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  1. As happy as I was when he signed I just cant see where he fits in the pecking order of the team to justify his likely big wage. As it stands it would be hard to fit our record signing in Bielik into the team Centre mid we have plenty of options - Rooney Bird Bielik Shinnie Evans as well Sibley Knight Holmes depending on formation. Been a good player for us but he is one of a few that it is the right time to move on from. Wish him all the best though.
  2. The fact people are saying Hart is rubbiah is very short sighted. He was key to City winning their firat major trophies and has been one of the better goalies in the Prem this decade. Guardiola didnt get rid because he is a rubbish gk, he just needed a different style of keeper which took him a while to eventually get to Ederson. However, being bombed out of City has clearly knocked his confidence. I think a run in someones first team will help boost his confidence. People say Carson is one of our better keepers since Poom, which I agree with, but when he first signed he was written off
  3. Millwall 1 Derby 2 Frgs Lawrence
  4. Thanks, but I assume you and your dad have actual season tickets? Whereas my sons in technically 'free' with a £30 rams squad membership + adult ticket I have asked the club but no response yet. Surely they cannot accept option 3 based on a free season ticket?
  5. I normally get a free childs ticket with my adult ticket when i purchase a rams squad membership. Therefore my son has his own fan id. Can i fill the form out and choose option 3 using his id then option 2 20% using my fan id?
  6. Chris Martin has been one of the best strikers ive seen in a Derby shirt and I would love for him to stay. However, I really cant blame the club for not offering him a new deal yet. With the whole Covid19 situation the club wont have a clue where we are financially until football starts to return. How can we offer him a wage when we dont know what we can offer him? Im sure he is aware of the situation. No club in this country will know where they are financially to offer new deals. Personally I think we would have offered him a new deal on reduced terms if everything was normal, hope
  7. I think every team he has joined since leaving City he has probably taken a paycut. He clearly wants to play fpptball and is also someone who started out in the football league so i doubt would turn his nose up at it plus we have Rooney. He is on a free which will mean a little more money towards wages imo. For example, if he was on £25k a week on a 3 year deal, that would cost us £3.9m total. Even 30k a week it would be £4.68m Can we really get a better and experienced keeper for that much with a combined transfer fee and wage? 25k p/w is the equivalent to buying a keeper for 1.5m o
  8. Hamer - Bogle Wisdom Clarke Lowe - Bird Rooney - Waghorn Sibley Lawrence - Martin Roos Davies Evans Shinnie Knight Jozefzoon Marriott Thats if everyone is fit. Doubts appear to be over Wisdom & Lawrence. If not then I would go with Evans for Wisdom & Knight for Lawrence.
  9. After the whole preseason debacle, joiners gate, efl sanctions and other off field bits & bobs I think a top 10 finish would be a real achievement. Blooded a lot of youngsters who will be better for it next season, Cocu will have worked out who he does or doesnt want for next season and will have plenty of time to prepare for next season. Already got 1 new player through the door.
  10. For me our performances aren't far off, just the final ball or our finishing that lets us down. The number of clear cut chances Waghorn has missed is astounding. Davies doesnt look comfortable on the ball and imo makes Clarke look edgy, Clarke is much better with Wisdom alongside him. We really do make it easy for the opposition to score against us away. Really missing Holmes breaking the lines, Rooney needs to be in the 2 with Bird not in the 10. If Cocu doesnt want to put Lawrence there again then maybe try Marriott off Martin. On the whole wasnt a bad performance but unfortunatly
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