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  1. Huddersfield 1 Derby 2 Frgs Lawrence
  2. Rooney scores that 1 on 1 and we get a point id say thats a fair result. They had 1 shot on target and didnt deserve the win no more than we did. Waggy or CKR misses that 1 on 1 this forum would be in uproar with 50 new threads saying get rid of them. Knight & Buchanan brilliant. Bird needs to learn to pass forward more, improved 2nd half though.
  3. We play with 1 striker so we should really have 3 first team options to choose from. You would think the pecking order is - Waghorn CKR Rooney JHI / Duncan - As the youth option If Marriott had stayed he would probably have been 4th choice now, Cocu clearly fancied Rooney ahead of him, CKR is more suited so would be ahead of him and Waghorn has shown he can play the lone striker role plenty of times. Yes he misses alot of chances but he is more than capable of being our main striker. CKR is an unknown, not sure why he is being written off before he plays for us.
  4. Yes - clearly doesnt fit what we need in a striker. Dont get me wrong id have liked us to bring someone else in with Marriott going but I can see why he has been let go
  5. Marshall - Byrne Wisdom Clarke Buchanan - Bielik Bird - Ibe Lawrence Jozwiak - CKR Roos MTW Davies Forsyth Evans Shinnie Rooney Holmes Sibley Knight Whittaker Waghorn (JHI - Duncan) Not too bad really? Probs a LB & striker short 12 players for 7 sub spots, can see why we let Marriott go
  6. So yesterday we sign a player who more suits Cocu's style of play but most opinions are that its a joke we should have given youth a chance and Rooney would be better....yet when we loan someone who clearly doesnt fits Cocu's teams, will be well down the pecking order, injured alot and doesnt score many either but the club is a joke again? Why not give youth the chance over Marriott?
  7. Why does it have to have gone anywhere? Maybe the club dont think the cost of the deal is worth it and dont want to overpay
  8. Wanting him in the lone striker role yes, Rooney still fits in the team but just isnt a forward no more. Rooney has been here since Jan so had plenty of chance to play upfront on his own? Surely he is better than Waghorn & Martin as well then?
  9. Exactly, if he was good enough to do it he would have played it more often but he hasnt, must be a reason for it? Not like Marriott did anything to justify starting over rooney in the role
  10. CKR offers more height, strength and pace, Rooney has scored 1 goal from open play from what i recall and that was his 1st for us which took a huge deflection. Rooney is much more effective for us in midfield than as a lone striker
  11. Surely its a good thing a price has been agreed with Liverpool today. That way it means teams know what they need to offer to match it then its down to Wilson
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