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  1. On the bench for Leicester for tonight
  2. Jozwiak would also fit into this it is well reported he is aiming to be in the Euro 2020 squad for Poland.
  3. Sounds like the commentary when talking about our shooting!
  4. How do we know its our fault? Maybe Leicester let Benkovic decide for himself, cant say ive seen Middlesbrough linked before just us, Celtic & more recently Bristol City. Maybe he likes the idea of being managed by a former top class centre back? Or maybe the story is a load of nonsense?!
  5. Lets hope John Percy comes out soon saying Benkovic is coming to us. Wouldnt be the first time Brendan Rodgers has screwed us over in the January transfer window!
  6. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-7931745/amp/Middlesbrough-sign-Leicester-defender-Filip-Benkovic-replacement-centre-back.html?ito=amp_twitter_share-top&__twitter_impression=true
  7. I know its frustrating we havent signed anyone yet but would people rather us have gone down our list of targets earlier and missed out on our main target just so we had our business done quicker? Benkovic was clearly expected to be done sooner, I doubt Leicester and us expected Benkovic, Morgan & Demiral all to get injured at the same time to delay the move. The club gets criticised for signing rubbish players but also get criticised for waiting for our main targets to be available, lose lose situation. Im sure we could have easily signed our 4th and 5th choice options in week one of the window but why not wait for options 1 & 2 first.
  8. At least we are looking at other options other than just hoping/relying on Benkovic
  9. Us & Stoke have had loan bids rejected for him.
  10. We really could do with 2 attacking players this month. Cocu did say he expected 2 signings, maybe more if there are outgoings. Well currently we have let 4 players go in Mitchell, JML, Paterson & Dowell only bringing in Rooney. Also there is talk of either, maybe both, of Jozefzoon & Bennett leaving which if both went thats 5 'attacking' players out with only 1 in but even then Rooney is playing quite deep. Personally think a centre back & attacking player on loan with a permanent attacking signing would be ideal. Obviously been liked with a couple of wingers on permanent deals already and Benkovic on loan which ticks 2 of the boxes. Hopefully we can find another attacking player then on loan if we let FloJo and/or Bennett go.
  11. Not the best of games, they are playong to their strengths and we are just about coping. Disappointingly though we're not playing to our strengths. Barely played a balled into Martins feet, Sibley not in the game & Knight needs to make decisions quicker. Bird needs to stay back so its not 2 on 2 all the time. Looks like the ideal game for Shinnie to get some minutes! Dont even know what to say about the refs decision on Marriott, seriously how has that not been seen? I hope he is made aware at half time how poor of a decision it was. Cmon you Rams, show your quality & we can win this much more comfortably than we are making it.
  12. Well he is ahead of Benkovic currently
  13. With Leicester looking to sign Vestergaard that would give them 4 first team centre backs with Soyuncu Evans Morgan. Maybe we could try an 18month loan for Benkovic? He will still be 5th choice next season.
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