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  1. Forest 1 Rams 1 FRGS Marriott
  2. Derby 1 Boro 0 Frgs Marriott
  3. Also Percys article earlier stated he didnt wear s belt which must have come out during the investigation, therefore another bit of stupidity against Keogh that the club cannot be blamed for & could potentially use in any court appeal
  4. If he had any decency about him he would have taken any pay cut offered if he really cared about the club. How he thinks he deserves to stay on the same wage whilst not being able to play due to his own fault is ridiculous
  5. Finally home after todays match...actually thought we plaed well today up until the 1st sub. Not sure why Whittaker came on over Waghorn or even Marriott and his poor positioning made an easy out ball for Hull to attack us and he never recovered position well at all. No coincedence both goals came down our right, wasnt impressed with Bogle or Lowe today. Really should have taken the chance at the end of the 1st half and I still dont know why Lawrences goal was ruled out, wasnt a foul nor handball so not a clue. Same story of poor final balls. Dont think Dowell did himself any favours, grew into the game during the first half but went missing again 2nd half.
  6. Derby 2 Wigan 0 Frgs Waghorn
  7. Charlton 1 Derby 1 frgs Waghorn
  8. Makes you wonder why/how he is back in the team if he is becoming dependant on alcohol. I know freezing him out could have an adverse affect on him mentally but he needs to seek help before he steps back on the pitch.
  9. I hope that is the case, makes you wonder why Lawrence didn't go with Bennett as well? Also, would dispel the panic & shock factor if they stopped & let mystery passenger number 4 swap cars
  10. Is there a mystery 5th person involved? There is Lawrence & Bennett driving, Keogh & another were injured passengers in Lawrence's car but the telegraph live feed states that when the crash happened Bennett panicked and drove away with another team mate?
  11. Yes they do, most teams they buy are lower level & they completely rebrand the club from top to bottom. Good article about them here... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-7516473/Footballs-Red-Bull-revolution-energy-drink-empire-shaking-game.html
  12. We didnt have the ball for our 1st goal think it hurt Luton 😂
  13. Pretty sure all Red Bull teams play in red & white, cant see Mel as a fan first & foremost selling to someone who would change our colours to the same as our local rivals?
  14. Cant wait to be called 32 Red Bull Rams
  15. 3 games in a week, a lot of players were dead on their feet after 70mins Weds and not all are fully fit yet either. Happy to see the team freshened up abit. Plus we have better options from the bench if we need change it.
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