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  1. Can we....yes Will we....we shall see Until today I thought we had enough quality to get out of this but quality means nothing if you dont have the desire and workrate to go with it. 2pts at home to Wycombe, Coventry & Rotherham sums it up, 5pts dropped in the last 5mins vs these too which could be so costly. Home form is poor so we really have to hope we can pick enough points up away. The quality this season is so low, I think 30pts more would see us safe. Surely we can get around 8 wins & 6 draws from the last 23 games. I look at it that surely we will pick up mo
  2. We just need this resolved one way or the other. Its causing so many issues both on and off the pitch.
  3. Apparently Radio Derby said rumours are it is us. Can anyone who listened to Radio Derby confirm?
  4. 2pts at home to Wycombe Coventry n Rotherham says it all
  5. Not sure what was worse 1st half, the pitch or our performance. Passing so sloppy and laboured. Need to up the tempo 2nd half and start switching the play quicker, wide men are in acres but when it takes 4 passes to switch it they are marked by the time they get it.
  6. No issue with that line up, Sibley was poor vs Sheff W so I expected Waghorn to come back in. Roos is competent at this level. Bench shows we need 2 or 3 attacking players in this window.
  7. Pritchard also out of contract at the end of the season so will be interesting to see how that plays out. Straight swap Holmes + money = Pritchard Pritchard + money = Holmes Holmes 1m, Pritchard on loan due to his takeover doubts
  8. Wonder who the sheikh has paid in error 🤣
  9. Wonder if now that Rooney is manager, does that free up the star player clause in the 32red deal...and if so, would Phil Jones qualify for it 🤔
  10. If Clarke is missing i'm not sure if he will go Evans or Forsyth, purely becuase Forsyth is left footed. Also, I think Waghorn will start on the right, Jozwiak on the left, Sibley benched. He was pretty poor vs Sheff W. I also think JML will be on the bench ahead of Gordon, if he is due to move I cant see us risking him, similar for Holmes & MTW.
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