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  1. This isnt like Liverpool or last season etc as we havent gone on a warm weather training trip, the players are simply having a break. Maybe the rest after so many games recently will do them good. Was good to see a group go off together with their families though, shows the togetherness in the squad imo. Pretty sure I read they were having a few days off then reporting back for a couple of days, the weekend off then the full week build up for Rotherham as normal. Seems a sensible plan to me. Pretty sure most international breaks players go away as i'm sure other teams players will have now, only benefit for us is that due to our extra break we can come in after the hol and keep things ticking over and then have the international weekend off as well.
  2. Got a mix of everything whilst Mount is out. Hudds passing, Johnsons physicality & Holmes creativity
  3. Why is Bogle diving in on Jacobs and not running with him. Carson, gave the whole of the near post for them to score, positioning absolutr awful, get Roos back in the team, he is quicker in every aspect and didnt deserve to be dropped. Massive 2nd half needed here, but I thought we staryed brightly, Marriott looking alot more like his old self and Waghorn been decent too. Need more from Wilson though, needs another worldie to mask his poor performance.
  4. The 4th, should have come out and caught the cross from the corner 👀
  5. I like the look of that line up but then again I did vs Millwall at home amd he went and changed formation. Only change id make is maybe Holmes for Jozefzoon but maybe Holmes could do with a rest as he has played the role of our whole front 5 for the past few games!
  6. Im sure its been over 30 games since we last scored first and lost, not a bad record!
  7. Anyone know the situation regards someone else taking over from another season ticket holder? My mate dont think he will be renewing but I would like to keep his seat for my daughter.
  8. I didnt say its Bogles fault we played badly and nor do i think Lampard set us up to be toothless & impotent as you say. All im saying is the mistakes didnt help, they could have all been by someone else it doesnt matter, they didnt help. Waghorn should have buried his chance, i know that, you know that & im sure he knows that too.
  9. Yes I think we should have done much better in both games and smashed both teams off the park, but if we play poorly the least we need to do is get a point (Millwall) or hold onto a lead (Ipswich). Silly mistakes stopped that from happening in both games. Had we got 4pts from them 2 and not played well things wouldnt look as bad as they currently do.
  10. The players that pressed so well during our good patch were - Marriott - Clearly still not fully fit to do this sort of press Lawrence - Out injured Mount - Out injured Wilson - Can only press from his position if the striker is Waghorn - Only one who doesn't have a reason not to press but no point in just 1 going to press Backup players that have come in due to the injuries etc - Nugent - tries his best but just doesn't have the legs to do it any more Bryson - see Nugent King - not his game Holmes - see Wilson So overall a lot seems to be down to the fact the players are either missing or simply not fit enough to do it.
  11. Personally I think Wisdom offers us more defensively, he is stronger and better in the air. Bogle offers a lot more going forward than Wisdom does but his end product is woeful so for me I think i'd rather our back 4 be as solid as possible whilst going through this difficult patch.
  12. You say this but vs Ipswich we was winning and despite not being at our best we looked pretty comfortable, Ipswich weren't a huge threat. Without the mistake that could've been an extra 2 points. Against Millwall, once again we didn't play well but without the mistake it would have been a poor 0-0 but still a point better off. Millwall offered next to no threat all game. Marriott had a decent chance, a fit Marriott would've scored imo Last night, Waghorn missed a sitter but with the mistake and goal coming so early Forest were able to just sit back and make it difficult for us to break them down which is hard enough at 0-0 (as per Millwall) So I think for you to say that blaming the defense is nonsense is nonsense in itself. Yes we have played poorly going forward but without the mistakes against Millwall & Ipswich we should have got 2 clean sheets and 4 points. Yes mistakes will happen as will games where we struggle to create chances but without the mistakes leading to conceding goals you can still pick up points when not creating much.
  13. Correct but his mistakes have resulted in teams being able to sit in and make us try and break them down which we're struggling to do. Don't make the mistakes and gift the goals and none of those 3 teams really threatened too much other than that. We could be 4 points better off and unbeaten during the 'February Wobble' despite playing poorly.
  14. Not sure how he is escaping criticism? Frank is taking a lot of the blame which yeh he is the manager but i'm pretty sure during training he doesnt ask the players to be so poor on the ball. But back to Bogle, yes he is young so he gets cut some slack but for all the doom and gloom, our last 3 league goals have all come from mistakes or very bad decision making by Bogle Ipswich - short freekick to him, he tries a pass that isnt on, counter, goal Millwall - misjudges a simple header, counter, goal Forest - misjudges a simple header, goal So for all the poor play or lack of creativity from us etc etc the last 3 goals have come our own mistakes. Now waiting to get blasted because we cant have a go at someone so young 🙄
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