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  1. Im sure last week Cov fans thought they couldnt see a win coming and they have won 2 in a row. Im sure Huddersfield fans thought the same and they beat Forest away. I know a lot of fans think that they cant see us winning but that doesnt mean we cant or wont. We have played pretty well in all 4 games since the international break and have deserved more than 3pts from them. Carry on playing like we have then a win will come, we just need to tighten up defensively. All the talk is us not scoring enough goals but we have scored 4 in 4 but only kept 1 clean sheet, dont concede = dont lose. C
  2. Win our next 2 and we are safe, get 4pts and we're almost there. 3pts not bad if Roth only pick up max 1, 1 or 2pts whilst not great will do if Roth get 0pts.
  3. I think the Thursday game meant Sat game got moved to Sun so their Tues game got moved to Weds. Back to normal from Sat though I believe other than their games in hand.
  4. Brum keeper looked dodgy on crosses like he was against us last time, we need to get back to putting the corners on the goalie n cause him trouble on Sat
  5. Massive result for us, 1 more game down with the difference remaining 4pts. We need to beat Preston on Tues, make the gap to 7pts & put all the pressure on a tired Rotherham team. Also, if Bham play like that against us I would fancy us to win.
  6. Exactly this, they win today and get something at home to Forest midweek they are safe
  7. Ignoring your pessimism over our form etc how many points can you honestly see Rotherham getting in their final 7 games? This is a team who have a small squad, fixture pile up & have recently lost at home to Wycombe & Cov. Their remaining 7 - Bham (H) Boro (H) - 4th game in 8 days Barnsley (A) Brentford (A) - Game in hand Blackburn (H) Luton (A) - Game in hand Cardiff (A) I think they may get 6pts? 1 win and 3 draws seems a fair return from them 7. We need 1 win based off that, can we get it though?!
  8. Heavy night last night? We dont want Rotherham to pick up a single point again this season if possible let alone them win
  9. We need to at the minimum match Rotherhams points totals in their next 4 games in our next 2. Bham (H) Boro (H) Barnsley (A) Brentford (A) Its not over for us yet, say if Roth draw their next 2 which may be hard with the amount of games they play and we can maybe get 4pts from Preston & Bham then that would put us 6pts ahead with us having 2 to play and Rotherham having 3 which are Blackburn (H), Luton (A) & Cardiff (A). I think (and hope) they will struggle after so many games to get anything away to Barnsley & Brentford.
  10. Spot on, we have caused teams much more trouble when we have had 2 srrikers. I really do think if Waggy & Gregory hadnt got injured vs Luton we would be almost safe, probably with an extra 4pts. Against blackburn we went with the same style as what beat Luton only without recognised strikers and still caused them problems, Lawrence header was impressive purely from his positional awareness to get in that space with him not being a natural striker. Fingers crossed Waggy at least makes the bench vs Preston and I do think we could utilise Ebosele's pace late in games either for counter a
  11. I agree with every word except your last paragraph. Id rather dislike watching us and our play and see us win like Wycombe away that play nice and lose like vs Reading, Norwich & Blackburn - but I get what you mean and for what its worth I think next season if Rooney is still here that is how he will want us to play most games.
  12. Under normal game to game circumstances I would think Rotherham would too but it will be their 4th game in 8 days so hopefully that plays a part.
  13. Win our next 2 games which is possible then i think that makes us safe
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