft goals he let in from Roos shots & his kicking was awful too, was not in the slightest surprised to see him cost us a goal tonight, very disappointed still. Roos didnt really do much wrong up until his red card & lost his place, Allsop has kept 3 clean sheets in a row but has now dropped a clanger so surely/hopefully back to Roos in goal vs Cov
  5. The good thing about our defence is that we can make changes and still keep clean sheets. We changed 3 of the back 4 today & looked solid, changed it a few times vs Swansea & looked solid too, also changed GK without any disruption. Start scoring some goals & continue with our strong defence we will soon rise up the table.
  6. Preston 1 Rams 1 Frgs Lawrence
  7. Rooney stating there is an outside chance of CKR being involved vs Coventry next Saturday, if he isn't able to play until Jan I don't think Rooney would say this
  8. We will have to wait & see regards to if they can play or not, I think they csn, you dont Pretty sure only Jagielka & Baldock were deals until Jan? The rest were until the summer.
  9. CKR & Bielik can play before Jan if they're fit, EFL lets us sigb 2 more due to these bein long term injuries but they were not de-registered, I dont even think that is a possibility as surely we would've de-registered youngsters like Hutchinson to free up space for signings. Our problem will be in Jan that Baldock & Jagielka's deals will run out and under the current embargo will not be able to be renewed due to the 23 man quota. However, with the admin being in discussions with HMRC hopefully that will be resolved by Jan meaning the embargo type changes and u21s dont count towards the 24 (could be 25) man squad. Rooney said CKR will be back training the week or so after the international break but Bielik should be back training this 2nd week of the international break, he will obviously need time to gain fitness to be close to the matchday squad.
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