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  1. DCFC1388

    Ashley Cole

    If he signs we will have to judge him in a rams shirt, I do think he will make his debut vs Acc Stanley, who knows how many more times he will actually play
  2. DCFC1388

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    Hamstring injury, Lampard said about that yesterday during the pre-match press conference
  3. DCFC1388

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    Wasnt mentioned during the interview
  4. DCFC1388

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    Lampard confirmed Carson was injured but both Ledley & Johnson are fine to play so just not selected
  5. DCFC1388

    The Loanee Update Thread 18/19

    Scored today for them
  6. DCFC1388

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    Johnsons derby career over now surely. No ledley, bryson, wisdom or jozefzoon either
  7. DCFC1388

    Ashley Cole

    15k including bonuses which we wont know what they are. Clean sheet is likely to be one, so he wont get many of them 😂
  8. DCFC1388

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    Lee Buchanan u18s defender will be on the bench. Tyress Wilson & Max Bird in the squad. Wisdom Johnson & Jozefzoon all didnt make the bench vs Southampton so surely our bench wont be that young? Unless Bennett & Bogle are on it as well then maybe you can say its young. If Johnson doesnt make the bench and youth players do i'd say his Derby career is done. Cant see Bogle, Waghorn, Wilson, Huddlestone or Bryson starting
  9. DCFC1388

    Ashley Cole

    Expect a debut vs Acc Stanley next week then
  10. DCFC1388

    Ashley Cole

    Can we get Drogba in as well 🤣
  11. DCFC1388

    Ashley Cole

    Suggests to me Lampard doesnt have as much confidence in Lowe as back up as he hoped so best to send him back out on loan
  12. DCFC1388

    Timi Elsnik - joined Mansfield season-long loan (Terminated)

    McDonald plays mainly as a CDM
  13. DCFC1388

    Timi Elsnik - joined Mansfield season-long loan (Terminated)

    Not that short on numbers which is why we need more outs. Huddlestone Evans Ledley Bryson Johnson Mount Butterfield Bird Elsnik as well as Wilson & Holmes
  14. DCFC1388

    18/19 January Transfer Suggestion Thread

    McDonald would be a decent signing but based on what Lampards said about outgoings and teams selections recently as well I cant anything happening (especially in CM) until at least 2 of Butterfield Anya Ledley & Johnson go
  15. DCFC1388

    Rob Elliott

    After conceding the corner its a seperate piece of play. The latter 2 wouldnt have needed to happen if he caught the ball. Do you not agree he could & should have caught it? I agree both Bryson & Tomori should have done better but my point is that it should never have got to the point for them to need to do better, a simple mistake by the goalkeeper put them in a position where they also failed

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